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January 6, 2020
BARBARA KRALIS — Following the recent shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, which left three dead, including the perpetrator, USA Today ran a hysteria-inducing commentary that said,... (more)

December 17, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — There is nothing new about the fanatical hatred of Jews that we see playing out in today's world -- literally a pandemic of anti-Semitism which echoes the fear and loathing that gave rise to the over-4,000-year history of the Inquisition, the Crusades, centuries of pogroms, the expulsion of Jews from country after country, and the Holocaust of the 20th century in which six-million Jews were savagely incinerated in the crematoria of Hitler's Germany, as the entire world -- including U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt -- looked on and did nothing!... (more)

September 9, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — According to 2018 statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about one in 59 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), up from the one in 68 in 2016. This updated CDC chart – from 2019 – reveals the shocking escalation of autism in the U.S., which is predicted to be one in every 40 children in the near future.... (more)

August 23, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13). "...I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live" (Deuteronomy 30:19). Remember good ole boy Johnny Edwards -- actually North Carolina Democrat Senator John Edwards (1998-2012), VP candidate in 2004 and presidential candidate in 2008? Edwards is hard to forget because he burst upon the national stage as the golden-tongued lawyer who was famous for defending the rights of the unborn.... (more)

June 10, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — Throughout the ages, Jews have been the targets of genocidal forces both large and small, educated and ignorant, liberal and conservative, pagan and religious. Other small sects and religions have never inspired the particular psychotic animus that Jews have because they never threatened the larger populace as Jews have with blazing green-eyed jealousy -- the most powerful emotion of the human species. In fact, Proverb 14 states: "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy makes the bones rot."... (more)

June 10, 2019
WES VERNON — Mark Levin, perhaps best known as TV/radio's hell-raising intellectual, has outdone himself in taking down the media for their attitude sometimes interpreted as "Hark! We are your betters, thus you must heed our wise words." In his New York Times bestseller "Unfreedom of the Press," Levin punctures every form of fakery tossed at a sometimes over-tolerant public.... (more)

June 4, 2019
WES VERNON — Bernie Sanders and his bride spent their honeymoon in the Soviet Union in June 1988, when he was serving as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a city of about 40,000. The newlyweds traveled to the USSR to establish a "sister city" relationship with the city of Yaroslavl, a community on the Volga River of about 500,000.... (more)

May 31, 2019
WES VERNON — Day by day, we are witnessing the build-up of Communist China in pursuit of its ultimate goal to depose the United States as "the world's lone super power." One of several methods utilized by the Chinese to accomplish this is to make inroads with U.S. allies, by luring them into being less reliant on America strategically -- in trade issues and every other field. China attempts this first gradually and then in larger steps. The obvious purpose, ultimately, is to weaken ties between America and U.S.-friendly nations worldwide.... (more)

May 9, 2019
WES VERNON — The left seems to get closer and closer to using its ultimate hammer to tame conservatives into obeisance to its commands. Years ago, according to a writer at the time, a group of "intellects" with Ph.D.s -- as reported by another writer at this website -- were casually discussing the possible ultimate need to consign resisters to hard left rule to "re-education camps." Obviously, even the most anti-freedom leftist would know that such an incursion into a nation whose people still relish their freedoms would put up a fierce resistance.... (more)

April 22, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — Just a few months ago, in an article entitled "Still the Smartest Guy in the Room," I wrote the following about President Trump: Well, whaddaya know? In the midterm elections of November 6, 2018, the American people rewarded the president -- for only the third time in almost a hundred years -- with a net gain of three and possibly four Senate seats, lost half the House seats that his predecessor lost, and left the radical leftwing Democrats not rejoicing at their meager gains, but still chomping at the bit to bring down the president who has effectively destroyed everything they believed in, worked for, and thought they achieved over the past 75 years.... (more)

April 22, 2019
WES VERNON — Mitt Romney admits Donald Trump has been cleared of charges of obstructing justice. Yet he still says the president makes him "sick," even though the two men have few disagreements on policy issues.... (more)

April 18, 2019
WES VERNON — The United States is arguably the most anti-Marxist nation on the planet, though to be sure, we do have our own home-grown variety of hard leftists. The Democrat Party is making moves in that direction. Adding political fuel to that fire is the Marxist family background of a serious Democrat candidate for President of the United States.... (more)

April 16, 2019
WES VERNON — When you go to the polls and cast your ballot, you are theoretically exercising your right to keep your vote secret if that is your desire. Now it appears the Democrats are making it their business to force you to disclose your political activities beyond what the law already mandates.... (more)

