Gina Miller column
Gina Miller, a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional. Contact her through Facebook.

When the wicked rule
Gina Miller
June 16, 2022

When the righteous are increased, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. —Proverbs 29:2. And there’s a whole lot of . . .

Dystopia rising
Gina Miller
May 14, 2021

On November 3, 2020, we re-elected President Trump in a landslide. When the communist Democrats and their international fellow travelers stole the election . . .

His life, fortune, and sacred honor
Gina Miller
January 17, 2021

It’s breathtaking, but we’re on the eve of the communist takeover of the United States of America. It has been a sickening, disgusting takeover, an almost . . .

Hell’s children complete the coup
Gina Miller
January 11, 2021

Second to Israel, the United States of America has been the greatest nation-gift from God to this lost and dying world. It was founded on righteous principles . . .

Flattening the United States
Gina Miller
May 17, 2020

Last Tuesday on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, Rush asked, “What was the goal here, to flatten the curve or flatten the U.S. economy?” It’s a rhetorical . . .

All that truly matters
Gina Miller
April 5, 2020

Many of us have imagined how the communists (or whatever you want to call the enemies of God, truth, and freedom) might defeat the United States and destroy our . . .

President Trump and the blessed reprieve
Gina Miller
February 7, 2020

[Before I begin, to our Rush Limbaugh, let me join countless millions of others in expressing my heart-crushing sadness over hearing you tell us of your cancer . . .

As in the days of Noah
Gina Miller
April 9, 2019

In recent years, I've noticed a messaging trend in columns, commentary, and sermons regarding a section of Scripture in Matthew 24. It's the "As in the days of . . .

University professor group protests gender sanity
Gina Miller
December 17, 2018

Last month, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), a labor union and foundation group out of Washington, D.C., that purports, in part, to . . .

UK scholars speak out against "transgender" despotism
Gina Miller
October 23, 2018

More than fifty scholars who work at universities in the UK, US, Australia and elsewhere, and are part of a group of over a hundred, have signed a letter that . . .

Standing against 'Drag Queen Story Hour'
Gina Miller
September 12, 2018

Last Saturday, I was part of a protest against a "Drag Queen Story Hour" being held at a public library in Mobile, Alabama. These events, which are . . .

D'Souza's latest and Hell's Trump derangement
Gina Miller
August 7, 2018

Dinesh D'Souza's latest film, "Death of a Nation," is another home run. We saw it this past Saturday in its opening weekend. It is outstanding and current, . . .

Remembering our precious WWII heroes
Gina Miller
September 21, 2017

It was a chance encounter at our neighbors' annual summer party in which I was fortunate to meet Thomas E. Simmons. I learned that he's the author of several . . .

TSA sexual assault redux
Gina Miller
April 26, 2017

Back in February I wrote a report on being heavily groped between my legs by a woman with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the Phoenix Sky . . .

Going to Gunsite
Gina Miller
April 7, 2017

In the United States, we cherish our fundamental, Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms for defensive purposes (yes, hunting and recreation, . . .

My sexual assault by the TSA
Gina Miller
February 20, 2017

It was an excellent week-long trip my husband Keith and I took to Arizona to take the 250 Pistol Class from Gunsite Academy. The week ended, and it was time . . .

Christmas is not pagan or 'holiday'
Gina Miller
December 6, 2016

Each year around this time, in Facebook posts and elsewhere, we are certain to be lectured by well-meaning Christians on the "sinfulness" of celebrating . . .

Homofascists sue Christian activist for $104 million
Gina Miller
September 7, 2016

In early July, Christian freedom activist Bill Whatcott and a small group of friends used stealth to infiltrate the Toronto sodomite "pride" parade for the . . .

Jesus haters' evil agenda exposed
Gina Miller
July 31, 2016

While it is becoming increasingly difficult, in the face of glaring evidence to the contrary, for members of the Marxist Left to deny their war on Christianity, . . .

Obama invites disaster with 'LGBT' Pride Month
Gina Miller
June 7, 2016

Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) continues to stand firmly in demented opposition to the God of all creation. Last week, Obama again signed a . . .

Homofascism and the 'death' of right and wrong
Gina Miller
May 13, 2016

Last weekend, MassResistance reported that the Mayor of Boston and other state and local politicians gave a circus of a press conference in support of pending, . . .

Truth about MS Religious Freedom Protection Act
Gina Miller
April 13, 2016

The hissy-fit hysteria from opponents of Mississippi's new Religious Freedom Protection Act is deeply disturbing. The lies and deception being used to . . .

When insanity reigns
Gina Miller
February 12, 2016

When insanity reigns, we have a God-hating, anti-American president who assures us that the global weather (yes, it's just weather), when somehow "miraculously" . . .

MS Baptist church sign: 'Jesus Is God; Allah is Satan'
Gina Miller
November 24, 2015

It's quite rare to be part of a story on which I report, but this time I'm at Ground Zero. My church in Gulfport, Mississippi, Cowan Road Baptist Church, is . . .

The long, dark road of 'fundamental transformation'
Gina Miller
November 20, 2015

Since there have been a few reader friends wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth, I thought I would make an effort to knock out a column. The . . .

Homosexual movement is grave threat to freedom
Gina Miller
September 2, 2015

Up until now, apologists for the militant homosexual/"transgender" movement have aggressively insisted that Christians (and others standing in opposition) will . . .

Devil Days in the USA
Gina Miller
August 6, 2015

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed (Luke 8:17), and we are now seeing revealed the depths of barbarity and evil of the euphemistically named . . .

Meghan McCain brings virtual 'fairness doctrine' to talk radio
Gina Miller
July 22, 2015

I admit that I am truly baffled and quite irked by the decision of Premiere Radio Networks to hire Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, to host the . . .

Sodomite "marriage" ruling means dark days ahead for USA
Gina Miller
July 10, 2015

Since the last round of twisted, egregious Supreme Court dictates, it has been easy to sit by in numb grief for our nation, because many of us have been warning . . .

Boston doctor fired for telling truth about homosexuality
Gina Miller
June 24, 2015

The homofascist movement has claimed another innocent victim. As Brian Camenker of MassResistance reports: On March 30, a major Harvard-affiliated hospital . . .

