Paul Cameron
Transsexual scam origins
By Paul Cameron
March 14, 2022

Why are 3-4% of US HS girls and 2-3% of boys calling themselves a sex other than they were born? And the 2-4% figure may be too low, a recent study in one metro area put the proportion at ~ 9% instead! If the 2015 poll of 27,715 trans activists approximates the truth, about a quarter of trans will want some sort of surgery and about half will want hormones, creating an enormous demand for medical services. Since few who get these services will fail to be deeply disappointed with their ‘transformation,’ trans will also create a huge demand for ‘talk therapy’ to find a way to live with their disfigurement. The ‘drugging and snipping’ involved in mutilating them, often eliminates trans’ ability to have children and contribute to the demographic. Since kids’ self-centeredness usually compels their parents to be less self-centered, trans miss this ‘natural’ process of reducing or eliminating their adolescent mentality as well.

Transsexualism started with gays’ odd sexual desires. Most gays want ‘some femininity’ in their sex partners. This is quite different from a male who fancies females. He doesn’t want them to dress as or look like a man. For most normal guys, the more she looks like a ‘woman should look’ – with clothing and makeup attuned to his culture’s feminine ideal – the sexier. But many gays want partners to at least look like women in some respects – cross dressing/acting/make-up is a common part of homosexual subculture. In Afghanistan/Pakistan [“boys are for pleasure, women for children”], those very boys often dress in women’s clothing and affect female-like movements. Likewise, the men who have sex with men often wear women’s clothing and/or makeup. In line, some of my homosexual clients averred that they and most of their partners would ‘prefer a woman’ [e.g., men were just ‘better than nothing’]. Often, women with homosexual tastes also cross-dress: ‘Dykes’ as men. This seems to have been true in ancient times as “No woman should wear a man’s clothing, nor a man put on woman’s dress, for those who do these things are abominable to the Lord your God” (Deut 22:5).

Indeed, civilizations have almost always taken biological reality and bifurcated it rather than giving the ~1/1,000 born with uncertain or strange genitals a ‘special social status.’ Whatever the ‘fun’ of cross-dressing for some, for various reasons (possibly including the encouragement of homosexuality or gender confusion), it is usually verboten.

Three ‘starts’ to the transgenderism scam are recorded, and an argument can be made for each as ‘the major impetus.’ But, without accredited doctors assuring that they had brought about actual sex-change – that is, made a male into a female and vice versa – and without the media endorsing their claim (and covering up the reality), it would have withered under reality’s light.

  1. Germany, 1919-1932: Magnus Hirschfeld, a gay MD with (mysteriously) unlimited funding, started the first large gay rights organization disguised as a sexuality institute. He sought pity for gays for being about three times more apt to suicide [likely true] and claimed this would end if homosexual activities were legalized [likely false, suicide apparently ‘goes with the homosexual territory].’ Hirschfeld’s ‘pity-us’ campaign got close to getting homosexuality legalized in the 1920s, but the rise of the Nazis ended his efforts and institute. Hirschfeld was involved in getting some gays castrated (that is, making them eunuchs, which ‘softened’ their appearance) and splitting a penis into a kind of vagina (which apparently killed the recipient), but only gained wide-spread recognition for these cross-sexual operations among homosexuals.

  2. US, 1948: Alfred Kinsey visited Harry Benjamin, MD, an endocrinologist in San Francisco with a mother and a young son who ‘wanted to be a girl.’ She sought her son’s wish, rather than the then-customary ‘persuade him to live with reality.’ Both Kinsey and Benjamin – well-read and well-traveled experts on sex – claimed not to have come across anything like this before, so this woman and son had to have been extreme outliers [rare and at odds with the 2021 American Psychological Association claim that “diversity in gender identity and expression is part of the human experience”]. Both professionals were con men – Kinsey by pretending he ‘discovered’ that 39% of American men had had homosexual experience to orgasm [obviously false]; Benjamin by claiming to be able to ‘cure TB’ with turtle extract. Benjamin contended that something wrong with their biology ‘caused’ the desire of men who wanted to be women – an argument often currently adopted by those seeking sex-change, whether male or female.