April 5, 2019
WES VERNON — There were reasons, way back when, that this nation became the United States of America, not the Republic of America. One of several factors that contributed to the thinking of the framers of our nation and the crafting of its Constitution was an unwritten understanding that we are all different.... (more)

April 4, 2019
STEFANI WILLIAMS — "Skepticism is the first step towards truth," Denis Diderot, 1746. Has our government ever been wrong? Has it ever been deceptive? The answer of course, to anyone who knows our history, is yes! Here are a few examples: Forced sterilization and eugenics - History is fraught with the horrors that eugenics inflicted on the world. The most prominent example is, of course, Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, but what isn't well-known is that Hitler was actually influenced by eugenics-inspired policies being implemented in the United States during the early part of the 1900's.... (more)

March 26, 2019
WES VERNON — He succeeded in private business, served as governor of Massachusetts, was nominated to run for president in 2012, and was elected by the voters of Utah as their United States senator in 2018. But freshman senator Mitt Romney apparently can't think of any way to build his own legacy in "the world's most exclusive club" except to hang his hat on the memory of a deceased senator (John McCain) whose record, while heralded by some, is decidedly "mixed."... (more)

March 14, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — "[T]he Democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They've become an anti-Jewish party." President Donald J. Trump "[T]he chickens of the Democratic Party are coming home to roost.... [M]aybe then they will also realize that anti-Semitism, like most cancers, is fatal unless it's removed."... (more)

March 7, 2019
WES VERNON — One hesitates to use the "T" word, even in times like these when arguably treasonous plots are not only publicized, but in some quarters are almost regarded as "just another day at the office." "So what" if a scheme is hatched by an acting director of the FBI and a deputy attorney general to topple a president-elect even before he is sworn into the office for which the voters elected him. Failing that, a full power-driven effort has been underway to "stick it" to those same voters for daring to defy the not-so-gentle hints of what is often termed "the Deep State" that the elected head-of-state be ousted.... (more)

February 7, 2019
JOAN SWIRSKY — When individuals kill themselves, we look for answers in their DNA, their environments, their personal reactions to feelings of impotent rage, rejection, disappointment, heartbreak. But how to explain group suicide? Wikipedia lists numerous cases, starting in 206 B.C., and these relatively recent cases:... (more)

November 26, 2018
WES VERNON — Last week, CNN's Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, said news networks should "start editing" President Trump's "propagandist" press briefings instead of letting them air in their entirety. In his remarks on CNN's Reliable Sources, the partisan commentator intoned that "We [in the media] need to start thinking of a different way to cover [Trump's] press conferences and briefings" – and added, "I don't think we should be taking them live all the time and just pasting them up on the air."... (more)

November 13, 2018
WES VERNON — The 100th year anniversary this month of the end of World War I gave us time to reflect on the worldwide disquiet that ensued after that bloody conflict and its long-lasting destructive effect that haunt us to this day. We were thus able to review this hugely pivotal dividing point in history and to see why much of the relative calm that prevailed before then is viewed by many historians as "strange."... (more)

November 9, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — Well, whaddaya know? In the midterm elections of November 6, 2018, the American people rewarded the president -- for only the third time in almost a hundred years -- with a net gain of three and possibly four Senate seats, lost half the House seats that his predecessor lost, and left the radical left-wing Democrats not rejoicing at their meager gains, but still chomping at the bit to bring down the president who has effectively destroyed everything they believed in, worked for, and thought they achieved over the past 75 years.... (more)

November 4, 2018
WES VERNON — My first memory of Chuck Grassley was when he (along with two of his colleagues) showed up in Billings, Montana, as a young congressman to promote a GOP candidate's (ultimately successful) bid for a congressional seat. Little did I know that decades later, this "young pup" from Iowa would return as a tough old boy (now 85) as a Senate committee chairman who tracks down purveyors of untruths.... (more)

October 29, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — This past Saturday morning, 11 Jews were shot to death in a Pittsburgh synagogue by one of the millions of Jew haters who contaminate our world. To Jews like me, who know and appreciate Jewish history as I do, this is no surprise. Tragic, yes; shocking, no.... (more)

October 1, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus that I attended in my youth showcased acts like the freak show in which people with all sorts of bizarre physical features would attract millions of morbidly curious wide-eyed visitors.But even Tom Thumb and the Siamese twins, the bearded lady and the dog-faced boy, and the head of Medusa that "turned men into stone" had nothing on the oddities of the 2018 circus that billed itself as the U.S. Senate's Judiciary Committee's Hearing to determine if Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's selection for the Supreme Court, is fit for that august position.... (more)