'Transphobic'? Who's afraid of Bruce Jenner?
Gina Miller
June 10, 2015

In a recent column outlining the latest flood of insanity from the hijacked-rainbow brigade, with the onslaught of all things Bruce Jenner, Cliff Kincaid . . .

Rush Limbaugh: American left's target is Christianity
Gina Miller
May 30, 2015

For years now, some of us in the conservative Christian wing of our nation have been sounding the alarm, warning America of the evil threat to our freedoms . . .

Solving the 'problem' of 'transgender' inmates
Gina Miller
May 19, 2015

Not to be Captain Obvious here, but actions and choices have consequences. Here in the United States, we have barely begun to see the consequences that will . . .

Is the United States of America toast?
Gina Miller
May 8, 2015

Are we truly watching a perfect storm of tyrannical darkness conquer the United States? Have we finally been defeated by the ever-patient, ever-evil, embedded . . .

Taxpayers fund disgusting same-sex study of young black males
Gina Miller
April 24, 2015

On Wednesday, a Facebook friend posted a story on my page with the headline, "Taxpayers Raped to Study Anal Penetration of Black Youth." After determining that . . .

SPLC wages "transgender" war on civil rights law
Gina Miller
April 16, 2015

On Tuesday, I read an Associated Press report about a young woman who, with the help of the radical liberals of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and . . .

Left's mass hysteria and lies about Indiana's RFRA
Gina Miller
April 1, 2015

Click here for Gina's Christian Patriot Politicast (audio/video) of this column. If all you had to go on was the reaction of God-hating sodomite activists . . .

Help JONAH's defense against vile Southern Poverty Law Center
Gina Miller
March 25, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column Back in November 2012, I reported on an evil, baseless lawsuit filed by the anti-Christian zealots of the Southern . . .

Presbyterian USA group again chooses sodomy over the Bible
Gina Miller
March 19, 2015

The world is overflowing with deception (good is evil, and evil is good), false religions and doctrines forged in Hell. Among the world's false religions, . . .

'Transgender' lunacy of planet fitness in a corrupt nation
Gina Miller
March 11, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column You may have seen the story from last week about a Planet Fitness gym in Michigan that gave the boot to a woman . . .

SPLC bullies MS school district into bowing at hijacked-rainbow altar
Gina Miller
March 4, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column Last week the anti-Christian hate mongers of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) successfully bullied a . . .

Homosexual movement threatens these freedoms
Gina Miller
February 17, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column It is pointless to answer the insincere, bully arguments of militant homosexual activists, because they will not . . .

Same-sex 'marriage' hurts no one? Tell that to the UK
Gina Miller
February 11, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column Even though they shun truth, reason and morality, the members of the radical homosexual movement do have on their . . .

Homosexual movement set for victory over Christian rights
Gina Miller
February 5, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column It has been uplifting to see Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore take a stand against the lawless federal . . .

Daily Beast lies: American Family Association is "hate group"
Gina Miller
January 28, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column There is no doubt that many, if not most, conservatives could not care less what those on the hard Left have to say . . .

NY Times boldly lies about Obama's illegal amnesty
Gina Miller
January 21, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column On Tuesday I took a look at the New York Times website and made the mistake of reading a short piece from the . . .

Obama to media: don't report against Muslim jihadis
Gina Miller
January 16, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column There is truly no end to the string of outrages perpetrated on our nation by Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) . . .

The hideous, evil face of homofascist hate
Gina Miller
January 9, 2015

Outside of the Biblical accounts of it, to see the incorrigible hatred that Satan and his demonic hordes have for God, His Word and His people, we need look no . . .

Teen's suicide shows tragic folly of "transgender" delusion
Gina Miller
January 7, 2015

Listen to an audio version of this column On Sunday, December 28th, a mentally ill Ohio teenager committed suicide by stepping in front of a semi-trailer on . . .

HRC targets little kids with homosexual indoctrination
Gina Miller
December 31, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column It's bad enough that radical homosexualists are targeting Christian businesses, state laws protecting marriage and . . .

Grateful to God in Obama's dictatorship
Gina Miller
December 25, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Today in America we stand in a place few, if any, of us ever dreamed we would see in our lifetimes. There is no . . .

Responding to a dhimmi apologist for Islam
Gina Miller
December 16, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column On Sunday, our local paper, the Sun Herald, published a Letter to the Editor from John Briggs of Roxie, Mississippi . . .

States must stop same-sex 'marriage' judicial despotism
Gina Miller
December 3, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Just in time for Thanksgiving, two more lawless federal judges, young ones who are Obama appointees, struck down . . .

Obama impeachment fear: nationwide 'Ferguson'?
Gina Miller
November 19, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Powerlessly watching our nation fall in not-so-slow motion is a nightmare from which we cannot wake up. It's clear . . .

Devil's hatred is no match for God's Word
Gina Miller
November 12, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. John 15:18 Be sober, be vigilant; because . . .

'Check your privilege' nonsense infects college campuses
Gina Miller
November 5, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column On Sunday, the Pundit Press published a brief report about a flier campaign being waged by some leftist college . . .

Conservatives' crummy dilemma in MS Senate race
Gina Miller
October 30, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column After the Mississippi Supreme Court last week refused to hear MS State Senator Chris McDaniel's appeal of a lower . . .

Homosexual movement is deadly to our natural rights
Gina Miller
October 21, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column At this point, only the most deceived or grossly uninformed among us do not realize that a devilish enemy regime . . .

Serious warning to gun rights supporters in Alabama
Gina Miller
October 15, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Last week, I wrote a short column warning of the very real danger to Alabama residents' gun rights from the . . .

Alabama's Amendment 3 could jeopardize gun rights
Gina Miller
October 9, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Jason Baker's column from Wednesday, "Alabama Statewide Amendment 3 could be a slippery slope," warns against the . . .

Right Wing Watch liar, Brian Tashman
Gina Miller
October 3, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Whenever we stand up and boldly speak out for truth over lies, especially when it is God's truth, we fully expect . . .

Pamela Geller maligned over counter-jihad ads
Gina Miller
September 30, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column On Monday, I read a column at by Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative. In it, she . . .

Should Christians be serious Preppers?
Gina Miller
September 23, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column This is a difficult column to write. It may earn me scorn from fellow conservatives who strongly trust in their . . .

