Bryan Fischer
Bully Bigots at Big Gay declare war on Obama inauguration pastor
By Bryan Fischer
January 11, 2013

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UPDATE: Just as I was preparing to send this off for posting, I received word that the bullies at Big Gay won this round. Giglio has been forced to withdraw from the inauguration over the furor created by the intolerant fascists in the homosexual movement. Bigotry wins, while tolerance, diversity, truth, religious liberty and freedom of speech lose.

Here is the column in its original form:

Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church of Atlanta, Georgia, has been invited to deliver the benediction at President Obama's inauguration. Pastor Giglio came to the attention of the inaugural committee for his work on stopping human trafficking and sex slavery. (Atlanta is the number one hub for sex trafficking in the United States.)

The announcement was made on Tuesday, and already the long knives of the homosexual lobby are out. Gay activists are going after Pastor Giglio hammer and tong.

He has been denounced by ThinkProgress for his "rabidly anti-LGBT views," and a petition has been started on the White House website calling his selection "offensive and unnecessary," and calling for him to be replaced on the platform by pro-homosexual member of the clergy.

And what exactly are his "rabidly anti-LGBT views?" According to a sermon he delivered in the mid-90s, he believes that "if you look at the counsel of the word of God, Old Testament, New Testament, you come quickly to the the conclusion that homosexuality is not an alternate lifestyle...It is sin in the eyes of God, and it is sin according to the word of God."

But he hastens to add that help is available and change is possible through the message of the gospel. "Our message is we know Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is powerful enough to do anything and everything. And the only way out of a homosexual through the healing power of Jesus."

Hmmm...homosexuality is a sin and change is possible through Christ. There's not a thing that is "radical" about that message. It's the same message Christianity has preached for 2000 years and which America believed virtually without question for the first 350 years of its existence. His view is not even anti-gay — it in fact is pro-gay, for it offers homosexuals hope and a way out of a destructive and dead-end lifestyle.

This call for his purge, you will note, is coming from folks who consider themselves the very paragons of tolerance and diversity. Yet they have no tolerance for someone who disagrees with their view of homosexual behavior. We have reached the point in American culture where the truth about homosexuality is regarded as hate speech, and where speaking the truth about homosexuality is regarded as a hate crime.

In fact, the homosexual lobby does not believe in diversity at all. If they did, they would be celebrating Giglio's role in the inauguration, as a display of the wonders of the American cultural tradition of allowing people to hold a variety of positions on controversial issues.

Instead, we find a fascistic mono-versity, where everyone must think, speak, and believe alike or they will be ostracized, marginalized and silenced.

Giglio's circumstance is hardly isolated. Angela McCaskill, the chief diversity officer at Gallaudet University, was suspended for three months for doing nothing more than exercising her First Amendment right to petition the government. She exercised this right quite literally, by signing a petition to put the question of man-woman marriage on the Maryland ballot. But the bully bigots at Gallaudet decided that the school was not, in fact, diverse enough to make room for her in their universe.

For daring to think and act for herself on the issue of human sexuality, she was sent into professional exile, banished from polite academic company for the audacity of thinking that a university campus is actually supposed to be a marketplace of ideas.

Julea Ward was thrown out of a graduate level counseling program at Eastern Michigan University for holding a sincerely held religious belief that homosexual behavior is not behavior that should be promoted and encouraged. She too was shunned, in just the way secular fundamentalists condem the Amish for doing, and forced to wear the academic equivalent of a scarlet letter for her sin of idolatry against the god of gayness.

It took Ms. Ward a three-year long court battle to secure justice and preserve the possibility of a career in the helping professions. It's worthy of note that both Ms. McCaskill and Ms. Ward are African-American women, and Ms. McCaskill was the first deaf African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. from Gallaudet. But in the world of homosexual activists, accepting their twisted view of sexual normalcy trumps both race and disability.

If anybody needs anti-bullying legislation, it's social conservatives who believe in the time-honored scriptural standard of man-woman marriage. If bullying is bad, then let's stop the bullying of Pastor Giglio in its tracks.

In the name of tolerance, diversity, religious liberty and freedom of speech, stop the bigotry and let Louie Giglio pray.

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© Bryan Fischer


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