Cliff Kincaid column
Cliff Kincaid is a veteran journalist and media critic and is the president of America's Survival, Inc.

Honor victims of the U.S. government on Memorial Day
Cliff Kincaid
May 27, 2024

After the U.S. government murdered unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt in cold blood on January 6, 2021, we have now learned that the roughly 30 FBI agents . . .

Press Conference on America's 'Reefer Madness'
Cliff Kincaid
May 18, 2024

For those who think marijuana is a harmless drug and that “Reefer Madness” is the name of a funny out-of-date movie, consider the case of Bryn Spejcher. She . . .

Biden consolidates power as Republicans are divided
Cliff Kincaid
May 7, 2024

Six months before Election Day, the polls are tightening, as Biden is buying votes with promises of free abortions, health care for immigrants, debt relief for . . .

Join the fight for free and fair elections
Cliff Kincaid
May 3, 2024

I am pleased to report that we have posted my new analysis of the 2020 presidential election and how the 2021 J6 protest resulted in thousands of patriots being . . .

Why the Cultural Marxists are winning
Cliff Kincaid
April 26, 2024

Christopher F. Rufo is the winner of the 2024 Conservative Book of the Year Award for his work, America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered . . .

Make Sodom and Gomorrah Great Again
Cliff Kincaid
April 15, 2024

Republicans are now acting like Democrats as they sacrifice the lives of the innocent unborn in a desperate appeal for votes from feminist soccer moms who . . .

Heaven help us: Trump bails on protecting the right to life
Cliff Kincaid
April 10, 2024

President Trump’s “states' rights” approach to abortion is the same recipe for disaster that brought us the Civil War. The nation must be free, and that . . .

The Keystone Cops are running America
Cliff Kincaid
April 5, 2024

"There is a humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza is the scream heard around the world from those trying to create a second Holocaust for the people of Israel. . . .

The attack on the Port of Baltimore
Cliff Kincaid
April 2, 2024

It was an act of war. I have posted at America's Survival my new report on the Baltimore bridge collapse, titled Biden’s War with Iran Comes to Baltimore, . . .

Terrorist attack in Baltimore
Cliff Kincaid
March 27, 2024

After an attack like we saw in Baltimore, which we have to assume to be terrorism, government officials typically are quick to rule out terrorism and then . . .

Biden’s bloody revolution for America
Cliff Kincaid
March 15, 2024

“There is no pain like losing a child” is one of the messages in the St. Jude Hospital’s commercials we see regularly on television, and we are all . . .

'Days of Rage' planned for the 2024 Democratic Convention
Cliff Kincaid
March 8, 2024

Protests that are sure to turn violent are being planned by communist factions in the Democratic Party and worldwide to replace Joe Biden at the top of the 2024 . . .

Democrat beats Democrat in New York election for Santos seat
Cliff Kincaid
February 16, 2024

With a narrow majority, House Republicans voted to expel one of their own members and then lost a special election for that vacant seat in New York on Tuesday . . .

It’s Trump vs. Obama in 2024
Cliff Kincaid
February 13, 2024

I wasn’t sure if Taylor Swift would power the Chiefs to victory in the Super Bowl, but I am completely certain that Barack Hussein Obama is the key to . . .

New lies for old as the workers revolt
Cliff Kincaid
February 10, 2024

Lies about the economy are coming from three main sources: the government, the media, and the labor unions. The purpose is to save the Biden presidency.  . . .

Trump is right about Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
February 9, 2024

A group of anti-communists led by Trevor Loudon has announced a "Conservatives 4 Ukraine Speakers and Media Bureau" to counter pro-Russian propaganda from the . . .

Biden’s illegal secret war
Cliff Kincaid
February 1, 2024

When the “conservative” media are not debating the antics of Taylor Swift, Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live, they are demanding that Joe Biden further . . .

Another impeachable offense from Biden
Cliff Kincaid
January 28, 2024

President Biden’s war with Iran is illegal and unconstitutional, under the terms set by Biden for President Trump. “Let's be clear,” said Biden in 2020.  . . .

The Communist plot against Trump
Cliff Kincaid
January 26, 2024

You have probably heard about the scandal involving anti-Trump prosecutor Fani Willis and her well-paid lawyer lover/boyfriend. Their bizarre romantic and . . .

The Communist plot against Trump
Cliff Kincaid
January 19, 2024

You have probably heard about the scandal involving anti-Trump prosecutor Fani Willis and her well-paid lawyer lover/boyfriend. Their bizarre romantic and . . .

Stop UN lawyer Jack Smith
Cliff Kincaid
January 5, 2024

Congress is back in session on January 8 and a government-shutdown deadline is weeks away. Funding for Ukraine and Israel and securing the border are major . . .

The Pope is not Catholic
Cliff Kincaid
December 30, 2023

Just in time for Christmas, Pope Francis tried to water down the church’s teaching on homosexuality, to accommodate those who practice and film anal sex in . . .

Kissinger’s 'China Card' for the New World Order
Cliff Kincaid
December 12, 2023

A recent story in The New York Post about a potential Chinese surprise attack on America’s allies and assets in the world’s “Indo-Pacific” region caught . . .

Will someone investigate the NSA?
Cliff Kincaid
December 2, 2023

The movie Oppenheimer is now for sale via various streaming channels at a cost of $19.99 on Prime Video, a complete waste of money. I am offering for free my 24 . . .

The Palestinian Removal Act
Cliff Kincaid
November 29, 2023

Anybody who thinks a “two-state solution” will solve the Arab/Muslim conflict with Israel is not paying attention. Neither Hamas nor the Palestinian . . .

The next phase of Communist revolution in America
Cliff Kincaid
November 28, 2023

Conservatives regard Thanksgiving as a Pilgrim achievement, but the Marxists in our midst see it differently. To them, Thanksgiving is a stain, a stigma, an . . .

America’s “collective responsibility”
Cliff Kincaid
November 25, 2023

We hear a lot these days about “collective responsibility” for what a nation does. Thanksgiving represents gratitude for what our ancestors gave to us. But  . . .

Pope Francis embraces Global Islam and Mother Earth
Cliff Kincaid
November 23, 2023

Recently, the FBI was caught with a memo authorizing surveillance of traditional Catholics, but FBI director Christopher Wray disavowed the memo. We now . . .

Challenges facing the MAGA movement
Cliff Kincaid
November 15, 2023

Former President Trump is winning the 2024 election, according to the polls, but the MAGA movement that claims to support him is threatening to drag him down.  . . .

The war comes home
Cliff Kincaid
November 14, 2023

We remember the sacrifices of our veterans as wars are continuing in Europe and the Middle East and a new war has broken out here at home. Communists and their . . .

Obama defeats the Republicans in Virginia
Cliff Kincaid
November 10, 2023

John Gizzi of Newsmax, the best conservative political reporter in the United States today, has rendered the verdict – Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn . . .

Mental illness is celebrated on Fox News
Cliff Kincaid
November 1, 2023

If you want to understand mental illness, watch the media, including the “conservative” cable channel Fox News. Fox News thinks it is headline news that  . . .

Communists behind “Free Palestine” movement
Cliff Kincaid
October 27, 2023

A “National March on Washington” to “Free Palestine” and “End all U.S. aid to Israel!” is scheduled for November 4 and is sponsored by several . . .

The isolation and destruction of Israel
Cliff Kincaid
October 20, 2023

It was sad, even pathetic, to see Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embracing President Biden on his arrival in Israel. But the spectacle reinforces the . . .

The hidden hand behind world events
Cliff Kincaid
October 17, 2023

The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was a Russian forgery, employed by Nazis, Communists, and Hamas, to justify the murder of Jews. It is part of the . . .

The cost of not supporting Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
October 13, 2023

The Revolutionary War lasted eight long years (1775-83). Our allies the French were very helpful in the eventual American military victory. America did not . . .

First Ukraine, now Israel, and then America
Cliff Kincaid
October 10, 2023

The invasion of Israel demonstrates the folly of those self-styled “conservatives” who oppose aid to Ukraine. Whether they realize it or not, they are . . .

The fall of Ukraine and the coming refugee disaster
Cliff Kincaid
October 6, 2023

If you hate open borders, wait until Ukraine falls, NATO-member Poland gets invaded by Russia, and millions of Europeans flood into the United States. This . . .

Gaetz is right about McCarthy's failure to act like a real conservative
Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2023

I don’t like the views of Rep. Matt Gaetz on Ukraine or marijuana. He is against aid to Ukraine but in favor of legal dope. But he is right about Speaker . . .

Making Russia great again
Cliff Kincaid
October 3, 2023

Tucker Carlson just gave a great speech to the Center for Christian Virtue in Cleveland, emphasizing the evil nature of abortion, while he has made a name for . . .

De-Nazification and de-communization in Russia
Cliff Kincaid
September 26, 2023

The Hitler-Stalin Pact, which started World War II, has been carefully “forgotten” by the Russian government in its war against Ukraine, a former Soviet . . .

Impeachment for the wrong reasons
Cliff Kincaid
September 15, 2023

Will Biden be impeached for the right reasons? Or will the “impeachment inquiry” divert our attention from the issue of whether America can survive under . . .

The NSA and America’s enemies
Cliff Kincaid
September 12, 2023

On the anniversary of 9/11, we are forced to consider the sad state of our so-called “intelligence” agencies, unable or unwilling to protect America. Much . . .

Pentagon targets the unborn enemy
Cliff Kincaid
September 8, 2023

Rather than kill the enemy, the Pentagon is now in the business of killing the unborn. How much confidence should we have in these “leaders?” They are a . . .

Coach Tuberville cries foul to politics-as-usual
Cliff Kincaid
September 3, 2023

As the American people begin watching college football, they have reason to believe that the referees are reliable and fair. That perception is no longer . . .

Climate emergency to produce a New World Order
Cliff Kincaid
September 1, 2023

It’s no surprise that the Communist Party USA is promoting the September 17th March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City. Anything that weakens the United . . .

The Russians are coming
Cliff Kincaid
August 26, 2023

If Vivek Ramaswamy is the future of the Republican Party, patriotic conservatives will have none of it. Claiming he is “the best candidate to push Trump’s . . .

The next phase of Obama’s “permanent revolution”
Cliff Kincaid
August 25, 2023

Back in 2008, Trevor Loudon and I exposed the Marxist roots of Barack Hussein Obama, including his relationship with Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis . . .

The UN lawyer prosecuting Trump
Cliff Kincaid
August 12, 2023

Before he was assigned to “get Trump,” Special Counsel Jack Smith conducted investigations and supervised “war crime prosecutions” at the International . . .

Evil in the White House
Cliff Kincaid
July 18, 2023

The same week I saw the powerful Sound of Freedom movie about child sex trafficking, I got an email from a pro-Russian activist promoting a Scott Ritter video . . .

America’s marijuana army
Cliff Kincaid
July 11, 2023

It is entertaining to watch Republicans getting facetime by sniffing around the Hunter Biden scandal. But even if Hunter is finally sent to prison, which is . . .

Another Obama poised to replace Biden
Cliff Kincaid
July 5, 2023

The smoke and haze you see over the state of Maryland may not be from the forest fires in Canada. So-called “recreational marijuana” became legal in . . .

The Supreme Court alone won’t save us
Cliff Kincaid
July 4, 2023

On July 4, in Philadelphia, communists are planning a rally, “America Is Nothing To Celebrate.” The sponsor, a Maoist group by the name of the Revolutionary . . .

Catching killers and criminals
Cliff Kincaid
June 30, 2023

A new Netflix series, “Catching Killers,” looks at murderers caught by law enforcement using police work, fingerprinting, and DNA testing. A program like . . .

Living under communism
Cliff Kincaid
June 23, 2023

Whatever the probability of a recession, it is inevitable that, sooner or later, under its current rulers, the U.S. economy will go bankrupt, leading to a . . .

Celebrating Black Marxist Lesbianism on Juneteenth
Cliff Kincaid
June 18, 2023

Juneteenth, a day to recognize black freedom, will be celebrated this year by the two black Marxist lesbians who started Black Lives Matter (BLM). With . . .

The really Big Guy behind the Big Guy
Cliff Kincaid
June 16, 2023

With the back and forth over Trump versus Biden, we have lost sight of the really “Big Guy,” the former president who was implicated in the Hillary email . . .

The living hell of gay pride
Cliff Kincaid
June 9, 2023

Seeking to escape the irrelevant witty banter on most of the channels, I turned to Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen network by accident and found a riveting true crime . . .

The U.S. is losing the world war
Cliff Kincaid
June 8, 2023

Simon & Schuster promotes the Stephen E. Ambrose book on D-Day by saying, “The world changed forever on June 6, 1944, when Allied forces stormed beaches . . .

Constitutional principles and the debt deal
Cliff Kincaid
June 3, 2023

In justifying the “historic” debt deal, Rep. Jason Smith said Republicans only control one-half of one-third of the federal government. But it was the most . . .

Why the Marxists always win
Cliff Kincaid
June 2, 2023

“I knew it was a good [debt] deal when I saw the lefties screaming.” With that foolish statement, former Director of the National Economic Council under . . .

The origins of queer communism
Cliff Kincaid
May 28, 2023

So-called “pride” clothing for kids from a transgender designer who sells Satan-themed products? Where did all of this come from? Clearly, American . . .

Ukraine deserves the right to live
Cliff Kincaid
May 23, 2023

I woke up this morning, turned on the television, and watched Rachel Campos-Duffy, a pro-life “conservative American television personality” on Fox, preach  . . .

The Russians in Russia-gate
Cliff Kincaid
May 19, 2023

The observations made by Durham and his staff indicate the FBI’s corruption goes far beyond political bias against former President Trump. But Durham didn . . .

The Communist moles in the U.S. government
Cliff Kincaid
May 17, 2023

Six years ago, in our 2017 book on Barack Hussein Obama, Red Star Rising: The Making of Barack Hussein Obama and the Transformation of America, we concluded . . .

The 'very stupid people' are communists
Cliff Kincaid
May 16, 2023

As he noted during the CNN Townhall, Trump was betrayed by many people, from Mike Pence on down. But his comment that “very stupid people” are destroying . . .

How communists are programmed to kill
Cliff Kincaid
May 12, 2023

Former President Trump says, “They will continue to viciously attack me, smear me, and even ARREST me despite not having committed a single crime.” He left . . .

RFK Jr. rejects the Kennedy anti-Communist legacy
Cliff Kincaid
May 8, 2023

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, I noticed that various signs still identified McCarran International Airport, which was named for U.S. Senator Pat McCarran, . . .

Abortion drugs kill women and children
Cliff Kincaid
April 14, 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court may be the only hope for America. And that’s because President Trump made three conservative appointments to the Court. But he also . . .

Fox News is the leading 'trans' channel
Cliff Kincaid
April 11, 2023

There are some rather peculiar goings-on at the Fox News Channel. On the one hand, Fox News presents shows about the Life of Jesus, interviews with Catholic . . .

Trump’s enemies may surprise you
Cliff Kincaid
April 7, 2023

If you want to understand what’s happening with Trump, don’t turn to Fox News. Professor Jonathan Turley, their go-to “expert,” is the guy who made a . . .

Guerrilla warfare in the United States
Cliff Kincaid
March 31, 2023

Train derailments, attacks on power substations, lasers directed at aircraft, firebombing of pro-life pregnancy centers, a communist-inspired Antifa attack on a . . .

Banning TikTok won’t save America
Cliff Kincaid
March 28, 2023

Members of Congress from both major political parties were beating up the CEO of TikTok, Shou Chew, on Thursday, mostly over the firm’s links to Communist . . .

Arrest communists, not Trump
Cliff Kincaid
March 24, 2023

More than one thousand communists, socialists, and fellow travelers rallied on March 18 in Lafayette Square, next to the White House, and then marched across . . .

Desantis is finished as a presidential candidate
Cliff Kincaid
March 17, 2023

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently made a reference to “our fellow Mexicans that live in the U.S.” He is apparently referring to the  . . .

Comrade Joe blames Trump for banking collapse
Cliff Kincaid
March 14, 2023

Move over China Joe. Comrade Joe has made his appearance on the national stage declaring, “That’s how capitalism works,” a reference to the banking  . . .

The five stooges on Capitol Hill
Cliff Kincaid
March 10, 2023

In a hearing supposedly addressing global threats, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon demanded to know why the Intelligence Community wasn’t hiring more . . .

Is DeSantis ready for prime time?
Cliff Kincaid
February 27, 2023

Potential 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has been a good governor, but with global conflict on the rise, what experience does he have with foreign . . .

Phonies on the world stage
Cliff Kincaid
February 24, 2023

We have learned that Joe Biden’s “unannounced” visit to Ukraine was actually announced to the Kremlin in advance. In other words, his “historic” visit . . .

We are in a state of war
Cliff Kincaid
February 15, 2023

Washington talking heads would rather talk about flying objects than the enemies behind most of them, China and Russia. We are in a state of war. Meanwhile, . . .

Communists target conservatives with disinformation
Cliff Kincaid
February 9, 2023

There are several major themes of communist disinformation which permeate parts of the “conservative” movement. One is that because former President Trump . . .

The Biden doctrine of demoralization and defeat
Cliff Kincaid
February 3, 2023

While advocating more weapons for Ukraine, former Obama official Michael McFaul says in a Foreign Affairs article “In return for receiving these weapons, . . .

Joe Biden’s great replacement
Cliff Kincaid
January 24, 2023

When anti-communist analysts and security experts examined Barack Hussein Obama’s history of associations with unsavory characters and communist figures, they . . .

'There is no shortage of cruelty'
Cliff Kincaid
January 23, 2023

“There is no shortage of cruelty out there” is one of the comments in a public service announcement asking for donations to save animals. Pictures of dogs . . .

Who planted the Biden documents?
Cliff Kincaid
January 16, 2023

Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson, a Democrat, is suspicious, and so am I. He told Fox News' Hillary Vaughn Thursday, after a second batch of documents was found . . .

Biden is toast: The lies of Obama-Biden
Cliff Kincaid
January 12, 2023

The lies of Obama-Biden are far more significant than those of one member of Congress—Rep. George Santos—who claimed to be gay and fudged the facts about . . .

A 'Republican Church Committee'?
Cliff Kincaid
January 11, 2023

You are hearing a lot about a “Republican Church Committee” that will uncover “the weaponization of government” against conservatives. We are being . . .

The sad state of conservative journalism
Cliff Kincaid
January 9, 2023

I received an email ad from a “conservative” website promising “Walter Cronkite-style” reporting. The terrible truth is that Walter Cronkite symbolized . . .

Pope Benedict’s world government disaster
Cliff Kincaid
January 2, 2023

On January 1, Catholics celebrated the “Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God,” but I find that many Catholics are not aware of the fact that “Our Lady of . . .

Two-faced Tulsi
Cliff Kincaid
December 31, 2022

On March 19, 2020, then-Rep. Tulsi Gabbard dropped out of the Democratic presidential race and endorsed Joe Biden for president. Now she is a paid contributor . . .

Send the migrant buses to the Catholic bishops
Cliff Kincaid
December 28, 2022

Roman Catholic Governors Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are shipping illegal aliens from border states to other . . .

The Luciferian plot to steal Christmas
Cliff Kincaid
December 22, 2022

Until I read The Devil and Bella Dodd, I thought the greatest defector from communism was Whittaker Chambers, who fingered Alger Hiss as a communist spy for . . .

The solution to open borders
Cliff Kincaid
December 16, 2022

Every day I read and hear complaints about open borders and illegal aliens flooding in. It’s gotten worse lately – the coverage and the illegal entries. The . . .

Putin’s Soviet-style power politics
Cliff Kincaid
December 12, 2022

As many have commented, the release of former Soviet military officer Viktor Bout demonstrates the weakness of Joe Biden and the strength of Russian President . . .

Security risks in the Senate
Cliff Kincaid
December 9, 2022

Ex-communist and internal security expert Herb Romerstein was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the communist conspiracy. Although Herb passed away in 2 . . .

The best Christmas bargain: A free Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
December 4, 2022

As people buy bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, America is getting one of the best bargains of all time – a free Ukraine and a humiliated Russian . . .

Saving America by saving Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
December 2, 2022

Some say the elections prove that Americans are either too stupid or too lazy to save themselves. But anti-communist Ukraine, hindered by massive corruption . . .

How Trump saved the world
Cliff Kincaid
November 27, 2022

As part of its drive to prevent Trump from running in 2024, the New York Post has run a Bill Barr column under the headline, “Trump threatens to burn down the . . .

Bury the dead and move on
Cliff Kincaid
November 22, 2022

If you scan the official “readout” of China Joe’s G20 discussions with his boss, Red Chinese dictator Xi, you will begin to understand why the Communist . . .

The coming of the world dictator
Cliff Kincaid
November 20, 2022

In China, dictator Xi had a rival taken off stage. In America, our feds are more civilized. China Joe ordered his Attorney General to launch another special . . .

Red faces after Red Wave propaganda
Cliff Kincaid
November 17, 2022

The Republicans blew an opportunity to reverse the damage done by China Joe. They were assisted by conservative media and MAGA commentators who ended up with . . .

America votes for Obama’s brand of Marxism
Cliff Kincaid
November 14, 2022

In Pennsylvania, the brain-damaged Democrat Fetterman (endorsed by Oprah) beat the Muslim doctor (a creation of Oprah) accused of quackery but backed by Donald . . .

The Marxist general in the American Civil War
Cliff Kincaid
November 10, 2022

Despite clams of a MAGA Red Wave on November 8, Barack Hussein Obama—America’s first Marxist president—emerged from the shadows and orchestrated a . . .

Obama is never going away
Cliff Kincaid
November 4, 2022

Even if Republicans take back Congress on November 8, America will continue to be a Marxist state. The return of Barack Hussein Obama to the campaign trail . . .

The serial killers in our midst
Cliff Kincaid
October 31, 2022

A new Netflix film, "The Good Nurse," is based on the actual case of a serial killer operating in a series of hospitals who killed dozens if not hundreds of . . .

The hucksters and the China virus “hoax”
Cliff Kincaid
October 22, 2022

Early in the pandemic, the “conservative” Red Pill Expo advertised how “one of the most popular and most Internet-banned truth-tellers” would appear at . . .

Every place has its secrets
Cliff Kincaid
October 9, 2022

The only explanation for the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story is that the intelligence agencies are in command and control of our political system, . . .

Power to the people
Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2022

As we approach Halloween, let’s think about unleashing a hungry Vampire on the beast known as Big Government. On Monday, the big news was that the tax cuts . . .

How to lose winnable elections
Cliff Kincaid
September 30, 2022

My hope was that the Supreme Court, under the influence of Trump's three nominees and a "conservative" majority, would contribute to some conservative victories . . .

'America on the Precipice'
Cliff Kincaid
September 20, 2022

John Solomon is a great reporter, but his article urging a new congressional “Church” Committee “to probe FBI abuses” is a recipe for more delay. Such . . .

The zombie apocalypse
Cliff Kincaid
September 16, 2022

With “transhumanism” becoming a popular topic, perhaps the transformation of human beings into drug-addled and drug-crazed zombies bears some scrutiny.  . . .

The truth about 9/11
Cliff Kincaid
September 11, 2022

On the anniversary of 9/11, I am used to seeing the claims that Dick Cheney and other officials bombed the World Trade center in an “inside job” designed to . . .

Moving toward Gorbachev’s 'world of Communism'
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2022

The headline “West mourns Gorbachev as peace champion” helps explain why the West, led by the United States, is collapsing, and why the Communist world, . . .

The face of communism in America
Cliff Kincaid
August 30, 2022

Calling his opponents fascists, Joe Biden is sounding like former Soviet KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin offering a justification for initiating a war of aggression . . .

How and why Republicans lose elections
Cliff Kincaid
August 22, 2022

Although Republican Mitt Romney lost an easily winnable election in 2012, many conservative commentators and analysts believed that Romney would win no matter . . .

Why Obama is out to get Trump
Cliff Kincaid
August 19, 2022

Professor Jonathan Turley was on Fox saying he had supported the confirmation of Merrick Garland as Attorney General but now says he is disappointed in Garland . . .

We can’t impeach our way out of this
Cliff Kincaid
August 16, 2022

Communism has come to America, but the conservative and Republican establishments can’t admit it. They are afraid of being labeled “McCarthyites.” An . . .

A message from Cliff Kincaid to his supporters
Cliff Kincaid
August 13, 2022

Dear Patriots: Thomas Jefferson said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural . . .

The presidency from hell
Cliff Kincaid
August 12, 2022

Joel Gilbert argues that Michelle Obama will replace Joe Biden as the Democratic Party presidential nominee in 2024. Whether it’s Michelle or somebody . . .

Oprah's next candidate for president
Cliff Kincaid
July 16, 2022

Oprah Winfrey’s last major foray into politics was backing Barack Hussein Obama, who promised a fundamental transformation of America and delivered. Now, . . .

It’s Trump versus Obama/Biden/Hogan in Maryland
Cliff Kincaid
July 11, 2022

In the deep blue state of Maryland, as primary elections approach, an anti-Trump Republican governor, Larry Hogan, is attempting to curry more favor with . . .

Cultural Marxism spawns narco-nation
Cliff Kincaid
July 7, 2022

In another shocking display of America’s downward spiral into Cultural Marxism, a pothead by the name of Robert Crimo killed seven people and wounded more . . .

