Curtis Dahlgren
Some dumb questions: Have we hit rock bottom yet?
By Curtis Dahlgren
October 14, 2017

"Dogma lives loudly in you." – Dianne Feinstein, to a judicial candidate (that's bad?)

WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, AMERICA? Do you have blinders on, or what? I hate to be the one to point out the obvious, but essentially, the problem is that the Don is doing his level best to preside over a nation that isn't being blessed right now. The really bad news is that, I'm afraid, some of our enemies sense this. Despite the Harvey Weinstein revelations, we haven't hit rock bottom yet. The good news is that we're close, and, as someone said, "rock bottom can sometimes be a good foundation to build on."

Many in Hollywood still think that Trump is to blame for everything. Talk about blinders! They are 180 degrees off in the head. "Good" (dogma)," is bad and bad is "good." Bitter (moral nihilism) is "good" and sweetness is bad. Black is white. Up is down. It's ironic.

My pastor at one point had read a couple of my columns and he said, "Don't attack anyone." That's part of our problem, America. My pastor's redeemer and Example never held back. "You're snakes," He said, more than once! This week's first "dumb question":

What do the Florida Keys, Las Vegas, and Sonoma County have in common? They aren't just sun spots; they are SIN SPOTS. I'm afraid some of our enemies know that fact as well as you do. In Santa Rosa, some neighborhoods are gone. Reminds me of Rush Limbaugh's theme song, "My city was gone." And the fires are still burning as I write, with at least 31 dead. Some more dumb questions:

There was shooting inside the Vegas hotel before the firing upon the concert-goers, so why did it take so long for people to call 911? Is it true that law enforcement still can't determine the shooter's motive? As for the California fires, Smokey "the" Bear says that "Only YOU can prevent wild fires," so how could 23 fires erupt almost simultaneously by "accident"? Hmmm?

In other "minor" news, cities such as Milwaukee are dying a slower death than Santa Rosa. The city that made beer famous is averaging nearly one death by drug overdose every day, not to mention all the armed carjackings and murders, due partly to soft-on-crime judges and the D.A.s. Then there are recurring problems of teachers having sexual contact with students. Can you say Hollywood and pornography, boys and girls?

The 3Rs are a cliche, passe. Public schools concentrate on driving your kids straight to queer. We'd be better off if education would just avoid the subject of sex. And by the way, the late Hugh Hefner did not invent sex. Even Hollywood didn't discover sex. But your pastor may say "Don't attack anyone!" Don't get involved, in other words. Turn your head if you witness a rape in Central Park. Don't snitch (how many women have been raped because no one in Hollywood wanted to rat on a producer?)! Have they at last no decency?

BY THE WAY, there's a poll out there that claims one half of millenials would give up their right to vote for a while if their student loans could be "forgiven." What more could be clearer regarding the forlorn state of citizenship education in our high-priced public schools? Not to mention the lack of education on economics, eh?

P.S. Then there is HISTORY "education" so-called. Christopher Columbus was supposedly a reprobate, but Harvey Weinstein was an "important figure." Some figure. Before the "white man" arrived in the Western hemisphere, there was cannibalism, human sacrifice, tribal warfare, and scalpings. I heard a lady, with native blood in her, say "We were a bit savage."

The U.S. government called a peace conference for natives in Nebraska in the 1800s, not just to make peace with the pale face, but peace between all the western tribes. It was called "the Great Smoke." The various tribes were gathered together with a "safe space" between them and potential enemies of their own race. They didn't claim to own the land but they would often kill for territorial rights to hunting. Crowheart Butte in Wyoming was so named because a victorious "warrior" ate the heart of someone he'd just killed.

So don't lecture me about racism! To tell the truth, I almost married a lady who is half native. Because I write for a "crazified right-wing web site," I suppose one could accuse me of being sexist too. But in actuality I have female Facebook friends from Dodge City, Kansas to Metropolis, Illinois to the shores of Lake Superior (both shores).

But speaking of tribal warfare, St. Louis now has perhaps the highest crime rate in the country, thanks to myths about Ferguson, etc., and Black Lives Matter (with the support of too many NFL players). But don't get me started! These ARE the worst of times.

PPS: Senator Al Franken asked a judicial candidate before Congress a dumb question:

"Are you an orthodox Catholic?"

I'm not a Catholic, but have always felt closer to conservative Catholics than to a liberal Protestant or liberal anything. Not to get into religion, but one final "dumb" question:

Since our university campuses have become more Islamo-friendly and Israeli-phobic, has the nightly news on TV been getting better or worse? And I wonder, WHY? Go figure.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in southern Wisconsin, and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton... (more)


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