Steve A. Stone
The world as I view it today
By Steve A. Stone
February 18, 2024

Dear Friends and Patriots,

There are a couple of references that everyone should consult whenever the world gets squirrelly. One is The Bible, which describes similar times in several of its books. The other is overall world history.

I don't choose to "go Biblical" on these things. There are many things in that line of thought that are just unknown. I prefer to stick to things that are of the Earth and leave the Heavenly predictions to He who rules There.

When you look at things from a purely historical perspective you should come to understand that there has always been a trend in who eventually overcomes whom. In Asian history we should know the Japanese came off their home islands very rarely, but when they did, they were unstoppable – for a time. The Chinese rarely came from behind their Great Wall, but when they did, they too were unstoppable – for a time. The Mongols seemed to do the best. They were unstoppable for many, many decades. No single tribe of black people ever conquered very widely. Neither did any tribe of Polynesians. In the Americans there were the Incas, who ruled western S. America for centuries – then not. There were the Olmecs, who ruled Central America until defeated by the Toltecs. The Toltecs ruled until toppled by the Mayans. The Mayans were displaced by the Aztecs. The Aztecs were demolished by – someone else.

North America had no huge or well – organized empires. There were very large, but loosely knit tribal groups, but no consolidated nations. All those tribes were subjugated over a period of 400 years – by another group.

The Arabs of the Middle East pretty much kept to themselves until Muhammed came along. Then they spread across N. Africa and up into the Balkans, Caucasus, and Iberia, with a brief intrusion into France. Then, they were pushed back – by another group.

What group always came out on top? What group of humans always dominated and why? History books tell us. Even The Bible tells us, though not in the terms I'll use. The answer is simple – all of the great empires and civilizations of the past eventually gave way to the people we refer to as either Western Europeans or white. The only time Japan ran up against such people in a major way, they were totally defeated. China was defeated, too, when they jumped into the fray on the Korean Peninsula. All of Africa was subjugated by Western Europeans to one extent or another, at one time or another. So was all of S. America. The Spanish conquered all of Central and S. America in a systematic way, though you'll get arguments that Portuguese were the major power in Brazil. Britain had little problem in taking all of India and Australia from its natives. North America's native tribes took 400 years to fully subjugate, but American descendants of Western Europeans finally prevailed.

It's safe to say that the history of western culture, beginning with the ancient Greeks, then the Romans, became the dominant and dominating force in world history and has, up to today, been unstoppable.

Today, the situation is truly not like any other in history. We see a huge population of people of Middle Eastern origins settled in Europe – nearing the point where they can successfully execute a political takeover of almost all Western European nations. The peaceful hijra. Can western native populations coalesce and fight back? Can they save themselves and their countries, or will they passively cede their places in history? We are about to see.

In the US, and to a great extent, even in Canada, the incursion of illegal migrants threatens our security. Not our demographic majority, but only our security. There aren't enough of such people to constitute a political majority, so the best they may do is become a disruptive force so great that the two nations crumble from the inside – out. Can we stop that? If so, who will do it? With 13% of the population being of African origins, it's safe to say "black people aren't going to do it." What about the 72% of Western European – descended people? Will they save the nation from ruin? History suggests that they might. History suggests that if any identifiable group will do it, it can only be that same 72%. I don’t suggest that the 13% won’t be a huge help if that day comes, but while the 72% could prevail on their own, the 13% could not. In truth though, those percentages are only suggestions. If actual fighting is required the numbers drop dramatically and every real American who’s willing will find themselves needed. No one who finds themselves in a foxhole with someone else will care what they look like. They’ll only care which way that other person’s weapon is pointed.

When you gaze across the Atlantic and see the obvious decline that's apparent in Europe today, you have to wonder. If the case that's being made is – white western civilization always prevails – then how does one explain the current state of Europe? All of western Europe is teetering on the edge and may very soon tip and slowly become a continent of Muslim – majority nations, where the governments will be systematically Islamicized. How does the experience of Europe relate to the current and future state of the US and Canada? There are inferences there, but because the demographics of the two considerations are vastly different, there's no clear answer.

The truth is – Europeans sold their souls because they became fat, dumb, and happy after WWII. They slowly grew rich and lazy. In the '70s the Germans brought in Turkish Muslims to be their garbage collectors, maids, and ditch diggers. France brought in Algerians for the same reasons, as did the Italians with Libyans. England brought in Indians and Pakistanis, again, to do work they felt was beneath their dignity. In doing so, all of those nations guaranteed the eventual destruction of their native cultures. The problems created were made far worse by the wars in the Middle East that evolved from the Arab Spring. That spurred a mass – migration of Muslims, who are now firmly ensconced in almost every European nation except Poland.

The problem is similar in the US, but because we always had a significant population of poor among us who filled those "work that's beneath us" roles, we didn't have to import anyone. But, now, that lower – level manual labor population in the US has changed. Due to a welfare system that makes taking manual labor jobs seem like economic stupidity and the lure of fast cash through crime, the US began to see a need for workers who would step in and collect our garbage, fix our streets, slaughter and process our food animals, and dig our ditches. For a couple of decades our politicians turned a blind eye as the illegal population in America grew larger. Then, about 20 years ago, it became a political hot potato and things began to change. For the better? Oddly – NO! The more political exposure the issue of illegal immigration received, the more migrants showed up at our border. Today most people cite "illegal immigration" as their #1 issue in national politics, yet today the number of illegal aliens coming in is at record highs and still growing. Now, instead of doing anything in Congress that might demonstrate actual awareness of the dangers we face, our politicians are looking for clever ways to create new laws to make the situation appear to go away. New ideas are popping up by the day, ideas like allowing illegals of military age to join the US armed services and become eligible for citizenship after four years of good service. Another idea is to issue Green Cards to illegal aliens who don't have criminal records in their home countries so they can legally fill those empty lower – tier jobs. WHAT COULD GO WRONG IN ANY OF THAT?