We are living through a Communist revolution
Cliff Kincaid
July 3, 2022

Recognizing that communism didn’t end with the fall of the Berlin Wall, former President Trump said in a speech, “…we will fight the onslaught of . . .

Trump’s conservative political muscle
Cliff Kincaid
June 27, 2022

As a result of the electoral power of the Trump movement, the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York could elect conservative Republican governors. That . . .

The collapse of Communist China and America's future
Cliff Kincaid
September 29, 2021

With all the talk of debt and deficits in the U.S., Chris Temple of the National Investor looks at the global significance of China's Evergrande financial mess . . .

Big Labor’s Socialist agenda
Cliff Kincaid
September 6, 2021

The rallying cry “Workers of the world unite” is right from the Communist Manifesto. As we celebrate Labor Day, it’s important to remember how the . . .

'Chairman Bob' and the new Socialist America
Cliff Kincaid
August 29, 2021

On his way out the door of the New York governor’s office, Andrew Cuomo gave clemency to a communist terrorist, David Gilbert. About the same time, a . . .

America has lost its moral compass
Cliff Kincaid
August 27, 2021

The disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus, once called “America’s greatest living general,” is lecturing America that we didn’t try hard enough . . .

Biden arms America’s enemies
Cliff Kincaid
August 19, 2021

“More than three in four Afghans today are under 25: too young to remember the Taliban’s reign of fear and, especially in cities, too accustomed to freedoms . . .

Will you fight for freedom?
Cliff Kincaid
August 17, 2021

The difference between Afghanistan and Vietnam is that the Muslims would not fight for freedom. The Vietnamese did and were betrayed. That’s the difference. . . .

American Marxism and Fox News
Cliff Kincaid
July 26, 2021

The new Mark Levin book, American Marxism, tells an old story that my group, America’s Survival, Inc., has been telling for decades. Levin is a Johnnie-come . . .

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley is no George Washington
Cliff Kincaid
July 4, 2021

George Washington, the father of our country, warned against many different threats to America. Of utmost importance in his day, he warned of the Illuminati, a . . .

Putin is impressed by the American Gestapo
Cliff Kincaid
June 22, 2021

CNN reports that the Biden administration is preparing to impose additional sanctions on Russia over the poisoning of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei . . .

Murder incorporated: Theirs and ours
Cliff Kincaid
June 18, 2021

Responding to Biden’s charge that he is a killer, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted, in an NBC News interview, that somebody murdered Ashli Babbitt, a U . . .

White backlash and the new Tea Party movement
Cliff Kincaid
June 14, 2021

Racism against whites has become official government policy. Not only is Joe Biden directing federal agencies to discriminate against whites, black-run cities . . .

Pride for thee but not for me
Cliff Kincaid
June 11, 2021

I turned on my computer today and found a beautiful scene with a rainbow and a message about “Pride Month.” It apparently came from Microsoft, which is . . .

Will the Deep State remove Biden from office?
Cliff Kincaid
June 5, 2021

The Deep State appears to be worried. Joe Biden is too old to be getting blood transfusions from young people, the current fad among the Silicon Valley elites, . . .

How the Communists outsmarted us
Cliff Kincaid
June 2, 2021

Under no circumstances are we permitted to believe the Chinese Communist Party deliberately unleashed the coronavirus weapon on the world. We are supposed to . . .

China’s massacre of the innocents
Cliff Kincaid
June 1, 2021

In the war on America waged by Communist China, we were betrayed by those in the federal government whose mission was to prevent our enemies from releasing . . .

Here comes the China Virus whitewash
Cliff Kincaid
May 28, 2021

The “pro” wrestler John Cena has issued an apology to China’s communist rulers for recognizing the existence of Free China on Taiwan. “I’m really . . .

The psychopaths in Beijing, Moscow, and Washington
Cliff Kincaid
May 27, 2021

The Netflix documentary “American Murder” tells the story of a Colorado man who killed his pregnant wife and kids so he could start a new life with his . . .

Treason, blackmail, and the wars to come
Cliff Kincaid
May 24, 2021

China Joe Biden is selling out America so fast that it’s hard to keep up with new developments. Noting that Jeffrey Epstein, the leader of an international . . .

UFOs are the least of our problems
Cliff Kincaid
May 23, 2021

Tucker Carlson is demanding that the Pentagon protect America from Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs. . . .

We are in the Third World War
Cliff Kincaid
May 18, 2021

Geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist, on a new edition of America’s Survival TV, commented on the Chinese Communist surprise attack on the United States and our . . .

A tale of two vaccines
Cliff Kincaid
May 14, 2021

The headline “COVID-19 deaths in U.S. fall to lowest level in 10 months” means an average of 600 reported deaths per day. That’s too many, and Communist . . .

The stupid party gets stupider
Cliff Kincaid
May 11, 2021

Just when you thought the Republicans were getting their act together by dumping Liz Cheney, we find out they are replacing her with a tool of the gay lobby. . . .

The new face of the GOP is trans
Cliff Kincaid
May 7, 2021

Just when the Republicans are poised to dump Rep. Liz Cheney from House GOP leadership, they are embracing ex-masculine man Caitlyn Jenner as a candidate for . . .

The big business buffoons who run Berkshire Hathaway
Cliff Kincaid
May 6, 2021

An objective history of World War II exposes the failure of the West, except for Winston Churchill, to foresee the aggression of Hitler’s Third Reich. Today, . . .

The Unabomber and other transgender pioneers
Cliff Kincaid
April 12, 2021

“Abortion Is Health Care” was the actual headline over an email I received from the Center for American Progress, with a message quoting a young woman as . . .

American corporate-funded Chinese Communism
Cliff Kincaid
April 5, 2021

It seems strange to some that Major League Baseball (MLB) pulled its All-Star game out of Atlanta, to punish Georgia for its new voter ID law, but signed a deal . . .

America’s leaders dawdle as the China plague continues to kill
Cliff Kincaid
April 2, 2021

One of the most popular lies among conservatives is that the coronavirus is as harmless as the common cold. President Trump, who launched Operation Warp Speed . . .

How woke conservatives cancel their own culture
Cliff Kincaid
March 30, 2021

Conservatives have canceled their own culture. Glenn Beck is a recent example, blasting anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy and warning of a new “Red Scare” . . .

Marijuana madness in the White House
Cliff Kincaid
March 29, 2021

If you’ve been following “March Madness,” look no further than the purge of potheads in the White House. Somebody in power – perhaps Joe Biden himself  . . .

The China Virus deception campaign
Cliff Kincaid
March 26, 2021

China Joe Biden calls Russian President Putin a killer but can’t bring himself to say the same thing about China President Xi, who is in charge of a . . .

Fear the virus or the vaccine?
Cliff Kincaid
March 24, 2021

I’m astounded by the number of die-hard Trump supporters who reject the former president’s advice on vaccines. Trump told Maria Bartiromo, “I would . . .

Pro-pothead “climate warrior” confirmed as Interior Secretary
Cliff Kincaid
March 22, 2021

In a major blow to the legendary “pale-faced” settlers who conquered America, “indigenous Congresswoman” Deb Haaland has been confirmed as Secretary of . . .

Leftist Greenwald auditions for Fox News gig
Cliff Kincaid
March 19, 2021

Tucker Carlson’s Fox show is always worth watching, but he is increasingly dependent on a left-winger, Glenn Greenwald, for commentaries. Fox News now has an . . .

Bolshevik Bernie on the verge of total power
Cliff Kincaid
March 16, 2021

Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, the lone Senate member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is poised to take over the Democratic Party, after his supporters and . . .

Welcome to a Communist America
Cliff Kincaid
March 12, 2021

The centralization of the means of communications in the hands of the state—a key plank of the Communist Manifesto—is already being implemented in the . . .

Communist disinformation about the China virus
Cliff Kincaid
March 9, 2021

One of the most successful Chinese Communist disinformation successes of the last year has been to convince many people that the China virus is either a hoax or . . .

The serial killer known as the China virus
Cliff Kincaid
March 5, 2021

John Lennon of the Beatles said in 1966 that his musical band was more popular than Jesus. His song “Imagine" proclaims, “Imagine there's no heaven. It's . . .

With Republican help, steady Marxist 'progress' under Biden
Cliff Kincaid
March 4, 2021

The Senate Republicans got a scalp. The mean tweets of Neera Tanden got her nomination as Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director pulled by the Biden . . .

Why the Communists are winning
Cliff Kincaid
March 2, 2021

In John le Carre’s Cold War spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, the Russian mole in the British intelligence service says to the spy hunter who caught him . . .

We need a dose of McCarthyism
Cliff Kincaid
February 25, 2021

Rather than less McCarthyism, we need more. The Communists are taking over and most Republicans are pretending it’s not happening. Let’s hope that former . . .

What’s wrong with Republicans?
Cliff Kincaid
February 23, 2021

The collapse of the Texas power grid, combined with the reluctance of Texas politicians to accept responsibility and blame, is why the communists are able to . . .

Trump and Limbaugh fortunes can rebuild conservatism
Cliff Kincaid
February 18, 2021

It doesn’t look good for conservatives. Donald J. Trump was evicted from the presidency by the Deep State, cancer has taken Rush Limbaugh, and now the . . .

General George Washington wouldn’t join today’s Army
Cliff Kincaid
February 16, 2021

General George Washington needed every good man to fight the British and win the Revolutionary War. He drew the line at homosexuals, discharging them for bad . . .

Glenn Beck needs a fact-checker on McCarthyism
Cliff Kincaid
February 12, 2021

Whining about “McCarthyism,” TV personality Glenn Beck told his followers about one of his upcoming TV programs, saying, “Our new Red Scare is here, . . .

Catholic bureaucracy bows to Biden
Cliff Kincaid
February 9, 2021

With “Catholic” Joe Biden declaring war on the unborn, heterosexuality, and traditional marriage, the Catholic Church bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. has . . .

Rep. Greene is a victim of Kevin “McCarthyism”
Cliff Kincaid
February 4, 2021

Back in 2010, my group America’s Survival, Inc. held a news conference urging Congress to revive the House Internal Security Committee, the successor to the . . .

The Republican Party at the crossroads
Cliff Kincaid
February 1, 2021

In 1962, a former FBI agent by the name of Dan Smoot wrote a book about an “invisible government” running America. Decades later, FBI agents would become . . .

Senate Republicans endorse Biden’s Deep State picks
Cliff Kincaid
January 25, 2021

In his column "Clinton’s Brilliant Strategy," Dennis Cuddy suggests that the fate of Donald J. Trump, who is going out of office under questionable . . .

Trump will dance on the grave of the GOP
Cliff Kincaid
January 22, 2021

After nominating a man who dresses like a woman for a top health post in his administration, Joseph R. Biden declared in his inauguration speech: “…[W]e . . .

Rest in peace, GOP
Cliff Kincaid
January 19, 2021

Corey Lewandowski, senior adviser to President Trump, is being quoted as saying there will be a “big backlash” to Democratic control of both Congress and . . .

The consolidation of the one-party dictatorship
Cliff Kincaid
January 18, 2021

With the centralization of the means of communication in the hands of the state, the consolidation of a one-party dictatorship in the United States is well . . .

Who knew about and planned the “insurrection?”
Cliff Kincaid
January 15, 2021

The violence on January 6 was planned ahead of time, and we should not be surprised to learn that the same intelligence agencies that have been trying to bring . . .

America is no longer the land of the free
Cliff Kincaid
January 14, 2021

Authorities had already closed down churches in the name of virus protection before Big Government’s Big Tech allies began a crackdown on free speech. The . . .

Fact-checkers should investigate the murder of Ashli Babbitt
Cliff Kincaid
January 12, 2021

On top of liberal media bias that has become outright dishonest journalism and propaganda, so-called “fact checkers” on the right have emerged, attacking . . .

The 'others unknown' in the U.S. Capitol
Cliff Kincaid
January 8, 2021

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, running again for Virginia governor, is raising money by referring to the “deadly terrorists who stormed the U.S. Capitol” in an  . . .

U.S. Capitol Police murder Trump supporter
Cliff Kincaid
January 7, 2021

The Daily Caller, co-founded by Tucker Carlson and still associated with him through fundraising devices (selling Tucker Carlson coffee mugs), has run an  . . .

Trump has options that preserve the Constitution
Cliff Kincaid
January 4, 2021

The new year is here, and the worst may be yet to come. Sorry to sound negative, but I suspect the Republicans will lose the Georgia Senate run-off elections . . .

Globalists unveil their latest scheme
Cliff Kincaid
January 3, 2021

With their own peculiar brand of a New Year’s resolution, the globalists are out with their latest plan – a Global Alliance to Defend Democracies. The feel . . .

The death toll from drugs in America
Cliff Kincaid
January 2, 2021

Clueless FBI agents and other law enforcement personnel are scrambling to understand the motives of the Nashville suicide bomber. But a friend says he “loved . . .

If Republicans fail to overturn the stolen election, will Trump start a third party to take back America?
Cliff Kincaid
January 1, 2021

Many of the books written about the Trump presidency are by former staffers or media personalities eager to cash in. The book The Memo by Rich Higgins is the . . .

A battle against lies
Cliff Kincaid
December 23, 2020

The Christian existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote about the corruption in the Danish State Church, declaring that everyone knew privately that . . .

Bill Barr still covers for the CIA
Cliff Kincaid
December 22, 2020

As Bill Barr is walking out the door of the Department of Justice to open presents on Christmas day, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal tells us . . .

Is Trump headed for Mar-a-Lago?
Cliff Kincaid
December 17, 2020

I thought President Trump was possibly throwing in the towel when I got a (mass-produced) email from his son Don asking not for money for a Legal Defense Fund . . .

The fate of America is in Trump’s hands
Cliff Kincaid
December 14, 2020

For President Trump to leave office at this critical time, a time of national emergency and constitutional crisis, would turn the country over to Communist . . .

How Trump can remain in office no matter what
Cliff Kincaid
December 11, 2020

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed suit to overturn the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and hand the . . .

America’s turkey is the CIA
Cliff Kincaid
November 23, 2020

Disgusted with cable news, including Fox, I turned on “Pawn Stars,” where people sell items, sometimes real and sometimes fake. The owners make sure the . . .

Why Joe Biden cannot be president
Cliff Kincaid
November 20, 2020

Military whistleblower Lt. Col. (Ret.) Tony Shaffer tells me on America’s Survival TV that President Trump should never concede an election “victory” to . . .

The man who predicted the vote fraud
Cliff Kincaid
November 17, 2020

Part 1 Williams predicted the vote fraud for Biden and explains how it was carried out – and how the courts, hopefully, will correct the situation. . . .

Cliff Kincaid talks with eyewitness to Detroit election fraud, David Evans [VIDEO]
Cliff Kincaid
November 15, 2020

America's Survival TV host, Cliff Kincaid, talks with attorney David G. Evans, an eyewitness to election fraud that occurred in Detroit, Michigan. Evans . . .

America is worse than communist Venezuela
Cliff Kincaid
November 14, 2020

Using a strange choice of words, Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal wrote years ago about how the communist regime in Venezuela held “the . . .

America’s Venezuela-style election farce
Cliff Kincaid
November 13, 2020

America sanctions communists in foreign countries who steal elections. Here, communists commit the fraud and expect to occupy the White House. The Biden . . .

Lies, fraud, and computer glitches
Cliff Kincaid
November 12, 2020

Despite the fake news reports, Joe Biden has not yet been certified as president. The official certification of results has to take place in every state. . . .

Stop CIA interference in our elections
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2020

A few so-called “conservatives” are in the process of surrendering to a Joe Biden “victory.” GOP consultant Karl Rove is touting his own Journal column, . . .

The fake conservatives are selling out Trump
Cliff Kincaid
November 10, 2020

As a veteran media critic with many books on media bias, I understand the techniques of mind manipulation and mind control. I learned media criticism from Reed . . .

Remember Churchill’s words to “never surrender”
Cliff Kincaid
November 9, 2020

Ben Shapiro is a good talker who can win arguments with left-wingers. But his column headlined “No Matter the Outcome, the Woke Lost” is self-defeating. . . .

Trump wins re-election
Cliff Kincaid
November 6, 2020

At this point in the chaos, we know one thing for sure: President Trump is still the president, and he won re-election. Any number of warnings from Twitter or . . .

The big steal is underway, but Trump won’t surrender
Cliff Kincaid
November 5, 2020

Fox News and other media keep showing the “popular vote” for president. Twitter should put a warning flag on that but won’t. Our system doesn’t . . .

Glenn Greenwald’s half-truths about the intelligence agencies
Cliff Kincaid
November 1, 2020

Glenn Greenwald is making headlines on Fox News about the CIA dominating the American media. The other more significant part of the story is that the CIA is . . .

The perverts and those who protect them
Cliff Kincaid
October 30, 2020

Before Joe Biden committed a major gaffe by urging the eventual abolition of the oil and gas industry, he endorsed the idea of 8-year-old transgenders. This . . .

The murder plot against the president
Cliff Kincaid
October 27, 2020

Some scoff at the concept of a “Deep State” as a “conspiracy theory.” But nobody knows the truth better than Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate . . .

Pope Francis covers for 'Catholic' Joe Biden
Cliff Kincaid
October 23, 2020

Anti-communist Professor Renato Cristin commented in a recent interview that Pope Francis is the leader of the global left, a fact confirmed by Francis himself . . .

Save us from the perverts, liars, and globalists
Cliff Kincaid
October 22, 2020

I have had interactions with two prominent people in the news—former Senator and current presidential candidate Joe Biden and C-SPAN’s Steve Scully. I never . . .

Are there enough Christians to save America?
Cliff Kincaid
October 20, 2020

Deaths from the China virus number more than 1 million worldwide. Deaths from abortion worldwide number 1 billion. Interestingly, the China virus problem has . . .

How Trump can outwit the Deep State and remain in power
Cliff Kincaid
October 16, 2020

If President Trump wins the November election, it will be a miracle. But miracles happen. Former Trump Campaign Deputy Chairman Rick Gates says the “Trump . . .

DNA denial and the rights of the unborn
Cliff Kincaid
October 14, 2020

With pro-abortion media bias all around us, you have to find pro-life messages in unusual places. Watching a rerun of a “Shark Tank” episode, one product . . .

A judge filled with love for humanity
Cliff Kincaid
October 13, 2020

A Christian wife and mother with pro-family views, federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett is an example of how light can survive the darkness of America’s descent . . .

Trump is back in the fight after conquering the China virus
Cliff Kincaid
October 8, 2020

Like a conquering hero, President Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center (also known as Bethesda Naval Hospital) on October 5 and entered the White House in . . .

Who wants President Trump dead?
Cliff Kincaid
October 6, 2020

Cleveland Clinic, the sponsor of the presidential debate, admits that at least 11 positive coronavirus tests can be traced to members of the media or organizers . . .

Trump’s life still in major jeopardy
Cliff Kincaid
October 5, 2020

The big “news” on Saturday was that President Trump is getting better since being diagnosed with a China virus infection. But his treatments are . . .

“Crazy Nancy” promotes dope as treatment for China virus
Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2020

The China plague has infected the president of the United States and his wife, the First Lady, and our media focus on masks. Even worse, House Speaker Nancy . . .

Trump erupts over Biden’s phony Catholicism
Cliff Kincaid
October 1, 2020

In a Wall Street Journal story about Joe Biden’s alleged Catholicism, one can see a photograph of Biden greeting Pope Francis, as his controversial son Hunter . . .

CNBC hires former Fox anchor to bash Trump
Cliff Kincaid
September 28, 2020

CNBC has been a good source for stock market updates and “Shark Tank” programs about new products. Its daytime schedule is best known for the antics of Jim . . .

The 'Trump effect' is the Republicans' only hope
Cliff Kincaid
September 27, 2020

The Wall Street Journal article “Colorado’s Cory Gardner Struggles to Survive the Trump Effect” tries to pin the blame on the president for the Republican . . .

Should the nation mourn Ginsburg?
Cliff Kincaid
September 24, 2020

The New York Times headline, “As Nation Mourns Ginsburg, Trump Vows Nomination,” has two distortions. First, while many people are sorry to see her passing, . . .

Make unborn babies great again
Cliff Kincaid
September 22, 2020

President Trump said on Monday that he would nominate a justice with “high moral values.” That means someone who believes in the humanity of the innocent . . .

Trump’s promise to “fill that seat” excites conservatives
Cliff Kincaid
September 21, 2020

The “conservative” who vouched for the honesty and professionalism of Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller has recommended that President Trump NOT appoint . . .

Judge Barrett is the answer to Ginsburg’s legacy of death
Cliff Kincaid
September 20, 2020

The late Howard Phillips, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, opposed the nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former general counsel for the ACLU, to the . . .

Obama is the power behind the Biden teleprompter
Cliff Kincaid
September 17, 2020

President Trump has been accused of going too slow on a coronavirus response. Now he’s accused of going too fast. “Danger of rushing vaccine,” screams the . . .

When we had a CIA that worked for America
Cliff Kincaid
September 16, 2020

The left-wing Soros-funded National Security Archive has released some documents about the CIA’s good old days, when the agency had anti-communists on its . . .

Why you should cast a vote against the media
Cliff Kincaid
September 14, 2020

In comments reminiscent of Hillary’s “deplorables” remark about Trump voters in 2016, a major media figure has gone nuts over those who refuse to buy into . . .

The “diabolical” China virus is worse than 9/11
Cliff Kincaid
September 9, 2020

A Wall Street Journal article about coronavirus carries the fascinating headline “‘Really Diabolical’: Inside the Coronavirus That Outsmarted Science.” . . .

The “October Surprise” confrontation with Russia
Cliff Kincaid
September 8, 2020

The positive news of a Russian coronavirus vaccine, the first in the world, comes as a Russian opposition leader was poisoned with a chemical agent called . . .

The curious connection between America’s foreign wars and the enemies within
Cliff Kincaid
September 7, 2020

Let’s understand why a liberal magazine known as the Atlantic would release an anonymously-sourced, unsubstantiated story about President Trump allegedly . . .

War is the big issue of the campaign
Cliff Kincaid
September 6, 2020

It may be the sleeper issue of the 2020 presidential campaign—trigger-happy Joe Biden’s record of support for the disastrous Iraq War and his repeated lies . . .

Conservatives learn to fight back
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2020

In his great book Unmasking Obama, Jack Cashill tells the story of those in the alternative media who uncovered a series of scandals involving Barack Hussein . . .

The mask is falling off Joe Biden
Cliff Kincaid
August 27, 2020

The fascinating book Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden, by Branko Marcetic, is written from the perspective of a socialist doubtful that the career . . .

Purging the evil legacy of Karl Marx
Cliff Kincaid
August 24, 2020

The shocking new Paul Kengor book, The Devil and Karl Marx, doesn’t carry the same nerve-wracking impact as the much-shorter book by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand . . .

Cashill’s Unmasking Obama book is a warning
Cliff Kincaid
August 20, 2020

The lack of coverage in 2008 of the embarrassing facts in Barack Obama’s background, especially his deep personal relationship with a Communist mentor by the . . .

Kamala Harris covered up sex crimes by pedophile priests
Cliff Kincaid
August 17, 2020

With the Catholic Church seen by some as a criminal enterprise that covers up sex crimes by pedophile priests, the issue of whether there should be a Department . . .

Congressional candidate takes on Soros
Cliff Kincaid
August 12, 2020

Multiple media outlets have attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene, a successful Republican congressional candidate in Georgia. Why? As “a conservative wife, mother, . . .

Trump thwarts Pelosi’s pot pushers
Cliff Kincaid
August 9, 2020

Using emergency authority granted to him by Congress, President Trump on Saturday issued four China virus relief executive orders to benefit taxpayers, students . . .

Get ready for the “Rainbow Nation” of America
Cliff Kincaid
July 16, 2020

It’s “Nelson Mandela International Day,” designated as such by the United Nations, on July 18. Look for Nelson Mandela statues to be erected in place of . . .

The lies behind the George Floyd case
Cliff Kincaid
July 13, 2020

The George Floyd riots that resulted in $500 million worth of damage to Minneapolis were based on a lie. With more evidence now available, one possible verdict . . .

The Redskins controversy is all about demonizing the white man
Cliff Kincaid
July 12, 2020

The name Washington Redskins is a tribute to the ferocity of the Indian tribes. “Hail to the Redskins” is a song to honor the football team and their . . .

Barack Hussein Obama is running for a third term
Cliff Kincaid
July 4, 2020

President Trump’s Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore was a good first step, but he must now identify the enemy by name – Communist China. We are at . . .

Celebrating American independence, President Andrew Jackson, and Mt. Rushmore
Cliff Kincaid
July 3, 2020

It was a highlight when I received the Andrew Jackson "Champion of Liberty" Award from Howard Phillips and the U.S. Taxpayers Alliance on September 17, 2008. . . .

Jeffrey Epstein celebrates Gay Pride from the grave
Cliff Kincaid
June 25, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein’s deep and dark secret is out. He was a gay deceiver. Let’s remember this fact on Stonewall Day, June 26, as Barack Hussein Obama emerges . . .

