Paul Cameron
Trans under fatal fire?
By Paul Cameron
August 8, 2023

Demonstrating that the thinking of those going trans is quite odd, Na Hwa-rin said that since seven years old he has wanted to be a girl. Although he had done well in men’s cycling, he recently got mutilated so South Korea would consider him a woman. After winning a women’s cycling championship, he said he had made his point: that trans athletes – if they are male – can easily defeat females! All the effort and pain to "become a woman," but knowing he was still a man, Na repudiated his sex-change efforts! Na said: “I am not proud of myself at all. I believe other transgender athletes would feel the same way. They may not want to admit it, but they’re being selfish. There is no honor as an athlete in that,” and he vowed to stop competing in women’s cycling (Washington Times 7/18/23).

Trans men are slowly dominating women’s sports, but that might be ending. In July, the Union Cycliste International and more recently British Rowing banned all born as males from women’s competitions – they must now compete against men. Two-time women’s master’s cycling world champion, a man, said the new policy was “humiliating.” Another of the 50+ trans who compete as women complained, “My journey in professional racing has allowed me to see the world, build lifelong friendships, and most importantly give my absolute all to something I find deeply fulfilling. No one should be denied the opportunity to chase the same joy that I and others have found through racing.” Indeed, he selfishly kept the "joy" from the women he defeated. But many sports organizations still allow trans in women’s contests, and dozens of prisoners are getting tax-payer-funded operations to pretend they are women. Such are the problems associated with "taking people – even children – at their word" that they have a "medical condition" that can only be "cured" by surgeries.

Gays turning against trans?

Andrew Sullivan was one of the many gay leaders to assure that Moses’ claim that societal success hinged on rejection of homosexuality was foolish. He and other homosexual spokesmen argued that "you get to have your sex without kids with the birth control pill, we should get our sex without kids too." Indeed, for a while, society seemed to function pretty much as it had even though homosexuals got legalized (2003), got marriage (2015), and the U.S. Supreme Court considered trans the opposite sex in 2020. But demographic decline happens slowly, and acceptance of homosexuality was slow to make itself evident in schools and the birthrate.

Sullivan joins other gay leaders in complaining trans was homosexuality’s bridge too far. He argued gay rights “was the most speedily successful civil rights story in memory. Its case for equality was simple and clear: including us in existing institutions needn’t change anything in heterosexual life. 'Live and let live' in equality and dignity was the idea.”

But giving marriage, which gives higher social status for partners as they are apt to bless society with children, to homosexuals is incongruent with their fruitless sexual activity. The idea that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality is also an assault on justice. Homosexuality comes with significant social liabilities: its greater numbers of partners assure more capture and spread of disease (e.g., HIV, monkeypox, and recently syphilis); its higher personal morbidity and mortality rates result in extra costs to society; and its practitioners are more apt to sexually violate children, often corrupting them into homosexuals. And homosexuals are corrosive, they are not equally productive citizens (e.g., Sullivan acquired HIV the usual way).

Sullivan tries to separate homosexuals by their tastes. Not all want "feminine" partners, not all want painful sex, and not all want to pretend to be the opposite sex. Sullivan asserted that “in the new climate of acceptance [of homosexuality], transgender people also became increasingly visible and accepted, and they too won a stunning victory in the Supreme Court. The Bostock decision in June 2020 gave those who identified as the opposite sex full civil rights protection.” While trans started out 100% homosexual, currently many trans are not. For a while, all trans were variously mutilated, but now with "just saying you are publicly" making you trans, we don’t know what proportion are mutilated. Because of trans’ high violence rate an argument could ( › info › Crimes_Committed_by_Transgender_People) be made that they [and perhaps the "queer theorists" supporting them] might be the most disturbed of homosexuals.

