Don Cobb
The Miracle: Social liberty starts with personal liberty...
By Don Cobb
June 26, 2009

There is a reason that America is letting Communists reform America's system of government right now. "They" aren't to blame. It's not because our neighbors are fools or idiots. It's not because our elected officials tend to be selfish, self-serving and obligated to make their financial backers their priority. Perhaps some or all of those things are true, but that isn't why American people are allowing Obama and Co. to not only ignore but dismantle our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Oh, there is a reason, but if we're looking at others to blame, we needn't look so far.

The reason Americans are allowing America to be turned into China/Cuba/fill-in-the-blank with your favorite Socialist/Communist country's name is because Americans, collectively speaking, have lost our way. The socially and sexually confused have been used to confound the rest of us, and without an identifiable moral anchor, America has become completely confused, too mixed-up and disoriented to even identify our enemy right now. We've even taken to attacking one another while our heritage is being stolen right from under our noses.

This isn't about Communists, although admittedly they have been planning and executing an aggressive plan to overtake America for decades. This isn't about the liberals, the hippies, the atheists or the greedy, nor are the dirt-worshippers or tree-huggers to blame for the disease that is killing America right now.

What's taking place in America is really about freedom. It's about the misunderstanding of and the abuse of the incredible freedom established here in the USA in 1776. With freedom comes responsibility, and now we're getting a little closer to the source of our problems today, both socially and personally. Too many Americans have stopped practicing personal responsibility.

Birthed in 1776, America was undeniably a Christian nation by men who were virtually all men of faith, of various Christian denominations almost to a man. The signers of the Constitution were, likewise, men of faith. Our nation's founding documents make open reference to Providence and to our Creator, and our nation stood firmly on faith in Him for almost 200 years before the faithless realized that they had the freedom to use America's freedom against her.

The media has been bought and is owned largely, and with few exceptions, by men who have been actively working to create the confusion that has beset our nation over the past few decades. The unity that Americans have always enjoyed since the revolution that set us free from tyranny has been intentionally destroyed by men who have successfully used newspapers, television and movies to pit American against American, creating the illusion that our problems stem from one another, from other Americans who believe differently than we do about things which we find important to us. The notion is absurd, and yet we've been convinced that it's blacks against whites, liberals vs. conservatives, homosexuals against the faithful, and it's all an illusion.

With freedom comes responsibility, lest that freedom be jerked out from under us. What we are experiencing right now in America is the result of a concerted effort to convince Americans that we somehow deserve to be irresponsible, that we deserve to be selfish, and that we deserve what the Jones's have in their garage and in their homes. More than that, the Communists who immigrated to America freely since the Cold War ended have enjoyed the freedom to attack the moral fiber of our nation, using the same tactics which have proven to be effective in Socialist and Communist countries all over the world. What they've done and are doing to Americans right now is nothing new. What is new is that we are perhaps the most powerful and successful nation to be so naïve that we invited our enemies in and supported them while our liberties and freedom were stolen out from under us, and right in front of our faces.

The problem in America is not the Communists. It's not the dirt-worshippers, the liberals or the homosexuals. It's not the politicians or the "establishment" or the religious right. There is a problem that is causing the destruction of America as we know it, but it's not any of those people. No, we needn't look so far in order to discover what is destroying America right now.

The problem is you...and me. It is our own lack of courage, ethics and moral integrity. The problem is that we are no longer a principled people, but have become a nation of too many lazy, opinionated and self-centered individuals who now make up apathetic and blind communities. We drank the Kool-Aid, so to speak, America. We retreated into our own dysfunctional isolation, mistakenly confident that "they" would take care of us and that we didn't have any control or influence over what "they" did, and we were dead wrong on both counts. We abandoned our Creator in favor of Self, and because Self loves personal irresponsibility and laziness and is arrogant and unteachable and condescending and selfish, we lost interest in our neighbors and disconnected from our communities.

