Paul Cameron
U.S. LGBTs and their harms growing
By Paul Cameron
April 10, 2024

In March 2024, Gallup released its 2023 findings about adults who said they were LGBT. Table 1 summarizes LGBT growth over the last 85+ years. Gallup said the “percentage of U.S. adults who consider themselves something other than heterosexual has more than doubled since [we] first asked about sexual orientation and transgender identity in 2012.” In case you wonder whether what respondents do is different from what they say (an entirely reasonable cautionary), another set of investigators used a sample of 34,524 U.S. adults from the General Social Survey [DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2023.2225176] to compare the reported sexual behavior of respondents with their "orientations" from 1989 through 2021. Bisexuality increased from 3.1% reporting both male and female sex partners since age 18 in the 1989-1994 samples, to 9.3% in the 2012-2018 samples, and 9.6% reporting bisexuality in the 2021 sample. Identifying as bisexual was more frequent by women (3.7%) than men (1.6%). Bisexuality was more common among those aged 18-29 (over 6%) than those over 40 (<2%).

While these point estimates are not identical (e.g., 26% of Generation Z in the General Social Survey v 22% in Gallup checked “something other than straight”), but "close enough" to suggest a reality. That reality features homosexuality growing among women and young adults.

Table 1 suggests:

  1. In the "old days," (e.g., the last column of Table 1), before LGBTs had Presidential and/or Media approbation, men were more apt to "get into" homosexuality and there was no trans. Today, when politicians, governments, and the Hollywood/Media complex are pushing LGBTism in schools, politics and entertainment: LGBTism has accelerated among both sexes;

  2. trans has gone from a tiny fraction of gay men to a countable fraction of both sexes;

  3. while disturbed gays started trans, women (often mentally disturbed) are now twice as apt to claim trans;

  4. almost every category of LGBTs has increased with each succeeding generation; and

  5. those who could bear children – females – are the most rapidly becoming LGBT.

Are homosexualized women more of a problem? As the only sex that can bear kids, the lower rate of childbearing associated with homosexuality imperils our demographic future. Additionally, consider the issues of social concern, admitted by the Federal government or evident in its published reports, associated with LGBTs: 1) more instability: e.g., higher rates of

job changing, residence, and partner changing and failing to show up for work; 2) higher rates of unemployment, disability, and welfare use; 3) higher rates of mental and physical illness; 4) higher rates of ambulatory and hospitalized treatment for mental and physical illness; 5) higher rates of self-abuse as cutting, burning and suicide attempts; 6) higher rates of substance abuse (e.g., alcohol, psychedelics, marijuana, opioids); 7) higher rates of treatment for substance abuse; 8) higher rates of criminality (both violent [as rape, murder] and involving property; 9) higher rates of common (e.g., gonorrhea, syphilis) and less common (e.g., HIV, monkeypox) sexual-activity-related diseases; 10) higher rates of getting and spreading germs associated with epidemics (as HIV, monkeypox); 11) lower rates of parenthood and LGBT parents having fewer children; 12) LGBTs’ children tending to mirror the issues of social concern associated with their parents and more apt to become LGBT; and 13) having higher rates of sexual child abuse as biological-, adoptive- or foster-parents.

Examination of consecutive child sexual abuse news stories appearing on Google News over 6 months to 10-year periods, logged 4,705 perpetrators accounting for 16,475 victims in 12 countries (U.S., UK, Canada, Italy, Poland, Moldova, Russia, India, China, Taiwan, Australia & New Zealand) over the years 2012-2021. Higher rates of child sexual abuse were recorded by those engaging in homosexuality: biological fathers, mothers, foster/adoptive parents, stepparents, grandmothers, uncles, brothers, sisters, male and female relatives, male and female housemates, mother’s lovers, male and female acquaintances, boy- and girl-friends, male neighbors, male and female elementary & secondary teachers, male and female coaches, male and female professors, male and female principals, male and female school staff, male and female childcare and youth workers [e.g., babysitters/nannies/sports instructors/daycare workers], male religious leaders; male and female group home workers (as orphanages, youth detention centers); male police or military members, male medical professionals, male and female mental health professionals, thus providing an independent source of validation for many of the issues of social concern above [some results have been published in our newsletters, the total report, including the database, is being finalized].

LGBTs cause more social disruptions, higher social costs, and fewer social benefits than non-LGBTs. As such, an increase in LGBTs reduces social cohesion, wealth, and smooth social functioning. The U.S. LGBT increase is at least partially responsible for some of the U.S.’s "mental health/happiness crisis" and its "birth dearth."

The U.S. is increasingly letting "mental health experts" steer it. These experts worked to "free" homosexuality and its practitioners from Christianity’s censure. They have also – in union with homosexuals – created trans. In 1948, Alfred Kinsey and Harry Benjamin – both well-informed sexologists – met a San Francisco mother whose son wanted to be a girl. At that time, neither professional had even heard of a child wanting a sex change. The first trans interventions were done to a gay in 1952, the same year the first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [DSM| was published. The 1968 DSM II listed homosexuality as a “mental disorder” and had neither a transsexual nor gender identity category. For the next 12 years, the media, homosexuals, and mental health professionals advertised "sex changes." In the 1980 DSM III, homosexuality was "missing" as a per se mental disorder, and 6 pages were devoted to gender identity disorders! Additionally, the "want to be the opposite sex" condition, once confined to gays expanded and "infected" children. The DSM III (1980) noted since “surgical sex reassignment is a recent development, the long-term course of the disorder with this treatment is unknown” (although there is no surgery that "reassigns" sex, all these surgeries create a mess that "mental health professionals" want us to pretend is "just like" the real thing). Today, about 2% of U.S. youth claim to be trans. How many have been injected/sliced to resemble the opposite sex is unknown, but if a quarter of Generation Z’s women claim to be something other than heterosexual (Table 1), the U.S. birthrate looks bleak.

Trans are almost invariably incapable of reproduction except by evangelizing others. Although surgically "reassigned" trans are neither male nor female, according to mental health experts (and much of the media), they are "really and truly male and or female." This new being fits into the list of pathologies listed above and, as such isn’t a very desirable creature nor evidence that smart surgeons can do as well as God (or nature).

The heart of Christian sexual prescription is marriage with children and the suppression of homosexuality, abortion, and the killing of unwanted infants. Societies under Christianity’s wing have reproduced themselves and generated all kinds of life- and labor-saving inventions for two thousand years. As the U.S. has adopted ever more of the mental health/social welfare experts' advice (impossible to summarize given the hundreds of mental health/social welfare theories, but its professionals claim homosexuality is "normal" and "socially useful") the U.S. finds itself challenged. In the 50 years of following the mental health experts, we have as many as a fiftieth of our youth wanting to change their sex, and homosexuality growing fast enough to account for an appreciable fraction of our social problems – including our birth dearth.

Yet our Supreme Court just refused to intervene [M.C., et vir v. Indiana Department of Child Services March 19, 2024] on behalf of Christian parents whose son demands they allow him to become trans. SCOTUS is thus joining the states’ child-protection bureaucracy in ripping families apart so kids can commit the quasi-suicide of becoming trans. While there may be parts of this case that "don’t make good law," the Supreme Court is still joining with government officials ostensibly "protecting youth" to break this family rather than violate LGBT ideology (and deprive various professionals of an income stream). It certainly looks as though "freeing homosexuality" might have unleashed a bit more than Western elites can control.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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