Curtis Dahlgren
College Orientation 2014: "Bak 2 skul," (part 4)
By Curtis Dahlgren
September 17, 2014

"Can you look an honest man or a pure woman straight in the eye?" – college professor (years ago)

THE ROLLING STONE isn't about the Resurrection, but I found two articles of interest in the "Country Issue" (June 19th). First, the one about the campus rape "epidemic":

"April 4th, 2004, is a day Laura has never forgotten. That was the day the Midwestern preacher's daughter who didn't believe in sex before marriage says she lost her virginity to not one but two University of Wisconsin-Madison athletes. [She] was a freshman member of the crew team, attending a boozy frat bash . . "

She met the two the next day to "talk" and one admitted to rape, but the other said, "No, it was a threesome. It was great."

"The times they are a-changin'" warned the 1960s folk music, but this is getting ridiculous! The class of 2018 sees itself as the most highly evolved class to ever grace a campus (because they have a lot of sexual "experience" and have been playing video games instead of reading the Classic?), but some of them don't even know that rape is illegal, let alone a felony.

What's the deal about alcohol and sexual violence? Back in the 50s and early 60s my peers could buy beer legally but I had never heard of a "campus rape." Despite the teen bars, many kids didn't even kiss on a first date; NOW members of both genders are possibly INSULTED if they don't get sex on any "date" (that term has even been changed to something else).

I am dubious of the statistics reported (gays are less than two percent, not the alleged 10%). However, no matter the actual rape stats, even one rape is a tragedy. Since the government has made it a Federal case, institutions of "Higher" learning are starting to take it more seriously. Thus college orientations include the warning "Beware therapists" (I mean, beware "the rapists"), a sad commentary on post-Christian society.

How's that sexual revolution working out for us? I was at the U.W. in 1960, and the professors were already preaching that we "musn't" make VALUE judgments. I took that to mean anything goes, and if you get a girl pregnant there is no stigma to it anymore. I went back to the U.W. in 1970; by then the profs and teaching assistants were pushing for liberalized abortion (wonder why?). With the coming of Roe v. Wade, the term "shotgun wedding" became a thing of the past. The only stigma left was he said-she said campus rapes. That and nicknames such as the Redskins.

At least 55 colleges and universities have been investigated over cases of "botched" rape (a rape "gone bad" I guess). We're talking "bad P.R." of course. If rape is an "epidemic," thank you Hugh Hefner and the rest of you porn makers.

Well, bottom line, is the glass half full or half empty? If the educrats are taking rape seriously, that's a come-back for "VALUE judgments," and they may be on the same page as Billy Graham – though not in the same book! It's a Federal issue because when the government outlaws God, government BECOMES GOD (as someone once said).

The second article in Rolling Stone that I noticed was the next one about Miranda Lambert ("Gunpowder & Girl Power"). The only thing sexy about it was a couple of horses, and there was nothing dirty in it except that one word we country folk have a hard time not saying (it's a synonym for "manure"). The juxtaposition of the two articles was, like, a metaphor for the difference between college towns such as Austin and Miranda's hometown of Lindale, Texas. As an aside, that's the only region of Texas that I'm familiar with, but anyway, she now lives in southern Oklahoma. The Rolling Stone meets flyover country. Starbucks meets LATTE DA.

The main difference between city folk and true country is the humor. Big city people have to pay for their humor at the comedy club, but it comes naturally to us rural folks. We like to laugh at ourselves in fact. Miranda tells the story about hearing a noise in the middle of the night once. She and hubby Blake jumped out of bed with their guns drawn. It turned out to be their new ice machine. What will technology think of next, eh?

She tells about a store in town with a sign in the window that says people can come in and look around; if they find something they want to buy they can call the phone number on the sign. Reminds me of the town near my house in the North woods – 13 churches and one saloon. The forces of evil haven't won yet. They just think they have, which is why they take themselves so seriously.

The only connection between the Lambert article and the campus rape one is that her parents were private detectives and were once hired to work on the Paula Jones case during the Clinton era. "Wanna see some goats?" Lambert asks.

P.S. What's the real answer if there's a "rape epidemic" on campi? Well, I recall an ancient scripture that says:


That may be a paraphrase.

More to come.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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