Cliff Kincaid
How to lose winnable elections
By Cliff Kincaid
September 30, 2022

My hope was that the Supreme Court, under the influence of Trump's three nominees and a "conservative" majority, would contribute to some conservative victories in the months ahead. We saw that come to pass with the rulings on the right to life and Second Amendment rights. But the leaker of the Dobbs decision, which returned abortion to the states, is still a mystery.

Investigations are worthless unless you have the committees with the will power and expertise to get to the bottom of the problem. Congressional liberals abolished the House Internal Security Committee, the successor of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and Republicans have no plans to bring them back.

That problem, in turn, stems from security risks in Congress. Analyst and author Trevor Loudon reveals that the U.S. Congress has been deeply infiltrated by enemies foreign and domestic. His new book Security Risk Senators, Part 1 will launch on October 1, 2022.

Some say the next Congress, if Republicans win control of the House, should impeach Biden. What a waste. The Senate will not have enough Republicans to convict. And even if it does, we get President Kamala Harris.

Republicans didn’t do their job when Barack Hussein Obama was president and set America on this Marxist course. They didn’t impeach him because they didn’t want to be accused of racism for going after America’s first black president.

Republicans think they can win because of the bad economy. But the Marxist welfare state has hooked many people on federal payments of one sort or another. These people look to the Democratic Party for welfare. That includes illegals, but many Americans, too.

I recently noticed people buying junk food with federal and state cards from the WIC (women, infants and children) and Food Stamp programs at a local Walmart. The clerk said some recipients usually cash in during the first part of the month, some getting soda, but others buying the finest foods.

“The federal government is going to own us,” she said, aware that federal debt, spending, and taxes are accelerating. It’s a feeling shared by many who are looking for political figures with bold proposals to dismantle the Marxist state.

In total, more than 40 million people get food stamps, while an estimated 43 percent of all infants in the United States are supposed to get federal assistance through the WIC program.

The Democrats continue to send federal payments or bailouts to more and more people. Debt relief for college students is another example. That means more votes for Dems.

AARP, the lobby for Big Government programs, has an article, “My Love Letter to Medicare,” in its magazine. But Medicare is going broke and forcing seniors to search, sometimes in vain, for doctors willing to take Medicare patients. This is because the payment system is on what the doctors call “an unsustainable path that is jeopardizing patient access to physicians.”

I know an eye doctor who is seeing 35 patients or more a day because that is the only way they can generate enough income to make the practice profitable at the low reimbursement rates acceptable to Medicare.

The system will be short of more than 100,000 doctors in a decade because many will forsake the Medicare system to pursue private and expensive so-called “boutique” practices.

What do Republicans propose to do about these federal programs?

The Republican "Commitment to America" has a section, “Achieve Longer, Healthier Lives for Americans,” in which is it noted, “America is home to the best medical care in the world thanks to talented doctors and innovative treatments. But Democrats are determined to squander all these advantages by imposing a top-down, one-size-fits-all government approach from Washington that will only lead to rationed care and worse services.”

In this context, efforts to undermine America’s leading position in the global pharmaceutical market by attacking “Big Pharma” make absolutely no sense. America has a global edge in that private sector industry. Many lives depend on new drugs and medical devices.

The GOP document notes that “U.S. life expectancy has decreased for two straight years, representing the biggest drop since 1943.” This is shocking. Yet, Biden/Harris has declared the China virus pandemic over, even though the average daily death rate in America is now running at 350. Not to mention the lives lost because of fentanyl.

Meanwhile, Social Security is now facing “long-term financing shortfalls under currently scheduled benefits and financing.”

Politically speaking, young and old Americans alike are desperately looking for an alternative to politicians stealing wealth through tax and spending policies that are bringing the U.S. to the point of bankruptcy.

To make matters worse, with the stock market crashing, some conservative commentators are enriching themselves through hawking sales of gold and silver. At the same time, the Biden administration is threatening more destructive rules and regulations in the promising field of crypto currency, where America also has an edge.

“An economy that’s strong” is what the Republicans are promising, referring to cutting spending, producing more energy, and ending dependence on China.

My own book The Sword of Revolution and the Communist Apocalypse predicted China’s leadership role in the global communist revolution.

There is no reason why China has to dominate the world. Politicians of both parties let this happen. It’s not just a Hunter Biden problem.

In terms of our current predicament, a key plank of the Communist Manifesto was “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.” That means, for our purposes, the Federal Reserve, now exposed as a failure by The Economist and other mouthpieces of the establishment.

We need an alternative monetary system, a crypto economy that can offer people a vision for the future and give power back to the people. Republican Rep. Tom Emmer is perhaps the most articulate advocate in Congress for the future that awaits us, if an effort is made to unleash American “innovation, ingenuity, and our pioneering spirit.”

In an example of “dialectic reversal” of Marxist thought, we have to become part of a grassroots movement to establish what the communists used to call the New World Economic Order, but with an American bent.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

    © Cliff Kincaid


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