Trump must break up the big tech monopolies now
Cliff Kincaid
June 24, 2020

A conservative website, The Federalist, is crying about Google censorship because of a threat to “demonetize” the site. Excuse me if I don’t shed a tear. . . .

The traitors, dopes, dupes, and globalists around Trump
Cliff Kincaid
June 20, 2020

We know President Trump is a target of the Deep State. But that alone doesn’t explain why so many of his former allies, nominees, and appointees have turned . . .

Business Insider claim: Trump hires “Bush’s Brain,” Karl Rove
Cliff Kincaid
June 15, 2020

Karl Rove, also known as “Bush’s Brain,” is reportedly now advising the Trump 2020 presidential campaign, according to the Business Insider, and also . . .

The law and order president is failing America
Cliff Kincaid
June 11, 2020

Conservative Christian broadcaster Brannon Howse told me this week that it doesn’t look like President Trump wants to win the presidential election. “He had . . .

Black Lives Matter means more moolah and more race hatred
Cliff Kincaid
June 9, 2020

Black billionaire and New Age thinker Oprah Winfrey is hosting a show on her own network on Tuesday and Wednesday to demand more money for blacks. “What do we . . .

Mao’s Red Guard conservatives jump on the revolutionary bandwagon
Cliff Kincaid
June 7, 2020

Anybody with "half a brain tied behind his or her back" knows that the country is in a state of mass hypnosis or hysteria. Consider that a broadcaster was . . .

Clean up the drug crazed communist street rabble
Cliff Kincaid
June 5, 2020

Such notables as Drew Brees and General Mad Dog Mattis sold out to the mob this week. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old girl, Ala’junaye Davis, was killed in Baltimore . . .

Why no protests or riots over the death of Jeffrey Epstein?
Cliff Kincaid
June 3, 2020

In the Michael Brown case, we were told that a white cop killed a black man for no reason. That was a lie. Brown, high on marijuana, lunged for the cop’s gun . . .

The Bible won’t save us, only brute force will
Cliff Kincaid
June 2, 2020

President Trump emerged from his White House bunker on Monday night to give a short speech and then travel to a burned-out church just a block away. He made . . .

Maoist thugs target Christians, with support from Justice Roberts
Cliff Kincaid
June 1, 2020

With all that’s happening in the United States and the world, you may have missed the ruling from our “conservative” Supreme Court on May 29. The  . . .

Maoist 'rebellions' in America inspired by China?
Cliff Kincaid
May 31, 2020

As patriotic Americans salute our astronauts, in space through a public-private partnership of NASA and SpaceX, we are dismayed by the seeming inability of the . . .

“Conservative” GOP senator labeled “pot whore” by critics
Cliff Kincaid
May 28, 2020

The Soros-funded American Bridge organization notes that Democrats only need to win four seats to take back the majority in the Senate and claims that, right . . .

Kissinger’s 'Red China Gambit' is killing America
Cliff Kincaid
May 26, 2020

Journalist . . .

Americans must demand justice in Obamagate
Cliff Kincaid
May 25, 2020

As we remember those who served our country, fighting for the great American experiment in self-government and individual liberty, the fate of America’s . . .

China, not Fauci, is the enemy
Cliff Kincaid
May 21, 2020

A “conservative” columnist recently called for Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx to be tried as criminals and imprisoned. This is crazy. American . . .

Republicans don’t dare call it treason
Cliff Kincaid
May 20, 2020

As more evidence emerges of the role played by former President Barack Hussein Obama in directing Russia-gate, President Donald J. Trump’s “allies” are . . .

'Blood brothers': Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain
Cliff Kincaid
May 18, 2020

President Trump once said about Senator Lindsey Graham that he “would like to stay in the Middle East for the next thousand years with thousands of soldiers . . .

Making heroes out of dope dealers and stoners
Cliff Kincaid
May 14, 2020

The new “Heroes” bill offered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the latest version of the Green New Deal. It makes “heroes” out of dope dealers, with the . . .

The dirty wars behind Obamagate
Cliff Kincaid
May 11, 2020

“Obamagate” is the name being given to Barack Hussein Obama’s role in the Michael Flynn case, in which Flynn was framed for wrongdoing then cleared by . . .

Defeating Nazis but helping the new Nazis
Cliff Kincaid
May 8, 2020

On the day commemorating the Nazi defeat in Europe, the new Nazis – the Chinese Communists – march ahead, making money from suffering, misery, and . . .

The smoking gun in the China virus caper
Cliff Kincaid
May 3, 2020

Running for president in 1980, Ronald Reagan was asked for his opinion on the so-called Sino-Soviet split. “They were allies and the only argument that caused . . .

Advice for the church: Better call Saul
Cliff Kincaid
April 30, 2020

A local pastor is walking dozens of miles to raise funds for the poor and hungry, many of whom have been created by the government’s COVID-19 economic . . .

NIH director in the middle of China virus scandal
Cliff Kincaid
April 28, 2020

Most of the media were too busy covering the phony Russia-gate story to notice how China has been directly involved in controversial coronavirus research funded . . .

Obama/Biden financed China’s virus experiments
Cliff Kincaid
April 26, 2020

President Trump is not a doctor and has never claimed to be one. He defers to the doctors and scientists. But has that been a mistake? It turns out that one of . . .

Saving the planet as people perish
Cliff Kincaid
April 21, 2020

“With Crisis Comes Opportunity” is how the organization Voices for the Earth Summit sees the death and destruction from the coronavirus. “This global . . .

Living and dying in Bill Gates’ fish bowl
Cliff Kincaid
April 20, 2020

As the virus takes its toll, those of us still in good health and with the ability to think clearly have the duty to explain to our fellow citizens what is . . .

China goes gaga over pro-UN 'One World' program
Cliff Kincaid
April 19, 2020

In cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN agency that paved the way for the coronavirus global pandemic, a group calling itself Global . . .

Americans revolt against outlaw socialist governors
Cliff Kincaid
April 17, 2020

In contrast to phony George Soros-financed “protests” for “progressive” policies, real grassroots movements have been emerging in America targeting . . .

Getting back to work and back to church
Cliff Kincaid
April 16, 2020

The Washington Post claims "constitutional experts" have "no idea" where President Trump got the idea that emergency powers give him the total authority to . . .

Trump knows starvation is not an option for America
Cliff Kincaid
April 15, 2020

With food shortages looming, President Trump is moving to reopen the U.S. economy. This has to be done, and anybody who wants America to survive as a superpower . . .

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have a record of medical failure
Cliff Kincaid
April 13, 2020

The Washington Post has been a joke for a long time, at least since the days when it won a Pulitzer Prize in 1981 for a story about a child heroin addict who . . .

Investigating the sources of evil in the world
Cliff Kincaid
April 10, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic who accepts and promotes abortion, says the death toll in his state from the coronavirus pandemic has surpassed "the . . .

Bill Gates worships at the altar of China
Cliff Kincaid
April 9, 2020

Bill Gates, who is worth more than $100 billion, made his money through Microsoft computer software programs. How did he become an expert on diseases and . . .

Developing a vaccine for media bias
Cliff Kincaid
April 8, 2020

H.G. Wells' book, War of the Worlds, shows the aliens dying at the end, after almost destroying planet earth, when germs poison them. In real life, human beings . . .

The Red Chinese lied, Americans died, and Americans prayed
Cliff Kincaid
April 4, 2020

When FDR waged World War II, he could mobilize the entire country. President Trump faces an assortment of enemies, here and abroad, in confronting the . . .

How Trump is taming the bureaucracy and saving lives
Cliff Kincaid
March 30, 2020

From the start of the coronavirus crisis, President Trump has been trying to figure out – and cut through – the bureaucracy. His latest victory is . . .

One-worlders exploit pandemic for global government
Cliff Kincaid
March 26, 2020

Since "climate change" has not ushered in world government, the global health crisis will have to do. Hence, Greta Thunberg has announced it's "extremely likely . . .

A Frankenstein monster devouring the world
Cliff Kincaid
March 23, 2020

In another Trump-bashing piece in the Washington Post, a professor noted, in passing, that "several Chinese labs participated more than 20 years ago in the . . .

The invisible enemy has a name
Cliff Kincaid
March 18, 2020

After having unleashed the Chinese coronavirus on the United States and the world, China is now attempting to demonstrate that it has a superior system to deal . . .

Coronavirus, China's lies, and bioweapons research
Cliff Kincaid
March 16, 2020

Americans are trying to stay safe, as government attempts to contain the spread of the coronavirus. As this unfolds, let's hope that our "intelligence agencies" . . .

American guinea pigs in a Chinese lab
Cliff Kincaid
March 12, 2020

"This a global problem that will require global solutions, not more ignorant, nationalist fear-mongering." So says a writer with an outfit called Popular . . .

Trump has been sabotaged by the medical deep state
Cliff Kincaid
March 8, 2020

The Chinese virus has been treated as just a natural occurrence or unfortunate incident that necessitates that we have to cede more power over our lives to what . . .

Is the coronavirus China's revenge on Trump?
Cliff Kincaid
March 4, 2020

In his 1968 non-fiction blockbuster, The Biological Time Bomb, Gordon Rattray Taylor wrote about the prospect of germ warfare in the context of "undeclared war. . . .

Chinese Reds set a trap for Trump
Cliff Kincaid
February 27, 2020

President Trump is in a difficult situation. If he were to disclose circumstantial evidence that the coronavirus virus is a Chinese bioweapon, there would be . . .

Fight the Coronavirus by defunding the United Nations
Cliff Kincaid
February 25, 2020

A left-wing businessman who claimed in 2017 that President Trump isn't pro-anything except "essentially white nationalism" was on business channel CNBC on . . .

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Bernie Revolution
Cliff Kincaid
February 20, 2020

Michael Bloomberg's fellow Democrats didn't want to talk about how he has made his billions through an extremely successful computer program that analyzes . . .

Is Mayor Pete a dangerous security risk?
Cliff Kincaid
February 14, 2020

Facing a serious health problem but with millions of Americans praying for him, Rush Limbaugh has demonstrated that he is still in the game, as he declared the . . .

The Revolution will be subsidized by Bloomberg
Cliff Kincaid
February 13, 2020

The apparent disagreements among the "centrist" and "radical" Democratic presidential candidates are not significant or substantial. In the end, the candidates . . .

Globalists panic as Trump survives and virus spreads
Cliff Kincaid
January 24, 2020

In the span of just one week, at the Davos World Economic Forum, two globalists sounded the alarm about President Trump's America, declaring we are living in  . . .

The impeachment trial: Getting Trump (and the Clintons) off the hook
Cliff Kincaid
January 20, 2020

In one of the biggest blunders of the Trump presidency, it has been decided that two of Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers should be on the team defending President . . .

A narco-nation of potheads, courtesy of George Soros
Cliff Kincaid
January 18, 2020

Billionaire George Soros was named "Philanthropist of the Year" by Inside Philanthropy magazine for his "fight for academic freedom in Central Europe, and his . . .

Can hedge funds topple Trump?
Cliff Kincaid
January 16, 2020

President Donald J. Trump has a good conservative record, especially in regard to the courts, and he has strengthened the Armed Forces. His rallies are packed . . .

Another CIA face for anti-Trump resistance
Cliff Kincaid
January 6, 2020

A so-called "former CIA analyst" is leading House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's effort to stop President Trump from taking further military action against Iran's top . . .

Israel should get ready to obliterate Tehran
Cliff Kincaid
January 4, 2020

Obama's CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus told Foreign Policy magazine that Iranian general and top terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani was "responsible for . . .

Let's win the war at home in 2020
Cliff Kincaid
January 2, 2020

The year 2020 opens with a booming economy and a culture still in rapid decline. One of the leading associates of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein says she is . . .

The return of the homosexual imperialists
Cliff Kincaid
December 29, 2019

It's one thing to defend President Trump against false witness by the magazine Christianity Today. It's another matter to rationalize or excuse how certain . . .

Fake Christians open fire on pro-Christian Trump
Cliff Kincaid
December 23, 2019

The large number of Democratic Party presidential candidates has become a running joke. But the unexpected strength of 37-year-old South Bend Mayor Pete . . .

A socialist victory using Biden's face and Bloomberg's money
Cliff Kincaid
December 21, 2019

As President Trump fights off one attack after another, a well-funded left-wing "progressive" movement called "40 million strong" is laying the political . . .

How Clinton and Obama disarmed and abandoned Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
December 7, 2019

If Ukraine had kept and modernized the nuclear weapons it had inherited from the old Soviet Union, it is entirely possible that Russia would never have invaded . . .

Mayor Pete and Jeffrey Epstein: Spawn of the sexual revolution
Cliff Kincaid
December 4, 2019

The Culture Wars are mostly over, and the sexual revolutionaries have won. But they are not proclaiming total victory. They want a gay president in the White . . .

The fishy death of Jeffrey Epstein
Cliff Kincaid
November 24, 2019

The late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's pedophilia is what has interested the media. But his own blog, which is still active even after his death, suggests what . . .

Coup plotters risk war with Russia
Cliff Kincaid
November 18, 2019

In what was called a "strong message" to President Trump, the House of Representatives earlier this year passed the "NATO Support Act" by a vote of 357 to 22.  . . .

Trump vs. Schiff, Soros, and socialism
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2019

Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was given a prestigious seat on the Congressional Host Committee for the Victims of . . .

Rot at the top: The Epstein affair
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2019

The Washington Post reported in September that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an exclusive club of mostly Washington, D.C., and New York City insiders, . . .

How to deep six the Deep State
Cliff Kincaid
November 3, 2019

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" was a popular song by Gil Scott-Heron. By contrast, the Deep State Revolution against President Trump is being televised. . . .

Importing Middle East terrorism
Cliff Kincaid
October 29, 2019

Obama bureaucrats in the CIA are still stinging over President Trump's dramatic decision to both withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria and take down the . . .

The Deep State wants Trump impeached over Syria
Cliff Kincaid
October 24, 2019

The foreign policy elites from both major political parties reacted with outrage to President Trump's withdrawal of U.S. forces from the illegal and undeclared . . .

Deep State hate for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Cliff Kincaid
October 20, 2019

Trying to fulfill his campaign promise of getting American soldiers out of illegal and undeclared wars, President Trump encounters opposition from Democrats and . . .

Investigate Obama's CIA for Syria fiasco
Cliff Kincaid
October 18, 2019

Many Republicans and Democrats seem to think American national security lies with several thousand communist terrorist homeless Kurdish fighters, who are . . .

The next Ilhan Omar could be a Kurd
Cliff Kincaid
October 16, 2019

In response to one of the predictable and common "Trump Betrays the Kurds" pro-impeachment stories, a reader of the libertarian Reason magazine noted, "They are . . .

America's Marxist 'allies' in Syria
Cliff Kincaid
October 14, 2019

Despite what you may have heard, America's Kurdish "allies" are not our friends. They are mostly Marxists. The founder of their movement was trained by the KGB. . . .

Special Report: The biggest Russia-gate scandal of all
Cliff Kincaid
October 2, 2019

Anti-communist freedom fighter Vladimir Bukovsky suggests there is a simple reason why the West has never held Nuremberg-style court trials for the communists  . . .

A bloody 'gringo' backlash to Aztlan
Cliff Kincaid
August 8, 2019

If the alleged El Paso killer's so-called manifesto against Mexican "invaders" is to be taken seriously, what we have seen is a bloodthirsty backlash to a well . . .

Trump joins the socialist revolution
Cliff Kincaid
July 29, 2019

President Trump asks, "Why is so much money sent to the Elijah Cummings district [Baltimore] when it is considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in . . .

America's Survival is back
Cliff Kincaid
July 15, 2019

We are finally back online at The slide show at our new site has the advertisements we ran in 2007 opposing Senate ratification of the U.N . . .

Rep. Adam Schiff demands vaccine censorship
Cliff Kincaid
March 30, 2019 With his Russia-gate conspiracy theory debunked, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff has turned his . . .

CENSORED! Eco-Fascism, Nazi ecology, and our green future
Cliff Kincaid
March 27, 2019

Why are the Big Tech companies censoring the facts about the evil guiding the New Zealand mosque shooter? In this dramatic presentation, Mark Musser, the author . . .

The Green Killing Machine and the Red Jihad
Cliff Kincaid
March 15, 2019

The media have their narrative: the New Zealand mosque shooter was a gun-toting Trump supporter who hated Muslims. His "manifesto" declares, "The nation with . . .

Tucker Carlson and the real victims of media censorship
Cliff Kincaid
March 13, 2019

Billionaire Bill Gates is pouring some of his wealth into development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine that will be mandatory for all young people, even children, in the . . .

Reagan, the Pope, and the "collapse" of Communism
Cliff Kincaid
March 7, 2019

Did the Russians Try to Murder the Pope? Did the Russians Murder JFK? Has communism collapsed? What is socialism? What is "democratic socialism?" Join Cliff . . .

The "joys" of marijuana, murder, mental illness, and mayhem
Cliff Kincaid
February 25, 2019

Will President Trump resist the demands of the paid-off politicians for marijuana legalization on the federal level? California's far-left Senator and . . .

California forward or backward?
Cliff Kincaid
February 22, 2019

Russia-gate is a diversion from the communist spies who have been manipulating prominent California politicians for years, says analyst and activist Gary . . .

Coup plotters are racing toward the finish line
Cliff Kincaid
February 19, 2019

"I'm surprised he's made it this far," says analyst and activist Gary Richard Arnold about President Trump's survival in the face of an open coup attempt. A . . .

The border wars plot to destabilize and transform America
Cliff Kincaid
February 14, 2019

The Center for a Secure Free Society held a news conference the other day about the roles of Russia, China, Venezuela, and other countries in flooding the U.S. . . .

Cover-ups and corruption: The record of Robert Mueller
Cliff Kincaid
February 7, 2019

Trump gave a good State of the Union speech but can he survive Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller's out-of-control investigation? This new book looks at the . . .

Fighting Communism with Socialism won't save Venezuela
Cliff Kincaid
February 1, 2019

All freedom-loving people support the overthrow of the tyrannical socialist Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela. But President Trump's replacement, Venezuelan . . .

Congress votes for secure borders for NATO countries
Cliff Kincaid
January 28, 2019

In what has been called a "strong message" to President Trump, the new socialist-controlled House of Representatives has passed the "NATO Support Act" (H.R. 676 . . .

Nancy Pelosi beats Trump to a pulp
Cliff Kincaid
January 25, 2019

The predawn raid on Roger Stone and his arrest are the latest developments in what is an obvious plan to force President Trump from office or impeach him. On . . .

The Washington Post, Bezosgate, and the National Security State
Cliff Kincaid
January 13, 2019

The slogan of the Washington Post is "Democracy dies in darkness." So I did a search of recent articles on its website about its billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos, . . .

The coming persecution of Conservatives
Cliff Kincaid
January 5, 2019

Broadcaster Brannon Howse's new movie, "Sabotage," and book, Marxianity, describe the forces working to destroy America, silence conservatives, and . . .

How Mitt Romney is plotting his revenge on Trump
Cliff Kincaid
December 31, 2018

The new leader of the anti-Trump resistance in the Senate, Mitt Romney, will take the oath of office January 3. The former Massachusetts governor and failed GOP . . .

The Kavanaugh catastrophe and the beltway bandits
Cliff Kincaid
December 17, 2018

Some of President Trump's biggest supporters on the Religious Right are now facing humiliation over Justice Brett Kavanaugh's recent ruling in favor of Planned . . .

Some losing confidence in Trump
Cliff Kincaid
December 13, 2018

You may remember the days when President Trump was calling for a $25 billion Border Wall to be financed by Mexico. Now he's shouting at the Democrats to give . . .

Brett Kavanaugh's chickens come home to roost
Cliff Kincaid
December 10, 2018

Citizen journalist David Risselada has written a book, Psychopolitics in America: A Nation Under Conquest, in which he explains how so many are being led astray . . .

Trump navigates the New World Order
Cliff Kincaid
December 3, 2018

President Trump accuses his enemies of McCarthyism. But anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy had many of the same enemies Trump has. And McCarthy's fate may . . .

Mueller's legal terrorism threatens a free press
Cliff Kincaid
November 29, 2018

President Trump's failure to fire Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller has resulted in pro-Trump journalist Jerome Corsi facing financial ruin and . . .

Trump's presidency in trouble
Cliff Kincaid
November 21, 2018

The high-tech Big Media companies and academia are two major headquarters for the anti-Trump movement in America. President Trump refuses to take them on, . . .

Drinking the Kool-Aid: How and why Communist ideology kills
Cliff Kincaid
November 16, 2018

Daniel Flynn, author of Cult City, explains the nature of the Democratic Party political machine that included communist cult leader and sex pervert Jim Jones . . .

The Marxist plan for a one-party state is on track
Cliff Kincaid
November 14, 2018

"We are facing a communist revolution in America," says analyst Trevor Loudon, as a real "blue wave" enabled the national Democratic Party to pick up as . . .

Trump's victory in the midterms was fake news
Cliff Kincaid
November 12, 2018

A special report from America's Survival, Inc. Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel claims the forecasted Democratic Party blue wave tsunami turned . . .

Obama's "permanent revolution" defeats Trump
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2018

Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate only because unpopular Democrats were up for re-election in conservative states, while Democrats could win 40 . . .

The Obama/Soros machine beats Trump
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2018

The election results are hardly the "great victory" claimed by President Trump. Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate only because unpopular . . .

Kavanaugh, the "Fishy" Foster case, and the Swamp
Cliff Kincaid
October 15, 2018

Attorney Allan Favish argued in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for access to photos of Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster's dead body, which was discovered in . . .

The return of the Rockefeller Republicans
Cliff Kincaid
October 8, 2018

One of the last remaining representatives of the old Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party, liberal Never-Trump Republican Senator Susan Collins, made . . .

FBI corruption and the fate of Brett Kavanaugh
Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2018

The startling Ambrose Evans-Pritchard article "My Sinister Battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the Truth" exposes a dirty secret from Judge Brett Kavanaugh's past. . . .

Judge Kavanaugh should withdraw
Cliff Kincaid
October 1, 2018

Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg withdrew his nomination to the Supreme Court in 1987 after admitting that he had smoked marijuana several times. President Reagan, who . . .

Conservatives must MOVE ON from Kavanaugh
Cliff Kincaid
September 27, 2018

The solution to the Kavanaugh mess is simple: withdraw Kavanaugh and nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Journalist Cliff Kincaid and commentator and author Dr. . . .

Replace Kavanaugh with a true conservative
Cliff Kincaid
September 25, 2018

The push to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been dogged by one scandal after another. It was supposed to be an easy confirmation process because he knew what . . .

Kavanaugh, the FBI, and the Deep State
Cliff Kincaid
September 22, 2018

Cliff Kincaid talks to anti-corruption activist Garland Favorito about "the deep state chess match" being played by President Trump and Senate Democrats at the . . .

How the FBI protects the Swamp
Cliff Kincaid
September 19, 2018

Both sides are claiming the FBI can or will get to the bottom of the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault matter. The Kavanaugh accuser's backers say she wants a full . . .

The Kavanaugh fiasco and the current crisis
Cliff Kincaid
September 17, 2018

Conservatives who backed Judge Brett Kavanaugh without examining his record are looking like complete fools. Before the sexual assault charges surfaced, he was . . .

Judge Kavanaugh and the Catholic Hierarchy
Cliff Kincaid
September 12, 2018

Attorney Arthur Schulcz, who fought Navy bias against evangelical Christians, examines Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh's bias in cases that have come . . .

Fooled again: The Kavanaugh deception
Cliff Kincaid
September 6, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a liberal in conservative clothing, says author Gregg Jackson. Kavanaugh has told the Senate, "I keep in mind the message of . . .

The Kavanaugh cover-ups and justice in America
Cliff Kincaid
September 3, 2018

The Catholic Church would not be able to function as a criminal enterprise without the financial contributions of its members. Unless Catholic parishioners . . .

The Kavanaugh nomination is a Trojan Horse
Cliff Kincaid
August 30, 2018

As he was preparing to attend a White House dinner of evangelical leaders, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) sent out a fundraising message in . . .

Judge Kavanaugh and the Deep State's endgame
Cliff Kincaid
August 24, 2018

More than one year ago, on May 24, 2017, in a column titled "Special Counsel Mueller Will Get His Man." I wrote, "Those who say there is no evidence of a crime . . .

'The Deep State Wears Black Robes'
Cliff Kincaid
August 7, 2018

Freedom Watch Founder Larry Klayman discusses the bad legal advice President Trump is getting about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia-gate probe and urges . . .

"Kavanaugh is going to be stopped"
Cliff Kincaid
July 21, 2018

Thanks to our supporters, we have now produced our third video on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination. Our new video, The Coming Defeat of Judge Brett . . .

Pro-abortion Brett Kavanaugh must go
Cliff Kincaid
July 16, 2018

President Trump broke his campaign promise to pro-lifers when he nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Ricardo Davis of Georgia Right to Life . . .

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the murder of Vincent Foster [VIDEO]
Cliff Kincaid
July 4, 2018

Possible Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh "is part of the ongoing cover-up of the murder of the [Clinton] White House deputy counsel" Vincent Foster. . . .

