Don Cobb
The end of a long & wonderful ride
By Don Cobb
March 1, 2009

I had promised to follow up my column about The Miracle, and I will. First, however, I must address this: Generational welfare is a reality here in America now. Generation after generation, welfare recipients have taught their own children how to milk the system like they do, how to live irresponsibly and still survive like they do, how to avoid personal responsibility at all costs like they do, as well as how to embrace what is evil and reject what is good, like they do. Government housing projects have been set up all over America which now serve largely as breeding grounds for the lazy and the ignorant and for criminals, and it's working just as the government would have it. Dependent upon the government in order to survive (welfare, food stamps, free legal aid, free county medical insurance, housing assistance, etc.), these multi-generational welfare families will, of course, always vote for the party which puts free food on the table and which facilitates doing and selling drugs for a living. A common scenario is this: Mom has kids and applies for government assistance, while Dad pretends he doesn't live there but really does live there, and he sells drugs out of the house. It goes on in virtually every city in America now. There is no longer any shame in being on welfare to those for whom it's become a way of life, it seems. The Socialists love that.

The Democrat Party saw the opportunity to buy votes by making people reliant on government a long time ago, and continues today to try to make people more reliant on Uncle Sam so that they'll get these lazy people's votes every election. Obama is about to grant amnesty to an estimated more than 30 million criminals which will likely result in more than 30 million more votes for the Democratic Party, and what are law-abiding Americans doing about it? Nothing, that's what. We've done nothing, and we'll do nothing. How do I know this? Because we're doing nothing about it right now. Odds are good we'll do nothing about it tomorrow, or the next day, either.

Lazy and apathetic are words which describe too many of today's Americans — let's call them 'the new American' — devoid of patriotism, too ignorant to know or appreciate American history or the rights which our Constitution grants all citizens and are busy today giving away everything for which our founders fought and died for their posterity (us). The hard working American appears to be the exception now, not the rule. We've always known that "it's hard to find good help these days," but it is epidemic now. As an employer, I can vouch for that. Any employer can vouch for that fact. Americans are becoming fatter, lazier, more self-reliant and apathetic every day. The Socialists in office today are about to legalize marijuana, which will only exacerbate this phenomenon. As director of a long-term drug/alcohol recovery center, my job certainly appears secure. Addiction problems are getting worse every day, and the government is doing their part to help America get even sicker, lazier and more apathetic than we collectively already are. Pot, by the way, gives one the illusion that everything is alright, even when it's not. It makes people delusional, defensive and apathetic, and commonly results in children being neglected, jobs being lost, relationships eroding, and self-centeredness to the extreme...and our government is about to legalize this drug in the guise of what we already know is fraudulent: supposedly 'medical' marijuana.

By his refusal to produce a valid birth certificate, it's clear that our sitting president may not likely be in office long. He's running head-first at top speed right now to try to install every Socialist program he can before he's removed from office. It's been a great 233 years, this United States of America, and truly, we collectively deserve to be losing every right and freedom that is being taken from us right now. Conservatives' most recent 8 years in the White House were a disgrace, an irresponsible nightmare that can only be described as "Democratic," and yet, it was Republicans doing what Democrats are famous for. Republicans deserved to lose this past election. In fact, it's been said that Republicans are responsible for what is going on right now, that they are responsible for a usurper in office, for our losing our rights and freedoms, for the trillions of dollars being stolen from US taxpayers right now and for Socialism being put in place. Upon reflection, George and Co. did not appear to operate with complete integrity, or Godliness, or in a moral or ethical way. It appears to have been politics, as usual.

The truth is that we, the people, are responsible for this usurper in the White House, and for all that is about to take place: homosexuals changing the definition of marriage, the legalization of yet another mind-altering, addicting substance in America, the granting of amnesty to more than 30 million illegal aliens, for the dissolving of borders between Mexico and Canada in order to create a North American Union (with the United States of America ceasing to exist), for losing our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and for taxation without representation. We are responsible for putting a man in the White House who is about to do all of this. We did this.

And we can undo it. The time to act, however, is now. We would do well to take a cue from the homosexual lobbyists and start showing up at City Council and county Supervisor meetings and speaking out and acting out. Get off of our couches, turn off our TVs, and for our children's sake, meet our neighbors and get involved with running our cities. Born and raised Democrat, switching to Republican when I grew up, now re-registered as American Independent Party, we need to forget about the Democrat/Republican fight. It's an illusion. They are the same thing now. They are the same sickness, the same corruption, the same self-serving arrogant pompous asses flying different colored banners. Investigate Ron Paul and Alan Keyes, men of integrity who love this country more than they love their own bank accounts. Forget who has the best commercials and become interested in who has the best morals and ethics and character. Disregard who is the best orator and take interest in who is telling the truth, who is easy to understand, and who truly is transparent.

Either we do it now, or we need to start thinking about how to explain to our children why America died under our watch. You'll have plenty of stories to tell them about how Americans overcame tyranny and poverty and racism, overthrew a tyrannical Kingdom who overtaxed without the benefit of representation, freed millions of slaves and established rights for all, a long, long time ago. But you'll also have to explain why, during our generation we are again overtaxed, are not represented any longer (special interests are now represented) and have lost or are about to lose virtually every right and freedom which made America what she once was: wonderful, unique, strong and free. Without all of us who are normal, reasonable, and faith-filled Americans taking action right now, this will be seen as the end of a long and wonderful ride as America the Beautiful slides slowly into the sludge of Socialism.

© Don Cobb


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Don Cobb

Don Cobb, RAS is an addiction recovery professional and serves as Executive Director for North Bay Recovery Services in Sonoma County, CA. Don recently published a book entitled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies... (more)


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