Paul Cameron
‘Informed consent’ can sharply reduce trans
By Paul Cameron
July 6, 2023

In June, federal judges struck down state bans on trans for kids and Medicaid coverage for it as well. A massive Danish study reported "gender-affirming care" resulted in 3X more suicides.

Homosexuality has been sheltered by broadening "civil rights" to cover not only things with which you were born (as sex or race) but also behavior (as engaging in homosexuality) and odd desires (to "be" a member of the opposite sex). These can be quit, these can be acquired, and all three are growing. Currently, being trans, is either 1) having had hormones and surgeries that to some degree make it easier to pretend you are the opposite sex, but do not affect your DNA or transform your genitals into those of the opposite sex; or 2) is "true" of you even if you haven’t had any hormones or surgery, just because you have publicly declared you are trans.

Informed Consent: Given Federal judges’ tilt (and the money professionals are making selling trans), it is unlikely that it can be outlawed. But assuring adequate knowledge of risks for more complete informed consent might be almost as fruitful in stopping trans. Here’s how:

Whereas the state has compelling interests in 1) protecting children from losing their ability to procreate; 2) protecting children from the risk of suicide; 3) reducing suicide and all-cause mortality; and 4) assuring that candidates for the cosmetic "gender-affirming care" are given enough information about outcomes and hazards to provide full informed consent.

Therefore, professionals who provide "gender-affirming care" will pay a fee of ~$1,000/client toward funding for state videotaping of the client acknowledging the possible hazards of such procedures so he can give informed consent. Both the client (and if a minor, guardians) will read the statement on camera. Namely, with suitable modifications of tense, that the candidate has been told and understands that:

  1. Although popularly called a "sex change," and "transition" is used as though the clients’ sex has been switched, gender-affirming care neither modifies DNA nor changes genitals into those of the opposite sex. The client understands that the recipient of the trans procedures will continue to remain a biological member of the client’s birth sex.

  2. Breast removal, genital surgery, stimulating or eliminating hair growth, etc. is cosmetic. Such procedures, along with makeup and dress, assist in looking like the opposite sex. These procedures may get infected, go awry, leave scars, or harm the client’s ability to procreate.

  3. Everyone who treats the client, and often the facility in which treatments are given, is making money off the client by doing so. While there is nothing wrong with being paid, having pay contingent on the client (or "my child") having one or more trans procedures is a strong motive that might influence the professional(s) to encourage clients to get them.

  4. The client will acknowledge that when Bruce Jenner, with a penis, said he was a woman in 2015, the press then said he "was." In 2017, after genital surgery, the press still called him a woman. The Penn State trans swimmer has erections according to women sharing his dressing room. Both "women" still have male DNA and are biological men. In 2023 the American Medical Association published a study of “pregnant men.” Thus, the female genitalia of these "men" had not been modified. The client understands that one can choose to dress and make-up as the opposite sex and does not have to undergo "gender-affirming procedures" to be considered the opposite sex. This is the law in some states (such as NY), and countries (such as Denmark). If one avoids getting these procedures, one can "change his mind" without risking any of the procedures’ scars, or untoward physiological. or anatomical side effects.

  5. Across the world, most adults think trying to change your sex is a mental disturbance. Until relatively recently, so did almost all mental health professionals. While many professional associations in the West currently support the money-making "gender-affirming care," worldwide, most mental health professionals and their associations still believe that trying to change your sex indicates a mental disturbance. Further, in the US around half of adults and large numbers of mental health professionals believe that seeking a "sex change" indicates you are mentally "off."

  6. "Gender-affirming care" for children – if surgery or hormones are involved – means disrupting their natural biological development and disfiguring their bodies. If they change their minds afterward – and many will, though follow-ups are too haphazard to say the exact number for sure – they will have scars and the normal functioning of their organs will probably have been compromised. Clients will affirm that they know that these procedures are done to help them appear – with appropriate dress and make-up – as the opposite sex. But they also know that children can pretend to be the opposite sex without the procedures.

  7. Trans procedures are supported by studies of "low" or "very low" scientific quality. As such, trans has been banned or restricted for children in England, Sweden, and Finland. Better studies report many more problems with trans. In Denmark’s 2023 nationwide study of 6.6 million adults – trans were 7 times more apt to have attempted suicide and had double the rate of all-cause mortality. The Danish authors’ summary of prior studies’ findings (see below), which produced similar outcomes of higher suicide attempts and all-cause mortality, along with a summary of population-based studies generally having found trans to be more mentally disturbed, will be included in the "statement of knowledge" client (and/or his guardian) reads.

  8. Trans are responsible for high levels of threats and intimidation of scientists (The Endocrine Society’s Dangerous Transgender Politicization Wall Street Journal 6/28/23) and violence including murder. These may contribute to the higher all-cause mortality of trans ( › info › Crimes_Committed_by_Transgender_People).

