Stephen Stone
In defense of Sen. Mike Lee
Stephen Stone, Founder and President of RenewAmerica
By Stephen Stone
June 21, 2022

(Updated June 26, 2022, 7:28 pm)

As informed Americans are fully aware, the 2022 midterm election is one of the most important in our nation’s history.

Of course, the bicyclist-in-chief's undisputed tenure as the worst, most damaging president in our history is not itself something voters can opt directly to correct—since Biden himself will not be on the ballot. But his continued opportunity to do mischief will definitely be on the ballot. Should the leftist Dems lose their narrow control of both Houses of Congress on Nov. 8, Biden's grip on the levers of power will be substantially diminished and America's voters will win a critically important victory over those forces actively seeking to destroy our country.

Make no mistake, that is exactly what is at issue this election.

So VOTE!—and vote for the best CONSERVATIVE Republicans you can find.

Two conservatives who deserve your vote

In historically conservative Utah—which now has a liberal-moderate Republican governor—that means sending deeply conservative Senator Mike Lee back to Washington to help Republicans regain control of the Senate.

It also means allowing Sen. Lee’s former deputy state director—Commissioner Bill Lee, another staunch conservative—to retain his seat on the Utah County Commission, bearing in mind that Utah County has long been one of the nation’s most conservative counties, as indicated by voting patterns, despite nonstop progressive attempts to undermine that unique demographic.

Don’t be fooled

Don’t be fooled by the deceptive tactics of a coalition of moderate Republicans, aggressive Democrats, and Never Trumpers who are working hard to replace Mike Lee with a less “divisive” (writ: less conservative) senator—or the similar tactics of a group of progressives who want to install a less committed conservative than Bill Lee to the influential Utah County Commission.

Don’t let Biden’s so-far successful push to weaken and destroy America continue unchecked. STOP THE MAN!—and STOP HIS POWERFUL POLITICAL MACHINE THAT CONTROLS CONGRESS!

As Utah goes…

As conservative Utah goes, so goes the nation—in countless ways. Do your part to hold Biden and his handlers in check by returning Mike Lee to the U.S. Senate, and his colleague Bill Lee to the Utah County Commission.

If you live in Utah, use your vote to make a difference. Right now, our nation’s future hangs in the balance like never before, and your vote is clearly needed. The primary is June 28, and the general election is November 8.

A few important facts

As you consider your vote, you might want to keep in mind at least the following key facts:

  • Mike Lee is the senior senator from Utah. If he is defeated by a less conservative candidate, the result will be that Mitt Romney—unquestionably one of the most divisive senators in Washington (and someone largely at odds with Utah values, having lived mainly elsewhere)—will become the senior senator and his adversarial influence will increase, to the detriment of Utah, the Republican Party, and the nation.

  • In an unprecedented move, Utah Democrats voted at their state convention in April not to support their party’s Senate hopeful Kael Weston against Mike Lee, but opted instead to put all their support behind former Republican gadfly Evan McMullin—an opportunistic Never Trumper who at the convention persuaded the Dems to make what amounted to an unusual admission of self-defeat. In 2016, the little-known McMullin became famous when he ran as an independent candidate against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the general election—gathering less than 1% of the vote nationally and 21.5% in his home state of Utah. Should McMullin defeat Mike Lee in November, his main distinction in the Senate will be as a de facto Democrat, not as a legitimate conservative who represents Utah values. He would also be the first Democratic Party candidate to win a statewide office in Utah in 22 years.

  • Assuming Mike Lee will win handily over Evan McMullin in a November match-up, Mike must first win Utah’s June 28 primary, just days away. Facing him in the primary are two moderate Republican women—former state representative from Bountiful Becky Edwards, polling at about 19%, and former deputy chief of staff of retired Utah governor Gary Herbert Ally Isom, polling at less than half that, according to a May 19 poll. It is noteworthy that at the Utah Republican Party convention on April 23, Mike Lee received a little more than 70% of the delegate vote, while Edwards came in second with just under 12% and Isom came in third with just under 10%. In years past, those numbers would have guaranteed Mike the Republican nomination, but under new party rules, Edwards and Isom were able to force a primary by gathering enough signatures to place themselves on a primary ballot with Sen. Lee.

Suggested readings

Click here for links to articles that illuminate the main issues in the re-election campaigns of Senator Mike Lee and Commissioner Bill Lee—and the often-deceptive, or at least misleading, opposition they face.

And be sure to visit the candidates’ websites:

A few suggested videos

Click here to see three outstanding videos of Mike in action. All three underscore Mike's dedication, knowledge, and skill in advocating for the constitutional rights and rightful opportunities of his constituents.

The first was recorded March 26, 2019, and features Mike candidly exposing the Dems' unworkable plan for dealing with exaggerated hysteria about so-called "climate change."

The second was recorded June 23, 2022, and shows Mike addressing the Senate in response to proposed gun-control measures a group of senators are hastily pushing in the wake of the Uvalde shootings.

The third was likewise recorded June 23, 2022, and gives a detailed account of Mike's successful efforts to alleviate the nation's baby formula crisis.


If you find this election primer helpful, please share it widely. Send it to everyone you know who has connections in—or with—Utah. And no matter where you live, consider a contribution to one or both of the spotlighted conservative candidates.



RenewAmerica, which was founded in 2002, is a not-for-profit enterprise that exists solely to educate, inform, strengthen, and mobilize grassroots Americans in the cause of preserving our republic. It is registered with the State of Utah as a non-profit corporation with the sole right to use the name RenewAmerica in the world of commerce and communication in connection with the state.

We are aware of at least two, possibly three, groups that have engaged in inappropriate use of RenewAmerica's long-established name.

Click for RELATED LINKS AND DISCUSSION centering in Evan McMullin and Miles Taylor's disputed claim that they co-founded RenewAmerica. Their claim, of course, has particular relevance to us here at RenewAmerica—where we view these usurpers as alien to our longstanding, deeply religious, conservative political work.

© Stephen Stone

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Stephen Stone

Stephen Stone is the President and Editor of RenewAmerica – a conservative media site dedicated to restoring respect for America's founding principles.

This purpose includes not only respect for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as written, but for the Creator and His laws.

From the time he was a teenager, Stephen has considered himself a born-again Christian, in the biblical tradition. Since then, he has devoted his life to pursuing life's questions and challenges through seeking to know the mind and will of God, and through seeking the sanctifying influence of His Spirit.

As a result, Steve has become somewhat of a religious philosopher – one committed to approaching the truth of any subject by the clear standards of God's Word.

His religious testimony can be found in "What does it mean to be converted to Jesus Christ," a position statement he wrote in 2013 for RenewAmerica.


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