Joan Swirsky
America the Beautiful -- redux
By Joan Swirsky
November 6, 2010

I say redux, brought back, because two years ago, on November 7, 2008, after the barely one-term Democrat Illinois Senator Barack Obama had, ahem, "won" the presidency against Arizona's Senator John McCain — with the generous help of the multi-indicted-and today-in-bankruptcy specialists in election fraud, ACORN, and nearly a billion dollars of donations, much of it from illegal or even jihad sources and other still-unreported-but-suspect foreign sources — I wrote an article entitled America the Beautiful. Ever the optimist that our nation would once again return to its center-right sanity, I cited the lyrics of the long-running Broadway play "Annie," in which the little orphan herself sings: "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

Today, only days after the 2010 midterms, the sun is indeed blazing, as our entire country — liberals, conservatives, left, right, women, men, black, white, old, young — handed Mr. Obama what Democrat strategist Joe Trippi calls "the largest turnout for a midterm defeat in history" (America's 234-year history). Conservative pundit Erick Erickson calls it "a tsunami" — Republicans recapturing control of the House with 60 and possibly more new representatives, gaining huge conservative influence in the Senate, winning nearly a dozen governorships, and capturing over 500 seats in state legislatures throughout the country.

No surprise, really. The only surprise to me and clearly millions of other Americans was that a cabal of communists, socialists, radicals, anti-Semites and anti-American traitors — a virtual Who's Who in Fifth Column treachery — all of whom loathe the U.S. Constitution, free-market capitalism, our heroic military and America itself, were able to worm their way into the White House to begin with, aided and abetted by a perfidious leftwing media and a Mt.-Everest-high pile of dirty money.

As Alex Markovsky — who grew up in the Soviet Union and holds degrees in economics and political science — has written:

"Obama's objectives, strategy and tactics bear a mirror resemblance to the Bolsheviks who seized power in Russia in 1917 to establish a totalitarian communist rule. Unlike the Russian people, who understood the perils of socialism and fought the Bolsheviks in a bloody three-year civil war that by some estimates took 15 million lives, the freedom-loving Americans simply voted themselves into socialism...the communist leaders from Lenin to Brezhnev are turning in their graves...

"Obama's agenda reads as if it came straight out of the University of Marxism-Leninism... [He] is clearly following Lenin's script, spending and printing money at unprecedented levels. The plan is simple: Replace American self-reliance with government dependency. The objective is to spend until the country is in such debt as to result in default or hyperinflation, causing the destruction of our currency and the obliteration of wealth. Perhaps Obama's short reign will turn out to be the best thing to happen to America. The 2008 elections were a political wake up call for this nation, like Pearl Harbor or 9/11."

Personally, I believe that Obama is a mere functionary of leftists far more intelligent and sophisticated then he is. After all, he comes by his bent honestly, having been raised and mentored and befriended by that ilk his entire life; having been irresistibly attracted to the role of an Alinskyite community organizer, manipulating and exploiting poor blacks to join the hate-America crowd; and having sat passively and approvingly for decades in the pews of a "pastor" who begged God to damn America.

Writer Kyle-Anne Shiver captures Obama's former role perfectly: "Deceit is the organizer's middle name. But [he] has always been nothing but a used-car salesman. He is the middleman sent to make the sale and take a handsome cut from the pilfered money. It's almost painful to watch a man so out of his depth that he has reduced the Presidency of the United States of America to a stand-up, comedic salesmanship. And he is falling flat even at that."

Obama and his minions worship at the Church of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the goal of which is to fulfill Marx's dream of crushing capitalism and turning America's magnificent Republic into either a Soviet-style totalitarian state or a third-world banana republic. Want proof? Look at this chilling Obama By The Numbers listing, all verified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If Obama was born in America — which I seriously doubt — then he was certainly born in the wrong country! Imagine how content he'd be if he were a citizen of Cuba or Venezuela or Iran or Saudi Arabia. In any of those totalitarian regimes, he would never have had to lobby for socialized medicine or other schemes that create lifelong dependency. No one would blink if he said that an opponent was really an "enemy." He wouldn't have to tolerate people who cling to their guns and Bibles, because no citizen would (be allowed to) possess them.

