Steve A. Stone
What do we do now?
By Steve A. Stone
July 25, 2020

Dear Friends and Patriots,

We’re watching quite a show on our TVs aren’t we? That is, those of us who don’t live in a major U.S. city. Those who do are seeing the realities of street violence up close and personal. If you want to get a live experience in what riots are all about, there are some of you who only have to make a short trip in your car and walk a few blocks. I don’t envy you. What I see on TV is more than enough.

There are a few obvious questions to ask today. Some, like “When will this stop?” are obvious. Others, like “What could we have done to prevent all this?”, aren’t. I want to dwell on those two questions a bit, and a few more. I’ll try to do it in a way that’s easy to follow. Those of you who were or are school teachers may grade my effort. I’m striving for an “A” here. Tell me how close I come.

To understand today, you have to understand a lot of the past. You have to understand the very basis of our nation’s founding; progressivism and the history of the progressive movement; the history of the international communist movement; the history of the Democratic Party, especially from the administration of President Woodrow Wilson to now; LBJ’s Great Society programs and their social effects; the rise of globalism and the New World Order conspiracies; Agenda 21/2030; The Green New Deal; and countless more aspects of history and individual facts. The scenes, acts, and statements we are hearing today didn’t have their genesis with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. They’re deeply rooted in our history and struggle as a nation to be true to the promises of our founding.

For some years now, I’ve heard people state that “Washington D.C. can’t be fixed until we restore God to our government.” That statement always made me a bit uneasy, but I’ve come to realize my unease was more due to being raised as a progressive than anything else. As a “boomer” who went through middle and high school in the ‘60s, I was indoctrinated to believe it was bad to co-mingle religion and politics. Today, I realize the highest courts in the land were infected with progressivism by the 60s, and we all see the results of the errors of their thought and the damage it’s done to our social fabric. Today, I tend to agree more and more that we should have a government more like the one we started out with—one firmly rooted in the belief that all good things come from God and that to ignore His will is to put all in peril.

The Declaration of Independence references God in various ways, but leaves no doubt of His influence. It makes overt statements about the rights of man and declares that those rights are intrinsic, God-given, and natural. In making those statements, The Declaration traces its philosophic roots backward in time, through British Common Law and to the Holy Bible. It’s impossible not to understand the connection if you just contemplate the origins of the thoughts expressed. The Declaration of Independence is the philosophic foundation of our nation’s legal system, but by its etymology, we should all understand that we owe it all to the Holy Bible. Without the existence of that book, there would never have been a United States of America.

The Declaration of Independence itself is the first component of the primary law of our land. Look in U.S. Code, Volume 1. The first thing you see is The Declaration of Independence. Most people don’t know that. They know of The Declaration, and they may know that it rests in a nitrogen-filled case in the National Archives in Washington, but most people have never actually read it, and they don’t know its standing as primary law. Those rioters and demonstrators don’t know it—that much I can guarantee. In not understanding The Declaration, they also don’t understand the true nature of America as an expression of Judeo-Christian philosophy and belief. The vast majority of those people we now see rampaging in our streets are not at fault in this regard. They were never told; never taught. They’re acting out in ignorance. They weren’t taught the principles of freedom and liberty as natural rights. They weren’t taught anything about natural rights. They were taught about rights, but only from a distorted aspect. They were taught about their individual rights under existing law, without any referencing to where those rights come from and that they are the same rights held by all. In other words, today’s young people grow up being taught their rights to the exclusion of everyone else’s, as if they are the only living beings that matter. They’re incredibly selfish in that respect.

How did the latest generation (perhaps we should call them a de-generation) arrive where they’re at? You who read my research know well. They were brought to this point by a decades-long effort, according to a well-conceived plan. They’re all products of their education; their indoctrination. The progressive indoctrination provided to them in public schools helped turn them into self-hating little Marxists and believers in their personal victimhood. There are other factors, too. Lots of them were latchkey or virtual latchkey kids. They either didn’t have two-parent homes or their parents both worked and they were forced to raise themselves, sitting in front of their TVs playing video games.

