James Lambert column
James Lambert has a broad business background. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Linfield College (McMinnville, Oregon), Lambert pursued a career in banking by working in various management capacities for Crocker Bank, San Diego Trust & Savings Bank and First Interstate Bank (between 1973 and 1995). By 1990 Lambert received his Master in Business Administration from National University (San Diego). For 3 years, Lambert also taught Finance at Mira Costa Community College.

By late 1997, Lambert released his first book, "Porn in America" (Huntington House Publishers). Over the course of the next few years the author made a number of national media appearances that included: The O'Reilly Factor (FNC), BBC morning news, Hardcopy (Paramount Pictures), FNC's Morning News, the 700 Club (the Family Channel), the TBN network, 100 Huntley Street (Canada) and numerous affiliates of CBS, NBC & ABC television.

From 1998 to 2000, James worked as a loan sales agent under the guidance of a respected RE loan veteran, Ken Terrill. By 2000, Lambert started his own company, James L. Lambert Loans. He successfully operated this company until 2009 when he began working on doing research for his new book. By February of 2012, James released his second book, "16 Amazing Stories of Divine Intervention" (Xulon Press). With the release of his second book, Lambert has made guest appearances in 17 states. He still plans on traveling around the country (in 2014) telling audiences, viewers and (radio) listeners about some of the remarkable stories in his new book.

The author has made appearances on 8 television programs, dozens of radio shows and numerous churches around the country (since his second book was released). In addition to this work, Lambert regularly shares Christ on public sidewalks in front of public high schools around Southern California. Sales of his book supports this worthwhile outreach.

For more information on the author go to: www.JamesLLambert.com or his book's new website: www.16AmazingStories.com... thank you: James Lambert

Illegal alien entry through California border has dramatically increased of late
James Lambert
June 17, 2024

Sadly during the last three months illegal entry through the California – Mexico border has dramatically increased. This is especially true with the border in . . .

It’s time to get a Republican (like Steve Garvey) elected to the U.S. Senate in CA. It’s been 30 years!
James Lambert
March 19, 2024

It’s been 30 years since a Republican has been elected to the U.S. Senate. Republicans desperately need to win back leadership of the United States Senate. . . .

Summer Camps are usually a very good experience for young boys & girls
James Lambert
January 28, 2024

I look back to the years when I was a young teenager, and it’s doesn’t take long to realize that during the summers of those years, I had a number of . . .

U.S. federal debt is a serious impending national problem
James Lambert
January 9, 2024

With the national debt now exceeding $34 trillion dollars, this problem should concern every American citizen. This should include members from both the . . .

Economic Disaster: Democrats are determined to end sale of new gas-powered autos by 2034
James Lambert
December 18, 2023

Gavin Newsom and other Democrats (including former Democrat Presidential Candidate John Kerry) have proposed to end the sale of new gasoline powered within the . . .

Why illegal immigration negatively affects our country
James Lambert
September 24, 2023

Clearly, the Biden Administration is not successfully defending our America borders. The proof is in the numbers. Just last month, illegal immigration into our . . .

Remembering a nice friend from my teen days who sadly passed away recently
James Lambert
August 14, 2023

During my mid-teens when I was attending middle-school at La Jolla Country Day, I became friends with Frank Beacham, who was in my class at LJCDS. He didn’t . . .

Gavin Newsom has taken action to fully eliminate oil extraction in California
James Lambert
August 1, 2023

Is it any wonder why our gasoline prices are so high? Two years ago the Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, directed the California Air Resources Board (CARB . . .

Newsom & Democrats eliminate the freedom of dealers to sell gasoline powered equipment
James Lambert
May 30, 2023

It’s alarming that more media outlets aren’t making a big deal about Gavin Newsom and Democrats eliminating after 2024 the sale of new items like gasoline . . .

Over 60 years: 7 heartwarming San Diego team appearances at National Championship games with only 1 win
James Lambert
April 10, 2023

Sadly, over the period of the last 60 years, the city of San Diego has experienced relatively few San Diego team appearances in national championship games. . . .

Dems ‘Amnesty Plus’ Senate proposal would have disastrous results
James Lambert
March 10, 2023

Majority Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer D-NY, is once again supporting passage of the "Amnesty Plus" legislation in Congress. (The bill was previously voted down . . .

Homelessness is out of control, so is illegal immigration at our border
James Lambert
February 2, 2023

While the President and Washington Senators and Congressional Representatives are concerned about the Russian border invasion in Ukraine, they should ALSO be . . .

