Lloyd Marcus column
(Lloyd Marcus passed away on July 24, 2020. His obituary can be read here.)

The UK Guardian declared prolific writer, singer and songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's most prominent African American, seen on Fox News, CNN and more. Rejecting hyphenating, Marcus is renowned for proclaiming, "I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus, AMERICAN!!!"

Marcus is Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee PAC. Its mission is to elect conservative candidates across America.

Speaking and performing his original song, "American Tea Party Anthem," Marcus has attended over 400 tea party rallies on 12 national bus tours (Stop Obama Tour, Tea Party Express Tours and the Defeat Obama Renew America Tour). A highlight was the Rally to Stop Obamacare in Washington DC attended by 1.7 million. Marcus' albums can be purchased at www.LloydMarcus.com

Foreword by Michelle Malkin, Marcus authored "Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr."

Remember "We Are The World"? Marcus rallied conservative musicians, singers and bands to record his song, "Taking Back America." The project is titled "Tea Are The World" which also includes 44 songs of every genre. All proceeds from "Tea Are The World" benefit www.AmericasMightyWarriors.org

Remembering Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
July 28, 2020

Lloyd Marcus came to RenewAmerica in 2009 as a politically active Alan Keyes supporter and eventually became one of RA’s most popular writers. His . . .

Last stand to save America as founded
Lloyd Marcus
July 23, 2020

My patriotic mood began re-watching Whitney Houston's spectacular performance of our National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV in 1991. Whitney's rendition was re . . .

Mary's great Starbucks dilemma
Lloyd Marcus
July 21, 2020

While on the road campaigning for Trump, my wife Mary and I visited a supermarket to purchase coffee for our hotel room. Like most women I know, Mary loves . . .

Rallying voters in battleground states for Trump
Lloyd Marcus
July 19, 2020

Hello America. My wife Mary and I recently returned home to West Virginia after spending 3 days with patriots in Boulder City, Nevada; Kingman and Sun City, . . .

Let's take back our kids, already!
Lloyd Marcus
July 16, 2020

I realize it is tacky to be an I-told-you-so. But, we conservative activists have been fighting on the front-lines of the culture war for many years warning the . . .

Conservative Campaign Committee's mini-tour for GOP candidates and Trump's reelection
Lloyd Marcus
July 15, 2020

Hello America, This is Lloyd Marcus reporting in from Boulder City, Nevada. My wife Mary and I flew from West Virginia to join the Conservative Campaign . . .

Battle of two songs: Anti-Trump Neil Young vs. black pro-Trump Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
July 11, 2020

Dear Patriots. It is time to step up and push back. Neil Young just unleashed a song ripping Trump, “Lookin' for a Leader 2020." (You can listen to . . .

GOP left the door open for BLM
Lloyd Marcus
July 10, 2020

Hey, everyone. Mary stumbled across this picture buried in a box of old photos. Before I began touring nationally on Tea Party Express in 2008, I . . .

Black America: Before y'all sign on to BLM...
Lloyd Marcus
July 9, 2020

During the opening monologue of his show, Arsenio Hall included a running gag titled “Things that make you say hmmm.” To my fellow blacks, here are things . . .

America and police presumed guilty of racism
Lloyd Marcus
July 7, 2020

A prominent Christian minister said Jesus does not want us to dismiss the grievances of Black Lives Matter protesters. Republicans are working on police reform. . . .

Trump's July 4th birthday gift to America
Lloyd Marcus
July 6, 2020

President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech was extremely important for two reasons. One: Trump gave terrified corporations permission to stop groveling to BLM.  . . .

Cancel culture needs to leave John “The Duke” Wayne alone!
Lloyd Marcus
July 5, 2020

My wife Mary has a habit of disturbing my peace by reading me headlines and news stories from her phone which annoy me. Thus, I learned that Black Lives Matter . . .

The source of BLM's super power
Lloyd Marcus
July 1, 2020

Americans are not afraid of the cowardly mob of domestic terrorists known as Black Lives Matter. Thank God we've hung tough in not allowing Democrats and fake . . .

It doesn't matter who did or did not own slaves
Lloyd Marcus
June 30, 2020

Ill-educated Black Lives Matter protesters are on a rampage tearing down monuments of American heroes they believe owned slaves or were complicit with slavery. . . .

Anarchists and Trump's re-election
Lloyd Marcus
June 27, 2020

A longtime white friend phoned me to talk him down from the cliff. He is concerned about how the new racial hatred dominating our country will impact his . . .

Stop pandering to leftists' systemic racism “big lie”
Lloyd Marcus
June 24, 2020

Folks, I realize many of you are going through the same range of emotions as I am as I watch leftists' full-blown war on our country. One part of me wants to . . .

BLM at war with America
Lloyd Marcus
June 21, 2020

Outrageously, cowardly and traitorous politicians are allowing Black Lives Matter, a racist hate group, to engage in an “Everything Must Go” fire-sale . . .

Oprah is a leftist Trojan Horse
Lloyd Marcus
June 12, 2020

Discovery networks carried Oprah Winfrey's, “OWN Spotlight: Where Do We Go From Here?” The description of the show says, “Conversation with Black thought . . .

Tea Party Bus Tour needed more than ever
Lloyd Marcus
June 11, 2020

Rush Limbaugh reached out to the popular black radio show, “The Breakfast Club.” Rush wanted to express his outrage over the “murder” of George Floyd . . .

Disciples of the gospel of Democrats and fake news media
Lloyd Marcus
June 5, 2020

Dear American Family. For decades, my black family and friends have viewed me as the weirdo who votes for Republicans. At our annual family Christmas . . .

This black American deems Floyd protests unnecessary
Lloyd Marcus
June 3, 2020

As a black American, Democrats and fake news media demand that I agree with the George Floyd protests. I say the protests are unnecessary and are totally . . .

Exploiting George Floyd's death
Lloyd Marcus
May 30, 2020

99.9% of our American family is saddened and outraged over the wrongful death of George Floyd. We want the responsible police officer prosecuted to the fullest . . .

Reopen America now!
Lloyd Marcus
May 27, 2020

Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, was a beautiful sunny day. Mary and I left our West Virginia home to make the 40-mile trek to Walmart and Home Depot in Virginia. . . .

Phase two in the battle to reopen America
Lloyd Marcus
May 21, 2020

I was thrilled to hear that the Michigan militia said they will prevent police from enforcing wacko Gov. Whitmer's unconstitutional demand that 77-year-old Karl . . .

Deliver us from evil Democrats
Lloyd Marcus
May 13, 2020

Despite 30 million Americans losing their jobs, domestic violence and suicides on the rise, Democrats and fake news media are terrifying Americans into . . .

Trump is not weakening
Lloyd Marcus
May 10, 2020

Kristy at #Reopen USA posted the following: Anyone else feeling like Trump is behaving a bit weak in all this? It's just a question don't attack, I've been a . . .

The internal battle for America
Lloyd Marcus
May 6, 2020

America! “I want you to get up right now and go to the window...open it and stick your head out and yell, “I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this . . .

Celebrating our youth despite corona
Lloyd Marcus
May 3, 2020

Our tiny town in West Virginia has a senior class of 14 students. Due to the coronavirus, their graduation ceremony was canceled. Rather than allowing our . . .

Coronavirus and the horrors of Democrat control
Lloyd Marcus
April 29, 2020

Mary and I live in a tiny town in West Virginia. Our grocery shopping options are 26 miles away in Maryland and 45 miles in Virginia. Maryland stores refused to . . .

Time to join the rebellion
Lloyd Marcus
April 23, 2020

Democrats and fake news media hate Trump and believe no price is too high to remove him from the White House. They plan to keep filling Americans with bogus . . .

Defending Trump “opening up America again”
Lloyd Marcus
April 19, 2020

Perhaps I am a bit edgy due to corona virus house arrest. Just kidding. However, this guy's email really annoyed me. “We're in lock down and people are . . .

Trump pulling off the impossible again
Lloyd Marcus
April 16, 2020

While in the paint section at Home Depot, a young couple next to me wore masks. A thought popped into my head, "Am I nuts for not wearing a mask?" "Stop it. Get . . .

Behind the curtain of corona-madness
Lloyd Marcus
April 13, 2020

Call me "Captain Obvious," but this must be said out loud. Democrats and their fake news media enforcers cruelly created Corona-madness as a weapon to further . . .

Making the most of house arrest
Lloyd Marcus
April 9, 2020

During the corona-madness lock-down, I watched my favorite movie, "The Natural" for the ga-zillionth time. Insanely, that movie still makes me tear up. Due to . . .

Might Trump reopen America before April 30th?
Lloyd Marcus
April 8, 2020

For weeks, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, public voices were terrified to question health experts' predictions of apocalyptic high corona virus deaths. . . .

Will Trump betray us after corona?
Lloyd Marcus
April 3, 2020

Some people are stunned that government using computer models to predict high coronavirus deaths has many Americans willing to gift Democrats and fake news . . .

Coronavirus causing a right turn
Lloyd Marcus
March 29, 2020

My brother who lives in Baltimore is a fellow black Christian conservative Republican. He phoned to warn me not to mention Trump to a senior relative. Fake news . . .

A little blue bird confirmed that God is with us
Lloyd Marcus
March 24, 2020

Folks, this is too amazing to believe, but it is totally true. My wife Mary was transferring her 6 cockatiels and 3 parakeets to a new cage. After working in my . . .

Trump vs. the terrible reporter
Lloyd Marcus
March 23, 2020

During a press conference in which our problem-solver extraordinaire president sought to calm and reassure Americans suffering media induced corona-madness, a . . .

Corona is not 'the big one'
Lloyd Marcus
March 15, 2020

Fred Sanford of the Sanford and Son sitcom routinely faked having a heartache to manipulate his son. Placing his hand over his heart, Fred would yell, "This is . . .

"Storefront Memories" the Legacy of Dr. Rev. Lloyd E Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
March 8, 2020

Ironically, the principles, values and life experiences of my lifelong Democrat dad, the late Dr Rev. Lloyd E Marcus made me the black Christian conservative . . .

Fake news media can't stop us!
Lloyd Marcus
March 4, 2020

Super Tuesday, March 3rd , was the release date of my new Trump Train 2020 song and music video. It has been one heck of a journey. We struggled to find a . . .

Conversations with everyday patriots at CPAC
Lloyd Marcus
March 2, 2020

My wife Mary and I attended CPAC conservative convention to promote the release of my new Trump Train song and music video. While most people at CPAC are . . .

Hope for America from CPAC
Lloyd Marcus
February 28, 2020

My wife Mary and I are having a wonderful time at CPAC, Wednesday Feb 26-29th, reconnecting with patriots and Tea Partiers we have not seen in years. We are . . .

Rush Limbaugh, Trump, and the Tea Party family
Lloyd Marcus
February 20, 2020

It was an exciting time. In 2009, a grassroots movement of concerned Americans scheduled 800 Tea Party rallies nationwide on tax day, April 15th. Forty percent . . .

C'mon America! All aboard the Trump Train!
Lloyd Marcus
February 17, 2020

Democrats' hatred for Trump and his supporters has become so evil that when you look up "demonic" in the dictionary, a Democrat group photo is there. These . . .

Mr. President, don't go changin'
Lloyd Marcus
February 12, 2020

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace implied that Trump behaved vengefully by firing Col. Vindman after his impeachment acquittal. Wallace's guest, Republican . . .

Jussie Smullett should not be rewarded for his crime
Lloyd Marcus
February 11, 2020

Actress Taraji P. Henson and other cast members of the "Empire" TV show are lobbying for former cast member Jussie Smollett to be allowed back on the show for . . .

Video: A black conservative pays tribute to Rush Limbaugh
Lloyd Marcus
February 10, 2020

Rush Limbaugh announced that he has advanced cancer. The American left and their fake news media minions went ballistic over Trump rightfully awarding the . . .

Saying no to Black History Month
Lloyd Marcus
February 8, 2020

Here we are again folks. February, another Black History Month. Progressives expect my fellow blacks and me to happily celebrate our month. I will not. BHM . . .

The major takeaway from the State of the Union
Lloyd Marcus
February 7, 2020

Every morning my awesome wife Mary brings me coffee in bed. While reflecting on President Trump's amazing State of the Union speech, I received a text from my . . .

It is all fake news
Lloyd Marcus
February 5, 2020

Even before Trump won the presidency in 2016, Democrats launched their plan to impeach him. They threw every dirty trick at Trump in their "Take Out the . . .

Check out "Nightmare in Paradise"
Lloyd Marcus
February 3, 2020

In a recent article http://bit.ly/36JlN5v , I mentioned the hilarious comedy short film, Robert Kirk's "Nightmare in Paradise." An employer is terrified about . . .

California nightmare is spreading nationally
Lloyd Marcus
February 1, 2020

I recently returned home to West Virginia from filming my Trump Train 2020 song music video in California. It was exciting and fun; a sound stage, green screen, . . .

Democrats don't care about American lives
Lloyd Marcus
January 31, 2020

My article about Pop Kern, an 89-year-old kind, white gentleman who Democrats seek to punish for his bogus unfair and racist "white privilege," received a . . .

Goodbye, Sammy, our patriot greyhound
Lloyd Marcus
January 25, 2020

Sadly, my wife Mary and I had to euthanize Sammy, our beloved 15 and a half year old greyhound. Due to his unusually large size, his former owner named him . . .

Biden throws blacks another racist dog biscuit
Lloyd Marcus
January 23, 2020

As usual, fake news media ignored a Democrat irresponsibly throwing a racial-hate-generating grenade into a crowd of blacks. On MLK day 2020, Joe Biden referred . . .

Confronting Trump derangement syndrome
Lloyd Marcus
January 20, 2020

My wife Mary and I spent a wonderful weekend in California with fellow Trump supporters filming the music video for my Trump Train 2020 song. http://bit.ly/2st3 . . .

A glorious weekend filming with fellow deplorables in California
Lloyd Marcus
January 15, 2020

Hello America. I am black conservative Christian singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus. I just returned home to West Virginia from a wonderful weekend with fellow . . .

Hollywood needs to change its messaging on fatherhood
Lloyd Marcus
January 7, 2020

During his heartfelt Golden Globes speech, Tom Hanks said his five children are braver, stronger, and wiser than him. Please do not think I am beating up on Tom . . .

Thanks, Mr. President, for placing American lives above politics
Lloyd Marcus
January 4, 2020

I awoke around 7:30 am, turned on the TV and flipped through channels. I briefly stopped on CNN and MSNBC. True to form, both fake news outlets were lying. They . . .

What "white privilege" means in small-town West Virginia
Lloyd Marcus
December 29, 2019

Two years ago, my wife Mary and I relocated from Florida to West Virginia to be closer to our elderly parents. We have witnessed traditional American values . . .

We don't need different Santas for every race
Lloyd Marcus
December 21, 2019

My wife Mary and I were Christmas shopping on a Tuesday, rather than a weekend. And still, the traffic was crazy, stores were packed and checkout lines were . . .

White liberals' little black box
Lloyd Marcus
December 17, 2019

I had a surprisingly emotional reaction watching "The Sound of Music" movie recently on TV. It reminded me of the wisdom of my late dad, Dr Rev Lloyd E. Marcus. . . .

Our outrage over Dems' impeachment farce
Lloyd Marcus
December 12, 2019

To say that We the People are outraged over the Democrats baseless absurd articles of impeachment against our president would be an understatement. Candidly, I . . .

Trump makes Christmas about Jesus again
Lloyd Marcus
December 10, 2019

"Donald Trump is making Christmas great again," Sam Sorbo, talk radio host. I could not agree more with Mrs Kevin Sorbo. http://bit.ly/2RAxYha My wife Mary . . .

Conservative media killing Operation Mockingbird
Lloyd Marcus
December 3, 2019

While visiting a relative, CBS evening news was on TV in the background. It felt like water torture hearing arrogant reporters authoritatively lie about . . .

First Lady dissed by wimpy snowflakes
Lloyd Marcus
November 29, 2019

First Lady Melania Trump was booed by students when she spoke at an opioid awareness summit in Baltimore. Snowflake adults said the students were justified . . .

Trump is 100% on his game
Lloyd Marcus
November 20, 2019

In his famous "Thriller" music video, Michael Jackson said, "I'm not like other guys." I thank God that President Trump is not like other Republicans. It . . .

Why Trump is black voters' clear choice in 2020
Lloyd Marcus
November 13, 2019

I am a black Christian, conservative and Republican, renowned as "The Unhyphenated American." A rabbi on TV said one of the reasons why Jews have prospered . . .

Calling all Rosa Parks Americans
Lloyd Marcus
November 4, 2019

The insanity going on before our very eyes regarding Democrats' and fake news medias' latest campaign to impeach Trump over nonsense is infuriating millions of . . .

Nationals elites vs. Astros Americans
Lloyd Marcus
November 1, 2019

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and Friends wearing a Washington National's baseball cap in honor of them winning the World Series. . . .

Young adults fed up with SJW and LGBTQ tyranny
Lloyd Marcus
October 28, 2019

The new Batwoman TV series featuring an openly lesbian Batwoman is failing big-time. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that young adults are turned off by the . . .

President Trump, all the way live!
Lloyd Marcus
October 15, 2019

Brother and sister Americans, we witnessed a new level of president Trump being himself at his remarkable energizing, inspiring, and unifying rallies in . . .

The frightened old woman with her Trump 2020 flag
Lloyd Marcus
October 14, 2019

Scouting a location to shoot a promotional video for my Trump Train 2020 song, my wife Mary and I spotted a lovely home with a huge Trump 2020 flag waving in . . .

For the soul of America, "shifty" Schiff must go
Lloyd Marcus
October 7, 2019

Folks, I do know about you, but I am extremely annoyed. I grew up believing in Superman's America which stood for truth, justice and the American way. But when . . .

The purge of conservatism from America
Lloyd Marcus
October 6, 2019

At the hospital for my annual physical exam, Adam Schiff was on TV in the waiting room. Schiff presented himself as alerting the American people to the "mafia . . .

Do Democrat loyalists really know their party?
Lloyd Marcus
September 25, 2019

Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering why your intelligent, moral, and Christian relatives and friends continue to support the Democratic party . . .

Democrats' and media's evil mission to divide Americans
Lloyd Marcus
September 19, 2019

Watching this year's 9-11 remembrances on TV, it was heartwarming to hear commentators repeatedly use "we" and "our" when referring to Americans and America. . . .

All aboard Trump train 2020!
Lloyd Marcus
September 12, 2019

Hello, America. The recording session for my Trump Train 2020 song could not have gone better. If you remember, my music producer is based in Baltimore. I . . .

The cure for confused male/female relationships
Lloyd Marcus
September 9, 2019

At our annual Labor Day family reunion, I surprisingly found myself in conversations in which male/female relations was a reoccurring theme. A happily . . .

Heads up, America: North Carolina special election matters
Lloyd Marcus
August 28, 2019

Though I love her dearly, my wife Mary interrupts my peaceful morning cup of coffee by reading me disturbing headlines on her phone. "Court rules Idaho must . . .

How we reelect Trump in 2020
Lloyd Marcus
August 19, 2019

Democrats, fake news media, and Hollywood are desperate to block Trump's reelection in 2020. Their problem is Trump has been awesome for America. Our economy is . . .

Pocahontas' presidential run should be over
Lloyd Marcus
August 15, 2019

While driving on a beautiful day in West Virginia, I heard this news reported over my car radio. Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said Michael . . .

Resurgence of old-school courageous Americans
Lloyd Marcus
August 10, 2019

The next day after the horrific El Paso and Dayton shootings, I boycotted media. As expected, Democrats and fake news media were despicably giddy, thrilled for . . .

El Paso shooting: Latest atrocity exploited by Democrats
Lloyd Marcus
August 5, 2019

My prayers and heartfelt sympathy go out to the victims of the El Paso Mall shooting. The gunman posted a manifesto. One of the issues which angered the . . .

Baltimore black kids escape to Trump country
Lloyd Marcus
August 4, 2019

A year and a half ago, my wife Mary and I moved closer to our parents. We relocated from Florida to what I nicknamed, "Trump Country USA," a tiny town in West . . .

Baltimore: Charm City gone terribly wrong
Lloyd Marcus
July 30, 2019

As a black man who grew up in Baltimore, I am delighted that President Trump had the courage to shine the national spotlight on the failed Democrat controlled . . .

Production of the new Trump Train 2020 song
Lloyd Marcus
July 27, 2019

Life has taught me that sometimes God gives us great gifts in ugly wrapping paper. In other words, what appears to be a problem is often a blessing in disguise. . . .

Regarding marriage: 42 years and counting
Lloyd Marcus
July 26, 2019

Various academics say marriage is oppressive and unhealthy for women. Leftists foolishly deem themselves smarter than God. They always denounce and seek to . . .

Leftists' effective dirty trick
Lloyd Marcus
July 22, 2019

I heard another black pastor's sermon attacking Trump while listening to Christian radio with earbuds on my phone during my daily walk.. He said that President . . .

Pushing back against anti-Americanism
Lloyd Marcus
July 14, 2019

In response to my clarion call for citizens to push back against anti-Americanism and cultural assassins, https://bit.ly/2JGutQn several of you have asked how. . . .

I stand with Rush: Time to take action
Lloyd Marcus
July 7, 2019

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh passionately responded to a column which warned of a growing anti-Americanism in our country. Rush told his millions . . .

Reparations: Democrats scam and insult blacks again
Lloyd Marcus
June 23, 2019

A congressional hearing was held on a bill to study reparations for blacks as payback for slavery. https://ihr.fm/2FlhSB6 Reparations is simply another worm . . .

Trump's Orlando speech: Unprecedented and remarkable
Lloyd Marcus
June 20, 2019

Watching live TV coverage of President Trump at his Orlando rally announcing his reelection campaign, I was blown away by Trump's unprecedented straightforward . . .

We must reject LGBTQ craziness becoming America's accepted norm
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2019

Turning around in Walmart, I saw a large exhibit of Listerine mouthwash. The exhibit was covered in rainbows stating that it was in celebration of LGBTQ (and . . .

1987 LGBTQ demands become law in the Equality Act
Lloyd Marcus
May 19, 2019

Remember when activists on the Supreme Court, in essence, made same-sex marriage the law of the land? Elated, Obama said, "Love wins!" He celebrated the . . .

Judgment Day coming for Democrats
Lloyd Marcus
May 7, 2019

Democrat Sen Mazie Hirono verbally brutalized AG William Barr during the Judiciary Committee hearing. Sen Hirono's abuse of AG William Barr and disrespect for . . .

Ignorance, fear, and LGBTQ
Lloyd Marcus
May 2, 2019

Mary and I met with several black relatives for dinner at a restaurant in Baltimore. The jovial conversation drifted to politics. I was stunned that they know . . .

Why Barr must confront the Deep State
Lloyd Marcus
April 23, 2019

Due to her amazing job taking care of our home, 9 birds, 2 cats, one greyhound and me, my wife Mary has not followed the intricate details of the Mueller/deep . . .

Reminder: Trump is only human
Lloyd Marcus
April 16, 2019

Despite a billion dollars worth of negative press to destroy Trump before he was elected – over 500,000 lying articles claiming Trump colluded with Russia . . .

