Chris Adamo
David Limbaugh triumphs with "The Great Destroyer"
By Chris Adamo
June 13, 2012

At certain pivotal moments in history, societies have needed the contributions of truly great minds to sort through a flood of information and reconstruct it in a manner that can be properly digested by the general population. Shortly before the American Revolution, as the thirteen original colonies pondered their independence from Great Britain, it was Thomas Paine who solidified the debate and presented it to the public with his timeless work "Common Sense." No less of a historical milestone was embodied in the efforts of John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton as they delivered the set of essays that was published under the title "The Federalist." It was through their collaborative effort that the fledgling United States were made aware of the critical need to adopt the Constitution and become one nation.

Now America finds itself at a juncture that is no less significant. That same Constitution, which was established in 1789 and has been upheld through the two centuries since at an enormous cost of sweat, toil, and even blood, currently faces a mortal threat greater than a World War or any other menace from abroad. It is no exaggeration to contend that the looming dangers to our Republic, manifested in the deeds and goals of the administration of Barack Obama, exceed any peril this nation has previously faced. And if allowed to proceed unchecked, they ultimately portend the demise of the great nation we have known it to be.

Such an assessment may seem overly alarmist and extreme, yet a proper analysis of the particulars leaves no room for dispute. Admittedly, in consideration of the broad scope of the attacks against America by Obama and his minions, it takes a keen intellect, unwavering courage, and an amazing ability to research and process seemingly unrelated pieces of information in order to level so severe of an accusation, and then properly defend it. Thankfully, America has just such a champion in best-selling author David Limbaugh.

Beginning with the title of his latest book "The Great Destroyer," and coursing through its every chapter to the thunderous conclusion, he once again displays a genius ability to unearth, sort, and logically compile mammoth quantities of facts and data. And this quality is invaluable, given that the heart of the Obama strategy is to pursue his corrupt agenda on so many fronts and at such a pace that its magnitude simply overwhelms the ability of average citizens to stay abreast of it.

Most Americans are simply unable to remain continually informed, since they are fully occupied attempting to maintain their lives in the midst of the current turmoil. Fortunately for America, Limbaugh is up to the task, and resolutely committed to doing so.

Nevertheless, to presume "The Great Destroyer" as merely an assemblage of information, however studiously ferreted out and compiled, is to seriously underestimate it. Throughout the entire work, Limbaugh structures his case in the manner at which he is so gifted, regularly bolstering the amassed evidence with findings that are at once insightful and profoundly stated. As with his previous manuscript "Crimes Against Liberty," this book's format effectively directs the reader from the mountains of incriminating evidence towards the inescapable reality of Obama's end game, which is to fundamentally change America forever (though hardly in the rosy manner once perceived by his blind minions).

The introduction to "The Great Destroyer" serves as a clarion call to the nation to honestly assess the scope of danger posed by the Obama regime. From there, each chapter is appropriately titled as an individual "War" being waged against us on a particular front. Chapter One, appropriately titled "The War On America," is followed by eleven chapters focusing specifically on such relevant topics as the economy, culture, energy, and Obama's war on guns (which is Limbaugh's blunt assessment of "Operation Fast and Furious"), to name just a few. Upholding the high standards of his previous writing endeavors, David Limbaugh methodically constructs one unassailable case after another against the Obama cabal.

Throughout the book, Limbaugh offers forceful conclusions to his analysis, a memorable example being his discussion of Obama Administration collusion with the vehemently anti-American (and bogusly named) United Nations Human Rights Council. Assessing an unprecedented Obama Administration "report" delivered to the council, which is hyper critical of America's record on voting rights, Limbaugh properly characterizes it as "the gift they've been waiting for-a validation of their ongoing denunciation of our country."

Elsewhere, he reminds the reader of previous outrages, (supported by an exhaustive assemblage of information) a prime example being the crushing appraisal of Obama's misbegotten allegiances in his statement "Indeed, sometimes Obama defers more to UN institutions than to the legislative branch of his own government-that was clearly the case when he sought the UN's approval to intervene in Libya, but not the approval of the U.S. Congress." Considering how frequent and incessant are these breaches of national trust, and how serious are the consequences of each and every betrayal, the people across America sorely need reminders of past abominations.

Often, Limbaugh provides information that has not been nearly so readily known to the populace at large, but is no less ominous and telling as to the true philosophy and motivation of this dangerous administration. The revelation of Obama's willingness to offer taxpayer dollars in support of the Arab-based "International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is particularly appalling, given that the Arabs have little genuine need or concern for promoting renewable energy, but plenty of interest in sidetracking and undermining U.S. development of its own fossil fuels.

Despite the unnerving advances of Obama's hostile actions against this nation, and the flagrant lawlessness with which he is able to continue them, after chronicling such things in almost excruciating detail David Limbaugh closes his book on an encouraging note. Hardly the blind optimist, he nevertheless recognizes and describes the road to national recovery, starting with this fall's elections as a realistic and wholly achievable first step.

"The Great Destroyer" should be required reading for all patriotic Americans, but particularly those who aspire to public office, whether they be "Tea Party" conservatives or entrenched incumbents. In this outstanding work, they will find a comprehensive explanation of the grave damage that has been inflicted on this nation, but also interspersed in its pages are the much needed elements of a blueprint for its restoration.

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Chris Adamo

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America's seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.


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