Don Cobb
The babies in the (GOP) bathwater have legs
By Don Cobb
December 7, 2013

As the disappointingly Progressive GOP national leadership continually makes the argument that We the People 'don't throw out the baby with the bathwater' in abandoning the GOP, I want to first identify who IMO the baby(ies) really are:

Baby #1: Sarah Palin; Baby #2: Ted Cruz; Baby #3: Col. Allen West; Baby #4: Dr. Ben Carson (not necessarily in that order)

There are a few more principled individuals, but actual presidential candidates? This is the Short List. Sad, isn't it? Yes, it is. But we have nothing to worry about when it comes to throwing the babies out with the bathwater in abandoning the GOP. The babies have legs...and names, and careers and integrity.

I am no longer a registered Republican. After serving my local GOP Central Committee for the past 5 years, most recently as Communications Director, I resigned recently and re-registered to vote as "Independent." While 5 years ago I considered the GOP 'salvagable,' although the national party was obviously corrupt through and through, as corrupt as their Democrat Party (supposed) counterparts, five years into my service I began to see "politics as usual" creep into even our county central committee and I refuse to support such nonsense and corrupt b.s. The "politics as usual" I'm referring to included my observation that committee leadership was supporting unhealthy candidates in order to get support from them, and using/manipulating the Central Committee to secure an endorsement for a candidate from another county in order to get support from that other candidate for their own personal state-level campaign. I found both of those incidents unacceptable, unprincipled, a violation of spiritual principles such as honesty and truth and I consider both situations deplorable cases of manipulating a group of people for personal gain IMO.

So I left the county GOP Communications Director position and abandoned the Republican Party completely, since my only hope had rested at the local level, that locally, the GOP might be restored to honest and principled leadership. I believed that we could restore that party from the ground up (with the Communist Party USA merger with the Democrat Party in the late 1970's, I have no hope for salvaging the Democrat Party anymore). Once I saw that my hope was misplaced, I abandoned the GOP and I resigned from my position as Communications Director and re-registered to vote as "Independent."

ABOUT THOSE BABIES: The "baby(ies) with the bathwater" in the case of the GOP are those candidates I mentioned above. But no one has thrown them out, and no one can throw them out. In my opinion, if they are the principled men and women I suspect they are, then they, too, will walk away from the corrupt Republican Party. (Palin has already mentioned the possibility of creating a new party. I hope she decides to just go "Independent.") Throwing out the entire GOP should not eliminate those "baby(ies)," because those 'babies' should have already walked away from that sinking GOP ship by now, and if not now, then soon.

Seeing the national GOP operating in collusion with the Democrat Party, by (1) putting up obviously unelectable RINO presidential candidates that the GOP knows that both Conservatives and Liberals will not vote for, thus insuring a Democrat Party victory and (2) by not impeaching this President for so many obvious reasons, including his direct involvement with the assassinations in Benghazi, Fast & Furious gun running, directing and/or allowing the IRS to discriminate against Conservative Americans, approving the NSA's snooping and eavesdropping on 300 million Americans, etc.. The GOP has proven that it is not an opposing party to the Democrat Party really. Clearly, both parties are being run by the same people, which means that whether you vote for a D or an R, you're really keeping the same group of people (New World Order/One World Government advocates) in power.

If Cruz, West, Carson and Palin don't leave the GOP soon, then I will not continue to support them, either (Carson may already be an "Independent" – I'm not sure). I will not support a Democrat or a Republican presidential nominee, knowing what I know, seeing what I see about how corrupt both parties have become and about how they are working together, pretending to be adversarial (lying to us all), and both supporting the sickness that is Agenda 21.

So who does that leave my vote for on the national presidential stage in 2016? Right now, there is no one else. But that's no excuse for supporting the GOP. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I can't support evil anymore. That's what got us into this mess. I'm hoping one of those "babies" has the integrity to walk away from the GOP. That will make my vote placement easy and clear, come 2016. I most assuredly will not vote for the Democrat Party appointee, Hilary Clinton, not after her direct involvement and dishonesty about the Benghazi assassinations. Clinton had the opportunity to tell the truth, that Obama *issued the order to "stand down," thus allowing the Chris Stevens/Benghazi assassinations to take place. Clinton chose to keep Obama's secret. For that alone, she isn't qualified to be POTUS. That she can't even tell We the People the truth when the truth is so obvious, as it was around *Benghazi, then she isn't presidential material.

NEVER SUPPORTED THE "I REFUSE TO VOTE" CLUB – I never supported those who refuse to vote, because I've always been convinced that every vote counts. A few years ago, however, when it occurred to me that the same people who are in power also control the ballot boxes, I realized what a fool I have been about this issue. Of course those in power will do all they can to stay in power, including buying/taking control of both major political parties and engaging in voter fraud when necessary.

Look at what is at stake, for goodness sake: The most powerful military on Earth, the most prosperous economy on Earth, control of the most powerful nation in history. I had to ask myself this question:

"Do you think these people who control the U.S. government and the mainstream media, who lie to us daily about virtually anything and everything, are going to allow honest elections and leave it up to We the People every four years to decide if they get to continue controlling this most powerful nation on Earth?"

My answer, of course, was "No way. Of course not." Desperate, greedy, power-mad, dishonest people will not allow us to take their power away from them and give it to someone else after four years; not when they control the ballot boxes, and not when they can do something to insure their ongoing control of The United States of America.

That was when I realized the reality of the dilemma that I believe We the People are really in right now. Bush or Gore, it didn't matter who won. The New World Order/One World Government Shot Callers who really run this nation back and control both candidates. Obama, Romney or Clinton, it didn't really matter who won. Because the same people control both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, it is irrelevant to them who wins. Those candidates were all backed and controlled by the same New World Order/One World Government advocates. Democrat or Republican, no matter who wins the next elections, if they are the official D/R Party nominees, then the same people stay in power behind the scenes, and We the People continue to have no real representation at the federal level. THAT is the stranglehold I believe we are in today. That is why our supposed representatives don't care what We the People want anymore; they don't work for us anymore. They work for the New World Order/One World Government advocates who are behind UN Agenda 21 and who work behind the scenes in the U.S. government.

Don't be mistaken; this isn't about the Democratic Party vs. the Republican Party at all. Neither party can be trusted anymore. They've both violated our trust to the nth degree. If Americans have any integrity and honor, they will remove ALL of the Congressmen who (a) voted for Obamacare and (b) have failed to file impeachment charges against Obama. That pretty much means everyone goes now.

How can Americans keep electing these criminals and traitors again and again? Have We the People no self-esteem? Are we like the abused wife/partner who just keeps allowing more abuse? Are we collectively that sick, really?!?

*Only the POTUS has the authority to authorize a stand-down order at our embassies abroad. It had to be at Obama's command that our military was ordered to "stand down" and let our four citizens be assassinated in Benghazi.

RIP Andrew Breitbart – Our nation thanks you so much for the work you started and We the People vow to finish that work, the investigations, incarcerations and convictions.

© Don Cobb


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Don Cobb

Don Cobb, RAS is an addiction recovery professional and serves as Executive Director for North Bay Recovery Services in Sonoma County, CA. Don recently published a book entitled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies... (more)


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