Victor Sharpe
The endless veil of deception
By Victor Sharpe
December 19, 2023

Though they will not expose it in the media, Arab-Muslim anti-Israel activists feel a profound and debilitating sense of humiliation at the inherent failings of their own societies. So, what better way to deflect their dissatisfaction within the Arab and Muslim world than to employ the language of the Left – in particular, such phrases as "national liberation, anti-apartheid and anti-colonialism – with which to level false charges against the embattled Jewish state?

It doesn't matter to these Arab-Muslims, or to their leftist and ‘progressive’ amen chorus, that Israel is dwarfed by an enormous Arab landmass, which is 570 times greater than that of tiny Israel – a state no larger than Wales or New Jersey. Indeed, the leftists, while ironically turning on the one state in the Middle East that provides its people with freedoms no Arab or Muslim country will ever provide, choose to embrace the Arab falsehoods. Why? Because the Left is terrified of being seen as racist. Yet by their very own actions and words, they are just that.

The Left buys the Arab and Muslim lies against Israel because they believe that the Arabs can never change for the better. That is pure racism of the worst kind. The corollary to this put-down of an entire Arab ethnicity is that the Left refuses to admit that it is the Arab-Muslim culture that actively engages in the very evil practices that they falsely hurl towards Israel. And where do you find apartheid, racism, repression, torture? Why, in the very Arab-Muslim world the Left supports and embraces.

Leftists will always invoke liberal values, but if they truly cared about them, they would first address the Arab-Muslim political culture that by its very nature is inimical to liberalism. And when such leftist hypocrisy is exposed, the Left always retreats to the tawdry defense of hurling charges of Islamophobia and racism at all who attempt to correct it.

Indeed, left-wing attempts at silencing critics who question the Left's manic obsession of only attacking Israel merely continue to hurt the millions of Arab-Muslims who suffer within societies still rooted in a 7th century mindset. The leftist and progressive so-called human rights activists and college-age drones, while obsessed with falsely attacking the Jewish state, remain astonishingly silent on the massive human rights abuses endemic in the Arab and Muslim world.

The Hamas occupier of Gaza (the same Islamic terror machine that calls in its charter for the slaughter of Jews and the violent destruction of Israel) continues to be the recipient of billions of dollars from the European Union, the United Nations, and from American taxpayer money, courtesy first from Barack Hussein Obama and now, Joe Biden. But it is Gaza that remains the object de jour of the loony Left while the suffering Kurds, the disinherited Tibetans, and the black victims of Arab tyranny and genocide in Darfur and Nigeria are conveniently ignored. The Left fails to appreciate that it is empirically racist to have lower expectations for non-Westerners.

If the radical Left and progressives (today's communists by another name) are so concerned about "justice and peace" – words which have now become terminally tarnished by their utterances in the mouths of so many hypocrites and charlatans – they should be challenged about how their persistent and obsessive attacks on Israel wound so horribly the Jewish survivors of Palestinian Arab terror, or the Jewish refugees from the Arab and Muslim world. Or is Jewish blood of no consequence to the radical Left? It would seem so.

If the Left, radical and otherwise, is for justice, why then do its members ignore the Jews who were persecuted, uprooted, and forced from their homes throughout Araby into exile simply because they were Jews? The question every leftist should be asked is why does the Left not demand justice for these Jewish ictims instead of obsessively attacking their ancestral and biblical homeland these Jewish refugees now live in?

One wonders if leftists truly understand geographical, historical, along with political realities in the Middle East and North Africa from which some 800,000 Jews were brutally expelled – a number far greater than those Arabs who needlessly followed the commands of their corrupt leaders and needlessly left their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israel War. One wonders if leftists know that in 1922, Britain tore away almost 80% of Mandatory Palestine that lay east of the Jordan River and arbitrarily created a new Arab state, called Jordan? Or that Jordan is Palestine? Do the leftists and progressives know, or even care, that Jews were immediately and ethnically cleansed from four fifths of Jordanian Arab occupied areas – parts of the very land they had been promised by the British government in 1917 as a future national Jewish home?

Do the masses of college students in the U.S., who flock to the siren call of the mendacious Arab anti-Israel disinformation machine, realize that the Arab-Muslim nation is spread over nearly 12 million square kilometers in the Mid-East and North Africa? Do these same college-age students ever ask themselves why so many educated, intelligent young Arabs and Muslims become suicide killers and massacre thousands – mostly fellow Muslims – and why so many millions of Muslims applaud their atrocities? Why does the Left remain so strangely indifferent in the face of the indoctrination of so many young, susceptible Arab and Muslim minds by hate-filled imams?

These facts should repel Western college and university students who would fiercely reject the notion that they too are being indoctrinated. But it seems that by their willing acceptance and espousal of the disinformation they receive from the Left, and from the highly sophisticated and well-financed Arab propaganda machine, they are themselves being indoctrinated.

Perhaps the narrative will finally change within Western campuses. The pendulum will swing back. Perhaps the students, the potential leaders of the future, will come to understand that Israeli Jews try to survive on a tiny sliver of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan – a mere forty-plus miles at its widest – all that is left to them from the original Palestine Mandate.

And even the very ancestral and biblical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) is required by the world to be torn away from that narrow strip and given to the Arabs to create yet another Arab state. But such a mini-state will be composed of hate-filled Muslim-Arabs who have undergone decades of anti-Jewish indoctrination and who desire one thing only: the violent destruction of what is left of Israel. This is no peace process. This is future genocide.

Perhaps the Western students will come to realize that despite the torrent of Arab-Muslim lies against Israel, the Left's eager embrace of such lies aided and abetted by the willing connivance of so many extreme leftist tenured professors, Israel's Muslim neighbors will never accept a non-Muslim state on land upon which the Muslim foot once trod triumphal – even though the Jewish inhabitants preceded Islam by millennia. Perhaps, perhaps, they may even come to realize, before it is too late, that their own Western societies in these relatively early days of the 21st century are threatened by Islamic triumphalism and the covert introduction of Islamic sharia law. Or will they and the Left continue to exist under a horrifying veil of self-deception?

On the day Israel was reconstituted in its ancient homeland, the Muslim-Arabs tried to exterminate it. They have been trying ever since, be it by all-out wars, by relentless terror, or by the current stratagem of de-legitimization and demonization of the Jewish homeland using thugs and jihadists posing as human rights activists.

The deteriorating international and domestic situation should give readers pause for thought. Israel is fighting for its life and is on the front line of those defending Judeo-Christian civilization. If the next four years continue along this path, then the world as we have known it will most assuredly become infinitely more perilous and alarming.

Utterly defeating Iran and its state sponsored Islamist terror and ending the appeasement of it, is now the epochal challenge of our time. The following words from the ancient Ethics of the Fathers are worth repeating again and again when we see and hear so many of today’s college students supporting the Hamas monsters who committed unforgivable depravities against Israeli women, children and babies during that terrible day of October 7, 2023.

“Those who are kind to the cruel, end by being cruel to the kind.”

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

© Victor Sharpe


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