Louie Verrecchio
Tens of thousands of unexpected deaths: CDC silent
By Louie Verrecchio
September 17, 2020

On August 29, 2020, the New York Times published an article that should have become headline news the world over.

To summarize: The vast majority of individuals tested for COVID-19 have been given what is called a PCR test whereby genetic matter is collected (via swabbing) and then sent to a laboratory. There, the matter is run through a series of amplification cycles that make the virus, should any be present at all, detectable.

Virologists and epidemiologists have long understood that the number of amplification cycles used for a given PCR test matters a great deal. Too few cycles and live viruses may escape detection, leading to a false negative. Too many cycles, on the other hand, will cause inactive viruses and genetic fragments to be over-amplified, thus leading to a false positive.

Guess which scenario has been playing out with regard to COVID-19 tests?

If you said that the number of amplification cycles being used to detect the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus far exceed well-established scientific standards, you are correct!

As reported by the NYT, the majority of COVID tests are running samples through as many as 40 cycles in order to arrive at a positive result, while just a few labs set the limit at 37. Dr. Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California, Riverside told the Times, “I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive.”

Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health went a step further, saying that he would set the limit at 30 cycles, or even less.

According to the NYT report:

    In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.

    On Thursday (8-27), the United States recorded 45,604 new coronavirus cases, according to a database maintained by The Times. If the rates of contagiousness in Massachusetts and New York were to apply nationwide, then perhaps only 4,500 of those people may actually need to isolate and submit to contact tracing.

This information is explosive enough by itself, especially considering the source, but it also serves to confirm other data – inconvenient data as far as leftwing corporate media is concerned – that runs counter to the prevailing doomsday narrative. For example:

  • On June 25, 2020, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield estimated that among persons who have tested positive for COVID-19, those who have no symptoms outweigh those who are sick by a factor of roughly 10-1.

  • Two weeks earlier, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s Emerging Diseases Unit observed, “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual. It’s very rare.”

  • Most recently, CDC reported that only 6% of the people who are being counted as a COVID-19 death were free of any comorbidities (that is, other likely causes of death like heart disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, etc.), while the other 94% had on average not just one, but 2.6 comorbidities!

How can each of these statistical red flags be explained?

Simple, the aforementioned NYT report provides the answer: Upwards of 90% of alleged COVID positive cases are false; i.e., these persons, including those who allegedly died from the so-called novel coronavirus, never had an infectious disease due to SARS-CoV-2 in the first place.

None but the willfully ignorant and diabolically complicit can deny that the actual danger posed by COVID-19 has been, and continues to be, grossly exaggerated by lying leftist politicians and liberal activists, dishonest money-grubbing “scientists,” and throngs of useful idiots. With every passing day, it’s becoming more and more obvious that illness associated with COVID-19 is exceedingly rare, and when it is present, only a tiny fraction of the population is at risk of death as a result.

According to Dr. John R. Ioannidis, Stanford University Chair in Disease Prevention, a man whose credentials and expertise are unquestioned, “For people younger than 45, the infection fatality rate is almost 0%. For 45 to 70, it is probably about 0.05-0.3%. For those above 70, it escalates substantially…”

That was back in July before it was known that as many as 90% of the positive PCR tests for COVID-19 are false. This being so, even Dr. Ioannidis’ findings, as unthreatening as they are for the overwhelming majority of persons, are high.

All of this having been said, a perplexing conundrum still remains. According to CDC statistics, the year-to-date total number of deaths in the US from all causes is more than 10% higher than expected, with “expected deaths” being the average of the past three years.

Now, why would this be so?

The answer, according to those who have a vested interest in keeping the leftist narrative alive, is that COVID-19 – in spite of all that has recently come to light as noted above – is killing thousands upon thousands of Americans who otherwise would not have died.

Don’t you believe it.

At this, let’s take a deeper dive into the CDC’S “Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019.”

Why provisional? According to the CDC, there is as much as an 8-week lag time between a person dying and the death being recorded for statistical purposes. So, with this in mind, we will focus on data that is no more recent than July 18, just to make sure that we’re looking at reliable figures (as reliable as any coming from such a source, at any rate!)

One notes that the “Percent of Expected Deaths” first begins to move above the 100% mark for the week ending 2/22/2020. Though the overage is very slight, just 1%, let’s do the math to see if we can learn more.

The data indicates that 58,731 persons died that week, which is 101% of expected deaths. Dividing total deaths by 1.01, therefore, tells us that 58,149 of those deaths were statistically “expected.” This means that there was an overage of 581 deaths that week. Only 5 of them, however, are reported to “involve” COVID-19.

So, one naturally wonders, what caused the other 576 persons to die “unexpectedly”? Is this just a statistical anomaly?

One may initially think so, but as we continue with this exercise, it will become obvious that there is much more to the story. Let’s follow the week ending numbers moving forward:

  • 2/29: 59,163 died / 1,723 more than expected / 1,718 not related to COVID

  • 3/07: 59,545 died / 1,734 more than expected / 1,699 not related to COVID

  • 3/14: 58,469 died / 1,146 more than expected / 1,093 not related to COVID

  • 3/21: 59,036 died / 2,271 more than expected / 1,699 not related to COVID

From here, the number of unexpected deaths having nothing to do with COVID, and for which there is no “official” explanation, skyrockets.

  • 3/28: 62,872 died / 7,233 more than expected / 4,081 not related to COVID

  • 4/04: 72,125 died / 16,214 more than expected / 6,206 not related to COVID

  • 4/11: 78,857 died / 23,324 more than expected / 7,158 not related to COVID

  • 4/18: 76,528 died / 22,253 more than expected / 5,202 not related to COVID

  • 4/25: 73,601 died / 19,878 more than expected / 4,466 not related to COVID

You get the point. If we continue right up to the week ending July 18, we find that for the 22 weeks under review, a total of 60,236 persons died in the US over and above the number of expected deaths for that time period, for reasons other than COVID-19.

