Mark Ellis column
Portland, Oregon, journalist and writer Mark Ellis is a reporter for the traditional values monthly the Northwest Connection and is the author of the memoir Ladder Memory, Stories from the Painting Trade.

Social conservatives break from GOP's annual Dorchester Conference
Mark Ellis
March 11, 2014

Ask any Oregon Republican, and they'll tell you that the Dorchester Conference is where the fun is. First off, you've got the beach, and the fun City of . . .

Core values
Mark Ellis
October 15, 2013

"Why can't Johnny read?" was the question parents of school-age children used to ask about their child's education. Now, thanks to the sweeping new federally . . .

Don't do it, GOP
Mark Ellis
June 19, 2013

On my Mother's Day visit to the old folks at home, I said this to my 86 year old mother, a lifelong, proud Democrat: "If they pass immigration reform without  . . .

Notes from inside the bubble
Mark Ellis
March 27, 2013

Too late for one more post-election analysis? Bear with me; I was so shocked and appalled by Mitt Romney's defeat that, but for this, I was rendered speechless. . . .

Random thoughts and circular firing squads
Mark Ellis
November 20, 2012

As Washington Post columnist Charles Lane wrote in his post-election piece "The 2012 Catch 22": "There are two Americas, with conflicting value systems and deep . . .

The speech we might have heard
Mark Ellis
October 13, 2012

There's a saying in politics, "the cover-up is always worse than the crime." It's not always true, but it was true with Nixon and Watergate, and it was true . . .

Conventionally speaking
Mark Ellis
August 27, 2012

I was a Democrat then, in 1968, having been weaned on and traumatized by the presidency of John F. Kennedy. I was sixteen, and the man I had wanted to be the . . .

Death penalty now
Mark Ellis
July 12, 2012

While news-surfing around the web last weekend I came upon the story about the Utah child dragged out of her bed, sexually assaulted, and brutally murdered.  . . .

Dear Mitt
Mark Ellis
June 5, 2012

Where do I get off offering advice to you, Mitt Romney? I represent just one vote, but at the risk of seeming presumptive I'm going to respectfully exercise . . .

I'm damn mad at Rush
Mark Ellis
March 6, 2012

I'm damn mad at Rush Limbaugh, and I have every right. I have been listening for 20 years, am a charter subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter, and have defended him . . .

Doubling down on the double standard
Mark Ellis
January 8, 2012

Saturday night's ABC Republican debate? Awful, just awful. Any conservative who watched knows I'm not talking about the candidates. And I didn't need to . . .

Mass deportation: how it would look
Mark Ellis
December 12, 2011

Here's the way it would look. In the months before Draconian new mass deportation edicts were to take effect, hundreds of thousands of the estimated 11 million . . .

The un-wounded warrior
Mark Ellis
November 17, 2011

The other night while paying bills and watching Hannity, I heard conservative actor and singer Robert Davi say something from the Great American Panel that made . . .

Tank this book!
Mark Ellis
September 17, 2011

I try never to opine angry. Whether writing about unconscionable terrorists or the shameful waste of taxpayer dollars, I strive to present my views on an even . . .

A shark in the water
Mark Ellis
September 12, 2011

The way I was raised you give a new president a chance even if you didn't vote for him. But I jumped the shark on Barack Obama when he allowed Attorney General . . .

Next question
Mark Ellis
July 27, 2011

As a working class conservative who has experienced his share of lean times since the Great Recession began, I'm likely one of those voters that Democrats think . . .

So long, Glenn
Mark Ellis
June 27, 2011

I do understand; Glenn Beck is not going anywhere. He'll be around. But as of June 30th he won't be on my television at 11pm Pacific any more, and I guess . . .

Happy trails, Marshal
Mark Ellis
June 8, 2011

Marshal Matthew Dillon stood for a lot in Dodge City. Courage, principal, power, empathy, leadership. And dead-eyed accuracy with a six-shooter. But Dillon's . . .

Portlandia finally says no
Mark Ellis
May 30, 2011

Portland's education lobby hit Multnomah County taxpayers with a double whammy in the latest installment of its long-running drama, "We need more money, again." . . .

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