Don Cobb
The Miracle: Let it start with humility
By Don Cobb
March 17, 2009

The United States of America is the greatest, most powerful, influential and charitable nation that ever existed in the history of the Earth. With the kind of freedom we've been blessed with comes responsibility. Personal responsibility demands personal sacrifice at times, and therein, it seems, lies the rub. Without the benefit of strong, humble and spiritual leaders, many Americans have misunderstood the incredible blessing that can come from living in a capitalistic society. Without the revelation that marketing is always to be taken with a grain of salt, one could easily buy into mass marketing's general inference, which is "It's all about me" and the Liberalism mantra (the Satanist's mantra of "Do as thou wilt") "If it feels good, do it." It's the nature of effective marketing to appeal to our most basic instincts, one such instinct being our sex drive, and another which is our self-centeredness, to create the illusion that all I need to worry about is me, and then the marketer proceeds to convince me that I need something. Egomania, puffed-up Self, self-importance, self-centeredness, self-reliance, and self-obsession appear to be the state of our nation today, generally speaking. I think we can all agree that Humility, of all Spiritual principles, is perhaps the least revered in America today.

If we're going to change the world, in fact if we're going to even get right with the world, and if we're going to be a part of the solution, rather than the problem; if America is going to get stronger, rather than weaker, it has to begin with you and me. Hollywood, for example, chock full of every extrovert it can find, while in the process of sometimes feigning humility, rejects true humility as though it were weakness. Hollywood mocks what is right and what is holy, scoffs at God, ridicules faith and believers and pretends nothing really matters. America needs to abandon its Liberal/Satanist philosophy. There is nothing principled in it, and yet America has chosen to elect leaders whom subscribe to that line of thinking. Is it any wonder, considering the path America has consciously and unconsciously chosen — to a great degree — to reject God and, unknowingly perhaps, embrace Satanism, that America now legally kills more than 5,000 babies every day, that we have had our freedom of speech taken away from us, are about to lose our freedom of religion, that our government just stole 1.3 trillion dollars of taxpayer money with which to convert our Republic into a Socialist government (socialized medical care and socialized banking is what Communists do, btw), and all with our permission?

Even many of those who were once faithful and Spiritual believers in God have abandoned Him in favor of Self, worried more now about what people think of us than about living principled lives. Hey, we don't want to offend anyone by being honest, now do we? What if people find out we believe in God? What will happen to us in the work place, or with our family members who aren't believers, or, Heaven forbid, our friends who don't share our faith? What will they think? They might reject us, or not like us. They might discriminate against us because of our faith (Jew, Christian, Buddhist, whatever). It seems that the only safe Spiritual belief these days in America is to believe in Goddesses and witches, or reject God completely. No one gives the pagans a hard time anymore. Worshipping Self has become commonplace in America now, as well.

The problem with worshipping Self is that one cannot practice Spiritual principles while engaged in self-worship. Humility is impossible. Faith becomes paper thin when one becomes self-reliant because we all inherently know that our power, our wisdom, and our abilities are incredibly limited. Trust? Another Spiritual principle, and who are we going to trust? Ourselves? LOL Our friends? We all fall short of perfect. Oh sure, it's fun to believe we're the center of the Universe, except that we all know in our heart of hearts that we did not create this Universe. We cannot create even one little dirt clod, left to our own devices. The reason America is in deep doo-doo right now, losing more liberties and freedoms every single day, is because we lack the Humility to acknowledge our Creator, which would thus right our relationship with the Universe. Our personal relationships are as out of balance with the Universe as the mother or father who has abandoned their family in their effort to create a new life. The problem is that the old life doesn't go away; it simply becomes bastardized and broken — unbalanced now by the loss of the given vital family element.