The destruction of Citizen Cain
Lloyd Marcus
April 13, 2019

In 2016, black businessman extraordinaire, Herman Cain terminated his run for the presidency due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Cain chose to protect his . . .

Tea Party for Trump
Lloyd Marcus
April 10, 2019

It is exciting that my patriot brothers and sisters at Tea Party Express have announced the launch of "Tea Party for Trump." My first tour on Tea Party Express . . .

The Tea Party is back!
Lloyd Marcus
April 8, 2019

President Trump has our economy booming. Unemployment claims are at an unprecedented 50 year low. https://bit.ly/2uKLrWV There are more jobs available than . . .

I have my "Trump 2020" cap!
Lloyd Marcus
April 2, 2019

Quoting the Pointer Sisters' song, "I'm So Excited," my "Trump 2020" cap arrived in the mail. I am not a red cap wearing kind of guy. But desperate times . . .

Smollett and the Deep State: We deserve justice
Lloyd Marcus
April 1, 2019

Outrageously, Chicago State's Attorney Kim Foxx dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett. Smollett is the black actor who staged a fake hate crime, claiming . . .

Race relations: If Democrats would get out of our way
Lloyd Marcus
March 28, 2019

To keep blacks feeling like victims in an forever racist America, Democrats keep the flames of racial division burning. Blacks are only 12% of the population. . . .

Democratic presidential contenders' demeaning view of Americans
Lloyd Marcus
March 24, 2019

When Democrat Sen Kamala Harris announced her run for the presidency, she vowed to be a "tireless advocate of men and women who lack power and wealth." Sen . . .

America deserves much Beto than O'Rourke
Lloyd Marcus
March 18, 2019

Watching Beto O'Rourke announce his candidacy for president, I had snake oil salesman come to mind. Everything about this guy is fake, which makes him a perfect . . .

The tragic making of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Lloyd Marcus
March 13, 2019

Years ago, a white friend told me her son came home from middle school in tears, overcome with guilt. He was taught that his white ancestors were responsible . . .

What if Trump loses in 2020
Lloyd Marcus
March 7, 2019

Over a year ago, my wife Mary and I moved from Florida to a tiny town in the hills of West Virginia to be closer to our ailing parents; population 500. There . . .

From Roy Rogers to infanticide
Lloyd Marcus
March 2, 2019

I learned that the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, MO closed it doors forever. Roy Rogers was a bit before my time. Still, the closing of his museum triggered . . .

Spike Lee's disservice to black America
Lloyd Marcus
February 28, 2019

I stopped stomaching the Academy Awards TV show years ago. I caught Spike Lee's hate-filled Oscar acceptance speech on Youtube. I am a black man who is a . . .

Why leftists love stickin' it to Christianity
Lloyd Marcus
February 26, 2019

A woman called the Rush Limbaugh radio show to ask why New York legislators shockingly gave killing babies a standing ovation. Rush said the main reason is . . .

The Elderly Gentleman Wearing a MAGA Cap
Lloyd Marcus
February 25, 2019

I dropped my wife Mary off at the door of Walmart, parked and waited for her in the car. An elderly white-haired gentleman and his wife exited Walmart pushing a . . .

Jussie Smollett's evil academy award-worthy performance
Lloyd Marcus
February 22, 2019

I recently watched the original Jussie Smollett ABC interview on Youtube in which he claimed to have been attacked by racist homophobic Trump supporters.  . . .

Breaking leftists' deception of black Americans
Lloyd Marcus
February 17, 2019

With earbuds in my ears and wired to my phone, I listen to national Christian broadcasts during my daily walk. Back to back, I heard two black pastors with . . .

State of the Union destroys "Trump is racist" lie
Lloyd Marcus
February 13, 2019

Watching this portion of president Trump's State of the Union speech, I thought, "This destroys Democrats', Hollywood and fake news media's lie that says Trump . . .

Are the Days of Roe v Wade Numbered?
Lloyd Marcus
February 11, 2019

A verse in the Bible says, "They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good." Who could have imagined that God would transform the following three attacks on . . .

Why many Americans are praying for Trump
Lloyd Marcus
February 7, 2019

Extremely respectful and supportive of Islam, Obama was more hostile to Christianity than any other U.S. president. https://bit.ly/2plTsy0 With the election . . .

Super Bowl 2019: A good one
Lloyd Marcus
February 4, 2019

Call me old fashioned for enjoying unapologetic patriotism: honoring our troops, flag and country. Leftists will call me a stupid black man suffering from . . .

Two Christians discuss LGBTQ
Lloyd Marcus
January 31, 2019

Dear Brother in Christ, It was great talking with you. As per our conversation, I agree that we as Christians must love and pray for all people. However, . . .

I have a dream for Black History month
Lloyd Marcus
January 29, 2019

As an American who happens to be black, I wish to share my concerns regarding Black History Month. Racism like every other sin will exist until Jesus returns. . . .

Why are leftists thrilled by abortion?
Lloyd Marcus
January 21, 2019

Hillary Clinton and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced their satanic bill to allow abortions through all nine months up to birth. The intense jubilant faces . . .

Democrats undermine the special-ness of becoming an American
Lloyd Marcus
January 16, 2019

Delia, age 13, called the Rush Limbaugh radio show seeking information for a school assignment. She had to debate whether or not it should be easier for . . .

Transgender theory enables child abuse
Lloyd Marcus
January 8, 2019

Pope Francis said teaching children about being transgender is a moral problem which he calls "ideological colonisation." He said explaining gender theory to . . .

Democrats' morality, lies, and the wall
Lloyd Marcus
January 2, 2019

Democrat Nancy Pelosi said Trump's border wall is immoral and too expensive. Hearing Pelosi lecture Trump and the American people about morality is beyond . . .

A wonderful unexpected Christmas gift
Lloyd Marcus
December 26, 2018

My wife Mary and I are an interracial couple. Over 40 years ago, Mary's dad and stepmother who raised her accepted their daughter marrying a black guy. Mary's . . .

Remembering our WWII parents at Christmas Time
Lloyd Marcus
December 22, 2018

The parents of us baby-boomers truly are a great generation. They grew up early, taking on adult responsibilities. Our parents did whatever needed to be done . . .

The LGBTQ Hart attack is a good thing
Lloyd Marcus
December 20, 2018

I am not suggesting that we should experience schadenfreude (feel pleasure from witnessing someone's troubles, failures or humiliation). However, LGBTQ . . .

As for me and my house
Lloyd Marcus
December 16, 2018

Candidly, I have not written in a while because I've been in a funk. I caught Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on TV sharing devastating stats confirming we (Conservatives) . . .

Time for some good news
Lloyd Marcus
December 8, 2018

My wife Mary sent me links to the following three articles. "Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters." https://bit.ly/2AQVufE . . .

The word "mean" is leftists' lethal weapon
Lloyd Marcus
December 5, 2018

Founded upon Christian principles https://bit.ly/2kAC1uk, Americans have always eventually done the right thing – freed the slaves, gave women the right . . .

Eternal darkness of the leftist mind
Lloyd Marcus
November 29, 2018

Folks, I continue asking myself, why do leftists think so differently from the rest of us? Oprah Winfrey said she is an "open-minded" Christian who does not . . .

America had much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving
Lloyd Marcus
November 24, 2018

This was my first Thanksgiving without my preacher dad who went to be with the Lord in June at age 90. I smiled remembering when I was a little boy, Dad . . .

Post election, Democrats, and the holidays
Lloyd Marcus
November 11, 2018

Hello America. My wife Mary and I spent much of the past two years traveling state to state campaigning to keep Republicans in control of the house and senate. . . .

Democrats care about illegal aliens, not you
Lloyd Marcus
November 4, 2018

A buddy shared a heart-wrenching story with me during dinner. His mom was killed Christmas Eve by a drunk driver illegal alien. The illegal had been caught 4 . . .

Defining the enemy in these final days before the midterms
Lloyd Marcus
November 3, 2018

In these few days before the hugely important mid-term elections, I wish to enlighten my fellow everyday, God-fearing and patriotic Americans about our enemy  . . .

Democrats using every evil play in the book to silence Americans
Lloyd Marcus
October 30, 2018

And the fake news media and Democratic Party dirty tricks just keep on coming. A crazy man sent package bombs to prominent Democrats. Fake news media and the . . .

Time for Christians to politically follow Jesus
Lloyd Marcus
October 29, 2018

I have black and white Christian relatives who are extremely involved in their churches, faithfully attending every Sunday. They sit in their favorite pew . . .

Calling all Christians from the Road to the Midterms
Lloyd Marcus
October 23, 2018

Hello Folks. Lloyd Marcus here checking in from Nevada. Weeks ago, my wife Mary and I flew to the mid west to join the Conservative Campaign Committee to . . .

Not guilty: The Tea Party and violence
Lloyd Marcus
October 22, 2018

Trying to sound nonpartisan on TV, some conservatives and Republicans begin their comments saying there is too much vitriol and incivility on both sides of the . . .

Montanans you meet at a Matt Rosendale sign-wave
Lloyd Marcus
October 19, 2018

I'm in Montana with the Conservative Campaign Committee campaigning for Matt Rosendale, Republican US Senate. Along with standard campaigning techniques like TV . . .

Conservative campaign committee: Final mid-terms road trip
Lloyd Marcus
October 17, 2018

A few days ago, my wife Mary and I left our home in West Virginia to fly to Denver to meet up with our Conservative Campaign Committee team. A baby screamed for . . .

Lesson of Kavanaugh: Inform the American people
Lloyd Marcus
October 8, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice on the Supreme Court; a tremendous victory for President Trump and America. Praise God! Last week, fake news media and . . .

How you can help Kavanaugh's confirmation
Lloyd Marcus
October 3, 2018

In response to my article, "Kavanaugh and the Depth of Democratic Evil" https://bit.ly/2xZXC3n, patriots have contacted me asking how can they help Brett . . .

Kavanaugh and the depth of Democratic evil
Lloyd Marcus
September 29, 2018

Like many of my fellow Americans, I wept for Brett Kavanaugh watching him deliver his powerful, heartfelt and facts-filled opening statement at the hearing. . . .

Cruz's response to restaurant attack: Christian, wise, and classy
Lloyd Marcus
September 27, 2018

Upon watching video of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi being chased out of a Washington DC restaurant, I felt frustrated. I was not frustrated over leftist . . .

Conservative Campaign Committee in Texas for Cruz
Lloyd Marcus
September 25, 2018

Hello America! My wife Mary and I are in Texas with the Conservative Campaign Committee campaigning for Sen Ted Cruz. Frustrated local Cruz supporters say . . .

The character of Ted Cruz
Lloyd Marcus
September 24, 2018

Democrats launched an initiative attacking Ted Cruz's character for backing Trump because they opposed each other so passionately during the presidential . . .

WWII vet remembers Bob Hope
Lloyd Marcus
September 17, 2018

Waiting in the car for what felt like forever, Mary texted me that she was in the Walmart check out line but it would be awhile before she checked out with our . . .

Young enemies within movement
Lloyd Marcus
September 11, 2018

For decades we have allowed the American left (public education, Hollywood, Democrat party and fake news media) to indoctrinate our children; teaching them that . . .

Leftists despicably exploit McCain
Lloyd Marcus
August 29, 2018

Fake news media's sudden overwhelming fondness for Republican Senator John McCain is insidiously evil and disgusting. Cold and calculatingly, the American Left . . .

Can Kelli Ward pull off this nail-biter Arizona election?
Lloyd Marcus
August 26, 2018

Hello, America. Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American, here, reporting in from the GOP U.S. Senate primary in Arizona. All month, the Conservative Campaign . . .

Is the establishment conspiring against Kelli Ward?
Lloyd Marcus
August 20, 2018

Folks, the GOP establishment fix is in against Dr Kelli Ward vs Martha McSally in the primary for US Senate Arizona. I cannot believe what I am seeing on TV . . .

Omarosa vs Trump: All about the midterm elections
Lloyd Marcus
August 16, 2018

Candidly folks, I have not paid much attention to the Omarosa/Trump soap opera. For the past few weeks, my wife Mary and I have been in Arizona with the . . .

McSally spreads lies about Dr. Kelli Ward
Lloyd Marcus
August 15, 2018

Our Conservative Campaign Committee has been all over Arizona campaigning for Dr. Kelli Ward US Senate GOP primary. Along with various other initiatives, we've . . .

Black refutes Omarosa's Trump-is-racist lie
Lloyd Marcus
August 14, 2018

My fellow Americans, I am so weary of people on the national stage willing to sacrifice the best interest of our country and people to serve their egos and . . .

Thanks Kelli Ward-ian true American patriots
Lloyd Marcus
August 13, 2018

Nothing gives you a better insight into a political campaign like being there; boots on the ground. Our Conservative Campaign Committee team is in Arizona . . .

Kelli Ward U.S. Senate battle heats up literally in Arizona
Lloyd Marcus
August 11, 2018

Were we insane waving signs on an Arizona street corner in 116 degree heat? No, we are patriots. Hello, America. Mary and I are in Arizona. Our Conservative . . .

Snoop Dogg's career thrives, Billy Willy's dies
Lloyd Marcus
August 5, 2018

When an ad for the second season of the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg show appeared on my TV, it annoyed me. On the surface, one could think, "Who cares?" But . . .

All hands on deck for Operation Mid-terms
Lloyd Marcus
August 1, 2018

Almost a year ago, Mary and I moved from Florida to West Virginia to be closer to our parents. June 1st, my dad passed at age 90. We've enjoyed living in small . . .

The American left's selective outrage
Lloyd Marcus
July 29, 2018

Repeatedly pointing out the American left's obvious dishonesty, hypocrisy and selective outrage seems pointless. And yet, I feel compelled to do so.  . . .

Interracial couple celebrates 41st wedding anniversary
Lloyd Marcus
July 23, 2018

I did not realize it at the time that 46 years ago God gave me an incredible gift. He gave me Mary. My marriage was on the rocks. We were living in Edgewater . . .

Trump outfoxed them again
Lloyd Marcus
July 22, 2018

Trump is wise for not falling into democrats', fake news media and the Deep state's trap of saying Russia tampered with our election. Russia has tried to impact . . .

Democrats spend heavy on lie-filled ads early
Lloyd Marcus
July 18, 2018

In the house and senate races, Democrats are stealthily pouring tons of money early to demonize Republican candidates before our supporters become engaged. Once . . .

We cannot allow Strzokians back into power
Lloyd Marcus
July 14, 2018

Peter Strzok's arrogance displayed at the Congressional Oversight Committee hearing on TV was infuriating. With their superior noses high in the air, Mr Strzok . . .

Conservative campaign committee launches operation Montana
Lloyd Marcus
July 12, 2018

If I sound a bit punchy, it is because my wife Mary and I got to the hotel late after flying into Montana. We're here to work with the Conservative Campaign . . .

Only Uncle Tom celebrating July 4th
Lloyd Marcus
July 9, 2018

American leftists cannot restrain themselves from throwing stink-bombs at all things wholesome and good. July 4th, my wife Mary read two articles in which black . . .

Facebook rejects Pro-America Christian July 4th music video for "political content"
Lloyd Marcus
July 3, 2018

Facebook rejected this Pro-America Christian July 4th music video for "political content" https://www.reverbnation.com/q/79x2rq My wife Mary tried to . . .

Happy Independence Day: Our forgotten founding
Lloyd Marcus
June 29, 2018

The American left loved it when Obama proclaimed early in his presidency that we are no longer a Christian nation. https://bit.ly/2KwbI1x While actively . . .

Leftists' hypocrisy just keeps on comin'
Lloyd Marcus
June 28, 2018

Peter Fonda called for pedophiles to rape Trump's 12 year old son. https://fxn.ws/2MGheA0 Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for mob violence against . . .

A case for America's goodness
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2018

Memorial Day, I caught an interview with WWII veteran, Edgar Harrell who survived the bombing of the USS Indianapolis. Sinking in 12 minutes, 300 boys died on . . .

Bourdain: Casualty of leftist mindset
Lloyd Marcus
June 11, 2018

My fashionista wife Mary told me the famous purse designer Kate Spade shockingly committed suicide. Upon hearing about the tragic suicide of Anthony Bourdain, . . .

Dad's funeral: Final notes regarding a civil rights pioneer
Lloyd Marcus
June 9, 2018

The funeral of my dad, Dr Rev Lloyd E. Marcus, was July 7, 2018. My sister told everyone she was wearing a yellow dress to Dad's funeral because we wanted it to . . .

Life with father, a dying breed
Lloyd Marcus
June 4, 2018

In 1952, I was 5 years old when I walked into the kitchen of our 6th floor apartment in the Baltimore government projects. Dad stood as Mom sat at the table . . .

Memorial Day parade in Trump country USA
Lloyd Marcus
May 28, 2018

A year ago, Mary and I moved from Florida to Paw Paw, West Virginia (population 500) to be near our parents. Saturday was our first Paw Paw Memorial Day parade; . . .

Democrats undermining black civil rights heroes' legacy
Lloyd Marcus
May 27, 2018

My four younger siblings and I have been taking turns caring for our 90 year old Dad who is in home hospice. After checking on Dad sleeping in his bedroom, I . . .

They've blown up the Boy Scouts. What next?
Lloyd Marcus
May 24, 2018

Minutes after awakening this morning, my wife Mary read me this disturbing headline from her phone, "Condoms Required at Scouts' 24th World Jamboree." https:/ . . .

Leftists slowly turning off the faucet of free speech
Lloyd Marcus
May 23, 2018

The majority of my fellow black friends, family and associates are low-info voters. They look at me in stunned disbelief when I tell them that every negative . . .

Though persecuted, Christians and patriots are standing
Lloyd Marcus
May 15, 2018

I praise God for Wyoming GOP county chair Vicki Kissack having the courage to share my article, "Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement" on her facebook page . . .

Despite the media, Trump is winning for We the People
Lloyd Marcus
May 12, 2018

I love the old gospel song, "Peace In the Midst of the Storm." https://bit.ly/2G26szy In the midst of the Deep State's raging, unprecedented hate-storm against . . .

"Sex Ed Sit Out" parents' protest is a great start
Lloyd Marcus
April 27, 2018

My wife Mary and I were extremely busy in Arizona campaigning to help propel Republican Debbie Lesko to victory in the congressional special election. Praise . . .

Christians deceived by the LGBTQ movement
Lloyd Marcus
April 26, 2018

For crying out loud Lloyd, another article about how the LGBTQ movement seeks to ban Christianity? Folks, I keep talking about this because too many fellow . . .

The dire consequence of the Republicans losing Congress
Lloyd Marcus
April 23, 2018

Sammy, our greyhound, is around 100 years old in dog years. His health is failing. Mary and I hate leaving Sammy with our pet-sitter, but we must fly to Arizona . . .

Has giving leftists what they want made America better?
Lloyd Marcus
April 18, 2018

Leftists have made huge gains in stripping Godly traditional principles and values from our American culture. It is disturbing seeing Christians, Conservatives . . .

Calling all Tea Partiers: Attacking Trump's attorney
Lloyd Marcus
April 16, 2018

Raiding the president of the United States personal attorney's office is the most outrageous of the Deep State's unprecedented unhinged relentless attempts to . . .

Ignorance: The greatest threat to black Americans
Lloyd Marcus
April 12, 2018

Turning 65, my relative is about to retire from her job as a Baltimore City transit bus-driver. She said she is extremely tired of having to deal with black . . .

Scammed by a black, a woman, and now a 17-year-old
Lloyd Marcus
April 6, 2018

The ID (Investigation Discovery) channel reenacts real-life crime stories. I watched two stories in which single woman homeowners heard men breaking into their . . .

Leftists are the attackers, not victims
Lloyd Marcus
March 30, 2018

Duped family members, friends and fellow Christians have fallen for leftists' lie that all they are tearfully asking for is fairness and tolerance on various . . .

Is California Governor Jerry Brown mentally ill?
Lloyd Marcus
March 27, 2018

Leftists are relentlessly selling their bogus narrative that Trump is insane. Here are samples of Leftists' headlines: "Lawmakers Met With Psychiatrist About . . .

Black Panther movie: More Leftist racial polarizing
Lloyd Marcus
March 26, 2018

As a proud American who happens to be black, my issue with Black Panther mania is the movie's enormous role in furthering Leftists' lie that blacks are . . .

Homeschooling: The best hope for America's future
Lloyd Marcus
March 22, 2018

A 7-year-old in 2nd grade came home and said, "Mom, Dad, guess what. Our teacher read us the funniest book. It was so silly. It was about a prince who was . . .

Thank you, America, for Pennsylvania efforts
Lloyd Marcus
March 19, 2018

Leftists' great weapon in furthering their evil agenda is deception. Using fake news media, Leftists labor 24/7 lying to the mainstream; trying to convince them . . .

NeverTrumps: Please rally behind America
Lloyd Marcus
March 17, 2018

As y'all know, my wife Mary and I have been on the road with Conservative Campaign Committee working to elect Rick Saccone for Congress in Pennsylvania. In . . .

Leftism and degeneracy: a beautiful thing
Lloyd Marcus
March 15, 2018

Please forgive me for using this crude, but appropriate saying, "Don't urinate on my head and tell me it is raining." Leftists urinate lies, deceit, perversion, . . .

Two opposing black views of America
Lloyd Marcus
March 12, 2018

I had a fascinating phone conversation with a longtime black friend. Though we've had passionate political clashes over the years including periods of not . . .

Why Trump is so hated by leftists
Lloyd Marcus
March 11, 2018

My brother expressed his disgust watching an animated TV show trashing Trump titled, "Our Cartoon President." Incredibly, Leftists have hijacked the airwaves . . .

Why folks who love America must rally to elect Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania
Lloyd Marcus
March 8, 2018

It is a huge mistake to think special elections do not concern you or are unimportant. Every race Republicans lose emboldens Leftists obsessed with stopping . . .

Thinking about Billy Graham and my dad
Lloyd Marcus
February 26, 2018

I feel compelled to pay my respect to preacher Billy Graham who went home to Jesus at 99 years old. My 89 year old black dad has been a preacher for over 50 . . .

Florida school shooting: Typical leftist exploitation
Lloyd Marcus
February 23, 2018

When I first heard about the terrible Florida school shooting, I knew the American Left (Democrats, fake news and Hollywood) would shamefully exploit the . . .

Olympics corrupted to further anti-God agenda
Lloyd Marcus
February 22, 2018

Watching the Olympics was a big deal when I was a kid, a pleasurable family affair. I tuned in the 2018 Olympics expecting to enjoy extraordinary performances. . . .

Black Christian voters: Will racial loyalty once again overrule character, ideology and intentions in 2020?
Lloyd Marcus
February 11, 2018

The American Left is giddy about Oprah running for president in 2020. White America naively thought electing a black president would end them being called . . .

Confronting leftists' lies
Lloyd Marcus
February 7, 2018

I am an unhyphenated American who happens to be black. Leftists who hate America as founded dominate fake news media, Hollywood, public education and social . . .

Sadly, another Black History month
Lloyd Marcus
February 6, 2018

I am a 69 year old proud American who happens to be black. The American Left (Democrats, Hollywood and fake news media) exploit Black History Month as an . . .