VIDEO: Obama's Rainbow Conspiracy for a one-party state
Cliff Kincaid
June 29, 2018

The unfolding civil war in America is a "Rainbow Conspiracy" of immigrants, Islamists, stoners, and New Agers to overwhelm the conservative coalition, take . . .

Obama smells blood in Trump reversal on immigration
Cliff Kincaid
June 21, 2018

In regard to the illegal invasion by criminal traffickers and child abusers from the narco-state of Mexico, Senator Tom Cotton noted on Tuesday that the . . .

Marxist mole in the Vatican?
Cliff Kincaid
March 30, 2018

America's Survival President Cliff Kincaid and Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News discuss the infiltration of the Vatican, the March 13 anniversary of the . . .

General Mattis stages a transgender coup
Cliff Kincaid
March 1, 2018

Conservative activist Eugene Delgaudio tells a story of meeting Donald J. Trump and confronting him about his liberal past. Trump assured Delgaudio he has . . .

The 'new' conservatives: Pro-gay, pro-pot, pro-Russia
Cliff Kincaid
February 22, 2018

Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what the leadership of the American Conservative Union (ACU) was doing to the conservative movement. . . .

Conservative group banned (VIDEO)
Cliff Kincaid
February 19, 2018

A conservative pro-family group has been banned from the Conservative Political Action Conference. Brian Camenker and Cliff Kincaid discuss the infiltration of . . .

The search for a Russian mole
Cliff Kincaid
January 31, 2018

Will the investigation of anti-Trump bias in the FBI turn into something even more ominous? Consider the well-established fact that President Barack Hussein . . .

Reversing the damage done by Chairman Barack
Cliff Kincaid
January 17, 2018

Friday's March for Life, 45 years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand, demonstrates how difficult it is to reverse the effects of evil . . .

Turning red states Marxist red
Cliff Kincaid
December 14, 2017

The Alabama win for Barack Obama's candidate Doug Jones confirms our thesis that Obama is running the Democratic Party and the anti-Trump resistance. Obama, . . .

Conservative dupes in the Russia-gate probe
Cliff Kincaid
December 7, 2017

Rush Limbaugh has interviewed former prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy about how Robert S. Mueller's Russia-gate investigation has turned out so badly for  . . .

Sacrificing their own to get Trump
Cliff Kincaid
November 30, 2017

The words "national reckoning" are appearing with some regularity in media reports about various sex scandal cases. It's almost as if there is an unseen hand in . . .

Who wrote the Roy Moore dossier?
Cliff Kincaid
November 15, 2017

The so-called Trump Dossier, financed by the Hillary campaign and provided by the KGB through a former British intelligence agent, has fizzled out. It has been . . .

Trump is the next target after Roy Moore
Cliff Kincaid
November 13, 2017

There's a reason why President Trump says that the fate of Senate candidate Roy Moore will depend on whether the charges against him are proven to be true. . . .

Conference on Russia-gate on Friday, November 10, at the National Press Club
Cliff Kincaid
November 9, 2017

The public policy group America's Survival, Inc., headed by veteran journalist and media critic Cliff Kincaid, is holding a conference on Russia-gate on Friday, . . .

The real Russian agent and his tricks
Cliff Kincaid
October 31, 2017

As he opened his Obama summit with Prince Harry on Tuesday, the former president of the United States must have been laughing himself silly. The Obama name is . . .

President Trump's life is in danger
Cliff Kincaid
October 25, 2017

In the Mel Gibson film "Edge of Darkness," a mysterious consultant to a group of conspirators says, in regard to covering their tracks for a series of murders,  . . .

Open a criminal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama
Cliff Kincaid
October 16, 2017

It's suddenly big news that there are perverts in Hollywood. The really big news is that former President Barack Hussein Obama's communist and terrorist-support . . .

Destroying whitey in Obama's New World Order
Cliff Kincaid
October 9, 2017

A book by an associate of Barack Hussein Obama predicted a "permanent progressive governing coalition" would be solidified by the presidential election of 2016. . . .

Was Vegas an FBI sting gone bad?
Cliff Kincaid
October 7, 2017

Why is there no motive for the Vegas massacre? Why did Stephen Paddock have a secret life? It is terrible to contemplate, but the possibility that Stephen . . .

Is the headquarters of the Deep State in Moscow?
Cliff Kincaid
September 28, 2017

A reporter from Bloomberg called the other day about complaints television producer Jerry Kenney and I had made years ago regarding the operations of Moscow . . .

America's Survival, Inc. releases video on why "progressives" want "psychedelic medicine"
Cliff Kincaid
September 25, 2017

A new video from the public policy group America's Survival, Inc. documents how so-called "progressives" are now demanding acceptance of "psychedelics," or . . .

Let's be honest: Trump's UN speech was a disaster
Cliff Kincaid
September 21, 2017

President Trump in his U.N. speech failed to mention that Russia and China are responsible for North Korea's nuclear weapons program. What's worse, Trump . . .

Exposing the traitors in the Deep State
Cliff Kincaid
September 18, 2017

The comical publication the Onion ran a special volume, Homeland Insecurity, with the headline, "Run for Your Lives." I thought of that in the wake of the . . .

Conservatives have to become the resistance
Cliff Kincaid
September 14, 2017

Despite the election of President Trump, which seemed to momentarily disrupt Democratic Party plans for total control, conservatives are losing politically. . . .

Regime change in North Korea or a communist apocalypse?
Cliff Kincaid
August 10, 2017

Our objective should be regime change in North Korea, China, and Russia. These are our main enemies. Let's start with North Korea. If President Trump accepts . . .

The real Russia-gate scandal
Cliff Kincaid
August 3, 2017

In the time period of 2007-2008, two journalists – Trevor Loudon, a blogger from New Zealand, and America's Survival President Cliff Kincaid –  . . .

Roku is the answer to media bias
Cliff Kincaid
July 1, 2017

Since AIM founder Reed Irvine hired me out of college in 1978, amazing changes have taken place in the media landscape. Reed's penetrating analysis of liberal . . .

The "crime of the century" is bad journalism
Cliff Kincaid
June 26, 2017

The latest propaganda piece from the Washington Post, "Obama's secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault," is based, as usual, mostly on . . .

McCabe's FBI hosts gay pride summit
Cliff Kincaid
June 22, 2017

The FBI may not be able to detect and prevent left-wing violence directed at Republicans playing baseball. But it sure knows how to pander to and entertain the  . . .

Conspiracy of silence about Mueller
Cliff Kincaid
June 18, 2017

I am amazed by the conspiracy of silence, on the right and the left, about former FBI Director Robert Mueller's bungling of the anthrax case. "In his years as . . .

MSNBC's ratings led to blood
Cliff Kincaid
June 17, 2017

This is a time in the history of our nation when an honest group or congressional panel with integrity could name and ostracize extremists on both the right and . . .

Megyn and Alex: birds of a feather
Cliff Kincaid
June 16, 2017

The Megyn Kelly-Alex Jones show, scheduled for Father's Day, says everything you need to know about the sharp decline of the media in America. An overpaid . . .

The FBI's pathetic track record on terrorism
Cliff Kincaid
June 15, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey has finally admitted publicly that President Donald Trump has not been under investigation, after months of deliberately leaving . . .

Persecuting Trump while inviting terrorism
Cliff Kincaid
June 12, 2017

The Russia-gate scandal means big ratings for the media. For the American people, it means the likelihood of more terrorist attacks. It stands to reason that . . .

Trump should say "you're fired" to Special Counsel
Cliff Kincaid
June 10, 2017

The incoherent questioning of James Comey by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is symptomatic of why President Donald Trump is at a severe disadvantage as the special . . .

Prepare the White House for President Pence?
Cliff Kincaid
June 8, 2017

Those who think that Russia-gate is a witch-hunt or a hoax that will run out of gas need to think again. As we are about to see with the coverage of former FBI . . .

Communists make conservative friends
Cliff Kincaid
June 2, 2017

A top official of the Communist Vietnamese dictatorship spoke on Wednesday at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. The speech was entitled "Opportunities . . .

How Trump hatred is designed to save Iran
Cliff Kincaid
June 1, 2017

Under the Graham family, the previous owners of the Washington Post, it was always a liberal Democratic Party newspaper. Everyone knew that. Under Amazon's . . .

CIA celebrates transgender pride
Cliff Kincaid
May 31, 2017

A George Soros-funded organization calling itself the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) held a conference on May 25 to celebrate 14 years of . . .

The real Russia-gate scandal
Cliff Kincaid
May 29, 2017

Josh Gerstein's Politico story about the owners of a Russian bank suing BuzzFeed for publishing the "Trump Dossier" containing "unproven claims" doesn't go . . .

Famous jihadists who were potheads
Cliff Kincaid
May 26, 2017

Marijuana may be getting good press from the media, especially from reporters who smoke it, but the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy has published a . . .

Special counsel Mueller will get his man
Cliff Kincaid
May 24, 2017

One of the big problems with the media is that journalists publish so many things that aren't true, especially when they are writing about people in positions . . .

Best buds Mueller and Comey target Trump
Cliff Kincaid
May 22, 2017

The Washington Post, a mouthpiece for Obama holdovers in the CIA and other agencies, reports that "sources" say a current White House official is under . . .

Ivanka thinks liberals will like her father if he goes along with Paris climate accord
Cliff Kincaid
May 21, 2017

One of the side effects of the anti-Trump liberal media propaganda is that many conservatives automatically jump to the President's defense, even as he . . .

America's elected government hangs in the balance
Cliff Kincaid
May 19, 2017

Years ago, I agreed to be interviewed for a film which was included in an exhibit for the national museum in Washington, D.C. known as the Newseum. It was on . . .

Why do conservatives publish fake news?
Cliff Kincaid
May 18, 2017

A recent National Review article asked, "How Do You Keep False Information Away from the President?" Unfortunately, another article on the same site by editor . . .

Dismantling the Marxist Madrassas
Cliff Kincaid
May 15, 2017

Changing academia has been much more difficult than changing the media. However, there is hope: President Donald Trump has asked Liberty University President . . .

Washington Post encourages anti-Trump protests
Cliff Kincaid
May 12, 2017

Not content with publishing a daily barrage of anti-Trump articles, the Washington Post is now encouraging demonstrations against the President. On Wednesday . . .

'Diversity and inclusion' claim another victim
Cliff Kincaid
May 11, 2017

As noted by Peter LaBarbera of, LGBT activists were bitter and outraged that a conservative Christian with a public policy record of opposing . . .

Trump outsmarts the media, again
Cliff Kincaid
May 10, 2017

Nobody does it better than President Donald Trump. That is, drive the media crazy. And the Washington Post has gone nuts in reacting to the firing of FBI . . .

Peaceful pro-Trump protester harassed, assaulted, and arrested at Climate March [VIDEO]
Cliff Kincaid
May 8, 2017

After chants of "Lock Her Up," a peaceful pro-Trump protester was harassed, assaulted, and then arrested at the People's Climate March in Washington, D.C. on . . .

The Final Truth about the 'Trump Dossier,' Part Three
Cliff Kincaid
May 5, 2017

In its lengthy feature article on FBI Director James Comey, the New York Times disingenuously evades the new evidence from the British press that nails former . . .

The Final Truth about the 'Trump Dossier' (Part Two)
Cliff Kincaid
May 4, 2017

CNN's report on FBI Director James Comey's promotion of the "Trump dossier" makes no mention of the dossier's fake claim of a sex-tape (which wasn't actually . . .

The Final Truth about the 'Trump Dossier' (Part One)
Cliff Kincaid
May 3, 2017

FBI Director James Comey has been caught going around to secret Congressional briefings in "recent weeks" touting the lurid fake "Trump dossier." He has been . . .

Racism claims a cover for Fox News purge?
Cliff Kincaid
April 30, 2017

Sexual harassment and now racial discrimination complaints are providing the excuses James Murdoch may need to purge the conservative news personalities who . . .

Billionaire funds overthrow of capitalism
Cliff Kincaid
April 28, 2017

"System Change, Not Climate Change" is the demand being made by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in regard to Saturday's Peoples Climate March. "Only . . .

Why no questions about transgender army traitor?
Cliff Kincaid
April 26, 2017

The most glaring omission in Tucker Carlson's interview of the human oddity known as Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner was the failure to seek comment on the transgender . . .

"Queer communism" finds its voice
Cliff Kincaid
April 20, 2017

Since MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is still preoccupied with the supposed influence of Russia on President Donald Trump and the American political process, we suggest . . .

Liberal Christians join anti-Trump resistance
Cliff Kincaid
April 19, 2017

As my colleague Roger Aronoff reports, the media are livid that President Donald Trump is dismantling former President Barack Obama's "climate change" legacy of . . .

British role confirmed in Trump spying scandal
Cliff Kincaid
April 17, 2017

The British Guardian posted a report on April 13 claiming that its sources now admit that the British spy agency GCHQ was digitally wiretapping Trump . . .

Fox commentator in bed with Kim Jong-un
Cliff Kincaid
April 13, 2017

The Epoch Times newspaper is currently running an editorial series called "The Dead End of Communism" that includes a detailed discussion of the diabolical, . . .

Just who was the Russian agent after all?
Cliff Kincaid
April 12, 2017

Ever since President Trump's missile strike on Syria on April 6, which angered Russia's Vladimir Putin, the Washington Post has ever-so-subtly backed away from . . .

Obama's "complicated" lies about Syria
Cliff Kincaid
April 10, 2017

The mainstream media have not challenged the claim that chemical weapons were used by Syrian and/or Russian forces. Hence, they have been forced to explain how . . .

Another Dan Rather scandal
Cliff Kincaid
April 8, 2017

Ever since his forced resignation in disgrace, Dan Rather has continued on a downward spiral. His career, such as it is, has been kept alive by appearances on . . .

Will Gorsuch fool us again?
Cliff Kincaid
April 7, 2017

David French writes at National Review that the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade pro-abortion decision was morally and intellectually bankrupt, and has resulted in . . .

Watergate-style wiretapping confirmed
Cliff Kincaid
April 4, 2017

A very disturbing report has come out from Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Fox News that Hillary Clinton and six top staffers kept their Top Secret and/or Top . . .

Is Gorsuch a 'stealth nominee'?
Cliff Kincaid
April 3, 2017

When the first President Bush nominated David Souter for a seat on the Supreme Court, the nominee was sold to conservatives as a fellow conservative but turned . . .

A fake bill to promote fake news
Cliff Kincaid
April 1, 2017

One of the more newsworthy aspects of the Democratic Party's turnabout on Russia has been the introduction by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) of a bill to . . .

First they came for Judge Napolitano
Cliff Kincaid
March 31, 2017

An admitted CIA mouthpiece writing for the Washington Post receives classified information and publishes it. He remains in good standing at the paper. Yet the . . .

When Ted Koppel was a serious thinker
Cliff Kincaid
March 30, 2017

As someone who goes back decades with Accuracy in Media, I remember the days when Ted Koppel, then with ABC News and host of "Nightline," would cover serious . . .

Trump continues Obama policies
Cliff Kincaid
March 28, 2017

The Heritage Foundation article "We Don't Have to Choose Between Putin and George Soros" is a very effective rebuttal to claims in the media that conservatives . . .

Free Judge Napolitano!
Cliff Kincaid
March 26, 2017

BuzzFeed, described by Wikipedia as "a liberal American internet media company based in New York City," is in the "donor spotlight" at the national news . . .

Media lose another round to Trump
Cliff Kincaid
March 23, 2017

On the same day that the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal warned that President Donald Trump was going to go down in history as a "fake president," in . . .

Trump vs. Fox News on wiretapping
Cliff Kincaid
March 22, 2017

President Donald Trump is usually a fan of Fox News, but his opinion may now be changing. Fox News has been caught misrepresenting its own interview with Rep. . . .

A Watergate-style threat to the democratic process
Cliff Kincaid
March 18, 2017

(Editor's Note: Public hearings on this controversy are scheduled for March 20 and 28 by the House Intelligence Committee.) Senate Intelligence Committee . . .

Media kiss former intelligence brass as America's enemies grow stronger
Cliff Kincaid
March 16, 2017

With massive leaks of classified information, some of them stemming from undiscovered moles in the intelligence community, the media continue treating former . . .

The Washington Post, Amazon, and the intelligence community
Cliff Kincaid
March 13, 2017

One of the Washington Post's big disclosures on Sunday was a front-page story about President Donald Trump's choice of a cemetery. It was the latest . . .

Obama's CIA embarrassed by another mole
Cliff Kincaid
March 11, 2017

It was a case of incredibly bad timing on the part of CBS News. On the same day we learned that there had been a massive leak of classified information . . .

How taxpayers fund anti-Trump protests
Cliff Kincaid
March 8, 2017

On "Fox & Friends," President Donald Trump declared, in regard to the protests against him, "I think that President Obama's behind it because his people are . . .

Media collusion with the "espionage establishment"
Cliff Kincaid
March 6, 2017

Host Chris Wallace of "Fox News Sunday" spent most of his Sunday show on the subject of whether there is any evidence of Trump officials colluding with Russia . . .

Investigate and prosecute the press for aiding subversive activities
Cliff Kincaid
March 3, 2017

The House Intelligence Committee has released the "Scope of Investigation" for its inquiry into the alleged Russian active measures campaign targeting the 2016 . . .

The liberal media monopoly is broken
Cliff Kincaid
March 1, 2017

"Be a leader, not a Tweeter," is the advice offered to President Trump by Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD). However, the survey of attendees at the . . .

Trump should 'drain the swamp' at the FBI before terror strikes again
Cliff Kincaid
February 27, 2017

Bill Gates was recently quoted as saying that bioterrorism could kill more people than nuclear war, but that Western governments are not ready to deal with it. . . .

When the Democrats and Russians opposed Reagan
Cliff Kincaid
February 23, 2017

"It is preposterous to believe that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of voting in this country," said Rush Limbaugh on "Fox News Sunday." Nevertheless . . .

NAMBLA comes (almost) to CPAC
Cliff Kincaid
February 22, 2017

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has been burned once again by the scheduled appearance of a so-called gay conservative. This time his name . . .

The 'permanent state' has a press office
Cliff Kincaid
February 15, 2017

President Donald Trump's controversial complaint that the intelligence community was using police-state tactics against him has been confirmed in the forced . . .

Why the CIA wants to destroy Flynn
Cliff Kincaid
February 14, 2017

The media have figured out they can't bring down or impeach President Trump. So they are targeting his Cabinet officials and top advisers one by one. In the . . .

It's time to impeach the judges
Cliff Kincaid
February 13, 2017

She endorsed him, and he paid respects at her funeral, but it appears that President Donald Trump hasn't read Phyllis Schlafly's book The Supremacists: The . . .

Ivanka Trump – backed by Pence – promotes gay, transgender rights
Cliff Kincaid
February 11, 2017

She's been labeled the "Daughter-in-Chief" by the tabloids and, in this case, it appears to be the truth. According to several news accounts that have not been . . .

After conquering the Boy Scouts, what's next?
Cliff Kincaid
February 8, 2017

The epitaph of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is being written by cowardly corporations, spineless politicians, politically correct adults afraid to say . . .

How about 'America first' for college admissions?
Cliff Kincaid
February 4, 2017

In a recent article, "Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges," the Washington Post stumbled on the truth about one of the . . .

Trump joins ranks of DNA deniers
Cliff Kincaid
February 2, 2017

At the March for Life, Vice President Mike Pence said, "Life is winning through the steady advance of science that illuminates when life begins, more and more, . . .

Ohio State University features black communist
Cliff Kincaid
February 1, 2017

Donald Trump's adviser Stephen K. Bannon told the truth, but not the whole truth, when he described the media as the main opposition to President Trump. He . . .

The media's embrace of "fake news" about drugs
Cliff Kincaid
January 26, 2017

DeForest Rathbone, chairman of the National Institute of Citizen Anti-drug Policy (NICAP), says one of the most notorious examples of "fake news" in the media . . .

Will Trump's CIA investigate itself?
Cliff Kincaid
January 24, 2017

When President Trump was greeted with cheers and strong applause at CIA headquarters, you knew that Obama's CIA director John Brennan would decide to strike . . .

Van Jones leads CNN assault on Trump
Cliff Kincaid
January 23, 2017

In his blockbuster new film, "Civil War 2017," Trevor Loudon asks why the political left is so determined to destroy the Trump presidency. Matthew Vadum of the . . .

How Obama's CIA manipulated the media
Cliff Kincaid
January 19, 2017

The CIA and its media allies have thrown everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at President Donald J. Trump. Media bias, anonymous sources, and . . .

Will the real Russian agent please stand up?
Cliff Kincaid
January 17, 2017

The civil rights "icon," Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), has suddenly discovered the dangers of Russian influence in the U.S. political process. He tells Chuck Todd of . . .

The CIA's war on Trump, continued
Cliff Kincaid
January 16, 2017

Echoing New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer's warning that the intelligence community is out to "get" President-elect Trump, a Brookings Institution . . .

Our warmonger president and the lapdog press
Cliff Kincaid
January 15, 2017

President Obama has moved the nation toward war with Russia, up to 500,000 are dead in Syria, Libya is a disaster, and Germany is welcoming a Muslim invasion of . . .

Who was behind CNN's "fake news" on Trump?
Cliff Kincaid
January 12, 2017

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's January 3 show, "Let me tell you, you take on the Intelligence Community, they have six ways from . . .

Obama's legacy of endless wars and transgender soldiers
Cliff Kincaid
January 11, 2017

Left-wing Democrat Norman Solomon says fellow Democrats are "more interested in playing to the press gallery than speaking directly to the economic distress of . . .

Obama's indifference to white "deaths of despair"
Cliff Kincaid
January 3, 2017

A Soros-funded faux Catholic group called Faith in Public Life is holding what it calls a "special briefing" on "Faithful Resistance to Rising White  . . .

Obama's "evidence" against Russia falls flat
Cliff Kincaid
December 31, 2016

The Democrats have been saying that there's proof that the Russians hacked into Democratic Party computers for the purpose of obtaining and planting information . . .

Red Russia, the red jihad and Israel under siege
Cliff Kincaid
December 29, 2016

Patrick Buchanan's provocative column, "Is Europe's future Merkel or Le Pen?", reflects a limited and bad choice for America and Europe. Both of these leaders . . .

The CIA-media-academia axis
Cliff Kincaid
December 28, 2016

As controversy swirled around President-elect Donald J. Trump's battle with the CIA concerning its questionable intelligence product on Russian hacking, a . . .

The real Russian agent
Cliff Kincaid
December 26, 2016

Liberal Democrats have been so busy accusing Donald J. Trump of being a Russian agent that they have missed the real Russian agent on the international scene  . . .

Trump is the exorcist of political correctness
Cliff Kincaid
December 23, 2016

It is refreshing to see President-elect Trump on his "Thank You" tour speaking from a podium that proclaims "Merry Christmas." The Trump victory was a revolt . . .

Obama and Ellison: Separated at birth
Cliff Kincaid
December 22, 2016

"Barack Obama is Louis Farrakhan and Karl Marx rolled into one." Those were the words of businessman Zubi Diamond at a conference I sponsored back in 2011. . . .

The CIA's dirty tricks against American democracy
Cliff Kincaid
December 19, 2016

There is an easy way to determine who is a faithful Democratic Party hack in the media and who on the left maintains at least some independence from the party . . .

The blood of Aleppo is on Obama's hands
Cliff Kincaid
December 16, 2016

It's amazing how CNN's talking heads can devote so much time to the "scandal" of Donald J. Trump's sons participating in interviews of cabinet picks, but can't . . .

Corrupt CIA feeds crooked media
Cliff Kincaid
December 14, 2016

Isn't it strange how the left suddenly finds the CIA to be a worthwhile organization now that it has been turned into a weapon against Trump? We need . . .

Obama's Soros-funded pro-dope policy in peril
Cliff Kincaid
December 13, 2016

It is part of the Obama legacy: more drugs, more psychotic behavior, and therefore more violence. Deranged potheads, some of them Islamists, are killing . . .

The CIA's war on Trump
Cliff Kincaid
December 12, 2016

You couldn't fault Donald J. Trump for concluding that the CIA is out to get him even before he starts his presidency. Former CIA officials Michael Morell, . . .

Castro, the New York Times, and fake news
Cliff Kincaid
December 8, 2016

The New York Times is claiming the ability to expose "fake news." It should know something about the topic. So-called "fake news" from the New York Times helped . . .

Trump assembles a war cabinet to meet foreign threats
Cliff Kincaid
December 6, 2016

With the selections of General James N. "Mad Dog" Mattis as Secretary of Defense and Lt. General Michael T. Flynn as national security adviser, President-elect . . .

The moral sickness of the left
Cliff Kincaid
November 30, 2016

Donald J. Trump is labeled by CNN as a liar on a regular basis, while the dead communist tyrant Fidel Castro is lauded as a revolutionary hero. American . . .

Castro hated America and killed Kennedy
Cliff Kincaid
November 28, 2016

Since the New York Times seems preoccupied with the concept of "fake news," the death of Communist dictator Fidel Castro provides an ideal opportunity to go . . .

Elite media plot new censorship regime
Cliff Kincaid
November 26, 2016

Under the guise of suppressing "fake news," the elite media and their allies are creating a censorship regime to ban legitimate conservative news from platforms . . .

