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Jake Jacobs
Dr. Jake Jacobs has been married for 32 years to his lovely wife Lori and has two children Joseph 28 and Anastasia 25. When he's not writing, teaching or speaking he loves watching the Green Bay Packers and enjoys his fire-pit at night, watching the Heavens declare God's Glory.

He is president and founder of POLITICALLY INCORRECT INSTITUTION, and is the Host of Freedom Project Academy's ONE NATION.

Jake has degrees in American History and Biblical and Judeo-Christian Studies from Arizona State University, Ashland Theological Seminary and North-West University. Dr. Jacobs has spent more than 30 years at the public and private high school system, and at the college level teaching his passion for our Constitutional Republic under God, all the while stressing historical correctness, in the face of politically correct intimidation by the academic establishment.

When Dr. Jacobs was a public High School teacher he publicly defended Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Fox & Friends. Jake is a frequently requested speaker for, Young American's for Freedom, a regular guest on Conservative Radio and very popular at Tea Party, civic and church events. He is a dynamic and energized speaker, writer, and historian who will not only get your audience's attention, but move them to action!

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There is a specter haunting America; it is the specter of LEFTISM!
Jake Jacobs
November 27, 2020

Not only are the “Radical Leftists at our Doorsteps” they have permeated our culture, classrooms, churches & even the halls of Congress. They mean to . . .

Mob rule
Jake Jacobs
September 23, 2020

America is at the precipice. The presidential election of 2020 will be THE most important election since the 1864 presidential election of Abraham Lincoln. We . . .

Democrats furious their dirty tricks didn't stop Kavanaugh
Jake Jacobs
October 7, 2018

Oh, the difference a day makes. On Friday, Sept. 28, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee faced off against one another with some uncivil words and tense . . .

Kavanaugh hearing is Democrat warfare!
Jake Jacobs
September 29, 2018

America is at war. This is not like past wars in American history, supplied amply with armies and military weapons. This is a Worldview War of values and . . .

Democrats push basic income for all
Jake Jacobs
August 5, 2018

Some ideas are bad to the point that only academics, socialists, progressives, Democrats and so-called Republicans believe them. The latest bizarre and bad idea . . .

Trump Doctrine is putting America back in control
Jake Jacobs
July 29, 2018

The Soviet Union is no more, and has not been since 1991. But it took decades of foreign policy work to make it happen, and this month celebrates 70 years since . . .

Trump makes strategic move in SCOTUS pick
Jake Jacobs
July 19, 2018

The game of chess, much strategy is needed to obtain the end result of victory. In the game of realpolitik, the same is true. As Otto von Bismarck said:  . . .

Democrat mob shows true colors
Jake Jacobs
June 30, 2018

It was just seven short years ago when the Wisconsin state capitol was invaded by Democrats and union mobocrats to protest Act 10, also known as Wisconsin . . .

Democrats respond to Trump meeting with North Korea
Jake Jacobs
June 19, 2018

The Donald Trump presidency continues making history, as the world witnessed the leader of the free world signing an agreement with one of the world's most . . .

Robert Kennedy assassinated for supporting Israel
Jake Jacobs
June 15, 2018

Fifty years ago, the United States heard the shocking news that another Kennedy had been assassinated. On June 5, 1968, Robert Kennedy announced victory . . .

The Democrat Party is unrecognizable
Jake Jacobs
June 9, 2018

Anyone who remembers the political scene of the mid-20th Century may have trouble reconciling that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy belong . . .

Liberal commencement speakers overtake universities
Jake Jacobs
May 30, 2018

Graduation season is upon the United States, which means celebrities and pop culture icons are invited to provide commencement speeches. And then there are . . .

Trump recognizes Israel and makes history
Jake Jacobs
May 23, 2018

The American embassy in Israel has officially moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Monday, May 14 marked the 70th anniversary of the Israeli's Declaration of . . .

United Kingdom does not practice what it preaches
Jake Jacobs
May 4, 2018

One of the key reasons the United Kingdom became great was because of its dedication to freedom of speech. Debating and discussing opposing ideas was the very . . .