God forbid the further Oprah-rizing of America
Lloyd Marcus
January 12, 2018

The American Left's Oprah-mania about her running for president in 2020 is truly absurd. What on earth qualifies Oprah to run our country? I do not consider . . .

How the left devalues American citizenship
Lloyd Marcus
January 10, 2018

While being interviewed, I recalled two powerful incidents from many years ago when I sang at monthly Immigration Naturalization Citizenship ceremonies in . . .

Trump's unnoticed great first year accomplishment
Lloyd Marcus
January 6, 2018

Conservatives and Republicans gave President Trump kudos for his remarkable list of accomplishments in his first year in office. http://washex.am/2DosDQd One . . .

Entering 2018 with gratitude to God & Trump
Lloyd Marcus
January 1, 2018

I remember that painful election night in 2012. Against reason, Americans chose to give Obama four more years in the White House. As a Christian, all I knew . . .

Old school parenting at Christmastime
Lloyd Marcus
December 27, 2017

Like millions of lower to middle income American families back in the day, my parents did an awesome job at Christmastime. With little money, they always found . . .

What the heck happened in Alabama?
Lloyd Marcus
December 18, 2017

Years ago, my brother David gave me a nugget of wisdom. He advised, "When faced with a crisis, stabilize your emotions before responding/acting." Thus, I . . .

The truth about profiling is that everyone does it
Lloyd Marcus
December 14, 2017

My black brother who lives in Baltimore said something that has stuck with me. He said, "I am tired of having to show people (whites) that I am not like them  . . .

Quinton Jefferson, another nail in the NFL coffin
Lloyd Marcus
December 13, 2017

I caught video of NFL player Quinton Jefferson trying to climb into the stands to attack a fan who threw food at him. Jefferson was so enraged that it took 3 . . .

Chatting sexual harassment with lib relatives
Lloyd Marcus
December 7, 2017

After spending the last four months moving from Florida and settling into our new home in West Virginia, Mary and I are on the road again. We are flying to  . . .

Thanksgiving with a dollop of politics on the side
Lloyd Marcus
November 30, 2017

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I caught two police drama TV shows in which a young woman called her man her "partner" rather than her boyfriend. I thought,  . . .

Attacking Judge Moore's morality is a dirty leftist trick
Lloyd Marcus
November 15, 2017

Black Christian Conservative Republican Lloyd Marcus here. I call upon all my fellow Christians not to abandon our brother Roy Moore who is running for US . . .

Happy Veterans Day, brothers
Lloyd Marcus
November 11, 2017

I was drafted into the Army in 1969. God saw fit not to send me to Vietnam. Upon returning to Ft Bragg, NC, from a two week leave, I learned that my entire . . .

Old school heroes and sports media
Lloyd Marcus
November 6, 2017

While watching game 6 of the 2017 World Series on TV, I thought about Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson. I called up Brooks' . . .

Why the anti-Trump "resistance" is so relentless
Lloyd Marcus
October 30, 2017

I revisited election night videos on youtube of Leftists' tearful meltdowns in response to Trump defeating Hillary. http://bit.ly/2xo0l5f Their panic, outrage . . .

Everyday Americans betrayed by George W
Lloyd Marcus
October 25, 2017

As a precinct chairman, I walked neighborhoods in the blazing Florida sun, heat, and humidity – sweating like crazy – campaigning for George W. Bush . . .

Living in Trump Country USA
Lloyd Marcus
October 22, 2017

For those of you who haven't heard, Mary and I moved from Florida to a tiny town in West Virginia to be closer to our parents. We are experiencing wonderful . . .

Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast: The great black deception
Lloyd Marcus
October 19, 2017

Flipping through my TV channels, I stumbled upon the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Prayer Breakfast on The Word Network; the world's largest black . . .

NAACP attacking Jones confirms betrayal of its people
Lloyd Marcus
October 15, 2017

As a black proud American, I was repulsed learning that the NAACP sent out a press release accusing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of violating his players . . .

Invasion of leftist body snatchers
Lloyd Marcus
October 13, 2017

My biggest frustration is seeing conservative/Christian family members and friends overtaken by liberalism. I think it happens when they're alone in the dark . . .

Things I say that make some conservatives nervous
Lloyd Marcus
October 12, 2017

A friend of Rush Limbaugh thought it was a mistake for Trump to condemn NFL players for taking a knee during our national Anthem because there are more pressing . . .

Leftists despicably use Vegas massacre for agenda
Lloyd Marcus
October 5, 2017

It has always bugged me how fake news media helps Leftists portray themselves morally superior, more caring and compassionate than the rest of us. The dirty . . .

Black fan turns off NFL
Lloyd Marcus
September 28, 2017

Saturday night working in my wood shop, I heard a reporter on the radio say, "Trump has found someone else to pick a fight with, the NFL." Clearly, the reporter . . .

Destroying monuments and lies about race
Lloyd Marcus
September 25, 2017

While in Baltimore visiting my 89 year old black dad, I thanked him for filling me and my four younger siblings with the Word of God. I told Dad how I would . . .

The mistake of pandering to Antifa/Black Lives Matter
Lloyd Marcus
September 18, 2017

I cringed when I heard fellow black conservatives who I respect on TV saying that while they condemn the violent behavior of Antifa/Black Lives Matter some of . . .

Black American says Antifa must not be tolerated
Lloyd Marcus
September 10, 2017

Moving to a tiny town in the hills of West Virginia took me out of the loop for about a month – no TV or internet with horrible cell phone service and too . . .

My first political fight in West Virginia
Lloyd Marcus
August 27, 2017

My wife Mary and I moved from Florida to West Virginia to be closer to our elderly parents. It's a tiny town, population 500. Because internet will not be . . .

Don't fall for leftists dividing us racially to get Trump
Lloyd Marcus
August 17, 2017

As a proud grateful American who happens to be black, I am frustrated by Leftists'/fake news media's frenzied exploitation of the racial violence in . . .

Restoring what it means to be an American
Lloyd Marcus
July 30, 2017

Even though I am black, I was raised on Superman's; truth, justice and the American way. I always believed Americans were the world's good guys. As a kid, I . . .

40th wedding anniversary relates to race in America
Lloyd Marcus
July 26, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017, was Mary and my 40th wedding anniversary. We celebrated at our favorite sushi restaurant. I enjoyed sashimi (raw fish without rice). Over . . .

I shared Trump's annoyance at Jeff Sessions
Lloyd Marcus
July 24, 2017

Everyone is having a cow over Trump criticizing AG Jeff Sessions for removing himself from the absurd FBI investigation that Trump stole the election by . . .

The Walmart guy vs. anti-capitalism millennials
Lloyd Marcus
July 22, 2017

Though we have never met, I smiled recently seeing my favorite Walmart employee. For over ten years, I witnessed him gathering shopping carts in the parking lot . . .

Don't allow Maxine Waters' impeachment crap to stick
Lloyd Marcus
July 19, 2017

For our 40th wedding anniversary, Mary and I have been experiencing the grandeur and majestic beauty of God's creation in Alaska. Did you know bald eagles are . . .

Tweet on, Mr President
Lloyd Marcus
July 5, 2017

President Trump is criticized from all sides for sparing with fake news media via tweets. Some say Trump's tweets are a distraction from getting out his message . . .

Stevie Wonder dragged back to liberal plantation
Lloyd Marcus
July 2, 2017

Stevie Wonder's call to say I love you to black Americans was rejected by black and white Leftists. Leftists were outraged over Wonder's compassionate message . . .

Never-Trumps infected by fake news
Lloyd Marcus
June 28, 2017

Watching MSNBC, I heard Chris Hayes list several bogus excuses for Ossoff losing in Georgia. Hayes placed Karen Handel receiving outside funds high on his list. . . .

Ossoff's defeat is a win for America!
Lloyd Marcus
June 23, 2017

Did the Russians hack the Georgia election? Leftists are all over media creating straw-men to disguise the simple truth that voter's have rejected their . . .

Cosby and leftists' war on non-victim-minded blacks
Lloyd Marcus
June 22, 2017

The Bill Cosby sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial. http://fxn.ws/2sEmw8D I will not address the case because I am clueless regarding his guilt or . . .

Both political sides do not incite violence
Lloyd Marcus
June 20, 2017

In response to a radicalized Leftist domestic terrorist shooting Republicans at a baseball practice, fake news media said both sides of the political aisle are . . .

Fake news media have blood on their hands
Lloyd Marcus
June 16, 2017

I heard Rush Limbaugh say things are looking good regarding Republicans passing health care. Paraphrasing, Rush said if that happens Leftists' bad behavior will . . .

Amid efforts to impeach, Trump is winning for America
Lloyd Marcus
June 15, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence said nothing touches and encourages himself and president Trump more than hearing Americans say they are praying for them. Folks, . . .

Americans bullied and deceived
Lloyd Marcus
June 12, 2017

One of the most effective and insidiously deceptive tricks of the American Left is to brand anyone who disagrees with their anti-God agenda a hater. Who wants . . .

Stop the scalpings: Ms. Griffin, you're fired!
Lloyd Marcus
June 5, 2017

Miscalculating, Kathy Griffin thought her deranged mock-beheading of Trump photo would win her a tsunami of at-a-girl from fellow Leftists. I envision Ms . . .

Finally, conservatives are fighting back!
Lloyd Marcus
June 2, 2017

For years, I have been extremely frustrated with my fellow Republicans and Conservatives allowing Leftists/Democrats to dictate how we're allowed to fight for . . .

We've left Montana: Georgia here we come!
Lloyd Marcus
May 29, 2017

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team left Montana still basking in the afterglow of We the Peoples' victory over the Democrats' Trump-resistance operative . . .

Dr. Carson compassionately spoke the truth about black poverty
Lloyd Marcus
May 27, 2017

Dr Ben Carson being under fire for saying "poverty is a state of mind" during an interview is a prime reason why black Americans should end their insane loyalty . . .

Trump: making us proud shining abroad
Lloyd Marcus
May 26, 2017

The elegance, wisdom and class President Trump has displayed on his first foreign policy trip continues to baffle political elitists and fake news media. 1 . . .

The Montana kid
Lloyd Marcus
May 24, 2017

Mary and I are in Montana with the Conservative Campaign Committee working to defeat Pelosi's latest impeach Trump minion, Rob Quist who is running for congress . . .

Stand strong, dear Trump Americans
Lloyd Marcus
May 22, 2017

An extremely disheartened American emailed me documenting all the factions committed to removing Trump from office. She concluded, "I don't see how President . . .

Boots on the ground in Montana
Lloyd Marcus
May 21, 2017

Hi Folks. Lloyd here, checking in from Montana with Conservative Campaign Committee working to defeat extreme liberal Rob Quist for congress. Mary has fallen . . .

Fighting anti-America/anti-Trump resistance in Montana
Lloyd Marcus
May 15, 2017

Hi Folks. I've been kind of out of the loop because Mary and I are in the process of moving from Florida to a tiny town in West Virginia to be closer to our . . .

Into the heartland
Lloyd Marcus
May 10, 2017

Rumors of my death are exaggerated. The reason my wife Mary and I dropped off the face of the earth is because we have not had internet for almost a week, which . . .

The unfortunate phenomenon of black political group think
Lloyd Marcus
May 3, 2017

My black brother called me from Baltimore feeling frustrated and alone. He is surrounded by blacks, including his household who believe everything they are told . . .

Trump's America: 100 days later
Lloyd Marcus
April 30, 2017

Here we are folks, 100 days into Trump's presidency. My NeverTrump friends are still itching for Trump to betray us so they can say, "I told you so." Well, if . . .

Samuel L. Jackson betrayed blacks again in Georgia
Lloyd Marcus
April 19, 2017

Award winning black actor and civil rights activist Samuel L. Jackson cut a radio ad for the congressional special election in Georgia. Jackson urged Georgia . . .

Georgia 6th: Amy Kremer shades of Trump
Lloyd Marcus
April 18, 2017

Among the horde of Republicans running in the Georgia 6th special election, Amy Kremer is by far the true conservative We the People candidate. Through . . .

Enough with the Black Lives Matter nonsense
Lloyd Marcus
April 17, 2017

Okay, so I am in Georgia with the Conservative Campaign Committee team working to defeat far-left-radical Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election for the . . .

Leftists are mean!
Lloyd Marcus
April 13, 2017

Mary and I are in Georgia working to stop Nancy Pelosi's far-left-radical hand puppet Jon Ossoff from stealing the GOP congressional seat vacated by Tom . . .

A Dem win in Georgia will cause huge backlash!
Lloyd Marcus
April 12, 2017

Folks, one the most despicable things about democrats is that they always promote themselves as doing the polar opposite of their true agenda. It is disgusting . . .

Fighting the Dem's anti-Trump resistance. Georgia here we come!
Lloyd Marcus
April 7, 2017

The pet sitter said yes, she is available to watch our greyhound, two cats, 4 parakeets and 6 cockatiels. Great! Mary and I are packing to drive from our home . . .

Heads up, patriots, regarding Georgia!
Lloyd Marcus
April 6, 2017

Candidly, I have taken a small break from my intense political activism. Mary and I are preparing to move to West Virginia where it is cold and the mountainous . . .

Locals address crime-plagued Baltimore
Lloyd Marcus
April 3, 2017

I love conversations with my 89-year-old black preacher dad. We chat over the phone. I live in Florida and Dad lives in the Baltimore area of Maryland. Blacks . . .

Impeach Trump? I don't think so
Lloyd Marcus
March 23, 2017

The Left continues to relentlessly promote their lie that Trump stole the election by scheming with the Russians. Their goal is to get enough people believing . . .

Homeschooling: restoring parents' right to raise their children as God intended?
Lloyd Marcus
March 20, 2017

I am a black Tea Party guy – speaker, singer, activist and prolific writer. I became exposed and educated about home-schooled kids while traveling the . . .

Is Trump making Americans free to speak truth again?
Lloyd Marcus
March 16, 2017

In Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," two con men came to town. The Emperor loved clothes more than anything else. The . . .

Observations of a black guy at the Orlando for Trump rally
Lloyd Marcus
March 6, 2017

I performed my original song, "We Are Americans" http://bit.ly/2lOjJll at the Orlando March 4 Trump Rally. It felt like a family reunion seeing patriots from . . .

Trump's speech exposes the sickness of the Democrat Party
Lloyd Marcus
March 2, 2017

While piddling around in my work shop, I heard this sound bite on the radio of Trump talking about his upcoming speech to congress that evening. President . . .

Fake News still lyin' about the tea party
Lloyd Marcus
February 27, 2017

Harriet Baldwin posted on Face Book. "Pisses me off when the alt-left media likens these paid Obama/Soros/Alinsky violent protesters to the Tea Party." To . . .

Trump takin' it to the left: I'm lovin' it!
Lloyd Marcus
February 22, 2017

Upon receiving this slick campaign video in my email titled "How To Resist The Trump Agenda," I thought it was a joke. http://bit.ly/2kXsvzY After realizing the . . .

The Trump revolution will not be televised
Lloyd Marcus
February 18, 2017

Folks, take a deep breath. That unusual faint sweet aroma in the air is called "freedom." It is coming back, folks. For 8 years, even those who are politically . . .

The left's campaign to "Bush" Trump will fail
Lloyd Marcus
February 15, 2017

I've heard that making sausage is a pretty messy, ugly and unpleasant process to witness. Well so is implementing real change in Washington DC. I've said it . . .

Superbowl Sunday in Charm City
Lloyd Marcus
February 10, 2017

My 89 year old black preacher dad's heart attack had Mary and me rushing from Florida to Baltimore Maryland. Dad is doing fine. Praise God. While in town, I . . .

They're back-k-k! Leftist crazies
Lloyd Marcus
January 30, 2017

Quoting Yogi Berra, "It's like deja-vu, all over again." Now that the Republicans are back in power the Left (democrats, Hollywood and mainstream media) have . . .

Please Mr. President, stay who you are!
Lloyd Marcus
January 24, 2017

A few days before Inauguration day, my 89 year old black preacher dad said God is responsible for Trump becoming president. I thought about the scripture in . . .

Black History (aka Demonize White America) Month
Lloyd Marcus
January 19, 2017

As a black conservative Republican, I have been called a traitor to my race. All my life, blacks have maligned me for not relating to fellow human beings . . .

All hands on deck: supporting Trump through Inauguration Day
Lloyd Marcus
January 17, 2017

Trump's Inauguration is less than a week away. While president elect Trump appears to be extraordinarily strong dealing with the tsunami of 24/7 vitriol . . .

Pruitt heads EPA: more leftist slavery ended
Lloyd Marcus
January 16, 2017

Leftists' hysteria and vitriol in response to Trump winning the presidency is escalating. Enraged, they vow to stop Trump at all cost. It occurred to me that . . .

The American left: We hope he fails!
Lloyd Marcus
January 15, 2017

Watching video on her phone, my wife Mary laughed hysterically at ridiculous answers to man-on-the-street questions. The young interviewees knew everything . . .

Jeff Sessions, finally a reasonable adult heading the DOJ
Lloyd Marcus
January 12, 2017

Folks, I gotta tell ya'. My heart leaped with joy hearing Jeff Sessions give his opening statement at his confirmation hearing for Attorney General. http://bit . . .

Left's mission accomplished: blacks torturing whites
Lloyd Marcus
January 9, 2017

Upon hearing that 4 blacks kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man, I wanted to say to the Left (Democrats, mainstream media, Hollywood and Black Lives . . .

49ers coach Kelly fired, well deserved
Lloyd Marcus
January 4, 2017

In Texas, Officer Stephen Magnes, saved by his bulletproof vest, is the first policeman ambushed in 2017. http://bit.ly/2hIkeeH In Oklahoma, a policeman is in . . .

Celebrating the New Year with our 100 day plan
Lloyd Marcus
January 3, 2017

"Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days, of yore ..." Christmas was awesome! Since moving to Florida 16 years ago, this was Mary and my first Christmas . . .

A lovely Christmas encounter
Lloyd Marcus
December 22, 2016

I don't care what progressives say, men and women are different. Upon entering a store, I have witnessed my wife Mary shift into a "shopping zone," picking up, . . .

Time for conservatives/Republicans to unite behind Trump
Lloyd Marcus
December 18, 2016

Some conservatives/Republicans are concerned about a lack of post-election unity on our side. Some are still Never Trump. Some hope Trump will betray us so they . . .

Hillary: Lock her up!
Lloyd Marcus
December 12, 2016

Hillary's post-election speech about fake news was beyond the pale; the height of arrogance and deceit. Her wickedness makes my skin crawl. Blaming fake news . . .

President Trump, we're with you! Louisiana here we come!
Lloyd Marcus
December 7, 2016

During his amazing speech at his Thank You USA Rally, president elect Trump said what Americans have been desperately longing to hear since the day mega . . .

The myth of racist America
Lloyd Marcus
December 6, 2016

Be honest. In your real-life everyday American experience is racism an issue? I am confident the answer is no. And yet, the Left (Democrats, Black Lives Matter, . . .

Trump won, but we're not done!
Lloyd Marcus
November 28, 2016

Between eating Turkey, passing out, and eating more turkey, plus pumpkin cheesecake (a dollop of whipped cream on top), I caught the news on TV. It seemed the . . .

Black fan cheers over 49ers losses
Lloyd Marcus
November 17, 2016

Losing again this Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals, the San Francisco 49ers have lost 8 out of 9 games. I admit it folks. I am experiencing schadenfreude  . . .

Black Christian leaders join the left in branding Trump America's Hitler
Lloyd Marcus
November 14, 2016

It pains me to say this, but it was truly disappointing seeing Bishop T. D. Jakes on MSNBC helping to further the Left's lie that the election of Trump is . . .

Never Trumpers: let's make a deal
Lloyd Marcus
November 4, 2016

This is for you Never Trump people who persist in raking me over the coals for supporting Trump. Your attacks go as followed, "How could you, Mr. Marcus? I am . . .

The left's lie: no one gives a d*** about blue lives?
Lloyd Marcus
October 28, 2016

A few months ago, God laid it upon my heart to launch a Blue Lives Matter Celebration tour to dispel the evil myth that America's cops murder blacks. This . . .

Hillary Clinton: America's most dangerous "enemy within"
Lloyd Marcus
October 22, 2016

From Florida, I flew out to Reno to entertain at the 2016 Nevada Women's Expo. In between my shows, I made pit-stops in my hotel room. Folks, I could hardly . . .

Make America Great Again is a movement
Lloyd Marcus
October 16, 2016

On Rush's radio show, VP nominee Mike Pence said when he and Trump pull into a venue greeted by huge crowds and long lines, Trump has often said to him, "This . . .

Trump, Kaepernick and gratitude
Lloyd Marcus
October 5, 2016

A black relative in his late 50s told me I should be more sympathetic of Colin Kaepernick's grievances with America; more understanding of young blacks dissing . . .

Regarding Charlotte, Black & Blue Lives and lies
Lloyd Marcus
September 25, 2016

Hi Folks. These are a few thoughts from the road. Mary and I are driving from our home in Florida up to visit her family in West Virginia and my family in . . .

Media blackout Blue Lives Matter celebration event
Lloyd Marcus
September 14, 2016

Saturday, my amazing God-sent team pulled off our first powerful Blue Lives Matter Celebration event. Each celebrity guest spoke masterfully on their topic; . . .

Overcoming evil anti-police rhetoric with good
Lloyd Marcus
September 7, 2016

The myth that America suppresses blacks is a poison which has infected the minds of far too many Americans. Biracial NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick won . . .

Dissing our national anthem: Cool. Honoring cops: Controversial?
Lloyd Marcus
September 2, 2016

Folks, I just do not know what is going on in our country anymore. A pro-football player was celebrated for refusing to stand for our National Anthem because he . . .

Blue Lives Matter / All Lives Matter
Lloyd Marcus
August 31, 2016

I saw a dolphin this morning. In honor of our 39th wedding anniversary, a patriot couple whom we have never met gave Mary and me the use of their beautiful . . .

The left's war on American dreamers
Lloyd Marcus
August 27, 2016

I admit it. I have this corny obsession with the baseball movie, "The Natural." At the end of the movie it is the bottom of the ninth ending with two outs. Roy . . .

Blue Lives Matter celebration: Honoring America's police -- our brave men and women in blue
Lloyd Marcus
August 22, 2016

Headline: Riots in Milwaukee. "They're beating every white person!" "Black power!" These extremely disturbing comments are from the audio of the riots aired . . .

Patriots must carry Trump across the finish line
Lloyd Marcus
August 19, 2016

Patriots, to save our country, it has become clear that we must hoist Trump up on our shoulders and carry him across the finish line into the Oval Office. The . . .

A black guy producing a Blue Lives Matter rally?
Lloyd Marcus
August 10, 2016

Folks, I am sick of being told by people on our side to walk-on-eggshells when pushing back against Leftist activist's super aggressive attacks on our . . .

Lloyd Marcus, live from Trump rally in Daytona Beach
Lloyd Marcus
August 6, 2016

A local Trump campaign coordinator and longtime friend, Tony Ledbetter, called to offer me VIP tickets to the Trump rally at the Ocean Convention Center in . . .

