Frank Louis
Frank’s fair trade theory: Replacement theory for everyone
By Frank Louis
June 20, 2024

Recently, we heard just how much crime in Venezuela has dropped. If we pay any attention that is. To quote WUFT, PBS, Florida: “The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence's numbers show a 25% drop in violent deaths from 2022 to 2023, including homicides, deaths resulting from police intervention and deaths under investigation.”

But the Left appear to be in shock over President Donald Trump’s claim that crime there is down at an all-time low! That same PBS article, had a conflicting statistic. It also stated that Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, a Venezuelan Official claimed crime had dropped by 32%. So, may he be a little bit off too? I believe his figures are probably a bit closer to being accurate than the lower ones cited, but maybe even a bit still too low. But I do believe Donald’s figures to be the most correct. I don’t have the time or space here (much less your attention span) to get into all 170+ countries in this mix. But, what the heck, you can look all of that up as well as I.

So… El Salvador also in the news: Murders, according to state figures there have dropped by 70% this past year too … Hummm… Some Salvadoran guy (I won’t say his name) just raped and killed a mother of five here. Maybe several others. He’s wanted in his home country too I believe. Shouldn’t have been here in the first place. There’s also that poor co-ed (can we still say “co-ed?”) killed jogging. Do I need to list more?

Something to ponder. Why might that be? Of course you “open-borders” folks among us here “gas-light” the issue, pointing out that plenty of US Citizens rape and murder all the time. Daily! In fact, a well known Mega Church Pastor in Texas just cited (may be indicted) stepped down for Child molestation you will quickly point out. Yes, my point exactly. You hit the nail on the head. We already have our share of degenerate behavior here already. Why import even more?

Well, 2.5 million Salvadorans now live here, in the US of A. The entire country’s population is only 6.3 million (give or take that afore mentioned 2.5 million). So, what’s up with that? In fact, it seems as though they just elected the very government there we are trying to acquire here. But criminals coming here…no wonder with no vetting, no process, no logic. A very few I probably wish to live next-door it seems, coming here. But I have experienced this once before.

Now I know that last sentence will piss a bunch of you off. But really folks… Aren’t you the ones who tell us we must wear helmets on our bicycles, buckle-up, shouldn’t have guns to protect ourselves with, watch our sodium, cholesterol… etc: Hasn’t your mantra always been: “isn’t it worth it if we save just one life? “ What about folks being killed and raped by people who should not be here in the first place? Those lives were not worth saving? Buy a new compass or get your compass recalibrated. Really!

I will refer here to the Biblical World View: “If you are slack in the day of distress, Your strength is limited.” Proverbs, 24: 10.I think we are officially in a day of distress.

Okay, back on track: El Salvador, I read, is now the safest country in the entire Western Hemisphere. Why is that? We are giving all of their criminals (yes, and nice people too), among other perks EBT Cards, (Which also include free admission to museums and many major attractions nationwide I learned), as well as free iPhones and… “well, you know the thing” to quote President Joseph Biden. Free -that stuff- too!

And it sounds as if it might be getting safer there too. Now I had the opportunity to do some NGO, USAID type work in the Southern Hemisphere back in the 1980s. What beautiful places I saw. Of course, this was in the FMLN days, but that’s another story. And, there are over 170 countries from whence these people are coming. I surely don’t have the time or space (much less your attention span) to get into them all. But they all seem to be be getting pretty well vacated right about now. I mean, look at the figures. And when, if ever, do you hear word-one about the vacuum created in those countries by these “migrating” people as viewed from the other end of the tunnel. How are these countries being affected?

Don’t these countries need some “Replacement” people to repopulate them? “The Great Replacement” as initially visualized by French novelist Renaud Camus (a far-right white nationalist racist according to Wikipedia). It’s a simple theory, it’s about filling vacuums. These people are coming from somewhere. Creating “vacuums” in formerly populated areas. Creating an imbalance. And who can forget Jimmy Cliff’s song: “Pressure Drop”? Pressure’s gonna drop on you!

Maybe we can help them keep their crime rates down? Save some vacant, abandoned property. El Salvador might like to import some people (maybe won’t even worry if they are “brown” or not, maybe just a million or so to start) who aren’t on the dole, people that pay their own way, don’t litter, rape or murder. Americans with the old style values that are no longer welcome here.

After all, we are being forced to learn Spanish anyway aren’t we? I had to begin learning it in 1960, living in Miami… Cuban influx. Check out that demographic now! “Don’t study French any longer, kid.” Try finding a greeting card in a store written in English. I know that I, for one, wouldn’t mind a nice hacienda or beach front villa somewhere where the population is not swelling with what appears to be an abundance of criminals and military age, unidentified, men. Escaping the doubling our population here in a few more years. I could pick avocados in my back yard from my hammock.

So, help me out here. Maybe some politician will draft the “Great Replacement-Replacement Act of 2024,” (HB number something or other:TBA) demanding an equal exchange mandate Pay our airfares and put us up in 4-star hotels there. Maybe let us pick up a couple “short-sales.” International EBT Cards too. I’d even check in every other year from my free iPhone.

One for one exchange… plus any desired extended family of course. The “others” can stay here! And, most importantly, a much needed change to a rather vague US official policy, we get to keep our nation of origin’s (US) citizenship as well, no loop-holes. Dual-citizenship as those coming here enjoy. The “golden-parachute.”

So, tell me. How can my wanting to move to a country from which these millions are coming from “racist” by any stretch of the imagination? Anyway, always thinking. And I would love to hear from someone just why this is not a great idea.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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