Michael Oberndorf
Green is red
By Michael Oberndorf
April 22, 2012

The news is out that Obama-Soetoro, his unindicted co-conspirators in the Democrat Party, and their running dog Republican toadies have, in just three years and a few months, run up a mindboggling $5,000,000,000,000.00 in new dept. That is significantly more spending than was done by all previous presidents, from Washington to Bush. But what is really scary here, is how few people, including otherwise knowledgeable conservatives, understand that this was not simply Keynesian economics gone wild, or fiduciary irresponsibility, or incompetence, but a radical Marxist strategy aimed at ending free, capitalist America. That trillions have gone to line the pockets of corrupt, already filthy-rich Democrats, with jobs lost, rather than created, recession deepened, rather than abated, makes these traitors dance with glee, like the Palestinians after 9/11.

People who have failed to grasp this fairly obvious truth, also have, since it is an integral part of the strategy, been unable to understand why the Obama-Soetoro cabal has relentlessly attacked the oil, gas, and coal industries, and poured billions into worthless "green" energy schemes. They don't understand why he has done zip, zero, nada to stem the rise of gas prices (or any of the myriad other rising prices, either). Jeez, Louise, he seems like such a nice guy...?

May I repeat: this is all part of a radical Marxist strategy aimed at ending free, capitalist America.

What is even less understood is that these subversives have been using unconstitutional executive orders and the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency — the EPA — to set the stage for creation of a dictatorship. They've been using these to totally by-pass Congress and the courts, bestowing upon themselves the power to regulate use of all land and water, thereby controlling just about every activity humans engage in.

Marx talked a lot about ownership of the "means of production," and how it was the fundamental underpinning of power. Well, folks, how people may or may not use their land is at the heart of the means of production. I may want to manufacture the most beneficial item humankind has ever seen, but if the government says I can't use my land to build the factory to make it, I, and humankind, are SOL.

The same goes for energy production, and this is not hypothetical — it's going on all around us, right now. Even though we have enough raw materials, i.e., coal, oil, and natural gas, to supply us with all the energy we need for everything we can conceive of doing for the next 200 years and more, if the government won't allow us to extract the resources, or process them, or use them after processing, or makes it so expensive that no one can afford any of it, all of it, and us, might as well not exist at all.

Another thing that should be obvious to conservatives, but seems to elude the ability of far too many to grasp, is the fact that "environmentalism" is not now, nor has it ever been, about the environment. It is, and has been from its creation by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (ICUN),in 1946, a tool to bring about the collapse of capitalism and the imposition of world socialist government (http://sovereignty.net/). The Obama-Soetoro administration has been goose-stepping to the beat of the "environmentalist" drum from the git-go, ramming capitalism-killing "sustainable development" and "climate change" based policy down our throats, whether we like it or not.

The so-called "mainstream media" has recently been caught red-handed and flat-footed, doctoring tapes, editing video, outright lying about the attack by Trevon Martin on George Zimmerman, apparently in hopes of creating racial animosity violence. Well, folks, they have been doing the same thing with the environment for years.

The American environment is one of the cleanest in the world. It is not in any danger. Period. There is absolutely no reason not to allow oil and gas drilling, logging, grazing, and mining on public and private land. The technology used today is superlative at "protecting the environment." In most cases, it goes way beyond what is necessary. There is also no reason not to allow more nuclear and coal-fired electrical generation plants, and petroleum refineries. Concomitantly, there is no reason to tear down power generation dams, either. The banning and draconian over-regulation of all these has had but one purpose: to destroy capitalism and the individual freedom that accompanies it. Period.

So, when you hear a candidate repeating greenie lies, and claim to be concerned about "the planet," vote for his opponent, whoever it is. Radical Marxism and its green Storm Troopers are on the verge of killing America. We, the People, need to stop them.

© Michael Oberndorf


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Michael Oberndorf

The son of a German immigrant, Michael Oberndorf is an archaeologist by profession, with a BA from Metropolitan State College of Denver, and an MA from Leicester University, in England. He's also the Chairman of the Freedom21 Legislative Committee. Over the years, he has lived and worked all over the country, and traveled in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. He sincerely believes in the old saying, "America, love it or leave it." Michael can be reached at: moberndorf@yahoo.com


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