Sullivan admits the gay movement began with contending “children can legitimately consent to sex with adults,” and if they could do that, they “would eventually argue they can legitimately consent to having their bodies permanently altered….” Indeed, given the legal climate throughout the West, the reverse seems likely as well: if kids can consent to genital mutilation just "because they want it," it is only a matter of time before a judge will conclude they should also be allowed to consent to sex with adults. As children as young as five have been enrolled in trans therapies, where the age limit might be set for sexual consent is uncertain. Sullivan goes on to note:

    The core belief of critical queer theorists is that homosexuality is not a part of human nature because there is no such thing as human nature; and that everything is socially constructed, even the body. Because …society is nothing but a complex of oppression, homosexuals are defined by their rejection of heteronormativity. To be queer is inherently to exist on the margins; to be odd, peculiar, weird, queer, hated, oppressed, and in revolt and rebellion. To be queer is to be dedicated to subversion, to mock conventions, to deconstruct language, to dismantle the human body, to defy “nature” and, above all, to liberate humankind from the prison of gender.

Sullivan’s is a good summary of trans ideology – which leans on "all men are equal," and therefore women=men, heteros=homos, trans=normals, etc.

We all can imagine how "things could be better" but no one or group knows enough about how everything interacts to foresee how changing "gender" or accepting homosexuality might screw things up. Those living within Western civilization inhabit the richest, freest nations. It would seem they would be grateful for what they have and especially careful not to disrupt a well-working society. But many, especially the intellectuals, are opting for revolutionary fantasies of "what could be." To boot, they are often ashamed of the imperfect ways we got here (a few hundred years ago most were a slave or owned them, all kinds of things weren’t "great"). Sullivan senses this:

    But when you [see] … public schools teaching the concepts of queer and gender theory to kindergartners on up, sex changes for children before puberty [the point at which many gays want "consent" to start], the housing of biological males with women in prisons and rape shelters, and biological males competing with women in sports – you realize we are [into] … the capture of the gay rights movement by queer social justice activists.

Sullivan conveniently neglects to mention that trans emerged from gays wanting to have some sort of femininity in themselves or their sex partners. In a perfect world, all would have enough to eat and live free of fear, etc. But even these blessings are unusual for most citizens of most countries. Sullivan continues complaining about other homosexuals with an explanation of why trans has seemingly come out of nowhere to dominate social policy:

    The Human Rights Campaign [one of the wealthiest lobbies in Washington, DC, replaced LGB], with the acronym “LGBTQ+” and expanded the word “queer” to describe anyone gay, lesbian, transgender, or even straight who defied heteronormativity. … [it] quietly changed … the word “men” to include people with vaginas and uteruses, and the word “women” to include people with [male genitalia].

    Sullivan denies the child-endangering heart of tradition’s criticism of homosexuals:

    “the queers [e.g., one ‘flavor’ of homosexual]…did something we gays never did: they targeted children.

Really! Gays never targeted children? The Christian case against homosexuality involves both its scriptures and the church’s experience with homosexuals, both clergy and otherwise who molested boys and young men. And through recorded history, pederasty involved both younger and older boys. Indeed, Bacha b?z? which involves men sexually abusing boys, is common today throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. In FRI’s 2012-21 analysis of Google News stories about child sexual abuse by clerics, which included ages of boy victims, we found that numbers of victims younger than 13 and 13+ were about equal – gay’s taste in boys goes to the very young. Indeed, the 2023 Portuguese study of child molestations by clerics documents boys from the age of 2-17 years of age. The homosexual movement, over the past few decades, has successfully lobbied to lower boys’ age of consent from 21 to 15 yr. or even 13 yr. depending on the country.

Sullivan remarks that the queers:

    …got a pliant, woke educational establishment to re-program children from the very start, telling toddlers that any single one of them could be living in the wrong body, before they could even spell. Kindergartners were told to pick a pronoun, and thereby a sex as soon as they arrived.

True enough. And then the professional associations of librarians (in the name of freedom of speech, of course) assured that there would be:

    Endless kiddie books reiterated the queer theory mantra about gender: “You can be a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else entirely!” And if the sex the child chose did not match their physical body, they were told they could just change it – and change it back if needed – no questions asked. Fun! If a boy said he was a girl, or vice-versa, it was in fact unethical to ask any further questions. From now on, he was a girl.