DNC: Emanating a putrid smell across America
Lloyd Marcus
August 1, 2016

At my local gym using an aerobic machine, I saw on TV Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood speaking at the DNC. Seeing this despicable, cold, . . .

Three simple reasons why Trump will win
Lloyd Marcus
July 26, 2016

Based on traditional campaigning markers and guideposts, experts predict Trump will go down in humiliating defeat to Hillary Clinton. I think they are wrong . . .

Lloyd Marcus versus Black Lives Matter
Lloyd Marcus
July 22, 2016

My fellow Americans it is outrageous that our president of the United States is leading the charge against America's cops by promoting the lie that cops murder . . .

We must stop surrendering to leftist evil such as Black Lives Matter
Lloyd Marcus
July 17, 2016

So I got a phone call from my 88 year old black dad asking if I am familiar with "The View" TV show. I told dad the show is riddled with liberal bias. Dad said . . .

The left's stealth religious war: Church of liberalism vs Christianity
Lloyd Marcus
July 6, 2016

Much of my wife Mary and my time is spent traveling the country helping to elect conservatives to the House and Senate. I am chairman of the Conservative . . .

Leftist nightmare: black conservatives running for office
Lloyd Marcus
July 1, 2016

Someone passed on to me the latest video commentary by black conservative AlfonZo Rachel. http://bit.ly/28WbjVI Awesome! The brother boldly speaks the truth . . .

Hillary: savant of Washington insider corruption
Lloyd Marcus
June 29, 2016

One of my brothers concluded, "Being in Washington as long as she has, Hillary Clinton has to have learned something. Therefore, she is probably the most . . .

The American left is evil: Orlando shooting
Lloyd Marcus
June 25, 2016

The American Left is just plain evil. Not only do they not seek truth, they suppress it. Everything the Left does, including shamefully exploiting the slaughter . . .

The tea party, Trump and the loss of a great patriot
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2016

I was in the paint department. I placed the color sample next to the vase I brought from home. "Excuse me ma'am. Do these colors match? My wife says I'm color . . .

"Roots" remake: Snoop Dogg got it right
Lloyd Marcus
June 5, 2016

Quoting the Pointer Sisters song, "I'm so excited!", Black pop icon Snoop Dogg's comments about the remake of the "Roots" TV series, in essence, is what I have . . .

Regarding Sharron Angle: I got angry the other day
Lloyd Marcus
June 3, 2016

Folks, I got angry the other day. Mary and I were on the road most of this year campaigning for Ted Cruz. We're back home in Florida. My grass is over a foot . . .

Memorial Day: reflecting on heroes
Lloyd Marcus
May 31, 2016

A few Memorial Days ago, I recall myself comfy on the sofa overstuffed with cookout delights, watching a documentary on TV about conscientious objectors. The . . .

After Cruz I needed a break
Lloyd Marcus
May 25, 2016

I am chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. Our mission which we have chosen to accept is to travel the country helping conservatives get elected. . . .

Regarding Ted Cruz, you ain't seen nothing yet
Lloyd Marcus
May 8, 2016

Rush Limbaugh said someone he thought was his friend texted the following during Cruz's speech suspending his campaign. "Thank God Cruz is done! I couldn't be . . .

Let's help "Ted" cruise to victory in Indiana Tuesday
Lloyd Marcus
May 3, 2016

Don't you just hate early morning phone calls from family? Our Conservative Campaign Committee team is in Indiana campaigning for Ted Cruz. When I returned to . . .

Trump's three huge lies about Cruz
Lloyd Marcus
April 30, 2016

Joseph Goebbels said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." While I realize that Goebbels was . . .

Voting Cruz: Has God abandoned America?
Lloyd Marcus
April 15, 2016

As Cruz-mania skyrockets, exciting millions http://bit.ly/1SHWzWW, I still get emails from professed Christians ripping me to shreds for choosing Cruz over . . .

Bill Clinton: 'Bout time Dems tell the truth about BLM
Lloyd Marcus
April 13, 2016

Well whoop dee doo, a democrat, Bill Clinton, finally told the truth about Black Lives Matter. Heckled by BLM protesters, Clinton yelled, "You are defending the . . .

Reflecting on our efforts campaigning for Cruz thus far
Lloyd Marcus
April 11, 2016

Mary and I flew into Orlando Florida this evening after ten intense days of campaigning for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin. A shuttle took us to our car at the park . . .

Calling Col. Rob Maness: America desperately needs you!
Lloyd Marcus
April 4, 2016

With the extraordinary Cruz vs Trump battle for the GOP presidential nomination sucking up all of the political oxygen, it is easy to miss that awesome . . .

Cruz's presidential Brussels response: what more do you need?
Lloyd Marcus
March 25, 2016

In response to the Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels, along with other common sense solutions, Ted Cruz cited the success of the NYPD Muslim surveillance . . .

A Baltimore drug dealer's "ghetto fabulous" funeral and my black preacher dad
Lloyd Marcus
March 23, 2016

My 87-year-old black preacher dad phoned me from Baltimore, Maryland, at my home in Florida. Dad had spent the day at a conference for Baltimore City Fire . . .

Cruz: Finally, a president committed to really fixing it!
Lloyd Marcus
March 22, 2016

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has been traveling state-to-state, boots-on-the-ground campaigning for Ted Cruz in caucuses and primaries. After . . .

Ted Cruz: #SocialIssuesMatter
Lloyd Marcus
March 9, 2016

Mary and I are still in a Louisiana hotel room on the road with our Conservative Campaign Committee team campaigning for Ted Cruz. Later today we will pile . . .

Cruz Louisiana rally: a throwback to saner times
Lloyd Marcus
March 7, 2016

I saw America last night, folks – the America I grew up with in Pumphrey, Maryland, a black suburban community outside of Baltimore. The unspoken . . .

Cruz's big Super Tuesday win crushes narratives
Lloyd Marcus
March 3, 2016

A caller on a radio talk show said Cruz is a part of our Washington insider problem. The caller believes we need an outsider like Trump; a businessman skilled . . .

Dear Evangelical Trumpsters
Lloyd Marcus
February 29, 2016

My 87-year-old black dad has been a Christian pastor for over 50 years. I phoned, "Dad, what do I say to Christians who support Trump rather than Ted Cruz?" Dad . . .

Patriots, meet Chris
Lloyd Marcus
February 26, 2016

Several young people were standing in line waiting to get into the Ted Cruz rally in Carson City, Nevada. I approached one of them. "Excuse me. Sanders attracts . . .

Cruz: we cannot let this guy get away
Lloyd Marcus
February 22, 2016

My wife Mary and I are in Nevada with our Conservative Campaign Committee team campaigning for Ted Cruz. We awoke this morning to snow. Mary asked me to walk . . .

Our first day in Nevada for Cruz
Lloyd Marcus
February 19, 2016

Talk about hitting the ground running. Mary and my flight from Florida landed in Las Vegas at 8:30am. We jumped into an SUV with our Conservative Campaign . . .

Is a Christian in the White House a negative?
Lloyd Marcus
February 17, 2016

Folks, America has come a long way baby negatively. An irate woman called a major radio talk show regarding Ted Cruz, "The last thing I want is a president . . .

Cruz: His momma is natural born. Thus, so is he.
Lloyd Marcus
February 12, 2016

Stunning pundits who said a conservative could not score high in New Hampshire, congrats to Ted Cruz for finishing strong in the primary. Okay folks, here is . . .

Cruz once again proves himself presidential
Lloyd Marcus
February 8, 2016

As the New Hampshire primary fast approaches, I wish to remind voters that our next Commander-in-Chief must be of the highest character; cut from the rare cloth . . .

Voter fraud: we see dead people
Lloyd Marcus
February 3, 2016

It's true folks. Patriot sister Sharron "Braveheart" Angle has taken on battling voter fraud; sounding the alarm that it is running rampant in America. What . . .

Is Ted Cruz the answer?
Lloyd Marcus
January 27, 2016

Folks, my political activism is not rooted in winning elections at all cost. It is about preserving who I grew up thinking we were as a country; my corny love . . .

Is Trump trustworthy? Is Cruz likable?
Lloyd Marcus
January 24, 2016

A puzzling mindset has emerged in some conservatives regarding Cruz. A publisher who usually publishes my articles rejected one touting Ted Cruz for president. . . .

Trump vs Cruz Feud and Handyman Irv
Lloyd Marcus
January 12, 2016

The MSM eagerly anticipated Cruz responding to Trump bringing up the issue of Cruz's eligibility to be president. http://bit.ly/1IRfQqD The MSM hoped Trump's . . .

Fearless faithful crusader: Sharron "Braveheart" Angle
Lloyd Marcus
January 10, 2016

Around 2009, a Nevadan Christian woman state legislator was fed up. She was fed up with "politics as usual" and the "good old boy system." But most of all, she . . .

Samuel L. Jackson America-bashing, a huge disservice
Lloyd Marcus
January 4, 2016

Okay, I will say it out loud. Far too many Hollywood celebs are self-aggrandizing idiots when it comes to politics and culture. Their worldview makes them feel . . .

Give yourself a great gift for Christmas: liberation from PC
Lloyd Marcus
December 25, 2015

The dictionary defines a phobia as "an abnormal or irrational fear of a specific thing..." Therefore, a phobia is a mental illness. I am fed up with the Left . . .

Trump: Mr Right Now/Cruz: Mr Right
Lloyd Marcus
December 15, 2015

My 87 year old black dad is a baby conservative. After several years of me printing out my articles and mailing them to him, Dad finally realized his loyalty to . . .

PP and MSM condemning decent Americans: Oh please!
Lloyd Marcus
December 8, 2015

The other day I thought of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. Many of you have probably forgotten who they are. Most likely, a majority have never heard of them. . . .

The curious case of black advocates and MSM hatred for Dr. Ben Carson
Lloyd Marcus
November 30, 2015

To you remaining black members of my family who take issue with me being an outspoken black conservative Republican, I ask you ponder the following. Comedian . . .

Madam president: Can the MSM pull it off again?
Lloyd Marcus
November 16, 2015

Please forgive me if I am stating the obvious. Clearly, the mainstream media plans to use the same evil dirty trick to elect Hillary it used to elect Obama. The . . .

Ted Cruz: it's in his heart
Lloyd Marcus
November 7, 2015

A frustrated hopeless patriot wrote... "Unfortunately Mr Marcus, it's not only the left but also the right that is out to destroy America. Wicked people . . .

Is conservative talk radio too negative?
Lloyd Marcus
November 1, 2015

I caught a prominent TV preacher whom I respect accusing conservative talk radio of being too negative. He specifically criticized Rush Limbaugh. He said Rush . . .

Wake up America: Democrats at war with we the people
Lloyd Marcus
October 28, 2015

Please forgive me for sounding like a doting dad, but I was blessed to watch my adult daughter play softball in the world series. http://bit.ly/1PKcc3n I beamed . . .

Game plan for taking back our kids
Lloyd Marcus
October 20, 2015

Old 1960s US Army buddy, acclaimed life coach and author Steve Chandler sent me a copy of his latest book, "Crazy Good." In his book, Steve points out that . . .

A black patriot honors his American dad
Lloyd Marcus
October 12, 2015

The Bible promises, "Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest." Folks, I don't know about you, but I do grow weary. More . . .

Our American paradise is not lost
Lloyd Marcus
September 23, 2015

At first I was a bit hurt. Later, I became angry. Working on a family history project documenting the extraordinary life of my 87 year old black dad, I noticed . . .

Jail time for Christians: no longer a hypothesis
Lloyd Marcus
September 8, 2015

So this is how the game is played. Leftist operatives in the courts (supreme and state) create unconstitutional laws to further their anti-God agenda. Then, . . .

Biased media vs. behavioral standards
Lloyd Marcus
August 31, 2015

I love her because she is a little over a hundred pounds, 5'2" gutsy fired ball. However, every time we fly, I pray she makes it through TSA without losing . . .

The invaders: a parable
Lloyd Marcus
August 28, 2015

Pulling into our driveway after a relaxing month long cruise, my wife Mary yelled, "What the?" Mexican flags, shirtless heavily tattooed men, barefoot children, . . .

Generations of stolen black dreams
Lloyd Marcus
August 25, 2015

In response to my article "Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away" http://bit.ly/1E34lJP, a sincere black activist emailed asking me with . . .

Hating Trump's message
Lloyd Marcus
August 24, 2015

While on an aerobic machine at the gym, I caught Trump on TV. It occurred to me that Trump's high poll numbers really represent the American people vs the . . .

Which GOP contender will keep their word in the WH
Lloyd Marcus
August 21, 2015

My wife and I were a very nervous and excited young couple purchasing our first home. Our home builder was a dear friend of my parents. Upon going to closing, . . .

Please tell Black Lives Matter to shut up and go away!
Lloyd Marcus
August 18, 2015

Born in 1856, Booker T. Washington was an amazing black educator, orator, author and adviser to US presidents. Isn't it interesting that black men and women . . .

How about a little compassion for 'we the people'
Lloyd Marcus
August 17, 2015

Nothing ignited my late mom's Baltimore living-in-the-hood anger more than someone "messing" with one of her "nine months" (her kids). I have a similar . . .

Why liberals are dangerous and must never be in charge
Lloyd Marcus
August 15, 2015

The Left (liberal mainstream media) practically had a ticker tape parade for Ohio Gov John Kasich for answers he gave on two issues during the GOP debate. . . .

Killing babies -- betraying Israel -- God bless America?
Lloyd Marcus
August 12, 2015

Josh, in Israel, emailed me. He said they are "living under the specter of the Iran deal and see where this is all heading." They are extremely concerned. . . .

Leftists use 'Black Lives Matter' to exploit blacks, again
Lloyd Marcus
August 8, 2015

Recently, my black brother shared an unfortunate incident. Years ago, police in two unmarked cars blocked his car. They jumped out pointing guns, demanding . . .

Exposed: America's enemies within
Lloyd Marcus
August 3, 2015

My 87 year old black Dad called to say he wanted to congratulate me for my perseverance. "You finally have me and all your siblings (4) agreeing with you."  . . .

Thank God Mr. Cruz is in Washington
Lloyd Marcus
August 1, 2015

My email account was on fire, everyone excited about Sen. Ted Cruz calling Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. Cruz cited each of . . .

For Kate and America's sake, don't let them get away with it
Lloyd Marcus
July 29, 2015

C'mon Nancy, are you really going to go there? How could you stoop so low? Haven't you the slightest bit of compassion for murdered Kate Steinle and her . . .

A golden nugget hidden in the Trump spectacle
Lloyd Marcus
July 25, 2015

I know. I know. As a veteran political activist, I am suppose to be extremely upset with Donald Trump, out there saying what some on both sides of the political . . .

America, stop allowing the steamrolling
Lloyd Marcus
July 20, 2015

The gay population is only 2%. http://bit.ly/1faCE6v Rush said despite their 2% number, they are succeeding in everything they want. He said the majority is . . .

We must rally behind the Kleins
Lloyd Marcus
July 10, 2015

Sorry folks, I just cannot let this go. Every fiber of my being screams out in outrage. I don't know what to do, but We the People must do something! Our . . .

SCOTUS ignites new level of resistance
Lloyd Marcus
July 5, 2015

My sofa felt pretty comfortable. Ninety percent of the time, I'm on the road as chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. http://bit.ly/1Nm7PHJ This was . . .

Baltimore: From Charm City to Deadly City
Lloyd Marcus
June 1, 2015

Baltimore's 40th murder in May set a new record for homicides in one month. http://nydn.us/1dFgr0g My friend . . .

So the GOP must embrace evil to survive. Really?
Lloyd Marcus
May 28, 2015

A black liberal columnist made the point in his article that the future of the GOP rests on it getting rid of its conservatives. http://slate.me/1Knu8Os Then, . . .

My daughter married a woman
Lloyd Marcus
May 15, 2015

All of a sudden, it is pedal-to-the-metal, full-speed-ahead, no-holds-barred promotion of homosexuality everywhere you turn. It is as if someone said, okay, now . . .

Dear Baltimore family and friends: y'all bein' played!
Lloyd Marcus
May 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, Though you have not confronted me or organized an intervention, I know many of you do not understand why I dislike Obama, vote . . .

Another thrilling episode of blacks behaving badly
Lloyd Marcus
April 30, 2015

My brother texted me in Florida reporting from Baltimore, our hometown. He said the thugs have gotten crazy and need to be dealt with. My nephew who is a . . .

#Take Back Our Kids
Lloyd Marcus
April 27, 2015

Our nineteen fifty something station-wagon was loaded with mom, dad, big fat Aunt Nee (300lbs ), myself and four younger siblings. Aunt Nee raised my dad; his . . .

Mary's Garden and Henry Ross for Congress
Lloyd Marcus
April 23, 2015

For the past few months Mary and I have been working from home rather than on the road campaigning for conservative candidates. I built a container for Mary . . .

She's running, continuing the great Democratic Party deception
Lloyd Marcus
April 16, 2015

Upon hearing Hillary's ad announcing that she is running for president, I thought, these despicable people (Democrats) have no shame. The substance of Hillary's . . .

The left: love means never having to say anything is wrong
Lloyd Marcus
April 15, 2015

President Obama shows great respect for Muslims and their holy days and even lectures us to do the same. And yet, a few days after another slaughter of . . .

We did it together!
Lloyd Marcus
April 6, 2015

Patriots, we did it! We raised over 840 grand expressing our love, support and solidarity with Memories Pizza – a Christian owned business temporarily . . .

Hysteria over Cruz illustrates what we're up against
Lloyd Marcus
March 27, 2015

Wow! Can you believe how Ted Cruz is catching it from both sides in response to his powerful speech announcing his quest to win the White House in 2016? As . . .

Thank the Lord Rush Limbaugh's on
Lloyd Marcus
March 7, 2015

Walking out to my shed to work on a project, I thought, what if I turn on the radio and Rush is not there. It was unsettling. Please forgive me folks. My . . .

The lesson in MSM's response to Rudy
Lloyd Marcus
March 4, 2015

A week or so ago, the MSM wanted Rudy Giuliani boiled in oil for daring to question Obama's love for America. They were shocked and outraged. How dare Rudy be . . .

The left's war on white America
Lloyd Marcus
February 27, 2015

Folks, I pray that what I am about to say will help open your eyes to the evil coming from the Left in our country (Democratic Party, Hollywood and the . . .

February: Annual White America Sucks Month
Lloyd Marcus
February 14, 2015

Bashing white America and stirring the pot of racial discord has become in vogue all year round. But every February, the usual suspects (race profiteers and . . .

Sarah Palin is right: go on offense, tout conservatism
Lloyd Marcus
January 30, 2015

Forty years ago when my Aunt Nee was the pastor of the Holy Temple Church of Truth, an east Baltimore storefront, during testimony service Sister Davis or . . .

Sarah Palin too toxic for 2016?
Lloyd Marcus
January 27, 2015

Sarah Palin saying "Of course" she's interested regarding running for the presidency in 2016 has people buzzing. http://abcn.ws/1xPVFhj During that interview, . . .

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Wilson's message for tea party
Lloyd Marcus
January 22, 2015

I confess. With 5 minutes left in the championship game, Russell Wilson's third interception and Seattle two touchdowns behind, I turned the channel . . .

A new year: why Mr. President, why?
Lloyd Marcus
January 18, 2015

Happy New Year my fellow Americans. Getting my butt back into the gym is my New Year Resolution. I saw a guy I thought was around my age who looked fantastic, . . .

The great Christmas boots adventure / conservative New Year's Eve party
Lloyd Marcus
December 28, 2014

Mary and I just arrived home to Florida after campaigning around the country most of the year for conservative candidates. Our pet/house sitter did an . . .

Profiling: sin or survival instinct
Lloyd Marcus
December 7, 2014

It was after dark. I was taking a short cut to the convenience store through an alley. Ahead of me, a middle-aged white woman was walking down a side street . . .

Enough with the Ferguson pandering
Lloyd Marcus
December 2, 2014

In all the media coverage of the riots in Ferguson, an annoying false premise has been allowed to stand as though it were an unquestionable truth. Talking . . .

Executive amnesty: will we allow one man to fundamentally transform America?
Lloyd Marcus
November 29, 2014

After six years of putting up with his eldest son actively working with those crazy racist white folks in the Tea Party against the first black president, my 86 . . .

The great deceivers: Obama, Mary Landrieu and the Democrats
Lloyd Marcus
November 19, 2014

Stop urinating on us and telling us it is raining. Please forgive me for using a crude saying. However, it perfectly and succinctly describes what Obama, . . .

When will the NAACP truly help their people?
Lloyd Marcus
November 13, 2014

Upon reading a post election article in which the NAACP is all fired up about supposed black voter suppression, my response was when will these people ever . . .

We won: must hold their feet to the fire
Lloyd Marcus
November 9, 2014

My lovely wife and I shared a victory toast and a kiss in front of the fireplace in the lobby of the hotel that we are staying in Colorado, upon the . . .

Secure victory: just a few more miles before we sleep
Lloyd Marcus
October 31, 2014

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No, the election is a few days away and we have not yet secured the U.S. Senate for the Republicans. I know everyone keeps . . .

Democratic Party: America's resident evil
Lloyd Marcus
October 27, 2014

A New York Times article exposed that the Democrats are expecting to have their clocks cleaned in the election in a week or so. Democrats believe that their . . .

"Land" slide preferable: we'll be happy with a Terri Lynn Land win!
Lloyd Marcus
October 26, 2014

I had my first taste of Walleye in Michigan. Delicious. Folks up there are use to hearty meals. And man, does it get cold. I remember David and Dustin the . . .

Dad, the Dems, the prospector and his old friend
Lloyd Marcus
October 24, 2014

My 86 year old preacher dad told me a great story. Surprisingly, it was a new parable rather than one dad forgot that he told me numerous times before.  . . .

The Five-Dollar Lady, the GOP & Rob Maness for U.S. Senate
Lloyd Marcus
October 14, 2014

Six years ago I wrote the song, "American Tea Party Anthem" http://bit.ly/1D155uv and was asked to perform my song at rallies across America on a Tea Party . . .

The Oprah-rization of America
Lloyd Marcus
October 12, 2014

"Feelings, nothing more than feelings. Trying to forget my feelings of love..." Okay folks, I'll stop singing. Is it just me or have you noticed that . . .

Terri Lynn Land remembers
Lloyd Marcus
October 9, 2014

Hello Folks. Lloyd Marcus here reporting in from the road with my CCC (Conservative Campaign Committee) team. Ultra-liberal Democrat Congressman Gary . . .

Identity politics: fool us twice, shame on us
Lloyd Marcus
October 6, 2014

The root cause of the major issues that are devastating America is Obama; an out growth of who he is as a human being, his lack of character and what he . . .

Confronting PC: some will financially and politically die
Lloyd Marcus
September 30, 2014

I caught a bit of an interview with conservative actor Kevin Sorbo promoting his movie, "God's Not Dead" on the Sean Hannity radio show. Sorbo lamented that . . .

Attack of the 50-foot killer elite monster
Lloyd Marcus
September 26, 2014

Folks, this crap has gotten serious. Our fellow Americans, black and white, are suffering and even dying because the elites in politics and the mainstream media . . .

