Stone Washington
Batman Superheavy = Super-Great GOP, Part 1
By Stone Washington
May 29, 2017

Commissioner Gordon and robotic suit posing as the new Batman

"And here you are, an extension of the very system that's failed them so many times, but a system you've believed in and fought for your whole life... here you are, coming along, telling them to believe in you. You're going to have to prove yourself to them Batman. You're going to have to rebuild all that lost trust."

~Jim Gordon,
the new Batman


This article is a summary of the New York Times bestselling comic book, "Batman Vol. 8: Superheavy", part of the "New 52" Batman comic series. This is a continuation of my previous article series analyzing the genius of the writer, Scott Snyder, Professor at Columbia, and gifted artist, Gregg Capullo's legendary depiction of the Dark Knight and its significance to modern day America, specifically covering the GOP's efforts to repair the nation following the devastating Obama Presidency (2009-17).

Super Heavy – Part 1

The story begins in following the devastating events of the super-villain known as the Joker and his unleashing of his dangerous Endgame virus that threatened to destroy the lives of every citizen in Gotham City (a literary allegory representing New York City). A local news report shows a visual image of thousands of Gotham citizens shining a bat symbol flash light into the sky to commemorate Batman's brave sacrifice and legendary devotion to protecting Gotham from the Joker's fatal virus. Everyone is in deep mourning over the Dark Knight they once called Hero and memorialize the countless number of times Batman has saved the city from the forces of evil. A reporter on Gotham's news channel speaks on how the city will never be the same in the two months following Batman battling Joker to the death hundreds of feet underground in Gotham's caverns that collapsed and killed them both due to Joker's suicidal ring of explosives. (See Part 2 of my Endgame essay for clarification).

The reporter's lament is palpable and vicariously speaks with a singular voice of all Gothamites –

"What we can all agree on, I'm sure, is that a Gotham City without Batman is a strange, sad, and empty place indeed. He taught us to be unafraid. To be ourselves. To be fighters. To be a little crazy, too. So who are we, fellow Gothamites, without Batman?"

It is here that the reporter introduces how the multi-billion-dollar century-old organization, Powers International, headed by CEO Geri Powers, is launching a massive program to raise up a new Batman to protect Gotham. Working with the Mayor's office, the city government, and the police force, Powers has hired former Police Commissioner Jim Gordon to operate a million-dollar robot suit to patrol the streets of Gotham as the new Batman. Turning the newscast off, Geri Powers introduces a reluctant Gordon to the 10-ft. bionic robot suit, packed with various weapons and heretofore unfathomable abilities. Hence, once Gotham's police Commissioner who has helped save the city countless times working with Batman, now takes on a much more involved role as Gotham's new Dark Knight defender.

A short period later, Gordon is called into action after a mysterious 20-foot bio-electric monster punches through the Gotham credit union in Little Cuba. While the Gotham police barricade the area, a large black Bat blimp hovers hundreds of feet above the building, shining a Batman signal downward around the monster. Driving the blimp is Julia Pennyworth, once an ally of the old Batman and Batman's butler Alfred's daughter (under the alias of Julia Perry), and Daryl Guti¨¦rrez, an engineer and winner of the Crowne Young Genius Grant. Geri Powers observes the situation as Gordon, operating the bionic Batsuit, leaps from the blimp and hurls downward at the rampaging electro-monster below.

Gordon lands a high-velocity foot slam onto the creature and continues to punch it, which only infuriates the monster, who then grabs Gordon and throws him into a nearby building. As the monster leaps into the air to attack Gordon, he has a flash-back to the time when Geri Powers first recruited him to take on the role as the new Batman 3 months ago. Powers and Gordon overlook a room filled with a group of the top Gotham City police cadets sparring amongst each other. Powers points out how many of the accomplished cadets in the room would be physically, mentally, and more youthfully appealing to become the next Batman, but would not be truly worthy of the role because of their youthful abilities pale in comparison to Gordon's years of experience protecting Gotham.

Gordon battling the electric monster as Batman

Back in modern day, Gordon is being thrown around by the monster as he attempts to use an EM pulse to disrupt him, to no avail. Upon Daryl's suggestion, Gordon realizes that the source of the monster's electric power is remotely coming from somewhere nearby, just as he uses a metal shield on his suit to block an electrically charged car hurled at him by the creature. Gordon then recounts another flashback to when he spoke with his partner Deputy Harvey Bullock on the roof of the police department. Bullock tells Gordon that it is a terrible idea to consider becoming the new Batman and that he needs to stick to his classic trench-coat police ways. Gordon contemplates if the old Batman would have been more effective if he worked inside the law and showed Gotham that the system can work and help people. Back to modern day, Gordon dashes through the streets of Little Cuba, as the monster chases him, using his suit's x-ray vison ability to look through buildings for the culprit controlling the monster. As Gordon searches, suddenly he is hit by a large semi-truck hurled at him by the creature, causing a massive explosion.

