Paul Cameron
Southern Baptists did a decent job protecting kids
By Paul Cameron
June 20, 2022

Analysis of 2,633 consecutive Google News stories about ‘child sexual abuse’ suggests every institution that works with kids – from the Federal Government’s Indian Health Service to orphanages to churches – employs child molesters (and not always unknowingly). Those seeking sex with children are clever, saying and doing whatever it takes to get near them (overall, 4% of US Google perpetrators were recidivists). Southern Baptist leaders may vie with occupants of the oval office in breaking the 7th Commandment, but Google suggests Southern Baptists were like other Protestants and better than Catholics at preventing church-related child molestation.

Table 1 summarizes key facts from every news story containing both perpetrator and victim sex when Googled with ‘child sexual abuse’ from 2012 through 2021. Thus, in row 4, 85 Catholic religious leaders molested 581 underage victims homosexually [they were “homo perps”] and 15 leaders molested 19 victims heterosexually [they were “hetero perps”]. In row 2, 10 Baptist perps molested 26 victims and 16 hetero Baptist perps molested 23 (all varieties of Baptist are grouped). The Houston Chronicle used more search terms to assemble its 'molestations associated with Southern Baptists,' and so its larger set of data isn’t directly comparable to ours. Row 5 reports our scoring of those Houston Chronicle news stories that included both sex of perpetrators and victims. Rows 2 and 5 display similar percentages of homo and hetero perps and percentages of corresponding victims, tending to cross-validate both rows as being ‘fairly representative of the underlying reality.’

The Stop Abuse Campaign reports that in 2007, the three companies that insure churches said they receive ~260 reports of sexual abuse per year from Protestant and ~228 from Catholic churches – or about 5,000 claims over the decade we sampled. These insurance companies’ reports, along with having consulted with churches and schools about staff molestations in which none of the events (even one including a victim suicide) made the news, are among the many reasons to believe only the 'tip of child molestations' makes the news. As journalists, editors, and Google ‘lean left,’ our sample of news stories is unlikely to be biased against homosexuals.

Catholic v Protestant Perpetrators and Victims: Estimating how many church leaders (e.g., clerics, ministers of music, youth pastors) were in Protestant and Catholic churches proved vexing. Over the period covered by the news stories (at times involving events years earlier), no ‘definitive count’ was available. However, it appears likely that Protestants had over 300,000 and Catholics no more than 60,000 church leaders (e.g., 5:1) over the time of our news stories.

Our Google sample yielded 95 Protestant and 100 Catholic perpetrators, in line with the approximately 1:1 ratio of sex abuse reports from insurance companies. In Table 1, homosexual perpetrators had more victims, accounting for 727 (88%) of the 834 underage victims – about 6 victims each. Those who abused heterosexually averaged about 1.3 victims each. If we assume about the same chances of a molestation making the news whether the leader was Protestant or Catholic, then kids attending Protestant functions were in less danger of being sexually molested by a leader – largely due to so many homosexuals getting into the Catholic clergy. The outsized homosexual footprint among celibate clergy and the ensuing child sexual abuse was noted by St. Basil in the 4th and St. Damien in the 11th centuries. It appears difficult to keep the homosexually inclined out of religious leadership forbidding a wife.

Child Molestation By Mental Health Professionals

Table 2 summarizes child molestations by mental health professionals (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage counselors, etc.). This is the profession that the media often suggests contains the experts that ought to be hired to 'fix' the child sexual abuse problems of a religious body. Clearly, this profession has its share of molesters, and, just as with the religious bodies, the homosexuals within its ranks did most of the molestations.

The mental health movement’s professional associations [e.g., the American Psychiatric and American Psychological Associations and the National Association of Social Workers] told the US Supreme Court in 1994 that “gay men have been stigmatized with the allegation that they are disproportionately responsible for child sexual abuse, there is no evidence of any positive correlation between homosexual orientation and child molestation” ignoring the long history of pederasty and the homosexually-inclined violating boys in Pakistan and Afghanistan today. By ‘forgetting’ this historic and contemporary reality, these associations facilitated the entry of homosexuals into situations from which they had been barred (e.g., adoption, fostering, teaching, child-care). In Table 2, their professionals also generated evidence to the contrary.

Mental health associations not only dissemble about the child molestation danger homosexuals pose but have helped transform what began as gays’ cross-dressing and transsexualism into normal needs of children. As such, they are participants in injecting hundreds of thousands of children with drugs to disrupt their normal sexual development and aid in the mutilation of tens of thousands of kids in service of the lie that changing your sex is possible.

Child Molestation At K-12 Schools

Table 3 summarizes the Google News findings for the various school personnel caught molesting their pupils. The educational system has perhaps the most background checks, interviews, recommendations, etc. to keep molesters out. We will go into more detail in future reports on sexual violations of pupils, but this summary provides a reasonable ‘feel’ for the data.

Homosexual perpetrators dominated male elementary teacher molestation. Row three only includes those females we could determine were elementary or secondary teachers (others existed, but the pattern of heterosexually dominating females remained). Female teacher molestations stood out as being considerably more frequently heterosexual than homosexual. The other school personnel molesters, all male, were mainly heterosexual, but as generally the case, the homosexual minority managed to molest more victims.

Google’s record puts the Southern Baptist scandal in perspective. News reports alleged Southern Baptist “leaders had covered up sex-abuse claims over two decades,” the new President assuring “there would no longer be a ‘hunting ground’ for sexual predators in Southern Baptist churches” implying knowing what was going on and refusal to act. But unlike the Indian Health Service Doctor whose colleagues knew he was abusing boy patients; Penn State U protecting its football program instead of boys; or the FBI, US Olympic Committee, and MSU sitting “on evidence … for over a year allowing … abuse of dozens of other girls;” evidence of Southern Baptist officials ‘looking the other way’ regarding child molestation appears absent.

The Tables demonstrate no policy eliminates molestation in almost any setting. Some who supervise children have or develop sexual interest in them. Those situations when others knew and ‘looked the other way’ are considerably more scandalous (because some kids could have been saved from the molestation) than when a molester was able to sneak into his position.

Conclusion: If journalists write accurately and Google’s algorithm yields a reasonable sample, the last decade of US news provides ample evidence of a highly “positive correlation between homosexual orientation and child molestation.” Indeed, these Google findings suggest that the more homosexuals you hire or allow around youth, the greater the risk to children.

By following the historic Christian stand against homosexuality and not allowing the obviously homosexual into leadership positions, the Southern Baptists protected children about as well as possible. Requiring clerics to be unmarried means Catholic leadership positions are highly attractive to homosexuals. The disproportionate homosexual molestation by Catholic leaders suggests Rome has had scant success at keeping homosexuals from the priesthood.

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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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