Fewer Americans recognize the Holocaust & attracted to socialism
Jake Jacobs
April 25, 2018

In August of 1939, National Socialist Adolph Hitler prepared to invade Poland from the West, while the Soviet Socialist Joseph Stalin was preparing to invade . . .

Democrats support criminal, illegal aliens
Jake Jacobs
April 16, 2018

Emma Lazarus gave America the iconic phrase, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." This line from her sonnet, "New . . .

Democrats push to remove 2nd Amendment
Jake Jacobs
April 9, 2018

Reflecting growing sentiments within the Democratic Party, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens declared recently in an op-ed for the New York . . .

Democrats destroy the California Dream
Jake Jacobs
March 26, 2018

I use to live in California, it is a beautiful state with many wonderful Patriots! Besides giving America and the world classic Hollywood movies and Governor . . .

Socialism & hell on earth
Jake Jacobs
March 17, 2018

1953 Marxist socialism had spread its evil ways across the earth. Joseph Stalin's Socialist regime had killed 30 million lives, Mao Zedong's socialism would . . .

Hollywood hypocracy
Jake Jacobs
March 11, 2018

Last week we covered certain segments of Hollywood culture that had an affinity for Communism in the 1930's, 40's and 50's. The Hollywood of today is not . . .

Stalin & Hollywood traitors
Jake Jacobs
March 3, 2018

As we approach the 90th Academy Awards this Sunday, March 4th let us remember the words of the Father of the Communist Russian-Revolution Vladimir Lenin who . . .

Militant atheism steals God from schools
Jake Jacobs
February 26, 2018

There is an incredible story of Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian Lutheran Pastor who refused to stop teaching and preaching about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom . . .

TAXMAN and the punitive progressive tax scheme: From Wilson to Reagan & Trump
Jake Jacobs
February 19, 2018

One of the greatest protest songs of all time is The Beatles 1966 release of "Taxman." This was The Beatles first political song and was written by lead . . .

"The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be"?
Jake Jacobs
February 11, 2018

The famous Carl Sagan an American astronomer and cosmologist, winner of two Emmy's for his PBS series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, use to love to say over . . .

The story behind This Land Is Your Land
Jake Jacobs
February 2, 2018

Most Americans know Woody Guthrie's classic folk song "This Land is Your Land," but few know the anti-Christian, pro-Communist motivation behind its creation . . .

The sins of Howard Zinn in education
Jake Jacobs
January 31, 2018

The English Rock N' Roll band The Who in their 1969 song "Pinball Wizard" sing "Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball from Soho down to . . .

They won the textbooks & took God out
Jake Jacobs
January 20, 2018

Vladimir Lenin the Father of the Communist-Russian Revolution use to love to say: "Give me four years to teach the children & the seed I have sown will . . .

Age of Reason vs. Age of Revelation
Jake Jacobs
January 13, 2018

Last week we covered the disdain that the New Atheists have against America's Christian heritage and the God of the Holy Scriptures, the God of Abraham, Isaac . . .

New atheism vs. our republic under God
Jake Jacobs
January 6, 2018

Happy New Year! Happy 2018 A.D. Last week we discussed the meaning of A.D. Anno Domini as "The year of our LORD-Jesus Christ" and how time and our Republic . . .

Happy New Year! 2018 A.D. Anno Domini – the year of our Lord Jesus Christ
Jake Jacobs
December 29, 2017

As we approach the New Year, 2018 A.D. let us reflect upon the A.D. that we put after the years on the calendar and why there is a cultural and political . . .

Apollo 8, Christmas Eve 1968 & Genesis
Jake Jacobs
December 22, 2017

The actor-comedian Robin Williams used to love to quip "If you can remember the sixties, you weren't there." Well, I was there and I do remember the sixties . . .

Battle of the Bulge, music & tyrants at Christmas!
Jake Jacobs
December 18, 2017

73 years ago on December 16, 1944 began the Battle of the Bulge. It was Adolf Hitler's final gamble, the last major German offensive on the Western Front . . .

