Paul Cameron
Casual transmission of Monkeypox! Avoid gays?
By Paul Cameron
September 14, 2022

After testing the "just cleaned" home of gays who had gotten monkeypox during their travels, the CDC warned: “Persons living in or visiting the home of someone with monkeypox should follow appropriate precautions against indirect exposure and transmission by wearing a well-fitting mask, avoiding touching possibly contaminated surfaces, maintaining appropriate hand hygiene, avoiding sharing eating utensils, clothing, bedding, or towels….” (8/19/22). The virus was "everywhere" – on toilet seats and handles, couches, blankets, light switches, coffee makers, shower doors, and sink handles – whether the surface was porous or nonporous. DOI:

Gays traveled the world to have sex at PRIDE celebrations and spread monkeypox. Tens of thousands of gays got monkeypox – one from merely dancing in a crowd of his sweaty fellows (so he claimed). Given the CDC warning, is everyone around them in danger? Gays travel by taxi, bus, and plane. The CDC says YOU are to wear a “well-fitting mask” and avoid “touching possibly contaminated surfaces” whilst in a gay’s home. What if you live with gays, as in a dorm, barracks, or submarine? How about a hotel room or using a shower or restroom that an infected gay used?

These are serious questions – in July two Colorado women got monkeypox out of nowhere – not sex, not hugging – just living their lives! They speculate that their infections were due to sitting in contaminated chairs – one in a doctor’s office, the other near a hostel. In 2018, a UK health care worker got infected via contact with a patient’s bedding and innocently infected 4 of 134 contacts (no one died). ( Whereas the health care worker was caring for a patient, the women who got it from "casual contact" lived 70 miles apart, didn’t know each other, or knowingly interact with any monkeypox sufferer.

The CDC recently admitted botching its Covid and monkeypox responses—i.e., owning millions of doses of the MP vax but not having them “bottled for distribution” so they can be used (NY Times, Aug. 17)! Similarly, the medical establishment was terribly slow to address the concerns of these two women. They dealt with different doctors over the past months, so this failure is apt to be medical-system wide (one is still awaiting her August 5th test results!!! And she can’t get the approved meds for monkeypox until she gets those results).

Instead of total transparency (and giving reason to trust their statistics and pronouncements), the public health establishment has been spending an awful lot of its energies protecting gays from "discrimination." The August 19 CDC study shows infected gays shed the virus wherever they go. Yet, instead of shutting down PRIDE for monkeypox as it did schools for Covid 19, the public health establishment has allowed gay bacchanalias to go on, and given the monkeypox infections of these two women, put everyone else at risk.

“The current global outbreak likely originated in viral strains associated with an outbreak that started [in gays] in Nigeria in 2017” DOI: 10.1007/s11524-022-00671-1, and “there is a risk that without containment among gay and bisexual men, the infection can spread in other settings in which the close physical contact monkeypox requires for transmission is common, from homeless shelters and prisons to gyms and sports clubs….” [Indeed, so many homeless shelters (and environs where the homeless camp) are so filthy, the addition of monkeypox virus is almost certain to make them more dangerous.] [The author goes on to opine that.] The risk to the "general" population should not be what spurs us to act: the lives of …gay men…should not…only useful…as a sentinel for the rest of us to be on our guard.” “Should” is a political word. With a first thought to not harm gays, Woke health officials have created many reasons to "avoid gays like the plague."

Monkeypox has only killed a few and cost the infected a very painful month of their lives – including the two women innocent of anything but living. The women’s "casual contact" monkeypox testimonies are extensive and compelling: Please either go to: to read their accounts or write to FRI for the updated versions.

Is Homosexuality Normal and Healthy?

Until 1962, homosexual acts were illegal across the U.S. By 1973-4, the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations said their insights about "mental health" led them to regard homosexual acts as "normal and healthy." For the last few decades, the U.S. has been engaged in replacing the laws and customs based on the religiously-inspired condemnation of homosexuality with welcoming laws and regulations. It is thus of some significance that on March 2, 2022, the U.S. Health and Human Services admitted in its proposed regulations for medical care:

Overall, LGBTQI+ individuals report being in poorer health than non-LGBTQI+ individuals. LGBTQ+ individuals, moreover, are at increased risk for or are particularly affected by certain health conditions, including sexually transmitted infections, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), obesity, conditions associated with tobacco, alcohol, and other substance use, and mental health conditions, including suicidality. LGB people are more likely to acquire a disability at a younger age than heterosexual individuals. (p. 32)

Notice that HHS reported that LGBTs were still less healthy – after five decades of increased acceptance. Such an admission tends to falsify the "normal and healthy" claims of mental health professionals. Indeed, in addition to all kinds of life-shortening diseases – e.g., obesity and substance abuse – with the increased acceptance recommended by mental health practitioners because of LGBTs’ "normality," “mental health conditions” are still more common among LGBTs!

Obviously, those more frequently ill cost society more, but HHS only cited one other way that cost taxpayers more – "more likely to acquire a disability at a younger age." But HHS studies also show LGBTs are more frequently criminal and have traffic accidents – both quite socially costly. Add to this LGBTs’ more frequent child sexual abuse (about a third of the perpetrators of "child sexual abuse" in the last decade of Google News engaged in homosexuality with their victims), and you have a lot of empirical evidence stacking up on the religious side of the "is homosexuality healthy and benign?" debate.

Is this empirical reality leading HHS to abandon mental health philosophy and call for homosexuality to be treated as smoking tobacco or using heroin? No, these HHS regulations even demanded the end to religious exemptions to its non-discrimination policies [fortunately, on August 26th, the Fifth Circuit upheld a permanent injunction preventing HHS from enforcing a requirement that hospitals "perform gender-reassignment surgeries or abortions" "in violation of … sincerely held religious beliefs"]. HHS regulations also enjoin that

    "…federally funded covered entities restricting an individual’s ability to receive medically necessary care, including gender-affirming care, from their health care provider solely on the basis of their sex assigned at birth or gender identity likely violates Section 1557.” (p. 31) [while also admitting that] “LGBTQ+ people, … have a higher prevalence of underlying health conditions, [and] are more susceptible to COVID-related illnesses and death.” (p. 34)

Notice the careful use of “an individual's” instead of an adult’s. Professionals’ desire for remuneration gets satisfied by fulfilling the whims of ignorant children. Not the professionals’ fault that what the kids want leaves them sterile in a society that needs more children. What an improvement from the Biden administration – the hormone-injecting and mutilation of children by federal decree!

Conclusions: The CDC statement about the monkeypox epidemic: “precautions against indirect exposure and transmission by wearing a well-fitting mask” shows the heightened risks of gays acquiring and transmitting new germs. The seriousness of the new diseases they have spread and the attempted subversion of the medical profession to advance their interests both break against the mental health associations’ opinion about homosexuality being socially benign or even useful. Indeed, given these harms, it would seem we should be involved in a debate about recriminalizing homosexuality rather than how to laud it to our children and encourage more societies to legalize it.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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