Bryan Fischer
The 700 words that can guarantee Mitt Romney the White House
By Bryan Fischer
May 12, 2012

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Barack Obama's open embrace of homosexual marriage has given Mitt Romney the opportunity of a political lifetime. He has virtually handed the election to Romney on the proverbial platter, if only the governor will seize the moment.

The North Carolina vote on natural marriage Tuesday makes it abundantly clear that the American people are not with the president on the issue of gay marriage. The American people, when alone with their conscience in the voting booth, know that marriage is between one man and one woman, and they decisively reject gay marriage every chance they get. Natural marriage is now 32-0 when going up against counterfeits.

The effects of Tuesday's vote are already being felt. Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll shows Romney today with a sudden 7 point lead over the incumbent. Social conservatism is a winner every time it's tried. Will the governor try it?

The governor will be giving the commencement address tomorrow at Liberty University, the largest evangelical institution of higher education in the world. He can sew up the election, virtually guarantee himself a victory on November 6, if he will incorporate the following content into his remarks. Here are excerpts from the speech Mitt Romney should give tomorrow if he wants to be our next president.

"The institution of marriage, the union of one man and one woman for life, is the cornerstone of any healthy society. I will do everything in my power as your president to protect this precious institution.

Federal marriage amendment: "Consistent with the Republican Party platform, I will lend my unqualified support to a federal marriage amendment, which will establish a uniform standard for the definition of marriage in our great nation. And as the Republican Party platform states, I believe children in all 50 states deserve to be raised by both a father and a mother. Research confirms what we all know to be true, that being raised by a mom and a dad who are married to each other is the optimal nurturing environment for children, and I believe our public policies should reflect that.

Adoption: "For that reason, I have rethought the position on adoption which I expressed earlier this week. Consistent with my view of the transcendent importance of children being raised in the best possible environment, I believe adoption policy should give paramount priority to placing adoptive children in a home where they can be raised by a man and a woman who are married to each other.

DOMA: "Congress by overwhelming bipartisan majorities passed the Defense of Marriage Act, and it was signed into law by Democratic president Bill Clinton. For federal purposes, DOMA defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This is good public policy and is consistent with my views on the importance of the family. I will use the resources of my office to give DOMA a vigorous and unapologetic defense in court, and I will see that the provisions of DOMA are faithfully implemented in my administration. Spousal benefits will be reserved for married couples, just as Congress has directed in DOMA. We are a nation of laws, and I will faithfully discharge my sworn duty to uphold the laws of the United States, and that includes the Defense of Marriage Act.

"All this is to say that the institution of natural marriage will be safe on my watch.

Gays in the military: "I've also had occasion to rethink my position on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' As commander-in-chief, I do not believe the military should be used a laboratory for social engineering experimentation. For the sake of military recruiting, readiness and retention, if Congress sends me a bill reinstating 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' you may be sure I will sign it.

"I also, as commander-in-chief, will reserve the use of military facilities to perform only those wedding ceremonies which are consistent with the Defense of Marriage Act.

"I will also protect the right of military chaplains to teach their religious convictions on the subject of human sexuality without fear of reprisal. Chaplains have had a critical role in sustaining the morale of our troops since the days of our first commander-in-chief, George Washington, and they will have my full support as they carry out their vital mission. Their rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech will be safe on my watch.

ENDA: "The First Amendment guarantees to every values-driven business owner the constitutional right to select employees whose values line up with his own and with the values of his enterprise. ENDA violates the associational rights of the First Amendment and would subject every employer who takes values into consideration in personnel decisions to potentially crippling and even business-ending lawsuits.This is fundamentally unfair and un-American. Businessman have a right to know that their First Amendment rights will be protected under my leadership. In the interest of the Constitution and liberty, I will veto ENDA if it reaches my desk.

"As George Washington said, religion and morality are indispensable supports of political prosperity. We cannot be politically or economically prosperous without a solid foundation in the moral values of the Judeo-Christian tradition. These values are central to the future of our nation, and these values will be safe on my watch.

"Let's move forward together into the bright future that God has for this great nation, and once again become that great shining city on the hill our Founding Fathers envisioned. Thank you."

The election is Mitt Romney's for the taking. Here's his opportunity to toss the Etch-A-Sketch into the dustbin of history and engrave something in granite. Here's hoping he does it.

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