Can Trump survive the media onslaught?
Cliff Kincaid
November 24, 2016

With CNN and MSNBC depicting the incoming Trump administration as the advent of a Fourth Reich, it should be obvious that the President-elect will have to go . . .

The liberal media hacks will never change
Cliff Kincaid
November 22, 2016

In announcing his challenge to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for leadership of the House Democrats, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) used an old quotation, saying that the . . .

Abortion extremist may run for top Democratic post
Cliff Kincaid
November 21, 2016

With radical Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) already in the running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), another extremist is considering . . .

Blue collar election shocks liberal media
Cliff Kincaid
November 18, 2016

Before Election Day, the liberal media were speculating about the demise of the Republican Party. However, the media misjudged the electorate before November 8 . . .

Lazy liberal journalists smear Bannon
Cliff Kincaid
November 17, 2016

Media bias won't let up just because the liberal media were humiliated on November 8. The bias is now being directed at the President-elect's conservative . . .

Media bias has become mental illness
Cliff Kincaid
November 14, 2016

Aware that their credibility is shot with the American people, the publisher and executive editor of the New York Times sent a "To our readers" note on Friday, . . .

Where are the mass media firings and resignations?
Cliff Kincaid
November 12, 2016

I missed a few losers in my column on the big media losers of the 2016 campaign. One person told me, "Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal has totally lost . . .

CNN comrade sees "whitelash" in Trump victory
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2016

CBS's "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson asked one of the dumbest questions during the campaign on his November 6 show. He asked Reince Priebus, chairman of . . .

The big losers on election day
Cliff Kincaid
November 10, 2016

The biggest losers on election night were in the liberal media, an adjunct of the national Democratic Party. But the far-left "progressives" who backed Senator . . .

"People power" versus manipulation of the masses
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2016

On November 8, the election will come down to Donald J. Trump's "people power," a largely spontaneous uprising of the "silent majority," against Hillary Clinton . . .

Holes and moles in U.S. intelligence
Cliff Kincaid
November 4, 2016

One of the biggest jokes of the presidential campaign is that the WikiLeaks disclosures prove that Vladimir Putin favors Donald J. Trump for U.S. president.  . . .

Clinton's black "son" meets the press
Cliff Kincaid
November 2, 2016

"My name is Danney Williams. As you can see, I'm the black son of the former President Bill Clinton and the stepson of Hillary Clinton." With these words, at . . .

Spy scandals, globalism and the betrayal of America
Cliff Kincaid
October 31, 2016

Our top educators like to think that worthwhile social movements only come from the left, such as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. But the movement . . .

John Podesta's new global order
Cliff Kincaid
October 28, 2016

In one of her secret speeches, Hillary Clinton said, "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders...." Before this comment was . . .

Conservatives look for a new network
Cliff Kincaid
October 26, 2016

With the far-left Huffington Post proclaiming openly gay Shepard Smith as "the future" of Fox News, many conservatives are looking elsewhere for news and . . .

Trump's powerful attack on the corporate media
Cliff Kincaid
October 24, 2016

Left-wing media critics I have debated over the years have repeatedly bashed the slanted "corporate media." But now that a Republican presidential candidate has . . .

The Trump treatment for a campus conservative
Cliff Kincaid
October 20, 2016

I was disinvited from a college debate on the campus of the State University of New York in New Paltz last March. Left-wing professors didn't want to hear me . . .

Who's behind "shock and awe" against Trump?
Cliff Kincaid
October 14, 2016

The Hillary Clinton campaign is selling a "Woman Card" to donors to protest alleged sexual advances on women by Donald J. Trump. It's a complete fraud and con, . . .

Hillary's "open borders" mean more heroin and death
Cliff Kincaid
October 11, 2016

One of the advantages of having a smart TV is that you can bypass the dumb cable channels, particularly CNN. A smart TV gives you direct access to YouTube . . .

Communists mobilize for Hillary Clinton
Cliff Kincaid
October 5, 2016

In a major development that will certainly be ignored by the mainstream media, longtime pro-Russian communist Angela Davis has announced that she will vote for . . .

Media bias produces mental illness "Ameriphobia"
Cliff Kincaid
October 3, 2016

For Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, the latest scandal is that employees of his California golf course say he wanted to fire women who . . .

A 'money changers' moment for Catholics
Cliff Kincaid
September 28, 2016

Of all the groups that Barack Obama bamboozled in 2008 and 2012, Catholics were the biggest suckers. They voted for Obama, and now, according to the polls, they . . .

Black Power icon goes vegan to save animals
Cliff Kincaid
September 21, 2016

Former top communist, college professor, and "Black Power" advocate Angela Davis has picked a new cause on the road to liberation – animal rights. In a . . .

It's the Marxism, not the 'birtherism'
Cliff Kincaid
September 19, 2016

The Washington Post is not sloppy, it is dishonest. Forget Kenya or Hawaii as Barack Obama's birthplace. The issue is that he was mentored by a communist named . . .

'Goober' Dana Milbank hides stupidity with a beard
Cliff Kincaid
September 16, 2016

One of my favorite Andy Griffith episodes shows Goober growing a beard to try to look smart. Picking up an apple, he declares, "One time you was a seed." . . .

The medical cover-up surrounding Hillary Clinton
Cliff Kincaid
September 14, 2016

The media are returning to their protective mode regarding Hillary Clinton, after pretending to raise questions about her health. But very few questions have . . .

Hillary health scare finally becomes news
Cliff Kincaid
September 12, 2016

On Saturday, the Washington Post ran a story saying Donald J. Trump was a sexist for questioning whether Hillary Clinton looked healthy and fit. One day later, . . .

Which security risk for president?
Cliff Kincaid
September 10, 2016

"Could your Congressman pass an FBI background check?" is the question posed on the cover of the DVD version of Trevor Loudon's new film, "The Enemies Within." . . .

Why David Bossie scares the Clintons
Cliff Kincaid
September 7, 2016

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist David Maraniss passed up the opportunity to win another journalism award eight years ago when he covered up . . .

Will the KGB kill Edward Snowden?
Cliff Kincaid
September 5, 2016

In a story headlined "The New Snowden Movie is the Best PR He'll Ever Get," a young writer with no knowledge of Russian espionage operations quotes an ACLU . . .

The red diaper baby in Obama's red cover-up
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2016

The lack of coverage in 2008 of the embarrassing facts in Barack Obama's background, especially his deep personal relationship with a Communist by the name of . . .

Illegal alien driver massacre in Louisiana
Cliff Kincaid
August 31, 2016

Kristen Welker informed viewers of the NBC Nightly News that an "undocumented worker" was at fault in a terrible bus crash in Louisiana on August 28 that killed . . .

Does Hillary hate white people?
Cliff Kincaid
August 29, 2016

Using various writers, including its in-house faux conservative bloggers and columnists, the Washington Post is going over the edge with its assault on Donald J . . .

The human side of Hillary
Cliff Kincaid
August 25, 2016

Some of us in the media watchdog business think Americans are anxious to read every last word from the New York Times and the Washington Post. These are . . .

Who's crazier – Trump or Obama?
Cliff Kincaid
August 6, 2016

The famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware is now being sold by MAD magazine as Washington Cross-Dressing the Delaware. Elsewhere in the . . .

The Trump train has derailed
Cliff Kincaid
August 4, 2016

Donald J. Trump's turnaround, from having CNN feeding out of his hands during the Republican primaries, to now denouncing the "Clinton News Network," confirms . . .

Hillary says Obama "left behind" white America
Cliff Kincaid
August 2, 2016

On a campaign swing through the "Rust Belt" of Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton let the truth slip out, saying that the white working class had been "left out and . . .

Democrats abandon workers to Trump
Cliff Kincaid
July 31, 2016

Donald J. Trump was in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio, on Wednesday night, speaking to a crowd of working-class Americans who have been watching their jobs go . . .

The damage done by Hillary backer Soros
Cliff Kincaid
July 29, 2016

The reporter exposed as having filed a story with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before publication in Politico is out with a puff-piece about . . .

Democrats' racist roots examined in new film
Cliff Kincaid
July 26, 2016

Carol Swain, a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, is one of the stars of Dinesh D'Souza's new movie, "Hillary's America," which . . .

Trump's journalistic weapon now targets Hillary
Cliff Kincaid
July 24, 2016

The supermarket tabloid National Enquirer can't be laughed at any more. It was Donald J. Trump's effective weapon against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and now it's . . .

Trump's blind spot on Russia
Cliff Kincaid
July 22, 2016

It is not unusual for a politician to change his mind, even on critical national security matters. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) essentially flip-flopped on the . . .

Obama's links to pro-terrorist groups
Cliff Kincaid
July 19, 2016

We now have evidence of contacts between Saudi officials and some of the September 11 hijackers. An old classified document has been declassified. On an equally . . .

The media question "feminist values" of British prime minister
Cliff Kincaid
July 17, 2016

If you're a woman who believes in limits on abortion and you don't favor same-sex marriage, you're not a real woman, according to the Washington Post. That's . . .

Hillary clones being mass-produced at UMD
Cliff Kincaid
July 8, 2016

She's now a pro-abortion feminist who panders to the LGBTQ community. But there was a time when Hillary Clinton was a "Goldwater Girl," named for 1964 . . .

The fundamental transformation of the Armed Forces
Cliff Kincaid
July 6, 2016

When men dress as women and serve openly in the U.S. military, there are bound to be problems identifying these people. But don't worry. The National Lesbian & . . .

Who's behind the bloodbath in Turkey?
Cliff Kincaid
July 1, 2016

Apologists for Vladimir Putin, including his propaganda channel Russia Today (RT), have been telling us for months that Turkey has been facilitating and even . . .

Corporal Klinger reporting for duty
Cliff Kincaid
June 29, 2016

President Obama's determination to eliminate any notion of sexual deviance or perversion in American society continues at a rapid pace. He just released a video . . .

Leftists find a socialist they don't like
Cliff Kincaid
June 25, 2016

Fresh from their attendance at the Left Forum gathering of socialists and communists in New York, officials of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have . . .

Obama's Father's Day fraud
Cliff Kincaid
June 23, 2016

Two years ago, I had the pleasure to review some of the National History Day presentations made by high school students in Maryland. A young lady presented an . . .

Obama's red/green cover-up begins to unravel
Cliff Kincaid
June 21, 2016

Seven years into Barack Obama's presidency, the scales may slowly be falling from the eyes of the New York Times. Could the truth about America's red diaper . . .

We need more Islamophobia, not less
Cliff Kincaid
June 18, 2016

The media say President Obama is good at sharing condolences with victims of terrorism. It would be better for him to apologize to the victims and their . . .

Why Obama gets emotional talking about Islam
Cliff Kincaid
June 15, 2016

What difference does it make to use the phrase "radical Islam"? It means in the Orlando case that the terrorist is identified through his affiliation with a . . .

Blaming conservatives for Muslim terrorism
Cliff Kincaid
June 13, 2016

Admitting that "the full facts" were still unknown, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) nevertheless issued a statement on Sunday afternoon on "the senseless . . .

Trump seen as vehicle to destroy GOP
Cliff Kincaid
June 11, 2016

While showing an image of Donald Trump as a wrecking ball, veteran leftist operative Webster Tarpley told the recent Left Forum in New York City, "If we play . . .

Hillary's Russian reset, terrorism, and the threat to Israel
Cliff Kincaid
June 9, 2016

In her recent foreign policy speech, hailed by the media, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, "If Donald [Trump] gets his way, they'll be . . .

The Red Guards are green
Cliff Kincaid
June 7, 2016

The media have given the misleading impression that the policies of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-declared socialist, are radically different from those . . .

How to make America great again
Cliff Kincaid
June 3, 2016

It is sign of the times that when people are told that Harvard was founded by a Puritan minister and dedicated to Christ and His Church, most react by wondering . . .

House votes to turn vets into psychotic potheads
Cliff Kincaid
May 31, 2016

Donald J. Trump says vets are treated worse than illegal immigrants. But help is on the way. The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to make it easier . . .

Why Trump chickened out
Cliff Kincaid
May 30, 2016

The Washington Post has written about "a grass-roots backlash against secularism, homosexuality, and changes introduced" during the time in power of a "Marxist . . .

Reds demand arms, dollars, and trade benefits
Cliff Kincaid
May 28, 2016

Having established relations with the Castro regime in Cuba, President Obama has now signaled his willingness to sell weapons to the Communist Party . . .

Obama's pro-marijuana legacy claims more victims
Cliff Kincaid
May 23, 2016

His days as a member of the "Choom Gang" of heavy dope smokers are behind him, but President Obama's pro-pot policies are destroying lives on a regular basis. . . .

Dopes, doping, and the Russian-Iranian nuclear threat
Cliff Kincaid
May 21, 2016

The Russians have been doping their athletes, but we are the dopes. In a scandal worse than failing to deal with ISIS, the Obama administration has been caught . . .

Vermont college "Feels the Bern" and closes
Cliff Kincaid
May 18, 2016

The wife of the socialist candidate promising free college is being blamed for closing down a college in Vermont. Burlington College is going out of business, . . .

Can conservative Ryan accept liberal Trump?
Cliff Kincaid
May 17, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is standing in the way of a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by liberal Democrat Donald J. Trump, the presumptive GOP . . .

'Hate crime' turns out to be death by marijuana
Cliff Kincaid
May 14, 2016

So marijuana is harmless and doesn't kill people? Consider the case of black Muslim teenager Hamza Warsame, who took a toke and plunged to his death. His . . .

America takes the "Barack Walk" on the wild side
Cliff Kincaid
May 13, 2016

"America seems to be stuck in the toilet," says Alveda King, commenting on the Obama administration's war with North Carolina over sexually confused people . . .

Obama, academia celebrate latest perversions
Cliff Kincaid
May 11, 2016

The Obama administration seems to be in a race with academia to see who can do the most pandering to the LGBTQ "community." While President Obama thinks . . .

Crooked Hillary vs. Cover-up Donald
Cliff Kincaid
May 8, 2016

A magazine called the Economist has an "intelligence unit" that has named a Donald J. Trump presidency as one of the top 10 greatest risks to global stability. . . .

The propaganda network behind Trump's bizarre tabloid charges
Cliff Kincaid
May 5, 2016

Until Tuesday, political observers thought Donald J. Trump got information about foreign affairs from the Sunday shows. Then we learned that he had relied on an . . .

Campus conservatives and pro-lifers fight for truth
Cliff Kincaid
May 4, 2016

Discrimination against conservatives on campus is a dramatic story being told by Peter Fricke and other great reporters at In many cases, . . .

Generals warn of Russian aggression as Trump cozies up to Putin
Cliff Kincaid
May 3, 2016

While Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is talking about cooperation with Russia, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that one of America's top . . .

Trump jumps into bed with Putin
Cliff Kincaid
April 29, 2016

Donald J. Trump's foreign policy address was delivered with the aid of a teleprompter and was written by his pro-Russian advisers. He took no questions. It was . . .

The sad demise of a once-Catholic university
Cliff Kincaid
April 26, 2016

At Georgetown, the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher learning in the U.S., the official teachings of the church against homosexuality have been . . .

Trump hires "fixer" with Soviet connections
Cliff Kincaid
April 24, 2016

Donald J. Trump said it was a "great honor" to be complimented by Russia's Vladimir Putin. What's significant is what the New York businessman has done to earn . . .

Donald Trump's attempted hostile takeover of the GOP
Cliff Kincaid
April 20, 2016

The debate over Donald J. Trump's charges of a "rigged" Republican primary system demonstrates that Trump wasn't a Republican to begin with. As a Democrat who . . .

Pope's Marxist bias in U.S. campaign signals new global order
Cliff Kincaid
April 18, 2016

The liberal media are so in love with Pope Francis that they can't report the hard truth about his blatant interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton: Tear down that library
Cliff Kincaid
April 15, 2016

During Thursday night's Democratic debate, the two candidates tried to outdo each other in terms of being soft on crime and advocating the release of criminals. . . .

Cruz thwarts hostile takeover of the GOP
Cliff Kincaid
April 13, 2016

Donald J. Trump's admission that two of his adult kids didn't even bother to register as Republicans, in order to vote for him in the New York primary, says all . . .

Who is the biggest demagogue of them all?
Cliff Kincaid
April 12, 2016

The liberal media want us to believe that Donald J. Trump is the most notorious political demagogue to arrive on the American political scene in decades. But . . .

Donald J. Trump and the Moscow establishment
Cliff Kincaid
April 7, 2016

We read over and over again how Donald J. Trump is running a campaign against "the establishment" in the Republican Party. The term sounds horrible and . . .

Former media power player sounds alarm over vaccines
Cliff Kincaid
April 4, 2016

Conservatives are frequently accused of being beholden to big corporations. But on the matter of mandatory, and sometimes risky, vaccines, it's the liberals and . . .

Where's the scrutiny of Hillary Clinton on abortion?
Cliff Kincaid
April 2, 2016

GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is taking a beating from the press over his flip-flops on abortion. But the leading Democrat candidate for president, . . .

The real one percent strikes again
Cliff Kincaid
March 31, 2016

The real one percent, as opposed to the fake one percent touted by Bernie Sanders (I-VT), raised its ugly head in Georgia on Monday, when "conservative" . . .

Free Otto Warmbier!
Cliff Kincaid
March 28, 2016

A student who studied economics at the prestigious University of Virginia has been sentenced to 15 years in the North Korean gulag for stealing a banner . . .

Trump's pro-Russian policy threatens Israel
Cliff Kincaid
March 17, 2016

Donald J. Trump has received the endorsements of conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Something doesn't make sense here.  . . .

Hate is the essence of socialism
Cliff Kincaid
March 15, 2016

When will socialist Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) be held accountable by the media for his own revolutionary and hateful rhetoric? "Not Donald Trump . . .

A time for choosing: socialism or fascism
Cliff Kincaid
March 14, 2016

Donald J. Trump has a strange and unhealthy fascination with the "strength" of those who pummel, terrorize, and kill people. At the Miami Republican debate, he . . .

Sanders exposes himself on national TV
Cliff Kincaid
March 10, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders has finally been exposed as the hard-core communist he is. It happened at the debate in Miami on . . .

Support for Trump backfires on CPAC
Cliff Kincaid
March 7, 2016

Donald J. Trump has been pouring tens of thousands of dollars into the coffers of the American Conservative Union (ACU), the sponsor of the Conservative . . .

Hillary Clinton, black lies, and white lives
Cliff Kincaid
March 2, 2016

Another gruesome black-on-white murder is coming to the public's attention. The case involves a habitual offender by the name of Quinton Verdell Tellis, 27, who . . .

Is Trump a sleeper agent for Moscow?
Cliff Kincaid
February 29, 2016

The media are having a field day over the fact that former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke supports Donald Trump for president. Trump has disavowed him. But why . . .

Justice Scalia was more Catholic than the pope
Cliff Kincaid
February 24, 2016

On Saturday night, a lunatic by the name of Jason Brian Dalton went on a weekend killing spree in Michigan. The next day, contradicting the official Catholic . . .

Conservative journalist predicts Republican defeat
Cliff Kincaid
February 22, 2016

Veteran conservative journalist Fred Barnes has written a disturbing Wall Street Journal article about how the campaign of Donald Trump, sparked by talk radio, . . .

Obamacare will bankrupt the U.S.
Cliff Kincaid
February 19, 2016

One topic of conversation in the Republican race for the White House has been whether President Obama has been incompetent or actually knows what he's doing. On . . .

How Trump bought the conservative movement
Cliff Kincaid
February 17, 2016

It has become increasingly clear that the "self-funded" candidate in the Republican presidential primary, Donald J. Trump, will destroy the GOP's chances to win . . .

Fox News grovels to Bernie Sanders
Cliff Kincaid
February 16, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the so-called "democratic socialist" running for president as a Democrat, made a surprise appearance on "Fox News Sunday" with . . .

A disaster worse than Libya
Cliff Kincaid
February 12, 2016

Now that another presidential primary is over, can the media take a few minutes to insist that the candidates address some important issues like the crisis in . . .

Obama/Trump back Russian invasion of Syria
Cliff Kincaid
February 11, 2016

Another foreign policy defeat for freedom-loving people is taking place in Syria. A United Nations report says an "extermination" campaign has been underway . . .

Rubio is right: Obama is betraying America
Cliff Kincaid
February 9, 2016

The problem of Russian aggression in the Middle East was not brought up in the New Hampshire Republican debate. Instead, the candidates were asked about the . . .

Financial scandals follow socialist millionaire Sanders
Cliff Kincaid
February 6, 2016

Responding to one of Anderson Cooper's softball questions, socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told the CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night that he lives a frugal life . . .

Clinton corruption leads to Russian aggression
Cliff Kincaid
February 5, 2016

The New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, calling her "one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential . . .

Bernie cozies up to Pooty's mouthpiece
Cliff Kincaid
February 3, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his supporters have been attacking the "corporate media" for not paying enough favorable attention to his "democratic . . .

Conservatives oppose mass criminal release
Cliff Kincaid
February 2, 2016

With the presidential race the focus of most of the media attention, a major division among Senate Republicans over so-called "criminal justice reform" has . . .

Standing up to Fox News, not Putin
Cliff Kincaid
January 28, 2016

Donald J. Trump was insulted by Fox News chief Roger Ailes and says he will hold an alternative event rather than participate in Thursday night's debate. But . . .

Did Putin strike in the heart of Washington, D.C.?
Cliff Kincaid
January 22, 2016

With the release of the British report into the role of the Russian government in the death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London, some attention . . .

Attacking Trump for the wrong reasons
Cliff Kincaid
January 15, 2016

President Obama and Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley teamed up to attack Donald Trump on Tuesday night, even though Haley was supposed to offer . . .

Ukraine still fights for freedom
Cliff Kincaid
January 12, 2016

With the 88th Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles approaching, freedom lovers are cheering for the Netflix film, "Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom . . .

Is Trump the new Armand Hammer?
Cliff Kincaid
December 30, 2015

Ever since I started writing critically about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's apparent lack of knowledge on the Russian military threat and the . . .

Follow Trump's money to Moscow
Cliff Kincaid
December 25, 2015

The phrase "follow the money" is supposed to help explain human behavior, especially in politics. So why has Donald Trump embraced Russian President Vladimir . . .

Trump seeks to make Russia great again
Cliff Kincaid
December 21, 2015

Donald Trump has hired an attractive young woman to spin the news in his favor. But it's a difficult job, especially when a cold-blooded killer endorses your . . .

Make America dumb again?
Cliff Kincaid
December 17, 2015

Asked during the GOP debate which leg of the nuclear triad requires the most attention, Donald Trump said a few things about the danger of terrorists getting a . . .

KGB-TV holds conference starring former DIA chief
Cliff Kincaid
December 12, 2015

While U.S. policymakers worry about the propaganda techniques of ISIS in drawing thousands of Islamists into the fight against the West, America's adversaries . . .

A no-go-zone for Muslims in America?
Cliff Kincaid
December 10, 2015

Covering a topic with no end in sight, as they usually do, CNN has been highlighting negative comments about Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims coming to . . .

Is our stoner president mentally impaired?
Cliff Kincaid
December 8, 2015

Members of Congress concerned about America's survival have shied away from impeaching President Obama on national security grounds. They either think . . .

Putin's "war on terror" could backfire
Cliff Kincaid
December 4, 2015

There can be no doubt that the Russians are winning the Middle East propaganda war. But it's not just the Marxist far-left that is willing to believe whatever . . .

Planned Parenthood killer was a deranged pothead
Cliff Kincaid
December 3, 2015

The liberals were quick to blame conservative Christians, Republicans, and others on the right for the carnage in the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic. It . . .

The media's faux outrage over "domestic terrorism"
Cliff Kincaid
November 30, 2015

We don't remember any outrage from the media over the alleged roles played by Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the 1970 bombing murder of San . . .

Will Senator Cruz follow Reagan's lead on the NSA?
Cliff Kincaid
November 25, 2015

Craig Shirley, author of Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan, is an impressive writer with a vast knowledge of Reagan's terms as . . .

Media and Russia still protect Snowden
Cliff Kincaid
November 24, 2015

Former CIA director James Woolsey accuses NSA defector Edward Snowden of having a role in the terrorist attacks in Paris. He said, "...I would give him the . . .

Catholic Church facilitates foreign invasion
Cliff Kincaid
November 20, 2015

In the face of a threatened veto from President Obama, members of Congress may not be able to pass legislation suspending or upgrading the program permitting . . .

Terrorism, not climate change, kills people
Cliff Kincaid
November 18, 2015

On November 13, the same day as the terrorist attacks in Paris, USA Today ran a full-page ad from billionaire Tom Steyer's group NextGen Climate highlighting . . .

Obama's "dangerous hands" and the security breakdown
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2015

Even when "60 Minutes" does a very worthwhile show, it still has to bow at the altar of political correctness. Hence, the program "Into Dangerous Hands," about . . .

Carson performs brain surgery on the media
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2015

Last May we published a column, "Why They Must Destroy Ben Carson." It has been determined that a black Christian conservative, especially a political outsider . . .

'Empty the prisons bill' now on fast track
Cliff Kincaid
November 5, 2015

We are witnessing a carefully orchestrated political and media campaign to pass the George Soros-backed Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 (S.2123) . . .