Where is our voice in the wilderness touting conservatism?
Lloyd Marcus
September 18, 2014

For crying out loud, will someone "pleeeeease" take a stand for Conservatism? Someone forwarded this article to me, "Why Are Republicans Suddenly Leaning Left?" . . .

Forget slavery: even too Uncle Tom for conservatives?
Lloyd Marcus
September 11, 2014

Even a few white conservative radio hosts became uncomfortable and pushed back against my saying that slavery happened a ga-zillion years ago and it is time for . . .

Yes, I blame white liberals
Lloyd Marcus
September 8, 2014

A white teacher said he routinely overhears vulgar and racist comments from students at an all black high school. I blame the black youth's negative mindset on . . .

Obama's Trojan Horses, Glenn Beck and Christian love
Lloyd Marcus
September 6, 2014

Insidiously, Obama is using beautiful needy illegal alien kids as perfect Trojan Horses to continue his fundamental transformation of America for decades. A . . .

GOP, are you ready to reach out to blacks yet?
Lloyd Marcus
September 2, 2014

Because I am a black conservative, someone wrote asking me this great question. "What is it that compels some black men and women to cling to, and follow . . .

Peterson Vazquez, my Hispanic patriot brother hero
Lloyd Marcus
September 1, 2014

Quoting the Pointer Sisters, "I'm so excited!" Peterson Vazquez is a conservative Republican running for the New York State Assembly This Hispanic epitomizes . . .

Brown's funeral, the exploiters and America's police
Lloyd Marcus
August 27, 2014

Though skillfully orchestrated to transform convenience store robber Michael Brown into a heroic martyr for civil rights, his funeral was hijacked into . . .

Is the tea party dead/ more MSM lies
Lloyd Marcus
August 25, 2014

I have been engaged in a series of interviews, radio/TV discussing the topic, "Is The Tea Party Dead?" Because I am black, every interview has begun with me . . .

MSM and left racism on parade in Ferguson
Lloyd Marcus
August 20, 2014

Talk about deja vu Trayvon Martin spin all over again, I could hardly believe my eyes. During a discussion on CNN about the shooting of Michael Brown by a white . . .

Sarah Palin, Joe Miller and we the people
Lloyd Marcus
August 19, 2014

Once again Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a true leader, a powerful voice and a consistent advocate for We The People by endorsing Joe Miller for U.S. . . .

MSM once again furthers the big lie
Lloyd Marcus
August 15, 2014

Mary and I were driving home to Florida from working on the Joe Carr campaign in Tennessee when I heard the report on the radio. "Unarmed black youth shot . . .

Takin' a stand for conservatism: Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, Alaska
Lloyd Marcus
August 12, 2014

In the history of a particular high school back in the 1960s, no pregnant student was allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. A leftist group . . .

Collateral success of Carr vs Alexander Tennessee race
Lloyd Marcus
August 8, 2014

Patriots, it is frustrating and painful when a good man of the people candidate like Joe Carr loses to a lying Washington machine betrayer of the people . . .

Joe Carr rally celebrates conservative women
Lloyd Marcus
August 6, 2014

The Democrat's claim that the Republicans have a war on women is just plain stupid. Even more annoying is the mainstream media's refusal to challenge the . . .

Joe Carr is the real deal
Lloyd Marcus
August 3, 2014

Mary and I made the trek from Florida to Chattanooga, TN for me to speak/sing at a rally for Joe Carr co-sponsored by "Beat Lamar" and Conservative Campaign . . .

Israel, the Tea Party and the MSM
Lloyd Marcus
August 2, 2014

I am probably not alone in noticing that the mainstream media's deplorable unfair treatment of Israel is strikingly similar to how it treats the Tea Party. In . . .

Joe Biden is a vile little man
Lloyd Marcus
July 30, 2014

Words can not express my disdain for the reprehensible behavior of VP Joe Biden and his Democrat co-conspirators. At a gathering of mostly black civil rights . . .

Rallying around Joe Carr, our conservative star
Lloyd Marcus
July 27, 2014

Please forgive me for stating the obvious. The mainstream media does not report the news nor does it give a rat's derriere about America. The mainstream media . . .

America, the bullied
Lloyd Marcus
July 14, 2014

Perhaps it is because as a child, I witnessed Zaggy torturing chubby Butterball every morning at the school bus stop. Consequently, I have an extremely low . . .

Black conservative joins Palin's impeachment rallying cry
Lloyd Marcus
July 12, 2014

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Sarah Palin. Governor Palin has come out strongly calling for the impeachment of President Obama. I say,  . . .

Obama, master of the straw-man tactic
Lloyd Marcus
July 10, 2014

I am considering joining a new gym closer to my home. The gym markets itself as a friendly place for people who simply wish to get into shape, unlike other gyms . . .

Unleashed upon America: Obama unchained!
Lloyd Marcus
July 7, 2014

My fellow Americans, we are all bit players in the making of a metaphoric slasher movie, "Obama Unchained" starring Barack Hussein Obama. Here is a summary . . .

A heartbreaking unspoken consequence of Obama
Lloyd Marcus
June 27, 2014

Decades of socialist/progressive indoctrination in our schools, media and culture, plus six years of Obama, have yielded a devastating unspoken consequence. . . .

Our guy lost, but the battle is not over
Lloyd Marcus
June 25, 2014

I was alone in a Biloxi Mississippi hotel room when a TV reporter named Cochran the winner over Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel in the extremely close GOP . . .

Enough! They MUST be stopped!
Lloyd Marcus
June 23, 2014

It has become a daily frightening occurrence, hearing politicians, commentators, pundits and stunned Americans say, "That's outrageous!" "He can't do that!" "No . . .

Shame on Jonathan Capehart
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2014

Mr Capehart, your Washington Post hit piece insidiously designed to smear Chris McDaniel who is a decent and honorable man goes beyond the pale of low-rent race . . .

President Hillary? No way! She should be done
Lloyd Marcus
June 16, 2014

I could not believe what I had just heard on my TV. I was outraged. I was angry. Is this woman a complete idiot or is she the most condescending, arrogant and . . .

Because he is black, Americans suffer and die
Lloyd Marcus
June 7, 2014

Clearly, no amount of unprecedented unlawful power grabs, narcissistic behavior, blatant lies http://bit.ly/1bIzuBy, and ignoring of the Constitution will sway . . .

Faithfulness is the key to restoring America
Lloyd Marcus
June 2, 2014

I shot the music video for my song, "We Are Americans." Between takes while the director was setting up a different camera angle, I was on my mark on the set. I . . .

The main event this weekend: slavery vs freedom
Lloyd Marcus
May 30, 2014

This weekend, the state convention will decide if State Senator Julianne Ortman will climb the next step up the ladder to the August 14 primary to become the . . .

Regarding Memorial Day: three vets and a gold star mom
Lloyd Marcus
May 27, 2014

Business had me spending Memorial Day in Las Vegas. The spectacular dancing waters show in front of the Bellagio Hotel was mesmerizing. Imagine a fountain the . . .

The answer to Rush Limbaugh's question
Lloyd Marcus
May 22, 2014

Traveling down I-95 headed home to Florida from visiting Mary and my parents in Maryland and West Virginia, I found myself yelling in frustration at my . . .

Democrats' immoral approach to minimum wage
Lloyd Marcus
May 10, 2014

Thank God Obama and the Democrats' attempt to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour stalled in the Senate. http://onforb.es/1iAWgRd Raising the . . .

A real-man conservative Republican running for Congress
Lloyd Marcus
May 4, 2014

I suspect that many of you share my frustration with wimpy Republican candidates; afraid to embrace the Tea Party, afraid to stand up for conservative . . .

Four Dead in Benghazi video
Lloyd Marcus
May 1, 2014

I made this music video because I want low-info voters to get it; to understand that four Americans unnecessarily died at the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists who . . .

This black does not think Bundy is racist
Lloyd Marcus
April 27, 2014

Pick a card, any card. Racist. Sexist. Homophobic. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Democrats/Liberals played one or more of their Big Three . . .

A lesson in liberal/Democratic Party hypocrisy
Lloyd Marcus
April 25, 2014

What do Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, Michele Bachmann, Condoleeza Rice, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson and TW Shannon all have in common? Calm . . .

The beat goes on: opposing Obama is racist
Lloyd Marcus
April 15, 2014

Alas, another reporter asked me the same question I have been repeatedly asked for the past five years. "As an African American, why are you a member of the Tea . . .

A little past due love for cousin Glen
Lloyd Marcus
April 11, 2014

As a 9 or 10 year old, my knowledge of the situation was limited. Therefore, I can not pass judgment on the adults. I do not know what was done or not done to . . .

Further insights into my 86 year old black dad
Lloyd Marcus
April 3, 2014

It occurred to me that my 86 year old black dad is a man of "firsts" – a born pioneer, boldly going were no other black had gone before. In 1946, Dad . . .

Julianne Ortman, the solution to America's Franken problem
Lloyd Marcus
March 31, 2014

Just when Mary was mastering not over-cooking (burning) steaks on our grill at home in Florida, duty called us back on the road, with our Conservative Campaign . . .

Should GOP conservatives adjust their message for blacks?
Lloyd Marcus
March 25, 2014

Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote an article stating that the only way for conservatives to reach black voters is to drop their colorblind idealism. Dougherty . . .

Black senior forced to choose: Obama or Jesus
Lloyd Marcus
March 18, 2014

I had an extraordinary telephone conservation with my 86 year old black dad, a lifelong Democrat and huge Obama fan. He called to ask me, "Is Obama anti . . .

The essence of Sarah Palin's message for 2014
Lloyd Marcus
March 17, 2014

I watched a great old movie in the time period of the 1700s starring Anthony Quinn. A small village was brutally abused by an evil bandit and his army of thugs. . . .

A little help for Sister Darla
Lloyd Marcus
March 2, 2014

My patriot sister, Tea Party leader and Conservative Darla Dawald is running for Arizona State Representative LD 8. I met Darla a few years ago when we traveled . . .

Oh no! Another black conservative Republican running for office
Lloyd Marcus
February 23, 2014

In the tradition of Sarah Palin, black tea party leader Katrina Pierson is a beautiful God, family, country and Constitution loving conservative Republican. . . .

Happy 50th birthday Sarah Palin
Lloyd Marcus
February 13, 2014

Gov Palin, 50 is beautiful. Happy Birthday! Your friends and supporters produced a great birthday tribute to you. http://birthday.shepac.com Still, I . . .

Black on Black History Month and race
Lloyd Marcus
February 9, 2014

Ah, another Black History Month, or should I say Annual Bash America Month. Every year the usual suspects (Democrats and liberal media) use the month to . . .

Black America: stop the insanity
Lloyd Marcus
February 3, 2014

Remember that spiky-haired blonde lady fitness guru all over TV years ago? Her famous line was "Stop the insanity!" As a common sense thinking black . . .

The making of a black conservative
Lloyd Marcus
January 29, 2014

It was the mid 1950's. Around 9 years old and the eldest of five, I along with my parents were extremely excited as we wooed and awed over our new home; new . . .

Obama's race-baiting harms black youths
Lloyd Marcus
January 26, 2014

In his New Yorker magazine interview, Obama claimed the following as a contributing factor for his declining poll numbers http://bit.ly/1eYCMAo, "There's no . . .

Black appreciates police exposing black toddler cursing video
Lloyd Marcus
January 20, 2014

Liberal's reaction to Omaha Nebraska police exposing the ignorant thug mindset behind the shocking video of a black toddler cursing is yet another example . . .

Defeat Franken: one less Obama henchman
Lloyd Marcus
January 11, 2014

Many are outraged that Obama would nominate a cop killer advocate to head the DOJ Civil Rights Division. http://bit.ly/1lAFaSD When will people realize that . . .

Will King Obama throw nuns into the lion's den?
Lloyd Marcus
January 9, 2014

For 175 years the nuns of Little Sisters of the Poor have been ministering to the elderly, poor and dying. Under decree mandated in Obamacare, the Little . . .

2014: the resurgence of the Tea Party
Lloyd Marcus
January 6, 2014

It is not looking good for the Tea Party and our efforts to restore America in 2014. The Obama Administration, mainstream media, major liberal advocacy . . .

NYT, Hillary & Obama's war on a mom
Lloyd Marcus
January 3, 2014

In a shameless glaring act of hypocrisy to rehabilitate Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations, the New York Times published an article doubling down on the . . .

Congrats to Phil and America!
Lloyd Marcus
December 30, 2013

Congratulations America, we did it! Thanks to your passionate push back, A&E networks rescinded its suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. http:/ . . .

Danger, danger, Phil Robertson! Do not kiss Jackson's ring
Lloyd Marcus
December 29, 2013

For the sake of America, please, please, Phil, do not surrender. We have seen this scenario played out on countless occasions – the left launching a shock . . .

Thanks, Duck Dynasty, for the Christmas gift
Lloyd Marcus
December 25, 2013

Duck Dynasty gave me an unexpected wonderful gift for Christmas; a renewed hope in America. Polling on various social issues confirm that liberals have made . . .

The war on rich white men
Lloyd Marcus
December 16, 2013

I heard a knock on the door of my hotel room. It was Donald. "Turn on Megyn Kelly. She is reporting about an MSNBC commentator's claim that using the term  . . .

Sending holiday season regards to our conservative warriors
Lloyd Marcus
December 12, 2013

Pleasantly surprised and a bit shocked, I enjoyed religious Christmas Carols played in the elevator of a major hotel. Progressive bullies are relentless in . . .

Mr. Cruz goes to Washington
Lloyd Marcus
November 27, 2013

From what I recall of my childhood, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights movement was not universally embraced in the black community. Some blacks . . .

C'mon folks, let's give it up for Ted Cruz!
Lloyd Marcus
November 23, 2013

Dear Patriots. Sen Ted Cruz went to bat for us, putting it all on the line, to defund Obamacare. With 5 million thus far and the number expected to grow to  . . .

The two O's betrayal of white America
Lloyd Marcus
November 21, 2013

While black celebrities such as Oprah continue to claim that Obama is opposed and disrespected because he is black, the truth is the polar opposite. http://bit . . .

My conservative adventure
Lloyd Marcus
November 16, 2013

Like millions of Americans I was deeply saddened and frustrated that Terry McAuliffe, a dishonorable man propped up by dishonorable people won over Conservative . . .

If the GOP won't, we will get it done for Cuccinelli
Lloyd Marcus
October 31, 2013

Hello! GOP! Anybody home? In case you guys in DC do not know, there's a gubernatorial race happening in Virginia in a week. While our guy Conservative . . .

The Cruz-ing, Lee-ing and Palin-ing of Ken Cuccinelli
Lloyd Marcus
October 28, 2013

Well folks, how does it feel to be called stupid, crazy, extremist, racist and terrorist for standing firm for values and principles which most Americans have . . .

The tea party: last hope for America
Lloyd Marcus
October 24, 2013

Mary read it out loud from her computer, "Booker Wins!" The news hit me like a punch in the gut. Despite months of intense campaigning, making remarkable gains . . .

Home stretch: lot happenin' for Lonegan
Lloyd Marcus
October 14, 2013

Thanks folks, you have been awesome. In these last few days before the Wednesday, October 16th special election for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat, the Lonegan . . .

Tea Party alert: Hollywood trying to buy it for Booker
Lloyd Marcus
October 10, 2013

Our Tea Party real nowhere man for U.S. Senate, Steve Lonegan, has suddenly become a force to reckon with; remarkably surging from 35 points behind Obama clone . . .

Sarah Palin, football & Lonegan equals tea party victory!
Lloyd Marcus
October 6, 2013

Quoting the Pointer Sisters' song, "I'm so excited!" Sarah Palin has endorsed Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate New Jersey. "Steve Lonegan will fight to preserve . . .

Cokie's racism charge: black tea leader retorts
Lloyd Marcus
September 30, 2013

Cokie Roberts recently calling the Tea Party racist is tired and unfounded. http://bit.ly/1biuENn As a black man who has been actively involved since its . . .

Liberals: identity politics still trumps America's best interest!
Lloyd Marcus
September 15, 2013

Ed Asner's explanation for Hollywood's silence regarding Obama attacking Syria epitomizes the absurdity and danger of political correctness and identity . . .

Obama's pending attack in light of 9/11
Lloyd Marcus
September 10, 2013

September 11, 2001, I was annoyed at my wife, Mary. I was about to take a shower, yelling from the bathroom, "Honey, there is no water!" She had forgotten to . . .

October 16th: rare opportunity to win one for we the people
Lloyd Marcus
August 31, 2013

Dear Patriots. Though apprehensive upon hearing Obama tell Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around, I understand America's extremely . . .

Finally, conservative doesn't cave when called racist
Lloyd Marcus
August 27, 2013

There were school buses parked for as far as my childhood eyes could see. Dad and I were amongst a sea of mostly black faces. The stage seemed a mile away from . . .

O'Reilly: keep those right-on commentaries comin', white boy
Lloyd Marcus
July 29, 2013

As a black conservative tea party activist, I am extremely excited about Bill O'Reilly's recent series of commentaries and TV shows addressing the hypocrisy and . . .

Black America's true nemesis: liberals, not Zimmerman
Lloyd Marcus
July 27, 2013

In the midst of all the racial hullabaloo stirred up by so-called advocates for black empowerment after the Zimmerman trail, guess who is really being harmed? . . .

Say you got that feelin' we need racial healin'
Lloyd Marcus
July 21, 2013

Sincere well-intentioned Americans are asking, "What must we do to heal the racial divide following the Zimmerman trial?" What my naïve fellow Americans do . . .

Political correctness: bring me the head of George Zimmerman!
Lloyd Marcus
July 16, 2013

I was elated upon hearing the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial. It gave me hope that America has not yet totally succumb to the tyranny of Political . . .

Deliver us from evil: black professor spews hate
Lloyd Marcus
July 3, 2013

Lord, deliver us from evil. I was appalled hearing black University of Pennsylvania Professor Salamishah Tillet say during a panel discussion on MSNBC that . . .

Hey GOP: how'd that Gomez running as a Democrat-lite thing work for ya'?
Lloyd Marcus
June 29, 2013

RINO Republican Gabriel Gomez lost to Democrat Ed Markey in the special election to fill the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry. I say,  . . .

MSM is lying: Conservatives are the mainstream
Lloyd Marcus
June 25, 2013

During his sabbatical, a university professor wishes to come to Florida to interview me for a study he is doing on black tea partiers. He said he wants to . . .

Amnesty: Danger, danger, Will Robinson! Calling all Tea Partiers!
Lloyd Marcus
June 23, 2013

Brother and sister patriots, this is it. This is the big one. If we lose this battle, it is game over unless God intervenes. America as founded will be over . . .

Baby, she's back! Sarah Palin's debut back on Fox News
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2013

I caught Sarah Palin on Fox & Friends Monday. Wow, talk about a breath of fresh air. While listening to Palin speak on various issues and Obama's scandals, . . .

The gladiator: Sarah Palin we need you back in the arena
Lloyd Marcus
June 17, 2013

Hello, calling Sarah Palin! Has anyone seen her? Where is she? Has Sarah Palin left the building? Is the Palin magic gone forever? No. The Palin charisma . . .

The administration: scarier than you could imagine
Lloyd Marcus
June 12, 2013

If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If the Obama Administration breaks the law at will, lies to the American people, uses . . .

No, we will not let it go! Who gave the order to stand down?
Lloyd Marcus
June 7, 2013

Imagine yourself trapped. A vicious gang of Islamist terrorists have already breached the main gate. If captured, you know what they do to infidels – you . . .

Rumors of the demise of conservatism are sorely exaggerated
Lloyd Marcus
June 4, 2013

Dinner conversation with a group of conservative activist friends could have been pretty depressing if I were not as they jokingly refer to me as an "eternal . . .

A medieval tale: King Obama & Queen Pelosi vs ye commoners
Lloyd Marcus
June 3, 2013

Lady Palin gets it! Sarah Palin just gave $5,000 – the maximum amount allowed by law – to a candidate in a critically important race. So who is this . . .

Disturbing pattern: Obama puts our enemies above us
Lloyd Marcus
May 31, 2013

We are witnessing a disturbing pattern. President Obama always puts the best interest, well-being and rights of our enemies above providing protection and . . .

A call for prayer
Lloyd Marcus
May 26, 2013

My fellow Americans, I wish to speak to you not as a political activist, but as a Christian. In all candor, my heart is heavy. Numerous headlines suggest that . . .

Benghazi scandal: don't let Melanin trump national security
Lloyd Marcus
May 23, 2013

Patriots, I got this horrible feeling watching the MSM on the cable news TV shows playing down the Obama scandals. I thought, does Obama being liberal and  . . .

Time for the American people to demand an apology
Lloyd Marcus
May 21, 2013

Enough! For many years, the American Left has and continues to shamelessly abuse the American people; slandering, beating up and bullying them into submission . . .

NAACP chair Julian Bond is a liar!
Lloyd Marcus
May 19, 2013

Chairman emeritus, Julian Bond, of the NAACP said the tea party is "admittedly racist." Mr Bond, I challenge you to show us the video, article, facebook post or . . .

King David repented. Obama will not.
Lloyd Marcus
May 9, 2013

King David impregnated Uriah's wife. Then, David ordered that Uriah be killed to cover up his sin. When confronted about his evil by the prophet of God, David . . .

Silence of the conservative lambs
Lloyd Marcus
May 6, 2013

Wow! I experienced it first hand. I wrote an article defending the biblical take on an issue. The mainstream media misquoted me – took my words out of . . .

Conservatism lost a battle, but not the war!
Lloyd Marcus
May 1, 2013

Dear Patriots. We lost! Obama-supporter Gabriel Gomez beat Conservative Republican Michael Sullivan in the Massachusetts primary. Gomez will be the Republican . . .

Restoring America: one political race, one conservative candidate at a time
Lloyd Marcus
April 30, 2013

Upon our brief return to our home in Florida, Sammy, our greyhound gave me a ho-hum look and retired to his doggie-bed; not the excited welcome home I expected . . .

Will the bombing victims take a back seat?
Lloyd Marcus
April 28, 2013

Talk about Yogi Berra's famous line, "It's deja vu all over again", have you noticed the similarity in how the mainstream media is portraying suspected . . .

Boston bombing: Americans rise to the occasion
Lloyd Marcus
April 18, 2013

Dear Fellow Americans, Like you, I am saddened and angry at the evil terrorist who bombed the Boston Marathon. I am also angered by the Democrats' and their . . .

Telethon for Michael Sullivan to bolster conservative ascendancy
Lloyd Marcus
April 13, 2013

Brother and sister patriots, I speak to you as family because I believe if we are to effectively push back in opposition to Obama and company's all-out-assault . . .

The tea party: who are they, really?
Lloyd Marcus
April 3, 2013

Barbara is white, sixty-something and writes Christian musicals. She told a mutual friend, "Lloyd is a good guy, but I disagree with his association with the . . .

Real bullies: the homosexuality is normal movement
Lloyd Marcus
March 27, 2013

Think of us as crew members on the star-ship Enterprise of the Star Trek TV show, boldly going where no one has gone before. Folks, this is what it feels like . . .

