Madeline Crabb
Woe to America! Part One
By Madeline Crabb
July 11, 2015

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil" (Is. 5: 20 NIV)

On May 26, the Supreme Court of the United States defiantly spat in the eyes of God Almighty, by calling evil good with their decision that basically changes the definition of marriage across America. To be clear: SCOTUS declared they are wiser than God, and re-defined an institution established by God during the Creation. Mere men had nothing to do with creating marriage any more than they created the heavens, earth, or the very air we breathe. Therefore, they have absolutely NO authority to "tear asunder" the institution of marriage ordained by God. His response to America: Woe to you!

Five arrogant men and women declared themselves little gods, and chose to normalize same-sex partnerships, calling them "marriage," thus legalizing the accompanying activity that God calls an abomination: sodomy. (Actually, there's a plethora of other perverse activities homosexuals also do to "couple" that are simply too vile to speak about.) These judges supposedly "found" within the U.S. Constitution a "civil right" that for 239 years, legislators and much wiser judges were unable to find.

Furthermore, until 1962, sodomy was illegal in all American states. According to Wikipedia and other sources, in 2015, sodomy is still illegal in 14 states. In 1779, Thomas Jefferson, the leftist's favorite president, proposed to the Virginia legislature that homosexuals be castrated. Instead, the governing body declared death the ultimate penalty for sodomites. In summary, SCOTUS now declares "normal" a union that God declares "abnormal." Simultaneously, it puts national approval on the activity that transpires between same-sex men – sodomy. Plus, they totally ignore the fact that sodomy has been considered a crime against nature by all civilized societies for thousands of years, and it is still illegal in 14 states. And miraculously, SCOTUS suddenly discovers that homosexuals have a constitutional right to be married. Never mind that such a "right" never existed in ALL history, or by ANY human beings who governed over nations for millennia. Have I missed anything? I concur with Justice Scalia that the word to aptly describe such reasoning is HUBRIS!

Of course, Justice Kennedy spoke of how legalizing "marriage" between same-sex partners brings "dignity" to them. To that I say, ABSURDITY! Just what part of the whole "crimes against nature" belief throughout all history doesn't he understand? Sodomy is anything but dignified. Hello!

This decision has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution, as Justice Roberts stated in his dissent. He said this ruling is nothing more than five men and women exerting their "will" upon over 300 million citizens of the United States. I contend they are behaving like tyrants or dictators forcing their will upon us. And in doing so, in calling evil good, they use the force of law – proverbial gun barrels against our heads – to make ALL Americans agree with them, and consequently bring judgment down upon our nation.

Understand, fellow citizens: We just crossed over a line that should never have been crossed. The first line we should never have crossed was abortion. The blood of over 57 million innocent babies cries out from the ground. But now, national approval of the hideous, appalling behavior and acts involved with homosexuality are enough to condemn our nation to serious judgment – yes, even total destruction. The land of Sodom was destroyed with fire and brimstone.

Is the decision a surprise? Absolutely not! With the president's last two choices for the Court, many of us understood their decisions would inflict serious damage upon America. Obama chose them because they are activists who will help with his plan to "fundamentally transform America." And sadly, We the People are now seemingly impotent over the power the Supremes now wield.

Additionally, it appears even Congress is powerless over the actions of SCOTUS, although the Constitution gives them authority over the courts. Instead of utilizing their constitutional power, Congress is now allowing the courts to legislate from the bench, re-write the Constitution, and overturn laws passed by duly elected lawmakers. The Constitution says judges are allowed to serve when demonstrating "good behavior." How do the above-mentioned acts constitute good behavior?

Then, Americans have been told by mainstream media that there has been a shift in opinion towards homosexuality over the past decade. Is it any wonder since nearly every television show or movie portrays homosexuality in glowing terms? While constantly mocking almost all Christians as being bigots, stupid, or worse, homosexuals are celebrated. Traditional masculine roles are scorned – two males "going after" one another is the new norm. Even commercials are forcing homosexuality upon us. (And television networks are wondering why people are watching less TV?!) NEWSFLASH: public opinion isn't changing on its own! Propaganda machines are working overtime!

Communist Vladimir Lenin once said, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." So media repeats, as nauseam: "homosexuality is good...homosexuality is normal...homosexual relationships are the same as heterosexual relationships." And poof! One day the lies are accepted as truth. Well, not really. That's just what MSM wants you to believe. In reality, most thinking, rational, reasoning Americans know the truth. We actually understand that right is right, and wrong is wrong. In other words, if something used to be wrong, it is STILL wrong! Government can re-define anything it wants to, but the fact remains that there are moral absolutes. If not for absolutes, everyone in society would just do whatever seems right in their own eyes – a societal free for all. There would be no guidelines to determine proper behavior. Sadly, that was the state of Old Testament Israel before God judged the nation. Repeatedly.

To clarify: Believing in absolutes, the existence of right and wrong, or the authority of Holy Scripture does NOT make Americans "homophobic." The Merriam Webster Student Dictionary defines homophobia as an irrational fear or dislike of or prejudice against homosexuality or homosexuals. Most thinking Americans do NOT have an irrational fear of homosexuals/ homosexuality. Our belief that homosexuality is wrong is based on millennia of tradition, religious beliefs, and even common sense. How is this irrational? Also for millennia, wasn't law grounded in tradition? In what people believed and practiced for centuries? So in 2015, traditional-thinking Americans are now irrational! And evil is good, good is evil...

If we sometimes seem angry with the radical homosexual movement, it is because we are simply fed-up with having it constantly rammed down our proverbial throats. And the behavior demonstrated by radical, in-your-face homosexuals is downright repulsive! Enough already! Why, it was once the argument of homosexuals that what they did in the privacy of their bedrooms was their own business. Okay. Then they should do their business in their bedrooms – perhaps the majority of America would be less repulsed.

Multitudes of Americans are wringing their hands over the SCOTUS decision. Some believe our congress will actually take action against it. Uh huh! Just like they did with abortion! In 1973, seven justices decided it was legal to murder babies still in their mothers' wombs. The result: After 42 years, and over 57 million dead babies, the holocaust continues. So why would we think government will make any effort to undo the latest society-altering decision from this activist Court? In the near future, a person's stance on homosexuality will be used as a litmus test to determine their "suitability" to serve public office, as abortion has been used for four decades. Does anyone honestly believe America isn't doomed?

Really, the issue of marriage, if addressed at all, should be addressed by the individual states. But, then, SCOTUS claims the law regarding marriage should be uniform across America. Because of this, what the MSM calls voluntary action from duly elected state legislatures has mostly been the courts overturning the laws passed by those legislatures – or voted on by citizens of those states. Obviously, there are scores of judicial decisions that have been passed down from courts that belong to the States. Once again, SCOTUS has usurped the rights of the people/states as written in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. So the only recourse the people have is for the States to enact legislation. Now, however, since same-sex "marriage" (choke) is "the law of the land," states will need to pass laws to protect its citizens from the homosexual Gestapo that has already destroyed many people of faith.

We will delve deeper into these matters in part two of this column. Until then, please know that when individuals or nations call evil good and good evil, it is a sign that judgment must fall. Societal approval of homosexuality is merely a sign of how far down the road in debauchery and evil we have traveled, how upside-down our thinking has become, and how much we deserve God's wrath. For those of you who deny God exists, please know that doesn't negate the fact that God is real, and is a just God who governs justly! Nobody knows when judgment will fall upon us. I pray He will show us mercy, but frankly don't know that we deserve His mercy. What say you? Therefore America, isn't it time to repent? Isn't repentance our only hope? To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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