Merry Christmas!
Jake Jacobs
December 14, 2017

Now that we are in full Holiday Season mode, beware of the notorious FFRF and their WAR on Christmas, Christ, and the Judeo-Christian foundation of our Nation . . .

Sir Paul McCartney your Amazing Gift & GOD's Amazing Grace!
Jake Jacobs
July 11, 2016

Last night my wife, daughter, her boyfriend and I experienced Sir Paul McCartney's ONE ON ONE Tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. WOW! & again I say WOW!! Paul and . . .

Bernie & Hillary = As GOVERNMENT grows-liberty shrinks
Jake Jacobs
April 4, 2016

Bernie & Hillary both have a Big Government-Ideological Worldview that uses GOVERNMENT FORCE-POWER to confiscate the property-one's income-off the hard . . .

Justices Scalia, Thomas & The Supreme Judge of the World!
Jake Jacobs
February 22, 2016

What a contrast....between Worldview principles of LIFE vs. a Worldview of Death.....In 1991 then Senator Joe Biden(2nd pic) angrily attacked Judge Thomas and . . .

FREEDOM Expo 2-12 & 13, 2016 in Tucson, Arizona with Dinesh D'Souza, Jake Jacobs and many others!
Jake Jacobs
January 24, 2016

I'm going back to the 3rd annual FREEDOM EXPO in Tucson, Arizona. It was such an inspiration last year and seeing what the Freedom Expo Team has put . . .

The Twilight Zone of Marxist Angela Davis @ Lawrence University today
Jake Jacobs
January 20, 2016

After my Speech on ANGELA DAVIS @ Lawrence University tonight, I went across Lawrence's beautiful campus to hear Dr. ANGELA DAVIS' Speech. I had 12 in my . . .

Mother, should I trust We The People?
Jake Jacobs
January 9, 2016

I am not an anarchist & neither were our Founding Fathers. Overall they did not Trust government, BUT they did create a wonderful Constitutional Federal . . .

Diversity: the perversity of my hometown university
Jake Jacobs
January 4, 2016

Another University goes the route of kowtowing to the student PC police. Lawrence University founded in 1847 is located in the heart of my hometown-downtown . . .

GI JOES: ANGELS of LIBERTY! Battle of the Bulge, White Christmas 1944 & more...
Jake Jacobs
December 16, 2015

December 16, 1944, was the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge as Adolf Hitler made a desperate attempt to split the British and Americans Armies in Belgium, . . .

JESUS vs. JIHAD: Historical FACTS vs. PC's feckless feelings!
Jake Jacobs
December 15, 2015

I am sick and tired of all the politically correct feelings about Islam and the unwillingness or inability to say it like it is! I don't give a rat's tuches . . .

The death of Western civilization & The American University: 2015 A.D.
Jake Jacobs
December 6, 2015

Christianity created the University. From Cambridge & Oxford to Harvard & Yale, Christian Scholars created the University as a place where students would . . .

REPRESSIVE INTOLERANCE: The FOG of fascism & cultural communism over many American universities
Jake Jacobs
November 24, 2015

The famous Constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz concerned over the fanaticism of college students demanding 'Safe spaces' on college campuses declared that a . . .

Thanksgiving reflection on two classic American paintings.....
Jake Jacobs
November 22, 2015

As we approach our Christian holiday of Thanksgiving, I reflect on my favorite Norman Rockwell painting from the cover of the Saturday Evening POST magazine for . . .

Green Bay Packer Aaron Rogers and militant Islam's war vs. the world!
Jake Jacobs
November 18, 2015

I am a passionate Green Bay Packer Fan. I think the word "fanatic" comes from my love of the Green Bay Packers. I have the utmost admiration and respect for . . .

Hollywood Breaking Bad on TRUMBO & Communism!
Jake Jacobs
November 16, 2015

Viewer Beware! The movie TRUMBO is BREAKING BAD! As covered in my book Mobocracy on pp.118-123, I expose the FACT . . .