My black family regarding Obama
Lloyd Marcus
March 19, 2013

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is the leader of a movement rather than our president pursuing the best interest of the United States of America. To all . . .

Rand Paul confirms there is always hope
Lloyd Marcus
March 10, 2013

Courageous Tea Party Senator Rand Paul confirmed my statement that no one can foresee the future well enough to be totally fatalistic. Since the presidential . . .

Tea party: come together
Lloyd Marcus
March 5, 2013

My late momma taught my siblings and I to never put family business in the street. However, my Tea Party family must deal with this issue if we are to . . .

Don't freak. It's just the "R" word
Lloyd Marcus
February 16, 2013

When you mention the "R" word, some folks on our side (Republicans/Conservatives) feel uncomfortable. I guess in their minds it feeds into the left branding the . . .

State of the Union Address: instigator on jailhouse steps
Lloyd Marcus
February 14, 2013

Obama is the ultimate bully armed with the ultimate bully pulpit. He is an extremely smooth vindictive instigator. Obama speeches are thinly veiled "hit lists" . . .

Yes Rush, there IS resistance to Obama!
Lloyd Marcus
February 11, 2013

Rush Limbaugh said something extremely profound at the end of his depressing monologue in which he declared that there is no resistance to Obama. Rush said . . .

It's high noon: we the people vs Obama
Lloyd Marcus
January 31, 2013

Dear Brother and Sister patriots, With so many folks seeming to water down their full-bodied Conservative values into Liberal-Lite – sadly seeking to . . .

"All My Babies' Mamas" reveals liberals' opinion of blacks
Lloyd Marcus
January 28, 2013

As a teen in the 1960s, I idolized Jim, my slightly older street smart cousin who lived in a tough area of Baltimore. Murders were common at the bar on the . . .

The lesson in the betrayal of Sarah Palin
Lloyd Marcus
January 22, 2013

Rush Limbaugh on his radio show discussed an article which stated that there is no respected voice in the national arena articulating . . .

Obama's executive disarmament confirms tea party can not go away
Lloyd Marcus
January 18, 2013

Obama brings kids to the White House as props for photo-op and emotional appeal to unveil his illegal gun control plans. Obama despicably using kids to . . .

Government: America's new god
Lloyd Marcus
January 17, 2013

I was around nine years old when dad took me to see the movie, "The Ten Commandments" starring Charlton Heston at the Town Theater in downtown Baltimore. It was . . .

Lincoln vs Obama's born-again America
Lloyd Marcus
January 10, 2013

In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln acknowledged that America was "conceived in Liberty." Lincoln could never imagine voters supporting a . . .

Patriots, snap out of it! America too extraordinarily precious to surrender!
Lloyd Marcus
January 5, 2013

My late Mama instructed, "Never put your business in the street." Due to the extremely serious situation in which we find our country today, I must share my . . .

Conservatives must not seek all low info voters
Lloyd Marcus
December 29, 2012

It sticks in my craw that Conservatives/Republicans are leaning toward, in essence, becoming immoral, stupid and un-American to win Low-Information-Voters. . . .

Blackness Gestapo attack on RGIII typical
Lloyd Marcus
December 18, 2012

RGIII (Robert Griffin III), superstar quarterback of the Washington Redskins is the latest black under attack by the Blackness Gestapo. The Blackness Gestapo . . .

Restore America 101
Lloyd Marcus
December 8, 2012

What patriots find most alarming about the reelection of Obama is the feeling that we have lost America. Recently, a pro football player committed suicide . . .

Consultants advise: bring sporks to new gunfight with the left
Lloyd Marcus
November 28, 2012

Word on the political street from GOP consultants and the Left is that Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party cost Romney the election. We Conservatives are advised to . . .

An angry black man
Lloyd Marcus
November 22, 2012

Returning home after two months on the road touring the country singing, speaking, writing and campaigning to defeat Obama, I felt similar to a heartbroken . . .

Lame black Christian cop-out
Lloyd Marcus
November 18, 2012

A black Christian Obama voter called me after the election. For years, I have informed him of Obama's attacks on Christianity and anti-Christian agenda. He . . .

Has America become a huge duck pond?
Lloyd Marcus
November 13, 2012

Dr Wayne Dyer describes people as eagles and ducks. With a majority of Americans voting to give the undeserving Obama a second term, I felt like the odd-man . . .

The pony in Obama winning a second term
Lloyd Marcus
November 8, 2012

Two boys were assigned to shovel a stable full of horse manure. One of the boys was depressed. The other enthusiastically shoveled with glee. "Why are you happy . . .

Obama's appeal: clueless, entitlement addicts and racists
Lloyd Marcus
November 5, 2012

During dinner on the Rebuild America Defeat Obama bus tour(http://www.campaigntodefeatobama.com/rebuild-america-tour/ ), a fascinating discussion evolved . . .

Geraldo's selective fairness
Lloyd Marcus
November 3, 2012

On Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera was extremely upset regarding what he considers to be irresponsible misinformation regarding Obama's culpability during the . . .

We air honest ads, black Detroit host gets outraged
Lloyd Marcus
October 31, 2012

Patriots, we are still on the road on the Rebuild America Defeat Obama bus tour. It has been over a month and Mary really misses Sammy, our greyhound and . . .

We have not lost a generation to liberalism
Lloyd Marcus
October 29, 2012

King syrup and mom's homemade biscuits for dinner. We five Marcus kids, of which I am the oldest, loved it. It never dawned on us that our great dinner was due . . .

Romney: jabs OK, left hooks to the jaw would have been better
Lloyd Marcus
October 24, 2012

During the debate, Obama performed like the classless lying Chicago bully-in-chief that he is. Every answer out of Obama's mouth was a thinly-veiled personal . . .

Mt. Pleasant MI protesters: A different tale
Lloyd Marcus
October 22, 2012

Our Rebuild America Defeat Obama Tour rally in Mount Pleasant, MI was held in a charming throwback hall. Mirrors covered the walls. Decorative small light bulbs . . .

Rebuild America tour team confronts protesters at Grand Blanc MI rally
Lloyd Marcus
October 18, 2012

In Grand Blanc, MI, our Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour buses were met by protesters holding printed Obama signs. About half of the dozen or so protesters . . .

Black Christians: shame! shame! shame!
Lloyd Marcus
October 15, 2012

Increasingly, I am hearing the following mantra/narrative from Black Christians. "I'm voting for Obama because he is the lesser of the two evils." This is . . .

Move over Kardashians: keeping up with the Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour
Lloyd Marcus
October 13, 2012

This presidential election is serious business, the most important ever! An Obama victory would mark the end of America as intended by our Founding Fathers. . . .

The black Divider-in-Chief
Lloyd Marcus
October 11, 2012

When our Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour bus rolled into downtown Dayton Ohio, the hostile vibe from blacks on the streets filled the air. A young black man . . .

Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour: not a dry eye in the place
Lloyd Marcus
October 9, 2012

On the Rebuild America Defeat Obama national bus tour, we finale every rally with "God Bless the USA." As the song is sung, vets in the audience are invited on . . .

Obama's poor debate: the affirmative action president exposed
Lloyd Marcus
October 7, 2012

If I were a part of the brain-dead racist herd of African-Americans who voted for Obama solely because he is black and celebrated him winning the presidency, I . . .

Judson Phillips joins Rebuild America -- Defeat Obama Tour
Lloyd Marcus
October 5, 2012

Bishop T.D. Jakes said you know you are somebody (important) by your enemies. Well, founder of Tea Party Nation, Judson Phillips MUST be a real mover and shaker . . .

Don't let Obama's media change the subject!
Lloyd Marcus
October 4, 2012

It goes without saying that the mainstream media is an enemy of the American people. To fulfill its mission to reelect Obama, the MSM is willing to . . .

Morning in America, Nov. 7th: whose America will prevail?
Lloyd Marcus
October 2, 2012

Patriots, we are in an unprecedented battle for the heart and soul of America as intended by our divinely inspired Founding Fathers. Wednesday, November 7th . . .

Obama's legacy on black America
Lloyd Marcus
September 22, 2012

I am on the road touring with Tea Party Express. In my hotel room, I caught an interview with first lady Michelle Obama on "Lift Every Voice," a faith-based . . .

Twilight hour: approaching the final battle to save America
Lloyd Marcus
September 18, 2012

Dear patriot members of the Tea Party, it has been an amazing four years. Allow me to reflect a bit. Our odyssey began with the Socialists'/Progressives' . . .

America attacked: no time for a metro-sexual president
Lloyd Marcus
September 16, 2012

Regarding the Libya attack, Romney said, "It's never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and to defend our values." In . . .

On the road with Tea Party Express: tale of two black voters
Lloyd Marcus
September 14, 2012

Hi Patriots. I am on the road touring on Tea Party Express VIII: Winning for America. Before joining the tour yesterday, I was in Baltimore where a black woman . . .

9/11: remember the jumpers
Lloyd Marcus
September 11, 2012

Mary and I flew from Florida to Alexandria, Minnesota where I was the keynote speaker and entertainer (singer) at their "Rally for America." As we approach . . .

Resident evil: The MSM
Lloyd Marcus
September 3, 2012

OK, so I am watching a CNN panel discussion about Romney's acceptance speech. Christine O'Donnell was on the panel. The CNN host said that Romney's speech and . . .

Mr Ryan goes to Washington
Lloyd Marcus
August 31, 2012

Paul Ryan's VP nomination acceptance speech was the voice of We The People. While on vacation at a Gulf Coast condo, the owner of the building looked me in the . . .

Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians must decide
Lloyd Marcus
August 30, 2012

A poll claims Romney will receive zero percent of the black vote. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/black-conservatives-make-their-voices-heard-after-poll-shows . . .

MSM: focusing on the minor while ignoring the major to help Obama
Lloyd Marcus
August 27, 2012

Mary and I accepted Becky's gracious offer to use her condo for a week of relaxation. The panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico from the balcony is . . .

Precious U.S. citizenship: diminished and given away by Obama
Lloyd Marcus
August 25, 2012

These three kids wanted to run for the tall grass. It was early 90's at the U.S. Citizenship Ceremony in Maryland. Around 1500 people filled the hall comprising . . .

America and divine intervention
Lloyd Marcus
August 12, 2012

Some pundits say Obama has so successfully transformed America into a "gimme society" that the food stamp president will win reelection in a landslide. Other . . .

My black dad and Chick-fil-A
Lloyd Marcus
August 5, 2012

I jump on every opportunity to respectfully challenge my 84-year-old black dad's loyalty to Obama. Dad has been a Christian pastor over 50 years. He lives in . . .

Reagan is gone: is Sarah Palin America's next great cheerleader?
Lloyd Marcus
August 2, 2012

Some might think me to be just a naïve sentimental old fart. I still remember living in the projects of Baltimore and seeing my dad walking to work. Every eye . . .

NAACP furthers mission of KKK
Lloyd Marcus
July 17, 2012

In the heat of passion during a radio interview, I said,"The NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Party are more destructive to blacks than the KKK! . . .

America's top conservatives politically battle-ready to defeat Obama's tyranny
Lloyd Marcus
July 8, 2012

On July 4th I co-hosted the Campaign To Defeat Obama Telethon. http://www.campaigntodefeatobama.com/ We raised funds to wage campaigns in four states which . . .

Happy Independence Day! Could this be our last?
Lloyd Marcus
July 5, 2012

Folks, I am in Las Vegas preparing for the Campaign to Defeat Obama July 4th Telethon. http://www.campaigntodefeatobama.com/ We are raising funds to wage . . .

Reagan foretold: the day freedom died in America
Lloyd Marcus
July 1, 2012

I read the following Ronald Reagan quote later in the day after the Supreme Court shockingly declared Obamacare constitutional. Reagan's insight sent chills . . .

Supreme Court ruling: rebirth of tea party
Lloyd Marcus
June 28, 2012

Dear Patriots, I am heartbroken, but fired-up more than ever! If the Tea Party was dying, the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare is unquestionably the rebirth of . . .

Fathers Day salute to black pioneers
Lloyd Marcus
June 17, 2012

Friday evening in Baltimore, my 84 year old dad was honored at The African-American Fire Fighters Historical Society 3rd Annual Salute Dinner. The event . . .

Small town Tea Party Patriots
Lloyd Marcus
June 15, 2012

I just returned home from Tea Party Express national bus tour VII — picked up mail from the P O box, petted Sammy our greyhound who was excited to see me . . .

Walkin' tall: Walker inspires an army
Lloyd Marcus
June 10, 2012

A friend informed me that Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall on the same day President Ronald Reagan passed away, June 5th. She added that Walker reminds her . . .

Walker Victory bash short on blacks
Lloyd Marcus
June 7, 2012

On election night, I was in the hotel hot-tub in Oak Creek, WI when my wife called from our home in Florida. Extremely excited, Mary yelled, "Gov. Scott Walker . . .

Tea Party Express VII in Wisconsin: The good and the ugly
Lloyd Marcus
June 5, 2012

Tea Party Express Vll national bus tour has added a new feature — a Mobile Phone Bank Bus which gives Tea Party groups an opportunity to make calls to . . .

Can one be truly black and patriotic?
Lloyd Marcus
May 30, 2012

Famed TV minster Bishop T. D. Jakes said when your "perception is off," you do not realize or appreciate the true value of what you have until you have lost it. . . .

President Obama gay marriage is not a black thing!
Lloyd Marcus
May 22, 2012

It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the left's in-your-face aggressive campaign to make homosexuality normal. Flipping through the channels, I . . .

Obama's "Chicago Thug Way" invades Wisconsin
Lloyd Marcus
May 20, 2012

As Chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, I just returned back home to Florida from Wisconsin which is ground zero in the battle to stop Obama's . . .

A black guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally
Lloyd Marcus
May 10, 2012

A big well dressed black guy attended the Dallas, TX tea party rally with his white buddy. Both men missed my singing performance on stage minutes earlier. I . . .

The ultimate appeal to persuade fellow blacks to stop voting Democrat
Lloyd Marcus
May 2, 2012

Candidly, I have struggled with this for years; how best to explain why I am a black conservative and why fellow black Americans should join me. I served on . . .

Hi patriots, from day one: Tea Party Express VI National Bus Tour
Lloyd Marcus
April 29, 2012

Lloyd Marcus reporting in from Tea Party Express VI national bus tour, day one. We did rallies in Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH. We have a 4 hour ride to . . .

But what about justice for Zimmerman?
Lloyd Marcus
April 27, 2012

I keep thinking of an episode of the 1973 TV show, "Kojak: The Marcus-Nelson Murders." Homicide detective Kojak suspects that the black teenager accused of . . .

Calming the storm of Martin/Zimmerman related racial violence
Lloyd Marcus
April 17, 2012

As a black conservative Tea Party patriot, I have been struggling with what I should do, if anything, in response to the rash of incidents of racial violence . . .

Democrats responsible for black culture of anger
Lloyd Marcus
April 7, 2012

Black twenty-year-old male Danielle Simpson with two black associates were interrupted by 84 year old Geraldine Davidson while in the process of burglarizing . . .

A black man: the progressives' perfect Trojan Horse
Lloyd Marcus
April 2, 2012

(Republished from 2010 for the anniversary of Obamacare) As millions of my fellow Americans, I am extremely angry, outraged, and devastated by the Democrats' . . .

Al Sharpton: appointed to keep black voters angry and ill-informed
Lloyd Marcus
March 30, 2012

You can imagine the justifiable extreme anger and outrage of black America in1987. Six white men including police officers and a New York prosecutor kidnapped, . . .

Republicans: Black America's true friend
Lloyd Marcus
March 22, 2012

Black pundits say that to be black and Republican makes one a despicable race-traitor worthy of no-holds-barred punishment. As a black conservative Republican, . . .

Grandma Mary's passion for life could be the key to defeating Obama
Lloyd Marcus
March 13, 2012

While in Wisconsin fighting to defeat Obama's minion's recall of Gov. Walker, I met Grandma Mary. Folks, I can not get this woman out of my mind. Grandma . . .

Obama: Honor Ms Fluke & all women by giving back Maher's money
Lloyd Marcus
March 7, 2012

MILF is an acronym used in pornography for "Mother I'd Like to F---." Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a MILF. Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a "dumb twat." Bill . . .

I stand beside Brother Rush!
Lloyd Marcus
March 6, 2012

Showing himself to be a class act, Rush Limbaugh apologized to Ms Fluke. Rush further explained that his apology was not the result of losing sponsors. Rush . . .

Tea Party: Marcus reporting in from Wisconsin
Lloyd Marcus
March 5, 2012

I'm chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama. http://www.campaigntodefeatobama.com/ I just returned home to Florida from helping the patriots in . . .

Fluke: no free sex for you!
Lloyd Marcus
March 3, 2012

The Fluke contraception controversy is democrat inspired. It is yet another example of democrats promoting and trying to force all Americans to "fund" behavior . . .

For Christians only: who is on the Lord's side?
Lloyd Marcus
February 24, 2012

What I am about to say is exclusively directed to those who call themselves Christians. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are at war; a war for the hearts, . . .

Fond memories of Ronnie
Lloyd Marcus
February 23, 2012

Our 40th president's birthday earlier this month caused me to reflect upon how Ronald Reagan impacted my life. In 1981, I was a young singer/songwriter, . . .

Why the babies? Why?
Lloyd Marcus
February 18, 2012

In their isolated inside-the-beltway arrogance, it appears the Obama administration did not anticipate the huge "blowback" resulting from Obama's decree that . . .

Samuel L. Jackson: look beyond race, assess the man!
Lloyd Marcus
February 14, 2012

Are you as sick of hearing me talking about race as I am talking about it? For crying out loud, all I ask is that liberals please, please, please look beyond . . .

America desperately needs a hero: but who?
Lloyd Marcus
February 12, 2012

Stunned Americans are questioning, "Why would Obama, in an election year, boldly trash the first amendment, forcing Catholic institutions to provide birth . . .

Americans are better than who Obama thinks we are
Lloyd Marcus
February 8, 2012

Along with their ever-present accusation that anyone who criticizes or disagrees with America's first black president is a racist, class envy is the centerpiece . . .

Another Black History Month: the left's favorite time of the year
Lloyd Marcus
February 3, 2012

Alas, another Black History Month, or as the left likes to view it, their annual "Opportunity To Exploit Race Month." It is the month in which liberals attempt . . .

Black conservative at Newt party: where are the black people?
Lloyd Marcus
February 2, 2012

I attended Newt Gingrich's party at the Rosen Centre in Orlando last night. Over a hundred media outlets were there. Despite not winning Florida, the mood of . . .

TPX Florida tour day three: extraordinary patriots
Lloyd Marcus
February 1, 2012

Our Tea Party Express team spent the night in Tallahassee, FL. We arose the next morning and traveled in our tour bus a few hours to our first rally of the day . . .

Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family
Lloyd Marcus
January 27, 2012

As we enter the year which will make or break America as we know it, I wish to remind all of you that We Are Family. Together, we took the House, and together . . .

New Team Obama re-election gimmick: is America a post-racial society?
Lloyd Marcus
January 20, 2012

Suddenly, there is a lot of discussion about whether or not we live in a "post-racial society." With the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, I . . .

The Tebow effect
Lloyd Marcus
January 15, 2012

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow is an unapologetic, outspoken born-again Christian. No politically correct, careful not to offend anyone, skirting . . .

New TV show idea: All-American Christian
Lloyd Marcus
January 10, 2012

I have a GREAT idea! How about a TV show titled, "All-American Christian"? Christians have been getting a bum rap in cinema and the mainstream media for quite a . . .

Race & politics based law enforcement
Lloyd Marcus
January 2, 2012

Six months ago, I returned home to discover a family had moved into my backyard storage shed. Displaying an incredible sense of entitlement and off the chain . . .

Herman Cain: a final word
Lloyd Marcus
December 28, 2011

I would not blame Herman Cain if he said, Lloyd, I know you mean well brother. However, the relentless vitriolic media attacks against me have finally subsided . . .

Tea party: only with courage will we defeat the giants
Lloyd Marcus
December 21, 2011

Some may say, for crying out loud, Lloyd. You're as bad as Tebow. Must you always interject God and the Bible into everything? Well folks, it is just who I am.  . . .

The ultimate devastating price of government dependency
Lloyd Marcus
December 9, 2011

The devastating price of government dependency. I witnessed it up close and personal in the late 50's when I was a child. Both of my mom's sisters had five kids . . .

Presidential race 2012: imperfect conservatives need not apply
Lloyd Marcus
December 2, 2011

The criteria embraced by the liberal media, Democrats and some conservatives for selecting the 2012 Republican presidential nominee is quite clear. Imperfect . . .

Conservatism 101 for those not paying attention
Lloyd Marcus
November 26, 2011

You and I are politically well informed. But there are many Americans like my family who do not follow politics as closely as we do. Their political views are . . .

Blacks still "played" and controlled by tired old Democrat paradigms
Lloyd Marcus
November 12, 2011

A black website published one of my articles. The black publisher asked his readers to forgive me for being a black member of the GOP and review my article with . . .

Sexual harassment accusers: not automatic saints or sinners
Lloyd Marcus
November 11, 2011

Liberal feminist attorney, Gloria Allred held a press conference in which her female client made shocking graphic sexual harassment allegations against Herman . . .

Open letter to Herman Cain from a fellow black conservative
Lloyd Marcus
November 4, 2011

Dear Herman Cain, Thank you for your courageous decision to run for president as a conservative Republican. I am sure you anticipated opposition from the . . .

Fearful Intellectual Conservative Syndrome
Lloyd Marcus
November 3, 2011

I was stunned when conservative author Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I love Ann. I even named her in my tribute song honoring Conservative . . .

Tebow scores one for Christianity
Lloyd Marcus
November 1, 2011

I recently learned President Ronald Reagan designated 1983 as the national Year of the Bible. I seriously doubt such a proclamation would pass Congress today.  . . .

Obama's OWS America vs. the rest of us
Lloyd Marcus
October 26, 2011

The wealthiest man in the Bible was King Solomon. Along with huge amounts of gold, silver, land, houses, exquisite furnishings, and elaborate gifts from . . .

Herman Cain: runaway slave
Lloyd Marcus
October 20, 2011

I keep having images of Herman Cain barefoot, covered in sweat and mud, wearing an old patchwork shirt and hand-made burlap pants held up by a rope rather than . . .

Tea party represents America, not Occupy Wall Street
Lloyd Marcus
October 17, 2011

For years, I have been impressed with this young man I see working at Walmart retrieving shopping carts in the parking lot. He is challenged, I suspect from . . .

Arrogant white liberal tells Herman Cain how to be black
Lloyd Marcus
October 13, 2011

This article is for my black brother, a community leader and little league football coach who gets his news solely from the liberal mainstream media. Hopefully . . .

Tea party: We're takin' America back & not because he's black
Lloyd Marcus
October 7, 2011

It was the 80s at WJZ-TV an ABC affiliate television station in Baltimore, MD. I was a rare black graphic designer in the art dept. Oprah Winfrey was the co . . .