September 17, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — Judge Brett Kavanaugh has always been in the crosshairs of the left, ever since he played a major role in urging the impeachment of their icon of moral rectitude, President Bill Clinton, and also led the investigation into the alleged suicide (or fishy murder) of Vince Foster, Clinton's Deputy White House Counsel and close friend of Ms. Hillary.... (more)

September 10, 2018
WES VERNON — In the last two years, America has been caught up in one of the most crisis level uproars in its "peacetime" history. The obsession of a significant movement to remove a duly-elected sitting president from office has taken us to the edge of a constitutional showdown arguably as intense as the charged environment that dogged Abraham Lincoln leading up to the Civil War.... (more)

September 6, 2018
WES VERNON — Public commentary on John McCain's death cries out for balance. The senator whose departure from this planet left behind six or seven days of unremitting and un-contradicted public praise that -- on TV seemingly deemed him as worthy of the highest level of sainthood. Granted caution, decent respect for the plus side of his legacy cannot be ignored. And it wasn't.... (more)

August 14, 2018
WES VERNON — You may think you know everything there is to know about the ongoing night-and-day pounding inflicted on the public ear by an angry Hate America left hell-bent on bringing down a duly elected president of the United States. But you don't -- not until you've plunged into Gregg Jarrett's The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. The book is so amazingly up-to-date one would suspect parts of it were written in "real time." Obviously, the narrative will be extended when "the dust has settled," if ever. (The ongoing battle in what some fear may be a developing "second civil war" in America is not likely to let up soon.)... (more)

July 6, 2018
WES VERNON — Everywhere you turn, the media, including some of our conservative favorites, are touting Brett Kavanaugh as having the inside track for President Trump's nomination to become the Supreme Court replacement for Anthony Kennedy, who is retiring.... (more)

July 3, 2018
WES VERNON — "Somebody's going to be hurt or killed," warn the pundits regarding the vile insults and threats coming from the far left these days. Now we're seeing an apparent eager anticipation of just that outcome: Writing an op-ed posted by "a leftist website indirectly owned by Univision" named Splinter News, Hamilton Nolan predicts terror ahead.... (more)

June 29, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — In Hillary's cringe-producing appearances over the past year and a half -- since she lost the U.S. presidency in 2016 to Donald J. Trump -- she has offered upward of 38 excuses to rationalize her loss, which Amanda Prestigiacomo has documented here exquisitely.... (more)

June 25, 2018
WES VERNONOn – ahem – respect for opposing views — In what appear to be his waning days, John McCain is preparing to leave a legacy of settling scores. Some others are tearing open the wraps that until now have kept some deeds of the senator and /of his aides hidden from public view.... (more)

June 22, 2018
WES VERNON — As acknowledged by most of the non-communist world, Ronald Reagan did civilization a monumental favor by "bringing down the Soviet Union without firing a shot." The fact that destroying the "evil empire" did not "end communism," which still spreads its influence largely unabated, or that the Soviet Union (Russia) may not have been crushed as thoroughly as it might have been, is, for the time being, a matter for another day. The truth is that in the post-Soviet world, today's Russia is no longer a "super power" and is relatively weak, which for the time being bodes well (or so we hope).... (more)

June 19, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — I remember as a young teenager going by myself to see "On the Waterfront" at the Whalley Theater in New Haven. I was so mesmerized by the performance of Marlon Brando (30 years old at the time) that it took a dozen more viewings – really, that's how many times I saw the film, maybe more – before I realized that the greatest actors of the day – Eva Marie Saint, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Rod Steiger – were also featured in the movie.... (more)

June 12, 2018
WES VERNON — Victoria Toensing, one of the insightful attorneys on Fox News, cut to the quick the other night when she spoke with her fellow panelists of the odd statement by House Speaker Paul Ryan that there was "no evidence" that then President Obama ordered the FBI to "spy" on the Trump campaign.... (more)

June 7, 2018
WES VERNON — In this century, as our nation appears on the verge of a (mostly so far) non-shooting civil war brought about by cultural battles and an attempt to overthrow a sitting president, Americans wonder: How did we get into this mess? It's axiomatic that one of the best ways to find one's way out of a bad predicament is to understand how we got there in the first place. Herewith comes an information-loaded analysis titled Betrayal At Bethesda.... (more)

May 29, 2018
WES VERNON — The 1992 Republican National Convention gave a special ovation to the words of one of its speakers, Patrick J. Buchanan, who warned, "There is as religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as the Cold War itself."... (more)

