Paul Cameron
Religion v. Mental Healthism
By Paul Cameron
December 10, 2021

Religion says there is more to existence than what is sensed, namely a hereafter in which your fate depends on how well you follow God’s commands. Although unable to prove followers of its worldview do better in the hereafter, the religious claim that because God ordered His followers to master the world, it helped shepherd the West to scientific success. Further, that its threat of Hell and promise of Heaven dampened anti-social- and promoted pro-social activity.

The mental health worldview competes with the religious worldview. It claims to know the real secrets to happiness in this world; that its professionals can treat those they judge ‘unhealthy’ to both feel and live better since mentally healthy people are less anti-social and more pro-social. Currently, it demands that those it has mutilated to look more like the opposite sex be regarded as ‘the same’ as those born that sex: that empirical reality be ignored in favor of its ‘mental health’ philosophy.

In 1960, O.H. Mowrer, a President of the American Psychological Assn, said:

“For several decades we psychologists looked upon the whole matter of sin and moral accountability as a great incubus and acclaimed our liberation from it as epoch-making. But at length we have discovered that to be "free" in this sense, i.e., to have the excuse of being "sick" rather than sinful, is to court the danger of also becoming lost. … In becoming amoral, ethically neutral, and "free," we have cut the very roots of our being;…” (American Psychologist).

What would Mowrer say now that mental healthism has become squarely anti-empirical with its transsexualism? Or that refusing to accept its version of reality is now a ‘sin’? Its transsexual campaign has been so successful that the medical and pediatric professions, not to mention the President of the US and his party, believe in it. Indeed, many professionals now say it is their duty to mutilate people to look more like the opposite sex, and declare them ‘as real as those born male or female;’ fight to give everyone the ‘right’ to be similarly mutilated; and enforce changes in laws to ‘make their transsexual creations comfortable.’

The mental health worldview of ‘what ought to be’ changes. Both worldviews once condemned homosexuality – the one as a sin and the other as a disturbance. The mental health worldview now regards it and transsexualism as normal. Today, the mental health version of reality demands that girls its professionals mutilate be considered real ‘boys’ and its mutilated men be considered women. The religious believe God created our senses and what is sensed and therefore ‘true’ in the same way we can see color. The religious often point to trans, and the lie upon which it is based, as proof the mental health worldview is defective. Is this the only example of how being ‘amoral’ excuses mental health professionals’ lying?

Consider a Michigan psychiatrist’s sobering confession made in the Wall Street Journal letters (Oct 27, 2021). “If I did what the government told me to do”

“…The government already demands that clinicians do things that have nothing to do with the problems for which patients come to the office.

For example, in a 45-minute psychiatric session, Medicare requires that I document that the patient was seen because it was medically necessary and that the patient was capable of participating and benefiting from the treatment, as well as the type of treatment I gave, how it helped, how I quantified that, what were my objectives and goals, and in how many sessions I will achieve them, whether I discussed parenting and relationship issues, addressed risk factors such as obesity, smoking, drinking, lack of social support and so forth. As if that were not enough, I am also required to do a mental-status examination, asking rote questions such as who the president of this country is, what it means when one says "birds of a feather flock together," whether the patient is suicidal or homicidal, and if he is, how he plans to do it. If I were really to do all this at every session, instead of lying about it, my long-term patients would certify me into a lunatic asylum. … Better to actually listen to the patient and hear what is bothering him. There is magical thinking on the part of bureaucrats that words and deeds are interchangeable."

Does this (lying) psychiatrist ‘heal?’ Maybe, every ‘treatment’ seems to sport a few successes. Here in Colorado, many therapists’ bills are being rejected by Medicaid. Thus, a therapist with Badass Therapy [really!] made the news because she also finds the required Medicaid forms (to get paid) so intrusive.

The mental health worldview gives high credit to good intentions and famous therapists’ assertion of high cure rates using their techniques. Indeed, proof that its philosophy works is sketchy. A few recent studies illustrate the very weak nature of mental health ‘science’ and its assertion that the application of its philosophy does so much good, empiricism should be abandoned for its transsexuals.

Thus, ‘Global prevalence and burden of depressive and anxiety disorders in 204 countries and territories in 2020 due to the Covid-19 Epidemic was published to media acclaim in October (htps:// The authors concluded: “no reduction in the global prevalence or burden was detected for either disorder since 1990, despite compelling evidence of interventions that reduce their impact.”

What is this “compelling evidence of interventions” that reduce the impact of either depressive or anxiety disorders? From 1990 through 2020, 30 years – no matter this ‘compelling evidence’ – no reductions in either prevalence or burden were detected. How often do mental health professionals cure?

The mental health movement simply promises far more than it can deliver, and when its ideas are implemented, good intentions don’t go very far. And time after time, no or little effort is made to follow up on its claims.

The mental health movement sought to get government funding for its activities so it could ‘help.’ Well, help wasn’t obvious in the USA Today/Fayetteville Observer November 8, 2021 investigation of how children taken from their parents and put into psychiatric centers are treated and whether they do better when released.

As the Observer put it “North Carolina spends more than $100 million a year to put children in the centers, but has no conclusive proof that psychiatric residential treatment facilities work. Officials didn't promise to start tracking what happens to kids once they are discharged from each center until this year, some 15 years after the first center opened in the state.”

Come again: “no proof that…they work” and “didn’t promise to start tracking what happens to kids once they are discharged until this year, some 15 years after…” The reporters readily found kids who were physically and sexually abused at the facilities, and as easily found many who almost never saw a professional for ‘help.’ And what will you bet that next year the ‘tracking what happens to kids’ after discharge will still be in a state of ‘working on it?’

Consider the girls who have had their breasts cut off to ‘become’ boys in the link below – especially examine the 3rd video of the girl with autism talking about how good she looks [with the scars where her breasts were plainly visible] and waving her hands in the air – ostensibly to make a toilet flush louder! Is she not obviously disturbed? Is there any way this little girl hasn’t been exploited by her ‘therapists’ and surgeons? How can our professional societies [both APAs, the AMA, the major pediatric associations, etc.] endorse this mutilation-for-fee as ‘the right thing to do’ for their clients?

This week, a physician at a local hospital called to report a surge in children coming for trans: “While providing regular GP medicine, I have become distressed at the support there of young people who come in to inquire about hormone gender transition therapy. I have shared my concerns with the faculty. Their solution was to prevent any further such patients coming to me, routing them instead to providers who will support their self-destructive choices.” Money, not kids, first.

Unfortunately, exaggerations of its efficacy and lying are part of the mental health movement. Male and female are basic concepts. What will happen to our perspicacity if we accept and live by the lie that the mutilated are ‘real members of their chosen sex?’ Indeed, why should we modify or destroy this fundamental distinction to follow a movement that is destroying the lives of countless children and shades the truth while so frequently demanding we suspend objectivity?

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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