Curtis Dahlgren
Misconceptions, miscarriages (of justice), and more "dumb" questions
By Curtis Dahlgren
May 3, 2009

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." — George Orwell

IT'S THE SECOND DAY OF MAY, AND OUR GROUNDHOG SAW HIS SHADOW. That means six more weeks of winter, and I have my wood stove going full blast. That's my way of saying, there are without exception, TWO sides to every issue (at least)!

BEFORE THE ELECTION, AN OBAMA VOTER SAID, "But isn't the great thing that we can disagree?" However, I was being told literally to stop "talking politics" in public; she didn't want to hear the reasons we didn't agree.

Janet Reno-Napolitano has included me out of the national "dialog," but she continues to allow people to carry swine flu across the Rubicon — er, I mean — the Rio Grande. I guess whether it's "Grand" or not depends on which side of the border you're coming from (ERs in Texas are being inundated with flu carriers). Doctors are even recommending that you NOT go to the ER if you think you have "swine" flu symptoms. How very enchanting!

As a typical senior citizen and "mossback" Traditionalist, I'm an "extremist" in Janet's book. Our perspectives are "dangerous." We who have been around a lot longer than Janet and the President are supposedly motivated by "hatred."

Orwell said, "Doublespeak means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them."

Liberals claim, while conservative speech on the radio should be limited, for them "freedom of speech" means the "right" to be HEARD — even on talk radio. This is the very definition of "cognitive dissonance" (a trait constantly attributed to conservatives)!

No one has an inherent "right to be heard" (as a writer, how well I know that), but now the Administration is working harder than anyone has ever worked to silence dissent. People are being played like the world's smallest Stradivarius. Every manufactured "crisis" is an excuse to silence political opposition to the flow of power from the local to the state to the federal government, and ultimately to the United Nations (or whatever form the New World Order finally takes).

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of the its victims may be the worst, said C.S. Lewis [quoted by Mark Levin, 4/28/09].

Like the street corner magic show, the hand is quicker than the eye of the beholders. We and our kids are being fleeced and they just love the man (the news media, at least). They "stop up their ears" when we speak. The founder of the Democrat party, Thomas Jefferson, is being drummed out of the party — while Senator Specter calls "too radical" the Pennsylvania conservatives who were about to beat him like a drum.

Or was it something I said? In my most previous column I said, "We're not 'angry'; we're FURIOUS." The next day Senator whatshisname threw his "weight" behind the radical Leftists who think that George Washington was nothing but a Timothy McVeigh.

So what do you think was the "headline-of-the-week"? For orgiastic liberal news reporters, it was the switching of Senator whats-his-name to the Democrat party and that enchanting "100 Days" news conference.

For me, the good news was a poll reported by the Associated Press at Yahoo news:

"By 55 to 38 percent, voters said they did not want their state to allow same-sex couples to marry?"


"Americans have mixed views on gay issues"! **

It's funny, but after the November elections, we didn't see any headlines saying "Blacks have mixed views on liberalism," even though 70-some percent of blacks voted against "gay marriage." Polls are usually funny — because if a poll asks "Should women be put in jail for having an abortion?" — the Associated Press and Senator whats-his-name would "inform" us that the pro-choice issue has been "settled" (a majority "favors" it) — never mind that the "women in jail" canard is a pure fabrication, a red herring — a strawman.

But if the poll were to ask, "Do you believe in unlimited abortion-on-demand," an honest headline would announce the very opposite conclusion.

The other strawman is that pro-lifers "favor" a theocracy, an "established" national religion. From 1789 to 1973, doctors could not legally perform an abortion except to save the life of the mother, and there was no Established religious denomination such as the Church of England (or Sharia law).

This column is primarily NOT an "opinion piece"; I try not to waste your time with things you already know, and I deal in FACTS. For example, the fact that there are more women active in the pro-life cause than men, that many atheists and agnostics also oppose abortion-on-demand strictly on human rights concerns, plus the fact that young women are now more pro-life than those of 20 years ago. IT'S NOT OVER YET.