Ted Cruz breaks with Koch brothers on crime bill
Cliff Kincaid
November 2, 2015

Before Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) electrified conservatives with his denunciation of liberal media bias at the GOP presidential debate last week, he took a little . . .

The growing backlash against liberal media bias
Cliff Kincaid
October 30, 2015

If you think media bias is bad now, brace yourself. It's no secret that students these days are being taught to be biased in the direction of the  . . .

A stamp for disgraced newsman Cronkite?
Cliff Kincaid
October 28, 2015

Before Dan Rather disgraced himself as the anchor of the CBS Evening News, there was Walter Cronkite, who paved the way for a communist takeover of South . . .

The Obama machine takes over Canada
Cliff Kincaid
October 24, 2015

In typically biased fashion, Time magazine has greeted the defeat of Canada's conservatives with the headline "Why Justin Trudeau's Election Is Good News for . . .

Selling Sanders, socialism, and hypocrisy
Cliff Kincaid
October 22, 2015

Millionaire businessman Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream was on CNN last week talking about his presidential candidate, career politician and Senator Bernie . . .

Obama plans takedown of another U.S. ally
Cliff Kincaid
October 17, 2015

President Obama failed to take out Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but now he's going after Canada's Conservative Party Prime Minister Stephen Harper . . .

Putin's paid and unpaid liars
Cliff Kincaid
October 15, 2015

The Dutch Safety Board has issued a report indicating that a Russian BUK missile destroyed Malaysian flight MH17, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on . . .

How the "Bern" burned the vets
Cliff Kincaid
October 12, 2015

Will CNN use Tuesday's Democratic Party presidential debate to challenge Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on his atrocious handling of the Veterans Affairs (VA) . . .

Sanders adviser says repeal Columbus Day
Cliff Kincaid
October 10, 2015

Near the end of Mel Gibson's film "Apocalypto," we see Christian missionaries arriving in the New World to save the natives from a culture of death that . . .

Putin's "moral clarity" disguises evil intent
Cliff Kincaid
October 7, 2015

We as a nation are discussing ways to isolate and treat mental illness in society. How do we identify those who are mentally ill and get them help? These . . .

The Moscow-Washington-Tehran axis of evil
Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2015

The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin has blindsided Barack Obama in the Middle East, catching the U.S. off-guard. It's another Obama "failure," we're . . .

Media come to defense of killer
Cliff Kincaid
October 1, 2015

You may have noticed the news that trust in the media remains at an all-time low. As if to drive that figure even lower, CNN was busy much of Tuesday afternoon . . .

Republicans help MSNBC create "global citizens"
Cliff Kincaid
September 28, 2015

Stephen Colbert, Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, were among . . .

Pope lays out global Marxist agenda
Cliff Kincaid
September 26, 2015

Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is ecstatic over the pope's address to Congress. In a message to his supporters titled "Why we must listen to Pope Francis," he . . .

How "Mittmentum" backfired on Hugh Hewitt
Cliff Kincaid
September 23, 2015

Salem radio commentator Hugh Hewitt has become a media darling for his "expert" opinions, as he lectures Republicans on how to handle not only the media, but . . .

Israel's enemies in Washington and Moscow
Cliff Kincaid
September 21, 2015

Angry over President Obama's abandonment of Israel in the Iranian nuclear deal, several commentators are now proposing that Israel work with Russia in the . . .

Obama's Muslim identity
Cliff Kincaid
September 19, 2015

An ordinary citizen who identified President Barack Obama as a Muslim at a Donald Trump town hall meeting in New Hampshire showed that media brainwashing on the . . .

Bolshevik Bernie and the communist spy
Cliff Kincaid
September 17, 2015

In a 1,500-word article about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, the Washington Post waited until the 25th paragraph to note that the self-declared . . .

Shepard Smith calls Christians "haters"
Cliff Kincaid
September 10, 2015

"Haters are going to hate" is how Shepard Smith of Fox News referred to supporters of Christian clerk Kim Davis on his Tuesday afternoon show. It was another . . .

Anti-Christian bigotry on the bench and in the media
Cliff Kincaid
September 8, 2015

The federal judge who threw Christian clerk Kim Davis in jail previously "oversaw a legal settlement that included anti-harassment sessions" for students in . . .

Climate propaganda paves way for "pig power"
Cliff Kincaid
September 6, 2015

Having been bamboozled into passing a mere bill to thwart the Iran deal, rather than treating the agreement as a treaty, the Republican-controlled Congress is . . .

Media nervous over Hillary sting videos
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2015

You know an event is potentially damaging to Hillary Clinton or other top Democrats when Dana Milbank of The Washington Post shows up. Hence, Milbank's . . .

The secret of Trump's success
Cliff Kincaid
August 30, 2015

"Go back to Univision" is how Donald Trump handled Mexican-American "journalist" Jorge Ramos when he tried to disrupt a Trump news conference. When Hillary . . .

Paying the media for pro-U.N. coverage
Cliff Kincaid
August 28, 2015

A CNN story blared, "The American stock market has surrendered a stunning $2.1 trillion of value in just the last six days of market chaos." The ups and downs . . .

Bernie's billionaires
Cliff Kincaid
August 25, 2015

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running against some – but not all – billionaires. On Saturday, at a campaign appearance in South . . .

Will the Pope endorse Bernie Sanders for President?
Cliff Kincaid
August 21, 2015

If the Republican establishment thinks it has a problem with Donald Trump, just wait until the Pope visits America next month and endorses socialist Bernie . . .

Kremlin TV backing "Bolshevik Bernie" for President
Cliff Kincaid
August 20, 2015

Thom Hartmann, a paid agent of the Russian government's main propaganda channel, Russia Today (RT) television, is strongly supporting career politician and . . .

New Agers back socialist Sanders as Messiah
Cliff Kincaid
August 18, 2015

The huge crowds greeting socialist Bernie Sanders in his run for the Democratic presidential nomination cannot just be attributed to large numbers of left . . .

Donald Trump's greatest hits
Cliff Kincaid
August 1, 2015

Donald Trump has gotten popular, in part, by challenging the media. But he has praised journalists on occasion. His 2011 book, Time to Get Tough, said David . . .

America's enemies are laughing at us
Cliff Kincaid
July 30, 2015

Time magazine is out with a colorful and glossy "Inside the New Cuba" special edition, featuring smiling Cuban kids wearing Communist garb on the cover. Page 64 . . .

Putin threatens America with nuclear annihilation
Cliff Kincaid
July 27, 2015

The nation is fiercely debating the Iran nuclear deal and the significance of the Ayatollah's "death to America" tweets when the real problem is Iran's sponsor, . . .

The religious origins of the sanctuary movement
Cliff Kincaid
July 25, 2015

Thanks to Donald Trump, the major media are being forced to cover the illegal immigration movement, such as the proliferation of "sanctuary cities" across the U . . .

The media love affair with McCain
Cliff Kincaid
July 22, 2015

In the fight between Donald Trump and John McCain (R-AZ) over the senator's military service, the liberal media have taken McCain's side. But since when did the . . .

Why they can't stop Trump
Cliff Kincaid
July 21, 2015

In a Sunday column in the Washington Post, "Stop laughing at Donald Trump," a liberal analyst from the Brookings Institution tries to warn the Washington, D.C., . . .

How the Republicans plan to lose to Hillary
Cliff Kincaid
July 17, 2015

A new survey from Univision, the pro-Mexico television network, demonstrates the utter folly of Republicans appealing to Hispanic voters. It finds that 68 . . .

Why the media hate Trump
Cliff Kincaid
July 15, 2015

Before Donald Trump ran for president, few people had heard of the Stolen Lives Quilt made in remembrance of Americans killed by illegal aliens. But on Friday, . . .

Trump threatens "North American Union" scheme
Cliff Kincaid
July 10, 2015

As Rush Limbaugh notes, Donald Trump has indeed made illegal immigration into an issue of national debate. The liberal media and now, apparently, the chairman . . .

The media vs. Trump's patriotic appeal
Cliff Kincaid
July 8, 2015

Donald Trump may be the most politically incorrect candidate on the Republican side. He openly mocks the news media and addresses the problem of illegal . . .

Exposing Hollywood pedophiles
Cliff Kincaid
July 5, 2015

Director Amy Berg exposed the cover-up of pedophilia in the Catholic Church in her 2006 Oscar-nominated documentary, "Deliver Us from Evil." On Friday night, . . .

Celebrate the 4th: Impeach Kagan and Ginsburg
Cliff Kincaid
July 3, 2015

Justice Antonin Scalia said in his dissent in the same-sex marriage case that the ruling was a threat to our democratic form of government and constitutes a  . . .

Walmart, Comcast celebrate gay pride
Cliff Kincaid
July 1, 2015

"Homo is Healthy" was one of the signs on the official gay pride website for the big march celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage on Sunday . . .

Overthrow the judicial dictatorship
Cliff Kincaid
June 29, 2015

Commentators have missed the real significance of Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent in the gay marriage case. He calls the decision a judicial "Putsch," an . . .

A Russian link to the Charleston massacre?
Cliff Kincaid
June 24, 2015

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), treated by the media as an objective source of information on right-wing "hate" groups, sent an email message to its . . .

Obama talks DNA-based racism on comedy show
Cliff Kincaid
June 23, 2015

Our pro-cross dressing President apparently doesn't think people have DNA that makes them male or female. But he has just told an interviewer that white people . . .

Obama's horrendous Father's Day example
Cliff Kincaid
June 20, 2015

When Barack Obama campaigned for president in 2008, few Americans would have guessed that his administration would become the most anti-family force in U.S. . . .

Study Marxism to understand Hillary
Cliff Kincaid
June 17, 2015

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's speech that launched his presidential campaign on Monday noted that Hillary Clinton's "progressive agenda" includes the . . .

Ignoring terrorism but celebrating gay pride
Cliff Kincaid
June 11, 2015

President Obama and his administration apparently haven't had enough time – though it's been more than a year – to develop a strategy to combat the . . .

Sick minds in the media getting sicker
Cliff Kincaid
June 10, 2015

Remember the wholesome programs "Touched by an Angel" and "Highway to Heaven?" How things have changed. Fox is preparing a new show simply called "Lucifer," . . .

Retired NASA scientists take on Pope
Cliff Kincaid
June 8, 2015

With the papal encyclical on climate change scheduled for a June 18 release, the liberal media can be expected to portray the Vatican document as a major step . . .

"Happy Pride Month" from the media
Cliff Kincaid
June 6, 2015

The coming out of Bruce as Caitlyn Jenner is happening as various sexual minorities are celebrating "Pride Month." It used to be "Gay Pride Month," but the . . .

Cruz swallows anti-NSA propaganda
Cliff Kincaid
June 5, 2015

Edward Snowden's victory in the U.S. Senate over the National Security Agency (NSA) demonstrated the power of propaganda to shape attitudes and warp minds. Even . . .

DNA denier Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a Big Media star
Cliff Kincaid
June 3, 2015

As the next phase in the Kardashian campaign for big bucks from reality TV gets underway, with former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner declaring himself "Caitlyn," . . .

Have we lost the cultural war?
Cliff Kincaid
June 2, 2015

Paul Kengor's new book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage, provides a detailed explanation of why, . . .

"Switch to Mitch" better than "Stand with Rand"
Cliff Kincaid
May 28, 2015

A new report on the damage done by Edward Snowden's illegal leaks of classified information says terrorists now "better understand the scope and scale of . . .

Catholic group exposes Red influence in the Vatican
Cliff Kincaid
May 27, 2015

Doing the research and investigative work that the major U.S. media have all but abandoned, an organization called the American Life League (ALL) has uncovered . . .

Media duped in Snowden and Paul's anti-NSA campaign
Cliff Kincaid
May 25, 2015

With the help of the major media, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and his allies in the ACLU and other left-wing groups were on the verge last week of . . .

How the media got into bed with the Clintons
Cliff Kincaid
May 23, 2015

Republican operative Karl Rove writes in The Wall Street Journal that "few demonstrate as much contempt for journalists as do Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton." . . .

What does Blumenthal know about Obama?
Cliff Kincaid
May 21, 2015

It appears that Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal has a network of military and intelligence connections that made him anathema to the Obama White House . . .

Liberal academic says America's founding document outmoded
Cliff Kincaid
May 19, 2015

Top Vatican adviser Jeffrey Sachs says that when Pope Francis visits the United States in September, he will directly challenge the "American idea" of God-given . . .

Vatican facilitates Russia's designs on the Middle East
Cliff Kincaid
May 15, 2015

Pope Francis has formally recognized a Palestinian state, even though it does not exist. While the media have noted that the Vatican's curious action has . . .

The Catholic Church has gone socialist
Cliff Kincaid
May 13, 2015

Since we published our article "Catholic Church Captured by 'Progressive Forces,'" it is starting to dawn on many in and out of the media that Pope Francis has . . .

Phony "conservatives" and Britain's cultural collapse
Cliff Kincaid
May 12, 2015

The usually astute Heritage Foundation commentator Nile Gardiner calls the win by the Conservative Party in Britain a defeat for socialism. Yet, Conservative . . .

Why they must destroy Ben Carson
Cliff Kincaid
May 8, 2015

Black conservative Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson is everything Barack Obama is not. That's why he has to be destroyed. In a desperate move, . . .

Liberal media work with jihadists
Cliff Kincaid
May 7, 2015

It's strange that the liberals in the media who always complain about Joe McCarthy once having a list of communists in government are so quick to cite the . . .

Dreams from Obama's different fathers
Cliff Kincaid
May 6, 2015

President Obama on Monday is celebrating his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, designed to create and expand "ladders of opportunity" for young blacks, many of . . .

Marxist Democrats and the return of the Hanoi lobby
Cliff Kincaid
May 2, 2015

The main failure by top Republicans – and even many conservatives – is that they do not challenge President Obama as the Marxist he is, and they . . .

Black mom changes leftist narrative on violence in Baltimore
Cliff Kincaid
April 30, 2015

The reaction among responsible black and white law-abiding citizens to the black thugs rioting in Baltimore was captured by Toya Graham, the black mother who . . .

Was the Jenner interview a big hoax or sham?
Cliff Kincaid
April 29, 2015

An article on a left-wing website called AlterNet carries the title: "What My Female-Born Transgender Autistic Brother Can Teach You About How We Construct Our . . .

The DNA deniers in the media
Cliff Kincaid
April 24, 2015

The media have launched a major campaign on behalf of the "transgendered." The Bruce Jenner ABC News interview is the most visible manifestation of this . . .

Male stripper performs at gay journalism event
Cliff Kincaid
April 20, 2015

Their slogan is, "We're here, we're queer. We're on deadline." But on April 16th, when the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) held their 201 . . .

Sexual madness in Obama's America
Cliff Kincaid
April 15, 2015

The headline over the story is "LGBT Friendly: White House Unveils First Gender-Neutral Bathroom." But it's not a joke. It wasn't a story from the comedy site . . .

Obama admits communist 'schooled' him on white racism
Cliff Kincaid
April 14, 2015

In his 1995 book, Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama never discussed the identity of the mysterious "Frank" who had given him important advice on growing up . . .

Obama warns parents: Your kids are mine
Cliff Kincaid
April 12, 2015

President Barack Obama has issued a declaration on human sexuality and what constitutes moral and mental health for the nation. He is warning Christian parents . . .

First Amendment rights at stake in gay marriage case
Cliff Kincaid
April 11, 2015

With media coverage slanted in favor of gay marriage by a five-to-one ratio, it's unlikely that the legal documents being filed before the Supreme Court in . . .

Republican Party elites abandon traditional marriage
Cliff Kincaid
April 6, 2015

Only six of 54 Republican members of the Senate signed a pro-traditional marriage legal brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that was submitted on Friday. USA Today . . .

Republicans cower before big gay media
Cliff Kincaid
April 4, 2015

Robert R. Reilly, author of the highly controversial (and suppressed) book, Making Gay Okay, says the capitulation of the Republicans to the homosexual lobby . . .

The real power of the one percent
Cliff Kincaid
April 2, 2015

Statistics show that 1.6 percent of the population identifies itself as gay or lesbian. But judging from the hysteria over Indiana's religious freedom law, it . . .

Unholy assault on the Hoosier State
Cliff Kincaid
April 1, 2015

I was watching CNBC on Monday for updates on the markets and economic affairs when I suddenly found technology "journalist" Kara Swisher of "Re/code" being  . . .

Marxist Van Jones praises Koch brothers
Cliff Kincaid
March 31, 2015

When he left the Obama Administration in disgrace, the expectation was that "former" communist Van Jones would return to Oakland, California, and resume his . . .

Obama gives interview to gay porn outlet
Cliff Kincaid
March 25, 2015

President Obama's interview with the Huffington Post (HuffPost) has been treated as if the on-line publication is somehow respectable and legitimate. The topics . . .

Fox, CNN and MSNBC agree: "We're for gay rights"
Cliff Kincaid
March 23, 2015

The "Code of Ethics" of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) says that the media should "avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived." But on the . . .

The Ferguson hoax and media truth-telling
Cliff Kincaid
March 20, 2015

You know the standards of the media have hit rock bottom when a liberal commentator makes news for telling the truth. Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post . . .

Anti-Marxist counter-revolution in Brazil
Cliff Kincaid
March 19, 2015

With the Middle East in turmoil and Russia's Vladimir Putin threatening nuclear war, most of our media have missed a big story south of the border. President . . .

Stan Evans' battle against paganism and cultural Marxism
Cliff Kincaid
March 16, 2015

Those who assembled on March 12 at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Leesburg, Virginia, to celebrate the life of conservative thinker and writer M. . . .

Catholic Church captured by "progressive forces"
Cliff Kincaid
March 12, 2015

Armando Valladares, Castro's political prisoner for 22 years, said his Catholic faith was strengthened behind bars by hearing young Catholics shouting "Viva . . .

The serious side of funny man Stan Evans
Cliff Kincaid
March 10, 2015

M. Stanton Evans joked about his "Law of Inadequate Paranoia" at the Thirty-Fifth Annual The Pumpkin Papers Irregulars dinner on October 31, 2012. He said, "No . . .

How Frank Marshall Davis transformed America
Cliff Kincaid
March 5, 2015

When Rudolph Giuliani mentioned that President Barack Obama, as a young man, was under the influence of Communist Party member and suspected Soviet espionage . . .

Israel's enemies in America and Russia
Cliff Kincaid
March 3, 2015

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington and speaks to Congress, bypassing the Obama administration, the stakes could not be higher. But . . .

Posing for the cameras while the Islamic threat grows
Cliff Kincaid
February 27, 2015

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says the danger is great that the thousands of Syrian refugees coming into the . . .

The mysterious "Frank" returns
Cliff Kincaid
February 22, 2015

Yesterday's news became big news on the Fox News Channel on Thursday when former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani brought up the name of President Barack . . .

Congress fiddles while the world burns
Cliff Kincaid
February 19, 2015

The Obama administration may be on the same side as the Muslim Brotherhood, but at least we know where they stand. Congress, by contrast, sounds tough and does . . .

Suit seeks financial damages from Snowden Inc.
Cliff Kincaid
February 17, 2015

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the Oscar-nominated movie "Citizenfour," which features NSA defector Edward Snowden and celebrates his theft and . . .

Will Saudi prince thwart terror probes?
Cliff Kincaid
February 11, 2015

CNN has a problem: one of its hosts, Michael Smerconish, is uncovering evidence about the Saudi role in 9/11. But a CNN analyst, Frances Townsend, has been . . .

Say her name: vaccine victim Hannah Poling
Cliff Kincaid
February 10, 2015

Brian Williams' "chopper whoppers" about his exploits as a correspondent flying into Iraq are making him look foolish. It's not clear whether he can survive in . . .

Scandal rocks Fox News over Saudi terror link
Cliff Kincaid
February 7, 2015

Fox News Correspondent James Rosen reported on Wednesday night that a "major investor in the parent company" of Fox News has been implicated in financing the . . .

Can you handle the truth about vaccines?
Cliff Kincaid
February 5, 2015

NBC accuses Republicans of accepting bad "science" on vaccines, while Fox News fires back, accusing liberals of spreading bad "science" on vaccines. Each side . . .

Media bias rears ugly head in vaccine controversy
Cliff Kincaid
February 4, 2015

The media think they have discovered another issue to beat Republicans over the heads with – vaccines. But the media have no credibility on this, or any . . .

The media, Hollywood, and the pro-life cause
Cliff Kincaid
January 30, 2015

Ronald Reagan said, "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." In that context, one fascinating banner at the recent March for Life . . .

A no-go zone for truth
Cliff Kincaid
January 27, 2015

Accurately reporting on no-go zones dominated by Muslims in Europe is now a no-go zone. Our media have made a mess of the whole issue and are now afraid to dig . . .

Fox News "apologizes" to radical Islam
Cliff Kincaid
January 21, 2015

The disease known as political correctness has infected Fox News. First, anchor Bret Baier withdrew from a Catholic conference under pressure from his . . .

Who will defend free speech in America?
Cliff Kincaid
January 17, 2015

In a story about Bret Baier's withdrawal from a Catholic conference, where he was planning to speak about his Catholic faith, the website known as Mediaite . . .

Bret Baier's forced withdrawal from Catholic conference
Cliff Kincaid
January 15, 2015

Even while our media pay lip service to freedom of expression in France, the pressure to conform to the left-wing homosexual agenda continues in the U.S. and . . .

Why was Putin a no-show in Paris?
Cliff Kincaid
January 12, 2015

With good reason, media attention has been focused on President Barack Obama's curious absence from the Paris march against terrorism. Obama became a "Where's . . .

The real haters and their targets
Cliff Kincaid
January 9, 2015

As incredible as it seems, an anchor for the terror channel Al Jazeera is hosting an upcoming "documentary" on "Hate In America." It appears, based on a press . . .

Stonewall is not Selma
Cliff Kincaid
January 8, 2015

President Obama has celebrated anti-police riots at a New York City gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, saying, "We, the people, declare today that the most evident of . . .

Republicans must investigate where the media fear to tread
Cliff Kincaid
January 6, 2015

On Saturday and Sunday, The Washington Post's liberal reporters warned that Republican victories in November on the national and state levels have given the GOP . . .

CNN moves on to new "scandal"
Cliff Kincaid
December 31, 2014

CNN contributed to the atmosphere in which two New York City police officers were murdered last week. Then, it shed tears for the dead cops. Their contribution . . .

None Dare Call It Treason 50 years later
Cliff Kincaid
December 29, 2014

I recently asked John A. Stormer, author of the 1964 bestseller None Dare Call It Treason, if he thought President Barack Obama was a Marxist. "He's two things, . . .

"Christmas with Hef" and other fairy tales
Cliff Kincaid
December 24, 2014

Various news organizations have run articles quoting Hugh Hefner, aka "Hef," as saying he is shocked – shocked – by allegations that Bill Cosby . . .

The Obama-Pope axis of Marxism
Cliff Kincaid
December 22, 2014

The Washington Post is a die-hard Democratic Party newspaper that occasionally recognizes Obama's drift into Marxism. The December 19th editorial on Cuba is a . . .

Journalism educator "hates" Republicans and loves Marxism
Cliff Kincaid
December 20, 2014

A feminist professor of communications at the University of Michigan has become a laughingstock for a poorly-sourced column in a socialist newspaper about the . . .

Surprise: the Koch brothers are not conservatives
Cliff Kincaid
December 19, 2014

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham acted surprised that David Koch would give an interview to Barbara Walters and talk about his radical "libertarian" views . . .

Obama exchanges convicted killer for American hostage in Cuba deal
Cliff Kincaid
December 18, 2014

Communists are ecstatic. "The Cuban Five Are Free" is a statement from the U.S. support network for the Cuban spies imprisoned in the U.S. for various crimes, . . .

Media struggle to save Obama, not the country
Cliff Kincaid
December 13, 2014

A story in Thursday's Washington Post about establishing Obama's "foreign policy legacy" goes a long way toward explaining why the Senate Democrats and the . . .

Obama's endless lies and his media accomplices
Cliff Kincaid
December 11, 2014

Like the use of the word "chokehold" in connection with the death of Eric Garner, the term "torture" has been applied repeatedly by the media to the CIA's . . .

Anti-police bias infects Fox News
Cliff Kincaid
December 7, 2014

The grand jury in the Eric Garner case heard nine weeks of evidence before declining to indict the police officer. Many in the media didn't wait nine minutes . . .

A surveillance state for cops
Cliff Kincaid
December 5, 2014

The dreaded so-called "surveillance state" was held in contempt by many in the media until President Obama announced that he would extend it to police officers. . . .

Media have dirty hands from Ferguson
Cliff Kincaid
December 3, 2014

Looking back on the death and destruction in Ferguson, we can see the dirty hands of the media, especially CNN, now basking in the glow of (relatively) high . . .

White Reds exploiting blacks in Ferguson
Cliff Kincaid
December 2, 2014

If Ferguson 2014 is remembered on an objective basis by our media, we will be reminded of an unprovoked attack on a white policeman by a black thug named . . .

Marijuana figures big in Ferguson meltdown
Cliff Kincaid
November 29, 2014

CNN's Don Lemon is under fire for making the elementary observation that some of the Ferguson protesters planning violence and mayhem were smoking pot. Linking . . .