Should Christians be politically active?
Gina Miller
September 18, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Last week on Facebook I was chastised by a fellow Christian for being politically active. She accused me of . . .

Former GOP spokesman, Haley Barbour advisor, wants to 'marry' his boyfriend
Gina Miller
September 9, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Last Thursday, the Washington Post carried an opinion piece by James Richardson, whose brief bio says that he's a . . .

The evil face of Facebook censorship
Gina Miller
September 4, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column For many years I resisted joining Facebook. I looked at it with disdain, as nothing more than a do-it-yourself . . .

Godlessness, safety nail polish and 'rape culture'
Gina Miller
August 28, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column By now you may have heard about the new nail polish, called Undercover Colors, developed by four young scientists . . .

Left goes nuts over truth about 'transgender' teen
Gina Miller
August 22, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Last Saturday, I came across a USA Today story about leaders of a junior high school in New Jersey informing the . . .

Homofascists ramp up attack on marriage in MS
Gina Miller
August 15, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Back in March and then in May, I told you about a new, brazen campaign by homofascist activists to target three . . .

Obama: 'Biggest threat' to America is conservative 'maximalist positions'
Gina Miller
August 12, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Over the weekend, a headline from the Daily Caller caught my eye: "Conservatives Are Greatest Threat To Nation, . . .

Obama lies: Muslims helped build America's 'very fabric'
Gina Miller
August 5, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column We have seen that there is truly no outrageous lie Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) won't tell, and he lied . . .

Baby killers in MS handed victory by 5th Circuit panel
Gina Miller
July 31, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column The culture of death was given a win on Tuesday when a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals . . .

No, Ann Coulter, it's not about blacks voting in the MS GOP run-off
Gina Miller
July 25, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column In her Wednesday column, "Eyes on the Prize," Ann Coulter again weighs in on the Republican primary run-off here in . . .

Impeach Barack Obama, the anti-American, Marxist fiend
Gina Miller
July 21, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column The chaplain of one of our local TEA Party groups shared with us a column he stumbled on, which was written just . . .

D'Souza's "America" is vital refreshment for Obama-besieged nation
Gina Miller
July 14, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column On Sunday afternoon, my husband and I finally set aside a little time to make a very rare visit to the movie . . .

HuffPo writer's absurd view of Hobby Lobby decision
Gina Miller
July 7, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column By now, you know that the God-hating Left has thrown itself on the ground in fits over the Supreme Court's modest . . .

Thad Cochran's dirty dealings in Mississippi
Gina Miller
June 30, 2014

It's been a week since we witnessed here in Mississippi one of the most dastardly, corrupt Republican run-off election schemes we've ever seen. By now, you . . .

Boy Scouts to shamefully march kids in N.Y. 'gay pride' parade
Gina Miller
June 26, 2014

Back when the leadership of Boy Scouts of America bowed down at the altar of "Big Gay" by allowing openly homosexual boys into their ranks, we warned you that . . .

Tranny tyranny
Gina Miller
June 24, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column We have seen in the past several years under the Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) administration a militant . . .

Who will stop the criminal Barack Obama?
Gina Miller
June 19, 2014

Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) and his administration have become so blatantly lawless that non-zombie Americans are more furious than ever that no one . . .

Homosexual 'equality' is just repackaged tyranny
Gina Miller
June 13, 2014

Transcendent truth, which is God's law, does not change and will never change. It is revealed by God in the Bible and is written on the hearts of men. We call . . .

Homosexual activists pray to God for "equality" in Mississippi
Gina Miller
June 10, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Recently, I reported on the latest front in the militant homosexual movement's war on truth, freedom and morality . . .

Treasonous Obama is a clear and present danger to America
Gina Miller
June 5, 2014

How can anyone not see that Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) is an enemy of the United States? Many of us have been saying this for years now, because . . .

Rush's humor sails over HuffPo writer's head
Gina Miller
June 2, 2014

As usual, Rush Limbaugh's kidding goes right over the head of leftists. The Huffington Post's Catherine Taibi apparently didn't hear the mirth in Rush's voice . . .

Homofascist bullies launch anti-Christian sticker campaign in MS
Gina Miller
May 28, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Last week I wrote about the homofascist group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), targeting three southern states, . . .

HRC homofascists brazenly target Southern states
Gina Miller
May 24, 2014

The full-frontal assault on marriage continues unabated as lawless federal judges across the land overturn the will of the people of sovereign states in writing . . .

Tea Party Express leader is all-aboard amnesty train
Gina Miller
May 19, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Last week, Sal Russo, a co-founder of the Tea Party Express, declared his support for amnesty for illegal aliens in . . .

Salon publishes libelous hit piece on Peter LaBarbera
Gina Miller
May 13, 2014

Spring has sprung with a vengeance on Americans for Truth About Homosexuality's Peter LaBarbera, although it's not Spring's fault, nor is it Mr. LaBarbera's.  . . .

Huff-Po writer horrified at Supreme Court prayer ruling
Gina Miller
May 6, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Liberals are having blown-gasket fits over Monday's Supreme Court ruling that – gasp! – Americans are . . .

Democrats propose trolling media, internet for "hate speech"
Gina Miller
April 30, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column As we know, leaders of the anti-freedom, Godless Left would love nothing more than to outlaw speech that is . . .

Can environmentalists deceive conservatives?
Gina Miller
April 27, 2014

If only the environmentalists would simply tweak their message to make it more palatable to conservatives, we could once again have bipartisan agreement that . . .

Liberals in California target judges with Boy Scout ties
Gina Miller
April 23, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Give them an inch, and they'll demand a mile. We warned you that the terrible decision by the Boy Scouts of . . .

Boston moves to mandate city insurance coverage for 'transgenders'
Gina Miller
April 20, 2014

The militant homosexual movement's multi-pronged assault on truth, rationality and freedom continues to steamroll across our nation. One of its latest fronts . . .

Islam is incompatible with a free society
Gina Miller
April 15, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column In my columns, I don't normally address the "concerns" of liberals in response to anything I write, but today I . . .

Brandeis University bows to CAIR Islamists
Gina Miller
April 13, 2014

The Islamists have a lot in common with the militant homosexual activists in their aggressive efforts to silence critics who tell the truth about their bad . . .

