Bryan Fischer
Next time we go into a Muslim nation: missiles, Marines and missionaries
By Bryan Fischer
June 12, 2014

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Iraq as we speak is spiraling down into complete anarchy and chaos. Al Qaeda, the infidel-killing organization President Obama told us had been decimated and was "on the run," has captured the second largest city in Iraq, and padded their coffers by robbing a bank of $429 million. So they are set for years. What do we have to show in Iraq for our 4000 dead American soldiers and our $2 trillion? I submit to you we have nothing. It's like we were never there.

In Afghanistan, we lost five more troops in a friendly fire tragedy this past week, which raises a fundamental question: why are we even still there? What is the purpose of continuing to expose America's finest young soldiers to mortal risk when our commander-in-chief has already telegraphed a specific date for our abject surrender and complete withdrawal? I ask again, why are we still there? What purpose are our troops serving in that God-forsaken land?

These are the two nations President Bush, in all his naive optimism, believed we could rebuild in America's image. Sadly, President Bush believed the manifest lie that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not. It is a religion of war, violence, tyranny and death. It has been this kind of religion since 632 A.D. and will be until the end of time. It is not, never will be and never can be anything but an evil, wicked religion.

President Bush foolishly believed that everyone has a built-in hunger for political freedom, and that if people can just taste it for a moment they will want more. He made the fatal error of believing that everybody is just like us, only different. He discounted the profoundly disparate impact Christianity and Islam make on a nation's psyche.

The reason for President Bush's naivete and short-sightedness is that he grew up in a Christian country. All he knows is the hunger and thirst for freedom that is part and parcel of the very nature of Christianity. The Bible tells us that, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17). As a nation founded by Christians and on Christianity, freedom is in our national DNA. We breathe it, we love it, we live it, we yearn for it when it is absent, and we mourn for it when it is lost.

But the Spirit of the Lord is entirely absent in Islam. The spirit that animates this dark counterfeit religion is a spirit of tyranny and totalitarianism. The DNA of an Islamic nation knows nothing of liberty; indeed, it cannot. It is not a religion of freedom but of domination and control.

To make any attempt to erect a political structure of freedom on the rotting foundation of Islam is a fool's errand and doomed to failure. There is no liberty in the DNA of Islam. There is only darkness and death, and it is dangerous naivete to believe otherwise.

A political leader who does not understand this makes a serious error in judgment. A commander-in-chief, however, who does not understand this makes a fatal error in judgment that can cost American soldiers their lives for no good and lasting purpose.

We were right to go into Afghanistan and Iraq, but wrong to stay. We were right to go into Afghanistan to neutralize the Taliban and Al Qaeda in retaliation for 9/11. But then we should have left, warning the Afghani people if they replace either with lookalikes who hatch plans against us again, we will return to neutralize the threat permanently. Their choice.

We were right to go into Iraq to dethrone Saddam. Once that was done, we should have left, mission accomplished, leaving a warning with the Iraqi people on the way out that if they replace him with another benighted tyrant who threatens the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, we will return to neutralize that threat as well, this time for good. Their choice.

If Muslim nations leave us alone, we should leave them alone. If they don't leave us – and our friend and ally Israel – alone, well, then look out.

Here is the only alternative that offers any long range hope for the Muslim world. If we are forced to invade another Muslim nation, because of their lethal attacks on America, we should first soften the ground with missiles, then send in the infantry to neutralize the threat on the ground, and then follow the Marines in with wave after wave of missionaries who can offer the hope of the gospel to people walking in darkness. The strategy is simple: missiles, Marines, and missionaries.

After the nation has been pacified by our military, we should invite Franklin Graham and Luis Palau and Greg Laurie and every other gifted evangelist we can find to hold rallies and crusades in city after city, in soccer stadium after soccer stadium, offering the hope and light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can give each nation the opportunity to choose Christ over Muhammad, to turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.

If they do, the Spirit of the Lord, the spirit of liberty, will begin to circulate among them, and the same drive for liberty that gave us our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution will organically spawn homegrown liberty movements, the only kind that have a prayer of taking root and growing into the sturdy tree of freedom.

If they don't, it will be because they have chosen to reject the only message that can liberate them as a people. After they have made their choice, we then withdraw, leaving the nation to its own choices with the solemn warning that they best not make us come back. It's their nation, they get to do with it what they want, but if they attack us again, when we come back it will be lights out.

Bottom line: no more nation-building in Muslim countries. It can't be done. It is a colossal waste of American blood and treasure. Our new foreign policy must be: not one drop of American blood nor one American dollar to rebuild Muslim nations.

Our message to a Muslim nation ought to be this: If you decide you want freedom, just ask and we'll happily introduce you to the religion of Jesus Christ, and he will bring freedom to your land as he did to ours. You don't want his help, and you attack us again, we'll know right where to find you: somewhere back in the 7th century.

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