Congressional Dems' gov’t spending is out of control, which will hurt our young generation!
James Lambert
December 30, 2022

Clearly, the recently passed Democrat sponsored $1.7 trillion dollar bill, which was signed into law by President Biden, is excessive in many ways. Most . . .

California continues to lead nation in gas prices – you can thank the Dems (who control the state) for that!
James Lambert
October 5, 2022

You can view research records and discover that the state of California has some of the largest natural oil reserves in the country. The vast majority of these . . .

Congress continues to ignore national (fed) debt—resulting in negative consequences
James Lambert
July 26, 2022

With the national / federal debt now exceeding $30.6 trillion dollars, our Congressional Representatives and Senators do not understand the urgency in . . .

Successfully guarding our border saves lives
James Lambert
June 11, 2022

With recent reports giving evidence to the fact that thousands of new aliens are approaching the U.S. Border from the south in Mexico, there are many Americans . . .

Biden & Dems' plan to cancel college student debt clearly has negative consequences
James Lambert
April 25, 2022

With the federal national debt now hovering around $30 trillion dollars, it should be clear to most of us that this growing national debt is ultimately bad for . . .

Surge of illegal immigration along with our growing federal deficit will hurt our younger generation
James Lambert
March 27, 2022

By now it clearly appears that not only our government leaders but many Americans don’t fully realize the negative effects of the following: Massive . . .

Crime has significantly increased in Democrat-controlled municipalities across the nation
James Lambert
January 2, 2022

The municipalities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are clearly suffering from the recent explosion of crime in their cities. Elected Democrat party . . .

Wake up, California!
James Lambert
December 10, 2021

The Democrat Party is now showing how ineffective their policies really are. All you have to do is look at the state of California and you can clearly see how . . .

Biden’s border policies are seriously hurting our country
James Lambert
October 31, 2021

It should be very clear to most observers that the current White House Administration’s policy involving our border is failing our national citizens. It . . .

Biden’s Afghanistan blunders present problems for Taiwan’s future independence
James Lambert
September 6, 2021

By now, it is quite clear that President Biden has demonstrated his administration’s weakness in dealing with foreign policy issues. This is particularly true . . .

Biden is to blame for your high gas prices!
James Lambert
July 19, 2021

Since mid-January when Joe Biden took over the reins of office at the White House, the price of a gallon of gas has gone up noticeably. This $1.00 plus increase . . .

Dems are now pushing to legalize LSD in California
James Lambert
June 19, 2021

Several months ago, the California state senate approved a bill that would effectively legalize LSD and some other psychedelics in their state. As proposed by . . .

Biden’s initiatives that have hurt the economy & our border’s security
James Lambert
April 15, 2021

Several months ago President Biden signed some White House Presidential orders which placed severe restrictions on the oil industry in this country. They . . .

Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize the possession of hard drugs
James Lambert
February 17, 2021

Last November, voters in the state of Oregon passed an legal initiative that effectively decriminalizes personal possession of hard drugs. This new law in . . .

Dictator Gavin Newsome destroying small businesses across the state of California
James Lambert
December 18, 2020

Dictator Governor Gavin Newsome’s overly strict COVID mandates have negatively impacted hundreds of towns and communities throughout the state of California. . . .

Some logical concerns about this year’s presidential & congressional elections
James Lambert
October 13, 2020

Clearly these are weird times we are living in. We are currently enduring a pandemic the likes of which our country hasn’t experienced since 1918. Our economy . . .

Destroying the country from within
James Lambert
August 22, 2020

Radical leftists are doing everything they can to hurt our county in many ways. All you have to do is look at the facts and carefully observe what is happening . . .

Remembering a wonderful Christian friend and banker: John Nersesian
James Lambert
July 29, 2020

I have fond memories of John R. Nersesian who sadly passed away a little over 8 years ago on June 6, 2012. He is buried honorably at the Miramar National . . .

Recent state & city actions demonstrate the dangers of too much government control
James Lambert
July 10, 2020

It is alarming when mayors and state governors shut down businesses across their jurisdiction for months at the time. Sadly their actions have seriously hurt . . .

Musician Lawrence Hill’s message in his new single needed more than ever right now!
James Lambert
July 2, 2020

A former member of the Edwin Hawkins Singers, Lawrence Hill, just released a new single. It will be available on www.itunes.com and www.inheritancerecords.com . . .