Daily Beast: 'Thousands may die' due to Republican 'spite' of Obama
Gina Miller
April 11, 2014

Sally Kohn, a "progressive" homosexual activist and writer at the Daily Beast, makes some mighty tall claims in her column from Tuesday, "New Poll Shows Voters . . .

PFAW and Right Wing Watch: guardians of tyranny and deception
Gina Miller
April 9, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column As I have long noted, there are only two forces at work in this world, the forces of God and the forces of Satan.  . . .

"Homophobia"? Really?
Gina Miller
March 31, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Words and their meanings matter (yes, I know: "Duh, Gina!"). The Left also knows this and has spent decades . . .

Homofascists turn their "gay" guns on Mississippi
Gina Miller
March 29, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column It has been a heck of month here in Mississippi. As a testament to how brazen the radical homosexual movement . . .

Suffocating evil and the descent of tyranny
Gina Miller
March 25, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Of course it's nearly impossible to keep up with the malfeasance of the fiends who have taken over our nation and . . .

Big Beer bows to "gay" bullies in reprobate America
Gina Miller
March 18, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Erin go Gay, as they say today! In the latest high-profile example of large companies bowing in subservience to . . .

Why are Christians (really) the world's most persecuted group?
Gina Miller
March 11, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column The title of the column caught my eye: "Why Are Christians the World's Most Persecuted Group?" It was linked from . . .

It's about liberty, not fake rights
Gina Miller
March 4, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column The word "religion" doesn't sit too well with me, because I associate it with man-made traditions, legalism and . . .

Duke freshman claims making porn empowers, fulfills her
Gina Miller
February 25, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column A friend forwarded me a link to a gut-wrenching column with the cumbersome title, "I'm The Duke University Freshman . . .

Obama impeachment fire is burning brightly
Gina Miller
February 17, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column It doesn't matter what naysayers think. It doesn't matter what the leftist media declares or how aggressively it . . .

SPLC's baseless attack on JONAH is evil assault on freedom
Gina Miller
February 16, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column As we continue to watch insanity reign in our nation on far too many levels, yet another activist federal judge, an . . .

Justice Dept to strip Islam from terror investigations?
Gina Miller
February 10, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column On Monday, I stumbled across a column published last month at claiming that Attorney General Eric . . .

Yes, homosexual movement is after your God-given rights
Gina Miller
February 3, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column We have repeatedly warned you that the radical homosexual movement's goal is nothing less than the obliteration of . . .

2014: Obama's America
Gina Miller
January 29, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column We didn't have to wait till 2016 to see Obama's ugly America unfold. Not many of us would have ever dreamed that . . .

Who's "extreme," Governor Cuomo?
Gina Miller
January 22, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column While we are not surprised at any outrageous thing liberals say, it is becoming increasingly disturbing how brazen . . .

Maybe He's Not Gay hits home run, catches homo-activist flak
Gina Miller
January 14, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column Mission America Radio Host, speaker and author Linda Harvey is spot-on over the target with her excellent new book . . .

Glenn Beck sides with GLAAD. Really, Glenn?
Gina Miller
January 7, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column When we read about a Russian television star saying he believes homosexuals should be burned alive in ovens and . . .

With Obamacare, we're all "criminals" now
Gina Miller
December 31, 2013

Listen to an audio version of this column The website was never meant to work properly, and I am sick of hearing people, especially on our side, harp on it . . .

Homo-fascists are overplaying their hand with Duck Dynasty
Gina Miller
December 21, 2013

Listen to an audio version of this column Members of the militant homosexual movement are in the process of overplaying their eternally-losing hand. Yes, . . .

Homosexual "tolerance" strikes again
Gina Miller
December 10, 2013

As you may know, we live in a time of rampant, powerful deception. Many people who have no regard for God, Who made them and sent His Son to save them, have . . .

Homosexual movement's goal is to outlaw Christianity
Gina Miller
December 3, 2013

Listen to audio version of this column For years now, many of us have been warning America that freedoms of religion, speech, conscience and association and . . .

Can the communist Democrats be stopped?
Gina Miller
November 27, 2013

Listen to audio version of this column At this point, only the most disengaged and uninformed among us cannot see that America has been taken over by . . .

Impeach Obama to save America--think 2014
Gina Miller
November 19, 2013

Listen to audio version of this column Just in time for Halloween, I wrote an edgy column about Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) and his aggressive . . .

Texas sues to stop Obama EEOC insanity
Gina Miller
November 12, 2013

We know that enemies of the United States have commandeered our federal government, as well as many powerful positions throughout our nation. The breathtaking . . .

Night of the living ENDA
Gina Miller
November 5, 2013

Just like the flesh-eating zombies in Romero's classic 1968 horror picture Night of the Living Dead, the sinister "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (ENDA) won . . .

U.S. military could stop Obama, so he's destroying it
Gina Miller
October 30, 2013

For several years now, many of us have been wondering what it will take to stop the anti-American, anti-freedom, lawless Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), . . .

Common Core would make any communist regime proud
Gina Miller
October 21, 2013

Let's just jump right in here to the crux of the Common Core "State" Standards with an excerpt from the paper, "History of Education in Communist Countries," by . . .

Conservative Dean Young faces former Democrat Bradley Byrne for U.S. Congress in AL
Gina Miller
October 15, 2013

When a true constitutional conservative is on the ballot – who is a fearless Christian, to boot – you know the forces of the Left will come out in a . . .

Has Jackson, Mississippi, lost its mind?
Gina Miller
October 1, 2013

It's hard to keep up with the mind-numbing flood of putrid malfeasance gushing from Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), the communist Democrats and the . . .

Defunding and stopping Obamacare--it's now or never
Gina Miller
September 25, 2013

Yes, it's horribly frustrating, listening to the steady flow of Democrat lies about the House vote, and conservative Republicans' stance, on defunding Obamacare . . .

Senate attacks freedom of the press with new bill
Gina Miller
September 18, 2013

As you know, a truly free press can be a mortal enemy to tyranny. Dictators and oligarchies throughout modern history have commandeered the press to kill its . . .

Homosexual activists to disrupt Olympics in Russia
Gina Miller
September 12, 2013

Thanks to the reporting of Brian Camenker and his pro-family organization, MassResistance, Russian authorities have been warned that radical American and . . .