Martin Luther King Jr. would be appalled by the Democratic National Committee false narrative about their history
Jake Jacobs
November 7, 2015

This is sadly hilarious....On the DNC's (Democratic National Committee) Website Rep. John Lewis (D) says this: "I'm a Democrat Because when I was growing . . .

Disastrous debt & congressional chicanery by so called "conservatives"
Jake Jacobs
November 1, 2015

79 Republicans Voted for more DEBT, more SPENDING, & more CHICANERY with 187 Democrats.The LIES & gimmicks will come back to haunt them and us as they . . .

Is it better to call Paul?.....Congressman Paul Ryan: Conservatism, libertarianism, Republicanism & classic liberalism
Jake Jacobs
October 26, 2015

We all know the bizarre Greek myth of the Titan, Cronus or "Saturn," who is so paranoid that he will be overthrown by one of his children, he eats them when . . .

PIGS aren't Kosher! The Incorrect, Politically Incorrect Guides: Caveat lector ("let the reader beware")
Jake Jacobs
July 29, 2015

As the founder of the POLITICALLY INCORRECT INSTITUTE:The Traveling University, I had an attraction to the PIG series titled "Politically Incorrect Guide to" on . . .

POTUS, SCOTUS, & Amazing Grace.....
Jake Jacobs
July 1, 2015

The USA Today reported President Obama's Amazing Grace moment like this the other day: "President Obama will now be remembered for his singing – . . .

4 Englishmen & Karl Marx: "God bless us everyone!"
Jake Jacobs
June 29, 2015

John, Paul, George & Ringo. 4 Englishmen known as the Fab 4. This read is not primarily about them, but about their fellow countrymen and the impact  . . .

The Confederate flag & slavery: an inextricable marriage since 1861!
Jake Jacobs
June 23, 2015

During the midst of the recent Confederate battle flag controversy in South Carolina, I am disappointed by the defense of such an evil symbol in the name of . . .

Judge Napolitano's bogus libertarian "We the People" typo & the veneration of "We the States"
Jake Jacobs
February 3, 2015

On a number of occasions I have heard or read secessionist-libertarian Judge Napolitano declare that "The opening line of the Constitution contains a serious . . .

Judge Andrew Napolitano's suicide pact with 1861 "secessionist-libertarianism" a sad & bad defense of government slave tryranny!
Jake Jacobs
January 1, 2015

Back in early November, 2014, I tweeted the following line @ThomasEWoods "But you and the Judge are wrong about Slavery not being the PRIMARY reason the . . .

Thomas Woods' 1861 Secessionist-Libertarianism": a defense of a slave-civilization gone with the wind!
Jake Jacobs
December 5, 2014

The words liberty and libertarianism have their origin in the Greco-Roman world. The Latin word "liber" or "the free one" was politically defined in Roman . . .

Where is our Cincinnatus for 2016?
Jake Jacobs
November 11, 2014

Yes, I am elated that last Tuesday, November 4, 2014 was to quote many newspapers and pundits "a Republican tsunami, a landslide of historic proportions" . . .

Election 2014--Governor Walker, education & the WAR on our kids & country!
Jake Jacobs
November 3, 2014

In today's Appleton Post Crescent it showed this picture below with this description "In this Feb. 17, 2011 Appleton West High School students protest in . . .

Mother should I trust the government? Part III
Jake Jacobs
October 7, 2014

Robin Hood took the peoples stolen property back from an oppressive criminal government and gave it to the people who produced and owned the property in the . . .

Mother should I trust the government? Part II
Jake Jacobs
September 30, 2014

Historically Anarchists were cousins to Communists and shared many of the same ideas that rejected and repudiated our Founders republican limited government . . .

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: The Constitution vs. central government corruption!
Jake Jacobs
September 21, 2014

OK maybe I'm not going to be in Tombstone, Arizona BUT from October 16-18th, 2014, I will be in Tucson, Arizona for my "Mother Should I Trust The Government? . . .

Mother should I trust the government?
Jake Jacobs
September 15, 2014

As I wrote my new book -MOTHER SHOULD I TRUST THE GOVERNMENT? during the summer of 2014 A.D. the News has been inundated with stories upon stories about . . .