Recent state & city actions demonstrate the dangers of too much government control
James Lambert
June 10, 2020

It is alarming when mayors and state governors shut down businesses across their jurisdiction for months at the time. Sadly their actions have seriously hurt . . .

Remembering a historic WWII battle & a general who was a part of it – 75 years ago
James Lambert
March 26, 2020

This month America is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima which took place from February 19 to March 26, 1945. Located . . .

What's wrong with socialism? It's a disaster for our society, economically and culturally, and it threatens our personal freedoms
James Lambert
February 9, 2020

It clearly appears that there are a number of high profile Democratic and Independent party local, state and national politicians who have declared that they . . .

Clear & obvious prophetic signs of Christ's expected return
James Lambert
December 8, 2019

It's obvious to many biblical followers that we are definitely living in tumultuous times. Over the course of the last 20+ years, we've seen a slow decline in . . .

Much deserved accolades for my banking peers and friends at CNB
James Lambert
August 28, 2019

Back in 1973, I was fortunate to get a job in the banking industry after graduating from Linfield College (in 1972). This was quite an upgrade after being a . . .

Remembering a former roommate and recalling his wonderful story
James Lambert
June 24, 2019

I fondly remember the time during my freshman year (second semester) in college when John Parrott was my roommate at "New Dorm." I lost my previous roommate . . .

Dem's 'Green Initiative', if enacted, will create financial chaos across the country
James Lambert
May 16, 2019

As a former community college finance professor, I am alarmed that so many Congressional Representatives have endorsed the new 'Green Initiative' proposed by . . .

Constant IPhone use a major distraction within families and with many parents & their kids
James Lambert
May 15, 2019

It truly seems like iphone communications has taken over our society. Personal relationships and communications within many families across the country, have . . .

For the good of the country: Dems need to negotiate & compromise with the President
James Lambert
January 31, 2019

The U.S. Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs agencies tell us that the majority of illegal drugs found in this country pass through our southern . . .

2018 Tijuana murder rate 3x's higher than Chicago: Build border wall now!
James Lambert
December 21, 2018

An English (UK) news source reports that Tijuana's murder rate for calendar year 2018 has exceeded 2,000 people. In early December the Chicago Tribune reported . . .

CA park visitors noticed 'Do not report fires' signs while witnessing a non-monitored roadside fire
James Lambert
November 30, 2018

Two weeks ago while visiting Yosemite National Park, my wife and I were stunned to discover a new fire where there were posted signs on the road "Do not report. . . .

Democrats, MeToo movement: Hypocritical on the sexual assault issue
James Lambert
October 19, 2018

In the early 1990s, the George H. Bush administration had plans to prosecute the hard-core pornography industry due to it's out of control decadence in print . . .

CA Democrats continue to ignore need for new water sources like desalinization plants
James Lambert
August 15, 2018

As we enter the election year this November, California Democrat leadership continues to show extreme allegiance to a radical environment agenda around the . . .

High crime rate in Mexico warrants building a wall
James Lambert
June 11, 2018

Sadly, the US media barely reports the escalating crime rate south of the border. Mexican officials tell us that in 2017 murder rates in Tijuana exceeded 1,500. . . .

Gospel artist Edwin Hawkins & his music will be missed
James Lambert
March 3, 2018

Gospel artist Edwin Hawkins died on January 15th of this year of pancreatic cancer. The 74 year old won four Grammys, produced dozens of albums, was voted into . . .

Federal debt is growing by over $500k per minute & many in gov't don't seem to care
James Lambert
December 21, 2017

It's apparent that many in Congress on both sides of the aisle are ignoring the growing national debt and the potential fiscal problems that such enormous . . .

Time releases 'commemorative issue' for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. -- WHY?
James Lambert
October 30, 2017

As I was rounding the aisles in a local store near home the other day, I was stunned to see that Time Magazine just released a special commemorative issue . . .

Booker's ill-advised plan to legalize pot nationally
James Lambert
August 7, 2017

Within the last week, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey) introduced federal legislation that calls for the national legalization of recreational and "medical . . .

California Democrat Party opposition to Trump way over the top
James Lambert
May 24, 2017

Last Saturday the Democrats in California demonstrated once again their lack of both civility and class at their Democrat Party convention held in Sacramento.  . . .