May 22, 2018
WES VERNON — So let's get this straight: It's just the entertainment properties of 21st Century Fox that the Walt Disney company wants to pick up in another media sale – not Fox News? Whew! Today's left-leaning Disney is no longer symbolized by Mickey Mouse. (In Mickey's time, nobody thought to wonder – let alone ask – what the Mouseketeer's politics were.... (more)

May 18, 2018
WES VERNON — John F. Kennedy has been quoted as saying that there are powerful hidden forces at work aimed at moving world events and that he intended to learn their identity before his presidency was completed. Of course, that ambition was short-circuited by an assassin's bullet on Nov. 22, 1963. Accused shooter Lee Harvey Oswald's (later reported) communist background was downplayed or ignored by an establishment media that had salivated to pin the blame on the "right-wing political climate" in Dallas, the scene of the shooting. The media and other key influences of public opinion attempted, in the following weeks, to recoup from the embarrassment of their early snap judgments by assigning responsibility on unidentified "hate."... (more)

May 11, 2018
WES VERNON — President Trump made a logical decision in pulling the U.S. out of the never signed "Iran deal." As Ambassador Henry Cooper notes, not only is the document not signed, it is unenforceable. His claim is best illustrated by the news that the U.S. has reportedly confirmed the authenticity of documents presented by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.... (more)

May 4, 2018
WES VERNON — So it's all settled: Mitt Romney is Utah's next United States Senator. Right? Not necessarily. There's a conservative alternative in the June primary, but that (ahem) is mere formality. The skids supposedly are greased. He's in. That's what the Deep State tells us."Deep State" includes powerful media; moneyed elitists in both parties; Democrats who tolerate Republicans who behave and cave to Democrat demands, etc.... (more)

April 24, 2018
WES VERNON — Today in the early 21st century, we have for the past four years been living in a period marked by a full 100 years since the starting point of then unprecedented and recurring killing beyond what could have been imagined in previous eras.... (more)

April 19, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — (Author's note: In August 2016, I wrote an article entitled "James Comey and the Stinking Fish Factor," warning readers that the Comey fish was already rotting and that things were bound to get worse. Clearly, they just did. And it's just as clear that the uncontrolled hysteria we are witnessing from Democrats has to do not with bogus accusations about Russia, but the criminal indictments coming down the pike for the people they've blindly defended for decades -- that would be Bill & Hill Clinton -- and possibly against even bigger fish! I've updated this article by abbreviating its length but also adding a few sentences. -JS)... (more)

March 19, 2018
WES VERNON — We fought a Civil War to force rebellious states to remain in the Union. Has anyone ever contemplated the possibility that at some point there may be movement to eject rebellious states out of the United States, to leave -- with or without their agreement to leave?... (more)

March 12, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — The word Politicide was first coined by Abba Eban – Israel's foreign minister in 1967 – to describe the attempted murder of the sovereign, independent State of Israel by enemies both within and outside of the fledgling state. When Victor Sharpe first read the word, he told me how it resonated in "the deepest parts of my heart and soul."... (more)

February 27, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — Imagine a guy in his mid-thirties walking on a beach in Hawaii and seeing an object that actually looked like the genie lamp he read about in his childhood -- the kind of lamp he could rub until a genie popped out and granted his most fervent wish. Being a pretty ordinary guy -- you know, the kind who hung out smoking pot, who slacked off in school, who didn't get the girl and actually hated and was jealous of the guys who did -- he asked for power.... (more)

February 19, 2018
WES VERNON — In case you haven't noticed, there is a media war in America today. Not the usual race for ratings. This is serious business, where the survival of our country hangs in the balance. You may have noticed that for the first time our in our nation's history, there is a serious effort to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States by inflaming political tensions. The main battlefield for this "soft coup" attempt is the media.... (more)

February 5, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — Once upon a time, a seasoned political operative ran for President of the United States against a candidate who had virtually no political experience. She – Democrat Hillary Clinton – former First Lady of Arkansas, former First Lady of the United States, former U.S. Senator from New York, former Secretary of State under the faux "president" Barack Obama, was clearly the favorite.... (more)

January 15, 2018
JOAN SWIRSKY — I started watching Miss America and Miss Universe competitions when I was a little girl, mostly because I loved the gowns. To this day, I still tune in, especially toward the end, when all the gowns are on display. A couple of years ago, I saw my all-time favorite! As the expression goes: TDF -- to die for!... (more)

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