Curtis Dahlgren
WHO RAISED THE PRICE OF GASOLINE? (fantastic facts, part 2)
By Curtis Dahlgren
March 24, 2012

"If you missed my column last week, shame, shame." — CD

"WHO RAISED THE PRICE OF FOOD?" [not me, said the little red hen]

"WHO RAISED THE PRICE OF CORN?" [not me, said the ethanol industry]

"WHO RAISED THE PRICE OF GASOLINE?" [not me! says President Oboma]

"FIVE DOLLAR GAS IS JUST RIGHT." — the energy secretary

Last week I told the true story about driving from Wisconsin to Georgia — and back — on $14 worth of gas in the 1960s. I drove from Wisconsin to Florida in a pickup truck on $20 worth of fuel in the 1980s.

And in January 2009, a gallon of gas averaged $1.83 or $1.84 per gallon (actually lower, adjusted for inflation, than when Pres. GW Bush was innaugurated). I'm nearly 70, but the last three years are the only time I've ever seen gasoline and diesel rise by almost $2.50 a gallon.

[One more thing about that 1963 trip: the Interstate highway system wasn't completed yet, so that trip wasn't all "road miles"; parts of it were on 2-lane roads, and right through towns and cities. Shoot, we wouldn't be able to afford the Interstate system today if we had to build it with Cats burning fuel at nearly 20 times the going rate of the early 60s.]

WELL — on Monday this week the Prez was saying that "there's no silver bullet" on energy issues, but by Thursday he was in Oklahoma falsely claiming credit for a pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas — one not directly connected to the proposed Keystone pipe from Canada. This section was to cure a bottleneck in the existing system of pipelines. It was already in the works, and da Prez couldn't have stopped it if he had wanted to. He flew on to New Mexico to glom onto some other petroleum project that he had nothing to do with (and we pay for his jet fuel, too). Most of the "drilling" going on now is under permits issued during the Bush administration).

In other words, when gas prices double, it's not the President's fault, but watch him take credit for a temporary drop later this year — even if he has to tap into the Strategic Oil Reserve. And such an action is a violation of the letter and the spirit of the law that establiched the S.O.R. (the President's election chances are NOT an "emergency," even if they're starting to look worse than Jay Carney ever imagines).

[This is the same Administration that lent billions to Mexico and Brazil for drilling in the Gulf and the Atlantic, but refuses to okay permits for American companies.]

Rush Limbaugh the other day said, "The Truth may not be powerful enough to stop these people!"

Trouble is, the Left fights logic with emotion (raw statistics are "just numbers"); and when the Right tries to show a little passion, the Left goes like, "Why are you so
angry — you sexist S.O.B. pig?"

My cousin used to say, "What's the world becoming to?" Political campaiging is becoming a vicious soap opera called "AS THE WORLD BURNS."

: Sorry about the length of this column, but I want to include a rerun of one I wrote nearly a year ago. I saw a man walking along the road with a bag over his shoulder yesterday. He wasn't a bum; he just picking up aluminum cans to pay for gasoline, etc.

"PRAVDA NYET IZVESTIA; applying some logic to gasoline prices" (4/29/11)

"Pravda nyet izvestia; izvestia neyt pravda" ['News isn't truth; truth isn't news'] — saying in the old Soveit Union

BRACE YOURSELF. A huge disinformation campaign is coming. The Media Research Center says that it studied 280 "news" stories about rising fuel prices and that only 3 of them mentioned any possible connection between the White House "green" policies and the price of gasoline. "Not our fault!" they are going to say. "There's just too much 'gouging' going on out there." HOWEVER:

"Supply goes up, prices go down; supply goes down, prices go up." That's all one essentially needs to know about the economics of oil and gas prices, but here are a few additional thoughts.

While fighting global cooling with my wood stove these days, I've been burning some old newspapers and ran across a very interesting USA TODAY — Feb. 22, 2007 — and the article "Crude oil prices climb above $60 a barrel":

"Oil prices jumped Wednesday, topping $60 a barrel for the first time this year as a series of closings at oil fields and refineries combined to spark some supply jitters . . .

