Paul Cameron
How wise (or greedy) are professionals who make trans?
By Paul Cameron
July 5, 2021

American kids are going trans with a vengeance: about 2% of High School boys and 6% of HS girls in 2017; and in 2020, ~3% of the collegiate men and ~4% of collegiate women. Almost all of those who get hormones and surgery will be sterilized. The US had the lowest birthrate since the great depression in 2020, these sterilizations will further her demographic decline.

Transsexualism is on the move:

  • On April 20, the Biden administration asked a US Federal Court to force doctors and hospitals—regardless of their professional opinions or religion—to provide trans surgeries. Does Biden know what is involved in so-called sex changes? Do his bureaucrats?

  • On April 26, the US Supreme Court, consistent with its 2020 ruling that trans were protected by the 1964 civil rights act, avoided ruling on the Constitutionality of whether California was in violation of the Commerce Clause (which limits the ability of states to discriminate economically against other states). CA seems guilty since its 2017 law bars state funds from going to travel to states with less progressive policies on gay rights or transgenders. Texas (one of the 12 states targeted) was discriminated against because it does not compel religious child-welfare organizations to place children with homosexual parents. California’s economic pressure undoubtedly factored into the failure of many states to bar operations and/or hormones for children seeking a bogus sex change.

How many Supreme Court Justices know the truth about so-called ‘sex changes?’

The Federal Government and gay-supporting states are pushing transgenderism. How did we get to a place where trans, a ‘people’ who didn’t even exist 70 years ago—the folk who mental health experts in the 1920s—1970s considered ‘deeply disturbed’—should be helped in fooling themselves and others? Currently, in the US:

  • If someone says he is trans, his body must be mutilated according to his wishes;

  • School children must be taught that their sex can be changed and doing so is ‘normal;’

  • Once a child says they are trans (or gay), it is often illegal to attempt to dissuade them;

  • Refusing to allow trans to use the restrooms or compete in the athletic contests of their choice violates their ‘civil rights;’ and

  • LGBT-accepting states can discriminate economically against states that are less-LGBT accepting.

The Beginnings, Media Lies: George Jorgensen, who had gone to Denmark to get injected with female hormones and surgically alter his penis, became a ‘woman’ when the media screamed it was so (e.g., “Ex-GI becomes Blonde Beauty” Page 1, NY Daily News, 12/1/1952: “after six operations, Jorgensen’s sex has been changed and today she is a striking woman”). So began the generally uncritical, pro-trans publicity about “Christine” Jorgensen. George now had a career, and millions of people heard about ‘sex change’ as a reality in the hundreds of electronic and print pieces with and about him. To be sure, had journalists told the truth the story might not have even made the paper—how many would be interested in a story about an effeminate man surviving female hormones and painful penile operations to end up looking like a woman? Journalists, generally, are employed to attract attention so advertising can be sold, not to worry about the long-term social consequences of untruths (unless they feed a libel suit).

George exploited what became a well-paying career of entertaining and pushing transsexualism. The media was ‘discrete’ and did not say how ‘Christine’ looked off camera (he apparently avoided examinations of ‘down there’). In many respects, by broadcasting over and over again a lie, in venue after venue—that a female had been created from a male—and using she instead of he when referring to Jorgensen, a man become a woman. Hundreds of gays aspiring to womanhood worldwide, pressed for what Jorgensen seemingly had. Honesty about what resulted from the process might have killed this puppy at birth. Who could have known that what might appear a small set of ‘amusing deceptions’ to sell advertising would grow a fad that now threatens not only the lives of millions, but the West’s demographic?

For weal or woe, children’s mentality requires a fair amount of transparency and truth if it is to result in good decisions. Deceptions and falsehoods often lead kids to bad choices. Thus,

“When I was 9, I saw a movie preview where I first learned about someone having a sex change. With this introduction to transgenderism, I began to believe I was a boy in a girl’s body.” —Testimony of Debbie Rarick.

We know that religious families sometimes produce anti-religionist children (as Kinsey), but atheist families at times produce true believers. Why does this happen, even when parents are dead set on producing children like themselves? It appears that anything a child experiences might—just might—if it hits at the ‘right time,’ cause a conversion. Anything. Thus, Debbie’s testimony above. Had the preview she viewed talked about how the word ‘sex change’ is misused; about the pain associated with surgically trying for the impossible; or shown the body of the person ‘before and after,’ perhaps Debbie wouldn’t have gotten ‘hooked.’ But she was—just as only a few kids get captured by Disney characters who are homosexual, or trans, or …. but most just get entertained and seem to forget it.