I’ve just told you three factors that play into today’s scenes on the streets. You caught that, didn’t you? Those people are disconnected from the reality of America’s founding, purpose, and principles. They were indoctrinated in public schools and subtly taught to hate themselves and to hate America. And they mostly come from dysfunctional homes. There are also some who were raised and educated very well as youths, but were sent off by unwitting parents to attend major colleges and universities, only to be fully indoctrinated there. For our young people, there are few escapes. Their only hope is in having strong-enough wills to reject the mind games the education system plays, or having parents who know what they’re doing and who are continuously involved in the lives of their children.

I wish to pause for a bit of an aside. I wholly condemn the education system of America. It’s a system that is so tainted by progressive socialist dogma that it deserves to be totally shut down and started anew. But while I condemn the system, I know to a certainty there are many teachers and professors within the system who are giving it their dead-level best. They are teachers and professors who ignore the requirements placed on them to systematically indoctrinate their students. They labor in incredibly difficult circumstances, always under threat. Those people are our hope of a re-born education system—assuming we can ever kill off what we have now.

We all want to know when the current violence, arson, looting, and vandalism in the streets are going to end. There are three scenarios.

The first scenario depends on the outcome of the November general elections. If President Trump loses and we wake up after Election Day to find the Democrats have managed to prevail, we’ll watch all the chaos we’re experiencing now melt away within a few short days. We will witness a transition from riots to street parties as the Marxist minions of the democratic socialists begin to celebrate their total takeover. They’ll even change the referencing for the experiences we’ve had for most of this year. If it comes to pass that they assume power, they will reference 2020 as the year of their great revolution. The Marxist loons will want credit in future histories for the transition of the U.S. government to a “new normal,” a rapidly growing socialist state.

Another scenario is one where the current administration begins to take aggressive actions to put down what can only be properly described as an insurrection—a planned rebellion. The Trump administration could begin to reference the violence using those terms, as well as to call it the early stages of a nationwide civil war that must be suppressed at all cost. It’s not certain that scenario could succeed in the time left between now and November, and it’s also uncertain whether any peace gained by that level of federal aggression would be lasting. It could have a bit of a boomerang effect and we could end up with violence with a broader base of support. There’s just no certainty to it.

The third scenario is one that might play out if President Trump is re-elected. In that scenario, the street violence will persist and quite possibly grow. At some point, it could spill out of the current Democrat-controlled enclaves and begin to manifest in other cities and other areas of the country. That scenario could have the unintended consequence of spurring a counter-insurgency movement by citizen-militias. Instead of the current level of violence abating, a successful Trump campaign and re-election could result in early 2021 being more violent than now. But, it would end fairly soon. I have trust in our nation’s patriots.

When you stand back and think about those three scenarios, you have to accept the truth that no matter what happens in November, the people of the country are in for some mighty hard days. It’s difficult to pick a "best"’ scenario. There is only a "better" one.

Some of you might have thought I was going to use the term “martial law.” There’s no point in bringing that into the conversation. Martial law can only be invoked by an act of Congress, and with the house in Democrats’ hands, that just isn’t going to happen. Half the country could be burning down and Nancy Pelosi and her friends still wouldn’t invoke martial law. To do so would work against their chosen interests. They want Trump gone. If half the country has to suffer to accomplish that, then so be it.

The true answer to “When is it going to stop?” is…whenever the administration finds an unassailable way to take forceful action and quell the unrest, or when a Democratic Party candidate wins the Presidency. You tell me when it will end. It’s too early for me to know. If I had my way, the answer would be “sometime next week.” I have a suspicion that President Trump may do something really unusual that will result in years-worth of court actions. It could be that he’s just the guy to ignore all the quivering ninnies around him and take decisive and forceful action. We will just have to wait and see.

The answer to the question of prevention is only a rhetorical one. To have prevented the scenes of today, we’d have had to have understood six decades ago where we were heading. Not that there weren’t people back then who didn’t, but they were ignored and called Chicken Littles and conspiracy theorists. The current unrest was predicted many years ago, and I’ve been predicting it myself for all of Trump’s time in office. If our education system had not fallen prey to the progressives and become the totally perverted mess it currently is, perhaps we would be enjoying an entirely different reality. But, that’s just not how things played out, and we have to deal with what we have the best way we can.