Congressional candidate gets Hell's vitriol by standing for marriage
Gina Miller
September 3, 2013

As the screeching against morality, the wailing against truth and the outrageous bully tactics of the militant homosexual Left continue to escalate, we are . . .

More de facto amnesty: Obama's 'Parental Interest Directive'
Gina Miller
August 27, 2013

The criminal fraud Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) continues to dismantle our formerly free and sovereign Republic with his illegal, unilateral edicts, . . .

Overpasses for Obama's impeachment August 17th from the ground
Gina Miller
August 20, 2013

Saturday, August 17th was the perfect day for a protest. The normally hot, humid, South Mississippi August weather was made comfortable by the cloudy . . .

America outraged: 'Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment' goes nationwide Tuesday
Gina Miller
August 6, 2013

Two years ago this Tuesday, on August 6th, 2011, Muslim animals ambushed and shot down an American Chinook helicopter, the Extortion 17, west of Kabul, . . .

Pedophile support group seeks 'truth and dignity' for deviants
Gina Miller
July 31, 2013

Who could've seen this coming? Well, those of us who can see the "logical" end results of the radical homosexual movement, that's who. With homosexual . . .

Dirty-rotten commie race hustlers
Gina Miller
July 23, 2013

The evidence was clear. The truth was plain, and it had nothing – nothing – to do with race. George Zimmerman acted in self-defense when he shot . . .

Iceland is a homosexual role model for America?
Gina Miller
July 16, 2013

"Liberal & Proud," Ellen Ratner, writing at WorldNetDaily, paints just about the rosiest picture you can imagine of a country that fully embraces the deviancy . . .

Paula Deen hysteria and deranged 'political correctness'
Gina Miller
July 9, 2013

When I started seeing the scathing headlines about celebrity chef Paula Deen, I immediately remembered the story from about a year and a half ago of Ms. Deen . . .

NSA intimidation potential in Obama eligibility cases
Gina Miller
June 25, 2013

By the time this is published, the Senate, doing the bidding of the Obama administration, may have treasonously voted to cede our national sovereignty to the . . .

Supreme Court 'Produces Truly Strange Results' in Arizona Decision
Gina Miller
June 18, 2013

There is no end to the America-killing insanity coming from our enemy elites in Washington, and on Monday, the Supreme Court stupidly shot down a provision of . . .

End times surveillance in the terminal American republic
Gina Miller
June 11, 2013

Of course, it's hard to resist being cynical. It's a daily battle to keep hardening of the heart from setting in. The horrific deluge of wickedness gushing . . .

Colorado gun control legislators likely to face recall
Gina Miller
June 4, 2013

We all love a story with a happy ending, and we may see one unfold in Colorado. After recent mass shootings in the United States were exploited by the Left to . . .

Boy Scouts choose suicide, and homo-activists are still outraged
Gina Miller
May 29, 2013

Surely the national leadership members of the Boy Scouts of America didn't believe this ungodly, profoundly stupid vote to allow openly homosexual boys to be . . .

Ryan-Rubio "conservative" amnesty ads insult our intelligence
Gina Miller
May 21, 2013

We have not forgotten the 2007 McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill that was killed in the face of intense outrage from the American people. Since then, we have seen a . . .

Obama is not incompetent. He's malicious
Gina Miller
May 14, 2013

You may have read, or seen a film version of, Richard Condon's deeply disturbing 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate. The story, set during the Korean War, is . . .

Thomas More Society defends pro-life displays of gruesome images
Gina Miller
May 7, 2013

Liberals are masters of hypocrisy, and when it comes to freedom of speech, they valiantly embrace the old double standard. They'll bring lawsuits till the cows . . .

Sick "leader," ailing nation and Day of Prayer
Gina Miller
May 2, 2013

Besides the seemingly endless list of outrages coming out of the current administration and Congress, we have a man in the presidency who regularly tells bold, . . .

Federal government scarier than Muslim terrorism?
Gina Miller
April 30, 2013

Those of us who pay attention, who are not doing the zombie shuffle through life, take polling results with more than a grain of salt. But, I found the results . . .

Is the church on earth during the tribulation?
Gina Miller
April 23, 2013

It has been a gut-wrenching week, between the dead and wounded in the Muslim terrorist Boston bombings and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion and the head . . .

Erik Rush's Muslim tweets after bombings lead to death threats
Gina Miller
April 18, 2013

He only said what many clear-minded Americans likely think about our federal government's dangerously stupid Middle Eastern visa and immigration policies, but . . .

Hey, Senate! Stop the gun control nonsense NOW!
Gina Miller
April 11, 2013

Communist regimes always disarm the people. They must do this in order to crush the people under their evil schemes. And, they lie about it, about what they . . .

Hey, Senate! Stop the gun control nonsense NOW!
Gina Miller
April 10, 2013

Communist regimes always disarm the people. They must do this in order to crush the people under their evil schemes. And, they lie about it, about what they . . .

Pro-homosexual 'reverend' shows profound scriptural ignorance
Gina Miller
April 9, 2013

It comes as no surprise to see the deep Scriptural ignorance in our world today. After all, many people have turned away from the solid foundation of truth . . .

Muslim Brotherhood's friend Obama is America's enemy
Gina Miller
April 2, 2013

Well, isn't this just swell?! The Washington Times reported on Monday that Saudi Arabian "religious authorities" have, in all their boundless benevolence, . . .

State House GOP must override AR gov's voter ID veto
Gina Miller
March 28, 2013

On Monday, the Democrat Governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, vetoed the common-sense voter identification law passed by the Republicans in the State Legislature.  . . .

Washington Post kid 'sarcasms' Sarah Palin
Gina Miller
March 27, 2013

Yes, I know that FReepers and other jaded conservatives will quickly ask, "Who the heck cares what some young punk from the leftist Washington Post bird cage . . .

We don't want gentle Republicans
Gina Miller
March 21, 2013

Polite, gentle Republicans are wearisome. In the face of the America-destroying policies of this enemy-within horde of criminal thugs under the crook-in-chief, . . .

Cliff Kincaid is right about "gay conservatism"
Gina Miller
March 19, 2013

In the world of lies in which we live, truth is unpopular and offensive, and truth tellers are vilified and ridiculed. After all, if there is a transcendent . . .

