Curtis Dahlgren
Speaking of falling flakes, are you serious, Mr. Gore??
By Curtis Dahlgren
December 10, 2009

Is health care "reform" making you sick to your stomach?

Is the Climategate fraud driving you to drink?

Are the Liberals giving you irritable bowel syndrome?


Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) once wrote: "I sit on a man's back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means — except by getting off his back."

I received an "e-mail" from the President the other day, but sorry to say, I wasn't invited to the big "Jobs summit" at the White House. He says he's reading letters from worshipful kids every night, looking for advice, but I guess he's not much interested in advice from us old geezers. If I had the chance to say one thing to the Prez and/or his advisers, this would be MY advice:

"If you want to reduce the unemployment rate, get off our backs; if you want 'jobs,' do NOT take all the people making $250,000 a year and line them up against the wall and bomb them back into the Stone Age (this doesn't 'ease' anyone's problems)."

Essentially, Barack Obomma has been making war with our most creative, industrious, and experienced citizens ever since his campaign for the White House began. He villifies "risk takers" and then wonders why more jobs aren't being produced. Then the U.S. Senate calls an emergency Sunday session — not to repeal the death tax or something, but — to add more tax burdens on our backs. Maggie Thatcher once said that —

"The problem with socialists is that, sooner or later, they run out of 'other people's money' [OPM]."

ARE WE THERE YET? The TARP czar told a committee of Congress that the cost of the bailouts, with interest and so on, could total $23,000,000,000,000 [23 Trillion] — $70,000 for every man, woman, and child in the USA!

My mother liked asking "dumb questions," and if she were alive today, she would probably wonder out loud, "How many times would the tax on $250,000 go into 23 TRILLION dollars?"

Rather than "listening" to the taxpayers, Congress and the President are putting the pedal to the metal and "doing desperate things." Henry David Thoreau once said:

"It is a characteristic of wisdom NOT to do desperate things."

Not that our modern Sophists ever claimed to be WISE; they boast of being "HIP." The other day I saw a Russ Feingold bumper sticker that said, "I'M A PROGRESSIVE PATRIOT." My first question was "How does Senator Feingold define 'progressive" and 'patriot' or 'IS'?" The second question that came to mind is, I wonder if they could use some revised politically-correct Patriot slogans, such as:

"Give me Liberty or gimme a latte'."

"Give me stimulus or give me debt."

"Live Free, or screw it."

"Nuts! Damn the conservatives! Full speed ahead!"

"We have not yet begun to fudge the numbers."

"Don't sleep on me."

"Remember the alimony."

"Aks what the government can do for you. Aks
not what you can do for your country!"

"Save the planet, the galaxy, and the universe; never mind Jerusalem."


On August 8, 2008 Joe Biden said that paying "more taxes" is patriotic. But if you think that's sad, look who's next in line to be President (are you SERIOUS, Mrs. Pelosi?). And the "patirotic" Sen. Reid says that the Republicans (who freed the slaves) are the problem. The Democrats (who filibustered the Civil Rights Act) are the ANS-SUH.

I just wish that someone would filibuster the entire 111th Congress until Hell freezes over. And looking out my window this morning, that might be about to happen.

Speaking of hell — Madison, Wisconsin got a foot-and-a-half of snow today. And some parts of the country got snowdrifts fifteen FEET deep. Funny isn't it? While thousands and thousands of our people are without electric power, the government's primary concern this week has been "global warming" in Copenhagen! Even my dog was in a bad mood when he went outside this morning. I saw him growl and snap at falling flakes. We are in no mood to be "lectured" by college professors on "climate."

Don't be too hard on your neighbors who supported Obama-Biden. It's a mistake anyone could have made. Well, "almost" anyone, anyway. I was warning you about the enviro-MENTAL-wackos in my very first column:

I understand that Houston, Texas has seen snow already this fall. One of my neighbors had to borrow my 4X4 SUV to get to work this morning. Another neighbor tried to go to work in his mini-van and got stuck in the snow. The U.K. REGISTER, the other day, said:

"Reading the Climategate archive is a bit like discovering that Professional Wrestling is rigged."

In that regard, today's blizzard is like a breath of fresh air. At least it's REAL. Here are some of the stories at (Mark Belling, WISN Milwaukee):

That reminds me: remember when the biggest "scandal" in the news was Halliburton? Wonder what they would have said if Halliburton, not ACORN, was helping pimps import sex slaves from Central America [under-aged sex slaves, to boot]? Some Obama-Biden supporters actually thought that Halliburton caused the price of gas to hit four and five dollars a gallon.

Let me give you a clue: Halliburton makes its money on exploration and drilling projects, not on hoarding oil, or speculating on its price. Drilling for oil increases supplies. Increasing supplies of oil and gas brings down the price. DUH: Halliburton is making more money when prices are falling than when prices are rising.

That "Battle of the giant sharks" story is probably the funniest headline of the week. When two law firms go head-to-head, it says something about boomerangs and how anything can back-fire on you.