Even former drug addicts, sex addicts, alcoholics, and victims of abuse, sexual, food, gambling or homeless issues know that in order to right a lilting ship — that is, to get in right relationship with themselves, with others and with their Creator: to get their lives back on track — there must be a decision made to humble themselves. Recovering from the damage of abusive relationships, traumatic experiences such as molestation, rape or violence, abandonment, neglect and addictions of all kinds requires an initial humbling of one's Self. It's required. Recovery from mental, emotional or psychological trauma will not happen without Humility setting the process in motion. Personally, and collectively, if we are going to be all that we can be, we must get right with ourselves, with those around us, and with our Creator. It's essential that we at least be willing to humble ourselves enough to admit that we have a problem. That is what this process which I call "The Miracle" accomplishes.

America has a problem right now, so we have problem too. There is only one way to right this sinking ship, and it starts with us individually. We must take a moment, a private moment perhaps, to acknowledge that our freedom and liberty — both on a personal level and nationally — have been slipping away from us, and that we're in danger of losing it. We must start by admitting there is a problem, and, more importantly, that we cannot fix it, left to our own devices. No man, no matter how intelligent or accomplished or well-liked can solve our problems for us. We've seen this phenomena exacerbated every year by those whom we've propped up as our "saviors," supposedly to save us from destruction, from the enemy, from terrorists. The truth is that we are the problem. We can begin restoring the integrity of our nation by initiating the process which will restore our personal integrity, and it begins — like it or not — with Humility. Getting humble starts with prayer, and with an honest admission that I cannot change myself or anyone else, nor can I change our nation, but that God can.

It matters not that you might not be a pray-er. It's irrelevant to Him if you've never prayed a sincere prayer in your life. God hears us when we pray. That is why people have prayed for thousands of years. He appreciates our humility as we seek His help, admitting that we don't have the answers we need. He answers prayers. It's not always going to be comfortable, adopting a humble lifestyle. It will, however, be healthier than the self-will-run-riot approach to life that comes with the "Do as thou wilt"/"If it feels good do it" lifestyle. And it is the pathway to a peace that surpasses all understanding. It starts with Humility.

If you want your life to change for the better, for our nation to become more secure and free again and if you want to become a better person — stronger, more courageous, wise, healthy, free from the trappings that come with the Human experience — if you want to become a man or woman of integrity whom perhaps you've always fancied yourself to be, then our nation will also become a stronger, healthier place to be. Find a private place if you must, and get on your knees. I know it's not comfortable at first, but you will get it that it is the right posture to have in this lifetime. There is something very right about being on our knees, and I guarantee that once you get past your (perhaps) giant ego and your little Self, you'll agree.

We find a quiet moment, and then ask God to help us. It doesn't need to be complicated. It doesn't matter if you don't believe in God, in fact. If you need help, then ask for it. It can be as simple as "God, please help me." He knows how we need to be helped, all of us. He knows we need His help. He made us this way, to need Him in order to experience real peace and joy in this lifetime. You and I have both heard countless stories of answered prayers. Your unbelief can not stop the power of our Creator, who created the Heavens, this Earth and all that is in it. God is who He is, and what we believe or don't believe about Him doesn't change who He is. No matter who you might think God is or isn't, the evidence of a Creator is all around us. Coincidence is really His way of staying anonymous, quietly helping us without demanding our attention. A former unbeliever, I, and millions of others, have changed our lives dramatically by starting in this fashion. I did not believe in God when I first got on my knees, but I knew I needed help, and was told to start this way. If you want to see personal change take place in your life and in America, the miracle starts with you, and it starts with a humble admission that "I need help."

If we can manage that much, then we are ready to put the next Spiritual principle into play: uncompromised Honesty. I'll talk about that next. In the meantime, thank God that He loves you so much, and continue to ask for His help every day. If you'll do this much right now, an entirely new level of freedom will ensue, as the miracle has now begun to be set into motion. There is hope for America, and for you personally. There is hope for all of us. We can do this, and it starts with you...

© Don Cobb


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Don Cobb

Don Cobb, RAS is an addiction recovery professional and serves as Executive Director for North Bay Recovery Services in Sonoma County, CA. Don recently published a book entitled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies... (more)


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