Linda Kimball
Satan’s NWO blueprint and Christian capitulation under the serpent’s consensus process
By Linda Kimball
May 23, 2020

“ does not matter how accommodating and tolerant and intelligent and reasonable and respectable you are, if you oppose abortion and homosexuality and socialism and support individual liberty within God’s moral order and civil society and, in particular, the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all things, no amount of laudable personal qualities will protect you from Leftist sneers of your palpable ignorance, retrogression, and callousness.” On Backing Into Our Covid-19 Convictions, P. Andrew Sandlin, Culture Change

Eph. 2:1-10 tells us why tolerance, accommodation, and reasonable intelligent conversation have absolutely no effect upon the pantheist Progressive Left and Godless Democrats. It is this: our actions and words cannot change the inner person of spiritually dead sons and daughters of Adam who follow the worldview's of the nations and of Satan, powers, and principalities. And because they are energized by Satan, they are 'sleepless,' meaning filled with a relentless predatory compulsions.

Though they boast that they are autonomous they are under the influence and control of Satan and his minions, the unseen organizers of a Godless World Order.

Satan's NWO Blueprint

In 1947 Julian Huxley, the head of UNESCO, wrote a book entitled, "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy." His book was a blueprint for an evolutionary mystical pantheist Godless World Order. It called for a single 'new' spirituality: a mixture of ancient wisdom traditions, occult science, mystical Eastern pantheism, evolution, reincarnation and karma together with international Gnostic Luciferian Masonry and Theosophy and other occult traditions. There would also be one language, and one way of thinking.

Huxley believed a global godless order could be brought about through the universal implementation of Hegel's Dialectic process:

"The task before to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose."

Huxley spoke of two antithetical worldviews or views of reality. The first is the two interfacing dimensions of matter, energy, and spirit, the worldview of the Word of God. In this view, Reality is the eternally existing Triune God Who spoke creation (created reality consisting of two interfacing dimensions) into existence and upholds it providentially. Man in this view is God’s image bearer.

The second view is the ancient one dimensional, mystical pantheist view reaching back to Babylon. This view holds that behind the physical world is reality: a divine energy field from which emanate creative evolutionary energies. In this view, the physical world is Maya, an illusion. Man, in this view, is not the image bearer of the Triune God but rather a product of evolution and reincarnation whose divine spark is constrained within evil physical matter.

These two antithetical worldviews, said Huxley, confront each other from the West and the East and must be reconciled:

"Can these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis? I believe...this can happen...through the inexorable dialectic of evolution." (

The concept of dialectics has been around for a long time. In the American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828, Noah Webster defined dialectics as:

"That branch of logic which teaches the rules and modes of reasoning."

Simply stated, dialectics refers to 'position' versus 'opposition' or 'thesis' versus 'antithesis,' or 'truth' versus 'falsehood.' By the traditional rules of conduct, if thesis is correct then it follows logically that antithesis is incorrect. But Georg Hegel, a pantheist and master magician in the occult Hermetic tradition, discarded the rules and turned the concept upside-down by equalizing thesis and antithesis resulting in New Truth. New Truth – a merging of truth and falsehood and/or evolutionary pantheism and supernatural Christian theism for example – is now found in something called 'synthesis,' or 'consensus,' the favored vernacular of Godless Democrats and pantheist Progressive Leftists ('new' Gnostic pagan elites).

Hegelian Dialectic is a perfect example of what J. Budziszewski, the author of "What We Can't Not Know" terms the "black magic spells of imposture and unraveling." Hegel's form of dialectics is an impostor. Its’ devilish purpose is to deceptively unravel the Word of God and then replace His Word with 'new truth' which is yet another impostor. The goal is an evolutionary humanist (pagan) version of Christianity.

The Devil’s Key Strategy

The foundation and key strategy of the consensus process is the knowledge that all people have an inherent fear of being alienated from the group. During sensitivity and diversity-training sessions, for example, skillful change-agents (facilitators) psychologically manipulate this fear to herd selected victims toward a preplanned conclusion that induces them to compromise both conscience and position. This is the consensus process in a nut shell, and when we hear Godless Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and Leftists calling for 'consensus,' they're really demanding that they be allowed to 'facilitate' the compromise of conscience which leads to the abandonment of the Word of God, Christian-based Western ideals, principles and traditions.

There are three steps to the consensus process: "Unfreezing the present level, moving to the new level, and freezing group life on the new level." In order to speed up the unfreezing phase, communists resorted to physical torture, shock 'therapy,' mind-altering drugs and other brutal techniques. In America, emotional pain, intimidation, and fear are precipitated by ridicule, shaming, threats of shunning and vicious psychological bullying in myriad forms: cruel character assassination, destructive criticism, accusations of stupidity and insanity; labeling (i.e., homophobe, bigot, anti-science idiot), spreading lies, and emotional blackmail. Until total control is achieved, psychological bullying will remain the preferred method.

There are four key elements necessary for a successful 'consensus process' operation. They are:

    1. Multicultural and/or diverse empowered and privileged groups: LGBTQ+, people of color, illegals, and Muslims for instance. Academia, Godless politicians, and the American Pravda (mainstream media) keep these groups fired up with hatred, resentment and envy — necessary for causing social conflict

    2. A traditional religious, social or cultural issue around which conflict can be created. For example, so-called ‘white privilege,’ Genesis creation account, Christmas, traditional marriage, and male-female sex norms. These are demonized as social constructs, anti-science, 'unfair, insane, exclusionary, insensitive, intolerant, racist, homophobic, and hurtful' to diverse groups.

    3. The illusory dialoguing to consensus process.

    4. The predetermined outcome. For example: the Genesis account rejected in favor of evolutionary conceptions, Christmas parades successfully recast as "Festival of Lights" or "Winter Holiday;" sodomy, bestiality, pedophilia, pederasty, and incest recast as normal and worthy of being taught to our children; and the two created sexes male and female lost in an unfolding menu of evolving LGBTQ+ genders, and traditional marriage compromised by LGBTQ+ alternative unions.

The serpents consensus process has been so successful at unraveling and diminishing the West's traditional Christian based culture that here in America for example, anti-creation evolutionary conceptions now dominate our culture at every level of society and are increasingly embraced by compromising theologians. Prayers have been banned from government on all levels as well as from schools and increasingly from public areas. Faithful Christians have been sued into poverty, lost their jobs, been jailed, and their children harassed and even suspended for daring to express their Christian beliefs in any way

The devil’s serpent-powered human tools concur:

"We have battled in America since the century's turn to bring to nothing...all Christian influences and we are succeeding. You must work until officials of city, county, and state will not think twice before they pounce upon religious groups as public enemies. (there must) be a...foaming hatred of religion...a belief that Christian practice is vicious, bad, insanity causing, publicly hated and intolerable." (Red Communist Textbook on Psychopolitics, Laventi Beria, Stalin's right-hand man)

To come under the sleepless predation of Satan’s human tools can be likened to coming under the burning lidless gaze of Sauron. Sauron drives his enflamed predatory tools ever onward, setting traps, digging pits, laying down snares for prey. Thus we must always be vigilant while we keep in mind that the devil and his tools of evil are already defeated. Their end is known. In the meantime the faithful are reminded not to be:

"…surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” 1 Peter: 12-14

Previously published as Hegel's Dialectic: Erasing Christianity and America through the Consensus-Process

Linda writes on worldview and related subjects.

© Linda Kimball


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