Gordon then has another flash-back to the time when he is first introduced by Powers to the robot suit and his technical assistants Julia and Daryl. Powers describes the suit as vanguard, made of newly discovered elements beyond the periodic table (termed Superheavy elements), such as nano-carbon. After being shown many of the design specifications of the suit, Gordon tells Powers that he sees no correlation between the suit and the original Batman. Back in modern day, the criminal known as Precious-Precious, a member of the notorious "Whisper gang" is revealed to have beaten and kidnapped Gotham city's most famous baseball player Dodger Valera, and is shown to be using a device that allows him to control and see everything the electric-monster does (like virtual reality). As Precious insults Gordon's efforts to protect Gotham as the new Batman, suddenly Gordon, having exited his Bat-suit, throws a batarang that electrocutes and knocks Precious out, allowing Gordon to rescue Valera. Gordon salutes his fellow police officers and exits the scene of the crime, later recounting how he eventually agreed with Powers to take up the mantle as the new Batman, now proudly accepting his fate to protect the city.

Gordon saving the day as the new Batman

Later at a workout facility, Gordon practices his aim by throwing batarangs at a mannequin. Julia walks in and reveals to him a fifteen-million-dollar semi-truck sized black truck, designed to be Gordon's own Batmobile, parked behind him in the facility. Suddenly, Daryl alerts Gordon and Julia that there is a new disturbance in the Narrows, this time in China-town. As Gordon leaps out of the blimp to swoop down into the Narrows, he goes into a deep contemplation about the fate of Gotham,

"And the city is hurting right now. You can see the gashes. Deep ones left by the Joker. Especially here in the Narrows. Its Gotham's poorest neighborhood. Made up of nearly a dozen diverse communities. It's been let down over and over by the mechanisms put in place to protect it. Under-protected. Under-represented. It's been burned by so many times you can practically feel the embers everywhere. Without help from the city, it establishes its own forms of protection and justice. From community groups to gangs. All independent. Like the old Batman. And here you are, an extension of the very system that's failed them so many times, but a system you've believed in and fought for your whole life... here you are, coming along, telling them to believe in you. You're going to have to prove yourself to them Batman. You're going to have to rebuild all that lost trust. Brick by"-

Before Gordon finishes his thought a large wave of flying bricks knocks him out of the sky and smashes him into a street in Chinatown below. Gordon gazes up at the culprit being non-other than Gee-Gee Heung, a member of the Triad mafia group known as the "Devil Pigs." It is revealed that Heung holds a grudge against Gordon for removing one of his three sub-dermal horns implanted in his head (like a devil) upon arresting him in the past. Heung uses his strange powers to hurl a downward wave of bricks at Gordon, who dodges and shoots three electrically charged batarangs at him, which surprisingly have no effect. Daryl reveals to Gordon that Heung has a power that allows him to manipulate the silicate in the bricks and earthen materials throughout the city like a magnet. Gordon is able to punch through part of the wall of bricks thrown at him, but is rebuffed when Heung gathers millions of bricks and rocks in the entire area to create a massive Batman shaped statue as an armor for him to control.

Batman battling Heung in a rock-solid Bat armor

Gordon has another flashback about his talk with the new police commissioner, Maggie Sawyer, about the power source of the electric monster controlled by Precious-Precious being a high-tech radioactive seed stitched in the criminal's ankle, which dissolved and killed him upon his defeat by Gordon. They find the same seeds in other deceased criminal gang members who had been in conflict with Gordon in times past. Sawyer suggests that Gordon quits his job due to the growing restrictions by Powers and the police department controlling all of Gordon's missions and actions. Back in modern day, Gordon searches for a weakness in Heung's brick armor and thinks of the story of the three little pigs, where the big bad wolf is cooked by the pigs, instead cooking the devil pig member Heung inside his "house of brick" armor (like the third pig in the story).

After using his thermal heat blasters to do just that, Heung is immobilized by the intense heat and Gordon prepares to shatter the armor with a punch, only to be knocked into the nearby Gotham river by another wave of bricks Heung sent his way. As Gordon's suit is being crushed by the weight of the bricks pushing him to the bottom of the river, he remotely activates his semi-truck sized Batmobile from the blimp hundreds of feet up, which lands on and crushes Heung's earthen armor. Gordon exits the river and picks up a defeated Heung, who tells Gordon that his boss Mr. Bloom, the criminal who gave him his powerful seed, will come for him. Suddenly the seed in Heung disseminates and kills him.

Later, Gordon returns to throwing batarangs at a manikin in his training facility. Upon Julia entering the room, the two talk and Gordon asks if she secretly worked with the old Batman and is hiding the truth. She tells him that she worked with him temporarily, which prompts Gordon to ask how he handled being Batman. Julia tells him that Batman was largely successful because he didn't care about what Batman meant as a symbol, like Gordon stresses about, being a cop, but he was successful because he did what he thought was right, saving the city in his own way.