Another burden on Californians: new gas tax increase
James Lambert
April 12, 2017

Late last week Democrat representatives (in both the California state Assembly & Senate) voted for and authorized a huge gasoline tax (40%) increase setting the . . .

Cambodian Missionary needs our prayers & support
James Lambert
March 23, 2017

Kiri Ngyon was first introduced to me by former pastor Ron Moore in the early 1990s. At that time, Kiri was leading a small congregation in southeast San Diego . . .

Sunday morning liberal TV news headlines sell the truth short on refugee issue
James Lambert
January 30, 2017

Television news media networks across the nation are sadly, once again, deceiving the general population with dramatic headlines telling their audience of mass . . .

Charger owners reject 56 years of fan support!
James Lambert
January 28, 2017

Sadly, the team that hundreds of thousands of loyal San Diego Charger fans have supported for years has now left San Diego. This is the same team that left Los . . .

Legalization of recreational pot will have negative consequences in California & potentially rest of US
James Lambert
December 12, 2016

Full legalization of recreational marijuana has for several years negatively impacted the state of Colorado, where it was legalized in 2012. Last November many . . .

The radicalization of the Democrat Party
James Lambert
November 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton, the endorsed Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, has put forth of late some extreme proposals. Additionally there have been . . .

Sadly, Forbes, SI magazines in recent issues make light, even promote recreational pot legalization
James Lambert
July 26, 2016

By Lee Lambert (So. Calif. spokesman www.MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com ) In the July 18th issue of Sports Illustrated, the magazine does an extensive article on . . .

Gordon & Smith surfboard founder, Larry Gordon, a follower of Christ, will be missed
James Lambert
May 23, 2016

As teenagers in the mid 1950's, Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith loved surfing. Both attended Mission Bay High School, where Larry graduated in 1957. Larry and . . .

Obama's claim of being a Christian lacks credibility
James Lambert
January 4, 2016

Any investigating member of the three major network news groups can check out the facts, including quotes and actions taken by Barrack Hussein Obama during the . . .

Barack Hussein Obama has no interest in upholding laws he does not like
James Lambert
October 9, 2015

Obama is now using his phone and his pen to release over 5,500 U.S. federal prisoners next month who were indicted and presently doing time on drug and related . . .

Former lead singer of the rock group Santana, now a follower of Christ
James Lambert
July 22, 2015

Leon Patillo was born and raised in the historic Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. Born in 1947, Leon spent his formative years in the district; . . .

Jack Lord (star of original Hawaii Five-0 series) still remembered in the 50th state
James Lambert
May 19, 2015

From 1968 to 1980, the original 'Hawaii Five-0' television series was one of the most successful TV shows in America. The lead actor (Jack Lord) who played the . . .

Obama's "We are the slaves that built the White House" comment divisive to many Americans
James Lambert
March 10, 2015

President Obama's speech last Saturday is yet another demonstration of how this President continues to promote a more hostile and unfriendly environment in this . . .

Will Obama's nuclear negotiations with Iran jeopardize American Security?
James Lambert
February 16, 2015

Reports are coming out that President Obama and his state department team are acquiescing to over 60% of the demands of the Iranian government regarding . . .

Christian music legend Andrae Crouch will be missed
James Lambert
January 12, 2015

A giant in the Christian music world left us last week. Andrae Crouch, a seven time Grammy Award song writer, arranger and singer was 72 when he passed away in . . .

History Channel program glamorizes Playboy & its founder, Hugh Hefner
James Lambert
December 16, 2014

The History Channel recently aired a 1 hour special entitled: Playboy & How it changed the World. Unfortunately, the special on Hugh Hefner and his pornography . . .

Emperor Obama's plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegals stuns Americans
James Lambert
November 20, 2014

Millions of Americans are outraged by President Obama's plans for this country. It is understood that on Thursday night (11/20), King Obama will single . . .

Why Congress should seriously consider impeaching Barack Obama
James Lambert
October 23, 2014

Just like many Americans, I am deeply concerned about the direction our country has taken recently. Over the course of America's 248 year history there has been . . .

Sen. Sessions to HHS: Taxpayer-funded purchases of recreational pot must be stopped
James Lambert
September 20, 2014

By: James L. Lambert, rep. for www.MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com contact: 800-656-8603 Having recently returned from Colorado, I am alarmed to find out that . . .

San Diego Iraqi Christians alert public of Christian holocaust in Middle East
James Lambert
August 10, 2014

San Diego is home to the second largest Iraqi Christian community in America. Late last July over 1,000 people from this community gathered near the El Cajon . . .

