Desmond McGrath column
Desmond is a Petroleum Engineer by training with a BSc. (Honors) from Montana Tech as well as two technical diplomas in the area of Hydraulics, Instrumentation and Petroleum Technology.

He hails originally from the former Nation of Newfoundland, which was forced into a union with Canada to become the 10th province in 1949. He comes from a long family line of Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, and others with a working man's Ph.D.

Family members, for example, include one who was with Churchill and Roosevelt when they signed the Atlantic Charter and another who worked closely with Cyrus Field engineering and laying the first transatlantic telegraph cable in the 1850's. Others who fought in major and decisive battles of the First and Second World Wars.

He has an extensive collection of rare books inherited from these ancestors, including similar editions that the signatories of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States drew inspiration from for their divinely inspired work. He has traveled and worked extensively around the world and now makes his home amongst the Cajuns along the bayous of South Louisiana.

In addition to his engineering career, he is an inventor, avid photographer, writer, political activist and rebel without a pause – sometimes taking time out to tinker with the occasional vintage motorcycle.

Canada starts taxing underused property inside provinces
Desmond McGrath
May 1, 2023

Many inside sovereign states, like America, Canada, and Australia as prime examples, do not understand the concept of separation of powers and are oblivious to . . .

First they came for the nurses… Then they came for the truckers… Then they came for me
Desmond McGrath
February 24, 2022

While Justin Turd’eau (Spelling intentional aka ‘Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark’) invokes the “Swastika Flag” gambit unable to . . .

Liberty’s sunset: Death of a nation
Desmond McGrath
January 19, 2021

Hungarian Revolution 2021: Reichstag Fire 2.0: a 5-year coup d'état When I woke to the following threat (Fig. 1) from John O. Brennan, Obama’s Felix . . .

All votes are equal but some votes are more equal than others!
Desmond McGrath
November 15, 2020

Foreward: Revised Nov 16 with more footnotes to challenge the Fact Checkers. Please read again. With apologies to George Orwell, I was prompted to put this . . .

Liberty’s twilight – post mortem
Desmond McGrath
November 11, 2020

Foreword: I received greater feedback on 2 Liberty’s twilight – epilogue than 1 Liberty’s twilight (If you have not read them, I suggest you do). . . .

Liberty’s twilight – epilogue
Desmond McGrath
November 2, 2020

I received a great deal of feedback On Liberty’s Twilight and since it was published there have been daily revelations about the alleged Biden Crime Family . . .

Liberty’s twilight
Desmond McGrath
October 21, 2020

During the Kavanaugh hearings, Lindsey Graham famously quipped "Boy, y’all want power; God, I hope you never get it," and "This is the most unethical sham . . .

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hydroxychloroquine
Desmond McGrath
August 23, 2020

If you have not read Part 2, read it HERE. Part 1, read it HERE Preface: I have been sitting on finishing Part III of this series at the 7000 word level . . .

Here be dragons: “Intellectual honesty” vs. the “victimology hustle,” Part 1
Desmond McGrath
July 28, 2020

Note to American and Canadian readers who know little about Newfoundland I suggest you read the forward in “The Donald phenomena, human Molotov Cocktail” . . .

Tiananmen Square and the Wuhan/China “SARS-CoV-2” virus ideological vs pathological viruses (Part II)
Desmond McGrath
April 18, 2020

VIDEO LINK HERE If you have not seen it Please Watch It First! If you have not read Part I it is Here: Foreword: This was originally started as a . . .

Tiananmen Square and the Wuhan/China "SARS-CoV-2" Virus
Desmond McGrath
March 19, 2020

When the former meets the later, the first casualty is the truth! I had been paying attention to this virus outbreak since news of it started to pop up . . .

Impeachment circus: The foreign war of the Democratic party's congressional districts
Desmond McGrath
February 4, 2020

What Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and the Squad could learn from the Red Baron. While in no way impugning the stature and flying skills of Manfred von Richthofen . . .

What are Donald Trump's motives?
Desmond McGrath
January 31, 2020

A friend Marilyn from Newfoundland I have known for 40+ years, a staunch anti-Trump person asked me What do I think Donald J Trump is in Politics for? There was . . .