That leaves us with yet another question, “How do we undo all this?” That could be the most important question of all, and the most difficult to achieve. It depends on the end state that’s sought. My preferred end state would take the country back to a model that looks a lot like America did in 1850, minus many of the social errors we had then. That was a time when the principles of freedom and liberty were widely understood and appreciated by all—especially those who didn’t have it. We don’t want to undo the good things we’ve accomplished since then, but we might hold national debates on just what those good things are before we decide they’re worth keeping. A lot of “good” turned out to be not so good. My thoughts turn to the national welfare state that was created and how in many cases the violence of today has roots in the details of those federal programs. To undo all the harm, our nation must first understand what is "right" and what is "wrong," and use definitions of those words that were operative long before the progressives entered the picture. We may have to purify our language so people can once again speak to each other about important things with perfect clarity and mutual understanding. We can’t do that now. We must also educate all our citizens so they can truly understand the reasons for and philosophy of our nation’s founding. We have to get buy-in on the truth that the promises of America have always been promises for all. We will have to re-create our education systems and re-train our teachers and professors, so they know that to produce good, loyal, and useful citizens, we can no longer allow our classrooms to indoctrinate in other governmental and economic models that have never demonstrated themselves to be better than our own.

It may take a heavy hand to get the ship of state turned around and on course once again. It may create a lot of psychic pain for many. We’ve been in an extended period where progressives have waged a war for our attention and our minds. The evidence that they’ve almost won that war is all around us. Nothing we see today that we think of as “crazy” is either crazy or accidental. Every aspect of the current social unrest has a defined purpose, assigned agents, and a planned outcome. We are all engaged in a low-level civil war, and the sooner everyone wakes up and admits it, the sooner the war will end.

President Trump is the key to all that’s happening. His election was the spark that set off the current chaos. He’s also the key to ending it all and setting our country back on its intended course. I’m certain he understands that. He can be a very odd person in many respects, but he fully appreciates his place in history and appears to be working mightily to take full advantage of it. He needs all of us to help. No single human can restore an entire society all by themselves. It requires the support and effort of a majority of citizens to do that. But we have to begin at the beginning, which requires understanding of what is fundamentally wrong. The current insurrection must end. Nothing good will happen as long as it goes on. Everyone should agree on that point, even if we can’t all agree on what "good" means.

Once peace is restored, we must agree on what is the most significant enabler of what we’ve experienced. My own sense of things tells me it’s the education system and the way it has indoctrinated young people in false ideologies and amorality. Some may believe our court systems are central to the problem. I don’t necessarily take issue with that, but regardless of whether that opinion is merited, average citizens can’t change it. The judiciary in question is comprised of people with lifetime appointments to the bench. That problem can only be fixed by those who have the power to alter the composition of the courts. President Trump has indicated that by November we should see about 300 new federal judges appointed across the land. He claims they’ve all been vetted to be constitutionalists. We should all hope so. If they are, then perhaps the judiciary will heal itself.

I contend education is the harder thing to fix, yet it is the most fundamental system for our entire society to focus upon. Our young have to be taught right if they’re to turn out right. The evidence of the truth of that is all around us. Just compare the ethos demonstrated by the so-called Greatest Generation to that of the Millennials. The differences are many and glaring, and they’re the work of the education system devised by progressive activists. If we are to see an America that once again comes close to being the one intended by our founders, we must purge the education system of all progressivist influences. If we have to shut every school, college, and university down to do that, then I am willing to shout out, “Close them all, that they might be rebuilt in ways that can serve the needs of the Constitution.” But understand this key point in the discussion—nothing will happen until President Trump clearly understands this problem. Today, I can’t say that’s so. It’s up to the people to ensure he does. So far, the peoples’ attention has directed him to other things. It’s up to us to gain the President’s attention and give him the understanding he needs. “Us” means everyone who’s reading these words, and perhaps a few million more.

There are two things I know for certain. One is the potential result of the November general election. If President Trump wins, we may have another four-year chance to put things to right. If President Trump loses, we may never again have that chance. The other thing I know is that we cannot continue as we have. To Keep America Great, we have to repair our foundation. That must begin today.

In Liberty,

Steve A. Stone

© Steve A. Stone


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