Perez is stunningly bad potential Labor Secretary nominee
Gina Miller
March 14, 2013

Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) seems to be trying to out-do himself on terrible nominees. As of this writing, Thomas Perez has not been officially . . .

CA mall bends to homosexual intimidation
Gina Miller
March 12, 2013

Over the past several years, I have written numerous columns on the radical homosexual movement in America. One of the most common attempts by the Left to . . .

Radical leftist judicial nominee Halligan fails Senate cloture
Gina Miller
March 7, 2013

It's hard to keep up with all the criminal and otherwise reprehensible behavior of this current administration in Washington, so things like judicial nominees . . .

Farah: why is mass-murdering enemy of America still breathing?
Gina Miller
March 5, 2013

While American patriots watch in drop-jawed horror at the criminal actions, endless lies, and gut-wrenching anti-Americanism of this current administration . . .

Violence Against Women Act shreds rights
Gina Miller
March 1, 2013

On Thursday, the House voted to approve the latest incarnation of the Violence Against Women Act. So, it's a done deal, and it's not good. Before the vote, . . .

Public schools: sexual perversion "good," Christian T-shirt "inappropriate"
Gina Miller
February 26, 2013

The godless, communist Left has commandeered the public education system. This is not news to those of us who have paid attention to our society's steady . . .

WA Dems drop home invasion clause in gun control bill
Gina Miller
February 21, 2013

An outrageous provision in an already outrageous piece of Democrat gun control legislation in Washington State has been scrapped. The now-"corrected" State . . .

Day of Resistance to gun control is this Saturday
Gina Miller
February 19, 2013

When it comes to our God-given, constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, the American people aren't messing around, and the criminal, communist . . .

Boy Scouts, get rid of your moles
Gina Miller
February 14, 2013

For most of the last century, leftists have been infiltrating positions of power in our local, state and federal governments, our schools and every major . . .

Obama's Executive Order abuse to be continued
Gina Miller
February 11, 2013

There was a disturbing column published on Sunday in the Washington Post. In the piece titled, "Obama weighing executive actions on housing, gays and other . . .

MS State Rep kills fetal heartbeat, personhood bills
Gina Miller
February 7, 2013

I was sad to see the headline on the front page of our local newspaper that reported on the impending demise in committee of a couple of bills which would have . . .

Common sense hijacked for Obama propaganda
Gina Miller
February 5, 2013

Common sense is both a noun and an adjective. As a noun, common sense – good judgment – is becoming a rare and precious commodity in our world . . .

The states and sheriffs as bastions against lawless Obama
Gina Miller
January 31, 2013

On Tuesday evening, Dr. Laurie Roth invited me to be a guest on her nationally syndicated radio program, The Roth Show. In the hour I was on with her, we . . .

Can they be stopped?
Gina Miller
January 29, 2013

A truly scary and terribly frustrating aspect of the in-your-face communist takeover of America is the fact that perhaps half (or more) of the American . . .

Lord Monckton: Obama's 'inauguration' signals end of the left
Gina Miller
January 24, 2013

I admire England's Lord Christopher Monckton. He has an impressive history that includes careers as a scientist, editor and journalist, political leader, . . .

Pray for MassResistance and marriage in Rhode Island
Gina Miller
January 22, 2013

The state of Rhode Island is in the homosexual movement's crosshairs. There are currently bills to legalize homosexual "marriage" pending in both chambers of . . .

Walmart 'not guilty' on ammo charge?
Gina Miller
January 17, 2013

Thanks to WND's Chelsea Schilling's on-top-of-it reporting, I am now wondering what the deal is. The news exploded across the Internet this past weekend that . . .

Bank of America freezes account of gun dealer
Gina Miller
January 10, 2013

Just like other Americans who understand why we have the right to keep and bear arms, I am puking-sick of the desperately ignorant, wholly belligerent campaign . . .

Wanted: ten thousand Hobby Lobbies
Gina Miller
January 8, 2013

America needs ten thousand more. America needs thousands of businesses to resist this lawless administration in Washington and stand on the principles of . . .

Resist, we much!
Gina Miller
January 3, 2013

"But resist we much... we must... and we will much... about... that... be committed." That was Al Sharpton's eloquence-challenged statement against Wisconsin . . .

Obsessive homosexual radical continues bogus attacks on MassResistance
Gina Miller
December 27, 2012

We've all had those nightmares in which we try to run from the bad guys who are chasing us, but our legs feel like clumsy lead weights. It's a terrible feeling . . .

Fairness doctrine... for license plates?!
Gina Miller
December 13, 2012

The God-hating minions of the Left are working overtime to kill our freedom of speech and expression, when it concerns speech and expression they don't like.  . . .

The pathetic, sewer-mouthed Bill Maher
Gina Miller
December 11, 2012

What little I know about Bill Maher is not good. He is a million-dollar-donating fanatic of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), and he has never met a . . .

Pacific Justice wins injunction against insane California law
Gina Miller
December 6, 2012

In the wake of the freakish presidential election results, there has been very little good news for the defenders of America. Instead, we have seen the . . .

SPLC targets homosexual conversion therapy group JONAH
Gina Miller
November 29, 2012

God does not change. His Word does not change. No matter how sick and degenerate a society becomes in "celebrating" sinful behavior, sin will always be sin, . . .

Pravda: Illiterate society reelected Obama
Gina Miller
November 27, 2012

Throughout most of the twentieth century, the Pravda newspaper was roughly the Russian equivalent of our leftist, state-controlled "mainstream" media, . . .

Secession craze in post-coup America
Gina Miller
November 15, 2012

According to the World English Dictionary, the French term coup d'état means "a sudden violent or illegal seizure of government." The federal government of . . .

Non-zombie Americans brace for Obama's 'flexibility'
Gina Miller
November 8, 2012

Back in March, we heard Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) tell Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "This is my last election. After my election, I have . . .

Talking to a liberal on election eve
Gina Miller
November 6, 2012

On Sunday evening I called a dear relative that I have not seen for a number of years. He lives several states away, and we have not had the occasion to be . . .

America's scariest Halloween ever
Gina Miller
October 30, 2012

There are still a few people left who, as adults, heard the live broadcast of Orson Wells' October 30, 1938 radio adaptation of H.G. Wells' novel The War of the . . .

