Paul Cameron
Pride makes Monkeypox go bananas
By Paul Cameron
August 7, 2022

PRIDE, a summer-long homosexual bacchanalia, is spreading Monkeypox. Though the CDC and the World Health Organization have issued warnings about monkeypox, and its dangerousness is at the top of gay websites, hundreds of thousands of gays are having sex with locals in scores of cities across the world.

Monkeypox has gone from a few handfuls of cases worldwide in mid-May to more than 28,000 on August 5! The U.S. government just declared monkeypox a public health emergency, though 98% of the infections are in gays.

A July 18 opinion piece by Benjamin Ryan at the Washington Post titled "You are being misled about monkeypox" admitted:

    An uncomfortable truth, one documented in peer-reviewed papers, is that sexual behaviors and networks specific to gay and bisexual men have long made them more likely to acquire various sexually transmitted infections…[,] not only HIV, but also syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B and sexually transmitted hepatitis C. Global public health experts agree that skin-to-skin contact in the context of sexual activity between men has been the principal driver of the monkeypox outbreak....

Of the 2,800 U.S. cases on July 23, the CDC said 2 were in toddlers and 8 in women, the rest in gays. By August 5, with 7,102 U.S. cases (notice the jump in numbers), over 1,200 gays were infected in New York City alone! Currently, monkeypox is so homosexual, it might reasonably be called gaypox (it won’t be, of course).

A large portion of gay sex occurs with strangers, often under the influence of mind-altering substances. The CDC asked gay monkeypox sufferers (Aug. 4) how many partners they had in the prior 3 weeks: 4% claimed none, 27% claimed one, 40% 2-4; 14% 5-9; and 19% 10+ partners. Group sex at a Pride event was reported by 38%, and 41% were infected with HIV. These guys are used to taking chances!

Pride began 50 years ago and has blossomed into a highly efficient germ-spreading mechanism with components in all the major cities of the West. Almost all countries that make up the West have gone to great lengths to slow the spread of Covid—with health officials requiring masking, isolation, and shutdowns—so you would think public health officials would shut down the Pride germ-spreading machine. But no, they are hesitant to even ask gays to reduce their numbers of partners. Currently, they are scrambling to provide vaccines so gays don’t have to worry about spreading monkeypox. But the two vaccines available have not been thoroughly tested against monkeypox (and one vax is difficult to administer). Further, some gays who say they were vaccinated have gotten monkeypox. If "prudence" led officials to go to the lengths they did for Covid, why have they not acted the same way against monkeypox?

Most professional medical/psychiatric professional associations say homosexuality is "normal and healthy." But if gays know monkeypox is terribly painful, yet continue to have sex with multiple strangers during a monkeypox epidemic, how "normal" are they? And if they are dangerous to each other, how can they be considered harmless to society? If they introduced and spread HIV and now are introducing and spreading monkeypox, why are they being treated by public health officials as a "sacred cow"—immune from the "stop it, it will kill you" criticisms levied against smokers, illegal drug users, or speeding drivers?

In the West, at least so far, monkeypox is seldom fatal. This year’s Pride has generated something I and other traditionalists have long been concerned about: that gay promiscuity will distribute a new germ into lots of naïve bodies. Once a germ that usually affects animals enters the population, the more people it infects and the greater its chance to mutate and get more harmful. True, the history of monkeypox suggests it will not go dangerously "rogue." But, since leaving Africa, it has already mutated more and faster than it "should have," so just having it hang around poses a risk, especially as its number of victims is growing exponentially.

Generally, when you know you have a sexually contagious disease, your options range from totally avoiding, and thus safeguarding, others; doing as you usually do, letting others "take their chances"; or seeking revenge for being infected (we know how innocent we were, it wasn’t really our fault). No matter which you choose, many germs are difficult to transmit (such as HIV, and to a degree, monkeypox). So even if you try, your partner(s) may escape infection.

