Victor Sharpe
Coercive enemies of the Republic
By Victor Sharpe
July 6, 2020

In 1776, a mere 244 years ago, the Declaration of Independence was signed by a new nation that arose with a divinely inspired document that challenged directly the assumed power of a king. It did so by abolishing the very status of royalty itself. The Constitution secured and protected the Natural Law Rights and sovereignty of each individual by limiting the authority and power of a centralized government.

For years that was our American Republic. But what of it now?

We have every reason to be tormented by what a far-left Democrat party wishes for the nation. Leftist politics are disinterring the corpses of Socialism and Marxism, along with the hate filled ideologies we had thought were blessedly gone from our world. Socialism is being embraced by students in our schools and colleges without any knowledge of the horrors it has produced. But there is a glimmer of hope, for as Arthur Herman writes in a recent article titled “Don’t underestimate Trump,” Democrats have to worry that when voters wake up in October, they’ll see a president who has managed not one, not two, but three heavy lifts, however imperfectly, while Democrats did their best to shutter the economy and let their radical offspring run wild in the streets.

We who love this United States of America and the Constitution are increasingly alarmed at the hate and violence prevailing in today’s Democrat party with its extreme leftism, globalism, coercive identity politics, and open borders that threaten our very future. What we are witnessing now is what George Orwell foresaw in his dystopian world to come. But what he envisaged in his dread 1984 novel was in reality not new, but rather a return to what had prevailed in earlier centuries with the mob always ready to do the malevolent work of a dark and evil force. History is repeating itself and has reached a new low.

Meanwhile, we have seen the specter of Marxism and fascism with all the mob violence that we see in our streets as the masked thugs of Antifa run amok claiming to be anti-fascist but employing all the violence that were the hallmarks of Hitler’s brown shirts and Mussolini’s black shirts. We see BLM claiming to support black lives but bringing misery upon black communities while lurching into foul racism and anti-Semitism. The destroyers of democracy – the enemy within, be they Antifa or BLM – are here and now in the streets of our Republic and in the mainstream media. We must hearken to the famous words and admonition of Benjamin Franklin who, when asked after the Revolutionary War if we have a monarchy or a republic, replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Chelsea is a brave millennial who has lived in Portland, Oregon, her entire life. She attended the gamut of local public schools and while in high school resisted the radical leftist propaganda she heard spewed daily in the classrooms. She came to my attention after she shared with me her poignant and personally revealing article titled “Misunderstanding Racism.

Now at the age of 29 she recounts how she is increasingly surrounded by what she charitably calls “left-wing thinkers.” Recently her own child’s daycare provider said hateful things about President Trump in front of all the young impressionable children. Indeed Chelsea (I do not reveal her family name) confirms what we already know. She writes, “…[I]n Democrat controlled states, most schools push a left-wing narrative/agenda with almost everything they teach.”

In her article, she provides examples of the forced racial divide which is growing in the United States and why. She writes, “…[W]hite people are more likely to be convicted of a hate crime.” Chelsea herself has felt fear because she was targeted by African-Americans and Hispanics who clearly had a strong dislike for her because of her support for President Trump and for her outspoken and passionate conservative views. “Fear is a form of power” she writes, “so how dare the media say that whites cannot experience racism.”

Chelsea further writes, “There are hundreds of stories about black gang members or a group of black people targeting, beating and often killing white men and women, including the elderly. We just don’t hear these stories in the media because it would reveal the inconvenient truth about the disproportionate amount of black crime committed. That, of course, falls into the Left’s agenda, which is to divide and conquer.”

Chelsea then points out that differences are what make us unique and human. She writes, “I do not believe systemic racism exists in today’s society, but I know that it used to. The amount of racism in America today is so minuscule. It has become very clear to me, and to many other Americans of all races, that what is going on has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with an agenda. The agenda is to divide the people of this great nation, erase and rewrite history, and for the Democrats to take over and turn our free country into a socialist failed state.”

Dustin Koellhoffer wrote about the new socialists in an article dated October 5, 2018, and published by iPatriot. He wrote: “Everything they believe in is a lie, but they are not willing to hear the truth. The anti-civilization ideology of the left has made them into ignorant young people who have not been educated, are easily duped into believing whatever they are told, and Democrats deceive them with their lies while the young fools follow them blindly like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.”