The decline in birthrates – from South Korea to Japan to the U.S. – is being felt and social policies are being reexamined accordingly. While trans isn’t personally affecting large proportions of children yet, its effects are substantial. Trans is coming under fire, not only from traditionalists and Republicans but also from women in sports and established gay voices. Russia just banned all of it, other countries (as China) will probably formally follow, and the strong trans presence on mass media will be reduced as those countries censor it.

When homosexuals are allowed to influence the course of society as normal, legal and equally productive, there is no predicting the outcome. Bacha b?z?, or homosexual "boy play" mentioned above, occurs throughout the Afghanistan/Pakistan region. This Is What Winning Looks Like (a 2013 video available on the web) details the kidnapping and murder and boys by the Afghan military. These forces were supported by the U.S. and UK in their war against the Taliban. This assault on boys led to U.S. troops having difficulty ignoring the sexual abuse and several U.S. soldiers were severely disciplined for trying to protect the boys.

Even though homosexual activity is officially illegal, a 1997 study of the Pashtun region by the National Coalition for Child Rights reported that “23% of adults are proud of man-boy sex, 14% see it as a symbol of social status, and 11% do not consider it wrong.” Indeed, Pashtun commonly say "women are for children and boys for pleasure." “Rich elderly men are known to keep boys for sexual gratification…. When the boys mature, they are abandoned, …."[1]

There appear to be no surveys establishing the proportion participating in Bacha b?z?. In 2010, I interviewed three former Protestant missionaries from three different countries and languages who had lived, from about the early-1990s, a combined 31 years in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They independently opined that well over half of the men participated in homosexual activity and estimated that around a fifth of the men in Pakistan had been "sexually used" as boys. Men in both countries are expected to get married and have children in support of their extended family and tribe. Afghanistan’s Total Fertility Rate is a healthy 4.5 and Pakistan’s 3.4, while almost all Western countries, in which getting married and/or having children is not a duty, but personal choices, have TFRs of less than 2.

How did these customs evolve into "the way things are" today? While Judeo-Christian philosophy warned against homosexuality, who could have predicted that the horrors of Bacha b?z? would emerge from homosexuality in this region? Think of knowing that if you didn’t work against the homosexual forces in your time, your descendants might end up living in a world where as much as a fifth of boys are sexually sacrificed to homosexuals, and that women might be regarded as little more than baby-machines. Yes, there will be marriage, there will be children. But these islands of sanity will occur under a cloud of homosexual lust that distorts life for a significant minority of boys and almost all women.

We can learn from the past. Who would have predicted that on our watch – bit by teensy bit –that trans, started by a U.S. gay in 1952, would become so appealing to the West’s elite, the chattering class, millions of children (especially girls), it would become a protected class? Both trans and drag have unexpectedly emerged as popular among young phone owners.

Ancient acceptance of homosexuality led to the current Bacha b?z? debasement of boys and the belittling of females. The more recent acceptance of homosexuality has led to the drag and trans phenomena with their gender confusion and mutilations.

Pride parades feature all kinds of attention-getters. Wearing furry costumes (a man who claims he knew he wanted to be a dog at age seven!, made world news in August wearing an expensive collie outfit) and other odd outfits appear to disproportionately appeal to homosexuals. The clinical literature is filled with destructive sexual fetishes, most of which are more common among homosexuals. This means there are yet more "sex-related oddities" that might capture our children’s attention and increase their chances of engaging in homosexuality.

There are some positive developments: The American Academy of Pediatrics, as with so many professional associations, has been very solicitous of the homosexual movement. It just announced that it will seek a review of its pro-trans policies from an external set of scholars. As a number of European countries – including the UK, France, Finland, Sweden and Norway – are reassessing involvement in "gender affirming care" for children, perhaps the threat of ruinous suits has weakened its members’ desire to profit by removing breasts or mutilating young people's genitalia. Likewise, that trans are being criticized from their gay base gives reason to hope that the homosexual monolith may be fragmenting.

However this eventually plays out, the combination of an aggressive homosexual movement and ubiquitous media-spewing phones require serious attention and reevaluation of treating homosexuality as the equivalent of heterosexuality.

[1] Ref: 1. Rajabali A,et al. HIV and homosexuality in Pakistan. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2008;8:511-515.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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