A heckler in the Mall of America threw two tomatoes at Sarah Palin this week. But he hit two police officers and got arrested. "You know it's going to be a bad day" every time you attack Sarah Palin. It's been a bad week for the Administration. The President's "personal approval" hit 46 percent. Support for the "HELLth reform" is at 38 percent. And now the President is off to Copenhagen? Like we can expect to get our money's worth out of another expensive overseas trip?

The President went to West Point, too, and we didn't get a whole lot out of that. He said that there has been "no delay" on Afghanistan ("LET ME BE CLEAR"). It reminded me too much of "Let me be perfectly clear" (in Nixon's Vietnamization speeches).

Of course, our first "consensus" President — Johnson (Lyndon, not Andrew) — the man who wanted to make everybody happy — left a mess behind and he chose not to run again, but I don't want to change the subject. We already have had too many "distractions" in the news this week. It's hard to know whether to focus on the fiasco in the Senate or the fiasco in Copenhagen. Maybe this confusion was all planned. Maybe the White House "coach" Knute Emmanuel wrote it up on the blackboard like this last Sunday: "the double-fake end-around Student-Senate-body-Left play":

President in the shot-gun; Left end (Reid) and right end (Nelson) criss-cross behind the President, who does a fake Statue of Liberty play, and as the entire line pulls to the left, President does a naked run to daylight, in Denmark.

On the actual play, the President muffed the snap, Reid and Nelson collide head-on, and Reid falls unconscious on top of the fumble. The center, Al Gore, is flagged and kicked out of the game for trying to beat the crap out of the other team's nose guard, Senator Inhofe. Al cancels his trip to Denmark, and the President "delays" his trip.

Sorry, but the words in the paragraph above are a take-off on an actual statement made by a "scientist." We may be witnessing the end of Science as we know it. The "promoters" of global warming say that we are entitled to our "opinions" (sounds "tolerant"), but not our own "facts" (because the "experts" such as the CRU will TELL us what the "facts" are). If your "opinions" come down on the opposite side of their "facts," they may even try to get your PhD degree "recalled" by your university.

"The next time I see Pat Michaels at a scientific meeting, I'll be tempted to beat the crap out of him."

So said a global warming "promoter" about a "skeptic" with his "own opinions." You can read this story at MacIver Institute or via the SykesWrites blog at . Some "prominent Climatologists" are asking the University of Wisconsin to "revoke" his PhD in ecological climatology (1979).

A story in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Nov. 29, 09) — after ignoring the story [East Anglia University] for 10 days — said:

"Was data shielded?

The most serious criticisms leveled at the authors of the e-mail messages revolve whether the correspondence reveals efforts by scientists to shield raw data, preventing it from being examined by independent researchers, [and] whether disclosed documents, said to be from the stolen cache, prove that the data underlying climate scientists' conclusions about warming are murkier than the scientist have said; and whether the e-mail messages indicated that climate scientists tried to prevent the publication of papers written by climate skeptics. "

Thus, "alleged" indiscretions by "warming promoters" are murkier than previously known, and therefore poo-pooed; attempts are made to ruin the careers of anyone who doesn't parrot the approved party line (Pat Michaels was a contributing author and "peer reviewer" on the UN Intergovernmental panel on climate change).

WHY SUCH AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE TO A "SKEPTIC"? I thought that skepticism was what "science" was all about, but now you have to follow the [research] money! Unless your own logic is on shaky ground, there is no need to mis-characterize your opponent in an argument. When you have all the trump, you can afford to be courteous to your opposition. If you have Truth on your side, you don't have to try to "revoke" the doctorate of one of your opponents.


You fill in the blanks. You connect the dots. I don't have to tell you what to think (like Al Gore does). I don't think you're STUPID, the way the enviro-MENTALS do. Or the way the health "reformers" think of us.

By the way, Thomas Jefferson once said that governments should not make major policy changes on "slender majorities" — such as the current situation in Congress. And they don't even have a majority of support in the country anymore. SO THEY WANT TO PASS THEIR CHANGES "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" (originally they wanted "health reform" to pass before Labor Day).

P.S. I heard a joke about Senator Reid recently. He was feeling depressed by delays in the Sophist agenda, and his own dropping poll numbers (he probably couldn't carry Nevada if he tore it out of an atlas). Anyway, he called Suicide Hotline, but ended up talking to a call center in Pakistan. When he told them he was feeling suicidal, they got all excited and asked him if he knew how to drive a truck.

PPS: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Party (er, their beliefs). However, now is NOT the time for splinter movements to devolve into more and more splinter movements. That is to say, traditionalists, Constitutionalists, and other Independents need to "hang together" on the important things. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO MAJOR IN THE "MINORS"!

The bottom line is, the Liberals LIE like a rug. We need to yank the rug out from under them, but we can't do that if we are bickering among ourselves over mere trivia. Enough said?

More to come. Excuse me, but I have to go shovel snow.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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