Joan Swirsky
Brown victory signals second American revolution
By Joan Swirsky
January 18, 2010

When Scott Brown gallops to victory tomorrow, capturing the Massachusetts senate seat made absent by Sen. Ted Kennedy's death, it will signal a definitive referendum against all things Obama — his onerous and discriminatory "healthcare" bill (which an overwhelming majority of Americans fear and loathe), his failing economy, his escalating unemployment rate, his out-of-control spending, his accumulating federal debt, and, in far broader terms, his socialist-cum-communist regime, including those self-described Marxists and Maoists czars who are trying to whiplash our country into Castro territory.

How did this happen? It happened because America is a good and great country. Our electorate — approximately 43 percent of the over-300-million people who bask every day in America's largesse — saw a nice young black man campaign for the presidency in 2008 and gave him a chance in spite of serious doubts about his lifelong radical associations with anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Semitic friends, colleagues, political associates and his church, not to mention his embarrassing lack of experience and also the grave questions about his constitutional eligibility to become president. For liberals, it expiated the white guilt of slavery; for conservatives, it was yet another example of America's historical exceptionalism.

But it didn't take long for the cold, harsh reality of this nice young man's radical agenda to set in and for Americans of every political stripe to recoil at:

  • His irresistible compulsion to bow and scrape to foreign despots.

  • His serial apologies on foreign soil for big, bad America's sins.

  • His reflexively siding with racists like Harvard professor Skip Gates and the ACORN thugs.

  • His egregious flouting of the U.S. Constitution vis-à-vis the nearly-40 czars he has appointed to run our country, many of them admitted Communists and Maoists with extreme and frightening viewpoints. In fact, Laura Hollis writes quite persuasively, they are all Communists.

  • His intrusive and damaging meddling in our banking, automotive, energy, and healthcare industries.

  • His doling out billions of dollars to foreign nations without Congressional approval.

  • His destructive manipulation of free markets.

  • His attempts to control the media and curb free speech, take away gun rights, and give our hard-earned tax dollars to terrorist nations.

  • His bizarre preference for significantly increasing visas for Islamic terror-sponsoring nations, as reported by Pamela Geller's site, AtlasShrugs.

And this is the short list!

Then there is Obama's schoolmarm finger-wagging to tell the rest of us not to jump to conclusions about the American-born Muslim terrorist who murdered 13 of our soldiers at Fort Hood; and his waiting three full days to speak out — with chilling iciness — about the Muslim terrorist who plotted nearly 300 mid-air deaths on Christmas, and then calling this savage an "alleged" extremist.

This kind of behavior does not sit well with Americans, who have increasingly doubted if Obama is an American at all, or if he has even a micrometer of sensibility about what it means to be an American.

By now it seems clear that Obama is a surrogate for powers much smarter and more politically experienced than he. His almost pathological reliance on a teleprompter and his by-now predictable lapses in decision making — even months when it came to increasing troop levels in Afghanistan — appear to be a function of his simply waiting it out until his bosses — Soros, Ayers, the Saudis, et al? — make up their minds.

Publisher and writer JR Dieckmann thinks he knows exactly who is calling the shots for Obama. "We have to look at who supported and funded the Obama campaign," he says.

    It is foreign investors. It's the World Bank. It's the IMF (International Monetary Fund). It's the Federal Reserve Bank. It's Ban Ki-moon and the UN. It is the European Union. It is the Skull & Bones Society and the Bilderberg group. It is even King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the Palestinians to some extent.

    But the ideology that Obama subscribes to is global socialism and communism. He takes his cues from many different special interests that all share his Marxist ideology and desire for global socialism.

    His objective is the same as the U.N,'s objective — global socialism and the destruction of capitalism and the American value system....I should also include the domestic components such as: SEIU, ACLU, the Soros funded Apollo Foundation, the UAW and AFL-CIO, ACORN, AIG, Bear Sterns, etc. They are all part of the global socialist cabal and led by liberal Democrats.


The goal of Leftists like Obama is to deconstruct America, the better to reconstruct it into their utopian fantasy of a perfect world in which no one ever has hurt feelings, loses a ballgame, is unfavorably compared to anyone else, experiences the green-eyed monster of envy, is restrained by society's mores, is burdened by adult decision-making, or encounters a conflict that cannot be resolved by "talk."

And they believe that only Big Government — orchestrated by them, of course — can actualize the fantasy of running people's lives from cradle to grave. To that end, they have tried for decades to improve society by doing the only thing they know how to do, which is to throw other peoples' money at every problem. They are like those irritating children who never stop whining and complaining and demanding and clinging and throwing tantrums until exasperated adults finally give in and let them have their way.

As journalist and author Erik Rush elaborates upon, in speaking about the terrorist William Ayers and his pal Barack Obama, it is amazing that...