Lloyd Marcus defends tea party on Fox & Friends
Lloyd Marcus
September 30, 2011

Tuesday, I flew up to New York from Florida to appear on a Wednesday 7:15am segment on the Fox News channel's Fox & Friends. Typically, CNN & Fox send a car to . . .

Obama's "hate the rich" campaign
Lloyd Marcus
September 27, 2011

In his so-called jobs speeches, Obama exploits class envy shrouded in fairness. President Obama continues to escalate his divisive and evil assault on achievers . . .

Does Romney truly embrace tea party principles?
Lloyd Marcus
September 25, 2011

I preface my following statements regarding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with enthusiastically saying, "ABO, Anybody But Obama." Any Republican . . .

McGinniss book about Palin: yet another attack on America
Lloyd Marcus
September 19, 2011

The Joe McGinniss Sarah Palin book "The Rogue" is the left's latest hate letter to God-fearing patriotic Americans. Make no mistake about it, folks. The . . .

Tea Party Express V: a spiritual thing
Lloyd Marcus
September 15, 2011

Dear Patriots, I just completed a 17-day national bus tour across America on Tea Party Express V — two rallies per day. We began in Napa, CA, and ended . . .

Tea party true winners of CNN/Tea Party Express debate
Lloyd Marcus
September 14, 2011

Patriots, give yourselves a round of applause. You were the true stars and winners of the CNN/Tea Party Express Republican Presidential Debate last night. . . .

Liberal media believes Palin/tea party supporters toothless racists
Lloyd Marcus
September 12, 2011

Sarah Palin inspired her typical extraordinary level of excitement and attendance at our Tea Party Express V national bus tour rally in Manchester, NH. I . . .

Obama's despicable jobs speech
Lloyd Marcus
September 10, 2011

Obama's jobs speech was reminiscent of a cliché scene in cowboy movies. A loud-mouth guy stands on the steps of the jail-house and enrages the crowd to . . .

9/11 on Tea Party Express V National Bus Tour
Lloyd Marcus
September 7, 2011

I awoke and became annoyed when I discovered Mary forgot to pay the water bill. That was the extent of my problems September 11, 2001. Meanwhile, many of my . . .

Tea Party Express V: the ex-Russian, Palin and the black patriots
Lloyd Marcus
September 5, 2011

The highlight of every Tea Party Express tour is the extraordinary American patriots I meet. Felix is from Russia and became a proud American 16 years ago. I . . .

Tea Party Express V: black activist not lynched!
Lloyd Marcus
September 3, 2011

Rep. Andre Carson, Congressional Black Caucus member said some in Congress would "love to see us as second-class citizens" and "some of them in Congress right . . .

Pro funny man brings laughter to Tea Party Express V
Lloyd Marcus
September 1, 2011

Jim Labriola from the "Home Improvement" TV sitcom has been a wonderful addition to our Tea Party Express V national bus tour team. Jimmy's comedic family . . .

Tea Party Express V: On the road to Cheyenne, WY
Lloyd Marcus
August 30, 2011

Last year when Tea Party Express rolled into Elko, NV, Mr. and Mrs. Thayne Church had 15 children. Yesterday, the Church family showed up at our tea party rally . . .

Opening day: Tea Party Express V
Lloyd Marcus
August 29, 2011

Mary and I left our home in Central Florida at 5am. We flew/traveled 12 hours to hook up with the Tea Party Express bus in Oakland, CA. After a quick shower and . . .

Liberal media forces homosexuality agenda down America's throat
Lloyd Marcus
August 28, 2011

Please, please, please understand, as we said in the 60s, where I'm coming from." This article is NOT about bashing homosexuals. I have homosexual family . . .

Lloyd Marcus reporting daily from Tea Party Express V
Lloyd Marcus
August 26, 2011

Tea Party Express V national bus tour begins this Saturday in Napa, CA. As I pack my bags and organize my performance music in preparation to embark on my fifth . . .

Are the black flash mob attacks on whites Obama's fault?
Lloyd Marcus
August 20, 2011

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, said, "The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang." In other words, leadership flows from the top down.  . . .

They who live by the race card die by the race card
Lloyd Marcus
August 15, 2011

Due to Obama's declining poll numbers, Democrat tongues loosened by cocktails at parties are quietly suggesting, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could primary . . .

NAACP and black ministers' betrayal of blacks
Lloyd Marcus
August 12, 2011

Are you folks as sick of reading my articles on this topic as I am writing about it? Just as Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 debate, I say to . . .

United, we won in Wisconsin!
Lloyd Marcus
August 11, 2011

Hi, Patriots. Please pardon my crudeness, but I am soooo excited. WE KICKED BUTT IN WISCONSIN!!!! I'm talkin' We The People, led by a small band of UNITED . . .

Lloyd Marcus responds to black tea party critic
Lloyd Marcus
August 8, 2011

Mr. Walter Smith included me in his list of email recipients. Here is an excerpt. "Does any one know Lloyd Marcus? "Since when did African Americans . . .

Palin power coming on stronger!
Lloyd Marcus
August 7, 2011

Sarah Palin's latest "in your face" to the Obama administration in defense of the tea party is guaranteed to infuriate the left and terrify the timid on our . . .

A cure for Republicans caved on the debt ceiling blues
Lloyd Marcus
August 3, 2011

As I left the store, a blue shirted elderly woman sporting a warm smile said, "Thank you for shopping at Walmart.."For some reason, it struck me, "Wow, all this . . .

Everything I learned about politics I learned waiting for the school bus
Lloyd Marcus
July 29, 2011

Some of you side with the establishment Republicans: "Let's compromise with the Democrats regarding raising the debt ceiling. Then the media cannot blame us for . . .

Debt ceiling: congressional Republicans, remember the Alamo!
Lloyd Marcus
July 27, 2011

Some will say, "Lloyd, if your purpose is to inspire Republicans to stand strong in the debt ceiling debate, why on earth would you choose the battle at the . . .

The black code: why Obama still owns the black vote
Lloyd Marcus
July 16, 2011

Despite an unprecedented 39% of Americans believing our country is in permanent decline and Obama's approval rating down in the 40's, Obama still owns "the . . .

Social justice: Obama & the left's not-so-hidden agenda
Lloyd Marcus
July 13, 2011

I consulted my thesaurus because I thought I have been over-working the word "despicable" in my articles. However, my research confirmed the word best describes . . .

Campaign 2012: are we over "the black thing" yet?
Lloyd Marcus
July 9, 2011

My fellow Americans, in regard to the U.S. presidency, please tell me we are over "the black thing." Can we move past race and gender and simply elect the best . . .

Casey Anthony: Must everything be about race?
Lloyd Marcus
July 6, 2011

There is a lot of chatter claiming the massive media coverage and public interest in the Casey Anthony case confirms America is racist. They say if Casey and . . .

Liberal media's unelectable presidential candidate list
Lloyd Marcus
July 1, 2011

I hate to keep sounding like a broken record on this topic, but I must ask. Is Michele Bachmann the NEXT Sarah Palin? Several patriots have said, "I adore Sarah . . .

God & Country BANNED in public schools
Lloyd Marcus
June 29, 2011

Remember the hit song by Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On"? Patriots, what the heck is going on with U.S. public schools and our kids? There is a deliberate effort . . .

Superman knocks liberal myth into the stratosphere
Lloyd Marcus
June 21, 2011

Patriots, I am heart-broken and extremely angry. TEA for Education, a non-profit, invited me to a viewing of the documentary "Waiting For Superman." Wow, talk . . .

Random thoughts about my dad: Happy Father's Day
Lloyd Marcus
June 19, 2011

My 83 year old dad has been a Christian minister most of my life. I thought back to when I was a child, how even our neighborhood winos respected my dad; partly . . .

Refuting Obama's horrific attack on small business
Lloyd Marcus
June 14, 2011

Our favorite restaurant fell by the wayside and closed. Mary and I saw a new sign on the building and pulled our car at the entrance to see if they were open . . .

A case for Cain
Lloyd Marcus
June 12, 2011

Upon the election of Obama, Al Sharpton was asked, "Will the election of a black president confirm that America is no longer a racist country?" In a nutshell, . . .

Operation: Saving Congressman Ryan
Lloyd Marcus
June 7, 2011

What part of "the Paul Ryan Budget Proposal does not affect the Medicare of seniors 55 and older" do democrats and the liberal media not understand? Why would . . .

Liberal vs conservative: a spiritual battle
Lloyd Marcus
June 5, 2011

Without beating around the bush, I believe the battle being fought in America today goes beyond politics; right vs left. It is a spiritual battle; good vs evil. . . .

Gunfight at DC corral: Palin vs Obama
Lloyd Marcus
June 4, 2011

I'm sorry guys. Every time you flood me with emails attempting to convince me Palin cannot win — is too toxic, not smart enough, a hypocrite, and is only . . .

Happy Memorial Day / Tea Are The World
Lloyd Marcus
May 30, 2011

A few Memorial Days ago, I was sitting comfortably on my sofa, enjoying salty snacks and a refreshing sweet tea while watching a program honoring our military . . .

Teaing it up in Vegas to defeat Obama
Lloyd Marcus
May 25, 2011

I just returned home to Florida after co-hosting a 3-hour radio-thon in Vegas. We raised funds for the Campaign To Defeat Obama in 2012, of which I am Vice . . .

Sarah Palin, leader of the pack
Lloyd Marcus
May 18, 2011

So, who do I like as our Republican presidential candidate in 2012? Parodying the song recorded by The Shangri-Las: "The liberal media is always putting her . . .

A patriot's wedding
Lloyd Marcus
May 15, 2011

Folks, this has nothing to do with politics, but I feel compelled to share it with you. Mary and I attended a wonderful wedding. A friend of mine of thirty . . .

Black race pimps: I'm callin' you out!
Lloyd Marcus
May 12, 2011

This news story totally infuriated me. Headline: Van Jones' Political Group Targets 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Text by Daniel Miller, Reuters "An African . . .

What's your tea party story?
Lloyd Marcus
May 8, 2011

I was thinking the other day about the extraordinary chain of events that lead to me being involved in the Tea Party movement. I had been a singer/songwriter . . .

Time to pull the cloak of invisibility off of black conservatives
Lloyd Marcus
May 1, 2011

CNN traveled with us on Tea Party Express, to approximately 40 rallies nationwide. I, a black conservative, opened each rally singing my "American Tea Party . . .

Tea party: David vs two-headed Goliath: Obama administration/liberal media
Lloyd Marcus
April 24, 2011

On the O' Reilly Factor TV show, Dennis Miller was asked his thoughts regarding the media's response to Obama's numerous flip-flops. Miller said the media will . . .

Liberal dominance: you're not in Kansas anymore!
Lloyd Marcus
April 18, 2011

Attention, patriots. Captain Lloyd Marcus of the Tea Party Army reporting on my mission in Hutchinson, Kansas. I was the keynote speaker for the Hutchinson Tea . . .

Liberalism, black America's greatest enemy
Lloyd Marcus
April 13, 2011

I recently had another cherished chat over the phone with my 84-year-old black dad. He lives in Maryland. I live in Florida. Dad, sharp as ever, still pastors . . .

Stay strong, my brother & sister patriots
Lloyd Marcus
April 8, 2011

I've gotten defeatist emails from patriots who basically say, "It is hopeless. America's system of government is totally corrupt, broken beyond repair. Both . . .

The left: they're goin' after our kids
Lloyd Marcus
April 5, 2011

Brother and Sister patriots. As I write this article, my heart is full, almost tearful. I just watched a moving music video by Diamond Rio, "In God We Still . . .

Lloyd Marcus: Mr. Tea Party goes to San Francisco
Lloyd Marcus
March 30, 2011

Hi Patriots. I just returned home to Florida from San Francisco where I emceed a fund raiser for the "Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama in 2012." I am also a Vice . . .

Caution: American dreams are contagious!
Lloyd Marcus
March 23, 2011

A funny thing about American dreams, upon building up enough momentum, they become contagious. Mary and I were young newlyweds, both divorcées. We were also . . .

Jesse Jackson: Stop playin' us bro, insulting our intelligence
Lloyd Marcus
March 18, 2011

I always think, "How can I explain this so that my brother David will understand." Don't get me wrong, David is extremely bright. I consider David in that group . . .

Obama calling tea party racist reveals a far more disturbing reality
Lloyd Marcus
March 10, 2011

Please consider the validity of what I am about to say rather than having a knee jerk reaction dismissing it as being "over the top." Folks, we have an . . .

To save America, we must dethrone King Obama
Lloyd Marcus
March 8, 2011

Incredibly, Obama continues to boldly go where no other president has gone before. Apparently, none of the rules apply to him. Without consequence, at will, . . .

Two brief refreshing American tales
Lloyd Marcus
March 6, 2011

With teachers' unions and everybody and his brother demanding entitlements; me, me, me, gimme, gimme, gimme, these two people give me hope. The American Spirit . . .

Liberal media gives black racism from the WH a pass
Lloyd Marcus
March 4, 2011

Just when we think the liberal media's hypocrisy could not be more blatant, they kick it to the next level. They have obviously abandoned any pretense of fair . . .

Sarah Palin: even conservatives duped by liberal media branding
Lloyd Marcus
February 28, 2011

This article is not about endorsing Sarah Palin for president. It is about illustrating the liberal media's ability to brand an image. Case in point, . . .

Budget wars: have we lost my mom's America?
Lloyd Marcus
February 22, 2011

My mom, a black woman, when we were living in an east Baltimore ghetto, cried upon hearing Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were getting a divorce. My parents, four . . .

The Tea Party: Chris Rock vs Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
February 18, 2011

Black comedian Chris Rock was interviewed for the March issue of Esquire by writer Scott Raab. "Like many nice Caucasians, I cried the night Barack Obama . . .

Obama's budget & the media: be afraid, be very afraid
Lloyd Marcus
February 17, 2011

The liberal media is either stupid, insane, or totally in the tank for Obama. My gut tells me it is the latter. Folks, America is in deep trouble. The liberal . . .

Obamacare furthers black genocide
Lloyd Marcus
February 11, 2011

Thirty four hundred per day. I thought, per day? No, this can't be true. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Over thirty four hundred babies are aborted in America . . .

Ronald Reagan from a black perspective
Lloyd Marcus
February 10, 2011

In 1985, I was asked to sing at a Ronald Reagan Inaugural Ball. I was a young black kid formerly from the east Baltimore projects, clueless about politics. . . .

Gov Scott's budget displays tea party courage
Lloyd Marcus
February 9, 2011

In Eustis Florida, I had the great pleasure of warming up the crowd, speaking, entertaining and singing at a Tea Party rally in which Florida Governor Rick . . .

Black American dreads Black History Month
Lloyd Marcus
February 4, 2011

February 1, 2011, I can't help imagining Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and all of the other race profiteering usual . . .

Obamacare un-constitutional, so what? Gimme the freebies!
Lloyd Marcus
February 2, 2011

A Florida judge rightly ruled that Obamacare is un-Constitutional on the grounds that the federal government cannot force an American citizen to purchase . . .

Republicans fear tea party will be a spoiler
Lloyd Marcus
January 28, 2011

During dinner, my republican buddy cautioned, "You tea party folks commitment to principle, supporting unelectable candidates, could cost us the 2012 . . .

Bachmann hits home run for tea party
Lloyd Marcus
January 27, 2011

Hallelujah! Finally, We The People have a voice. It's a bright new day! Rep. Michele Bachmann gave the Tea Party Movement response to Obama's State of the Union . . .

Calling out race exploiter, Al Sharpton
Lloyd Marcus
January 25, 2011

Keeping my new year's resolutions to lose ten pounds and call out blacks who exploit race, I call out my third incident of race exploitation of the year; this . . .

Regarding the Black Tea Party
Lloyd Marcus
January 21, 2011

Since their national debut on the Hannity Show, I have been swamped with patriots wanting to know my opinion of the Black Tea Party. Some are offended by blacks . . .

NAACP creates box o' George Washington
Lloyd Marcus
January 19, 2011

While reading her emails, I heard my wife say, "This is so absurd, it has to be an internet hoax doctored photo." It was a photo of a rally on MLK Day hosted by . . .

Obama's Tucson memorial speech was more manipulation
Lloyd Marcus
January 18, 2011

When I was a kid, my black dad spoke with what felt like admiration about Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Powell was a handsome, articulate and powerful famed black . . .

Why the left's exploitation of Tucson will not succeed to Hush Rush
Lloyd Marcus
January 17, 2011

Liberals are despicably exploiting the tragic Tucson Arizona shooting as an opportunity to launch yet another "Hush Rush" initiative. A liberal pundit lamented . . .

Black tea partier encourages whites to call out black race exploiters
Lloyd Marcus
January 14, 2011

Along with losing ten pounds, my new year's resolution is to "call out" black democrats, liberals and pundits who unfairly exploit race; using it as a bludgeon . . .

'Tis the season to celebrate Jesus, not Obama
Lloyd Marcus
December 19, 2010

While minding my own business reading emails, I was included with numerous recipients receiving a holiday greeting email from a dear black relative. The email . . .

Lloyd Pondering: his wonderful life
Lloyd Marcus
December 15, 2010

Hi Guys and Gals, Right now I am feeling like, George Bailey, the lead character in the classic Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." George had big dreams . . .

Lloyd Marcus' Top Ten Tea Party Patriots of the Year
Lloyd Marcus
December 5, 2010

One of the TV networks aired their America's Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year Special. Kim Kardashian was one of the people selected. Nothing against . . .

Ignore PC and go after the bad guys
Lloyd Marcus
November 23, 2010

Everyone is outraged and extremely frustrated by the infringement on our freedom by the TSA pat downs and full body scans at airports. Even more frustrating is . . .

Congratulations & Happy Holidays, Tea Party Patriots
Lloyd Marcus
November 20, 2010

Brother and sister tea party patriots, pat yourselves on the back. Congratulations, we did it! November 2nd, 2010 marked a huge step forward in our efforts to . . .

Bush/Lauer interview: man vs metro-sexual
Lloyd Marcus
November 11, 2010

The Matt Lauer, Today Show recent interview with former president George Bush really annoyed me. Lauer's deep concern about Bush allowing three terrorists to be . . .

The biggest winner: the tea party movement
Lloyd Marcus
November 7, 2010

The American Tea Party Movement is the biggest winner of Tuesday's election. Overwhelming victories by "We The People" candidates confirm the movement to be a . . .

Democrats insist on making Tuesday's election about race
Lloyd Marcus
November 1, 2010

Black singer, songwriter and Tea Party Express spokesperson, Lloyd Marcus here. We just finished our Tea Party Express IV national bus tour rally in Columbus, . . .

Behind the scenes of Tea Party Express IV
Lloyd Marcus
October 29, 2010

Hi Folks. With all of the worldwide media attention Tea Party Express IV national bus tour is receiving, the important political information is well covered. . . .

Tea party musicians unite: Tea Are The World!
Lloyd Marcus
October 27, 2010

Imagine, black rappers who are not "down" with Obama's agenda. Young punk rockers saying "Hell No" to Obama bankrupting their future. From Country to R&B to . . .

Black conservatives fired up on Tea Party Express IV tour bus
Lloyd Marcus
October 25, 2010

The conversation became rather heated in the lounge area of the Tea Party Express IV tour bus between us black conservatives: authors Kevin Jackson, William and . . .

Inside Tea Party Express IV National Bus Tour
Lloyd Marcus
October 23, 2010

Who are these people? We've seen the plot theme in numerous movies, a rag tag eclectic highly skilled team is gathered for a mission greater than themselves.  . . .

NAACP report the tea parties are racist: a desperate Hail Mary pass
Lloyd Marcus
October 21, 2010

The Associated Press reporter confronted me with the NAACP's accusation that Tea Party Express is paying me, a black tea party patriot, to say the Tea Party . . .

Little Big Woman power!
Lloyd Marcus
October 20, 2010

Anna Little is "Little Big Woman," Republican running for Congress in New Jersey. Anna is the We The People/ tea party patriot's extremely enthusiastic choice. . . .

Liberals' disdain for everyday Americans
Lloyd Marcus
October 18, 2010

I am continually amazed by the arrogance of liberals and how "little" they think of us. Fifteen years working at a TV station, a liberal propaganda factory, I . . .

Lloyd Marcus performs at Arizona Mainstream Project's First Annual Patriot Banquet
Lloyd Marcus
October 14, 2010

Lloyd Marcus here in the airport waiting to fly home to Florida from Scottsdale, AZ. Last night, I performed and spoke at a wonderful tea party patriot banquet. . . .

Obama's un-presidential, despicable race baiting
Lloyd Marcus
October 13, 2010

Question: When you squeeze an Orange, what comes out? Answer: Orange juice. Why? Because that's what's inside. Obama is being squeezed by polls predicting a . . .

Lloyd Marcus & Glenn Beck at the Restoring America rally in New Jersey
Lloyd Marcus
October 5, 2010

Hi Folks, Tea Party singer/songwriter, entertainer and speaker, Lloyd Marcus reporting in after performing with Glenn Beck at Great Adventure in New Jersey. The . . .

Will the American spirit survive Obama?
Lloyd Marcus
September 28, 2010

I recently caught the last 5 minutes of "Rocky," the classic movie starring Sylvester Stallone. During the finale, Championship Boxing Exhibition, Rocky, the . . .

Off with O'Donnell's head: left targets conservative women
Lloyd Marcus
September 25, 2010

Here is the Left's latest attempt to fire up their base to vote in November — Obama Lies Productions in association with Media Sycophants Group and Black . . .

Take Back America: what does it mean?
Lloyd Marcus
September 22, 2010

Handing me my morning cup of coffee, Mary said, "The water is off. I forgot to pay the bill." Though slightly annoyed, twenty years of marriage had taught me . . .

What to do about the Congressional Black Caucus?
Lloyd Marcus
September 21, 2010

Black Tea Party singer/speaker, Lloyd Marcus reporting in from performing at the Wake Up America Tea Party in Ft Worth,Texas at the convention center. Ann . . .

A tale of two evil Democrat paradigms
Lloyd Marcus
September 16, 2010

Two paradigms which evil, divisive Democrats have shamefully promoted and exploited for years are: one, white men are burning the midnight oil thinking of ways . . .

An American maid of honor
Lloyd Marcus
September 13, 2010

I was up in Delaware working with Tea Party Express on the Christine O'Donnell for U.S. Senate campaign. While working on my computer, the maid knocked on my . . .

What Christine O'Donnell and Cal Ripken have in common
Lloyd Marcus
September 9, 2010

I'm in Delaware with Tea Party Express campaigning for Constitutional Republican Christine O' Donnell for U.S. Senate. In my hotel room, I watched the classic . . .

Tea Party patriot Lloyd Marcus reporting in from the O'Donnell campaign in Delaware
Lloyd Marcus
September 8, 2010

I sang at the Tea Party Express press conference in Delaware supporting Christine O'Donnell, Constitutional Republican for U.S. Senate. O'Donnell is a "real . . .

Black Civil Rights Mafia betrays black America
Lloyd Marcus
September 2, 2010

I am a black man alerting my fellow Americans about a tremendous evil which is going on in our great country. Despite the wonderful racial gains we have made in . . .

