Lloyd Marcus
Media blackout Blue Lives Matter celebration event
By Lloyd Marcus
September 14, 2016

Saturday, my amazing God-sent team pulled off our first powerful Blue Lives Matter Celebration event. Each celebrity guest spoke masterfully on their topic; educating and dispelling negative myths about our brave men and women in blue.

Radio talk show host Andrea Shea King's incredible tribute to fallen officers had many wiping away tears. Humorist, AlfonZo Rachel's rant supportive of cops had the audience in stitches laughing.

Congressman Ron DeSantis spoke expressing his appreciation and support for law enforcement officers. We were presented with a proclamation which concluded, "Now, Therefore, I, Derrick L. Henry, Mayor of the City of Daytona Beach and on behalf of the City Commission do hereby proclaim Saturday, September 10, 2016 as Celebrate "The Blue" Day."

While I was elated that our event went so well, rich with great musical performances and compelling speeches, I was stunned that not a single media outlet covered the event. We sent numerous press releases and made phone calls to Central Florida radio stations, TV stations and newspapers.

As president of a Central Florida arts center for over a decade, local media routinely responded to every press release I sent from art openings to talent shows and everything in between. Saturday's Blue Lives Matter Celebration event was newsworthy, the first of a nationwide tour honoring America's police. The event was extremely educational, entertaining, touching and uplifting, a positive response to those who paint targets on the backs of our courageous law enforcement officers. Why was there clearly a media black out? Not one news reporter showed up folks. Not one.

One has to wonder. How intimidating and entrenched is the evil bogus narrative promoted by the Obama Administration, mainstream media, Hollywood and Black Lives Matter that claims police are our enemies, racist and murder blacks? Why did Central Florida media behave as though our event celebrating police was a leper colony?

To broaden our appeal, someone suggested that I change the focus of my celebration from police to include EMT, firefighters and military. While the suggestion sounded reasonable, it did not connect with my spirit; not in sync with what I felt God led me to do. Still, I ran the suggestion pass one of the powerful orators who spoke at the event, Detective Peter Hernandez.

Detective Hernandez said he would really appreciate me keeping the focus of my celebration on cops. He said civilians do not understand what they go through. When EMT shows up, they are there to attend to someone's medical needs. Firefighters show up to save someone's home from burning down; greeted with appreciation. Routinely when police arrive, people are behaving at their worst. Cops are greeted with hostility, danger and extreme scrutiny. Detective Hernandez was not whining or complaining. He was merely explaining why our support and encouragement is so sorely needed.

Detective Peter Hernandez in his own words:

"Thank you again Mr Marcus for putting on a great and very supportive event. Thank you for also giving me the opportunity to get the word out about the Wounded Officers Initiative. The program's we are working on will save lives, families, and help law enforcement like no other organization has done before.

It's really sad to speak about an event to honor law enforcement as being controversial. An event to honor law enforcement should be viral, proudly proclaimed, and most importantly celebrated. Law Enforcement Officers provide the safety and security for all other first responders to operate. Law enforcement are the ones that secure the scenes that provide the fire departments safety so they could extinguish a fire. It's law enforcement who is first on the scene of those injured and it is them who render first aid until the paramedics arrive.

In 2012 I wrote this blurb which I thinks best defines what a law enforcement officer is and how they stand out. It's called,

What am I?

I'm a professional driver who drives at high speeds, avoiding moving obstacles, on an open track. But I don't have sponsors nor endorsements.

I am an educator, a professor of sorts. I'm suppose to know it all and be capable of teaching everyone no matter their grade level. But I don't get every weekend, holiday, spring break, Christmas or summer off.

I'm a professional fighter. I'll fight anyone, anytime, any place. No matter how many, the size, or the skill; I must win every time. But I don't get a golden belt after my win nor cheering fans.

I'm a therapist, a family counselor, a rehab specialist, and a mental health coordinator. I'm expected to give advice, council a family in crisis, identify an addiction, and diagnose a mental illness in no less than 10 minutes from meeting the person and without the aid of a leather couch.

I'm a paramedic. I'm expected to go into a chaotic scene, triage the casualties, determine the appropriate aid, and administer that aid. I do all this as everyone else who is not hurt runs away.

I'm a firefighter. I'm first on the scene of fires. I have no fire proof clothing nor real firefighting skills or equipment. I run in to save as many lives I can and I do it equipped with pure will and a small extinguisher.

I'm a lawyer. I must know all the laws both civil and criminal. I must know the elements to those laws and how to rapidly apply them. I must attend court, truthfully testify, present evidence, and do it on my day off.

I'm a robot. Do without question. Feel without showing. Endure what others can't. Be fearless while others are in terror. Have skin of steel so that no harsh words, or actions may penetrate.

What am I; I am an American Law Enforcement Officer who answered the call of service for their community. I am the thin blue line that is between those who wish to do evil and those who wish to live in peace. I am the one you run to when you need help but the one you run from when you've done wrong. But most importantly I am the one who Cares."

Peter Hernandez, President/ Founder
Wounded Officers Initiative, Inc.
So Their Sacrifice is Never Forgotten

Words cannot express my deep appreciation to all who contributed to cover the cost of our first Blue Lives Matter Celebration. My team of speakers, entertainers and crew are pumped; excited and ready to do the next celebration event. It looks like we are being lead to do our next celebration event in Nashville. My western boots are at least ten years old. Mary has been bugging me to purchase a new pair. Perhaps, I will find a pair in Nashville.

Before I sang "America The Beautiful" at my Blue Lives Matter Celebration, I said, "Red, yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight. That means all lives matter!" The audience loved it.

© Lloyd Marcus


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