Michelle Obama: partial-birth abortion is "legitimate medical procedure"
Gina Miller
October 25, 2012

On the eve of the most critical presidential election in our nation's history, it is worth revisiting the despicable words of the wife of the criminal occupier . . .

Doing the devil's work: ACLU bullies MS school over prayer and Christianity
Gina Miller
October 23, 2012

It may be that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was once a useful organization, but it has long since decayed into a festering, anti-Christian, pro . . .

Obamatons wage campaign of threats to riot and assassinate Romney
Gina Miller
October 18, 2012

We have seen a recent campaign by senseless (or organized, senseless) Obama supporters on social media sites like Twitter issuing terroristic threats to riot if . . .

GOP funds House race of leftist homosexual "Republican"
Gina Miller
October 16, 2012

True conservatives have more than a handful in fighting both Democrats and "Republicans in Name Only" (RINOs) at the federal, state and local levels. It is a . . .

Unelected Muslims dictate US training policy on Islam
Gina Miller
October 11, 2012

Do the anti-Americans in the current communist Democrat administration in Washington honestly believe that by eradicating anything "offensive" to Muslims from . . .

California outlaws normalcy; Liberty Counsel sues to get it back
Gina Miller
October 9, 2012

It can always get crazier, and it does on a daily basis in our world today. We have seen an alarming rise in the "success" of the radical homosexual movement . . .

Sadness in the Savage Nation
Gina Miller
October 2, 2012

Last Thursday evening it was not surprising to hear Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times filling for Dr. Michael Savage on his popular, nationally syndicated . . .

Sacramento radio hosts censored for anti-Muslim speech?
Gina Miller
September 27, 2012

Americans are rightly incensed over our "leadership" in Washington bowing and scraping to the Muslim world. We are sick of Barack Obama (or whatever his name . . .

New Orleans' anti-Christian ordinance challenged
Gina Miller
September 25, 2012

Jesus told us that no one knows the hour or the day of His return, but that we will be able to look around and see that the end is near by the state of the . . .

Romney told the truth in that "47 percent" video
Gina Miller
September 20, 2012

If only our nation were not in such a seriously dangerous position at the hands of a communist government takeover, this might be funny to watch. It would . . .

Because of a cheesy, anti-Islam video? Give us a break!
Gina Miller
September 18, 2012

So, this whole terrible ordeal with our American consulate in Libya and the other attacks on our embassies and outposts in a rising number of Middle East . . .

Gawker: Pedophiles born that way, deserve sympathy
Gina Miller
September 11, 2012

We should not be surprised at the evil idiocy that comes from godless people, although their vile words and twisted ideas can sometimes still be stunning. We . . .

The foolish, spiritually blind Richard Dawkins
Gina Miller
August 28, 2012

God's Word tells us about the famous atheist and prominent member of the church of evolution, Richard Dawkins. Of course, Dawkins is not mentioned by name, but . . .

Marine patriot detained for Facebook political posts (NDAA, anyone?)
Gina Miller
August 23, 2012

When the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed by Congress last year, people of all political persuasions were rightly alarmed, because one of . . .

New Black Panthers' hell-born hate
Gina Miller
August 16, 2012

God tells us in His Word that people who reject Him, and by default accept Satan, will fall under the sway of a reprobate and deluded mind. They will be deeply . . .

Southern Poverty Law Center, homofascists target Mississippi museum
Gina Miller
August 14, 2012

Today in the United States, one of the greatest threats — if not the greatest threat — to religious freedom and freedom of speech is the militant . . .

It's not Romney's 'hidden' tax returns; it's Obama's hidden past
Gina Miller
August 9, 2012

When several friends sent me e-mails with links to Wayne Allyn Root's column, I knew it was viral, and then sure enough, on Tuesday, Rush featured excerpts of . . .

Early entry for WND's 'Operation Spike' of 2012: Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day
Gina Miller
August 7, 2012

Regular readers of WorldNetDaily (WND) look forward to the editors' long-running, year-end tradition of collecting reader submissions, adding their own, and . . .

Outrage: hospital 'kidnaps,' injects newborn, expels mom
Gina Miller
August 2, 2012

There is certainly no shortage of examples of so-called "authorities" in our nation grossly overstepping their bounds and trampling the rights of ordinary . . .

Update: Victories for MassResistance as free speech fight continues
Gina Miller
July 31, 2012

There is some good news to report in the case of convicted sex offender Adam Flanders and his baseless lawsuit attack on Brian Camenker and MassResistance. I . . .

Let's celebrate Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day!
Gina Miller
July 26, 2012

At what point did being right and normal become "controversial"? Oh, we know the cultural tectonic shift from traditional moral values to chaotic debauchery . . .

Mike Adams: Was Aurora Batman shooting a false flag operation?
Gina Miller
July 24, 2012

As our nation and the families and friends of the victims continue to reel after the horrific mass murder at the midnight screening of the latest Batman movie . . .

Homosexual pedophile activist targets MassResistance with million-dollar lawsuit
Gina Miller
July 17, 2012

The outrages continue with the convicted sex offender, homosexual pedophile, Adam Flanders. On June 29th he filed a million-dollar, sham lawsuit against Brian . . .

Deplorable injustice continues for Lt. Michael Behenna
Gina Miller
July 12, 2012

Last Thursday, yet another example of the corrupt attempts at appeasement of our enemies within and without was displayed in the rotten-to-the-core decision by . . .

Top Romney advisor all in for Obamacare implementation
Gina Miller
July 10, 2012

Again it comes to this: voting for the "lesser of two evils." This is assuming, of course, that Mitt "Stealth Leftist" Romney wins the Republican nomination . . .

Are you happy now, John Roberts?
Gina Miller
July 3, 2012

There is no "silver lining" to last week's lawless and illegitimate decision by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the other four commie liberals to . . .

Fierce battle for marriage rages in Illinois
Gina Miller
June 27, 2012

The militant homosexual radicals have set their sites on the State of Illinois in their quest to pervert the definition of marriage. In their campaign to . . .

SPLC's Potok again lies about David Barton
Gina Miller
June 26, 2012

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe . . .

Rest in peace, Mr. Hilmar von Campe
Gina Miller
June 21, 2012

On Tuesday I got an e-mail from Kay Day, who is a Tea Party organizer in the Mobile, Alabama area, informing me that Mr. Hilmar von Campe had passed away on . . .