As the two bond over their talks, elsewhere the story shifts to the Lucius Fox Center for Gotham Youth, a community center offering programs to children and teens where a pair of teen girls argue over who the real Batman is, the former (secretly Bruce Wayne) vs. the new (secretly Jim Gordon). The girls ask a 16-year-old boy, Duke Thomas, who befriended the Dark Knight after being saved by him multiple times in the past, but remains skeptical of his return. Suddenly, Bruce Wayne (who was once the former Batman, believed by everyone to have perished while battling Joker in an underground explosion), enters the room and gives everyone water bottles as he mysteriously works at the Center. Bruce exits the room and embraces his new girlfriend, Julie Madison, a former lover of his at college whom he had initially dumped upon deciding to be Batman. While searching from materials in a supply closet to help Julie with her tasks, suddenly Jim Gordon mysteriously appears and tells Wayne that they need to talk, adding to the growing number of mysteries in the situation.

Bruce Wayne (the former Batman) confronts Jim Gordon (the new Batman)

Part 2, to be continued...

Message for Modern Day

The enduring epic of Batman throughout the decades holds many significant parallels in the modern World today. The former Batman and his inspirational legacy upon Gotham represents America, in its former glory as a God blessed nation triumphing over all other countries throughout the World. Similar to how Batman supposedly perished in his epic battle against the Joker in Endgame, inspiring men like Jim Gordon to preserve his legacy of peace upon Gotham, so has America's former prestige for greatness perished under the rise of Progressive socialism dominating all of America's institutions (the courts, the academies, healthcare, etc.), now being preserved almost solely by proud conservatives like President Donald Trump.

President Trump represents the former Batman, who has mysteriously returned to Gotham pursuing a quiet life of retirement as his alter-ego as Bruce Wayne after supposedly sacrificing himself to save the city against the Joker. Trump's transformative aid to the nation with his policies to revitalize the nation's economy through the biggest tax cuts in History (even beyond Reaganomics), enhancing border security which caused illegal migration rate to drop nearly 70%, inspiring major job growth with dozens of companies pledging to invest billions into American industry, and more, are reminiscent to the former Batman's revolutionary work to aid Gotham in cleaning up crime on a rate beyond local law enforcement, while investing billions into revitalizing Gotham's growth as billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Despite Trump's amazing work as President, much of the success of the U.S remains largely dependent on the unity of the Republican majority in the House and Senate, similar to how Batman's legacy is now dependent upon courageous men like Jim Gordon to fight crime and protect the Gotham. Hence, Gordon and the Gotham police as an extension of the system in a way represents the GOP in Congress, struggling to make the system live up to the renowned legacy of Batman/Trump by either protecting the city in Gordon's case, or passing beneficial legislation in the GOP's case.

Although it is apparent that Gordon can never truly fight crime on the level of the old Batman, just as the conservatives in Congress will never be able to pass legislation as effective to President Trump's tireless efforts in Office, both Gordon and the GOP are making greater progress to live up to the expectations of greatness and prove that the system can benefit the public. The super-powered criminals that Gordon defeated, Heung and Precious-Precious, are reminiscent of the many policy issues and super-powered financial devastations continually perpetuated upon the U.S by the Progressive Left in politics. Just as the thugs that attacked Gordon are former familiar foes Gordon fought against in the past, so are the current issues defeated by conservatives in the past, yet still perpetuated by Progressives in Congress, repeatedly seeking to stand true to their detrimental policy ideas while constantly attacking the efforts of President Trump as he works to make America great again.

The supernatural seed-based powers granted to the thugs by the mysterious Mr. Bloom represents the powerful connections the Democrats have in seats of power as gate-keepers manipulating society throughout all of America's institutions. Like Bloom's seeds, the Democrats are ingrained in and negatively impact every aspect of political progress in America and will continue to wield such power if met unopposed by Republicans who have the power to ensure that the Democrat Party becomes extinct like the Whig Party of 1834.

In conclusion, the dramatic story of Batman Superheavy thus far holds many intriguing comparisons to modern day. We as Americans must be cognizant of the mounting attacks by the Progressive Left against President Trump, with many seeking his impeachment and pushing pseudo charges of Russian collusion during the 2016 Election (as a pretense to cover the gross failure of Hillary Clinton's campaign). The battle against the Progressive existential evils cannot be solely toppled by President Trump/Batman, but now extends to the GOP in Congress efforts of imposing conservative policy to undue 8 devastating years of Barack Obama as President, just as the legacy of Batman falls to Jim Gordon to preserve and protect Gotham following Joker's devastating Endgame attack, thus ultimately avoiding the Holocaust of Humanity.

*N.B.: This essay is based in part on The New 52's Batman Vol. 7: Endgame by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Nos. 41-45.

© Stone Washington


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