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" speech good medicine for all Americans
Lloyd Marcus
August 31, 2010

In his Foxnews interview after his "Restoring Honor" rally, Glenn Beck said in his speech he challenged Americans to "Be your highest self!" Glenn's words . . .

Black conservative supports Glenn Beck rally
Lloyd Marcus
August 24, 2010

Alleged civil rights leaders including Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP President Benjamin Jealous are having a cow because Glenn Beck had the audacity to schedule . . .

Ramblings about race
Lloyd Marcus
August 14, 2010

Years ago, I visited the home of a fellow black friend. He talked about the "white people" on his job. It struck me that despite years of working with these . . .

Lloyd Marcus rallies black leaders for National Black Conservative Press Conference
Lloyd Marcus
August 10, 2010

The National Press Club in Washington DC was the scene of an historic event, August 4, 2010. For the first time in U.S. history, black conservative leaders from . . .

Tea parties give liberal media too much power
Lloyd Marcus
July 24, 2010

It is truly amazing how the scarlet "R" branded on one's forehead by the liberal mainstream media for alleged racism cause some conservatives to flee in fear.  . . .

Tea party leaders too easily put on the defensive. Stop it!
Lloyd Marcus
July 19, 2010

Who on earth could be calling me at 5:30am? It was CNN. After apologizing for the early call, the producer, almost giddy with excitement, said tea party . . .

Black shares five eyewitness examples proving tea parties not racist
Lloyd Marcus
July 17, 2010

I'm black tea party patriot Lloyd Marcus. I have attended over 200 tea parties nationwide as a spokesperson and performing my "American Tea Party Anthem" on the . . .

Lloyd's Pondering: race lesson from a 93-year-old white woman
Lloyd Marcus
July 12, 2010

Easter Pansy, my wife's 97 year old grandmother lives in a nursing home. She lived on her own up until a year ago. Mary and I attribute Easter Pansy's unique . . .

My black dad & Obama
Lloyd Marcus
July 9, 2010

I am a black tea party patriot faced with a serious problem concerning my 83 year old father. Dad is an extraordinary man whose life epitomizes the greatness of . . .

It's the media, stupid!
Lloyd Marcus
June 28, 2010

After being interviewed as a guest on two radio programs back-to-back, I was angry and frustrated. I had to endure radio talk show hosts and callers who have . . .

He's Obama! He's black! So, shut up!
Lloyd Marcus
June 22, 2010

I received this message on Twitter from a black female, "Lloyd Marcus "F--- you!", in response to my opposition to Obama. This woman is obviously a non thinking . . .

Lloyd's Ponderings: Positive talk to keep you going!
Lloyd Marcus
June 20, 2010

I just flew back home to Florida from LA. I was out there shooting an episode of the Right Network new TV show, "Politics & Poker." I had a ball! The host of . . .

Sharon Angle victory for tea party/we the people
Lloyd Marcus
June 15, 2010

"We're havin' a tea party across this land...if you love this country, come on and join our ban," excuse me for starting this article singing a line from my  . . .

Tea Are The World: a historic event
Lloyd Marcus
June 10, 2010

It was an incredible day! Singers/musicians from across America gathered together at Deltona Records in Florida to record my original song, "Taking Back America . . .

Obama & media minions inspire violence
Lloyd Marcus
June 1, 2010

In case you have not realized that Obama and his media minions' relentless playing of the "Race Card" could inspire violence, I have some news for you. The New . . .

The Black Church's commitment to Obama
Lloyd Marcus
May 18, 2010

Dear Black Church, What I am about to say will probably anger you. As a black Christian, I have struggled with whether or not to address this sensitive topic . . .

Media demands, "Take us to your leader, Sarah Palin!"
Lloyd Marcus
May 14, 2010

Is Sarah Palin the leader of the Tea Party Movement? This is asked as a "gotcha" question by the liberal mainstream media of every spokesperson of the Tea Party . . .

In star-spangled spirit, tea parties will prevail
Lloyd Marcus
May 12, 2010

I watched a History channel program about the War of 1812. Folks, I can not explain why, but the segment about the battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry and the . . .

Obama/media vs. Arizona/America
Lloyd Marcus
May 8, 2010

Folks, our country is in big trouble. What kind of man do we have in the White House? President Obama is a Harvard-educated lawyer. Thus, since he attended such . . .

Tea party music: Tea Are The World!
Lloyd Marcus
May 3, 2010

I got the idea while traveling and performing nationally on Tea Party Express Tour II. At rallies in every city, conservative musical artists gave me their CDs. . . .

Black Republican rebukes Steele
Lloyd Marcus
April 27, 2010

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said the GOP has not given Blacks a reason to vote Republican. As a black conservative Republican, I ask, what is the GOP supposed . . .

Blacks, the media & the tea parties
Lloyd Marcus
April 22, 2010

I am exhausted. I returned home after performing at tea parties in 42 cities from Searchlight, NV to Washington DC in 19 days while on Tea Party Express III . . .

Tea Party Express III Tour: More blacks tea partying!
Lloyd Marcus
April 15, 2010

Lloyd Marcus checking in from the Tea Party Express III tour bus headed to Detroit. We did six electric atmosphere rallies in one day in Michigan. Everyone was . . .

Tea Party Express III: vital voice of we the people
Lloyd Marcus
April 12, 2010

U-Turn Joe and Wrong Way Don. These were the affectionate nick names given to Tea Party Express PAC Coordinator, Joe Wierzbicki and Director of Merchandise . . .

Racist hate mail attacks Tea Party Express
Lloyd Marcus
April 8, 2010

I am Lloyd Marcus, black singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem traveling nationally on the Tea Party Express III tour. While riding on the bus to . . .

She's back...on the Tea Party Express!
Lloyd Marcus
April 7, 2010

TV star Victoria Jackson, formerly of "Saturday Night Live," flew in from CA to participate in our Nashville rally. Victoria performed at a few of our west . . .

Tea Party Express honors our military
Lloyd Marcus
April 6, 2010

The left is outraged when we question their patriotism and support of our military. Perhaps, our doubts about their sincerity has something to do with their . . .

Great people on Tea Party Express
Lloyd Marcus
April 5, 2010

I cannot begin to tell you how honored and blessed I feel to be on the Tea Party Express tour and a part of a team of extraordinary people. Sarah Palin and Joe . . .

Black Dem race exploiters trash tea party
Lloyd Marcus
April 3, 2010

So, I am on the Tea Party Express bus traveling to our next rally in Omaha, NE when the faces of black Democrats Maxine Waters and Charley Rangel appear on TV . . .

Diversity on Tea Party Express
Lloyd Marcus
April 1, 2010

Lloyd Marcus here checking in while on the Tea Party Express III tour bus with a 300 mile ride ahead of us. We had two rallies in Utah and we are headed to . . .

Embedded black says tea parties not racist
Lloyd Marcus
March 31, 2010

I am on the Tea Party Express tour bus traveling to our next rally in Provo, Utah. We just left St George, Utah. At the rallies, I perform my original "American . . .

A black man, the progressives' perfect Trojan Horse
Lloyd Marcus
March 25, 2010

As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the Democrats' unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People. . . .

Ratigan & media attempt to brand tea parties racist
Lloyd Marcus
March 4, 2010

As a black proud Tea Party patriot, I am extremely offended by MSNBC TV show host Dylan Ratigan's baseless accusation that the Tea Party Movement (my white . . .

NAACP Image Award reaches new low
Lloyd Marcus
March 1, 2010

I was there in Washington, D.C. with my dad when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. I was a little boy. Highlights I remember . . .

Three female Tea Party Musketeers
Lloyd Marcus
February 27, 2010

Housewives and moms Lisa Feroli, Diana Evans and Suki Carder epitomize what the Tea Party Movement is all about: We The People taking back our country in . . .

Blacks, youths, and we the people at CPAC
Lloyd Marcus
February 25, 2010

I performed my "American Tea Party Anthem" and "Twenty Ten: We're Gonna Vote Them Out" at CPAC as a representative for TeaPartyExpress.org. I was struck and . . .

Tea Party movement untamed
Lloyd Marcus
February 16, 2010

It appears everyone and his brother is seeking to categorize, direct and control the incredible increasing powerful phenomenon known as the Tea Party Movement. . . .

Patriotism cooling: dissing America
Lloyd Marcus
February 11, 2010

I struggled with whether or not to discuss this topic. Our Haitian neighbors are suffering tremendously. I am extremely proud and thank God that we, America, . . .

Ego, Obama's Achilles' heel
Lloyd Marcus
February 3, 2010

The Bible says, "I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree" (Psalms 37:35). A classic scenario is evil appearing to be . . .

Black History Month should be about black history
Lloyd Marcus
February 1, 2010

I've often said jokingly that Black History Month should more accurately be called "white people and America suck" month. Rather than focusing on all of black . . .

Say it loud -- I'm conservative and I'm proud!
Lloyd Marcus
January 24, 2010

In 1968, James Brown released his song, "Say It Loud — I'm Black and I'm Proud." The cruelest and saddest effect of slavery and racism in America is that it . . .

A black-on-black discussion of black racism
Lloyd Marcus
January 16, 2010

This topic may infuriate many of my fellow blacks. I am talking about black monolithic thinking and black racism. Black actor Michael Clarke Duncan is . . .

Reid's racism: typical trashing of white America
Lloyd Marcus
January 12, 2010

During the presidential campaign, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Barack Obama would be a good candidate because he was "light skinned" and "with no . . .

It's all about Obama...Mm...Mm..Mm!
Lloyd Marcus
January 7, 2010

My wife Mary's eyes glaze over whenever I mention football. "But honey this is about life not football" I promise her. She graciously listens. Three years ago . . .

No...the Tea Party movement does not need a leader!
Lloyd Marcus
January 5, 2010

A recent article predicted the Tea Party Movement will fail and fade away because it does not have an official leader promoting a single agenda. I disagree.  . . .

In politics the "C" word always matters
Lloyd Marcus
January 2, 2010

In defense of Bill Clinton, their Democrat president, the liberal media campaigned to convince Americans that character does not matter. In the midst of the . . .

A world without Limbaugh
Lloyd Marcus
December 31, 2009

I hate to say this out loud. Upon hearing Rush Limbaugh was in the hospital and his condition serious, I felt a nervous twinge in my stomach. Dare I say it, I . . .

A Christmas message from Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
December 23, 2009

Dear Fellow Patriots, After meeting you on three tours across America (the Stop Obama tour and Tea Party Express tours I & II) I feel we are family. Though I am . . .

Libs scold black conservatives "who the 'H' do you think you are?"
Lloyd Marcus
December 21, 2009

A young married couple, Paul and Nancy were neighbors of mine back in the seventies. Nancy was extremely excited. An unexpected opportunity arose for her to . . .

Radical feminism's attack on manhood in America
Lloyd Marcus
December 16, 2009

Over the years, radical feminism has been attempting to demon-nize any display of testosterone. The slightest aggressive behavior is taken to the ultimate . . .

Why such joy over Tiger Woods' humiliation?
Lloyd Marcus
December 15, 2009

Thanks to my wife who has this thing about not getting rid of books, I stumbled across a book I read years ago in my youth, "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten . . .

Tiger likes white women... so what?
Lloyd Marcus
December 11, 2009

Black community spokespersons tell us the black community is offended that all of Tiger Woods' mistresses are white. I find the whole black spokesperson thing . . .

In defense of Sarah Palin & conservative women
Lloyd Marcus
December 8, 2009

I was in Texas performing at a tea party rally (singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem). While waiting for my wife, I wandered into the hotel pub. . . .

OBAMAZILLA is America's true nemesis, not fellow patriots
Lloyd Marcus
November 27, 2009

Eleven months ago, he landed on the shores of America destroying everything in his path. A gigantic fire breathing monster wreaking havoc, consuming private . . .

Farewell Oprah, how about a gift to black America before you go!
Lloyd Marcus
November 23, 2009

I have a history with Oprah Winfrey. Back in the eighties, Oprah and I worked at WJZ-TV, an ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore. Oprah was co-host with . . .

Tea Party Express II Tour: IT'S OVER...for now!
Lloyd Marcus
November 15, 2009

My patience was short with the newspaper reporter. I am Lloyd Marcus, singer/songwriter, black conservative activist and participant on the national Tea Party . . .

Tea Party Express II Tour: A great day in Texas!
Lloyd Marcus
November 9, 2009

He hates it when we call him "cheese head." Forty something year old white male, Hustusa has been following the Tea Party Express tour across America. He wears . . .

Tea Party Express Tour II: The Five Dollar Lady
Lloyd Marcus
November 5, 2009

Nov. 4th, Wichita, KS — The crowd of about thousand applauded greatly for my performances of the "Tea Party Anthem" and "2010." After the rally, I was . . .

Approached by a leftist at Tea Party Express Rally
Lloyd Marcus
November 4, 2009

This was classic. About a thousand enthusiastic patriots showed up for our rally in Fort Collins, CO. They loved my performance singing my "Tea Party Anthem" . . .

LIVE from aboard the Tea Party Express II
Lloyd Marcus
November 2, 2009

I'm going to let the cat out of the bag. I confess. The bulk of the folks attending the Tea Parties across America are good old fashion God fearing Christians. . . .

Kenny, the American way
Lloyd Marcus
October 20, 2009

A knock came to my front door. It was a small built, average height white guy in his late thirties, early forties dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. "Excuse . . .

As spokesperson for black America, Al Sharpton...you're fired!
Lloyd Marcus
October 18, 2009

As a black Rush Limbaugh fan still fuming from the lynching of Rush for false charges of racism by the liberal media led by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, I . . .

They lynched Limbaugh... now us!
Lloyd Marcus
October 15, 2009

They did it to Rush Limbaugh. Who will be next? I am sure Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and others on the Left are struggling to contain their overwhelming . . .

If Rush Limbaugh is a racist, are his 20 million listeners also?
Lloyd Marcus
October 14, 2009

I have been a faithful Rush Limbaugh radio show listener for almost 20 years. I have never heard Rush make one racist comment. As a matter of fact, I am a black . . .

Internationally known black American launches campaign to end the hyphenating of America
Lloyd Marcus
October 12, 2009

Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative activist, national spokesperson, entertainer and singer/songwriter of the "American Tea Party Anthem." Marcus announced . . .

Family feud: Tea Party movement
Lloyd Marcus
October 9, 2009

A reporter tried to pull me into it, "What do you think about this tea party organization not liking that tea party organization?" I said disagreements are . . .

Unexpected outgrowths of the Tea Party movement
Lloyd Marcus
October 5, 2009

Is God back? While watching the Glenn Beck program, three women — yes, I said three — boldly proclaimed their Christianity and how their decision to follow . . .

Never underestimate the divine factor
Lloyd Marcus
September 30, 2009

It is always too soon to give up, cut your risk, throw in the towel. You never know what tomorrow will bring. The morning I arose to discover Obama won the . . .

Stop allowing the left to set the rules
Lloyd Marcus
September 28, 2009

I am so sick of the Left being allowed to make the rules. Imagine the absurdity of a competition in which one side is allowed to set the rules against their . . .

Why is the left so angry at blacks who love America?
Lloyd Marcus
September 22, 2009

I appeared on CNN Newsroom hosted by Don Lemon. He was fair and allowed me to make my points. I stated three things in the interview. One, I refer to myself as . . .

Black Tea Party Express tour team member experiences racism
Lloyd Marcus
September 16, 2009

I traveled on the Tea Party Express tour bus as a singer/songwriter, entertainer and spokesperson — 16 states, 34 rallies in two weeks. I experienced vicious . . .

Do angry mobs bake and bring brownies?
Lloyd Marcus
September 9, 2009

Since Aug. 28th in Sacramento, Calif., I have been traveling across America performing on the Tea Party Express tour. Patriots are attending by the thousands, . . .

Time to end the hyphenated American thing
Lloyd Marcus
September 6, 2009

The announcer introduces me to the audiences of thousands, "Singer/songwriter of the national America Tea Party Anthem, Mr. Lloyd Marcus!" I enthusiastically . . .

Black conservative Lloyd Marcus travels to save America!
Lloyd Marcus
August 28, 2009

Both of us type "A" personalities, my wife Mary and I forced ourselves to take a break from emails, computers, faxes and writing. We spent a leisurely Wednesday . . .

Open letter to white liberals from a black American
Lloyd Marcus
August 27, 2009

Dear White Liberal America, Thank you very, very much. You see us poor helpless inferior blacks, oh forgive me, I must be politically correct, "African . . .

Emcee Lloyd Marcus & Hulk Hogan blow 'em away at Orlando Tea Party (photo)
Lloyd Marcus
August 25, 2009

"Mr. Marcus, Thank you so much for emceeing the Orlando Tea Party. I was very impressed with your voice and the lyrics of your songs. All of us are striving for . . .

You're a racist! The ultimate emotional intimidation
Lloyd Marcus
August 21, 2009

I am on the email list of a dear black friend of 20 years. He is a minister, writer, and professor. He has mentored and advised me with great wisdom on numerous . . .

Conservative rapper featured in "Feet To The Fire," a new song by Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
August 11, 2009

Folks, meet Sarah Starchak, brilliant student, super talented singer/songwriter, dancer, beautiful and conservative. Sarah endured severe harassment in high . . .

As a black conservative, should I be afraid?
Lloyd Marcus
August 8, 2009

I thought, "This is crazy." Despite numerous attempts to convince myself that what I was feeling was absurd, the tingle in my stomach persisted. Black . . .

Race profiteers: the true enemies of black America
Lloyd Marcus
August 4, 2009

In my youth, I lived a wild and crazy life: drugs, women, and partying, basically 24/7. Scholarships permitted me to attend art college where I hung with . . .

Another extraordinary ordinary patriot of the Tea Party movement
Lloyd Marcus
August 2, 2009

I met Warren Kaul when I performed at the O Town Tea Party in Orlando, Florida. He was manning the Fair Tax booth. On stage, Warren expressed his displeasure . . .

Cops & Sotomayor: Obama says go by feelings, not the law
Lloyd Marcus
July 31, 2009

When President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, he said she was selected because he wanted someone who would show "empathy." It occurred . . .

Who will President Obama drum up hate against next?
Lloyd Marcus
July 26, 2009

We have all watched this scene in numerous Western movies. The sheriff says his prisoner will receive a fair trial when the judge arrives in the morning. But, . . .

At the NAACP, Obama removes his mask of the great unifier
Lloyd Marcus
July 24, 2009

It is truly a sad day in America when the President of the United States fans the flames of racial hatred. The man elected to be president of all the people, in . . .

Yelling...ENOUGH with the race thing!
Lloyd Marcus
July 19, 2009

Race! Race! Race! As the kids say, "Gag me with race!" I just read my Republican Senator Mel Martinez's statement on why he is voting to confirm Sonia Sotomayor . . .

No wonder black America doesn't have a clue
Lloyd Marcus
July 16, 2009

While flipping through the channels with my remote, I stopped on the movie "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Excellent movie . . .

When will white America be off the hook for sins of the past?
Lloyd Marcus
July 8, 2009

Scalpers peddled tickets to a black man's funeral on eBay for $10,000 each. Oprah, a black woman, is the richest and most influential woman in America and . . .

A cure for racism in America: seeing people as individuals
Lloyd Marcus
July 6, 2009

Some people are screwed up. Broken. They choose to hate and nothing will change their minds. I believe most people are basically good. Given an opportunity, . . .

Sarah Palin martyred for the cause of conservatism
Lloyd Marcus
July 4, 2009

While watching Sarah Palin's resignation speech, I thought, "Who is this amazing woman? What planet did she come from? Will there ever be anyone like her?" Once . . .

Time to put liberals on the defensive!
Lloyd Marcus
July 1, 2009

I'm in the studio recording my next song for the Tea Party movement titled, "Feet To The Fire." In it, I chastise politicians for not keeping their promises. A . . .

Black conservatives: crucified by the left, ignored by the right!
Lloyd Marcus
June 30, 2009

At a tea party in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, I invited all veterans to join me on stage as I sang "God Bless the USA" in tribute to them. It was truly a moving . . .

Sarah Palin, at high noon
Lloyd Marcus
June 28, 2009

I just watched the classic movie "High Noon," AGAIN! Gary Cooper played a brave sheriff who brought law and order to his town. As one woman said, "He made it . . .

Don't allow turf wars or pettiness to sidetrack Tea Party movement
Lloyd Marcus
June 26, 2009

A concerned patriot wrote me the following: "...our Tea Party efforts are taking a weird turn. As you know the April 15th nationwide rallies were a BIG success! . . .

Happy Father's Day to my dad, Rev., Dr. Lloyd E. Marcus II
Lloyd Marcus
June 22, 2009

Friends invited Mary and me to spend Father's Day with them at Disney. Upon our return home that evening, my 82-year-old dad called. He said, "I am now ready to . . .

Don't help the left destroy conservative leaders
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2009

"GOP" was the first thing out of EVERY reporter's mouth regarding a recent sex scandal. And yet, when married Democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer used a prostitute and . . .

Liberals: wolves in sheep's clothing
Lloyd Marcus
June 15, 2009

I still remember the knot in my stomach upon seeing the sea of white faces from the window of our school bus. It was the first day of school 1961. We came from . . .

Obama's attack on individual rights and achievers
Lloyd Marcus
June 4, 2009

Recently, I thought of two Hall of Fame baseball players, Baltimore Orioles' Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. On several occasions, I witnessed Robinson, . . .

Conversation with a public school-bred America hater
Lloyd Marcus
June 3, 2009

Hi Folks, proud black conservative Lloyd Marcus here. Years ago, I was outraged when a dear white friend said her son came home from middle school full of guilt . . .

Black man LOVES racist Rush Limbaugh
Lloyd Marcus
May 31, 2009

Like global warming, swine flu and everything else wrong in the world, racist, sexist, and homophobe Rush Limbaugh is largely responsible for who I am today. In . . .

A tale of two project experiences: Sotomayor, Latina liberal, and Lloyd Marcus, black conservative
Lloyd Marcus
May 28, 2009

Coming from the project, Obama's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's story is inspiring. Ironically, the success of Obama, a black, and Sotomayor, Latina, . . .

It's OK for liberals to call blacks the "N" word
Lloyd Marcus
May 23, 2009

"Maybe this nigger should shut up and learn his place" is one of numerous racist, hate-filled comments posted on YouTube attacking me, a black conservative, for . . .

Obama, abortion & Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
May 20, 2009

I realize that many of you truly want to believe Obama is the great savior. At a party, astonishingly, someone said we should be patient with Obama because he . . .

Another trick to silence conservatives
Lloyd Marcus
May 12, 2009

Okay, so Carrie Prejean, Miss California, posed topless. Is this suppose to disqualify her from standing up for traditional marriage? Then, the media came out . . .

Top ten reasons blacks should stop voting Democrat
Lloyd Marcus
May 9, 2009

10 — The same problems Democrats have been promising to fix for 40 years are worse. 9 — In 1950, 24% of black kids grew up without dads. In 2009, 63%. . . .

Obama's first 100 days from a black's perspective
Lloyd Marcus
May 2, 2009

Remember the Soup Nazi on the Seinfeld sitcom? If you annoyed the chef, he would yell, "No soup for you!" When I hear the mindless reasoning of Obama supporters . . .

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