Soleimani is Trump's Yamamoto
Desmond McGrath
January 9, 2020

In the short aftermath of the surgical precision with which the world was rid of the evil terror mastermind was the predictable apoplectic response from the . . .

Cherry picking Don's poppy rant
Desmond McGrath
November 15, 2019

Foreword to American Readers: Don Cherry was well known to Hockey Fans on both sides of the border long before his 38-year stint on Hockey Night in Canada . . .

Colin Kaepernick, Nike's indentured poster boy Marxist.
Desmond McGrath
July 6, 2019

I thought long and hard about that title, wondering what my late friend and Civil Rights Champion, Lanier Phillips would have to say about it. In final analysis . . .

The Invasion at the US Southern Border is not what it seems
Desmond McGrath
January 15, 2019

The Invasion at the US Southern Border is not what it seems. "Make sure it doesn't happen to you, Think for Yourselves. Remember Evil is always around... don . . .

The fallout days after Brett Kavanaugh cried, the presumption of innocence vs. the lingering doubt of well slung mud
Desmond McGrath
October 8, 2018

Like Daniel Boone, Brett Kavanaugh has successfully 'Run the Gauntlet' however the "Chuckie" Schumer's, Franken-Feinstein's and Crypt creatures of the River . . .

The day that Brett Kavanaugh cried, the rules of civility and decent behavior died
Desmond McGrath
September 30, 2018

With apologies to Don McClean's American Pie, his musical eulogy to Buddy Holly, Brett Kavanaugh's opening remarks at the Salem Witch Trials masquerading as the . . .

An Open letter to the Stoneman Douglas student paper, The Eagle Eye
Desmond McGrath
April 1, 2018

Re:Parkland students guest edit Guardian US: Our manifesto to fix America's gun laws Foreword: attempting brevity, I have not dated or acknowledged the . . .

Zero tolerance, asymmetric warfare and violence against the Constitution
Desmond McGrath
March 20, 2018

Zero tolerance – "refusal to accept antisocial behavior, typically by strict and uncompromising application of the law." As discussed in my last . . .

Cui Bono? Why are the warning signs of impending violence always ignored?
Desmond McGrath
March 11, 2018

What do the Dunblane, Port Authur, Sandy Hook, and Parkland Shootings all have in common? After the Sandy Hook incident, I wrote a piece "The gathering storm . . .

Memorial-less Day weekend in New Orleans featuring The Mouse that Roared
Desmond McGrath
May 31, 2017

I am deeply saddened by the fact that my planned Memorial Day photographic excursion around the Crescent City was preempted by the dismal prospect of seeing . . .

Iqra Khalid's Islamic Crusade to suppress freedom of speech under ruse of Islamophobia
Desmond McGrath
March 18, 2017

Iqra Khalid MP, Mississauga – Erin Mills 3100 Ridgeway Drive, Suite 35 Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5M5 Telephone: 905-820-8814 Fax: 905-820-4068  . . .

The Donald tsunami angers George Soros's useful idiots in the urban swamps
Desmond McGrath
November 21, 2016

Foreword: I wonder how many of those who are constantly internalizing and intensifying the hateful rhetoric, protests and violence over Donald Trump's victory . . .

Dear Globe and Mail
Desmond McGrath
November 6, 2016

This opinion piece just shows what a pathetic propaganda rag you have become. When I first saw this I thought it might be some brilliant satire along the . . .

The Donald phenomena, human Molotov Cocktail, but not the biggest F___ You! in history
Desmond McGrath
October 28, 2016

Foreword American Readers: My birthplace the former Dominion of Newfoundland, was once full of Independent and self-reliant men and women who were not afraid to . . .

Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction?
Desmond McGrath
November 15, 2015

Prologue: I wrote this article in early August and distributed it in Aug 17 2015 for review to a few friends who concluded it was a bit too long and a bit off . . .

Kangaroo courts and the sodomization of marriage
Desmond McGrath
June 2, 2015

I must start this discussion stating that I have several gay friends with whom I grew up, we hung out as teenagers, partied together, rode motorcycles . . .

Remembering Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
Desmond McGrath
March 27, 2015

Since arriving in Singapore this past September for my latest project here I had thought of the idea of seeing if I could get an opportunity to interview Mr . . .