Yet in spite of November 2nd's repudiation and rejection of everything he stands for, Obama is not a man without a country. He is a man in the wrong country! Obama admits as much here. And Avi Lipkin, an American-born Israeli, elaborates quite persuasively on what he purports are Obama's foreign roots here!


We know that Obama's "brain trust" (so to speak) had been telling him the results of internal polls for months, all of which predicted a doomsday scenario for the absolute power he gained in 2008 vis-à-vis the White House, Senate and House — not to omit the media and most of the judiciary.

But ice man that he is, he cared not a whit that dozens of elected officials who supported his agenda, many in office for decades, would be defeated in the midterms. After all, a man who has no problem throwing the grandmother who raised him under the bus is unlikely to shed a tear for the useful idiots who hitched their wagons to his nose-diving star.

Obama's reaction to his thundering defeat at the polls was right in line with his past behavior. Act chastened (for five seconds). Mutter phrases about "unity" that he has zero intention of pursuing. Dive into denial, for instance telling the public that he "rejects" the idea that Tuesday's vote meant his own policies were rejected. My own barometer for measuring Obama's words is to reverse them completely. In the far-left world he inhabits, unity means disunity, tax breaks mean none for the wealthy people or businesses that create jobs, fiscal belt-tightening means increased spending, "absolutely" willing to work across the aisle means rigid refusal to do so, Middle East peace means continuing to bully Israel, on and on.

He can't help himself...neither can his henchmen. So entrenched is their anger at "the system" they loathe that looking straight at the camera and lying is one of many methods they've refined to fool the stupid masses about their means-justifies-the-ends mission, which is to turn America into a socialist-cum-communist state.

The lessons a person like Obama takes away from this kind of crushing defeat is not that he has done anything wrong, or that his political philosophy is alien to the vast majority of Americans, but, as he demonstrated by his remarkable cluelessness during the post-election press conference, that his thoroughly odious ideas were simply not presented in a persuasive enough way. While omitting the fact that he made more than 50 public forays trying to sell socialized medical care, he once again impugned the intelligence of the American people who he believes were just too damned dense to "get" the benefits of the snake oil he was peddling.

In the near, lame-duck future, the man who syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin calls the Antagonist-in-Chief will try desperately to circumvent Congressional approval in order to ram the rest of his toxic agenda down the gagging throats of We the People, issuing Executive Orders and dictating that various government agencies do his bidding.

If We The People were vigilant and active before the midterms, both we and the newly-elected House majority must now fight fiercely to bring about the sane agenda suggested by The Heritage Foundation in their "Solutions for America: Get to Work":

  • Freeze discretionary spending and, as a first step, cut at least $170 billion from the federal budget for fiscal year 2012.

  • Repeal Obamacare by immediately withholding funding, blocking key provisions and overriding regulations that carry this monstrosity.

  • Stop the Obama tax hikes by making permanent the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, thereby helping the economy grow and creating more jobs.

  • Protect America by passing a budget resolution that won't put our troops at risk or leave Americans vulnerable.

  • Get control of government by posting complete legislation, ending earmarks, reviewing all unauthorized programs, and respecting constitutional limits on government.


I thought it was strange that Obama & Co. never mounted an October Surprise, in the same way his backers manipulated the stock market meltdown six weeks before the 2008 presidential election. Even stranger — given the current seemingly escalating terrorist threat, a looming second mortgage crisis, a still-deep recession, and mounting unemployment — is the announcement that the Obamas would be leaving the country just days after the election. Okay, you might reason, why not lick your wounds on foreign shores, where adulation is more likely than derision?