The schlockumentary "Citizen Koch" should win an Oscar for lies and deception!
Jake Jacobs
August 18, 2014

At the beginning of every history, government, and current events classes that I teach I put in capital letters on the board PC vs. HC which stand for  . . .

"Tin soldiers & Obama's still coming!"
Jake Jacobs
August 9, 2014

It was forty years ago this day on August 9, 1974 that "I am not a crook" Richard Nixon resigned for the first and only time in American history from the . . .

Do nothing Congress
Jake Jacobs
July 29, 2014

To understand the cultural and political war to destroy our Republic under God I always want to know what the Elite Media is doing therefore I watch the . . .

Walker, Wisconsin Ranger once again fighting Democrat Desperados in 2014!
Jake Jacobs
June 23, 2014

"Chuck Norris & Scott Walker have a grizzly bear carpet in their offices. The bear isn't dead it is just afraid to move." The Christian Conservative Chuck . . .

To TEA or not to TEA? That is the question!
Jake Jacobs
June 16, 2014

With Dave Brat's historic primary victory over one of the most powerful Republicans in Congress both Democrats and Republicans and the elite Media is scrambling . . .

Our Founding Fathers' limited government vision versus the elite media's worldview
Jake Jacobs
June 11, 2014

OK, I will admit it, I watch MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, & CNN. I do so because my job as a teacher, writer, speaker and citizen requires that I understand the . . .

Jake Jacobs
April 17, 2014

UPFRONT! I need to be "Upfront" with My fellow Wisconsinites, Arizonians, Americans, Patriots, lovers of Limited Constitutional republican government. This has . . .

Government schools and the denial of government Thanksgiving proclamations to God Almighty!
Jake Jacobs
September 22, 2013

As previously explained in earlier articles there has been an attempt to censor and filter my teaching of our Christian Heritage in American History at both . . .

Who needs Congress when you're a king?
Jake Jacobs
September 13, 2013

All throughout history mankind has had to put up with Leaders of various dispositions towards justice or tyranny. Whether it is the ancient history of . . .

95%+ of our Founders Fathers were Bible believing Christians!
Jake Jacobs
September 9, 2013

Historically it is quite simple. Well over 95% of our Founders were Christians. Academia, the Secular Left, Progressives, and many Liberals don't like that . . .

Do not call America's Founders "Founding Fathers"; they aren't my daddy!
Jake Jacobs
September 2, 2013

I teach an American Government class for a University of Wisconsin College. The other day my supervising Professor in critiquing my class Syllabus made this . . .

Can constitutional conservatives be consistent within their righteous cause?
Jake Jacobs
August 24, 2013

Constitutional Conservatives like myself laughed with sadness when in 2006 Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi made the incredulous statement that, "We'll . . .

Constitutional Conservatives must learn to "Trust but Verify!"
Jake Jacobs
August 19, 2013

My son Joseph works for APPLE and is one of their "Geniuses" Yes, he makes his Baby Boomer Dad feel pretty dumb when I ask questions about Social Media and how . . .

Defunding Obamacare: what's a constitutional conservative to do?
Jake Jacobs
August 13, 2013

A few days ago I had lunch with my friend Reid Ribble who is Wisconsin's 8th District Representative in Congress. I listened much more than I talked, as I . . .

What's a Constitutional Conservative republican to do with DC's NO LABELS?
Jake Jacobs
August 5, 2013

*Warning-Warning* You might not like my "labeling ways" in this article on the No Label Group in Washington DC which has 3 Wisconsin Congressman's . . .

Patriots, conservatives & Young Americans for Freedom dedicated to keeping our republic
Jake Jacobs
May 6, 2013

On May 2nd after teaching Government and History at The Academy in Oshkosh, Wisconsin I drove to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to address a group of dedicated . . .

Young Americans for Freedom fight to save our republic!
Jake Jacobs
April 3, 2013

On Friday, March 22 at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California, I was blessed to speak on The Life & Character of Ronald Reagan to 70 High School  . . .

