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August 23, 2023
PETER LABARBERA — With new COVID variants, including BA.2.86 and EG.5, in the news, the same media and activists on the Left who were most fanatical about masks and other heavy-handed COVID policies during the pandemic are now pushing mask mandates again. Conservatives warned it could be a precursor to a return to oppression in the name of fighting COVID, and vowed collectively not to "comply."... (more)

August 21, 2023
PJ MEDIA — If you’ve read my stuff before, you know I’ve taken it upon myself to be the Paul Revere of the Great Reset, if Paul Revere drove a 2005 Mazda Tribute. #HateToBrag. Klaus Schwab and his evil teams of toilet people aren’t trying to hide their plans for global domination. Quite the contrary, they write and speak openly about how they intend to impound our cars and purloin our sirloin for cleaner clouds or something.... (more)

August 21, 2023
DICK MORRIS — Whenever an inexperienced neophyte runs for president and ventures into foreign policy, he almost always puts his foot in his mouth due to ignorance and lack of preparation. Now Vivek Ramaswamy, an interesting candidate, has made a big blunder by calling for a cut in U.S. aid to Israel. He even wants its hostile Arab neighbors to get U.S. aid equal to what Israel gets.... (more)

August 21, 2023
YOUTUBE — Russian-American Lex Fridman – a computer scientist, podcaster, and artificial intelligence researcher – interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr. about who God is and how a person can know Him. Fridman is a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.... (more)

August 20, 2023
FOX NEWS — Kevin Sorbo opened up about being canceled in Hollywood for years because of his Christian beliefs and conservative views. The 64-year-old actor skyrocketed to international fame when he starred as the Greek demigod Hercules in the hit show "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" for six seasons from 1995 to 1999.... (more)

August 20, 2023
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is being lauded by conservatives across social media after posting his 10 "truths" to X. "1. God is real," he began the list. "2. There are two genders. 3. Human flourishing requires fossil fuels. 4. Reverse racism is racism. 5. An open border is no border..."... (more)

August 20, 2023
WORLDNETDAILY — The CIA is being sued over helping the Joe Biden campaign in 2020 unleash the so-called "Dirty 51" letter through which a list of former intelligence officials sought to interfere in the election by describing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as Russian disinformation.... (more)

August 20, 2023
WAYNE ALLYN ROOT — Folks, now you know it. I know it. Everyone with a brain knows it. Even Democrats (deep down) know it. The 2020 election was stolen. The debate is over. How do I know? Because both the feds and Georgia just indicted our former President Donald Trump for talking about, questioning, and trying to investigate a stolen election. When the communist thugs, bullies and tyrants make it a crime to question a stolen election, in a country built around free speech, it's 100% proof they stole the election.... (more)

August 20, 2023
BOB UNRUH — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has released a bombshell about the latest indictment, from the state of Georgia, of President Donald Trump. That indictment, which critics have charged makes it illegal to make a phone call or hold a meeting, claims that Trump and more than a dozen others engaged in illegal actions to contest the 2020 election results.... (more)

August 19, 2023
WORLDNETDAILY — Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said new documents involving Joe and Hunter Biden were a “smoking gun and the bloody knife” Thursday. Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, demanded access to documents from then-Vice President Joe Biden’s emails Thursday in a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration. A May 26, 2016, email to one of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s pseudonyms discussed an upcoming meeting with then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.... (more)

August 18, 2023

August 18, 2023
JERRY NEWCOMBE — Last week, in scanning various headlines, I was delighted to see—among all the bad news—this story: “George Washington’s 110 Rules of Civility.” The link they have brings the reader to the Mount Vernon website. This isn’t advice George Washington doled out. Rather, it’s a series of aphorisms that he learned as a youth that greatly impacted his life. If you want to know what made the father of our country tick, read the “Rules of Civility.”... (more)

August 18, 2023
TWITTER — In the Aug. 17 episode of "Tucker on Twitter," Tucker Carlson and GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy explored a wide range of issues, but focused mainly on the urgent need for Americans — especially American youth — to awaken to what it means to be an American.... (more)

August 17, 2023
JOSEPH FARAH — See how easy it is to sue the government and Google for censoring all of us? All it takes is a little money and the will to do it. Like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A federal magistrate judge has set an emergency hearing on Kennedy request for a temporary restraining order barring Google from censoring his speech on YouTube during the 2024 campaign. Kennedy, a candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court Northern District of California against Google, LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary YouTube, LLC, last week.... (more)