Mickey Mantle's miraculous journey
James Lambert
June 12, 2014

Most baseball fans remember Mickey Mantle, even though it's been 46 years since he played for the New York Yankees. He remains famous for his towering home runs . . .

After viewing the film Noah, pastor calls for boycott
James Lambert
May 2, 2014

A San Diego pastor is calling for a boycott of Hollywood films after recently viewing the film, Noah. He saw the film when it was released last month. Pastor . . .

Clarifying the importance of 'living your faith,' AFA President addresses an audience near the Sea of Galilee
James Lambert
April 17, 2014

Recently I had the good fortune of going to Israel with my wife and a group of over 80 people. Our guest host was Tim Wildmon and his wife Allyson. Tim, as you . . .

Former 17 year marijuana addict urges other states to say No to recreational pot
James Lambert
March 9, 2014

Over two years ago, I was interviewed on Virginia radio station WINA regarding my commentary about a Calif. Pastor's reluctance to condemn a controversial state . . .

Former inmate: many ministers won't talk about the realities of Hell
James Lambert
February 3, 2014

Harry Jerome Arnold served time in prison in during the 1970s in Louisiana. In written correspondence to this writer, Arnold affirmed that he had problems with . . .

Steve McQueen, who committed to Christ late in life, TV show 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' is now featured each weekend on the MeTv Network
James Lambert
November 30, 2013

From 1963 to 1978, Steve McQueen was considered by movie fans and big screen insiders as one of the main leading actors in Hollywood. The rugged faced actor's . . .

America's youth needs to hear the Gospel message
James Lambert
November 19, 2013

Ever since last December, I have felt compelled to share the simple Gospel message with teens all over the Southland. Perhaps the reason for my desire to do . . .

A sad day at my alma mater
James Lambert
October 11, 2013

Linfield College has a long, rich history. The school based in McMinnville, Oregon, was founded by members of the Baptist community in 1859. The college was . . .

Mr. President -- I ask you - Who really are the extremists?
James Lambert
October 5, 2013

Mr. President, I am tired, like many fiscal conservatives in this country, of being labeled by you as "an extremist." These words come from a Chief Executive . . .

My Life Changing college experience & a school janitor who helped change my life
James Lambert
August 29, 2013

At the end of my freshman year at Linfield, the school's yearbook staff produced another fine publication was entitled, "Oak Leaves '69." Mixed in the first few . . .

Steve McQueen, who committed to Christ late in life, is featured all day this Friday on TCM
James Lambert
August 6, 2013

From 1963 to 1978, Steve McQueen was considered by movie fans and 'big screen' insiders as one of the main leading actors in Hollywood. The rugged faced actor's . . .

Southern hospitality is alive and well
James Lambert
July 15, 2013

Recently I had the opportunity of traveling to Georgia and two other neighboring states, South Carolina & Florida. I had the delightful experience of getting to . . .

It's a sad day in America when...
James Lambert
July 4, 2013

It's a sad day in America when a U.S. citizen is threatened by local authorities with citation or even arrest because he is quietly holding two signs on a . . .

Founders of country make compelling case for Christ says author Jeff Daly
James Lambert
June 25, 2013

In his new book entitled "The Spiritual Battle for the White House," Jeffrey Daly reminds the readers throughout the book of the founder's love of liberty. . . .

Remembering Pat Summerall
James Lambert
April 24, 2013

Former CBS NFL television commentator Pat Summerall died earlier this month on April 18th. Seven and a half years ago I had the privilege of interviewing Pat . . .

Bureaucratic endorsement of Pot Tourism in Colorado -- a tragedy
James Lambert
February 21, 2013

Sadly bureaucrats from a state 'task force' endorsed 'pot tourism' in their state of Colorado yesterday, as reported by the Associated Press. Clearly the . . .

Catholic, Protestant, Jewish tourists not welcomed inside SLC historic Temple site
James Lambert
February 14, 2013

During a recent trip to Salt Lake City (Utah), I visited the historic Mormon Temple located in the downtown section of the City. After finding parking, I began . . .

Pot legalization: bad news for families in Colorado & Washington
James Lambert
December 30, 2012

It's a sad day when the official platform of a major political party (the Democrat Party of Colorado) openly endorses the legalization of recreational marijuana . . .

