Curtis Dahlgren
The Origin of the SPECIOUS: Gore + Obama + Darwin = "G-O-D"?
By Curtis Dahlgren
February 12, 2009

"If any man at this day sincerely believes that proper division of local from Federal authority, or any part of the Constitution, forbids the Federal Government to control . . slavery in the Federal territories, he is right to say so, and to enforce his position by all truthful evidence and fair argument which he can. But he has no right to mislead others, who have less access to history, and less leisure to study it, into the false belief that 'our fathers, who framed the Government under which we live,' were of the same opinion — thus substituting falsehood and deception for truthful evidence and fair argument . . .

"A few words now to Republicans . . . Let us be diverted by none of these sophistical contrivances wherewith we are so industriously plied and belabored — contrivances such as groping for some middle ground between the right and the wrong, vain as the search for a man who should be neither a living man nor a dead man — such as a policy of 'don't care' on a question about which all true men do care . . . such as invocations to Washington, imploring men to unsay what Washington said, and undo what Washington did. . .

- Abraham Lincoln, February 17, 1860 (Cooper Institute, New York City); caps by Lincoln

"I would not be truthful if I said that I was fully qualified for the office. I do not play the piano, I seldom play golf, and I never play touch football." — Barry Goldwater

"The function of liberal Republicans is to shoot the wounded after battle." — Sen. Eugene McCarthy

SENATOR CHARLES SCHUMER SAYS THAT "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T CARE" [what Congress does], and some Republicans seem to agree, but all "true men" still DO care! That's the point — that's exactly the reason our charming Lefties in the Congress are trying to ram the "stimulus" bill down taxpayers' throats quickly (with a minimum of DEBATE).

In Lincoln's terminology, the one-party regime now in control of our purses (plus Specter, Snowe, and whats-her-name), are "substituting falsehood and deception for truthful evidence and fair argument" (and if I hear the word "stimulus" one more time, I think I'm going to scream)! ALL OPPONENTS ARE DOOMED TO SILENCE, UNLESS WE "DO SOMETHING." We must at least remove the duct tape from our mouths.

John Stuart Mill had three reasons that Free Speech should never be silenced: The opinion of the silenced person may be TRUE; the person's opinion may be FALSE; and, either way, silencing the person would just be WRONG, PERIOD. It was opinion of John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) that:

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind." And the operative word in that sentence is power (and not one Senator of the party in power sees anything wrong with ending the "debate"). WELCOME TO CHICAGO-STYLE HOT DOGS AND CHICAGO-STYLE POLITICAL PATRONAGE POWER.

Dumb question: Since the death of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has there been even one John Stuart Mill on the left side of the aisle in the Senate? Or in the "First Amendment" Fourth Estate? Thank God for the "Information Superhighway," as some Democrats used to call the Internet (I prefer calling it the "Information Super Grapevine). There is "empowerment" in Truth too, you know, but the Left thinks there's too much "information" out there now.

My nomination for the John Stuart Mill Honorary Column-of-the-month is Thomas Sowell's latest, and the gist of it can be gleaned from four simple sentences:

"The biggest argument of the Left is that there is no argument — whether the issue is global warming, "open space" laws, or whatever [such as open borders, I would add].

"Some students may even imagine that they have already heard the other side because their teachers may have given them their version of other people's arguments or motives.

But a jury would never be impressed by having the prosecution tell them what the defendant's defense is. They would want to hear the defense attorney present that case."

I've been saying that "the jury is still out" on many issues that the Left says are "settled," but leave it to Sowell to get right to the point. Yes, oh say can you "SEE" the problem now with our educational philosophies and so many other politicized topics? There is no "arguing" with the Chicago mob, nor with Senator Reid or Schumer; the people "don't care" you see, and they're "tired of the bickering."


We are in "crises mode" — climate-wise, recession-wise, and education-wise. But "wisdom" has nothing to do with it. Vice President Biden says that there's a 30 percent chance we will get the "S-word" trillion-dollar bills wrong, but we can't allow the public to find out all the secrets hidden within the porkulus. As Gore says of the climate-change crisis, the Time for debate is over because this is an emergency. The sky is falling and the wolf is at the door.

A lot of people, sadly, have not only bought the snake-oil, but the whole snake! And the mindset has spilled over into the government's "plans" for the economy, health care, and Free Speech. The President says he "welcomes this debate," but COME ON — it's Time for Action. He claims that he's not trying to ram anything down our throats, but COME ON — evidently he thinks the people have a "policy of don't care" on issues upon which all "true" men Do "care."

For examples of self-contradiction, one need only mention that he made a trip to Elkhart, Indiana to protest the "unemployment" that Left-wing energy policies actually created. Those RVs and campers that used to be built in Elkhart used to make a lot of trips up here to behold the wonders of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but as I've said in this column, the tourism industry has been ruined. And it was the $4 a gallon gasoline (and $5 diesel) that caused a lot of people to lose their home mortgages — and then their jobs.

No problem the Left. Just blame it on Bush and use the "opportunity" to expand Chicago-style political patronage for as far into the future as the human eye can see (which for the Left isn't very far). As Rush said this week, they won't be "in control" forever. Fifty-six percent of the people are opposed to unlimited Federal spending of funny money.

As for the third member of the god-head, Charles Darwin, the guy who plagiarized his own grandfather's "theory" and, despite his own doubts about it, has been hyped into a much greater than Einstein, Galileo, and Leonardo DiVinci combined. COME ON — the Time for even the slightest attempts to "tweak" the theory of this great man has come and gone. It's time for action — to silence talk radio, regulate Christian broadcasters, and put duct tape over the mouth of any public school teacher who would be so brazen as to allow questions about Darwinism to be entertained in the classroom!

In their own brilliant minds, the best and the brightest actually believe that the Jury came in a long time ago with the decision that the first family on earth were monkeys who shaved their legs. Well, they may be the brightest bulbs in Liberace's candelabra, but it's still all for SHOW. As Tom Sowell puts it, the defense attorney never got to say his piece. The prosecutors of any "orthodox" beliefs give us only THEIR VERSION of the Intelligent Design proponents (they think dinosaurs and men intermingled 6,000 years ago, etc., etc.).

Well, Thomas Jefferson was no dim-bulb. He was no slouch. He could hold his own probably with our lefty contemporaries without breaking a sweat, and Tom Jefferson was a believer in Intelligent Design. Did you read that right? Yes, I repeat Jefferson believed in Design that was not only "intelligent," but Supernatural (WAY BEYOND "DEISM").


John Stuart Mill said, "A State which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands even for beneficial purposes — will find that with small men no great thing can really be accomplished . . .

"When society requires to be rebuilt, there is no use in attempting to rebuild it on the old plan."

The porkulus plan in Congress is taking us backward, not forward. It brings back Great Society concepts such as anti-welfare-reform. It brings us back to pre-1776 levels of Free Speech under King George and the Redcoats. And it nationalizes a Chicago-style political patronage of an "awesome" magnitude.

AND SOME PEOPLE LOVE IT. THEY THINK THAT THE GORE-OBAMA-DARWIN COMPLEX STANDS IN PLACE OF G-O-D (think Julio and Henrietta, et al, at that Florida "town hall" meeting). Someone has a Napoleon complex unless such unrealistic expectations are repudiated (and quickly — because that's a REAL "crisis").

WELL, this piece is getting a bit long, so more to come next week.


P.S. By the way, "all true men" still CARE. I guess Senator Schumer didn't get the memo.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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