Victor Sharpe
The left is our misfortune
By Victor Sharpe
August 10, 2020

Something fundamentally disquieting, like some noxious alien plant, has been allowed to take hideous root in our beloved America. Going back to 2016, when Donald Trump won the presidency, we have witnessed increasing hysteria on the Left, but also within what passes as the Establishment. After all Trump has never been a part of the establishment elites and so we now have a President who answers directly to the people and not to the Washington insider crowd.

A perfect storm has arrived – the Chinese virus – or what we are told must be called Covid-19 in order to be politically correct and not upset the Communist Chinese government. Thanks also to Dr. Fauci we have become the locked down nation, morphed into mass helplessness and forced to wear masks. Many in the medical profession consider him a hero while others have a more jaundiced opinion.

If Dr. Fauci has his way we may soon have to add goggles to cover not only nose and mouth but also eyes. Imagine looking out of the windows of our homes and seeing strangely garbed neighbors passing by.

Leftist Democrat mayors encourage the “protestors,” who in reality are rioting millennial mobsters, to get on with their dirty work because the police are anyway being defunded so you won’t be arrested. This is the Left’s perfect storm but is America’s misfortune.

We do not have enough conservative media to combat the tidal wave of misinformation and deception which enslaves the minds of millions of our ill-informed citizens. This is now what has become of the mainstream media, which looks the other way as the leftist mobs of Black Lives Matter and Antifa burn down businesses and attempt to destroy Federal buildings in Democrat run cities throughout America.

If good people know too little about what is going on it is because they are fooled by watching ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN and MSNBC or by reading the New York Times and the Washington Post. Tragic how the great profession of journalism, with a few honorable exceptions, has become the propaganda arm of the Democrat Socialist party.

American viewers are too often not seeing cities becoming war zones, nor are they hearing that Federal agents and police, who are protecting Federal buildings, are being permanently blinded by green lasers fired at them by BLM or Antifa mobsters as in Portland, Oregon. But what they are falsely told is that violence is all Trump’s fault because he is sending in “stormtroopers’ (aka, Nazis) into American cities to attack “peaceful protestors” as the execrable Nancy Pelosi dishonestly claims.

President Trump is not acting as a dictator as some liberal friends of mine recently and shamefully suggested. No, he is fulfilling his Constitutional duty to prevent the burning down of Federal buildings and protecting American citizens from the violence of Antifa and BLM because left wing Democrat mayors have told their police to stand down.

The good people may finally begin to say to the recalcitrant Democrat governors and mayors that enough is enough and this lawlessness must stop now. They, of course, can make their opinions matter at the ballot box.

We must ask ourselves if viewers of the nightly news truly believe what the MSM is telling them is the truth. If they still do then we have reached the terrifying reality of how easily and how far good Americans can be manipulated and deceived.

The problem with the MSM is compounded by how, for instance, the Supreme Court has also become hopelessly politicized. Justice which is supposed to be blind, like the blindfolded face on the statue atop London’s Old Bailey, is trampled by activist judges who ideologically favor the Left and judge accordingly.

What has been heartbreaking to witness was the recent five to four Supreme Court decision in which John Roberts once again joined the liberal wing and voted to allow large numbers of folks to attend casinos or movie theaters, maybe as many as five hundred at a time, but limited to a mere fifty how many worshippers could attend churches or synagogues. Notice no such draconian restrictions have been placed upon mosques. This was a deplorable abrogation of the First Amendment and is patently a violation of free speech, religion, free markets and capitalism.

We are thus being put into the same position that existed in 1776 or 1860 where we are being forced to fight for the continuing existence of freedom and liberty. Political Correctness is the enemy of free speech, just as masks one day may be seen as a mass submission by the population to a nascent tyranny.

Our Judeo-Christian faith teaches that God is on the side of freedom, truth, justice and law and order as enshrined in the Ten Commandments: the Decalogue. And this is the very reason that the godless Left hate it so much and tear down monuments to it wherever and whenever they can.

Someone once wrote that, “America was great when thousands of white men shed their blood to end slavery during the Civil War. America was great when four hundred thousand Americans died in WW II to defeat Nazism and the Japanese warlords. America was great when settlers braved the wilderness in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to blaze trails, forge pathways through the plains and mountains, tame a wilderness and build a great nation.”

And America is great today because she gives more to help a starving, needy world generously than any other nation on earth. And America is great mainly because of her belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and because of religious freedom to worship God.

The hope before November and the General Election is that folks watching the baleful MSM will have the opportunity to rid themselves of their reliance on leftwing news and begin to ask how Democrat mayors of cities such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, ad nauseam, could allow such anarchy and violence to go on and for so long.

As patriotic Americans, we all believe in the Constitution and we must never allow anyone to tell us that we cannot exercise our Constitutional right to vote as we see fit.

If we don’t resist, then we are at the very edge of the abyss and will fall into the horrors of a Bernie Sanders malign socialist state that is no longer America. Instead we will become victims of the “squad” of the odious likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and the sinister Marxist wizard who hides behind the curtain: George Soros.

© Victor Sharpe


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