Is global warming a hoax to further the New World Order?
Desmond McGrath
March 21, 2015

Dear Sir; I have been an aficionado of your writings for longer than I remember and met you briefly in person on two occasions where you were speaking in the . . .

"Je suis Charlie"
Desmond McGrath
January 10, 2015

With apologies to Marcel Proust, the true horror of what transpired in Paris in the offices of Charlie Hebdo did not strike home until I saw the photo of . . .

Open letter to Bill O'Reilly on the Steven Bucci Interview
Desmond McGrath
August 6, 2014

Dear Mr. O'Reilly While watching your show last night I was taken aback by the statement by Steven Bucci Ph.D., Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center . . .

The invasion of America
Desmond McGrath
July 16, 2014

I started reporting on the current problem with the southern border and the invasion of minors from the Rio Grande Valley, one of the areas hit hard by this . . .

Tipple point for America!
Desmond McGrath
June 5, 2014

It would appear that the ghost of Rahm Emanuel, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," is still rattling the chains of administrations past in the . . .

"It's a Joke: a very scary Joke!"
Desmond McGrath
March 15, 2014

Those words were uttered by a store clerk when he noticed me taking the following photograph in the store where he was working part time in for his cousin in a . . .

Jack Welch and Steve Forbes are correct about the Unemployment Numbers being "Cooked"
Desmond McGrath
October 19, 2013

Updated from Oct 2012 They are just wrong about the date when they started "Cooking the Books Chicago-Style," now Obamacare will increase part-time . . .

Veterans take on the minions of the Obominator
Desmond McGrath
October 14, 2013

The thin Red White and Blue line of U.S. Veterans win skirmish against the socialist Black shirts. It is not only exceedingly difficult to comprehend the . . .

The truckers Convoy to D.C. as another group of road warriors prepare to descend on Washington
Desmond McGrath
September 30, 2013

It's hard to believe that its 40 years ago this coming month that America was embroiled in oil embargo after the Yom Kippur War that started on Oct 6th 1973. It . . .

More than a million Bikers rumble through Washington on 9-11
Desmond McGrath
September 15, 2013

They remember the enemy that the mainstream media and the white castle choose to forget. I must say in my 40 + years of being a racer, rider and collector of . . .

Rebuttal to 'A Republican Case for Climate Action'
Desmond McGrath
August 3, 2013

NYT Op Ed Misleading and Derisive Just because a person calls themselves a "Republican" does that necessarily clinch the argument as if calling yourself a  . . .

Obama fiddling his climate change tune, while Rome burns
Desmond McGrath
July 1, 2013

Just like the Reichstag Fire, "follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of . . .

Self-deportation, America was founded on it!
Desmond McGrath
June 26, 2013

Dear Gang of Eight! I am quite saddened to see that you have truly lived up to the Maoist/Stalinist moniker that has been attributed to you, and now voted to . . .

Looking through the NSA Prism at all Americans
Desmond McGrath
June 21, 2013

Disclaimer: I will say up front that some of this perspective on "Data Mining" is my hypothesis based on the limited facts that I have gleaned about this case . . .

Bye BSA, hello NSA
Desmond McGrath
June 11, 2013

Boy Scouts of America latest victim of the Socialist Takeover of America Last week I was listening to the Denny Schaffer on WRNO in New Orleans when he was . . .

The Brothers Tsarnaev, Col Harland Saunders and persecution of RG III.
Desmond McGrath
May 3, 2013

With apologies to Fyodor Dostoyevsky I find it quite apropos since it was recently announced by the New York Times that Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen . . .

Fracking: poverty of thought
Desmond McGrath
March 27, 2013

It seems that every day, another salvo of fear mongering is fired across the bow of America's course for energy independence by the watermelon elite of the anti . . .

An open letter to the "Gang of Eight" on immigration reform
Desmond McGrath
March 10, 2013

John McCain (R-AZ.), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Dick Durbin (D-IL.), Marco Rubio (R-FL.), Bob Menendez (D-NJ.), Jeff Flake (R-AZ.),  . . .

The gathering storm of gun control
Desmond McGrath
March 3, 2013

The comment in quotes was an under-the-breath statement I heard as I was leaving a Christmas Eve gathering at dear friends of my family in Newfoundland when my . . .

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