Don Cobb
An unhealthy nation is born
By Don Cobb
August 30, 2009

A healthy nation starts with healthy individuals. America today is, collectively speaking, not at her optimal health. With freedom comes responsibility, and unfortunately for the generation that not only promised never to grow up but who also kept that promise to a great degree (Baby Boomers), personal responsibility does not appear at the top of America's collective priority list. Quite the contrary, in fact. Some social circles don't even know what the phrase "personal responsibility" means, nor are they interested.

Trying to find volunteers who will actually do something to help the poor is oftentimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. I suppose we could always look for them at the mall, which is packed day after day by people who worship money over He who is truly worthy of worship. Ironic, isn't it, that rather than worshipping our Creator, we've slipped so far from reality that we don't even worship His creation like we used to (dirt worshippers). No, the thing most worshipped in America today appears to this writer to be the Almighty Dollar.

Fathers and mothers alike will abandon their own children in their quest for the Almighty Dollar. The excuse is "We need the money." Reality reveals that many people value money over their closest relationships, sacrificing valuable time and opportunities to be with their loved ones for a chance to make a few more bucks. Children for several generations now have been left to strangers (daycare providers, babysitters, nannies) or even left to raise themselves as they get home from school to an empty house. It's a good thing there isn't any such thing as Spiritual Warfare going on in this life, or our children would be at the mercy of the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Oh, wait... The stealing, killing and destroying has already begun.


So, because a handful of people don't believe in God, think Jesus was but "a good man" or "a great teacher," and who also buy into the Greatest Lie Ever Told, which is that the devil doesn't exist, the fate of our children and of our nation has fallen into the hands of a group of folks (our government) who lean on nothing but their own understanding about life. Starting out in 2006/2007, our current administration pretended they were good church-going Americans and pooh-poohed any talk of Socialism or Communism, calling such accusations outrageous and ridiculous. But here we are, some 9 months into what has become a major abomination (Obama nation) and our government has nationalized the banking industry, the auto industry and is about to nationalize the healthcare industry. Not exactly what America has been about for 200+ years, is it?

Democratic Republics don't take over private industry. Marxist governments take over private industry. Communist governments do that, too. No longer hiding behind the mask of an American, our president shown his hand, and it's clear that the Che Gueverra poster in his campaign headquarters was there because Obama, it is now clear, admires that Marxist. Not only that, but some of our Senators and Representatives are now pointing to Cuba and Fidel Castro as if they are some model of government to be admired. The cat is out of the bag. Marxists and Communists are now sitting in America's Congress. There may be a lot of them, and are certainly far more than I realized.

I'm surprised that there are still Americans who support this rapid conversion of our system of government to Marxism because Marxism is nothing more than a pathway to Communism, and we all know that citizens of Communist countries don't get to vote for their leaders. Marxism and Communism are the same thing, America. Wake the Hell up.

So let us review: Understandably frustrated, (Bush, it turns out, was part of this same group of men we just elected as evidenced by his giving away the first $700 billion dollars to his friends) ignorant, misinformed Americans have put a Marxist in the White House and he is racing toward Communism just as fast as he and his cohorts possibly can. Those Americans who voted for him in the first place seem to lack the humility to admit they were wrong and still refuse to apologize for voting for and supporting a man who thinks America should be a Marxist nation.

I keep waiting to see those bumper stickers come off their cars, but they're still there. Perhaps the Kool-aid was a bit stronger than anyone realized. 40 years of using the government-owned media to manipulate American thinking seems to have been successful at convincing enough of the only truly free nation in the history of the planet that Marxism is a good idea. I can only shake my head in amazement.


The truth is that I minister with some of these folks who are cheering and applauding as our leaders convert America's democratic republic to Marxism. They don't want to talk about why they support this shift to Communism because they're either too ignorant or too brainwashed to understand that Marxism is Communism. They don't get it. I won't argue with them unless and until they can engage in civil discussion. So far, none of them can. So while I disagree with them that Marxism is a good "change" for America and for Americans, we continue to stand side-by-side, feeding and ministering to the homeless, leading our friends in worship, focusing on what we agree upon, not upon that which we disagree. For our battle is not with flesh and blood. The battle is with powers and principalities of darkness. God has already won that battle. We resist the enemy and he will flee. We cannot buy into the lie that our battle is with one another, even when the "others" are Marxists and Communists who support dismantling the Land of the Free that I love so much. Ultimately, we will win this war. In fact, we already have. We simply need to step up and take what is already ours from those who are trying to steal it from us.

© Don Cobb


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Don Cobb

Don Cobb, RAS is an addiction recovery professional and serves as Executive Director for North Bay Recovery Services in Sonoma County, CA. Don recently published a book entitled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies... (more)


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