Gina Miller
Boy Scouts, get rid of your moles
By Gina Miller
February 14, 2013

For most of the last century, leftists have been infiltrating positions of power in our local, state and federal governments, our schools and every major institution. They have done this in order to promote godless, communist ideology and to subvert traditional American values based on true freedom (not to be confused with immoral license) and common-sense morality that ultimately stems from God's Word. The result of this long-running invasion of our culture is a degeneracy of the soul and conscience of our nation.

Some of the most aggressive tools of the Left in our nation are the members of the militant homosexual movement. These people have been active for many decades. They have managed to insinuate their perverse agenda into the policy doctrines of corporate America, into the products of Hollywood and popular music, into our school kids' heads and the public school curriculum, and ever-increasingly, into our laws by court precedent and direct legislation.

There is no area that is free from this assault. Those of us who have repeatedly warned that homosexual "rights" and our natural, God-given rights cannot coexist have been met with ridicule and irrational denials of the truth of this warning. Yet, it becomes increasingly clear that it's true. The goal of the radical homosexual movement is to force society to unconditionally accept the degenerate behavior and presence of homosexuality in every area of society, no exceptions. This means that Christians will be forced to give deference to homosexuality in spite of their conscience and knowledge of the unnatural, unhealthy and immoral behavior that it is.

So, the militant homosexual campaign continues, and its targets often fold like accordions at the threats and intimidation tactics the homosexual bullies employ. We have all been watching this assault against the Boy Scouts of America. The homosexual radicals are fanatically pushing the Scouts to change their proper policy against the intrusion of homosexual Scout leaders and members. With the extreme, homosexual pressure being brought against this Christian organization, we see that the Scouts are wavering.

While it's good that the Scouts have decided to postpone a decision on the homosexual matter until May, the fact that they would even consider a policy change that flies in the face of moral truth and Boy Scout tradition, shows how powerfully effective the homosexual bully tactics are.

How have the Scouts come to the point that they would even consider such a wrong-headed change? Besides outside pressure which includes homosexual activists targeting corporate sponsors and their powerful money strings, the Scouts have fallen prey to leftist infiltration of the Boy Scout administration itself. This is classic Left 101 – invade the target, and work to change policy from within the organization.

Brave Christian warriors like Peter LaBarbera, Brad Wallace and the rest of the great crew of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) have been fighting mightily against this attempted homosexual invasion of the Boy Scouts. They have been joined by numerous like-minded Christian family groups to call for the resignation of two Boy Scout executive board members, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley. These men have been aggressive pushers of the homosexual policy change from within the administrative ranks of the Boy Scouts.

In a recent report about the Scouts' decision delay, AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera also calls for the two homosexual advocate moles to step down from the Executive Board:

Americans For Truth reiterates its call for the two corporate CEOs who reportedly are the strongest advocates for the pro-"gay" policy change – AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley – to resign from the BSA's Executive Board immediately. Regrettably, these two advocates of homosexuality have undermined the organization they are supposed to be serving. Through their ongoing pro-LGBT advocacy, they have instigated a massive and unnecessary public controversy that has already damaged the reputation of the Scouts.

"Out and proud" homosexuality may be the current rage in the corporate world, but it is not a Scouting value.

Homosexual activist groups were already pressuring the BSA to go even further than the ill-conceived proposal had envisioned and institute a national policy of blanket acceptance of homosexual members and Scoutmasters. Now "Gay Inc." will be lobbying harder than ever for the Scouts to "go gay" – regardless of the damage this does to the BSA and the boys in its care.

So far your voice has checked the Homosexual Lobby's high-powered activism. But we must be as relentless in our advocacy to preserve the (American) Scouts as a God-fearing, "morally straight" organization as our adversaries are in lobbying for the Scouts to accommodate sexual immorality. Thank you for standing up for truth and making your voice heard.

Amen! We must not let this "lull" between now and the May decision stop us from continuing to let the Boy Scouts know (e-mail:, phone: 972-580-2000) that a change in the moral policy that would admit open homosexuals would be disastrous. Homosexual predators already worm their way into places where they have access to their target victims, and this would simply give the green light to a flood of sexual deviants to more easily influence and molest boys under their "care" and "mentoring." Not only that, but it would drive out countless Christian leaders from the Boy Scouts, who would not violate their consciences and remain with an organization that would jeopardize the safety of boys by admitting homosexuals.

We should demand the resignation of the homosexual advocate moles who have infected the top leadership of the Boy Scouts of America. Turley and Stephenson, with their pro-homosexual agenda and the corporate wealth and influence they bring to the table, are a poison to the Boy Scouts. Although the Scouts have grown used to having the financial support of corporate America, they can learn to live without it if having it means compromising with sin. If they were to stand on their moral principles and reject the sinful acceptance of homosexuality in their organization, the support they would receive from Christian conservative America would be massive.

However, as Dr. Alan Keyes wisely pointed out in his excellent column, "Signs of Life from America's True Conservatives,"

The sudden move to collapse the BSA's thus far successful moral stand apparently came about because of pressure from large corporate donors. Having infiltrated the organization's decision-making structure with their largesse, they threatened to withdraw their money unless the BSA caved to the pressure of the homosexual lobby. In effect, they weaponized their largesse, turning it into an instrument of organizational destruction. They then used this weapon to terrorize the BSA's decision makers. Either the BSA would abandon the moral identity that gave substance to the reputation it had built upon over more than a century of service to the nation's moral strength, or the corporate money barons would withhold the financial fix that supports the organization's materially high standard of living.

As usual, I'm struck by the way experience confirms the wisdom of Jesus Christ. He bluntly warned people of faith that "you cannot serve God and mammon." First folks let themselves get hooked on a diet of food offered to the idols of material security, comfort, and pleasure. Then they find that they have fallen prey to a Hobson's choice that takes God's course off the menu. That may be of no consequence to people who see and care for nothing in life that cannot be measured in material terms. But for people who have defined and dedicated their lives to activities and institutions built on moral and spiritual grounds, life in opposition to God-informed conscience is not life, but living death.

Thus far, the leaders of the BSA have decided to postpone adding the organization to the ranks of the living dead, which these days include the Girl Scouts, universities like Notre Dame and Harvard, and all too many churches and parishes enlisted in the emerging American version of China's state-dominated religion.

Dr. Keyes is right, as usual, and the Boy Scouts of America have a very important choice to make. Let's pray they make the right one.

© Gina Miller


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