That’s substantial enough, but if we factor in the data discussed above (90% false positives, 94% of deaths having an average of 2.6 other causes) the number of non-COVID related deaths over and above expected deaths during this 22-week time period is well over 150,000 persons.

What does all of this mean?

Even if we overlook all of the false positives, the multiple comorbidities, the “probable” (make-believe) COVID deaths, and any of the other ploys that have been used to cook the books in order to paint the most horrendous picture possible, we are still left with tens of thousands of additional deaths, over and above the number expected, with no official explanation.

If the CDC is so damned concerned about “spikes,” why has there been no effort whatsoever to address this massive increase in the number of deaths that have nothing to do with COVID?

As it is, we are left to consider for ourselves what may be going on.

One can safely assume that the causes of these deaths are not extraordinary; i.e., they were not the result of some heretofore unknown and undetected malady, rather, they were attributable to the such typical causes as heart attack, stroke, cancer, old age, trauma, etc.

What is extraordinary, however, is the timing. In other words, we may well ask: Why did so many more people die of ordinary things in such an extraordinarily short period of time?

The answer, my friends, is no more complicated than this:

Lockdowns, social distancing and mandatory masking.

The CDC data indicates that the total number of deaths not attributable to COVID-19 began exceeding the number of expected deaths in early March. Not coincidentally, this is precisely the time when rogue governors and mayors began flexing their socialist muscles by cancelling events, closing “non-essential” businesses, sequestering the sick and the elderly, demanding people distance themselves from one another, etc.

In the weeks ahead, places of worship were ordered closed, non-emergency medical procedures and elective surgeries were cancelled, demands were made to limit gathering sizes even among family members, mandatory masking requirements were becoming commonplace, parks and beaches and other places of recreation and exercise were closed.

At the very same time, leftist politicians and their friends in the news media were relentlessly beating the COVID drum, doing their level best to convince Americans that SARS-CoV-2 is highly infectious and easily transmitted, and that we were in the midst of the deadliest pandemic in over a century – each of which, we now know, are bald-faced lies.

The better part of the nation took the bait and many people were plunged into depression and despair, not uncommonly due to the devastation wrought on personal finances. Many more persons were dragged into a state of irrational fear. Citizens became afraid of one another, loved ones included.

Many persons avoided leaving their homes at all, even those who desperately needed emergency medical and mental health care.

In an August 20 article for Townhall, Brad Slager writes of the overall effect:

    Doctors Worldwide Are Recording More Deaths Due to Lockdowns Than to COVID-19

    A long-suspected fear of the Covid-19 lockdowns is starting to come to light. In many parts of the world doctors are pointing to a very real probability that lockdown orders are leading to people dying from other serious maladies as a result of avoiding hospitals. Heart attacks in particular are now looked at as a cause of death greater than the coronavirus itself … Some have speculated that other effects created by the distancing can be just as harsh, from the psyche of children and the insufficient care for the infirm to suicides brought on by the anxiety.

Add to this the negative impact on public health that comes from countless people being forced, either by statute or by fear, to spend hours on end, day in and day out, behind a bacteria-ridden face mask, and you have a perfect recipe for unexpected deaths.

While the contents of this article and the conclusions to which they lead may be eye-opening for many readers, make no mistake about it; the powerful people pulling the strings have known all along that the COVID-19 “pandemic” is as fake as their cringeworthy slogan “We’re in this together.”

The CDC has long been aware that COVID cases and deaths are but a fraction of what is being reported. According to the NYT, "the CDC's own calculations suggest that it is extremely difficult to detect any live virus in a sample above a threshold of 33 cycles;" i.e., they have known all along that the PCR tests were producing false positives.

Indeed, this scam is not just an American phenomenon, it’s a globalist offensive; i.e., it's far bigger than the godless liberals in this country who will do anything that might lead to regime change.

So, what do the globalist masterminds behind the COVID-19 scamdemic hope to accomplish?

Sure, they’d very much like to remove Donald Trump from power, but one of their primary goals, one that will pay longer term dividends for the captains of the New World Order, is to condition the masses to follow directives that have no basis whatsoever in either reason or reality. Evidently, they believe, and for good reason, that a global health crisis, real or imagined, is an excellent way to do so.

The globalists are also using fear over COVID-19 to facilitate the destruction of small businesses, further concentrating global wealth, and the power that comes with it, in the hands of an increasingly small number of the elite. In the process, they have managed to vastly increase the number of persons, and industries, that are forced to look to the government to meet their obligations.

Though it should go without say at this point, we can be absolutely certain that the globalists behind the COVID scam are not the least bit interested in preserving and protecting public health; on the contrary, the real movers and shakers in this monumental ruse are part of a eugenicist cabal consisting of genocidal maniacs with a diabolical hatred for anyone unlike themselves.

So, while the spike in unexpected, unexplained deaths necessarily troubles sincere, well-intentioned persons, for the globalist elite, who have long placed a priority on culling the human herd, it is a predictable and welcome result of the COVID scamdemic to which they and their friends in leftist media are loathe to call attention.

Bottom line: We are being played by persons with evil intent and it’s literally killing us.

The physical, mental and financial wellbeing of ordinary citizens, in the US and abroad, is being decimated, not by COVID-19, but by despotic politicians and bureaucrats who, for personal gain, are perpetrating one of the most harmful acts of deception humanity has ever endured this side of the Garden of Eden.

Let death come upon them, and let them go down alive into hell. (Psalm 54:16)

© Louie Verrecchio


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