God, government & presidential inaugurations....
Jake Jacobs
January 22, 2013

Today, January 21, 2013 Barack Obama was sworn in for his second time on not only Abraham Lincoln's Bible but also quite appropriately on Martin Luther King's . . .

The Flag of our Fathers is falling and calling out to us!
Jake Jacobs
November 27, 2012

I am still numb and dumfounded by the Election 2012 results that saw the re-election of THE most radical BIG Government President in our History. As our . . .

"Demographics-Schemographics!" ELECTION 2012
Jake Jacobs
November 9, 2012

Demographics, demographics, demographics, too old, too white, too male is all I'm hearing about from the Elite Lefty Media, Democrats, Liberals, Libertarians, . . .

Full court press and then some my fellow PATRIOTS!!!
Jake Jacobs
November 2, 2012

While we are hearing great news that Romney & Ryan are gaining momentum in the polls and passing Obama in most, DO NOT STOP your work just yet!!! PRESS on! Walk . . .

The Democratic Party, the enemy within & why Obama must go!
Jake Jacobs
October 26, 2012

This past week after my Academy and College teaching I headed off to Election 2012 Campaign events to participate in the Battle to keep our Republic from being . . .

The battle for our republic!
Jake Jacobs
October 20, 2012

Many of those who enjoy reading my articles have asked why I haven't been writing lately? The answer is quite simple. After a year and half on the road . . .

Free enterprise is the lifeblood of Liberty!
Jake Jacobs
August 23, 2012

Ronald Reagan once quipped, "Free enterprise has done more to reduce poverty than all the government programs dreamed up by Democrats." I couldn't agree more . . .

Wisconsin Warriors fighting for our Republic!
Jake Jacobs
August 15, 2012

As I travel Wisconsin and America doing my Tea Party and Republic-under-God speeches, I speak with many hardworking Wisconsinites like Wisconsin Federal Senator . . .

Upon this battle depends the survival of Western-Christian civilization
Jake Jacobs
August 10, 2012

My last article was on the 2012 Olympics and "Socialists sentiments" that were on display in London during the opening ceremonies. One of my all time favorite . . .

Obama, Olympics 2012 & "socialist sentiments"
Jake Jacobs
August 3, 2012

Since my childhood days I have loved watching the Olympics. I still remember in 1968 as a 12 year old watching the Mexico City Olympics when John Carlos and . . .

A tale of two visions
Jake Jacobs
July 22, 2012

Many people know Charles Dickens' classic opening line in A Tale of Two Cities on the French Revolution: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .

Without firing a shot Obama is winning the Big Government War!
Jake Jacobs
July 14, 2012

The headline of the October 19, 1961 Wisconsin State Journal reads: 'World Without War or Want' K Promises Utopia by '80. The "K" of course is the Communist . . .

The tea party is coming, the tea party is coming!
Jake Jacobs
July 7, 2012

OK, OK, so Paul Revere probably never said, "The British are coming, the British are coming!" but "The regulars are out, the regulars are out!" However, I do . . .

I smell a rat! ObamaCare and The Supreme Court
Jake Jacobs
July 3, 2012

Patrick Henry is purported to have responded to an invitation to attend the 1787 Constitutional Convention with the retort, "I smell a rat!" Henry did not say . . .

Sam Adams much more than a Beer! Obama vs. our Founders at Harvard
Jake Jacobs
June 28, 2012

Sam Adams is much more than a beer! On College campuses today young Americans knowledge about one of America's great Founding Fathers is limited to "Sam Adams . . .

Our Republic under God versus the god of The STATE!
Jake Jacobs
June 20, 2012

I had the blessing of being one of the last Americans to meet President Ronald Reagan in his L.A. office in 1998. President Reagan had a passion for the two KEY . . .

Walkergate and my mother
Jake Jacobs
March 15, 2012

While visiting my ailing and vulnerable 86 year old mother last night she said to me "Governor Walker is a crook like Richard Nixon." When I asked her why she . . .

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