NAACP (N.C.) labels Billy Graham ministry as "hypocritical and morally bankrupt"
James Lambert
November 25, 2012

Several weeks ago, Dr. William Barber, the President of the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP gave the Billy Graham Evangelical Association a letter attacking . . .

Senators ask Panetta to the implement the Move Act that protects the military vote
James Lambert
November 6, 2012

Recently I was on a street corner in the Point Loma district of San Diego. The area is home to an active Marine Corps base that has been a part of the City of . . .

Former witch spreads the Gospel of Christ during the Halloween season
James Lambert
October 31, 2012

Annie Meadows has a very compelling and remarkable story. As a girl she was introduced to the occult through dabbling with the Ouija board. She also became . . .

Former 17 year marijuana addict urges Colorado, Wash. & Oregon voters to say No to recreational pot
James Lambert
October 7, 2012

Not too long ago I was interviewed on Virginia radio station WINA regarding my commentary about a Calif. Pastor's reluctance to condemn a controversial state . . .

Legalizing recreational pot -- a bad idea for Colorado, Oregon & Wash.
James Lambert
October 6, 2012

Two years ago, California voters defeated Proposition 19 — an initiative which would have effectively legalized recreational pot — by a 54% . . .

Obama still sidesteps his current dismal economic record
James Lambert
September 11, 2012

Several days ago I ran into a local real estate broker who told me of the problems her customers were experiencing with federal refinance programs throughout . . .

Bigotry against Christians detailed in Gary Cass' book: Christian Bashing
James Lambert
August 20, 2012

Dr. Gary Cass' book, Christian Bashing, provides an excellent expose of how defamation of Christians and their religious beliefs have evolved over the decades. . . .

Musician from '60s rock group Love has dramatic encounter with God
James Lambert
June 28, 2012

Rolling Stone Magazine recently released a special edition publication featuring their selections of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The special edition . . .

5 children, 18 grandchildren celebrate the life of Steve Schrater on Father's day
James Lambert
June 17, 2012

This Father's Day I wish to honor the life of my friend, Steve Schrater, who left a mark on the world despite his relatively short period of time here on earth. . . .

Media giddy about Obama's "evolving" decision to support gay marriage
James Lambert
June 1, 2012

Several weeks ago a local television reporter asked me to comment on President Obama's recent decision to support gay marriage. In 2000, I was a media . . .

Fonda / Reagan film controversy continues
James Lambert
April 27, 2012

The recent selection of actress Jane Fonda to play the part of Nancy Reagan in the upcoming film, The Butler, has caused a stir among many conservatives. Nancy . . .

Time's special edition censors George Washington's religious beliefs
James Lambert
April 2, 2012

Late last year, Time Magazine released a 96-page "special edition" on the life of George Washington, entitled George Washington — How the Great Uniter . . .

Democrats' environmental agenda hurts Americans at the pump
James Lambert
February 27, 2012

The Democrat party continues to adhere to a radical environmental policy that is responsible for the current price of gasoline. Since President Obama took . . .

Once again Calif. voters disenfranchised by courts
James Lambert
February 9, 2012

As a long time California resident, I am ashamed that our federal court of appeals continues to deny voters of their right of choice. Such was the case on . . .

Voters need to understand -- Ron Paul is bad for America (part 1)
James Lambert
December 31, 2011

[The following is one of three commentaries that columnist Lambert will be offering over the course of the next 30 days on Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.]  . . .

On its 70th anniversary, America remembers the heroes of Pearl Harbor
James Lambert
December 7, 2011

Seventy years ago this day (on December 7th, 1941) America was forever changed by the surprise attack of Japanese forces on our naval base at Pearl Harbor  . . .

LA Mayor supports Occupy's freedom of speech but denies Prop 8 voters their due
James Lambert
November 17, 2011

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a hypocrite. The Democrat major of the country's 3rd largest city recently lent his support of the Occupy Wall Street . . .

Dem leader makes outlandish, irresponsible statements invoking 'run on bank'
James Lambert
October 11, 2011

Assistant Majority Leader, Sen. Dick Durbin (Illinois), is the second leading Democrat in the United States Senate. In a Senate Floor speech on Monday (October  . . .

White House in panic!
James Lambert
September 15, 2011

In an unprecedented fashion, Republican Bob Turner defeated Democrat David Weprin last night in a district (NY) congressional race. Congressman Anthony Weiner . . .