Politicians and media incite violence in Ferguson
Cliff Kincaid
November 26, 2014

With Ferguson in flames and mobs running rampant, it became apparent to everyone – except the liberals and libertarians – that the media-hyped  . . .

Rand Paul's anti-NSA campaign backfires
Cliff Kincaid
November 24, 2014

Michael Hirsh is a Politico reporter who occasionally stumbles on the truth. In a piece on how the anti-NSA campaign has run out of gas, he says the critics of . . .

Chuck Todd and other media dimwits
Cliff Kincaid
November 22, 2014

As "Dumb and Dumber To" hits theaters, Newsmax has headlined an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd: "Six Years Later, We Still Don't Know Obama." He's hawking his . . .

Red agitators more "militarized" than police
Cliff Kincaid
November 19, 2014

Remember when the media were complaining about the "militarization" of the police in Ferguson? ABC News is now reporting that the police have reason to be . . .

November 17 Washington D.C. news conference on Edward Snowden's KGB Connections
Cliff Kincaid
November 12, 2014

"It is no accident that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise of ISIS, and more cyber-attacks from China have followed Edward Snowden's defection to Russia . . .

The bloody hands of Edward Snowden
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2014

The new Edward Snowden movie, "Citizenfour," was seen by about four people during the Saturday morning showing at the E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C. The . . .

Disinformation, Iran, and a Russian-sponsored nuclear deal
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2014

This is a story about how politics makes strange bedfellows. Medea Benjamin of Code Pink is in bed with the Koch Brothers, in an emerging alliance designed to . . .

How Ben Bradlee attacked Republicans for fun and profit
Cliff Kincaid
November 1, 2014

Ben Bradlee was a Democratic Party insider who commented during his paper's coverage of the Reagan administration's Iran-Contra affair that "This is the most . . .

Terrorist collaborator says pot made him do it
Cliff Kincaid
October 31, 2014

As the American people prepare to vote on marijuana ballot measures in three states and the District of Columbia, measures which would make the mind-altering . . .

Anti-American disinformation on Ebola and AIDS
Cliff Kincaid
October 28, 2014

Stories that the Pentagon manufactured Ebola in a laboratory have been surfacing in a number of U.S. and foreign media outlets, helping to create even more of a . . .

Can marijuana fuel jihad?
Cliff Kincaid
October 26, 2014

Potheads defend their addiction by insisting that marijuana can make people lazy, dumb or hungry, but not violent. However, the case of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, . . .

The fundamental transformation of journalism
Cliff Kincaid
October 24, 2014

The story carries the great title of "How Edward Snowden Changed Journalism." But the article doesn't live up to its billing. The author, Steve Coll, dean of . . .

Feds scramble for risky vaccine
Cliff Kincaid
October 23, 2014

By failing to impose a travel ban, the Obama administration allowed a carrier of Ebola from Liberia into the United States, where he infected two nurses, one of . . .

The war on police, revisited
Cliff Kincaid
October 20, 2014

The justified police killing of black thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was used by the media to accuse the police of being "militarized" when they . . .

Seeing Ebola through Obama's eyes
Cliff Kincaid
October 17, 2014

The nephew of the black African who brought Ebola to the United States doesn't blame his uncle. He blames us. He writes in The Dallas Morning News that his . . .

Kissinger's record of failure and betrayal
Cliff Kincaid
October 16, 2014

Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger's new book World Order is getting lots of favorable press and publicity. Our media treat . . .

Fox vs. CNN in gay GOP battle
Cliff Kincaid
October 14, 2014

Republican House Speaker John Boehner (OH), who came under fire from conservatives for resisting the creation of a Benghazi select committee until the scandal . . .

The media taboo: Reds mobilize for Democrats
Cliff Kincaid
October 12, 2014

The Washington Post headline said the convoluted answer constituted "40 painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for . . .

Leon Panetta's phony tough guy act
Cliff Kincaid
October 8, 2014

It's amazing what people will do when they are selling books. Former Obama CIA director and Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is sounding like a war hawk in promoting . . .

How Putin is using ISIS to help Iran
Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2014

Former world chess champion and Russian dissident Garry Kasparov tells Yahoo News that Vladimir Putin is "the most dangerous man in the world," and that he is . . .

The Russian roots of terrorism
Cliff Kincaid
October 1, 2014

I learned about the passing of former Washington Times columnist John Lofton as I was looking through an old file of clippings and found a Lofton gem entitled  . . .

The "people's lawyer" is a criminal
Cliff Kincaid
September 30, 2014

In a sympathetic profile just before his resignation, Politico said Eric Holder's biggest legacy may be "his quiet dismantling of the War on Drugs...." How he . . .

The potheads in our dopey media
Cliff Kincaid
September 28, 2014

Reporter Charlo Greene of the CBS television affiliate in Alaska used an obscenity on the air, announcing she was quitting her job, and revealed that she had . . .

Russian influence operations target Americans
Cliff Kincaid
September 24, 2014

A major case of what intelligence experts call "influence operations" emanating from Moscow is this week's "Rhodes Forum," which is sponsored by Vladimir Putin . . .

The "Obama doctrine" of lies
Cliff Kincaid
September 23, 2014

The "Reagan Doctrine" was supporting freedom fighters around the world and rolling back the Soviet empire. The "Obama Doctrine" is pretending to fight foreign . . .

"Militarized" police failed to stop Ferguson riots
Cliff Kincaid
September 19, 2014

The so-called "militarization" of police is a theme that has been repeated ad nauseam by the media. Politicians have jumped on the bandwagon, and they quickly . . .

Anti-NSA writer featured at Soros-Koch event
Cliff Kincaid
September 17, 2014

In a case of politics makes strange bedfellows, organizations funded by four billionaires on the left and right are uniting to put on a major conference at . . .

The unvetted, the compromised, and the blackmailed
Cliff Kincaid
September 13, 2014

The administration that failed to adequately "vet" Edward Snowden is saying that it has "vetted" rebels in Syria for U.S. support. "We have a Free Syrian Army . . .

Media fret over the dangerous world they helped create
Cliff Kincaid
September 10, 2014

How did the Islamic State go from being a jayvee team to an imminent threat to America in just a short time? The headline in last Friday's Washington Times said . . .

Obama betrays freedom fighters in Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
September 4, 2014

As Gordon Chang pointed out on CNN, President Obama's statement in Estonia that there is no military solution in Ukraine means that Vladimir Putin has a green . . .

Official lies mask Russian and Chinese aggression
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2014

Even the liberal media couldn't defend President Obama's bizarre public statement about having no strategy to confront the Islamic State terrorist group. But . . .

Disarming the U.S. on the "information battlefield"
Cliff Kincaid
August 28, 2014

Paul Goble, a specialist on international broadcasting and the propaganda war being waged over Ukraine, writes that "as effective as [Vladimir] Putin's . . .

Why won't Putin help Middle East Christians?
Cliff Kincaid
August 23, 2014

An article titled "Iraq's Christians See Putin As Savior" appeared on the website of The Daily Beast in late June. It was picked up by literally dozens of "news . . .

Al Jazeera's Ferguson publicity stunt
Cliff Kincaid
August 22, 2014

We are seeing the herd mentality of the media at work in coverage of Ferguson, Missouri, and even some conservatives have joined the pack. Jonathan V. Last . . .

The so-called Army murder manual
Cliff Kincaid
August 21, 2014

Did you know that radio host Alex Jones has revealed that the U.S. military has "plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests?" Did you . . .

"Nixon's the one" for media hypocrites
Cliff Kincaid
August 20, 2014

Our media were so fixated on the "militarization" of the police in Ferguson that most of them failed to highlight the fact that Democratic Missouri Governor Jay . . .

Are terrorists targeting police in Ferguson?
Cliff Kincaid
August 19, 2014

Radley Balko, the controversial writer driving much of the media discussion over police "militarization," has a controversial history of getting important facts . . .

Media blame police for race riots
Cliff Kincaid
August 18, 2014

"The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action," wrote Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in Time magazine. The . . .

Castro's spy, the CIA, John Kerry, and AP
Cliff Kincaid
August 15, 2014

With wars raging in the Middle East, and Russia still threatening Ukraine, the problem of anti-Americanism in Latin America has been put on the back burner. But . . .

Some guarded praise for MSNBC's Rachel Maddow
Cliff Kincaid
August 12, 2014

It's rare when MSNBC gets favorable reviews from Accuracy in Media, but Rachel Maddow's report, "Consider the Source," is worth watching. She was very effective . . .

Genocide: the communist and Islamic versions
Cliff Kincaid
August 9, 2014

With President Obama reluctantly acting on behalf of Christians in Iraq, in order to avert what he calls a potential "genocide," the United Nations is going . . .

Politico highlights journalism's demise
Cliff Kincaid
August 7, 2014

A young reporter at the publication Politico contacted controversial writer Glenn Greenwald, in a successful effort to shower some unexpected praise on Fox News . . .

New NSA "scoop" targets Israel
Cliff Kincaid
August 5, 2014

The latest "scoop" from Glenn Greenwald is that the NSA has been "targeting" innocent Palestinians. They turn out to be terrorists. This story, on top of his . . .

Our media are lost in Putin's "shadow world"
Cliff Kincaid
July 31, 2014

The usually astute Jake Tapper of CNN aired a story on Tuesday about "global exasperation" with Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. The consensus was that Putin is in . . .

Moscow mobilizes its American agents
Cliff Kincaid
July 30, 2014

With momentum building for legislation called the Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014, the "progressives" who were in Moscow's back pocket during the  . . .

Putin propagandist confounds CNN's Cuomo
Cliff Kincaid
July 25, 2014

CNN's Chris Cuomo had his heart in the right place when he "interviewed" paid Russian propagandist Peter Lavelle. "We are live in front of the Schiphol Airport . . .

Pat Buchanan backs away from Putin worship
Cliff Kincaid
July 24, 2014

Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan, who once declared that Vladimir Putin was a Christian "planting Russia's flag firmly on the side of traditional . . .

Russian disinformation for a conservative audience
Cliff Kincaid
July 21, 2014

Knowing that evidence would implicate Russia in the shoot-down of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane, the Russian disinformation apparatus went into action early . . .

Is the German chancellor an agent of Russia?
Cliff Kincaid
July 19, 2014

In the wake of the shoot-down of the Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine, various pundits continue to say it is unlikely that Europe will do much about it. . . .

New film exposes and mocks "progressives"
Cliff Kincaid
July 18, 2014

Former FBI informant in the Weather Underground, Larry Grathwohl, is one of the stars of Joel Gilbert's new film, "There's No Place Like Utopia," which is . . .

Obama prepares pardons for terrorists
Cliff Kincaid
July 14, 2014

Bill Ayers' recent appearance on Megyn Kelly's Fox News program appears to be part of a systematic campaign to whitewash the activities of the communist . . .

Author says "Muslim brother" Obama betrays Israel
Cliff Kincaid
July 12, 2014

The "liberation of Palestine" is widely recognized as a euphemism for the destruction of Israel. But the term "Palestinians," according to American-Israeli . . .

New NSA "scoop" falls flat
Cliff Kincaid
July 10, 2014

Edward Snowden mouthpiece Glenn Greenwald has "revealed" that the NSA and FBI have been "spying" on the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. Is this the "naming of . . .

Will Megyn Kelly help bring Ayers to justice?
Cliff Kincaid
July 3, 2014

Bill Ayers shouldn't be interviewed; he should be jailed. Megyn Kelly's interview of Ayers made reference to the role of Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the . . .

Russia's strategic deception and America's survival
Cliff Kincaid
July 2, 2014

Air Force General Philip M. Breedlove, NATO's supreme allied commander for Europe and commander of U.S. European Command, provided what the Pentagon called a  . . .

Putin's "family values" include murder
Cliff Kincaid
June 30, 2014

Businessman Bill Browder, who ran an investment fund in Russia called Hermitage Capital Management, told "60 Minutes" in February that "The Russian regime is a . . .

A Reagan award for anti-Reagan leaker
Cliff Kincaid
June 26, 2014

President Reagan will be turning over in his grave on November 15 when the second annual "Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award" is given to President . . .

The return of Armand Hammer
Cliff Kincaid
June 24, 2014

With a Holy War raging in the Middle East, Russian aggression and war plans against the West have fallen off the front pages. But consider this page-7 story in . . .

Russian influence operations in Washington
Cliff Kincaid
June 23, 2014

Speaking to the U.S.-Russia Forum on June 16, 2014, the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Sergei Kislyak, told the participants that there are "no ideological . . .

Dave Brat's moral values victory
Cliff Kincaid
June 13, 2014

Dave Brat's victory over Eric Cantor (R-VA) was attributed to his Tea Party backing, when national groups like the Tea Party Patriots gave him no financial . . .

Cop-killer was a pothead
Cliff Kincaid
June 11, 2014

John Avlon's dishonest column on the cop-killers in Las Vegas should be studied by journalism students as an example of how to exploit a tragedy for political . . .

Obama may free Cuban spies and terrorists
Cliff Kincaid
June 10, 2014

Just a few blocks from the White House, in the basement of a black Baptist church, the chief of the Cuban Interests Section plotted with former terrorists and . . .

Moles in government and Western retreat
Cliff Kincaid
June 6, 2014

The Washington Post is hopelessly liberal on many social and economic issues, but on foreign policy its editorial board displays streaks of brilliance. Consider . . .

Columnist suffers pot paranoia as dopers advance
Cliff Kincaid
June 5, 2014

Maureen Dowd of The New York Times has attracted attention with her column about eating a marijuana candy bar and remaining in "a hallucinatory state for the . . .

Will Obama make a deal for Snowden?
Cliff Kincaid
June 3, 2014

As the fallout continues from NSA leaker Edward Snowden's first U.S. television interview, there is a dramatic report that "negotiations" are underway to allow . . .

Snowden interview backfires on NBC and "truthers"
Cliff Kincaid
June 2, 2014

The reviews are in: NBC's Brian Williams was a sap for Edward Snowden in Moscow when he gave the NSA leaker a platform disguised as an interview. It was  . . .

A ticker-tape parade for treason?
Cliff Kincaid
May 30, 2014

"For the foreseeable future," says President Obama, "the most direct threat to America at home and abroad remains terrorism." Yet his remarks at the United . . .

How democracies perish
Cliff Kincaid
May 28, 2014

If you thought it was strange that conservative columnist Pat Buchanan has become a passionate defender of Vladimir Putin, brace yourself for the fact that "far . . .

The labor union that runs the media
Cliff Kincaid
May 27, 2014

One of the major speakers at last week's "New Populism" conference was Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), a labor union . . .

Lies of the 9/11 "Truth" movement
Cliff Kincaid
May 22, 2014

With the official opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, media attention is being focused once again on the so-called 9/11 "truth" movement, the political . . .

New film exposes progressivism
Cliff Kincaid
May 21, 2014

The filmmaker who exposed Barack Obama's Marxist background, and debt to a pro-Soviet Communist Party operative, is trying once again to wake up America. This . . .

Greenwald's "journalism is espionage" book tour
Cliff Kincaid
May 15, 2014

Glenn Greenwald is on a book tour capitalizing on and sensationalizing the NSA revelations given to him by traitor Edward Snowden, now under Vladimir Putin's . . .

The Russians are coming
Cliff Kincaid
May 13, 2014

Russian influence operations in Washington, D.C., have not been affected by the weak sanctions imposed on some members of Vladimir Putin's inner circle (but not . . .

Infiltration of the U.S. government, Part Two
Cliff Kincaid
May 6, 2014

Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine has apparently surprised a lot of people who thought the Cold War was over, and that Russia had been integrated into the  . . .

Infiltration of the U.S. government, Part One
Cliff Kincaid
May 5, 2014

The announcement that the House will vote on a special congressional committee to investigate Benghazi is long overdue. Accuracy in Media's two special . . .

Colombians move into Colorado marijuana business
Cliff Kincaid
May 2, 2014

When Obama said he would "fundamentally transform" the United States, few anticipated that the plan involved destroying the minds of young people through . . .

A congressional scandal of murder and cover-up
Cliff Kincaid
April 30, 2014

Investigative reporter and five-time Emmy Award winner Peter Lance has investigated government cover-ups in some of the biggest stories – 9/11, TWA 800, . . .

Media accused of Hollywood sex ring cover-up
Cliff Kincaid
April 25, 2014

The mother of the alleged victim of a powerful Hollywood pedophile ring says she tried for years to interest the media in the story. Michael Egan's mother . . .

Is Vladimir Putin the new Reagan?
Cliff Kincaid
April 24, 2014

(A Special Report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism). Pravda, the Russian political newspaper, ran a story with the headline, "The leader of . . .

The NSA, Glenn Greenwald, and Angela Merkel
Cliff Kincaid
April 19, 2014

Having apparently been assured by the Eric Holder Justice Department that he won't face espionage charges, unlike his source Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald has . . .

The putrid Pulitzers that please Putin
Cliff Kincaid
April 17, 2014

If anything proved beyond doubt that the Pulitzer Prizes are a self-congratulatory display whereby the media pat each other on the back and share in the . . .

American journalism: from farce to fraud to espionage
Cliff Kincaid
April 12, 2014

You may have heard that the fake anchorman Ron Burgundy is the star of an exhibit at the Newseum, a building in Washington, D.C. that honors the pursuit of the . . .

How Putin uses KGB-style "active measures"
Cliff Kincaid
April 10, 2014

The global crisis over Ukraine is bringing much-needed attention to what North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen calls . . .

Pulitzer prizes for espionage?
Cliff Kincaid
April 9, 2014

As the Pulitzer Prize board meets this week to consider its 2014 winners, many eyes are on the journalists who conspired with former National Security Agency  . . .

Modern-day Russian "dupes"
Cliff Kincaid
April 5, 2014

Pat Buchanan's column "Is God Now on Russia's Side?" is difficult to read and almost laugh-out-loud funny, as Buchanan was once a staunch anti-communist who . . .

A tainted award for Greenwald's anti-NSA stories
Cliff Kincaid
April 4, 2014

The University of Georgia has been badly embarrassed over a controversial award given by its Grady College of Journalism to Glenn Greenwald, the main mouthpiece . . .

Pothead gets 25 years for trying to kill Obama
Cliff Kincaid
April 1, 2014

Marijuana, with its supposed medical benefits, has surfaced in yet another case of mental illness and violence. But this time, the target was President Obama, . . .

Obama downplays Russian threat
Cliff Kincaid
March 29, 2014

President Obama recognized the reality of Russian propaganda and disinformation, telling an audience in Belgium that "It is absurd to suggest – as a . . .

Snowden helped Russia invade Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
March 25, 2014

A blockbuster story in the Monday Wall Street Journal reveals the terrible damage National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden has done, enabling . . .

Putin now threatens nuclear attack
Cliff Kincaid
March 22, 2014

Don Feder's timing on his column, "Putin Doesn't Threaten Our National Security, Obama Does," was a little off. Less than two weeks later, Russian television . . .

Pulitzer prizes for Russian spy stories?
Cliff Kincaid
March 20, 2014

The American media establishment is on the verge of awarding "distinguished" Pulitzer Prizes to National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden's media . . .

How to fight Putin's propaganda
Cliff Kincaid
March 14, 2014

It's hard to keep up with the Russian propaganda over the Ukraine, but a fascinating article, "Playing by Putin's tactics," examines some of it. The column in . . .

Mother Russia, Alaska, and the Ron Paul Revolution
Cliff Kincaid
March 11, 2014

In a Breitbart column insisting that Ronald Reagan was not as assertive as commonly believed on military and foreign policy issues, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) . . .

Exposing Putin's propaganda
Cliff Kincaid
March 9, 2014

A rule of thumb for understanding Vladimir Putin's propaganda regarding the Ukraine is to assume the truth is usually the opposite of what he says. Hence, the . . .

Putin's big lie against Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
March 5, 2014

Commentators such as radio host Michael Savage have been claiming that the new government of Ukraine is either run or supported by "neo-Nazis." It is a charge . . .

Conservatives must support freedom for Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
March 2, 2014

Moscow is invading Ukraine, a sovereign nation, with troops and helicopters, and the Obama administration is doing nothing except talk. The outcome will send a . . .

Russian propaganda operations target the U.S.
Cliff Kincaid
February 28, 2014

The Moscow-funded propaganda channel Russia Today (RT) is featuring a Ron Paul column titled "Leave Ukraine alone!", even while Russia threatens an invasion of . . .

Anti-communist revolutions are spreading
Cliff Kincaid
February 26, 2014

Left-wing "progressives" and the "libertarian" website of Alex Jones are having a nervous breakdown over events in Ukraine. The anti-communist . . .

NBC's Russian propaganda on display
Cliff Kincaid
February 24, 2014

Thanks in part to some cheating in the women's figure skating competition, Russia ended up on top in the Olympic medals count. But the real benefits to the . . .

Obama encourages drug money laundering
Cliff Kincaid
February 22, 2014

The Obama administration has announced that it won't enforce money-laundering laws against banks doing business with marijuana stores, in a move designed to  . . .

Document thief helps media win awards
Cliff Kincaid
February 19, 2014

The George Polk Awards, given "to honor special achievement in journalism," have been awarded to several recipients of stolen national security documents whose . . .

Expose the Snowdenistas
Cliff Kincaid
February 14, 2014

A recent Wall Street Journal column carries the appropriate headline, "A Press Corps Full of Snowdenistas," and describes the acolytes of National Security . . .

Gay rights aside, is Obama working for Putin?
Cliff Kincaid
February 11, 2014

Media coverage of Russia during the Olympic Games has proven to be extremely inaccurate, from the gross exaggerations about the effects of Russia's anti-gay . . .

Putin poses as defender of Christian civilization
Cliff Kincaid
February 8, 2014

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi aren't the only platform for Russian President Vladimir Putin to assert himself on the international stage. He is . . .

Maryland mall shooter was a pothead
Cliff Kincaid
February 3, 2014

The "sweet" young man who killed two people, and then himself, in a Maryland shopping mall on January 25 was a pothead. But the police revelation that the . . .

NBC to air "Festival of Corruption" Olympics
Cliff Kincaid
February 1, 2014

Already dubbed "the richest man on earth," with a fortune estimated at $70 billion, Russian ruler Vladimir Putin will come out of the Sochi Olympics with . . .

Obama--and Stalin's legacy in Ukraine
Cliff Kincaid
January 30, 2014

The Washington Post has a front page article glorifying communist folk singer Pete Seeger, and quoting him as saying that he regretted his support for the mass . . .

Liberalism, mental disorders and the Maryland mall shooter
Cliff Kincaid
January 27, 2014

If the Maryland mall shooter had lived, he would not have faced the death penalty. That's because the "progressives" running Maryland have eliminated capital . . .

Sugar daddies for the global left
Cliff Kincaid
January 24, 2014

It turns out that abortion zealot Wendy Davis of Texas was put through law school by a wealthy husband who took care of her children. She had been depicted by . . .

Edward Snowden's new media mouthpiece
Cliff Kincaid
January 23, 2014

When you survey recent press coverage of the Edward Snowden affair, one name increasingly pops up: Jesselyn Radack, the National Security and Human Rights . . .

What does the NSA know about Obama?
Cliff Kincaid
January 22, 2014

National Security Agency (NSA) veterans Bill Binney, Russ Tice, and Kirk Wiebe spoke at a Friday news conference at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C. . . .

The Putin regime fears a free press
Cliff Kincaid
January 18, 2014

Journalist David Satter, denied a visa to report from Russia, writes in The Wall Street Journal that recent terrorist bombings in Russia may be modeled after . . .

The warped priorities of the American press
Cliff Kincaid
January 14, 2014

In a shocking development, the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., has put its weight and prestige behind the bogus "news organization" Al Jazeera and its . . .

New patriotic movie blasts the media
Cliff Kincaid
January 13, 2014

As incredible as it sounds, Hollywood has produced a patriotic movie for a change. "Lone Survivor," the new war movie starring Mark Wahlberg, is so powerful in . . .

Homosexual lobby on the attack again
Cliff Kincaid
January 7, 2014

Having suffered a major setback when Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" got his job back, the gay lobby is now going for a softer target – a pro-family . . .

Should the NSA be watching Senator Sanders?
Cliff Kincaid
January 6, 2014

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is making headlines with his letter to the NSA demanding to know if the spy agency has been monitoring Congress. Not one . . .

Ripping off the "progressive" mask
Cliff Kincaid
January 4, 2014

In a column on the "remarkable lives" of some people who passed away in 2013, Republican strategist Karl Rove writes that British Prime Minister Margaret . . .

Stephen Colbert and me
Cliff Kincaid
January 2, 2014

My New Year's resolution is a repeat: never to trust the Big Media again. Except that the Big Media now include people like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.  . . .

The counter-revolution begins
Cliff Kincaid
December 23, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, two important developments have the potential to turn the tide against Obama's "fundamental transformation" of the United States.  . . .

Another target for the gay lobby
Cliff Kincaid
December 20, 2013

The brouhaha over "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is revealing the massive power of the homosexual lobby and their determination to destroy influential . . .

Obama abandons the NSA
Cliff Kincaid
December 19, 2013

Conservative U.S. District Judge Richard Leon's ruling on Monday that the National Security Agency (NSA) metadata collection program is a violation of the . . .