  9. Trans bodies do not look like the bodies of the opposite sex. The client will examine pictures of those who have had various trans procedures 5 years and 40 years after the fact (with faces blurred, but otherwise in clear detail in and of the genital and breast regions).

Deception surrounds trans – by the media, trans activists, LGBTs, and the professionals profiting from it. Many candidates for trans are "sold" the notion they will become the opposite sex. That is a lie. Informed consent as above would influence many a trans candidate to reconsider. But since many candidates want attention, or to join a rebellious group, and gays often want their members "redone" for sexual purposes, etc., some will proceed. No warning can cover everything, but detailed informed consent as above will reduce the numbers getting the procedures and go some way toward injecting more honesty into the public debate about trans.

Legislatures interested in banning trans should consider putting their efforts into "informed consent." State officials are more apt to support the law if the amount of the professional fee completely funds its bureaucracy’s enforcement of it. States can regulate medical procedures, and requiring the truth be told to prospective trans is unlikely to be found to be against either medical necessity or the US Constitution.

Denmark’s nationwide study of trans

In 1952, a US gay’s visit to Denmark resulted in the first trans. But the NY Post called it the first "sex change," making him a woman (without checking on what that meant physically). "Sex change" got traction and increasing numbers of gays and eventually, some others with odd sexual desires wanted to get one too. In Denmark from 1980-2021, there were 3,759 trans (0.06% of adults; 53% of whom were men) of 6.6 million adults. The records of trans v normals were compared in the largest, most representative survey of the topic ever in the J American Med Assn. (doi:10.1001/jama.2023.8627). In 2014, you could register as trans in Denmark without any medical procedures! All trans, treated or not, were lumped together in this study. As in the US, trans has exploded in Denmark. There were 165 in 1980-89; for 1990-99, 316; for 2000-2009, 654; and for 2010-2021, 2,624.

Having society support your pretense you are the opposite sex excites many: The rebellious, the attention-seeking, the disturbed, the mockers, parents who want more attention and stuff to share about their kid – the list is ever-growing! And some politicians (such as President Biden) give you special protections and rights. Why stay a blah when you can "be" a man (or woman) just by saying so? What else can make everyone you know think and talk about you?

The Danish findings replicated most of the findings from the modest scientific trans literature – with a MUCH bigger database. Thus, suicide attempts were 7 times higher, suicides 3 times higher, and overall mortality twice as high among trans. Unlike so many other studies regarding suicide, these findings were not based on self-report as are but on medical records.

In the discussion, the authors pointed out their findings’ similarities to other studies:

    A Danish study in which 23% of trans “reported at least 1 lifetime suicide attempt compared with 2% to 4% among nontrans….” “An even higher suicide mortality rate (270 per 100?000 person-years) was reported for Swedish transgender individuals undergoing gender identity–affirming surgery during 1973 to 2003. A recent population-based study using data from general practitioners and death statistics in England between 1988 and 2019 reported 3 to 5 times increased mortality from either suicide or homicide among trans…”

    “Well in line with the current findings, higher rates of suicide-unrelated and all-cause mortality …have been reported for trans… attending a clinic for cross-sex hormone treatment in the Netherlands between 1972 and 2018. … Elevated rates of all-cause mortality among transgender individuals have also been reported in studies from Sweden and the United States. In contrast, and despite a higher suicide mortality rate during 1999 to 2016, transgender US veterans had 10% lower all-cause mortality compared with other veterans.”

You know they really had to dig to find a 10% "better thing" to report about trans! Results from 6.6 million adults is huge, likely to have produced a stable, and thus quite believable, outcome. The authors didn’t mention morbidity comparisons. If they scoured the records for suicide and all-cause mortality, it is likely they got morbidity comparisons as well. Perhaps they wanted more publicity, and we’ll hear about it shortly in a new journal article (many male trans go into prostitution – a profession that generates both mental and physical problems).

The Danes were the first to do trans and the first to accept gay marriage. Their Total Fertility Rate (1.77 children/woman) is, as with most Western countries, below the replacement level. But it is not hurtling toward oblivion as South Korea at 0.78, and a tad better than the US’s 1.66.

Close to home, a grandchild who works at Chick-fil-A said something critical of LGBTs to a coworker. Another worker reported it to management and the threat of being fired was raised assuch remarks are against company policy. Around the same time, a family member working for a school system was taunted by students who complained that the staff member did not use the pronouns these boys and girls preferred. The complaint led to the member’s supervisor reminding the member it was district policy to accommodate kids claiming to be trans.

The above LGBT-related events happened in Colorado Springs – often called the Vatican of Evangelicalism. Even in Colorado Springs LGBT influence (or is it control?) is growing. Having to kowtow to the disturbed and dissolute (or snotty kids who want to annoy supervising adults) is getting more and more irritating. It certainly makes you wonder whether "civil rights" that encompassed chosen behaviors were a sensible addition to our legal system.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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