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke last week credited lower oil prices with helping to lower the inflation rate and boost the economy . . . Despite the gains of the past month, oil prices are still far from the record, not adjusted for inflation, of $77 hit in July . . .

"The nationwide average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $2.28 Wednesday."

WOW! Gas was less than $2.30 a gallon in 2007, seven years into the Bush 43 Administration!! Gas averaged $1.84 when Oboma was innaugurated, but it is over twice that high after two years of "Green Energy" — over four dollars a gallon and still rising!

In the 2006-07 period, Nancy Pelosi was blaming "high" gas prices on, quote, "a government run for the oil companies," unquote. A few days ago, a friend of mine was still blaming Bush — over four years later — for today's $4 gas, because "the Bushes were oil men." I don't want to embarrass my friend, but he probably doesn't read newspapers anyway (some of our most 'outspoken' people never do).


But think about it: "Oil men" make money selling petroleum, and they sell more when the price is low. Companies such as Halliburton make money on sales and service of oil drilling equipment, and the less drilling, the less money they make (while the more drilling, the greater the supply of oil, meaning lower prices at the pump).

Those oil companies prefer lower crude oil prices — and stable prices — because they have to buy oil on the world market too, you know. The less they are allowed to drill for, the more crude they have to purchase.

And we all know that the Obama Administration is discouraging drilling (not by Brazil or China or Cuba — 60 miles off Key West, Florida but by American companies). The other day he even hinted that our "oil men" may be engaging in price gouging. He knows better, but he's hoping half of the population doesn't know any better. By the way, speculators on oil futures are not exactly the same people as the explorers for more oil.

The speculators could be reined in a little, but the Prez will be railing on "Big Oil's" profits, but what is a profit in that business? Profit is a future exploration dollar that just hasn't been spent as of yet! And the more that the government restricts drilling, the more he can rail on those "profits."

After spending four billion dollars on leases and permit applications, Shell may have to abandon hope of drilling off the coast of Alaska — on account of a town with a population of 240–70 miles away from the drill site! How many other companies are losing billions sitting on unused leases and drill rigs while the EPA, et al, sit on permit applications?

But the Prez says we will be the "number one customer" for the Brazilian project he is financing with our dollars (the dollars that are shrinking in value every day).

Wholesale food prices jumped 3.9 percent in February (due to transportation costs as well as the production of ethanol from corn). In his mind, the President thinks his "greenie" agenda trumps life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (the right to drive your car where you want to drive it). The camping and tourism industry is going to die on the vine.

In an article by Jon Rappoport at (2/21/11), he said that "in order to make the dream of alternative energy come true . . gas at the pump has to go up to around eight dollars a gallon . . Globalists are devoted , of course, to alternative energies like solar, wind, geothermal — not because they're affordable, but because they level the playing field for nations, and put U.S. industry under the gun. Real globalists don't want more energy, they want less.

"The game isn't a tough one to play. Stop offshore drilling in the U.S., put oil and gas producing U.S. lands into federal ownership, where they will sit there and produce nothing . . . Poof — 'affordable' alternative energy."

Just words? Just speeches? The President is a globlalist by his own words and actions, and he couldn't care less if the cost of energy "sky rockets" (the better to wean us off our so-called "oil addiction," he imagines).

Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe [and blame it on Big Oil (he was thinking)]." **

Liberals have been saying openly for years that we should be "more like Europe" and they mean it! Obama's good friend George Soros, in 2006, said:

"The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States."

That's the same man who collapsed the British pound in 1992. With friends like this, we don't need more enemies, do we? He means that a STRONG USA is an obstacle to the New World Order.

Enough said?

PPPS: **

[fwd from Media Research Center]


How deep is the Left-wing media in Obama's pocket? For the answer look no further than their lax, misleading coverage of the super-charged rise in gasoline prices.

The Media Research Center lifted the hood, and discovered that of the 280 oil price stories since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, only 3 bothered (a scant one percent) to make any connection between the administration's anti-oil policies — including their drilling moratorium...

[During the 8 yrs. of Bush, the "oil men" in the White House were always blamed for every rise in gas prices, no matter how temporary! What is wrong with this picture?

"Pravda nyet izvestia; investia nyet pravda."

© Curtis Dahlgren


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