Homosexual activist, leftist judge move to silence free speech
Gina Miller
June 19, 2012

It was the 1979 Sugar Bowl championship game between number one Penn State, and number two Alabama. Penn State had the ball. It was fourth and goal at Alabama . . .

Sodomication of the West signals bleak future
Gina Miller
June 7, 2012

With the multiple fronts of assault on our nation by the current astoundingly corrupt administration in Washington, it is easy to be overwhelmed at the number . . .

Who will stop the lawless Obama Justice Department?
Gina Miller
June 5, 2012

It is a painful, heartbreaking thing to watch your country fall in slow motion. It is gut-wrenching to stare helplessly as a communist-infiltrated United . . .

Obama the gaffe master strikes Poland
Gina Miller
May 31, 2012

How can we ever be surprised at anything that comes out of the mouth of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is)? Yet, his latest gaffe almost leaves me . . .

Agenda 21 primer for a small town mayor
Gina Miller
May 29, 2012

After reading Ocean Springs, Mississippi Mayor Connie Moran's rebuttal to a letter to the editor in our local newspaper, I was compelled to respond. In the . . .

Connecticut's sexual revolution tourism theme
Gina Miller
May 24, 2012

David Pepe, who runs the Ignorant Fishermen website, and who lives in Connecticut, has brought to our attention a new, multi-million-dollar tourism campaign . . .

Former transgender warns of skirting marriage laws by same-sex couples
Gina Miller
May 22, 2012

Last week I got an email from Walt Heyer. You may be familiar with Walt through his websites, his books, and his radio and television appearances. He is a . . .

Water threats from the communist enemies of freedom
Gina Miller
May 17, 2012

What better way to control citizens of a country than to control the water supply? What better way to control the countries of the world than to control the . . .

Recovering God's stolen rainbow
Gina Miller
May 16, 2012

The celebration clamoring of the radical homosexual Left has reached an ecstatic, fever pitch since last Wednesday when Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) . . .

Blessed victory for marriage in North Carolina
Gina Miller
May 10, 2012

With all the terrible, anti-America, anti-Constitution news that emanates daily from the current communist regime in Washington, it is quite refreshing and . . .

WND helps expose child porn scourge on Facebook
Gina Miller
May 8, 2012

WND's Chelsea Schilling is a brave lady. She courageously took an assignment to go undercover on Facebook to expose the darkest, most sickening aspect of that . . .

"Dear Abby" gets it dead wrong on the Bible and homosexuality
Gina Miller
May 3, 2012

We do not subscribe to our local newspaper, but I occasionally read one of the copies that comes to the radio station where I work. This past Monday, I read . . .

Soros group: calling people "illegal" is "hate crime"
Gina Miller
May 1, 2012

There is a lonely, barren place in what passes as the logic center of the brains of members of the communist Left. Or, we could simply say that they are liars. . . .

Who will stop the power-mad man in the White House?
Gina Miller
April 26, 2012

On Monday morning, my coffee was tainted, thanks to Drudge, by a story he posted in large letters at the top of his site. It was a stomach-turning, New York . . .

Homosexual radical Dan Savage bullies high schoolers
Gina Miller
April 25, 2012

The Word of God has warned us, so we are not surprised when people inspired by the forces of darkness screech and wail against God's Truth. Some of the most . . .

Mystery cyber hack on Rush is creepy stuff
Gina Miller
April 19, 2012

It was a creepy story, but not a surprising one, considering the profusion of computer hacking and surveillance that occurs in our world today. If you are a . . .

Christian teacher in Ohio battles tyrannical evolution pushers
Gina Miller
April 17, 2012

Members of the anti-Christian, communist Left are obsessed with banishing the presence of Christian expression from all areas of the public square. They are . . .

Lying black leaders tout highway to hell
Gina Miller
April 12, 2012

The Father of Lies is really whipping up his hordes lately, and this week we have heard the most despicable, lying words out of the mouths of these people under . . .

Supremely disturbing, boorish Obama
Gina Miller
April 5, 2012

Of course we should not be surprised at anything that comes out of his mouth, but comments this week by Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) were simply . . .

School kids targeted by federal pro-homosexual legislation
Gina Miller
April 2, 2012

We have been watching a prolonged assault on the hearts and minds of our nation's kids for several decades now. We have seen the standards of education lowered . . .

Trayvon mania highlights diseased culture of the left
Gina Miller
March 29, 2012

The ignorant, irrational mania being stoked by the black race hustlers in the wake of the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is disgusting. Of course the . . .

Freedom of speech is left's great enemy
Gina Miller
March 27, 2012

Operatives on the communist Left are desperate to silence the voices of those of us who tell the truth about their evil agenda. What is their evil agenda?  . . .

Soros-backed homosexual radicals persecute Pastor Lively
Gina Miller
March 22, 2012

However you prefer to characterize them, whether as leftists, socialists, communists or simply the earthly forces of darkness, those on the Left are on a . . .

Why Obama's latest executive order is scary
Gina Miller
March 20, 2012

This past Friday afternoon brought a new executive order from the White House. It was titled, "National Defense Resources Preparedness." This order sent the . . .

Crooked Democrats block voter ID laws to cheat
Gina Miller
March 15, 2012

At this point, anyone who does not see that we are living under a communist dictatorship of the current administration in Washington is woefully ignorant or . . .

Thomas More fights Trojan Horse of radical Islam
Gina Miller
March 13, 2012

There is a fierce battle under way for the soul of our nation. Many of us feel helpless because of the massive, unrelenting onslaught by the evil forces that . . .

Rush brings out stunning hypocrisy of the left
Gina Miller
March 8, 2012

Because it is so predictable, by now we should not be stunned by the stunning hypocrisy of the Left, but it is still tough not to be. One way to get your mind . . .

Left's war on Rush is no fluke as advertisers flee
Gina Miller
March 7, 2012

The people of the radical Left in our nation are engaged in an aggressive, deliberate assault on our freedom of speech, our freedom to call them out and expose . . .

The diabolical, green sustainability scam
Gina Miller
March 3, 2012

Last week, steam shot out of my head as I read an e-mail press release that came here to the radio station. It was followed a day later by a glowing story in . . .

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