It's time for 'key' Democrats & Republicans in Congress to do what's good for the country
James Lambert
July 14, 2011

Despite what the Dow Jones industrial average is telling you, the economy is in deep trouble. Unemployment throughout the country is much higher than . . .

Real Estate downturn -- a troubling reality
James Lambert
May 15, 2011

Many of today's major news sources are continuing to ignore one economic reality that is starring many Americans in the face: the real estate downturn. Most . . .

Immigrants who are in U.S. illegally don't respect our laws
James Lambert
May 3, 2011

Many of our "progressive" friends in government identify immigrants who are here illegally as 'undocumented immigrants' instead of common references like  . . .

Lawyer files complaint w/ Soc. Sec. Dept. regarding origin of Obama's S/S number
James Lambert
March 31, 2011

Orange County Lawyer Dr. Orly Taitz, esq. has filed a formal complaint last month with the Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue regarding her contention . . .

Democrats' long time policy on limiting US oil production will hurt them in '12 elections
James Lambert
February 28, 2011

For as long as I can remember California state Democrat Assembly and Senate leaders have long blocked efforts by oil companies to drill off California's central . . .

Once again, 9th District court overturns popular vote, San Diegans outraged
James Lambert
January 20, 2011

Last Saturday, hundreds of San Diegans met at Mt. Soledad Memorial Park to protest a recent decision by the U.S. 9th District Court of Appeals. The court's . . .

Dem leadership attacks oil industry harming jobs & domestic production
James Lambert
January 6, 2011

As the Obama administration continues to obstruct domestic oil production, Americans are starting to feel the pinch of higher gasoline prices. A former . . .

Chase snubs a Christmas tradition -- opting for political correctness instead
James Lambert
December 15, 2010

Several weeks ago, a local controversy brewed in Texas when a customer of the Southlake (Texas) branch of JP Morgan Chase offered to give a Christmas tree to . . .

Bronze star recipient faces court martial over eligibility question stance
James Lambert
December 6, 2010

On Monday supporters for Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin will be staging a protest in the front of the Phoenix offices of Senator John McCain and Jon Kyle . . .

Dream Act: backdoor attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens
James Lambert
November 22, 2010

It is anticipated that this week Democrat Senator leader Harry Reid will once again introduce legislation to provide a way for illegal aliens to get citizenship . . .

Former 17 year pot addict urges Californians to vote NO on prop 19
James Lambert
October 25, 2010

Last month I had the privilege of being interviewed on Virginia radio station WINA regarding my commentary I wrote last summer about Calif. Pastor's reluctance . . .

When debating Prop. 19: Don't tell me marijuana isn't a harmful, gateway drug!
James Lambert
October 14, 2010

Growing up in La Jolla, California definitely had its advantages in those days, some forty years ago. My family lived near to the beach. The beach and surfing . . .

Black conservative congressional candidates need our support
James Lambert
September 20, 2010

With far-left Democratic Congressional members dominating the Black Congressional Caucus, wouldn't it be nice if a number of Black conservative congressional . . .

Dr. Laura's common sense advice on the air will be missed
James Lambert
August 20, 2010

While some may disagree with some of her no-nonsense advice to her listeners, radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger will be missed by many next year. On . . .

Disregarding the will of the people
James Lambert
August 9, 2010

I can't think of any other time in our 200+ year history that a single judge (in two separate states) has overturned the votes of millions of people. Several . . .

Will California legalize recreational pot? Pastors need to take a stand
James Lambert
July 26, 2010

It's easy to understand why the rest of the country views California as being somewhat of a goofy state. How else can one explain the recent hullabaloo caused . . .

AZ law not discriminatory -- public tired of politicians siding with lawbreakers
James Lambert
June 6, 2010

The passage of AB 1070 several weeks ago by Arizona lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer has created a huge tumult across the nation. The . . .

Current administration not listening: majority of Americans want secure borders, not amnesty
James Lambert
May 11, 2010

It's not even close. Amnesty legislation proposed by Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez and New York Senator Chuck Schumer is incredibly unpopular today among . . .

Media still not reporting corruption and use of our tax dollars to win healthcare votes
James Lambert
March 21, 2010

Major media groups such as USA Today, the New York Times, NBC television, ABC news, the Washington Post and many others continue to underreport about the 'deal . . .

Pelosi, Obama's demonizing of health care industry exaggerated and unfair
James Lambert
March 10, 2010

Unlike the powerful Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), I am thankful for the health care industry. Several years ago, I shopped around to . . .

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