We bought into the lie that says "If it feels good, do it" and "I'm looking out for Number One," which was fed to us in the 1970's in the guise of personal freedom. We threw God out of the classroom in the 1960's and allowed the ACLU to be taken over, like the public school system, by Socialists and Communists while we were busy working a second job to buy more Pet Rocks and Chia Pets and bigger homes and cars and boats for our personal pleasure and, more importantly, to feed our egos. Yes, marketing has been used to change our national focus from gratitude toward our Creator for establishing this great nation, to turning our back on Him so that we might enjoy more fleshly pleasure that all of us so enjoy.

We stopped being honest with one another and with ourselves decades ago and crept into the darkness where the truth can be effectively hidden, along with our selfish secrets and even crimes against our own children. That's right; I said "crimes against our own children" as in choosing to assume the role of Dictators and Tyrants who demand that our kids follow our instructions in order to make our own lives easier. Crimes such as using intimidation and fear to try to keep our children obedient, and fathers using their children for their own sexual gratification, where it's estimated that more than 50% of American women and girls have been sexually molested by their own family members, fathers, brothers, cousins and uncles. Fathers have failed to protect their daughters from predators for decades now, and have too often become molesters themselves, who victimize their own daughters. These daughters commonly grow up to keep their being molested a secret for decades, sometimes never, ever telling anyone the truth about their molestation. All of this behavior required the truth to be hidden, despite such treatment of children being fairly commonplace in America.

Alcoholism and drug addiction is at an all-time high as Americans who have been effectively taught by the media to keep the truth a secret selfishly seek to medicate themselves on a daily basis, entire generations now using pot and alcohol and prescription medications as coping tools to deal with what, again? To deal with how it feels when we lie and steal and cheat and molest and abuse and neglect our children and live lives virtually free from any semblance of principles in our lifestyles. Selfishness comes with a horrible price, even though our selfishness is a result of the kind of freedom established by our Creator since the birth of our great nation and insured by our Constitution.

The answers for our nation don't lie with the people we elect. No, the truth is that we must become what we want our politicians to be. That's correct: we must learn to be honest, and kind, and bold and courageous and learn to hate evil and expose it wherever it's found. We must practice forgiveness and compassion and self-discipline in our homes and in our communities, and we must not be afraid to tell the truth under any circumstance. Giving evil a place to hide always results in more evil. Exposing the light of truth on everything will always set us free.

So we can't stop at becoming who we wish our politicians were. We must become our politicians. We must get off the couch, turn off the TV, find out when our city council and county Supervisor meetings take place, call our principled friends and go to these meetings. Then we need to speak up when we can see that there are hidden agendas and decisions being made which don't make sense. Oh, they make sense, but not to us because we don't have enough information to understand why certain decisions are being made. We must demand accountability from our public servants and then step up and be willing to become public servants. If not us, who? I'll tell you who: Look around at who you've elected in your community, state and nation. Political activists who appear to hate America and all things American who support our nation's slide into Socialism, that's who. Self-serving professional politicians with secret agendas all over our political system have chosen to be active in our communities, and we've voted for them because we've been too lazy to investigate who the candidates truly are.

Social liberty starts with personal liberty. Social responsibility starts with personal responsibility. Honesty, faith, courage and compassion; patience, humility, perseverance and self-discipline all need to be put into practice at home, at work, in our relationships and in our communities. Followed by social activism, we will take our nation back from the selfish, oftentimes faithless shills who are currently supposedly representing us now.

We can do this. Let's start now. Call your friends. There is no time to waste.

("The Miracle" is an ongoing series of articles by Don Cobb regarding the process through which an individual and/or a group of individuals or even a nation get and stay right-side up. Addiction, sexual, life, social or relationship issues, regardless how deep or serious, are all resolved through this miraculous transformation.)

© Don Cobb


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Don Cobb

Don Cobb, RAS is an addiction recovery professional and serves as Executive Director for North Bay Recovery Services in Sonoma County, CA. Don recently published a book entitled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies... (more)


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