Backlash to pro-Mandela coverage
Cliff Kincaid
December 17, 2013

British comedian Rowan Atkinson makes people laugh as the humorous "Mr. Bean." But his brother, Rodney Atkinson, a political writer and commentator, isn't . . .

Is Mandela the biggest liar in history?
Cliff Kincaid
December 14, 2013

A group called PunditFact has a "Truth-O-Meter" which says that Bill O'Reilly's observation that Nelson Mandela was a communist is "correct," but only "mostly . . .

South Africa "joined at the hip" to Cuba
Cliff Kincaid
December 12, 2013

If President Obama's handshake with Cuban dictator Raul Castro is news, Castro's featured presence at the Nelson Mandela memorial service and what the South . . .

Mandela lied but communism never died
Cliff Kincaid
December 10, 2013

Bill Keller of The New York Times admits Nelson Mandela was a communist, but suggests it doesn't really matter because communism collapsed. But communism never . . .

The Mandela cover-up unravels
Cliff Kincaid
December 8, 2013

It appears that AIM and blogger Trevor Loudon are among the few sources highlighting the official statement of the South African Communist Party (SACP) . . .

Comrade Mandela’s secret life
Cliff Kincaid
December 7, 2013

The South African Communist Party is admitting Nelson Mandela was a high-ranking member. Will the media report these facts? Or will the "myth" continue to . . .

Obama operative masquerades as Catholic expert
Cliff Kincaid
December 6, 2013

Christopher Hale, of a group called Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, has emerged on CNN and Fox News as a defender of Pope Francis against Rush . . .

Fox News sees the light on Snowden
Cliff Kincaid
December 5, 2013

Catherine Herridge, chief intelligence correspondent for Fox News Channel, reports, "A review of the NSA leaks by Fox News shows the majority of the leaks since . . .

Pope Francis, jihad, and Moscow's "Espionage Church"
Cliff Kincaid
December 2, 2013

Before Pope Francis created a controversy by denouncing "trickle-down" economics – the pro-growth policies associated with President Reagan – Russian . . .

The collapse of journalistic standards in JFK coverage
Cliff Kincaid
November 28, 2013

Any hope that the media will practice civility and raise journalistic standards has been dashed by the sympathetic coverage given to a new book falsely charging . . .

Media ignore JFK's anti-communism
Cliff Kincaid
November 25, 2013

Our media remembered President Kennedy, but not what he stood for in global affairs and what made him a communist target. On Friday, Dallas Mayor Mike . . .

PBS whitewashes Oswald's KGB connections
Cliff Kincaid
November 21, 2013

In its nearly two-hour documentary on the Kennedy assassination, "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?", public television actually interviewed three former Soviet KGB . . .

Why the communists killed Kennedy
Cliff Kincaid
November 20, 2013

The media's love affair with Fidel Castro apparently outweighs their love for President John F. Kennedy and his Camelot era. Otherwise, the communist role in . . .

Alec Baldwin: liberal philanthropist?
Cliff Kincaid
November 18, 2013

MSNBC host and actor Alec Baldwin, under fire for anti-homosexual rants, is trying to save his reputation as a liberal by pointing to the money he's giving to . . .

Will "Crossfire" drop Stephanie Cutter over lies?
Cliff Kincaid
November 17, 2013

Sean Higgins, a senior writer for the Washington Examiner, points out that CNN's Stephanie Cutter, who served as President Obama's deputy campaign manager in 20 . . .

The case for arresting Glenn Greenwald
Cliff Kincaid
November 12, 2013

If Edward Snowden can be charged with espionage and threatened with arrest if he returns to the U.S., why can't his associate, Glenn Greenwald, be charged as . . .

Edward Snowden's communist and terrorist friends
Cliff Kincaid
November 11, 2013

A fascinating aspect of the Edward Snowden affair, demonstrating his close collaboration with anti-American forces worldwide, has just come to the attention of . . .

NBC joins al Jazeera in anti-Israel propaganda
Cliff Kincaid
November 8, 2013

Polonium-210 is the deadly substance the Russians used to kill Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy and KGB dissident who blamed the Putin regime for . . .

Christie sued on his victory day
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2013

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie is the subject of countless stories for his dramatic re-election victory in a Democratic state. But on the same . . .

America's first openly Marxist big city mayor
Cliff Kincaid
November 6, 2013

If you think Barack Obama has gotten a free ride from the press, consider the case of Bill de Blasio. The New York Post revealed at the last minute that the . . .

Why is Fox News promoting Edward Snowden?
Cliff Kincaid
November 5, 2013

Eric Bolling said last Saturday that the Fox News Channel is eager to provide a "platform" for further criminal disclosures from defector Edward Snowden about . . .

Edward Snowden labeled a modern-day Alger Hiss
Cliff Kincaid
November 3, 2013

Former Republican Senator Jon Kyl says former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, now living in Moscow, is "this generation's Alger Hiss" and "may be one of the . . .

The media whitewash Obama-backed Marxist candidate
Cliff Kincaid
October 31, 2013

New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio said about Christopher Columbus: "There are some troubling things in his history." Pamela Geller of . . .

Obama-backed "Progressive" candidate linked to international communism, terrorism, and global Islam
Cliff Kincaid
October 23, 2013

A press conference on Thursday, October 24, in the Big Apple will blow the lid off the "Marxist power couple" running for mayor of New York City. That's how . . .

Obama Democrat in NYC gets Muslim backing
Cliff Kincaid
October 17, 2013

While the public's attention has been focused on the battles between the White House and Congress, the race for mayor has been unfolding in New York City, with . . .

Media icon exposes Obama's war on the press
Cliff Kincaid
October 15, 2013

Famous Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh is turning his attention to the Obama administration. He told a left-wing conference over the weekend . . .

New York City's Marxist power couple
Cliff Kincaid
October 14, 2013

"De Blasio opens up to Baldwin" is how MSNBC described Alec Baldwin's show with New York City's Obama-backed Democratic "progressive" mayoral candidate, Bill De . . .

Communists defend Democrat NYC mayoral candidate
Cliff Kincaid
October 11, 2013

Bill de Blasio, the Obama-backed Democrat "progressive" poised to become New York City's mayor, is under attack by "Rupert Murdoch's tabloid empire," his . . .

WikiLeaks founder embraces Castro's Cuba
Cliff Kincaid
October 8, 2013

Julian Assange is bracing for a new film, The Fifth Estate, which raises the question of whether the founder of WikiLeaks is a "hero" or "traitor." But the film . . .

"Revolution Beyond Borders" comes to America
Cliff Kincaid
October 5, 2013

The famous GOP strategist Karl Rove, who lost $300 million betting on a Mitt Romney victory in 2012, says it appears that President Obama is on an "ideological . . .

Obama's "Propaganda Village" on display in D.C.
Cliff Kincaid
October 3, 2013

The Washington Post front-page photo shows Park Service employees shutting down access to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the mall. I have visited the . . .

Did Obama swallow Iranian disinformation?
Cliff Kincaid
October 2, 2013

President Obama told the United Nations General Assembly on September 24 that "the Supreme Leader [of Iran] has issued a fatwa against the development of . . .

CNN's Iranian propaganda campaign
Cliff Kincaid
September 30, 2013

Even before CNN falsely claimed that Iranian President Rouhani had denounced the Holocaust by name during his interview with Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria . . .

Is Iranian news outlet more believable than CNN?
Cliff Kincaid
September 26, 2013

A controversy has emerged over what Iranian President Rouhani said or did not say during a CNN interview about the Holocaust, with Jonathan S. Tobin of . . .

New York Times exposes Marxist mayoral candidate
Cliff Kincaid
September 25, 2013

A new kind of investigative reporting was unveiled at The New York Times on Monday. A story about the communist connections of a major politician was plastered . . .

Media decry GOP's fighting spirit
Cliff Kincaid
September 22, 2013

The Republican Party is at a crossroads, not only on Benghazi, but on Obamacare. Does the GOP have the will to fight? The media are stirring with unease at the . . .

Pressure builds on Boehner over Benghazi
Cliff Kincaid
September 19, 2013

Informed speculation mounted at Monday's Accuracy in Media conference, which officially launched the Citizens' Commission on Benghazi, that House Speaker John . . .

Obama arming Syrian terrorists
Cliff Kincaid
September 14, 2013

It sounds like a sensational charge. "Twelve years after we were attacked by al Qaeda, 12 years after 3,000 Americans were killed by al Qaeda, President Obama . . .

Assad is more believable than Obama
Cliff Kincaid
September 12, 2013

In his interview with Charlie Rose, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said there was "not a single shred of evidence" that his regime used chemical weapons. . . .

Scandal over "brainchild" behind war policy
Cliff Kincaid
September 11, 2013

As President Obama prepares to speak to the nation on his desire for war in Syria, critical attention is being focused on the conflicts of interest and hidden . . .

O'Reilly buys Obama propaganda on Syria
Cliff Kincaid
September 8, 2013

Bill O'Reilly objects to "bloviating," which I think means giving opinions not based on fact. So what should we make of his claim that "I believe there is . . .

War on Syria means victory for Al Qaeda
Cliff Kincaid
September 5, 2013

President Obama's proposed military strike means, practically speaking, that the U.S. will intervene on behalf of al Qaeda in Syria. Why is this dangerous . . .

The planned destruction of Christians in Syria
Cliff Kincaid
September 3, 2013

The New York Times story, "President Gains McCain's Backing on Syria Attack," is predictable, considering that Obama had invited Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and . . .

How not to debate Syria
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2013

I'm usually on the opposite side of people from the Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) group, but Peter Hart's article "The New Crossfire: Where Both Sides . . .

Defector describes Russia's handling of NSA leaker Snowden
Cliff Kincaid
August 31, 2013

Lt. Gen Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, tells Accuracy in Media that recent developments in . . .

Al Jazeera favorite McCain ignores constitutional "niceties" on Syria
Cliff Kincaid
August 29, 2013

Near the end of a long story about whether there is justification for a U.S. military strike on Syria, CNN said, "Finally, there is the U.S. Constitution, which . . .

Obama presides over security meltdown
Cliff Kincaid
August 27, 2013

CNN's story "Chelsea or Bradley Manning: Addressing transgender people" ignores the other alternative – he/she is simply a pervert who should have been . . .

Washington Post still defending Muslim Brotherhood
Cliff Kincaid
August 26, 2013

Just two days after hundreds of Egyptian-Americans besieged the Washington, D.C. headquarters of The Washington Post, a Post editorial defended the absurd claim . . .

Egyption-American protestors: Washington Post a terrorist mouthpiece
Cliff Kincaid
August 24, 2013

Washington Post staffers cowered in the main lobby of their Washington, D.C. headquarters on Thursday as hundreds of Egyptian-American protesters chanted . . .

Pro-Russian WikiLeaks founder praises Rand Paul Republicans
Cliff Kincaid
August 21, 2013

Former Moscow-funded television host and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have hurt Rand Paul's chances to win the presidency by stating that he is a "big . . .

Fox News goes gay: a presentation on "The Rise and Fall of Fox News" at August 20 ASI conference in D.C.
Cliff Kincaid
August 14, 2013

As part of a national journalism conference on Tuesday, August 20, America's Survival, Inc. (ASI), a public policy organization, is officially releasing a new . . .

Big money buys access for Al Jazeera
Cliff Kincaid
August 10, 2013

Evidence is emerging that powerful Republican K Street lobbyist Tom Korologos is the main factor behind the failure of the House of Representatives to do its . . .

Fox News' Tamara Holder says Weiner's perversion no big deal
Cliff Kincaid
July 26, 2013

Tamara Holder, a Fox News contributor accused of having an affair with Jesse Jackson, Sr., doesn't think Anthony Weiner's sex scandal is a big deal. She said,  . . .

Larry Grathwohl: eyewitness to communist terrorism
Cliff Kincaid
July 24, 2013

Larry Grathwohl may be best known as the FBI informant in the Weather Underground who disclosed that Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and their Weather . . .

How Obama truly was like Trayvon Martin
Cliff Kincaid
July 22, 2013

The Huffington Post has perfected the smear technique of expressing shock and anger at things that conservatives say which make complete sense and are factually . . .

FBI counterterror ads censored in Seattle
Cliff Kincaid
July 20, 2013

The Rolling Stone cover photo of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been the subject of countless news stories because people across the ideological spectrum . . .

"Brother Roger" and the racial agitators
Cliff Kincaid
July 18, 2013

When conservatives complain about Al Sharpton, they usually note his relationship to NBC news or his hosting a show on MSNBC. But a new book says the racial . . .

Anti-NSA campaign reaches Capitol Hill
Cliff Kincaid
July 16, 2013

With his official request for political asylum in Russia, NSA leaker Edward Snowden's true colors are out in the open for anyone to see. Those who proclaimed . . .

CNN commentator embarrassed by Zimmerman verdict
Cliff Kincaid
July 14, 2013

After the not-guilty verdict was handed down, George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara strongly criticized the media's role in getting his client charged in the . . .

The radio host behind drugs and guns case
Cliff Kincaid
July 12, 2013

Articles about a search of the Virginia home of "gun rights activist" Adam Kokesh fail to note that he is a former program host for Russia Today (RT) television . . .

Still time to stop Al Jazeera America
Cliff Kincaid
July 11, 2013

Al Jazeera is under scrutiny for subversion in Egypt, and facing a mutiny from its own reporters over supporting the Muslim Brotherhood there. But The . . .

"Politico" touts Russian agent as progressive hero
Cliff Kincaid
July 8, 2013

The publication that calls itself Politico has a strange habit of ignoring the foreign backing and ownership of channels like Russia Today and Al Jazeera, . . .

Democrat Feinstein confounds media on the NSA
Cliff Kincaid
July 4, 2013

With a few conservatives, such as Senator Rand Paul, on board, the radical left is gearing up for a replay of its 1970s campaigns against the intelligence . . .

Snowden lawyer close to Senator Rand Paul's office
Cliff Kincaid
July 1, 2013

In a curious development, NSA traitor Edward Snowden's father is being represented by attorney Bruce Fein, who appeared with Senator Rand Paul at his anti-NSA . . .

Blowing the whistle on a "whistleblower"
Cliff Kincaid
June 27, 2013

The mouthpiece for NSA "whistleblower" Edward Snowden is having the whistle blown on him, and he doesn't like it. Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian says "smears" . . .

Prosecuting Glenn Greenwald
Cliff Kincaid
June 26, 2013

Some in the media are aghast that NBC's David Gregory asked Glenn Greenwald a perfectly reasonable question on Meet the Press: "To the extent that you have . . .

Snowden's dupes caught red-faced
Cliff Kincaid
June 24, 2013

Those who claimed NSA traitor Edward Snowden was a patriot or hero have egg all over their faces, as the former NSA contract worker has fled from China to . . .

The ACLU joins Senator Paul's anti-NSA campaign
Cliff Kincaid
June 22, 2013

Senator Rand Paul's alliance with the ACLU, which opposes government surveillance of radical Muslims and other potential terrorists, is being defended by his . . .

The U.S. support apparatus behind NSA traitor Snowden
Cliff Kincaid
June 20, 2013

If the NSA or the FBI wants to find fugitive Edward Snowden, who is apparently in hiding in Chinese Hong Kong, its analysts and agents might want to examine a . . .

Conservative media personalities embrace traitor's charges
Cliff Kincaid
June 19, 2013

WorldNetDaily quotes radio host Michael Savage as saying, "The NSA surveillance scandal is the biggest story of your lifetime," that "whistleblower" Edward . . .

Glenn Greenwald calls "weakening of America" a "very good thing"
Cliff Kincaid
June 16, 2013

In a 2011 article in the socialist publication In These Times, anti-NSA journalist Glenn Greenwald said "the only thing that can truly strengthen America's . . .

Glenn Greenwald regularly attends Marxist-Leninist conferences
Cliff Kincaid
June 14, 2013

Shedding new light on the controversy over the NSA terrorist surveillance program, the journalist who has served as the mouthpiece for former NSA contract . . .

America is under attack and at war
Cliff Kincaid
June 13, 2013

The NSA leaker is being protected by China and has a home waiting in Russia. Yet, conservative media personalities such as Glenn Beck are saying that he is a . . .

NSA "whistleblower" an enemy agent?
Cliff Kincaid
June 10, 2013

The fingerprints of America's enemies and adversaries are all over the disclosures about the NSA's terrorist surveillance program. It is significant that NSA . . .

People power against the Department of Justice
Cliff Kincaid
June 8, 2013

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and its allies, the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Southern Poverty Law Center, are on the defensive after . . .

Backlash to Obama's gay rights agenda
Cliff Kincaid
June 5, 2013

An Obama-allied group that is at the center of the scandal over IRS harassment of conservative organizations was the target of a protest outside its own . . .

The strange antics of Roger Ailes
Cliff Kincaid
May 25, 2013

Dan Rather used to say, "Courage," when he was on his way out. Shannon Bream of Fox News says their watchword is "fearless." Give me a break. Fox News has been . . .

The smoking gun in the IRS scandal, Part Two
Cliff Kincaid
May 23, 2013

Republicans are getting tripped up by the media when challenged about evidence of President Obama's personal involvement in the IRS scandal. Rep. Dave Camp of . . .

The smoking gun in the IRS scandal, Part One
Cliff Kincaid
May 22, 2013

Jeffrey Lord's story in the American Spectator about a "smoking gun" in the IRS scandal has backfired. He implied that the head of the IRS union had personally . . .

The IRS targeted conservative media
Cliff Kincaid
May 20, 2013

Of the IRS abuse cases that have recently come to light, the use of the IRS to enforce the defunct "Fairness Doctrine" on broadcasters is one of the most . . .

A filmmaker on Obama's enemies list?
Cliff Kincaid
May 16, 2013

The revelations about IRS targeting of voices opposed to Barack Obama's political agenda came of no surprise to filmmaker Joel Gilbert. His private financial . . .

The wit and wisdom of Herbert Romerstein
Cliff Kincaid
May 14, 2013

Five months before Barack Obama was elected to his first term as president, Herbert Romerstein and I finished a Washington, D.C. briefing on "The Stealth . . .

Media cross the line against Glenn Beck
Cliff Kincaid
May 10, 2013

"Beck Crosses the Line Again" was the headline over a Jonathan Tobin Commentary article about Glenn Beck's attack on Michael Bloomberg at the NRA convention. . . .

Bill Ayers and his media groupies
Cliff Kincaid
May 8, 2013

Bill Ayers' recent claim that the Weather Underground bombed property, not people, in order to protest the Vietnam War, is two lies in one. First, they . . .

How to find a most wanted terrorist
Cliff Kincaid
May 7, 2013

We have seen in the Boston bombings case how terrorists depend on a network of sympathizers. But the Russian connection remains a mystery. The press should . . .

How Obama obstructs justice in the search for a communist terrorist
Cliff Kincaid
May 3, 2013

If the FBI wants to find Joanne Chesimard, who has just been added to the "Most Wanted Terrorists List," it could begin by wiretapping President Obama's friends . . .

Is Tamerlan Tsarnaev the new Lee Harvey Oswald?
Cliff Kincaid
May 1, 2013

The claim that the Russians somehow "warned" the U.S. about Tamerlan Tsarnaev's radical Islamic connections has been accepted by most news organizations and . . .

Progressives now want "psychedelic medicine"
Cliff Kincaid
April 30, 2013

So-called "medical marijuana" apparently doesn't cure all of their ailments. Now the progressives want easy access to "psychedelic medicine," including LSD and . . .

How pothead terrorists almost outsmarted the police
Cliff Kincaid
April 26, 2013

The local police reacted heroically to the Boston terror bombings, and it is tragic that MIT police officer Sean Collier was a victim of the terrorists' . . .

A tribute to Howard Phillips
Cliff Kincaid
April 25, 2013

The death of Howard Phillips, 1941-2013, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, is a major blow to the conservative movement. He always stood for principle. He . . .

Gay propaganda campaign takes offensive turn
Cliff Kincaid
April 2, 2013

Offending the moral sensibilities of millions of Americans, Time Magazine is featuring cover stories showing two white homosexual couples kissing. The Right . . .

Corrupt media cheer for homosexual rights
Cliff Kincaid
March 25, 2013

On the eve of Tuesday's "March for Marriage" in Washington, to coincide with Supreme Court consideration of court cases on homosexual rights, more explosive . . .

Anderson Cooper kisses "Boy Scout" to offend traditional America
Cliff Kincaid
March 18, 2013

The headline says it all: "Anderson Cooper Kissed Madonna, Dressed In Boy Scout Uniform, at GLAAD Media Awards." The CNN host did something that was sure to . . .

Another American pope candidate embraces the far-left
Cliff Kincaid
March 12, 2013

A top aide to a left-wing American Catholic Cardinal, reportedly in the running for the job of pope, taught a course called "Matthew, Marx, Luke, and John" at a . . .

CPAC and the conservatives
Cliff Kincaid
March 7, 2013

The term "gay conservative" is being used by some news outlets in connection with the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and whether . . .

Black socialist pope to follow black socialist president?
Cliff Kincaid
March 5, 2013

With African Catholic Cardinal Peter Turkson in the running as the next pope, the media have noted that he carries the fancy title of the president of the . . .

Rupert Murdoch backs Obama's gun grab
Cliff Kincaid
December 22, 2012

An honest account of media misinformation after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy has to take into account Rupert Murdoch's tweet about the need to ban  . . .

Conservatives in liberal media embrace cultural surrender
Cliff Kincaid
December 11, 2012

As American conservatives contemplate the future of the Republican Party in the face of President Obama's Marxist onslaught and reelection, the rapid . . .

Soros remakes America into narco nation
Cliff Kincaid
December 8, 2012

As more states embrace legalization of marijuana — a pet cause of George Soros for decades — the British publication The Independent has published a . . .

George Soros wins big over Karl Rove
Cliff Kincaid
December 3, 2012

Fox News contributor Karl Rove was criticized in the media for objecting when the channel called Ohio for Barack Obama on election night. The state of Ohio did . . .

Where the conservative media went wrong
Cliff Kincaid
November 26, 2012

Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter is trying to rationalize her outspoken support for Mitt Romney in the wake of his stunning defeat. "Romney was . . .

Why did Cantor protect Obama?
Cliff Kincaid
November 15, 2012

The central figures in the David Petraeus sex scandal are not talking. That includes Virginia Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Yet, the . . .

The liberal media are more powerful than ever
Cliff Kincaid
November 10, 2012

Writing before Obama won the election, Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel of the Daily Caller contended that bias, dishonesty, and corruption were helping to . . .

Fox News conservatives lose credibility as predictions of a Romney victory go up in smoke
Cliff Kincaid
November 7, 2012

Although Republican Mitt Romney lost an easily winnable election, many conservative commentators and analysts took a beating as well. They were determined to . . .

Romney's Russian connection a deal breaker for serious conservatives
Cliff Kincaid
November 3, 2012

A breaking report in the New York Times of a Romney Russian connection could help cost the Republican nominee the election on Tuesday. This report, on top of . . .

Romney must blame Bush to win
Cliff Kincaid
October 1, 2012

There is no question that Barack Obama is getting a lot of support by "blaming Bush" for the bad economy and other problems. Conservatives can complain all they . . .

Why is the Marxist beating the capitalist?
Cliff Kincaid
September 28, 2012

It sounded to some Republicans like a good match-up and one they could win. In order to defeat a Marxist president, run a successful businessman or capitalist . . .

Why is Romney trying to lose?
Cliff Kincaid
September 24, 2012

Billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros said that, if Mitt Romney wins the presidency, there will be "little difference" between him and Barack Obama in . . .

Karl Rove wants to 'kill' conservatives and play nice with Obama
Cliff Kincaid
September 2, 2012

The liberals say they are scared of Karl Rove. They shouldn't be. The former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff during the George W. Bush Administration, . . .

Romney takes conservatives for granted
Cliff Kincaid
August 31, 2012

If Romney talks like a conservative, he can win. That doesn't mean he is a conservative, only that talking like one can win votes. He is a smart businessman. Is . . .

Can the GOP stop Tropical Storm Romney?
Cliff Kincaid
August 26, 2012

The big news is that the Republican Convention in Tampa has been delayed because of Tropical Storm Isaac. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the GOP to think . . .

Purging conservatism from the GOP
Cliff Kincaid
August 23, 2012

Even before formally receiving the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney began his purge of conservatives from the party by trying to engineer the . . .

Romney plays into Obama's hands with Ryan pick
Cliff Kincaid
August 13, 2012

Mitt Romney's pick of a Democratic punching bag, Paul Ryan, as his vice president, enables Obama and the Democrats to shift the debate from jobs and the economy . . .

Standing with Rush is political and moral suicide
Cliff Kincaid
March 13, 2012

Rush Limbaugh has turned out to be the best thing going for President Obama and the Democrats. Although Obama's general popularity is taking a hit because of . . .

Lessons from a spelling bee
Cliff Kincaid
March 10, 2012

My 12-year-old son Christian won the Calvert County, Maryland, spelling bee on Wednesday night and now goes to the national bee. We are ecstatic. Christian . . .

Will the "war on women" kill Limbaugh's radio show?
Cliff Kincaid
March 8, 2012

Rush Limbaugh claims that MSNBC is hyping an alleged "Republican War on Women," stemming from the controversy caused by his vicious attacks on feminist . . .

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