We understand children’s thinking considerably less well than we think, as tens of thousands of our kids are going trans. For reasons we don’t understand, girls currently are especially drawn to both homosexuality and transsexuality. Currently, many trans girls claim to ‘hate’ their breasts and want them removed, while trans boys ‘hate’ their penis and want it removed. Why these hatreds that were essentially absent from clinical experience before the 1950s? Some of this is because journalists fed the public the lie that ‘sex change’ is possible—and many kids (and adults) thought it was ‘the bedrock truth.’ Now they fixate on those parts that visibly make them the sex they don’t want to be—which, of course, they call ‘wrong parts’ for the sex I (truly) am.’

During the 1960s-1970s, responding to the new demand, some private and university clinics did ‘sex changes.’ During this period, mental health experts considered people seeking ‘sex change’ disordered. The 1994 DSM IV—psychiatry’s bible—introduced ‘gender identity disorder’ for which talk therapy to discourage surgical mutilation might be used. But in the 2013 DSM V, the disorder became a “dysphoria” (unpleasant feeling). When transsexualism was a disorder, mental health experts said that ‘science’ demanded they discourage clients from pursuing ‘sex change.’ Today, when being a trans isn’t a disorder, mental health professionals advertise themselves as especially competent to help people ‘transition scientifically.’

On December 15, 2020 the Endocrine Society issued its version of ‘scientific wisdom:’

“The medical consensus in the late 20th century was that transgender and gender incongruent individuals suffered a mental health disorder termed ‘gender identity disorder.’ Gender identity was considered malleable and subject to external influences. Today, however, this attitude is no longer considered valid. Considerable scientific evidence has emerged demonstrating a durable biological element underlying gender identity. Individuals may make choices due to other factors in their lives, but there do not seem to be external forces that genuinely cause individuals to change gender identity.

What? Something that has grown from a clinical oddity to affect hundreds of thousands isn’t clear evidence of ‘external forces?’ How can sudden flowering of transsexualism evidence a “durable biological element” when an “external force” is required to explain its growth?

How much did acceptance of transsexuality have to do with the billions of dollars in fees associated with trans? After all, every trans is a cornucopia of fees. A single trans might need tens of thousands of dollars in hormones (money for endocrinologists) and surgeries. And given that each trans knows he is a fake, and that the results of the surgeries are aesthetically and functionally inadequate, hundreds of hours of talk therapy might be needed for each trans’ ‘mental health’ (e.g., in this case, mental health experts to ‘cool the mark’ to persuade him ‘this is the best that can be done for you’ or ‘even with the odd parts you look like the opposite sex’).

Transsexualism is being added to our sexual script. Kids are being taught ‘I could be either a girl or boy, get married or live with a lover,’ etc. The media, academia, and corporations are enforcing ‘the correct pronouns’ for trans, while the true results of hormones and surgeries are being hidden. Laws have been changed to allow the mutilated (or even a non-mutilated) to change his birth certificate to the sex of his choice. But only cosmetic alterations of genitals, breasts, etc. are possible. The medical and psychological costs of the cosmetics are huge (and bound to get larger if penile transplants are authorized), reducing medical availability for others.

What must be done to stop and reverse this scourge?

Transsexualism has come a long way, but it must be stopped and reversed. And the key is truth about what the hormones and surgeries can accomplish.

First, everyone should be reached with information proving to their satisfaction that changing one’s sex is impossible—that boys can’t be surgically and hormonally made into girls, or vice versa. Legislators, judges, teachers, and journalists should be especially targeted since their naiveté is undoubtedly behind many of their decisions.

Second, laws permitting non-intersexed, surgical trans to change their sex on birth certificates by should be rescinded (obviously, the true intersexed could still change it).

Third, a law featuring penalties for enforcing ‘correct pronouns’ for trans should be enacted as a violation of our Constitutional right to freedom of speech. These penalties ought to be pointedly and publicly enforced against those higher and lower educational systems which are driving so much of the acceptance of transsexualism.

Fourth, all public funding of transsexual operations/injections, etc. must be halted.

Hard to do?


But we’ve gotten ourselves into a big mess—extricating from a quagmire is never easy.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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