President Reagan said, "Our time is now. If we carry the day and turn the tide, we can hope that as long as men speak of freedom and those who have protected it, they will remember us . . "

Mark Levin says that "the biggest tent is Freedom," but when one speaks of Freedom in the Obama era, people not only don't listen, their eyes glaze over!

Senator DeMint was being interviewed recently and when he said that the most important thing is still Freedom, the "reporter" said, "What's that?"

Newsweek says that the religion of the God we cling to is dying, but the Cult of the New, the Cult of Hope, is STRANGE THAT WE CAN BELIEVE IN. President Obama and the New World Order are going to 'save us all.' I predict that he'll be given credit for saving us from "swine" flu and fly-by-night terror ("the terror that flies by night"). Sounds like Hamas rockets, but that's another story.

It was "strange" to me that the first swine flu cases were in California and Texas and a Catholic school in New York City. New York City! And a parochial school yet!

A memo to Notre Dame: Do you really think that the Prez is going to be impressed by an honorary "Law" degree from a "theocratic" university? What he's really going for is a Nobel Prize for Inter-galactic weather control. And he probably doesn't even have the power to prevent his puppy from piddling in the Lincoln bedroom.

But we've "legally" and "constitutionally" turned over to him the power to run General Motors and Chrysler? Your local banks? Your local radio station? Like Charlie Brown's Lucy, he has put the football on the tee and yanked it away again!

In just 100 Days he has put the final nail in the news media's credibility and financial solvency, but that industry could be the next one that is "too big to fail." Uncle Sam may soon give the news media a Federal bailout (ala the Kremlin and Pravda). Hitler always knew that he could buy the newspapers, but he was surprised that he could buy them so cheaply. That was probably the most "enchanting" thing about his run to absolute power. That and how easily he could sway liberal churches and silence conservative pastors.

For CNN and the rest of our blind-stream media, I have some enchanting question that they should have asked our President:

- "
What do you find so 'enchanting' about Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega?"

- "One hundred years from now, what do you think history will be saying about Hugo?"

- "One hundred years ago, what do you think Teddy Roosevelt would be saying about Hugo and the Castro brothers?"

- "Two hundred years ago, what do you think our Founding Fathers would be saying about a 'Che Guevara reading' in the U.S. Embassy in Caracas?"

- "One thousand years from now, what do you think historians will be saying about Karl Marx and your Marxist professors?"

- "Do you actually think that Abraham Lincoln would sit through an hour-long diatribe on manufactured American 'arrogance'?"

- "Do you really think that President Monroe was too over-protective of Latin America?"

- "Do you think that President Reagan would have been 'enchanted' by a book from the Venezuelan dictator, or would he have told him to stuff it?" [EH?]

I heard a good joke the other day. An American, a Scot, and a Canadian were riding in a car that went over a cliff, and they were dead on arrival at the hospital. At St. Peter's gate, the saint was moved by the fact that they had been in the prime of life, so he says, "I'll send you back if you can come up with $50."

The American immediately pulled out his wallet and gave $50 to help the cause. The hospital was about to send him to the morgue when he blinked his eyes and coughed. "What happened?" they asked him.

"WELL," says the American, "we were run off the road by a Volkswagen van driving in the left lane. When we got to the golden gate, St. Peter offered to send us back if we would be willing to kick in fifty bucks, and I did!"

"What about the other two,?" a doctor asked him.

"WELL," said the American, "when I left, the Scot was still haggling over the price, and the Canadian was waiting for the government to pay for it."

As a senior citizen, I'll be getting a $250 check from Uncle Sam this month. I'm tempted to send it back. Except that I need the money to pay my local school taxes, or I'll be losing my house. We just keep shifting money from here to there. Robbing St. Peter to pay Uncle Paul and all the other crazy uncles.


George Orwell said, "The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink."

That's "the way it is" with our highly-educated journalists who ask "What is truth?" and "What is freedom?" when reminded about their own American Heritage. If freedom and liberty are too abstract for them, let's talk money:

FACT: The deficit in the just-passed "Federal budget" (there's an oxymoron), is greater than the all the deficits from George Washington to George W. Bush combined. They have us right by the balls of our feet. They're trying to hang us by the toes and shake out any loose change we may still have left. They have no idea what the TEA parties are about. They haven't even tried to get into our heads beyond the surface to look for dandruff.