Addressing this, my Family Research Institute's 1983 national sexuality survey (published in the Nebraska Medical Journal, 1985, pp. 292-299) asked subjects: “When you knew that you had a contagious disease, how often have you had sex to infect others?” Of those who reported they had a contagious disease, 1.5% of straight men and 4.5% of gays—in other words, three times more gay men than straight men—reported “once” or “more than once.” Thus, homosexuals who participated in the survey were three times more apt to claim to practice "revenge sex" than other men. And these are the guys spreading the painful monkeypox germ!

Even though those in public health are well aware of how dangerous gays’ sexual behavior is, public health officials are protecting homosexuals as they did with AIDS back in the 1980s. At that time, once it was clear HIV (the germ that causes AIDS) was overwhelmingly spread by gay sex, public health officials (many of whom were homosexual) spent a lot of their efforts trying to democratize HIV (“anyone can get it”). Officials didn’t try to inhibit or stop gay sex, but desperately wanted to make sure gays weren’t blamed or "stigmatized" for spreading HIV (i.e, “all with HIV are innocent”).

These same themes are evident in the July 22 testimony of an infected gay MD who advocates for “LGBTQ populations.” As a medical doctor and activist, he knew what monkeypox does and the kinds of risks he’d be taking by sexually participating in Pride, but:

    I laid on the bathroom floor in early June in a cold sweat when I noticed the first lesion,… There's no way it could be monkeypox, right?… I snap a quick picture of it on my phone and send it to two of my best gay doctor friends,… [T]he news was saying there were only five cases in the state—it seemed unfathomable that I could be one of them.… I did my best to spread the word this isn’t a "gay disease," and cautioned people about the routes of transmission, especially among the queer population…. I wondered if there would have been a more robust government response if this illness was impacting a population other than the LGBTQ community.

Notice the gay MD said: “two of my best gay doctor friends”; “I did my best to spread the word this isn’t a ‘gay disease,' and [he] cautioned people about the routes of transmission, especially among the queer population”—although well informed, he took his chances. Where he could, he spread soothing propaganda about "this isn’t a 'gay disease,’" and he hectored his own about "routes of transmission"—this gay sees himself as clearly "innocent." Then, as he thinks about how unfair it was for him to be infected and how wrong society has been not to protect him, he gets outraged: “I wondered if there would have been a more robust government response if this illness was impacting a population other than the LGBTQ community.” He now senses a possible motivation to spread it.

As with AIDS in the 1980s, today's international public health organizations and news organizations are showing favoritism toward gays in the face of the current threat of monkeypox:

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) — An unusual spread of monkeypox does not mean people should shun LGBTQ+ pride parades this summer, a World Health Organization expert said …, adding that it was important to show support.

Gays bring and spread diseases. At the very least these, diseases cost money that might go toward treating innocents suffering from diseases beyond their control. Instead, we all must pay to provide LGBTs medical support to ameliorate the results of their excesses. But this injustice is hardly a reason to “shun LGBTQ+ pride parades this summer.” Indeed, it is important to “show support!”, we're told.

The whitewashing of homosexuality in the press is stark:

    Cases have so far been concentrated primarily among gay and bisexual communities.... However, the WHO and the CDC have emphasized that anyone can catch monkeypox regardless of sexual orientation.

Diseases don’t fall on you because of your "sexual orientation" any more than they do because of your "political orientation." If you engage in an orgy with numerous partners, you just might get a disease. Yet both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control spend a lot of effort emphasizing that "anyone can catch monkeypox!”

Don’t you feel like you live in a homosexualized Soviet Union? Instead of the wonders of communism, our leaders’ acceptance of homosexuality has us bathed in similar dissembling about the wonders of homosexuality.

Even worse, our kids are subjected to homosexualization and transsexualism in the media and, increasingly, at school.

Aren’t you sick-to-death at having to endure all these lies? And what if monkeypox turns deadly or becomes more easily spread?

Making homosexual activity legal has many unforeseen consequences.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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