Chelsea referred to the media’s repetitive and hypocritical urging that “conservatives should listen to the experiences that Blacks often go through.” This, of course, is the prime example of a reality that the increasingly leftist Democrat party tries to hide, which is that it is the Republican Party and conservatives who have historically been at the forefront of ending slavery and racism in America and promoting African Americans. In contrast, it was the Democrat Party that enforced segregation in the South and created the Klu Klux Klan. As she points out, “The fake media dismiss Black conservatives while claiming that Whites can’t experience racism, they can only be racist.”

Chelsea had a close friend whose mother was white and whose father was black. “I never thought anything of it,” she writes,” and still don’t. But when we were about 20 or so she decided to let one half of her race define her and because of my lack of support for Barack Obama she unfriended me and hasn’t talked to me since. Never did she care to hear why I did not support Obama. For her, I was supposed to, simply because he was black. Apparently, these expectations do not apply to liberals/democrats.”

In the July, 2015, edition of the British newspaper the Telegraph, under the headline “Barack Obama has done zero for black people,” Crystal Wright, a black woman herself, who tweets at @GOPBlackChick, wrote that “black people have had it worse under America's first black president, despite all his promises.” Chelsea knew that. She had heard Obama’s ominous words just before his first election victory as president when he said, “I have come to transform America.” That should have been a wake-up call to voters, but like her erstwhile friend they closed their minds to facts and instead chose myths.

Our future is dire indeed if the coming general election goes in favor of a significant Democrat victory. It will be victorious for them, but calamitous for America. If Republicans do not come out in vast numbers to save the Republic, too many ignorant young people – who have been indoctrinated from kindergarten to college – will continue to parrot the socialist ideas they have absorbed as they traveled along the socialist conveyor belt that has become public education. They will praise abortion, they will believe in man-made global warming despite evidence to the contrary. They will call to tax the rich and urge socialist tax theft and redistribution of wealth. They will support Islamic supremacy and sharia law without understanding its horrors, and they will promote atheism while urging yet more illegal alien immigration.

In the public school system today, students are no longer taught the history of the Cold War, or how the Soviet Union was a clear example of the failures of Communism. They are not taught about the failures of centrally managed economies. They are not taught how young students once lived with the threat of nuclear war every day and rejoiced as Soviet citizens fled to freedom in the West. And, of course, the proverbial chickens have now come home to roost as so many millennials riot in the streets and despise America’s founding fathers while pulling down statues in a frenzy of iconoclastic insanity.

Staring our students in the face today is the example of Venezuela – a once wealthy oil-rich Central American dynamo – which now endures a socialist dictatorship with its people reduced to abject poverty. The left-wing mainstream media, however, refuse to report on Venezuela’s financial collapse and the resulting humanitarian crisis, so there is no factual example to contradict the collectivist one-world view preached by Common Core to our students.

Returning to her moving and revealing article, Chelsea writes these words:

“I’m in a relationship with a brown skinned man that I share 3 children with. We have been privileged, not because of the color of my skin, but because we live in a free country. We have had disadvantages, such as having children at a young age, and we often struggled with money, and still do. In a society where kids seem to rule the world, it’s difficult to teach our children hard work and responsibility, but we do the best we can to tell and show them why these things are important.”

She then concluded with the following:

“My sisters, my son, and I have experienced racism and the fear that it can bring. There is no systemic racism, all lives matter, and there is no such thing as white privilege. We could fix some things within the police departments and the Justice System, but starting a race-war and/or a political war is not the way to achieve this goal. If we cannot learn to see the truth and become a united country once again, we will all lose.”

Tragically, outright censorship of free speech on college campuses, in most media outlets, and on the internet, is increasingly the rule today. That this blight upon freedom of speech, this un-American outrage, has become the norm on college campuses is Orwell’s nightmare come true. The rule of law is ignored unless it supports the collectivist agenda. Verbal bullying of conservatives in public places, along with tolerance and encouragement of violence against them, mirrors the tactics of the Nazis as they seized power in Germany during the 1930s.

Two famous sayings come to mind as I witness the present onslaught against our beloved nation: George Santayana’s observation, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” and once again, Benjamin Franklin’s timeless warning to America, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”


Victor Sharpe is a prolific freelance writer and author of several published books including the Blue Hour, a collection of 13 short stories each with surprise endings. He is also the author of the acclaimed four volume, Politicide, a history of the Islamic supremacist threat to the West, to Israel, and to Judeo-Christian civilization.

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