But this is no ordinary getaway. For what is billed as a trip of just a few days to Mumbai, India, the Conspicuous-Consumer-in-Chief, as well as wifey, daughters, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, a huge security detail exceeding 500, dozens of "czars" and cabinet members, top American corporation leaders, and so-called journalists — right now the entourage is approximately 3,000 people — will be flying in a convoy of 40-plus planes, including luxury jets, staying in the 570-room Taj Mahal (and four other hotels, including a Hyatt), enjoying security that covers the entire Mumbai waterfront and air space, and dining in decadent indulgence. Along for the ride will be a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, three heavy-lift aircraft with high-tech equipment, three helicopters, interception and obstruction devices, sniffer dogs, and rescue gadgets.

One thing I'd put money on: Not one person on this orgiastic trip will give a thought to the $200-million dollars per day it is costing American taxpayers!

As writer Sher Zieve quite logically asks: "Is he moving the Executive Branch — which was usurped in the first place — to India?"

"What else could one expect," Zieve continues, "from an occupier of the White House that bows before the king of Saudi Arabia, claims that America has 57 states, despises people that 'cling to their guns and Bibles,' and sends our tax money to support terrorist groups such as Hamas?

Indeed, I would add, what else could one expect from a "president" who has:

  • Wasted billions on the so-called stimulus and bailouts.

  • Increased the national debt by $3.2 trillion.

  • Held a bribe-a-thon called Obamacare.

  • Nationalized key American industries.

  • Had the gall to sue the state of Arizona for simply upholding federal law re the massive invasion of illegal immigrants.

  • Was an abject failure in addressing the BP oil spill for months on end as whole industries were decimated and thousands are still out of work.

  • Plans to turn ordinary Americans into Nazi-like brown shirts through mandatory National Service.

  • Introduced suicidal Rules of Engagement for our troops in Afghanistan. As Investors Business Daily reported in October: "U.S. Afghanistan are chafing under (1) an impossible deadline, (2) a blurring definition of the enemy, and (3) inhuman rules of engagement. Whatever the plan is here, it's not victory."

  • Gave billions of American taxpayer dollars to the corrupt United Nations to fund abortions in foreign countries.

  • Has groveled and bowed to and embraced our enemies, while treating longtime allies with rudeness or contempt.

  • Struck a deal with Vietnam to allow that country to enrich uranium to make nuclear weapons.

  • Accepted money for his campaign from foreign donors, including $33,000 from his Palestinian "brothers" in Gaza, according to Pamela Geller of

As writer Arnold Ahlert details at length, "The golfing, the soirees, and the high-priced vacations have created the perception that we are living through another 'let them eat cake' moment in history."

I find this trip so incomprehensible that I wonder, in light of the recently thwarted terrorist attacks on America, if Obama & Co. knows something about an incipient attack that We The People are unaware of. As one e-mailer put it: "Remember he said [to author Bob Woodward] that we could sustain another there going to be one that he's aware of and we're not?"

I put nothing past this cabal, including a devastating November Surprise!

But to me the most disgusting thing about the Obamas' Mumbai trip is that a half-black man and his black wife can engage in such debauched and morally depraved self-indulgence while thousands of Haitians who still suffer grievously from the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake — and who have not received a penny of the billion dollars raised for their relief — still sleep in the streets of Port-au-Prince, subject to the elements, starving, and now dying by the hundreds from cholera.

I know this because a Haitian friend of mine speaks several times a week to relatives and friends who comprise some of those sleeping on the streets. Where did that billion dollars go? One report said the Haitians have only received two percent of it. Bill O'Reilly briefly alluded to the fact that Hillary Clinton's State Department had not released a lot of the money before he abruptly dropped the subject, never to raise it again.

Can you imagine what $200 million dollars would do to help the Haitians!

Have you no shame, Mr. Obama?

No matter.

To paraphrase Macbeth, you have already strutted and fretted your hour upon the stage, telling a (teleprompter-cued) tale that is full of sound and fury, but will ultimately signify nothing (except a good lesson to Americans never to vote for a hard-leftist again). The American electorate told you as much the other day.

Meanwhile, the sun is shining and will continue to shine for those who comprise the great majority in our country. To us, we have lived and continue to live in America the Beautiful!

© Joan Swirsky


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