August 17, 2023
THE FEDERALIST — Hillary Clinton — the woman who to this day denies the results of the 2016 election and whose campaign is responsible for the treasonous Russia-collusion hoax — should be facing her own criminal election “conspiracy” charges, instead of cheering on the Fulton County, Georgia, indictment against former President Donald Trump and 18 of his lawyers and advisers for challenging the 2020 election.... (more)

August 15, 2023
ANGEL STUDIOS — Sound of Freedom is a powerful film based on a true story. It depicts the remarkable journey of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent, as he battles against human trafficking. His relentless pursuit of justice exposes the dark underbelly of this global crime, leaving an indelible impact on the fight for freedom.... (more)

August 15, 2023
DEBRA HEINE — A grand jury in Georgia voted to indict Donald Trump on Monday over his efforts to expose the 2020 election fraud in the state and reverse his loss. The 41-count indictment levied by Fani Willis, the District Attorney for Georgia’s Fulton County, includes: violating the Georgia RICO Act; Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer; Conspiracy to Commit Impersonating a Public Officer; Conspiracy to Commit Forgery in the First Degree; Conspiracy to Commit False Statements and Writings; Conspiracy to Commit Filing False Documents; Conspiracy to Commit Forgery in the First Degree; Filing False Documents; and Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer.... (more)

August 14, 2023
YOUTUBE — Voddie Baucham appeared on the Ben Shapiro Show and discussed many topics, masculinity, manhood, politics, and more. However, towards the end of the conversation, Ben Shapiro asked Voddie what his response would be if an atheist argued against the existence of God. Voddie proceeded with his response and shocked Ben Shapiro!... (more)

August 13, 2023
WORLDNETDAILY — A U.S. senator is reviving debate over the COVID pandemic, alleging on national television the health catastrophe was "pre-planned by an elite group of people" intended "for our loss of freedom." The remarks from Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., came during an interview with Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business Network on Friday. Bartiromo lamented about information suppression by the federal government as well as Big Tech.... (more)

August 13, 2023
THE FEDERALIST — It turns out the FBI memo targeting Catholics as potential domestic terrorists wasn’t limited to “a single field office,” as FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed under oath last month to Congress. In addition to the Richmond, Virginia, field office, the agency’s Los Angeles and Portland offices were also involved.... (more)

August 13, 2023
YOUTUBE — Dr. John MacArthur and Ben Shapiro had a very good conversation and this is one of the most significant portions of their chat. Here, we learn about how Jesus was the fulfillment of the Old Testament’s prophecies about Israel’s Messiah. Also, you get of glimpse of John MacArthur’s heart as he shares the necessity for belief in Christ with Ben Shapiro. I hope that you enjoy this! Please like, share, comment, to these videos and don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications, so that you can get updates for when we load new content. God bless!... (more)

August 13, 2023
PJ MEDIA — The so-called “inclusive” Democratic Party is slamming Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson simply because he’s not supporting President Joe Biden in 2024. Oh, how inclusive they are — only when you agree with them. On X, formerly known as Twitter, liberals unleashed a tsunami of attacks directed at Harrelson for supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The famed Hollywood actor posted a photo of himself wearing a “Kennedy 2024” hat alongside RFK’s wife, Cheryl Hines, who posted the photo on her Instagram. Annoyed liberals began denouncing Harrelson upon seeing the photo.... (more)

August 13, 2023
TRISTAN JUSTICE — In a brazen attempt to stonewall Congress and run interference for the Biden family, Attorney General Merrick Garland promoted the architect of Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal to special counsel under the Department of Justice. On Friday, Garland announced Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss would oversee an “ongoing” criminal investigation into Hunter Biden with new federal protections.... (more)

August 12, 2023
PJ MEDIA — Who is Barack Obama? You’d think a guy who’s penned three memoirs and is the subject of several authorized and unauthorized biographies would be an open book, but he isn’t, as most sentient Americans know. But now we’re learning more. A recent story in Tablet Magazine by David Samuels, which includes an interview with one of Obama’s biographers, David J. Garrow, gives us some clues about America’s first half-black, half-white president and why he has meticulously hidden details of his life from the American people.... (more)

August 12, 2023
TOWNHALL — After his sweetheart plea deal fell apart in federal court last month, Hunter Biden and his attorneys have been in negotiations with the Department of Justice to come up with something new. Previously Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and a diversion program for illegal possession of a firearm (usually a felony offense). Violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act were suspiciously absent from the charges given the millions of dollars Hunter raked in from foreign companies and governments.... (more)


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