  3. US/Denmark 1952: ‘George Jorgensen’ returned from Denmark after hormones and surgery as ‘Christine.’ The media characterized him as a ‘gorgeous’ woman, even though he just added some hormones and mutilations to cross dressing. His media depiction as Christine was so wide-spread and intense that it enabled him to carve a career out of his fame. While mental health professionals at first seem to regard his ‘transformation’ as a sign of ‘mental disturbance,’ after a while, with the growing demand for ‘sex changes’ and threats from trans activists, mental health experts come to baptize the counseling, hormones, and surgery as ‘normal.’

US talk-therapy professions began to side with their ‘mentally ill’ homosexual clients during Eisenhower’s Presidency [1953-1961]. His term saw a number of pro-religion and anti-homosexuality policies implemented (e.g., cleansing the federal bureaucracy of, and baring open homosexuals as sexual threats to youth; in 1956, ‘in God we trust’ was made the national motto and put on legal tender). What went on behind the Kleig lights was as nasty as ever (e.g., Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the most popular TV stars (1951-57), were extremely promiscuous, but as it did for President Kennedy, the media kept their sexual exploits hidden). These were what conservatives might consider the 'good old days' with an ample birth rate, frequent mentions of God in public, consistent censorship of nudity, etc. Yet, professionals as Kinsey, Benjamin and homosexual mental health professionals [MHPs] were plumping transgenderism.

The arrival of the birth control pill in 1960 shattered sexual ‘normality.’ ‘The pill’ was involved in lowering marriage and birth rates and shaking the foundations of societies as their demographic diminished. It has been involved in weakening the influence of religious values and thus creating more room for the LGBT movement (the same arguments about the right to sexual fulfillment had worked in Holland and almost worked in pre-Nazi Germany). The adoption of social media by youth – especially girls – exposed the young to LGBT ‘evangelism.’

As ‘mental healthism’ grew, so did its’ LGBT client. While the claims of mental health professionals [MHPs] are grand, what they’ve been able to cure is modest (e.g., MHPs claim to know how to prevent suicide, but it is increasing). As Sartwell noted (Wall Street J, 5/21/21), as ever more MHPs are employed in schools, the prevalence of anxiety and mood disorders in children is increasing, causing him to ask whether “psychologists cause ‘mental illness’?” When you get to diagnose ‘disease’ and the only one able to cure it, the temptations are huge.

There are consequences if a society accepts or welcomes homosexuality – and not just the increase in homosexuality predicted by tradition. The adoption of ‘trans’ by youngsters – especially girls – is one of many changes occurring, although it doesn’t seem to have been expected or predicted by anyone. The rapid expansion of trans, suggests a great deal of learning rather than ‘what’s natural’ (e.g., ‘born that way’) is involved in sexuality’s development.

Clash of Traditional and Mental Health world views

Although what teacher Tanner Cross said in May 2021 was true, he was removed from his post for refusing to go along with a lie: “My name is Tanner Cross. I love all of my students, but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I'm a teacher, but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it's against my religion. It's lying to a child, it's abuse to a child, and it's sinning against our God."

This Virginia teacher exemplifies the clash between the traditional worldview – that God (not an agreed-upon convention) bifurcated humanity into male and female – and the MHPs‘ claim that if you really want to be the opposite sex, and truly believe in the therapies you’ve been given, you become the opposite sex [and it is beyond the pale and deserving of serious punishment to say anything that might disabuse those who have, believing, acted according to the MHP’s sex-change scam]. Curiously, the elite ridicules traditionalists for believing in a God they cannot prove exists, while enforcing the obviously, and totally false claims of MHPs!

On June 1, 2021, Florida passed a law permitting suits against high schools or colleges that allow ‘trans women’ to compete against real females in sports. As the US Supreme Court ruled (6/15/20) that the 1964 civil rights act protects those mutilated sexually to somewhat resemble the opposite sex, and trans are often housed in opposite sex prisons and military barracks, how this plays out legally will be interesting. The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT pressure group, said it will sue to stop the law, saying it's driven by “discriminatory intent and not supported by fact” because “transgender girls are girls,” Alphonso David, HRC’s President.

Every well-done, random-sample study reports the same thing: however indexed, trans are more apt to test disturbed. Table 1 summarizes trans’ claims from the American College Health Assn. poll about self-cutting. While, as with other findings we’ve reported, every single trans doesn’t admit to self-injury, many more do. How ‘normal’ is someone who abuses himself ?

Table 1: (% of US college students) Within the last 12 months, how often have you intentionally cut, burned, bruised, or otherwise injured yourself?

Will Western civilization really commit suicide on this hill? Stay tuned…

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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