FACT: No one but no one is trying to create a conservative "theocracy." If they would take off their tin-foil hats and listen for five minutes, the Liberals would know that.

While the Liberals pass one "law" after another written by clever lawyers — and supported by "secular" Justices — our Founding Fathers are screaming at the top of their lungs from beyond the Pearly Gates that there is a Natural Law that preceded the first human government on earth. Even the first family on earth found that out the hard way. Here's a tiny excerpt from the New English Bible:

"For God has no favourites: those who have sinned outside the pale of the Law of Moses will perish outside its pale, and all who have sinned under that law will be judged by the law. It is not by hearing the [Natural] law, but by doing it, that men are justified before God.

"When Gentiles who do not possess the [Mosaic] law carry out its precepts by the light of nature, then, although they have no law, they are their own law, for they display the effect of the law inscribed on their hearts. Their conscience is called to witness, and their own thoughts argue the case on either side, against them or for them, on the day when God judges the secrets . . "

A LITTLE BIT OF "PAULINE THEOLOGY" FOR YOU THERE. That's where Thomas Jefferson and his peers got their "shared values and ideals." Do I actually have to translate the previous paragraph for you?

The old King James understanding of the book of Romans is where the old English thinkers got the idea of a pre-existing Law of Nature and of Nature's God, "the law of nations, and of ages."

In other words, "truth or consequences." Congress can't pass a law banning poverty or diseases if they and most people are violating the Law of Nature's God. God has trump. Your human "laws" can't outlaw all risk, and often make things worse — through unintended consequences.

For example, it is impossible to pass a law saving the United Auto Workers if they have been trying to artificially rig the game in their favor, because "laws" of Congress are trumped by the Natural Law that existed prior to any human government whatsoever.

"Saving Chrysler" by combining it with the Federalis and Fiat are futile. We might as well pass a law to save Studebaker and American Motors. Remember when AMC was taken over by the French Renault? That put AMC in the coffin and there weren't even any nails left to put into the lid of the coffin. They say that "FIAT" means "Fix It Again Tony." We'll find out soon enough how this deal works out.

The bottom line is you can't fool around with Nature's Laws of Economics. Every generation has had recessions and other "adjustments," but this generation could become the first one to sell its inheritance for a complete mess of pottage. It's a joke. And this generation sees itself as the "most highly-evolved generation" in the history of the human race?

The apostle Paul said of them, "They boast of their wisdom, but they have made fools of themselves, exchanging the splendour of immortal God for an image shaped like mortal man, even for images like birds, beasts, and creeping things, and green cars." [OOPS, I added that last part, but power still corrupts absolutely, and as John Marshall said, "The power to tax includes the power to destroy."]

"For we see divine retribution revealed from heaven and falling upon all the godless wickedness of men. In their wickedness they are stifling the truth." — Paul

Like Archie Bunker, they are telling us to "stifle" ourselves. Say the magic words and you won't get $200; you could go to jail for "hate crimes." Say the magic words and we will ruin you. "Say the magic words and we'll take you off the air."

"WE WON," they say, but since when was America a pure democracy in which a minority (Biblically correct Christians) can be stifled by an even smaller minority, with the blessings of an even smaller minority (a 5-4 vote on the Supreme Court) without regard to the Constitution of the United States.

Goodbye to Specter and Souter, but more to come, I suppose.

P.S. As my pastor used to say, "Blow the dust off your Bible and see for yourself." My personal favorite passage is one that I've never heard read out loud in my 66 years. The magic words come from Peter's first letter to Christians in the Asia Minor-Greek world:

"For so is the will of God that by your good conduct you should put ignorance and stupidity to silence. Live as free men; not however as though your freedom were there to provide a screen for wrongdoing, but as slaves in God's service." — New English Bible


Why do preachers avoid that paragraph like the plague? I guess it doesn't sound like "a very Christian thing to do" to put ignorance and stupidity to silence.

But unless we act like "free men" and speak out like right NOW, we're all going to end up as slaves to "ignorant and stupid men."


© Curtis Dahlgren


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