Our politicians are selling us out. They don't admit some basic truths. One truth is – we don't know the actual identity of the majority of the 25 million illegal aliens in our midst. We only know who they say they are and where they say they come from. We have no way to know who is a criminal and who is not. We have no way to know who is a member of a foreign military or who is a foreign intelligence agent. We don't know who among them are working for one of the Mexican or Colombian drug cartels. We don't know who are members of one of the Islamic terrorist organizations that exist in Africa, the Middle and Near East, and Asia. While it's easy, and possibly even correct, to argue that the majority of those 25 million are truly either economic or political refugees of some kind, that still leaves millions that we Americans have the right to fear. Yet, any fears we have don't seem to be shared in Washington.

Will the US and Canada survive? I think the safe bet is "NO!" We are being sold out by the leaders in both Ottawa and Washington. Because both governments are dominated by people who relish the very idea that they are now "the elite" they have abandoned the average citizens of both countries and now consider us their greatest threat. WE are the only ones who can remove the politicians from power and strip them of their status as neo – elites. It's way past time for us to do that very thing.

We are at a time in history where we have to make hard decisions. 2024 could be the most important year in America’s history, and possibly in world history. This year's events will determine if there will be a United States of America in 2025 or beyond. If we get it wrong and fail to fight for the future of our country, it's very simple – there will be no country left to fight for.

That is the situation for us, but aren't we also concerned about the New World Order and the Cabal's intentions? I think we should be, but we should also understand a couple of facts that even the elites of Davos fail to recognize in full. One is the role of China.

Despite the obvious and visible support Chairman Xi gives to the World Economic Forum (WEF), that group would be total fools to ever trust him or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to do anything other than pursue the destiny they believe in. The CCP believes in a one – world government in the future – that is a fact. Even so, they don't believe in the corporate state model championed by Agenda 2030. They believe one day the entire world will be subjects of the CCP, in whatever form it exists when that day comes to pass. The CCP and Chairman Xi are willing to go along with any game the WEF plays, as long as it appears to further the CCP’s own plans. Today, everything the WEF is doing to implement Agenda 2030 appears to serve the interests of China's own ambitions. As long as that's true we should expect China to appear to be a full partner in the WEF's doings. When the time comes that Agenda 2030's timelines diverge from China's interests, we will see the CCP take China out of those efforts. They'll go off in their own direction. That's what history indicates, and what we should all expect.

The other fact we should comprehend in this time involves Islam. When one studies Islam's history it's easy to figure out that the hijra and jihads originated by Muhammed have been in abeyance at times, but never, ever have ceased. Both hijra and jihad are central tenets of Islam – even today, and what we're seeing in Europe proves it. The Chinese fully understand Islam as a social and political ideology that competes with the CCP's own plans, which accounts for their recent treatment of their Uyghur populations. China has the only government other than Japan's that seems to fully comprehend the dangers presented by Islam. Those are dangers the WEF and UN seem to ignore. An intelligent examination of those dynamics should allow anyone to understand the plans of the WEF to implement Agenda 2030 will proceed as long as it serves Pan – Islamist needs to continue their pursuit of hijra and jihad. When the needs of the WEF and the Pan – Islamists diverge, the Islamists will go in their own direction.

What's the future really look like? It's a very complex picture. China will continue to pursue their 75 year – old strategy to eventually rule the world. The Pan – Islamists, which is the loose confederation of all Muslim nations, will continue to pursue hijra and jihad in any form until they achieve their own goal, which hasn't changed since Muhammed articulated it – to become the sole belief system of the planet. The WEF will continue to pursue the Sustainability Goals of Agenda 2030. Once those three major components of the world scene diverge and go their separate ways there is bound to be trouble – monumental trouble. Agenda 2030 cannot succeed if billions of Chinese bail out on them. Nor can it succeed if all the Islamic nations of the world withdraw. Both of those scenarios will happen. It's only a matter of time. That does leave a few outlying factors, like Russia. The truth is, Russia will not be in a good spot in the future. As long as the WEF is fully intact they have the ability to deal with Russia after the US falls. There's a waiting game going on there. But, after the US does fall (which is a core objective of the WEF) all the attention will focus on Russia and the need to bring that nation to heel. Because Russia is far more self – sufficient than most nations, it will be a challenge for the Cabal to deal with. The question there is – can Russia hold out until either China or the Pan – Islamists destroy the WEF? That remains to be seen.

2024 is the beginning of the sprint to the finish line – or so the WEF and Cabal think. It's more likely to be the beginning of the end for them instead. They may well take the United States out of the game as early as the end of 2024, but the truth is, if they succeed in doing so that only marks the start of the huge issues they've ignored up to now.

If I were a prophet of any kind, this is how I would lay it all out. The next major world event will be the collapse of the United States as a world power. That will be followed, in due time, by the departure of China from all ties to the WEF and pursuit of Agenda 2030 goals. Not long after China decouples from the WEF, we'll watch as the Pan – Islamists pull away. The WEF will then dissolve. The Cabal will fall apart and all Agenda 2030 efforts will cease. That will set up the ultimate conflict as the Chinese and whoever allies with them begins to deal with the Pan – Islamists. That fight could last for 1,000 years.

To quote one of my favorite American patriots, Patrick Henry, "Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!" And, yes, as of 2024, the kinetic stage of this war may actually begin.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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