    ...that ilk are not laughed out of lecture halls for the profoundly juvenile temperament of their political philosophy. Indeed, though couched in intellectual trappings and mock sagacity, [their message] is little more than the expression of deep spitefulness and envy. The more I am exposed to the insipid, toxic mouthings of far-left icons, the more they come off like spoiled children who believe they have a right to what another other child has simply because they desire it. [To them, Rush continues, it is all about] ...attaining power that they never could have attained in a reward-based system. Their rhetoric — preaching parity and equality while fomenting class envy — was just a device by which they obtained your cooperation; a selfish, schoolyard ruse employed to best another kid and take his stuff.

Indeed, the Leftist's worldview is essentially that life is not fair because some people have more than others, and so it is incumbent upon the haves to treat the have-nots like, well, children! Don't expect them to meet adult standards, to work, to sacrifice, to do well in school, to obey the law, to pay their mortgages and fair share of taxes, to weather disappointments, to fail and then try again. That hard stuff is for grown-ups, not for the perpetual victims the Left counts upon to keep them in office.


Just look at what liberals have done over the past many decades:

  • They've thrown money at the welfare system, which ended up destroying mostly black families and exacerbating inequality.

  • They've thrown money at education and dumbed-down curricula, but academic failure persisted and got worse.

  • They've thrown money at housing until Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac imploded, but they're still propping up this failed fiasco with billions of taxpayer dollars.

  • They've enacted "fairness" laws to "level the playing field" in academia and the workplace, but women still earn less than men and men still win more Nobel Prizes in the sciences.

  • They've even tried self-esteem-boosting schemes, exhorting people to praise themselves for being instead of doing.

After decades of abject failure, after every one of their schemes and plans and philosophies and policies failed, it was clear to all but the starry-eyed, hate-American liberals that they had no clue about improving society. Of course admitting to their history of colossal failure is unthinkable to them, actually psychologically impossible. To acknowledge that everything they've stood for and spent their lives believing in was just plain wrong — and dumb — has never been a part of their limited repertoire. To have done so would have been to admit that in spite of their bleeding-heart good intentions and touchy-feely embrace of multiculturalism and diversity, (1) life is inherently not fair and (2) some people and some cultures are simply more motivated, creative, productive, generous, and — gasp — superior to others!


In every election the Left wins — think of LBJ, Carter, Bill and Hill, and now Obama — these grown-ups who act like children prove to be incapable of managing economies and waging wars. Of course, they invariably attribute their failures to scapegoats and they cling ever more tenaciously to their core belief, which is that Communism (cloaked as the "compassionate" redistribution of wealth) is the only solution to the unfair vicissitudes of life and to a human condition that is inherently, genetically, endemically unequal.

Stealing whole chapters from Marx, Engels, Mao, Castro, and their ignominious ilk, they believe that freedom and success are for the elite few because the masses they claim to represent are too stupid to make decisions on their own.

But whaddaya know?! When Obama was in office only three months, "the sleeping giant" of America's awareness (as one Tea Party participant phrased it) woke up to the monstrous intention of the Obama regime to destroy the middle class through draconian tax hikes vis-à-vis its cap-and-tax and healthcare schemes. As the Tea Party movement gained huge momentum — attracting multi-millions of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — the best that the liberal children in office and the media could do was call names, denigrate, and insult. The net result: the Tea Parties gained in strength and numbers.

In the last "special" elections, two Republicans won governor races in Virginia and New Jersey. The net result: leftist politicians sped up their bribe-and-threat machine to try to ram and cram the healthcare bill down the throats of millions of unwilling Americans.

While the Tea Party movement and the stunning upsets in VA and NJ didn't stop the runaway train of Obama's destroy-America agenda, the Scott Brown victory will. Goodbye socialized medicine with its death panels and citizen-subsidized abortions. Goodbye to the Obama regime's routine violations of the U.S. Constitution. Goodbye to the Fifth Column traitors who are sabotaging our country by coddling terrorists and prosecuting our heroic SEALS. Goodbye to the rigged elections in the upcoming midterms that the Democrats and their Acorn partners-in-crime count on to win.

And hello to real change we can believe in — the return of conservatism and, at least for me, insistence that all future candidates vow to REPEAL each and every piece of misguided legislation, presidential signing order, policy, et al, inflicted on our country by Barack Hussein Obama.

As writer Carol Platt Liebau has written: "Certainly, 2009 was a dark and disheartening year for lovers of economic and individual liberty. But if next year shapes up in accordance with current trends, the tide is about to change. With a growing recognition of the preciousness (and fragility) of liberty and a renewed appreciation of our founding principles, America is poised for a rebirth of freedom. Hail 2010: The Year of the Citizen."

© Joan Swirsky


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